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Life of Paul Part 13 - The Good News of Justification

So What? / Lon Solomon
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March 10, 2020 12:00 am

Life of Paul Part 13 - The Good News of Justification

So What? / Lon Solomon

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March 10, 2020 12:00 am

Life of Paul series.

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Good morning every body. They were so glad to have your Kevin thank you and everybody we appreciated all the Bible all open it together on the fifth book in the New Testament Matthew Mark Luke John acts acts chapter 13 if you would please ask chapter 13 were to be continuing in our study of the life of a great man. The apostle Paul now to follow goal of the year 2001 is been a year was real first. For example, back in April saw Tiger Woods won the Masters, making him the first man in professional golfing history to old to have all four major titles.

At the very same time. Then of course this past week, the United States Supreme Court decided in favor of disabled golfer Casey Martin allowing him to compete in PGA golfing events while riding in a golf cart first time in the history of professional golf that's ever happened. And then in May there was Harold Stilson Harold Stilson inmate was playing at the Deerfield country club in Florida and on the 108 yard 16th hole. He made a hole in one essay will somewhat lots people make holes 1/12 the thing was, Mr. Stilson is 101 years old. Now think about that this man's age is almost as long as the whole coming are pretty incredible and the government became the first person in history over the age of 100 to ever record a hole in one. Now the reason I bring all this up and you might be wondering where we going with this. The reason I bring all the sofas were to look at something else this morning from the Bible that's happening for the very first time in the Bible that is worth a look at the very first sermon ever preached by the by the apostle Paul. Now maybe preach another sermon we don't know, but this is the very first one recorded in the Bible we want to talk about what it had to say to the people listening and then more importantly, what it means for you and me here in the 21st century. As followers of Christ.

So let's look all beginning here in acts chapter 13 Lumina review. Remember the Paul and Barnabas have set out now on what we know of as today the first missionary journey of the apostle Paul that show you the map so you know again where we are. The apostle Paul left waiting for map here got a map coming there we go. The apostle Paul left Antioch here in Syria and he and Barnabas sailed over to Cyprus.

They landed in eastern Cyprus at Salamis, walked across the island going west to the capital city of Papaw in here in Papaw's he led to Christ the proconsul, the Roman ruler of the island of Cyprus, a fellow named Sergius Paulus. Now, as we see there going to leave Papaw's Paul and Barnabas and they going to sail north across the Mediterranean to the southern tip to the southern edge of Asia Minor or modern-day Turkey.

The underbelly of Turkey and a landed a city named purdah. So let's follow that as we pick up in chapter 13 verse 13 it says from Papaw's Paul and his companion sailed to purdah that the city in Pamphylia that's a region where John Mark left them to return to Jerusalem and from purdah. They went on for city and Antioch back to the map in the show you what's going on here. They landed here in purdah and then went up river 3600 feet now above sea level to Antioch in Presidio to distinguish it is called the city and Antioch to distinguish it. Of course from Antioch in Syria which is where they had to go on their journey. So this is where they are now the Bible indicates that the apostle Paul and Barnabas did not share Jesus in purdah at all. The next Reiki was strange that the apostle Paul would pass through anywhere not stop long enough to share the Lord. But there seems to be the reason for that and writing in his book St. Paul Travelers Roman citizen, published in 1920. Probably the greatest expert in modern history on St. Paul, a fellow named Sir William Ramsey Prof. of art, a classical art and archaeology at Oxford University back. Theorizes that the apostle Paul called malaria when he landed in the low-lying area around purdah and needed very quickly to head for higher ground to a higher elevation to deal with the disease.

Now there's some indication in the Bible that something like this right may indeed happen. Galatians chapter 4, and of course obsidian Antioch right in the middle of the Galatian region. So this letter was written to these people. Galatians chapter 4 Paul says, as you know it was because of my illness that I first preach the message of Jesus Christ to you and even though my illness was a trial to you. You did not treat me with contempt, but you welcomed me as if I were an angel of God, apparently whether was malaria or something else Paul contracted some disease that drove them quickly out of purdah, which is why he didn't share Christ. There is matter fact before and in the flesh that he refers to in second Corinthians 12 may very well have been a medical aftermath, a medical consequence of whatever disease this was that he had been he got mostly better but maybe he carried some residual effects of this malaria for the rest of his life. Anyway, for whatever reason, he went right up to Presidio and Antioch and very did preach and let's pick it up. Middle of verse 14 on the Sabbath. Paul and Barnabas entered into the synagogue and sat down. After the reading from the law and the prophets. The synagogue ruler sent word to them saying brothers.

If you have a message of encouragement for the people. Please speak here to truly strategy.

We talked about this last week wherever the first place. The apostle Paul went when he got to tell when right to the synagogue. That's where he always went first, and at the end of going through their rituals. The synagogue will return to him and said hey Paul, anything you like to say to us that friends asking the apostle Paul. If he like to say something was like asking jaws. If you'd like to eat young Stan of course Paul had something to say he launches into his first message ever recorded in the Bible and in this message is a message that traces the career of Jesus as the Messiah chronologically and there are five points to his message.

Now if the apostle Paul is going to seminary here in America, he would've known you can only have three points in a message but he didn't go to seminary here in America so he has five point and Gnostic with the apostle Paul's messages any day. Won't you then some seminary professors okay. I would seminary that was funny for me but anyway you go to seminary. I guess you don't think I was seminary. Joe anyway apostle Paul. Five point let's see what he said in the sermon. Here we go. Point number one he starts off by saying Jesus not to him to talk about Jesus. First of all I want you to know was the promised Messiah. That's point number one in verse 16 he starts rehearsing the history of Israel for his or his audience. Any jobs from Abraham to Moses to Samuel to Saul and ends up King David.

Verse 22 and after removing Saul God made David their king. He testified concerning David that I have found David the son of Jesse a man after my own heart who will do everything I wanting to do from this man, David's descendents, Paul writes, God has brought to Israel, the Savior, Jesus, just as he promised now.

To begin this message. The key phrase in this first point is the phrase just as he promised. The apostle Paul here is referring back to the Old Testament to the Davidic covenant first Samuel chapter 7 where God promised David that the Messiah would be a direct descendent of David God repeating that promise a number of times of the Old Testament and Paul says now this promise has been fulfilled. My friends in the person of Jesus Christ. He was the promised Messiah.

Second of all, not only was he the promised Messiah. Paul says, but my second point is, he was the proclaimed Messiah. Verse 24 and the people of Jerusalem and their rulers did not recognize Jesus on for 24 to give me before the coming of Jesus. John predicted the John preach repentance and baptism to all people of Israel and his John was completing his work. He said what you think I am. I'm not the Messiah, he is coming after me, whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.

John the Baptist was a Harold a messenger announcing the coming of the Lord Jesus and Paul for his second point goes right back to the Old Testament and says in the Old Testament God and predicted that the Messiah was going to have a messenger come before him to announce his arrival. Isaiah 40 verse three a voice calling in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord and the apostle Paul says this is what John the Baptist was all about. He was that voice in the wilderness, proclaiming the arrival of Jesus as the Messiah of Israel just the way the Old Testament Scriptures predicted third point.

Not only was Jesus the promised Messiah. The proclaimed Messiah but now third. He was the rejected Messiah back to the Old Testament Scriptures. The apostle Paul goes again. Verse 27 the people of Jerusalem and their rulers did not recognize Jesus yet in condemning him. Here comes they fulfilled the words of the Old Testament prophets that are read every single Sabbath, though they found no proper grounds for death sentence. They asked Pilate to have him executed. When they had carried out all that was written about him in the Old Testament. They took him down from the cross and they laid him in a two now where in the Old Testament. Does the Bible talk about the fact that Jesus would be rejected and killed by his very own people. Well all over everywhere. Isaiah 53 verse eight he the Messiah was cut off from the land of the living and assigned a grave with the rich in his death. Psalm 22 verse 16. They have pierced my hands and my feet, referring of course to the mode of execution, crucifixion, Zechariah chapter 13 verse six. If someone asks him Arius is the Messiah. What are these wounds on your body he will answer. They are the wounds I was given at the house of my friends and these are just a few verses where the Old Testament is clear that the Messiah would be rejected by his own people, and the apostle Paul says that's exactly what happened to Jesus. Just like the Bible said four point is not only was he promised, proclaimed and rejected. But fourth, he's the risen from the dead Messiah.

Verse 30.Paul says God raised him from the dead, and for his fourth point.

Guess, for the apostle Paul goes right back to the Old Testament and says this is exactly what God said was going to have to look at verse 32 we tell you the good news that what God promised our father's word of God promises in the Old Testament. He has fulfilled for us, their children by raising up Jesus and where does the Old Testament say that God's gonna raise the Messiah from the dead will verse 35 it stated in the Old Testament. Paul writes, you will not let your holy one see decay. This comes from Psalm 16 were God said to David, your holy one, my holy one will not see decay. But you see one talking about David. So how do we know that will verse 36 when David observed God's purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep. He was buried with his fathers and his body decay. This is a David that God was talking about God was talking to David about his descendent, the Messiah, whom God was going to raise from the dead and never see decay verse 37 but the one whom God raised from the dead. This is the person God men and this is the one who did not see decay. God is fulfilled that promise by raising Jesus from the dead. So let's summarize so far. Paula said we have a promised Messiah who was a proclaimed Messiah, who was a rejected Messiah, who is now risen from the dead Messiah and friends now for his final point is time for the apostle Paul to answer the most important question you know so what you okay watch your gums. Point number five is now after all that Paul says to his listeners. He is now the offered Messiah, the available to you Messiah.

Look at verse 38 therefore Paul says, my brothers, I want you to know that through Jesus, the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you, is offered to you through him. Everyone will believe is justified from everything you could not be justified from by your own human efforts in trying to keep the law. The apostle Paul says now is now God is offering the risen Messiah to every human being alive God is offering him as a way to have our sins forgiven God is offering him as a way to be justified in the sight of God.

God is offering him as a way to have a whole new relationship with God, one that is not based on human performance, but one that is based on the grace of God, meaning God showing us mercy and kindness that we don't deserve, and that we have in her and how do we access this offer how we appropriate. This offer will verse 39 says that this offer is given to everyone, look what Paul says everyone who believes. And here's a very important corollary to that this offeree can be appropriated only by people who believe there's no other way to get it. Romans chapter 3 verse 20 therefore no one will be justified as a word is a word. No one will be justified in God's sight by human works, but we can be justified freely. Well how, through faith in his Jesus Christ's blood friends. If you're here, you never trusted Jesus in real and personal way.

It might be very offensive to you to hear me say today that the Bible teaches only one way to get your sins forgiven only one way to be justified in God. Finally one way to get to heaven. But you know what we live in a culture where were used to this happens all the time. These radio stations are given away a free car so they qualify for the person a day for 30 days. Then they invite them all in and handle all the key and Aldo tried in the door.

The car will guess what they're not given away 30 car cannot even give it away. 12 cars are given away one car only one please go to work in that door. The other 29 are not going to work. We have a problem with that. We nothing is perfect sense to us, so why should be a problem was that God says hate is only one key that you work on the door. Heaven, you have 30 keys on your keychain that your business but there's only one that's going to work. I went to a lot of trouble God says to make that key and and the good news is that there's a key that works. I need to get the fact that this is not bad news here with over 29 don't. The good news is there's a key that works that opens the door to heaven makes us justified in the sight of God you're here and you've never trusted Jesus in a real and personal way.

I would like to urge you stop stacking up keys on the keychain. You don't need but one key all you need is the one God made for you and that is believing in what Jesus did for you and trusting it.

What he did on the cross was finished the passage up verse 42, as Paul and Barnabas were leaving the synagogue people invited them to speak further about these things.

On the next Sabbath and when the congregation was dismissed. Many of the Jews and devout converts followed Paul and Barnabas who talked with them and urge them to continue in the grace of God. Now these people all invited Paul and Barnabas they come back next week. We'd like to hear more about this is working to see when we do the next part of this chapter. A lot of things change that we can when they showed up the next Sabbath. Not everybody was excited to see him as they were this week when they left will talk about that when we come back next week because it's time for us to stop now and it's time for us to the most important question and I know you want to scream it before. I know you did and I did let you I don't want To go home, take a cold shower will get to scream and now ready everybody 123.

That's right they want. So what say there's a great sermon points all people want to resume to me what was talk about you know I got to thinking this week. There are some words in in our in our culture that are life altering word. Think about it now. These words represent a total change in our life; will. Here's one marriage that's life altering. Here's another one another. Were this life altering pregnant life altering word.

There, here's another one. Induction as into the military. Anybody who's been through that word knows that is a life altering word.

Here's another one homeowner new and I got another one for you scholarship that might not be life altering to people receivable for those of us who were going to have to pay for college is a life altering word that is a good word.

We love that word now with another life altering word will another one is this word justification printed you and I as followers of Christ really understand what this word mean what it means for our lives as followers of Christ. I maintain this is a life altering word and this word represented the culmination of Paul's sermon all of Paul's sermon culminating with the word justified. And you know why because all of Jesus's earthly ministry culminated with us being able to be justified in the sight of God. So we need to know what this word means we need to make sure we understand it as followers of Christ. That's what we want to do with the little bit of time we got lit up.

What is it really mean to be justified as a follower of Christ in the sight of God. Let's talk about that world were justified or justification in ancient Greek with a legal word forensic word of courtroom word and it literally means to be pronounced not guilty.

It literally means to be acquitted of all charges and the imagery here is that God is the judge up on the bench. We are the defendants on trial for all of our wrongdoing wrong speaking wrong thinking wrong attitude and we are dead to rights. However, when we offer God as our plea. We offer God as our defense, not our good works, not our religious activity not keeping the 10 Commandments.

Not being a nice person or trying to recycle. But when we offer God as our defense. The blood of Jesus shed on the cross to pay for our sins. God bangs his heavenly gavel and says you justified your acquitted. I pronounce you not guilty in my side. He grants us the legal status of being righteous in the sight of God. Now the truth is not really righteous are we, of course not. The truth is not really not guilty are we know, but you see friends. God grants us that status, God declares us righteous in his sight justified in his sight. All because we have taken refuge behind the blood of Jesus Christ know when I was in elementary school ice run to school everyday rent house so my bookshelf run back to my parents bedroom flip on the TV because it was time for Superman. No member Superman Superman faster than a speeding bullet more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings with a single bow hotel member Superman arrived visitor from another planet anyway, if you remember Superman had this incredible thing called x-ray vision.

You member that I would x-ray vision. Superman could see through anything except what led right exactly he could see through anything but live but if you were behind led even Superman would x-ray vision couldn't see what was going on behind led with the Bible is telling us folks is that God when it comes to our wrongdoing may have x-ray vision, but that the blood of Jesus is heavenly led young thing and we are behind the blood of Jesus.

God doesn't see our wrongdoing. God doesn't see our shortcomings. God doesn't see our sinfulness. All he sees is the righteousness of Jesus Christ. He stops at that and it's on that basis that he can pronounce us righteous in his sight gets on that basis that he can pronounce us justified. Not guilty acquitted. It is like. It's like heavenly led and when we accept Jesus as our personal savior we trust his blood to pay for our sin. What we are really doing is just getting behind the lead in God doesn't see our wrongdoing anymore young thing in the really good news here is that once the judge of heaven bangs that gavel and pronounces us not guilty once he pronounces us justified.

There is not a force in the universe that can change this. Romans chapter 8 verse 33 who will bring any charges legal charges is what the word means against us. It is God who justifies their software and when God does that. No one that wonderful word. No one can condemn. There's not a person or thing in the universe of God says your justified that can condemn you and when we as followers of Christ except Jesus as our payment for sin. This is the legal status of God grants us.

This is the legal standing in the court of heaven that God grants us. We are pronounce justified we are pronounced, acquitted, we are pronounce not guilty and is not a person in the world can change that. You can even change that.

You can even messes up and that's good because if you can mess it up you will if I could mess it up.

I would I need a way to get to heaven.

I can't mess up even if I wanted to and so do you any wonderful. That's what God gave us a way to get to heaven.

You can't even miss you know a couple years before I came to be the pastor here McKay Bible church back in 1978 I had the privilege of being an invited guest at the Montgomery County traffic court judge them on sale.

I got a personalized letter invite me to be there and I went my day in the Montgomery County traffic court and I saw some unbelievable stuff going on before my case came up in one I'll never forget this guy gets called out. The judge is doing is is your accuser going in excess of 75 miles an hour in the loop around the Mormon Temple where the speed limit is 50. How do you plead the guy says I plead explanation, Your Honor, I know you complete! Anyway, the judge says what you have to say is that we judge is what happens I was in the right lane and I was doing 50 speed limit was a guy laying next to me kept running over my lane crossing over the lines. He pushed me over the shoulder couple times I thought he was going to be my horn. I shook my fist at him. I yelled at him. He didn't want things so finally I figured you know what is mama die so I need to get past this guy sees a mast on the Excelerator shot past the God and right at that moment I came around the corner was a police anything. I told the policeman what I was doing. I told him I was just trying to save my life.

I explained to them what was going on. The policeman and believe he gave me tickets and if I didn't like it I could come tell you so judge here I am to tell you I was sick not to listen and I said not chance. Not a chance on this one. You know, the judge sat there for a minute look at that guy banged his gavel below said charges dismissed your acquitted, I could not believe that they are not the minute I think some quick crazier to now I gotta come up with. Now I'm telling you that man was guilty of speed that you might have his license.

He was guilty of speed, but you know what he walked past the clerk passed the bailiff past the guard passed me, and write out the court scot-free because you see when the judge bangs the gavel and says you're not guilty, printed matter what the real truth is, as far as the jurisprudence of America is concerned, you're not guilty. Now the good news is that the jurisprudence I have and works very same way when the judge of heaven bangs that gavel and says your justified.

You're not guilty in my site, not because of some stupid alibi like this guy traffic court, but because you've taken refuge behind the blood of Jesus than friends. You and I are not guilty. As far as the court of heaven is concerned, it doesn't matter if the reality is different. The point is at the judge says you're not guilty your not guilty. That's pretty good news and see when were justified in the side of Almighty God that sets God. Three. To make us his children. When your justified in the sight of God that sets God free to enter into relationship with you. If your justified in the sight of God that sets God free to bless you with every kind of spiritual blessing and when you and are justified in the sight of God that sets God free to take us to heaven when we die and live together well with him through all eternity men all kinds of good things happen when you justified and the day you trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior God banged that gavel and said your justified your acquitted of all charges in my side that is your legal status, and have now don't get no cooler (that's as good as again they say will lawn it worries me a little bit dear preaching like this because what I think will happen is people to turn this in the license the people going to take this and never say okay well if I'm just a thought. I will do anything I want to do.

I live anywhere I want to live well I suppose that's possible.

But you know what, if you really understand and I really understand what we are and what God is done for us. I don't know about you, but the overwhelming notice of the whole thing realizing God would take somebody like me and pronounce me not guilty is so overwhelming. I'm not tempted to go turn it in the license when I'm tempted to do is to figure out how in my gratitude I can serve God with everything I've got for doing something like that for me that I know I don't deserve that.

I know I could never achieve. And I think this is what the Bible teaches that when we really understand what the Lord Jesus did for us.

The result is not license. The result is humility and a desire to really say okay God, how can I serve you back in appreciation for all you've done to me friends. I hope you leave here this morning. Understanding what it means to be justified, and I believe no matter how bad a day you have if you can go all the way back to say yeah, but no matter how bad this day is unjustified in the sight of God. All the badness it's happened to me today can't change that and I think there's a reason to rejoice everyday because this is as good as it gets.

Almighty God say inured absolving of all charges. Come on now, how bad could today be on in the good part is that all the bad days are over and the medium ones and the good ones you're going to speak with the Lord forever. When you get to the gate. He's going to say hey your justified component. This is your home. I think that's pretty cool so and I think that's what you need to things pretty cool to know Jesus because that's where you stay at the close of the wonderful him that's a written by William Coleman. I doubt if anybody hears every song, but it's entitled, will there be two sarongs in heaven. It's all about how the way you get into heaven is by hiding behind the blood of Jesus and be justified.

As will there be two sarongs in heaven standing at the throne of God one arrayed in their own merits and one washed in precious blood. Will there be two songs in heaven reading through the realms above one of those man's virtues and the other to praise redeeming love all know he said still be one throng one song one voice in endless strain shall bless God who gave his son for sinners, Christ our only righteousness invokes me to say when you get to heaven, believing nobody is gonna be singing a song that you keep the 10 commandment buys me singing a song about how many times you came to church or how much money you put offered later whether you sang in the choir. Not that song not going to exist and have only song is going exist is how Jesus gave his life so people like you and me could be justified. So that's a song we want to be singing here because that's the song were going to be singing for eternity and I hope you leave your same while pretty incredible God's going for us, it's about serving with our lives for Jesus, thanks for talking to us today, reminding us of what this incredible concept is what this word means justification and how central it is to everything that you've done for us in Christ the Lord. As I said help us turn it in the license but help us turn it into humble service of our lives. Given with everything we are and everything we have to the Lord Jesus. Father, we ask you we ask you to change our hearts and our lives because we were here today and we learned with this word meant, and what you've done for us encourages every single day that no matter what else is wrong with justified and use that as a source of joy in our lives. We pray this in Jesus name a

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