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Joe Rogan, I Can Help You! And the Pushback Continues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 7, 2022 5:10 pm

Joe Rogan, I Can Help You! And the Pushback Continues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 7, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/07/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Joe Rogan's bona fide boycott plot gets thicker, but I've got a proposal can help everybody time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown note to the pressures of the world honoring God and looking for his approval more than the approval of people Michael Brown welcome to the broadcast delighted to be with you. Here's a recall anything you want to talk to me about today. Any questions you want to raise phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call. We have a a lot of ground to cover. Today I got an interesting proposal to put out in writing I want to talk about it on the air that could they could educate millions and millions of listeners and viewers old beyond this broadcast share that in a moment and then as I promised, we talked about 2022 is the year where our mentality needs to be as followers of Jesus. This is the year for taking ground that this is the year to be depressed and discouraged and things are getting worse and worse. Whatever's happening around us.

We have our calling. We have our responsibility and I'm here to encourage you and help you to grow in health and strength so that you can make an impact in the world in which you live so that you can be stable and strong in the midst of chaos and crisis of the your faith can hold on when the faith of others is losing ground here encourage you and help you stand strong in Jesus name.

And I guarantee you two men on a regular basis and you will get a regular dose of moral sanity and spiritual clarity that is our pledge to use only to be giving you more examples of pushback, of taking ground in our society. One quick thing because I have to say it with with our theme song. I knew things going with with a skillet. The resistance so John Cooper was the front man for skillet contacted me a few weeks ago and said hey will be Charlotte just realize winter Jim you close to that. I said yeah and I'm in town was a great little bring some your people and get to hang out so I was able to spend on 1034 hours with with John and his wife Corey and then set the guitarist agenda, the drummer spent hours with them, answering questions and pouring in and talking interacting about a lot of subjects we just we have a great relationship is get to know them and be friends and work together. I get support in different ways and they do what they do in such a blessing. John did a great interview on on the Fox and friends in the month it was Fox and friends in the morning and send it to me the other day just clear strong aggressive manager you're speaking with a prophetic voice to the nation, but the.

The last song I think is less on another set. The resistance they and with with our theme song here and when they when they want to do it. He gave a shout out to be there ever been 5000 people in protagonist Coliseum by the Healy text will go back and forth texting after so this is your song baby, but that the thing that I got a kick I was here were here at live with thousands of people all the light show the whole thing that the deer than coming here to get sized as a sweet and adds it adds to it. But in Jesus name we will continue to take rather than the best way we do it is getting our own lives in order getting right with God turn away from things are sinful, objectionable, polluting it hurt us and hurt others and and then as we present to God in prayer and the word we build ourselves up and then we share the gospel with others.

The most effective way to to undercut what Satan's doing is to win people to Jesus and help them be disciples. We do it primarily not to push back against Satan is not our focus do it. Primarily because we love God and love people. Alright, so if you know Joe Rogan is the new well aware of this but for those who don't them introduce really quickly.

I first saw him years ago on the show fear factor and watch much of it but segment here and there I saw he was the host of it and then I hear his voice here and there as a UFC commentator so mixed martial arts commentator and then I found out that he was a comedian who performed to stem remotely crowds around America did know that part and then found that he had a podcast that's been growing for years and is far and away the number-one podcast in the world right now were certainly in the end this language and number one and Lisa like 93 different fields of something like that rigid but that yesterday from the CEO of Sparta fly which is the first rights to his podcast infected hundred million dollars to get its that's what sees getting annually forwards that help works anyway. I never listen to much of it only little segments here and there when reason being that that the shows really wrong with with people like this talk freely back and forth and said a lot of interesting guests on by. He uses the F word lost as part of his work. I really like it was mine before was a believer I got saved. 16 change that I rose should be part of my book, I was just normal life for him and for many others, judging him freeze therefore insist it's not my favorite thing to listen to all the time if I can make a choice about one thing that a coworker that's profane or sharing the gospel of the talking with a talk but anyway so I didn't realize how big he was. Until maybe a few years while one credible reach so when he get scolded. Last year he says hey is had one bad bad day, but my doctor prescribed are erected in this this this wheel we hit it with everything I'm no I'm good. I'm back to normal so he came under tremendous integrity was the horse to horse the warmer it is for veterinarians disparate prescribed animals.

What you doing in so he pushback in Sicily China is been used for years. The mother developed it for for human use. Got the Nobel Prize for, in his view, it's it's treated billions of people around the world. So many hundreds of millions and and work well. He said it was prescribed for me by a doctor even had Dr. Sanchez grouped on from CNN similarly blasted him a lot and yet such sake grouped on any said it wasn't right to do so would CNN said the way they said it is Sunday grouped it was apologetic for that part. In any case, he then had some guests on who were highly respected doctors who one of them helped develop a vaccine that would mRNA with similar to the covert vaccine was a pro-vaccine guy but had grave issues with the covert facts and grave issues with government policies and things like that, Dr. Robert Malone another Dr. Robert Peter McCullough, so he had these doctors on and especially the Malone interview went completely viral and as a result of that now secure spreading disinformation information in your hurting people at the I could understand that if you believe that false information is is being disseminated that could literally cost people their lives was a major issue, but you don't refuse to give people the freedom to speak, because we have those rights to do that.

Like I could get up on the radio and say in my opinion, drinking four bottles of water a day will cure cold snow. So, I'm allowed to say that right is that it's an astute stupidest thing about fine good great. You can say that I'm not listening jointly to say stupid stuff fine.

All good, but you can't take me off the radio because I gave you my opinion about a particular thing or interviewed. Some doctors said oh yeah if you pour the water over your head three times that'll deal was still a II think it might deal with bulbous you know you okay you can do that kind of stuff right and was reviewing official claims to be a document official medical advice and formal fine you can do that Jesus interviewing these people so there's an outrage it's been growing. I mean even all the way up to the White House and Press Secretary temp sake speaking out against Rogan's platform so deal John famous rocker old rocker now. Maybe late 70s 80s and around their details, modify you take Rogan off or on pulling my music. They said were staying with Rogan when Joni Mitchell same thing another old old rocker.

Same deal at and many are saying hey what you like the freedom people much like the hippie people were true. Like the counterculture people and now it is so it's it's interesting just to see how people's ideology ship. Interestingly, Eric Clapton, who never really got involved a lot of social, political issues went when he got vaccinated and was fearful that he never recover from the effects of vaccination could use his hands a little while his world-famous guitarist. He's now come out against the mandates is like what happened.

Eric claps out, so it's interesting how people are coming out in unexpected ways in their 70s or close to 80 that you know opposite ways of what you expect in any case, with the negative publicity that's modify stocks took a big hit and select $2.7 billion in all of this, even though the music boycott was pretty minor. Just controversy surrounding it. So Joe Rogan issues like a nine minute talk I say issues part of its an apology, but resist exclamation song to play the first clip now this is Joe Rogan. After this whole thing is getting so controversial but like a lot plot thickens all whole lot. Sorry guys. The plot thickens all whole lot from here. All right, a lot has happened and that's modify is taken a stand with Joe Rogan. Interestingly, right. Listen to what he said I want to make this video first will because I think there's a lot of people have a distorted perception of what I do may be based on sound bites are based on headlines of articles are disparaging the podcast is been accused of spreading dangerous misinformation specifically about two episodes a little bit about some other ones but specifically about to one with Dr. Peter McCullough and one with Dr. Robert Malone Dr. Peter McCullough is a cardiologist and he is the most published physician in his field in history. Dr. Robert Malone owns nine patents on the creation of mRNA vaccine technology and is at least partially responsible for the creation of the technology that led to mRNA vaccines.

Both these people are very highly credentialed, very intelligent, very accomplished people and they have an opinion that's different from the mainstream narrative, I wanted to hear what their opinion is I had them on, and because of that, those episodes in particular that those episodes were labeled as being dangerous. They had dangerous misinformation in them right so that's that's the first thing he says look I had these got on the highly credentialed, they had another opinion.

Am I allowed to do that.

It is a contrary opinion allowed to be expressing one of the issues that's clouded the whole question about vaccine be negotiable. Why wouldn't we want something that's helpful. They can save lives and I believe in many cases is been very helpful in saved many lives. It's been so mixed in with this government overreach with this media censorship with mandates with with not giving churches equal rights to others. The whole things got so mixed that it's difficult to just step back and so now I've got a great line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown while you get your calls 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. All subjects open when we do get to the calls in a little while friends let me encourage you if you have not yet preordered your signed numbered copy collectors edition of the silencing of the lambs.

The ominous rise of cancer culture and how we can overcome it. If you've not yet preordered me encourage you to go today to your website. Esther SK DR

It's a beautiful hardcover with an absolutely stunning cover best cover I've seen on years and years of maybe the best cover everyone in my books is just it's a stunning cover until the books even better than the cover. Hopefully you will agree with me when I was writing it I go through shocking devastating things in our culture.

I mean, you'd be shocked by how far are our campuses and have have shifted to the left. You might know a lot but you would redistribute shock the depth of what's happened with big tech censorship. I mean it's it's really scary stuff and and how good causes like standing up for African-Americans and and standing up for equality. How how things get misused at the enemy. Then comes in and takes a good cause goes to extremes which then bring damage in other ways is requesting her for what's right than others coming with their agenda. We expose it we expose all the key things but we spent most of the chapters in the book saying here's what you can do here so you can stand. Here's where you can make a difference. As a parent B is a professor be it as a preacher so you can go to ask Dr. now you go anywhere else and order the hardcover or the e-book or the audible book and in will be out should be out early next month.

But this is the only place where you can get the signed numbered copies so I encourage you to do that and order as many as you want. Just let us know if you want signed to get five Telesis one for this one and and I will personally sign once my joy to do it with a new book that comes out okay so Joe Rogan is further explaining hey I've had both sides on my show, my issue is with what you are deeming quote misinformation with go back to Jerome. The problem I have with the term misinformation, especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation, just a short while ago are now accepted as fact. Like for instance eight months ago if you said if you get vaccinated. You can still catch coated and you can still spread coated you will be removed from social media.

They would they would ban you from certain platforms now that's accepted as fact. If you said I don't think cloth masks work, you would be banned from social media now that's openly repeatedly stated on CNN if you said, I think it's possible that covert, 19 came from a lab you'd be banned from many social media platforms. Now that's on the cover of Newsweek. All of those theories that at one point, summer band were openly discussed by those two men that have my podcast that have been accused of dangerous misinformation. I do not know if the right. I don't know because I'm not Dr. I'm not a scientist, I'm just a person sits down and talks to people in his conversations with them.

Do I get things wrong. Absolutely I get things wrong but I try to correct them whenever I get something wrong to try to correct it because I'm interested in telling the truth. I'm interested in finding out what the truth is I'm interested in having interesting conversations with people that have differing opinions. I'm not interested in only talking to people that have one perspective.

That's one of the reasons why had Sanjay grouped on Dr. sides a group to ours respect very much and I really enjoyed our conversation together. He has a different opinion than those meant do. I had Dr. Dr. Michael Auster home on at the very beginning of the pandemic. He is on Pres. Biden scolded. 19 advisory board. I had Dr. Peter hotel is on who is vaccine expert. I'm interested in finding out what is correct and find I'm also finding out how people come to these conclusions and what the facts are right so if you turn in tune in to say Sean Hannity in order to get conversely if you turn into Rachel Maddow, Rachel Maddow, to me to her broadcast so Fox and MSNBC. You know Charlie get right in other words, they have a particular mindset particular political mindset particular conservative liberal mindset one want one conservative and liberal, Joe Rogan, this is not an ideologue. In that sense. Even Jon Stewart, the comedian had said that about him that he he, I'm sure he has certain views but is not is not taking having these guests. Unlike Robert Malone was because he's conservative or because he's just anti-max or something so that that's why Zicam affects of try to be more balanced if I one controversial guy out on some of the other viewpoint and okay great good good is me want to go one step further with that but here is the latest drama soul famous actor and an former professional wrestler the rock. When Johnson waited in after Joe Rogan's video and he said, great stuff your brother perfectly articulated and he was looking for the coming on the show one day and break out the tequila with him right will then another video compilation goes public. This one is Joe Rogan 12 years ago and before using the N word on his show, which he did frequently that if he's quoting somebody used it like some former comedian. He just say it or someone said you should use this with you would just say it rather than collect and work so you put it all together and it's not sounds will better listen to the compilation, but he said his most regretful shameful thing he's ever had to apologize for publicly and he realizes he doesn't own the words white men suffer him to choose how to use it instance health offense B. That's why stop using it years ago.

Even while quoting others, etc. and he apologizes right so someone list when Johnson know about that. A copy similar to know about it and and he says this. Thank you so much for this. I hear you as well.

As everyone here 100% resulted Don Winslow, who tagged him. He said I was not aware of his inward use prior to my comments now become educated to his complete narrative learning moment for me like a II can't stand with Scott informally retract what he said but space and he backed down his his comments and Rogan and said I noted to most people. There's no context were white persons are allowed to say that number. My program podcast I agree with that. Now I haven't said it in years. And again he sits most regretful shameful thing he's ever had to dress in a public setting. The only problem with this mentality.

People get things wrong with people offend realize hey understand all do better. I apologize only problem with this culture, which that's not enough, you're gone away with you canceled Don only problem is goes around comes around. That's one of my issues with hyper criticism in the church that to the degree you judge others in the way you judge others, you ultimately can be judged back and and now I'm watching the critics typing at each other, attacking each other.

Think of what we doing God help us. So 20 Johnson was a world-famous professional wrestler. He was one of the biggest superstars in wrestling in decades right and the only thing about professional wrestling is not politically correct. Like you might be having some some conflict with another country right. Maybe it'll Cold War with Russia so you get the one guy is the Russian athlete does not really give a Russian name and have him try to speak with a Russian accent or maybe really is Russian.

You know, and then it wronged every bullying and hating on the guy and see everything is stereotyped all right at.

I mean you had a guy years and years ago named gorgeous George Rusnak about the role acting as if he was gay. No idea about his private life with everyone mocking for this is obvious he couldn't do that now, but wrestling is famously not PC and over the years certain sensitivities have been accepted in acted on, but video surfaces of Dwayne Johnson talking to another wrestling superstar and and he is say autodial say chewing Chinese to make sure you get it and it and he's mocking the Chinese line not reflect there's nothing to it right and it's been posted on YouTube for years just to some funny thing that is as if you don't understand me out so that you and Swedish. Many this is caricatured by the about it or just mocking the language and how it sounds to Maribel Kate stupid it's no big deal to stupid. But these days all know the how could the rock criticize Rogan when the rock is so insensitive Wednesday 20 Johnson is so insensitive, and from there the plot continues to thicken because they find it. Another video where he calls another wrestler uses the word retarded, but the now that's a refers to him that that now is crossing another line and then he refers to another wrestler John Sina as misquoting his words. A bloated transvestite wonder woman. So now there are calls to cancel when Johnson calls to cancel 20 Johnson yet.

So this is what happens is supposed to some set yeah that was better stupid. Should said that for that was offensive or hey, I didn't mean anything by it but I'll be more sensitive. Please forgive me or the K, I don't mean anything by it just except that what was that terrible. Please forgive me and I'm really searching my heart. How can I've ever done something. Whatever the apartment a little later.

The pie then you will forgive. Educate you on well they had us modify Daniel Eck has now spoken out and said when I canceled your Rogan number one podcast are by far in the world and if you gonna start canceling what you don't like you gotta cancel everybody we come back a minute share a few of his quotes with you and give you my proposal for Joe Rogan that could really help educate the masses and to take some calls as well is a great time to: 86634878 they asked Brown order signed the first trust. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown when I canceling. We are standing with Joe Rogan is a financial thing for them, but there seems to be some principle involved with it. Daniel Eck, the CEO's bona fides settle on these issues are very complex and intertwined, so we'll talk about that my proposal to Joe Rogan, recalls, and then some encouraging updates of just pushing back individuals. Some Christian, some not just saying enough is enough.

This is wrong because stand for what's right more that do that. The more society will shift back in the right direction will never have the kingdom of God here fully on earth until Jesus returns.

But we keep shining the light in the darkness and keep functioning assault. Spread the light as far as we can. 866348784 866-34-TRUTH any question ready Carmel get to the phones momentarily so liquid Daniel Eck.

Here is his statement while it was 15 minutes statement to his staff so I'm just giving you little excerpts here.

He said I know some of you feel disappointed or angry or even hurt by some of this content and the fact that it remains on the platform they didn't move like 100 episodes Rogan I guess with the and work from the past is that there many things at your Rogan says of the strongly with disagree with and find very offensive that he noted Rogan's number one podcast in the world by a wide margin."

It is really critical for creators are able to use their voice independently correct us modify has diverse voices. Yet it were not the business of dictating the discourse that the these creators want to have on their shows is that if we only want to make content that we all like and agree with. We will need to eliminate religion and politics in comedy and health and environment education is that the list goes on and on. He said we should have clear lines around content take action when they are crossed, but canceling voices is a slippery slope but get this, if the issue more broadly. It's critical thinking and open debate that powers real and necessary progress in the words of comedian Jon Stewart don't leave, don't abandon sensor don't engage my counsel is learn to speak the truth in love to others with respect, but without compromise.

If you blow it apologize make things right forward. If others blow it and apologize, forgive them and give them a path of redemption. So here's my proposal to Jarreau can doesn't know me from Adam.

99% sure of that. But if it's the Lord. It'll get to him or he'll think of it, why not get this reform long flowing show what no specific time limit. Why not have on the number one Kovacs advocate can also articulate his or her views is respected in his or her field and the number one anti-facts or person raising questions and concerns about vaccination can also be articulate is also respected in his or her field and then host a debate, maybe do it over a few shows. Not one person on one day the person another day. But they get to interact disable what debates do what they educate. Could you hear the best presentation of both sides and often up into debates for decades and seeing great fruit from them. Often you can see wow, this one had a lot of holes in what they were saying this one didn't have good answers for, and not just the demeanor coming to me is gonna win people over brunch about content, so why not if anybody got any connection to your Rogan things a good idea get my suggestion to him, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Don in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire forever. My question is your question about the critical race theory and how it is your Rogan.

We know that the Goldberg work was suspended. The recruiter from the view from common for Jewish rate which is best thing. Use your visitors are white people that support your gingers are all colors in a black use white cheese energies regimens right coming from a common white directly, but always not depends where you live in the world you anyway.

Suspended future powder suspended but mark my real question is correct. I think that you are correct. So how would supply it. It's all how it's applied in other words, different people mean different things by it is so it's all how it's and I am absolutely for a rigorous, honest teaching of American history, the good and the bad with the blemishes with the ugly things right up in recent decades hundred percent 400% against telling one group you are the oppressor race or you have the victims in the victimizer so it's it's all a how it's taught Sir Springbrook but with the borrowing of the other "must be should be all every school so you where there when were notable German character.

I feel bad about themselves and what happened to may have done fine to feel bad about what your insistence that that's fine but you shouldn't be made to feel guilty yourself as if you were part of that was if you are a German or generically and genetically and inherently evil when oppressor group. You, by all means when you find out about the history I have friends that spend a lot of their time educating German Christians in the German people, but I even wrote a forward for a book in German about this because the next generation distant want to talk about it. The signal we have to bring this up to light grant.

Grandpa was a Nazi. You have to talk about it. Yeah perfect fit offender therapy should know better what if I heard about American public. I feel bad when I learned things about my history that I didn't know here I'm not a southern Baptist. I have no formal can of them Pentecostal charismatic but it's embarrassing to me to learn that the southern Baptist began as a denomination because they wanted to keep their slaves so they broke away from the northern Baptist though dear those are people there good people to that's that that's embarrassing to me to hear if I was a southern Baptist, I learned it. I feel bad.

I would feel personally responsible, but I feel bad to locate for what you feel bad about it.

American chattel slavery, Jim Crow sure effect of slavery as long as they're not made to feel bad so Sir, yeah, absolutely. When you can look I teach on anti-Semitism in church history. And when people learn about it. They come up to be weeping. I'm so sorry I had no idea and they hug me and the crying it's like okay we did they feel terrible because it's so contrary to who they are.

They feel terrible.

So there's a way that would you agree Sir that there's a way to teach it where the kids understand okay you didn't do this and and maybe your your your great great great grandfather was died fighting against slavery, but if you just say well it's terrible that that people that I'm part of your white Americans. Gillick I might my mother comes over from England basically is an orphan as a virtual reference is a little girl, my grandparents, my father side coming from Russia.

Beginning of the last century of work into the one before that we have zero connection to to to the African slave trade beetle in we come from another place after but as I learned more about it over the years of study, more understood more horrors of middle passage. I feel terrible about it because that was that was other other people. He and here's my connection other people who were Christians who participated in that right but I feel a personal guilt I feel no white guilt will know that I yeah so it's it's how it's taught. But yeah, and then just be redemptive yet my story came from my my great-grandfather was a was born. They reported every in Virginia. It was so from family doctor by my family is in effect around the deliverance of his mother and father that should be coded and there should be functioning about public health and the weekly go back. I don't know if the floor in front of him like a badge of open your Russia you know exactly what the rush of loss.

I don't even know what my regional last.

I am a little exception. There we don't know what my regional last name was. It wasn't Brown but it got shortened but might my history is not yours let's I can. You think should be topical yeah what what what what what article evangelical essence of dominant liver that let me try to help your both sides like ships passing in the night. Okay, that's why said depends. I get a lot of flak because I said depends what you mean by seniority because the some people is just evil and to others. It's no it's it's just a good academic approach. So it limit me to say this that that that I got a run, but the thank you for the call and gives us a context limit your great-grandfather.

That's right, that's this pretty recent but this is the issue.

The evangelicals that I know associate work with absolutely want this taught me how many Americans know that Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. They were they were in concentration camps like Jews they would be slaughtered, but this note, I never learned that growing up right and I'm so I'm sure I didn't learn all the facts or the right story about our treatment of Native Americans. I just heard how dangerous and bad they were and we had killed some of them you know that's a song in the learning right so you learn more the sick all week is on American rights. Amazing country great country. I'm thrilled that I'm here. It's like oh yikes. I didn't know we did since we in terms of ill our founders or ancestors or others and is a lot of good stuff so the evangelicals I know they don't want their kids being separated based on race in school. They don't want their kids to have white guilt, as if the something inherently wrong with being white was if they themselves are guilty of some of the past atrocities but they want the history taught. They want the story of of your ancestry taught. They want that taught. It's the other stuff they don't. And then each side tends to react against the other, that that's why try to have conversations about it. But when you learn. It's like oh I just want to hear good things about my mom.

I hit my my country's history. Now this bad stuff. The mixture because were human beings look at the typical telling of Israel's history, mainly negative and less hassle. Wonderful great bad terrible and then let's okay, here's held together and kids make impulsive the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am so glad Dawn called because this is a conversation we've we've needed to have because I'm unconvinced in so many areas, be it or different beliefs within the body be at different political views social views different things that there there are real issues and there are things we divide over and I get hated and I get loved for the stance that I take in the same happens with you. You have the people that are cheering you on of the others that want to silence you. Because the convictions you have so I have many deep immovable convictions. By God's grace here I stand and I'm not going anywhere regardless of cost or consequence.

There other things I think were missing each other right thing and I will be at Don's missing something, but his question indicates to me that what he's hearing is a resistance to it to accurate, honest teaching of American history. That's not the issue. The issue is how it's done and and how people are made to feel because of that and and if something resulted in black guilt, white guilt Hispanic guilt Asian guilt Jewish guilt Catholic guilt so that as that person today you feel guilty. You're made to feel guilty that this is inherently part of who you are part of who your people or the race that you belong to. Part of that or that that somehow because this can be traced back to look if if if I found out that I had some great great great grandfather that was a I don't know some terrible Satan just like the worst criminal out there like why in my lineage. I can't believe it, but I wouldn't feel it on your life to make reparations to those people. I'm told about rep the issue of reparations in America him to say, the last thought is like somebody lived in another place completely unrelated to me like yikes I can't believe it. That shameful justification for about me today, rubbing a white Jewish Jesus following American today, but I think a lot of times were missing each other and NII I'm in regular contact with the leading black educator and a believer and we talk about this all the time and he's in a state where this is really heated up and it's like how to seems extremes on all sides but can we agree on XYZ chemically that this is what how she replies. I think in many cases we would for talking past each of that's I'm so glad Dawn called in and press the issues were able to have a conversation okay I'm just going go through these rapidfire, but examples of pushback to cultural extremes pushback to cultural madness pushback to cultural insanity and I'm doing this is your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity comes to run through a bunch of headlines. This was Fox news January 20 NCAA changes transgender athlete participation policy amid calls for reevaluation and the biological male known as Leah Thomas her emergence in the pool, put the NCAA's transgender policy in the spotlight. Now this okay we are going to have to go through longer treatments in reducing testosterone and will, based on that he would be disqualified. Thomas would be disqualified, let alone the fact that he still has male plumbing and is been known to not be careful with it in the ladies locker room and when they protest, according to their stories according to their stories when they protest their soul told sorry nothing can be done about it. Okay, another one a young can co-ops diversity office viewpoint diversity true history protecting number okay this is very interesting and Virginia's right in the middle of of the firestorm here.

Some I can get into Virginia policy regarding security, but the diversity office which is pursued one agenda. He said let's get true history right so we agree on that and let stand for protecting the unborn. This was also back.

Let's see wrenchingly 20th a generally 20th daily wire reports Florida Senate push forward bill banning wall construction schools and businesses again. It's the extremes that were pushing back against.

That's the key truth but pushing back against these extremes about this one.

Daily wire generally 24th California mom takes legal action against teachers who allegedly persuaded 11-year-old daughter.

She was a boy, you got cases with the schools were influencing the kids in the 12-year-old kid 11 total kid tries to commit suicide. The press have no idea what's been going on now this is what in the world, you're messing with my kid what you doing until you friends keep pushing back here is an editorial by Sandra Butcher on Fox news men returning to women and men returning women to sidelines of sports nearly all the organizations in a position to protect women athletes are dropping the ball. People say enough is enough and and calling on those leading the way in sports to stand up for women's rights.

Generally, 24th red state teammate of transgender swimmer Leah Thomas. Now speaking out and she's not happy.

More and more speak yet. I just read the number of of swimmer speaking out his female swimmers in the same school with with with Thomas.

16 of the 16 of them. Yes, us modify when they're given the choice between Neil Young and Joe Rogan. They said we pick Joe Rogan those we pick freedom of speech yet more and more articles. I've got a few more about will/Leah Thomas your people could help Megan and Harry Prince Harry Megan and Harry there calling on us modify you. You gotta modify things and people sing hello. Here's how you stand up to them. Here's how you pushback and say no. We we stand for freedom, but this one this is bright for news and what was this from this was February 1 South Dakota passes Gov. Christie gnomes ban on boys competing in girl sports. We told you this was coming. Okay, we told you this was coming and then Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. We had a month last week to talk about how his YouTube channel was banned talk about reintegrating therapy correctly talk about studies that indicate that people go through trauma counseling of have had a reduction or loss of their same-sex attractions so this is Calvin's memo this is this is spreading the word is spreading.

Here's an article on Fox news of the places you two bands counseling channel for hate speech after conversion therapy report. He wrote a few facilities that might my websites getting flooded with people and find out more and at and interact. So the pushback continues we will never see perfect righteousness until Jesus comes but will continue standing for until he does what I try to get to another call or two, let's go to Carol Carol's gaunt let's go to Maureen in Winston-Salem, North Carolina drama modifier. I've been working here for number of years and I really enjoy your thoughtful arm advocate edifying ethically edifying are common.

I one thing that struck me today to the calling of the crew from Virginia, under the issue of slavery in a horrible car on our nation but the fact is slavery around for thousands of years and many great.

The race is not a white black issue and I wish that that would be talked about more frequently yes. So here's the thing read on the one hand, factually, you're 100% correct. In other words, black seven slaves of the Blacks, black slaves and slave whites white seven slave Blacks, whites have enslaved other whites to this day. Slavery is still practiced in different parts of the Muslim world.

In particular, so there you have writable in many cases Middle Eastern or dark skinned and their enslaving may be people from other countries of the European women or unisex laser whatever so it's it's a universal evil, and then you have human trafficking right in America, though this is the key thing to remember in America.

It was racial and in other words, Africans were considered to be of an inferior race and not full human beings.

That's how it could have been Blacks enslaving whites with a few but in our case it was whites enslaving Blacks and as a result of that to this day there are still effects of it that that put that that don't bring full equality to your average African-American as compared to average what just for example, the net worth of your average white American family compared to average African-American family. The latter is much lower because there's not as much history event and it in the lives of accumulating wealth and and growing as families and things like that and you pass things untrue kids and their kids to the next generation so you and then segregation remained until not that long ago right in his arm of 6X in the South.

It was here, you know, the first 19 years of of my life so that people were looking at when you our talk out your coming order. I was really were all equal. Many sales, it's, it's your call is coming out and and I don't want to miss that. And just when I'm hearing you say this, my second organ teacher was a black man married to a white woman.

So this would've been the early to mid 60s and they would come over for dinner at our house and my dad was outrage because they lost friends, family members turned against the because was interracial marriage even though they were in the New York area members and how could this be in our day and age, and again many look from America's founding. This needs to be taught to tell all the horrible things, but there were magazine going back to the colonial days that oppose slavery and and there was a plague that broke.

I was reading about 1730 soup well before we were a nation, and in one of the Christian leader said this is because of slavery. That's what this plague is broken out so those been pushing back and in no teacher white guilt teaching guilt on any race is ugly and wrong and needs to be avoided unless that potential friends list the aspect Brown or suffer emails to get going to miss announcements and another program powered by the Truth Network

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