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THU HR 1 021722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 18, 2022 12:22 am

THU HR 1 021722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded of the Christian resistance by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another additional with what was left on this February 17, 2022 Thursday note to let folks a normally this is their pledge week but we have suspended pledge week here for the next couple of days because of very very inclement weather. We have ice storms appeared today in the it's it's nasties very, very nasty and I did not want to get the crew out into the station to augment all the folds.

In fact, little Lisa took a fall and in whacker head on the bumper of the car so on the ISA minutes is got pretty nasty and so were going to suspend that and will pick it up next week will have will make the difference up in a few days next week but tonight we have a very, very passive, fast-paced program now if you can still helpless body, sending a donation will give me the address and you want to do that and if you don't get the newsletter you really should ask for the newsletter so that's were read tonight.

Tonight we have when we of course with courageous Craig and the board know we have Pastor Joe Larson primarily go to work. I know you we should have John Holman okay Holman is not with us yet to locate some of them were going to pick it up where we left off and that that would be the title of the message was the black robed Regiment marches on. And we were talking about how will you give a little history of the black robed Regiment. As we started out and we need we need to get fasters again. I'm seeing some good signs.

I'm seeing some some courageous pastors with we need his mother without pastors are the people the rate required. They're the ones that are supposed to lead the people they're supposed to be the shepherds delete the flock and all of these things talking about pastors should not be involved in politics. You couldn't be farther wrong that could not possibly be farther off okay and that we are to be involved in everything okay word comes to where to be salt and would be light and so here we are.

Delete were to delete that and some of us have done that for years others have stayed as comfortable as they could possibly stay so but where to pick it up where we left off and we left it often some commentary and that's were going to pick it up tonight and were going to start with.

We will never ever accept the child abuse of the woke PC public full system Joe Thespis benefit you and I can remember when a problem with the public full system over the years Emily recurrently have been fighting that fighting it. Telling people to get their children out there from Christian school homeschool combination of both. All were doing is losing our children through the appropriate cognitive social agenda and you know I've had parent to parent to parent to parent city pastor what is going on.

What is happened and I told for years and years and years we've been telling you folks to get your kids out of the public full system there nothing but hard-core indoctrination centers of cultural Marxism and was happening you send them there and eight everything all of your values you biblically principal biblical principles. They pull out you know Vanessa Nester job. I remember one time it was picked up and they were showing they went on C-SPAN how was think it was C-SPAN but anyhow the Woodson communist Castro Cuba where the teachers were to were indoctrinated children and so they had all the children in the room and they said no. We want you to about your bow your heads. Close your eyes and pray to Jesus for some food so all the kids bow their head and they prayed there and that the nascent open your eyes and there was no food in a silver they're all he said rights. They said, Jesus didn't Jesus didn't produce no close your eyes, bow your head and prayed to Fidel Castro.

And while the kids were praying course, the teacher will go around rod out and put food on the desks and so that was shown here by the communist in this country, and of course many of these thought that was a good idea so mom picked it up doing the same thing and so here there. The antichrist, but it's a part of the antichrist will system.

Now I know Joe.

I've had people say well. Starting quarterback turned out, 1983 are numbered during the quote. The battle for mankind. Her monthly rate and one in the public school classroom. The classroom must and will become the arena of conflict between the old and the new, the rotting corpse of Christianity in the new humanism from a humanist magazine, Chandra Dunphy, January 1983, well it's worth. After that, yet does, but one of the one of the things you hear often is well my my school system.

Our school systems. Not that bad week it will and usually the ones out the country little country schools and not as bad as the ones in public school, for the most part, but they're all bad. I gave you. You have the NEA the teachers unions. The curriculum and there the woke curriculum. And so, but we sense since 1970 have been telling people to get your kids out of the public school system. If you love and give the mother is the there to teach you and like to tell them now.

You should go home. If your parents are white gold Mattel they need apologize for being white and why did you have to make is white. Let me say this again apologize for being our drugmaker writeback found only antichrist what yeah it is what you see now.

Parents are starting to wake up and see the below people thought delete got it were over the hill. We have one that us were good and not working up or down really go all out. We are going to put them in a complete and total communism. And what happened was parents started wake up. Started wake up and in and I think what would would throw it over. Joe was the masking making the children where the mass and when the kids started coming home crying because they were white kids. They were told that they need to apologize. I think that kinda set it over over the edge of the parents. There is a light weight and that what is going on here. What is going on and say when Bobby came home and said you know I'm really not Bobby and Barbara, my teacher told me I'm really not a boy and a girl so I think that is what finally woke him up, no horrible regrout work work work all the figures.

Here were killing people all the things that I was telling people all kinds of other people out there that I could read 20 minutes talking about the will that were involved in the movement and fighting and pico, thinking of Dr. John Stormer was out there like clear way before everybody else years and I knew John Stormer. I knew him. The other guy was. He was one of our UBS guys.

Yeah, Dr. Norman and the meeting several times and work with you know what amazed me about him.

He was about 90 years old and he looked like he was 60 years old yellow air was horrible yet so young looking like the 20th that holding was there but when Dr. Mike your kitties and when sentences monitor monitor that Dr. Laura Carol Paul you really are that old world out there, bless them that in the yet he did and that he wrote a number of books about the public school system. You can about treason against the government with excellent nondairy college treason.

There were too many people out there speaking out writing the book. Preachers warning people and the people did not want to listen the public school system will make a medical center of the community and that was kind of the secret. It was where to go and see all the cute little kindergartner singing with the raspberry Christmas without any peeking out and they already Be a bad place at the heart and soul of every town in America get on.

That was the big lie that he could kill people, would you send your child to Satan to be educated on what you are in and college router: no other words we see journalist is something sometimes littered with common sense comes in like an example when we give you an example to doubt if I did know anything else about these bio weapons is poisonous pokes but I knew one thing that the number one profession that refuses the poisonous pokes the number one profession that marched in refuses the poisonous post was the medical personnel, doctors and nurses so I don't know anything else. I was a liniment.

These are the people that administer the things and if they refuse them well what they know now. At the same time. Joe, the number one profession. The number one profession that homeschools or sends their children the Christian or private schools are public educators] recruiter themselves right and safe.

I don't care all and react after that I'll know a lot more character development politician. The majority of the liberal politician else and their children to the public. The no and so here again. Look, let's move on here with us.

The next will would be. We will not allow our children to be indoctrinated by pedophiles into accepting sodomy and transgendered filth here in the public fools where they would bring in drag queens in the public fools system cracklings or indent your how much fun it was drugs and wear makeup in their own runaround are pretty dresses and everybody try out. You are on there were some very disgusting thing. It's been a week would see the whole point of this is we will never, we will never, we will never ever allow our children to be go to a public school system where that takes place now more more homeschooling is growing rapidly. People are starting to wake up in the collective realizes this, the collective realizes wait a minute.

Maybe we moved a little too early. And so there the of the collective wants. They hate freedom.

They hate freedom okay at Jenna. What think you know what is happening right now you know what they're saying on the fake news media. The fake news media out there. They're saying that freedom is simply another word for insurrection is what I say to Satan, but so are the right order.

Go back to the firm. In particular, but certain words were going to be the weapon of the new war paragon bringing socialism and communism about Western civilization by changing and shifting words and definitions and meanings they were hide their true purpose and also worked were a weapon of war for about what the political correctness was not located. Changing the name and definition of the things so they control when you control the definition you control the narrative. You control the bank absolutely sets laws of the complicated wasn't let's move on. We will not accept the killing of our young military men under the guise of legitimate vaccinations. These are not legitimate vaccinations.

These are bio weapons that are being used on our young military men and women and what is happening there getting sick and dying that is not a story that you got here by the absolutely completely and totally corrupted fake news media which is referred to as the mainstream work media people like George Stephanopoulos out there. Leslie Stahl, who I watch and I watch them lie and I watch apply and I want to like boldfaced lies and you know what part anybody challenges those lies and and and with you that Rachel met Powell over there. Not only know. Luckily, this Eli, but I don't know I don't want to say it's it's there aren't any journalists left there gone, you got shocked jocks that have taken their place for your counter here like Dr. Carl Ferner nervously running around after your confirmatory Yahoo I'm talking about in the lame stream of milk. There are none left. There okay so now here we will not accept the killing of our police officers just to satisfy the bloodlust of the antichrist death of Kratz. All of a sudden the nasty policy now all of a sudden this pro-policeman by nasties out there today saying that Antioch Nancy is going to stand up to Antioch okay Antioch and and that the squat they're wrong and they don't. They do not represent us know what is going on there because here remember there there the Bernie bags that the burning babes in that now what is happening there seeing what is what is taking place people would jump ship another one today. Another deadly credit Congress will exist just as that she's not going to run again to dropping out. So that's number 30 today about current your work because I thought earlier today, Mitch McConnell was going after the liberty Louisville black lives matter. They were bailing out a man who tried to murder somebody. Well, wait a minute McConnell is criticizing the black lives matter, why because the man they try to they were bailing out, tried to murder a politician running for mayor in the city there.

Louisville, Kentucky, and guess what they did when they found out that the guy went into the place where the politician was started fire open fire with several people and he's been charged with attempted murder, four counts of wanton endangerment but is already out of jail, he was out with just a few hours because they radical left belt amount they'll have building out my putting out on fairly low burial spectacular start to share politician that might bring about a change all of a sudden they might not like this idea of low burial Nobel politician Mitch McConnell easily going to go where it's safe for him A rhino he's right unites the two horn rhino and he knows that that it looks like he's got his finger veneer looks like the. The wind is blowing against and a big, big way against the welcome movement against the PC and so these entities going to take advantage of that can either articulate more than adequate. Politician in private capital excited over the insurrection that they are not January 6 the correct politician got scared. It was, they'll say that Heather posttraumatic syndrome problem.

It was, she wasn't even there she was, and still have) got up and told everybody about her dramatic syndrome over. Afraid that she was correct. I know such families typically for so that I like this. I don't already here you go. We will never know.

Not ever, ever, ever surrender our firearms or Second Amendment rights and okay like you said you have to pull them out of my cold dead hands. When I call surrender. Now that was about one of the best line in all Second Amendment movement date, the founding fathers knew that Thomas Jefferson says when people when when the government fears the people, you've got liberty when the people fear the government got tyranny to and that's exactly what you got under budget item, a JPEG kebabs Obama Joe Obama Joe Joe Obama you know this this idea when he came out and thought that well. He was right in the high he could eat it was time he could get away with it when he said that those who are preaching the Bible the old-fashioned way to be charged with a crime, but I would tell you I think that woke up some of the pastors.

I think that we finally woke up, some of them and then I can keep working at hero them up with some practical scriptures that you can wake the dead will you know what Job when someone when he did that. It made me even more than absolutely all the more determined to preach heaven sweet, how hot and so I didn't pick out possible without your automatically programmed.

I am but I was more determined to do it even harder. Here we go we will never know. Not ever, ever, except critical race theory or the cancel culture know no the cancel culture duly canceled when I can leave and then over with until we win out and upper part of the Lord on our site. Don't we certainly do. And remember, those people have got no honor.

They've got no integrity okay at all like Coca-Cola, for example, they were going to go with a woke movement and after all his other get a lot of sales in China since call prostitution when you sell yourself with them.

When you sell yourself the way they did that and you sell out your country and your people and when Gwen Colquitt that way. Guess what co-sales for the fall way way off. Way off and many minute of the others to that of gone out and taken it stand. They've felt of the people, the people of had had enough. So now we are never going to except critical race theory will we would never, ever, except the cancel culture. We will not be silenced. Joe, we will not be silenced or give up our First Amendment rights to Joe Baumol or any other aspiring Dick tater and that's exactly what why are brothers and sisters to the north in Canada there fighting for freedom. It's about freedom. They have a dictator maybe Castro up there baby canister was a dictator. I guess what people have fed up there fed up and and he with that that dominion just like here in America with the election fraud with the extreme election fraud defended by those in the fake news media would tell the same lie over and over when and where to keep regular back to him. Then I can get when I can let him get away with what I could let him get away with. They do know this whole thing. Where's the evidence you know I mean, we're not gonna let them get away with it and that's why we named those that did that over and over and over. Okay yeah what you doing darkness will be brought to light and so know when I can except that we never will. One reason you and I know not Robert sick. There are seven deadly sin. Sixth-ranked upper Lord a.k.a. seven are an abomination unto him of the Democratic Party Democrat. A proud look, a lying tongue, and the blood of a heart that devises wicked imagination, feet that be swift in running to mischief in a fault witness that the Line send me that so scored my brother always list right there Joe Biden in his old ministration.

Scott already condemned as is for me and I know that the church that I pastor fills this very same way and I know that those people of the list into is that most of that is important to support us will feel that we will never died that we will die on our feet before we will live on our knees.

We will dynamically not we will never surrender all to live on my knees under her altered government. I'm not gonna train will be back after this one more don't go away. Now we can see a New World coming into view. A world in which there is a very real prospect of a new world order order does not mean surrendering our national or forfeiting our interests in the way the you and I know they saying no and I and I and my main main thing is in my name and you and you and the biggest scandal was when they spider my campaign despite my real evidence of that questionnaire is the place for special counsel John during the Clinton campaign lawyers paid a tech company to infiltrate from service to fabricate a connection and Hillary Clinton broke the law to frame trumpet the Russian trader. This is truly unprecedented, truly something that's never happened in the history of our great country. This is digital insurrection from Russian collusion story with the election. Hillary Russian collusion story from stealing with you.

Clinton undermined our democracy. People go to jail already, we're back. You know it's the estate. See Hillary Hillary is out. She's on the circuit.

Hillary is very very worried went to Durham didn't get the memo. What are you doing continuing during functional. Don't you know who I am. I'm Hillary on the Queen. I'm the queen of mean, haven't you heard what happens to people that go against me. Durham is so anyhow, Durham, Ionia, Arkansas.

I've got so much on I've gone and the FBI. Then I can help you Durham.

I've got too much on all of them I had too much of those in the CIA the whole deep state. They're all a part of the league cabal all a big part of the coup is so you don't you understand, you can't win. This will wait a minute.

The people have had enough and by God's grace we need to pray that God will will protect Durham from the friendly, the deep state from the crooked of the dirty cops the dirty dirty cop speaking of dirty cops when got it really goes after Ms. Tom Fitton from judicial watch has something to say here so go ahead and Cragin bring Tom up.

Let's hear what he has to say is not a better institution in the city and not a better gotten a better hammer than Tom Fitton, Tom. By the way, you're the future after your your your nomination for future DNI are FBI picket CIA may be Judean icing wrapper both up Tom I what their agency but now I'm a kind of all right, now that's exactly why would nominate me brother wouldn't talk about that. I want that the confirmation hearing we make, we got a minute were horny through the break. Fitton did get us up that you've done more. I got Fitton and then Solomon.

The two guys of them were on the same a Fitton walk us through what happened on Saturday. These announcements in regard to judicial watch's investigation we've always known that we know we did it. She did it to protect yourself from the emails that we know that the Obama ministration someone it looks like gave her gang the keys to the truck White House. Practically speaking, and allowed operation. You have an insight into the operations of the executive office of the president and then share the fruits of all that work according to what Durham is suggesting with the CIA, where the CIA asked Steve objecting or highlighting or blowing the whistle on that criminality.

Instead they took it as part of the parcel they were using to go after trauma and overthrow him. This is further evidence of the coup involving not only Hillary but these other government agencies and what accountability we need from Durham support he gets people like Sussman and company but I'm still waiting for the overlords, the deep state to face accountability through this door process but will see were to assure commercial break time. He said something a kidding but Emmy look. I think I know the president Trump think so highly of you right in judicial watch is done such a magnificent job, magnificent job on the resources that you guys have what you've done is the people's Justice Department serves at the FBI and the CIA you saw the domestic terrorism notification put it last week.

I me. What are your thoughts about that about actually having an FARC. I think the FBI needs to be radically remade. Maybe, maybe dismantled, given its horrible record in protecting the homeland and abusing the powers entrusted to it by the American people, and of course it's a creature of the Justice Department, which is long been a locus of evil when it comes to public policy in our federal government about me. These agencies are no friend of liberty and heat out on on the back under the best of circumstances. They barely are able to do their jobs and then you see the need of the HHS and the associated entities start targeting tens of millions of Americans as terrorists were worried about what you got was doing these following volumes lead in in targeting his political opposition and just labeling terrorists out of the gecko out-of-the-box is just incredible and I these agencies. They were horrible under trial and out under Biden.

I think you know all, all bets are off. In terms of another completely unleashed because Biden is really running the government's out.

It's a free-for-all in terms of attacks on civil liberties and threats and intimidation Mark Elias Luckey's rent fighting regarding actions all over the country to try to denote the Democrats can't win with the chief ID. They have to have mail-in ballots that you can verify got to have on certifiable ballots. The ballot harvesting all of it. Okay, all of it and mark a licensed nurse fighting the redistricting that that should come about again up in New York try to get even match there. Although Kathleen Rice just resign suck on that Mark Elias this another dish or run a blown out is is Elias is is a he was Hillary Clinton's. There was like Dom McGann to me right now McGann was our was our chief counsel on the on the campaign. This is why we had everything set after the victory 16 was bulletproof. They can come in contesting that although they were tight wins in Michigan and Wisconsin and even Pennsylvania. But Mark Elias was the head guys Mark Alaska to get wrapped up in this thing we didn't assessment report to him and Sussman. His grunting we know what's interesting about that is eight hours Sussman who went to the meetings and gave evidently according to Durham false information to both the FBI and the CIA and magically Elias was at the meeting, so I'm sure Sussman is wondering why my only guy on the dock here. Maybe because he committed the crime that that Durham can prove most easily. I will see if Elias gets a pass. Reportedly, he's testified already to a grand jury, but that you also have to remember Elias to just represent Clinton and and and the firm generally didn't just represent Clinton.

It was the Democratic National Committee's firm and was DNC party money that was also partly funding this operation against drop so you not only had Clinton pushing nasty had the DNC, at least on the on the fusion GPS side. Evidently, providing money for that operation course was a joint operation with the FBI because they were also Pancras for steel review campaign and then they told him then they start leaking material about the investigation of trumpet they concocted to steal even though they knew he worked for Hillary course that was leaked almost immediately. I don't know what's worse is it worse than Hillary was abusing a lot of spy on Trump or that are FBI and other federal agencies were with the acquiescence and frankly endorsement up by achieving Obama?

I think that they don't accidentally put it simply, the second is the second Stephanie worse Hillary to quickly know that that Mafia mean, you and I worked there for 10 years right the pride of the door to the Clinton regime. When I was a Breitbart you were judicial watch and we had this week and we did. We were we expect that the cleanser Mafia got that I'm commenting that the administrative state like it's anaconda, deeply because it's in your grill, and you've done more than a vice president just walks doing a couple as I got the process here because you can't depend upon Durham God blessing. Whatever he's doing and will be what ever it is.

But once we take power in November this year with the house. What is Tom for what are are one of the one or two things that have to happen immediately to start to to get this scum out of these out of these major institutions, the FBI, the CIA, the national Thursday DOJ, one of the current Republican leadership, nothing's going to get got stuck in happen. I mean, we didn't. I've been around too long to pretend that the same group that allowed it to go wandering trumps years are going to turn on a dime and stop it during the Biden administration and even if they wanted stop it, they could get documents from the Trump administration with the way DOJ and others were operating so I don't expect much. I think what we need to focus on is ensuring that senior government officials committed crimes are convicted and sent to jail anyway we talk about all this. This crime wave in our urban areas and we want and we's and we rightly say well it's happening because people are being punished appropriately deeper be let onto the streets. So why would be surprised that any of this is going to stop as long as these folks are able operate free and clear mean the Sussman indictments important in that regard. But you know the call in or call me was given a free pass by bar enough Hillary was given a free pass by.

Frankly, both the Obama Justice Department and the Trump Justice Department so I went. Why would she stop II would think this is all going to accelerate. Even if Republicans take over.

I really do and and and and one short-term thing that can be done.

I think you cannot push things along is to get the process going against the by Pres. Biden's corruption of one of the scandals of our time is that there is no special counsel for Joe Biden and me. We were all supposed be falling on the floor at the idea of a conflict of interest in the Justice Department investigating the president's son is under criminal investigation he's implicated. The evidence is. He was in on it and there's no special counsel so garlands obstructing justice by refusing appoint special castle and what special counsel gets going. You know, you know, maybe in three years and get some redress like a dermis.affect you.

I am pleased her. And finally doing something, but boy is it late. Is it late in the game. Tom had a people I get to social media, how to get to judicial watch how they learn more about it because you guys were up as they are all over the city where our rubble video telegram, YouTube, Facebook, you know we been censored and targeted and suppressed the way going anywhere and young people not only need to support judicial watch what they need to read the material, but with I got a pocket Republic under assault nicely summarizes the findings we had on on these issues, but were hearing about now is often what we already know is even worse. So let's not forget that the FBI and Hillary Clinton with the act. With the support of Obama and Biden and call me and all the rest targeted Trump knowing he was innocent. Nothing like that hasn't happened in American history before in terms of the on using our our our national security apparatus, untargeted candidate and that present like it happened with Trump and there's got to be accountability for workers or countries, or statement of the book is Republic under assault Republic is let's get this. It was not as that were not lose as long as you have fighters like you, I can say some to become accountability she's addressing the New York like state party convention because she's gearing up for 2024. They understand they can put Biden up again. Hillary's back is like that is like this can vampire movies the kids watch right that dead that the vampire never gets killed right you keep she's never left stake in the heart.

She's never left Obama never left Hillary never left. I used to joke about the Trump administration in the early days. I was always waiting for to come to power because it is too often it was the Obama ministration seemingly still running things. That was the great memo that was done late 90. We had 9090 Obama appointees over the national Security Council, Tom appreciate you coming on fantastic your patriot a hero and a warrior already. We are back and I hear you know docs reveal tech firm used by Hillary to illegally spy on Trump Internet activity was also on Biden's campaign payroll newly released Federal election commission records obtained by the Washington freebie can reveal it. The 2020 Biden for Pres. campaign employed the services of the same cybersecurity firm that Hillary Clinton reportedly is to illegally spy on Donald Trump during the 12th 2016 campaign for presidency new star information services, which is one of the main players of the Center for special counsel with John Durham's investigation into the origins of the Trump rush to get host was paid nearly $20,000 in 2024 accounting and accomplish work for Biden campaign in the documents revealed the questionable payments immediately raise questions about whether the snooping on Trump continued in the most recent election, especially considering the fact that Biden and Clinton campaigns are the only two presidential campaigns to ever have paid for company services according to the Washington free vacant and there you go, I would have John McTiernan had joined us now in some INR big John. John John, are you there you will know I should stay away.

I can hear them either do better.

Mr. and Eric, sir John can you can you pick them up and you're in there pregnancy while catering that I'd like to teleport you were talking about our department of justice. Regards, Sen. Grassley and Sen. Johnson. They're going after Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland because he has failed to follow the orders Donald Trump. Remember order the Justice Department to declassify all records related to the FBI's original Trump rush or pro that in all crossfire hurricane and that the all those that could be released and in all. Here it is. A year later Earl longer than that. Now, not one single page has been released from the department of Judas. So when we talk about this insurrection.

The only insurrection is our own government against the people of the United States. That's where the insurrection is. That's the problem.

We don't have a government anymore. We the people, is the state in the here you're right, but will even try. We been telling people all you know this look Biden is he sees begging the courts begging the court not to give bring out the evidence on dominion right not not to not feel you cannot only hurt us here.

It will just make people angry that it won't do any good business sense and in bringing all that people only you know if you bring that out. It's liable to affect the next election so you quite sure what it might bring some honesty to the next election process where we can have that attorney will not only that, but usually that he saying how they can affect neighbors to the north, Canada to see the menu was very busy, very busy speaking about. I've got a story I've got a get out or I'll just go scream and nuts.

We were talking earlier by getting your children out of public school system or here it is in Canada. They have a group called the new literacy program and they been teaching the children in Canada that those Canadian crackers are supported by Nazis promoting violence. The Canadian crackers are rooted in extremism. They're all restating their size or popularity. There supported by fake accounts with ties to foreign content mills. This is a report from the rare foundation USA this literacy program claims 37,000 educators, yet propagandists really use their technology online platform and basically rare.

Says it teaches schoolchildren how to be mindless leftist narrative consumers and that this news literacy program warns all kinds of misinformation. In other words anytime so may tell the truth.

They wrote Shannon email mass emails all over Canada about the lies in the general misinformation and this is going on and I got pages of this that basically babysits really bad things claimant extremist groups in there during mass emails and again these guys are running around with plastic and flatten and swastika flags calling for violence everything you can think of their displaying hate symbols.

They have anti-Semitic writings that are carrying around US Confederate flag on there going to be violent just on and on and on. So they're using the school system to brainwash the little Canadian children like their doing in the public school system here to brainwash them against any Christians or conservative thoughts and while at the same time.

Those that now Canada is beginning freezing bank accounts for anybody donating to the truckers and they've already started freezing accounts of people who have helped financially support this protest and the Royal Canadian police as shared with the banks names of individuals and entities as well as any of the crypto currency wallet and are going to freeze a lot more.

In fact, they said the crowdfunding platform service payment providers started the registration with the Canadian government and any bank any investment firm and a credit union loan company security dealer in a platform or payment clearing service must praise the account of anyone who possesses or controls property of a person who is attending and legal protest are providing any supplies.

So if you bring water, fuel, firewood, anything that they can freeze any account you have from all of the living to be taking a look at that you were going to hear from a group of Canadian lawyers and they've got a message for the police department and they were going to hear from one of their constitutional law professors there were the best known in Canada as I can tell you right now. I know that this is against the Canadian law. I know it is our Constitution coordinator from from some of those lawmakers and gently turned his back. Are you there John, John, trouble getting into night okay well we finally got you here now you got him out of the storm. Yeah why didn't we drop: drop you what he's done he's not here. He's out in Texas. You know the where having it appear the ice. I don't know her Missouri he got an ice storm to help is pretty nasty and indelicate that John didn't know but little Lisa fell in back your head and them so were were going to suspend pledge week until next week. Within the pick it up next week because they're predicting for us to get 8 to 12 inches and more snow out here.

And again I don't want to have to you know in danger.

The thinning of the folks the man the phones and that to get them in their it's just not worth so and and and and we do have another place to but we have a remote station that we can go to that we don't have to travel over the icy roads and we can hook up with No true no labels. A Jewish MPA Nazi one apologize claims he's protecting Canadians freedoms by stripping their freedoms away from them ignores that is Deputy Prime Minister's grandfather was a Nazi. That's right. That's what Mr. Trudeau does and so here AP Melissa Losman called Trudeau Coelho Trudeau and his freedom taking theoretical emergency order put in place to shut down the protest against the government. Theoretical code mandates for prime minister responded by calling the MP is announcing them. Trudeau was asked to tweak retract a statement calling conservatives Nazis and he would not do it. What is that sound like calling conservatives Nazis does it. Does that sound like Joe Obama, so that, in fact, instead he claimed that he was working for the freedoms of the Canadians they were the very thing that the protesters were criticizing him for not doing the protesters started in response to Canada's outrageous covert matters, John. We had confit and then we display to clip with Tom Fitton and he sounded just like you were comes to the dirty cops the state cops so when all I worked inside and running in no he constantly dealing with the FBI and other agencies freedom of information act request. All hate that you were up against a hybrid holder right there on the back right after slipping it up right there with you at the right you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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