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FRI HR 2 020422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 5, 2022 12:26 am

FRI HR 2 020422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 5, 2022 12:26 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR right were back in John, go ahead and comment on on that and then were going to go to this clip to show you about what's going on there. Some are brothers and sisters in Canada.

They have got the deep state scared beside themselves and appraise the good Lord for these people. In fact, here well I'll tell you after we play the clip go with John and Ernie we know about the will know about how, but we don't know about all of Dr. Collins and Colin Connor worked on the radar workout was above the radar Collins kingpin claim to be a believer in the Lord and she's likely what he didn't need a believer of the Lord, I believe normal.

Anyway, he went out preaching the vaccine and that it was safe and that it wasn't good communist Chinese plot against Boston and all of that anyone that the church is any influence a lot of people.

The article doesn't say the influence I really would've been interested in what what church people. He was influenced the but here it was so bad about this. No one vetted him.

Apparently, and he could fit on a believer in Jesus Christ and all the characters in media. Christian media was fawning over him, and let me just read a paragraph you to let you know what the people brought the past the government of the church and only defendant experimentation not obtained by abortion is also directed record level spending 20 among the priorities of the NIMH was funded on the Collins University of Pittsburgh experiments that involved grafting infants galloped onto the lab rats, as well as projected projects that relied on harvestable organs of aborted full-term baby. Some doctors that even though charged Collins with giving money to research that recall that it required extracting kidneys universes and bladder from living infants and Ernie let it go in this day in a anybody can really go on Google and other search engines and to know a quick search on this guy and they would come up with all and no one bothered to do and had a free reign. Now I don't think it was he was going to church put your stress. I finally was a characters entertainment centers. The impure mega entertainment centers where they would actually have ever set up with a week they were giving the poison out to people there. They were they were given the poison out the people there and vomited to a I wide I sure don't want to be in the shoes of any of those pastors of those churches that were encouraging people to take the poison well they brought the Dublin and how many of the past events will only people in the current sure. Many died already legally going over going to see this continue because that's got it hotting and every month it weakens the immune system weakens that it weakens it so over.

Time the people of the packing faded developing immune system slightly crazy and that have the immune system health or dying of old sort of thing they will blame it on the best shot coming in behind it let you know John, we had a number of people on from the frontline doctors and they were talking about how they got three different types of their so-called what is a placebo is nothing the saline the other is is is the dead chaplain. There's one it's very very highly highly poisonous and for these people there telling for these politicians and their for the most part do you see her standing up on on their taking the shot. Most of them don't need are getting the placebo.

They're not getting the real shot. I I remember hearing of an administrator of the hospital saying that I I trust that I hope that my my staff thinks enough of me that they didn't give me the real the real thing. The real that they gave me that another way she was saying that she is hoping that her staff thought enough of her to give her the placebo not the real poison. So there you go, where going to take a look now.

John had to with happening in Canada so interesting today because the deep state in Canada are really worried and now you have you had the Gestapo that are threatening the military there. You've got that that little that cowardly little illegitimate child of Fidel Castro of their hiding and that's a Mr. Trego hiding someplace and you know he wants to come out.

He wants to totally eliminate Christianity. He wants to make Christianity crime in Canada but anyhow he he's threatening these truckers but he's hiding someplace and he says the Gestapo and I watch and listen to this Gestapo agents is there. There, in a dress like like jackbooted thugs and hear these truckers didn't back down at all in these truckers stood their ground. With Gestapo coming to threaten them, so keep the truckers in prayer and I and you cut John Muir president of account for Christ's national you are a former cop tell the folks at their my opinion those police officers that know the difference that will betray their countrymen, they will betray them just for promotion of a power. Their dirty cops and there are no good in their cowardly and they need to repent of that they need to get on the knees and and prayed and asked God to forgive him of that and stand out, and then be men and obey God and not a corrupt, totally corrupt government like they have there in here so let's let's go to the clip to the Canadian trucker convoy started as a protest and now it's practically brought the entire Canadian government to its knees. Tyrants in Ottawa are coming unglued is not the heat protests they just hit the wrong kind of protest from the wrong people they love it when you get to unleash writers and criminal domestic terrorists on the middle class ecstasy when they see mobs burning down police stations or lighting churches on fires or looting retailers are destroying century-old works of art, but getting your semi truck and drive to your capital and call for the repeal of cold restrictions. It's the end of the freaking world trucker protest is now gone on for a week and Canadian police are openly talking about calling in the military to crush these protesters shutting down streets, making wild threats to arrest people try to drive a convoy out of the city, but instead more cars and trucks are arriving every day and so they're getting more aggressive in Parliament. Canada's pathetic fake conservative party throughout their leader for evening meeting with the truckers. The press is calling for the protest movement to be crushed like a military uprising Is in on it to go fund me is trying to block over $10 million in fundraising from going to these truckers the Royal Canadian mounted police sent a representative of the crown to meet with these truckers in your receipt.

Something looks like working something that reminds us of a horrific movie or a re-creation of genocidal events in our world history look right now our communication to you is decision is made to open up the highway to understand that the reason that you're here talking shut down know that but I would have to become open to the plan now is to let everybody to take the next step. That being trucks and start moving on your own. If were not able to facilitate that will be going through a lot of the people associated to nursing worst thing for you guys and stand up and truck see how ground because of do so by charging us so soon. The message was this time to move. You're invited to come and move on your own and you're invited to stand with us is as takes place won't be taking place. The other officers that are moving into position.

No going to start taking enforcement action@so if you are of the mind that you will be placed under arrest in your proxies, that sort of thing.

I guess the next best thing is clear and present yourself for your property to the crown walk outside and present yourselves to be carted off in mass to a Copan concentration camp and locked up the threat of physical force with weapons and the use of law enforcement and military assets to squash these people and their God-given rights is imminent. This isn't a movie.

This is real but still protests are spreading.

Thank God, in Alberta, protesters have spent five days clogging up the border crossing inputs. One of the busiest freight crossings along the entire 2000 mile border and RCMP have swamped and to harass those truckers and forcibly remove their vehicles and course, as all of this has been going on the familiar light has been pulled yet again. The Canadian leaders and propaganda's claim that these convoys and that these blockades are the work of Vladimir Putin.

Of course, the world's boogie man behind, literally everything for these people. Of course this isn't prudent at all. This is ordinary men and women making a difference having their voices heard and bringing the system to its knees. That's exactly what you eat hate them so much they hate it when real people have a voice.

Bonnie and Kendell yard herbal truckers in Ottawa and thank you both for coming. Thank you for having asked.

Thank you so much.

So you Russian assets deployed by Vladimir Putin to destroy and take down the Canadian government and terrible democracy altogether to install fascism and socialism and communism into Canada. Is that what you represent a really talented I there representing us like the truckers I and that protesters are). I am presenting it like that but there's nothing right back here at all. In fact outweigh the most peaceful.

I gathering that we have ever seen and so patriotic we've never seen so many Canadian flags and smiles and people dancing in the streets. I the I leading to this being a fastball of heat and there is nothing but my van on the streets and career criminal home invading phone call George Floyd, who held a loaded firearm to the abdomen of the pregnant woman from the blow.

The unborn child out of her back so he appeared on websites all over the place in pornographic films, 70 who distributed math and fentanyl as a life choice let something like that.I am a fentanyl overdose on the streets of Minneapolis in the supervision of a cop or the jury completely got wrong and they will ship and bricks for you to destroy the government will accommodate you and watch you while you earn and looting and rape and pillage and violently tear apart cities causing $12 billion in damage over a three-month period of time and you will do it with impunity.

DC was happening here think this is absolutely the ushering in of lawlessness and lawlessness. The absence of rule of law is the number one pivotal ingredient in the successful recipe for totalitarianism.

That's what they want. Here, you agree that what we see here is that you know exactly the opposite of the rights that we saw on the states last year, we see the protesters here and cities not providing garbage cans for the truckers are actually hanging out their own garbage bags collecting the garbage, the cities not clearing the sidewalks. Some elderly people were having some struggle getting around so all the truckers got out the shovels and they shoveled off the sidewalks themselves. This is the cleanest event, let alone protest whatever July 1 and he thinks this is the cleanest event that we've ever been that and this is the most love I've seen in a large group of people since I went to a Jesus festival 25 and what could happen. I mean, what is the end result. These RCMP representatives are saying that the military is gearing up to come in and squash.

You guys what what to do. Are you gonna run in fear or you can hold your ground over knocking around and in fear and I sent a message to the chief of police, and I asked him to please not put bringing that the military against patriotic peaceful Canadians who are just trying to have their voices heard and you know people are upset at the noise that's Taking Pl. in Ottawa will we've been trying to contact our representatives and get the government to listen to us for 21 months now and we can even get a return phone call or a return email so really this is a result of their lack of response to us that we had no choice but to come here and this isn't just an Ottawa protest. There are convoys happening this Saturday.

Actually this week, but this Saturday all across this country in support of what's Taken Pl. in Ottawa. This $10 million that's being reviewed by go fund me. This was meant to provide diesel fuel and necessary supplies that the truckers need to survive in cold weather as I Was happening. If there are these resources now being blocked from truckers we heard there were blocked and they were talking about releasing them. Now this thing the block and the way the media is portraying it that that's America someone in America. Funding this protest go fund me as an American company that Canadians use that company all the time and it's Canadians.

Maybe there are Americans giving interest, but there are Canadians that are getting into that money that the news is think it's an American funded protest media doesn't want to talk about the Soros funded militia of the Soros funded Army that's taking place down the Rio Grande right now that's physically invading our country here why they don't want to talk about the Soros funded militants that infiltrate events like 6 January. Here were a bunch of peaceful protesters gathered at our capital in objection to the fraudulent certification of state selectors in a stolen election during a Marxist coup d'état to usher in the communism that we are seeing now say Stu are you so stuck on covert now you're telling me that people in Ottawa are saying were tired of the noise. This is just forcing us down our throat relentlessly until we just buckle and accept this and you are the symbolic real presence that is saying no were not going to accept this. This is the unified noncompliance that we been talking here Chris guy in your country has been talking about unified noncompliance for a long time and it doesn't get any more unified then over 50,000 truckers from the United States coming there to help you and from all over the place. I my belief that if the continents were connected have been here from countries worldwide and Shirley right there talking about Thai counter protesters coming into the city this weekend so I there is the potential have them coming and I don't know if these are paid actors, or if these are people with real concerns back to their thing on the counter protesters are turning into the city this weekend and what would the counter protest be no we want a lifetime of medical tyranny.

We want to be shut down and locked on forever. We want smiles removed from the daily lives of our children as they wear oxygen inhibiting bacteria infested masks that don't stop the spread of the fark, much less a virus. What is it that you could possibly be protesting against. Of course there paid or paid by the government are paid by Trudeau and Soros and the likes of the Communists here that work for the biting regime which is Obama's third term. So you not going anywhere. What about the physical supplies. I know we talked about the money being shut off or maybe not reviewed. Who knows, but what about diesel fuel.

Are you guys getting food and water.

Are you getting the things that you need. Well, when the when it was announced that the police were blocking their pickup trucks with these big fuel tanks in the back to them drive to the transports to refuel and when that is city made a decision that they're not let those fuel trucks in anymore. We put a call out as did many others to the residents of Ontario MP paragraph Ottawa, and I am surrounding areas and people are coming from far and wide with Jerry cans.

These are the sort we call them in Canada little chunks of diesel and there walking past the police blockades and their carrying it to the truckers themselves. You talk to these cops. Yes, we went out to wine yesterday and is it true that you are told to not allow these fuel trucks. I see you in to help and they truckers to feel the trucks and he said yes and I said you earn. You should let them know that they're putting truckers and their families at risk either truckers that some of them have their wives and even their children sleeping in their tracks cell and it is very cold here so we said please let them know that there that this is a high risk of having children and and mothers to call the cops. If you just said that's above my pay grade. Yeah, I'm just following orders. You see the orders right where have we heard that before. History is bound to repeat itself, and unless there is a strong resistance and I mean strong resistance.

This tyranny will overtake us if we let it, and we cannot. These are the times right now that we were born for God is doing things right now in this world. This is a war of good versus evil, and those cops that are allowing us that enforcing a center just following orders will be tried to the world is watching. They need to be indicted, tried, and fried if they were any part of this at all whatsoever can embody. Thank you so much for praying for you got about 30 seconds left her final words.

Thank you lever down here centigram prayer track with the convoy, grasping all of Canada. If you cannot make it then GUI convoy in your local city in support decorate your vehicle into a convoy land. Yet the premier's house or at the office and the legislature call where everything is in support of combat freedom convoy 2022. We love you already take me back.

I am back you back okay already there with you. We go right John and John are you there okay here with the cuffs of Dunning and the Toronto their Québec whatever they of they can't get the towing companies. They told the towing company to start towing their trucks away and they're refusing towing companies in Alberta, Canada report refused to request for the Royal can Canadian mounted police to assist removal of the trucks from Kutch port of entry on the north side of the Alberta Montana border. You know those those toy companies there that are no if they they start towing is trucks than they're going to be delivered be called on again. The truckers will not call them when it comes to when they need a tow. Ed Martens from egg to the card transport who also offers towing services told the Western standard.

We are here with our trucks at the blockade, but we are participating in our full support of the truckers when the largest toy companies in the area already said that they don't want to get involved authority, searching for tow truck companies to assist removal of trucks from because water blockade are coming up empty-handed.

The Western standard spoke with a number of of tow truck companies and southern Alberta including Calgary Alyssa bridge and Medicine Hat's goes on and they can't find their big they're going all over trying to find to praise the good Lord don't you wish that these cops that were out there head is much integrity as the truck drivers for the tow truck budget was that they're not it. I would be ashamed if I knew one of those cops so they took part of that I would. I would this fellowship with them that I would tell you know.

From here on out. I'm so ashamed of you. I don't want have anything more to do with you what you guys think Ernie festival and a small percentage of the population.

These truckers have been backing and there should be pastors out there with movement churches out there with them, then all sorts of other people like you just said the towing companies are not going to support the government so that means that they paralyzed in the society back truckers does the government will collapse civilian they will be crushed and that there be no hope for learning that I would like the lab the listing that you does an evil little antichrist. He wants to he literally wants to do everything he can to delete made it clear he wants to try to eliminate and make Christianity Canada illegal that little that little weasel is hiding someplace right now and I remember years and years ago will how they would talk about. Well, there was a little, and there is about his mother having an affair with Fidel Castro and you know they been talking about that for years about him being the illegitimate child and I remember listening to 11 newscast with her and she was just talking about how what a wonder she has spent time with Fidel. What a wonderful, wonderful man.

He was having just went into try to think of the words sometimes see is what will work with was gay but anyhow there you go and you can say why he's yeah yeah you tomorrow communist China because the having a dictator allows him to turn quickly to make decisions regarding their economies so you know he's a commie sympathizer lover and the other thing is that go fund me as soon $9 million and they said the reason was they have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration is become occupation with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity. So what they're going to do. They $1 million was released to the gift of the truckers ready but this is a quote. No further funds will be directly distributed to their freedom. Convoy organizers, we will work with organizers to send all remaining funds to credible and established charities verified by go fund me my opinion faster. I think go fund me has done similar things with monies before, I don't think anyone should ever use go fund me again because there are alternatives and there is one called C camp in the name of it but there are alternatives to go fund me in that company should get our business already. The other one is Facebook, people should get out you know people you send me things I will think I will go there on Facebook. I will go there because of what they've done and and here you know they've taken a big a big hit every sense is Zuckerberg in ahead admitted that he took part in the try to overthrow the election rigging the election and so they've taken a big hit and Facebook is right now. They've lost billions was about $37 billion, but the folks don't send me anything on Facebook because you know I can't be known. Call me do anything with Facebook is fake. There there antichrist and the you should be using their there there your enemy of your Christian Facebook is your enemy.

Okay, now you know what he was talking about here about evidence indicates false flag terror operation to be staged in auto law and they're saying that the CIA's Mockingbird media is a part of this lovely images which you if there's one thing that scares the Jesus of the New World order globalist Cabell. It's people power. Nothing frightens the likely spontaneous upwelling of net of raw uncontrollable outrage. Nothing any mass protest are truly organically grown grassroots driven in other typically people power and sends the power elite into sheer panic. That's why to do is hiding which is exactly why his masters just said globalist pup adjusted to do in the hiding with an obviously false coven alarm so when then all the powers that be do when candidates also freed up Freeman freedom convoy. Well, what would anyone expect the New World order cabal to do is a largest truck convoy in the world. They say they're up to 70,000 trucks now in the world history completely surrounded any major capital city and then brought the greater metro area to a complete standstill via total truck imposed gridlock in others the same fellows. If you bought it. A truck brought it if you bought it. A truck brought it and you know what you know II would for these cops ended, but especially they, the corrupt politicians those in Canada but up but and and for those cops that are betraying their fellow countrymen and not doing the right thing, I would.

I would hope to the that the empty store shelves would hit them. First, because they deserve it goes on to say, so what then all the powers that be do Canada is also freedom convoy will what would anyone expect the New World order cabal to do the largest truck convoy in the world history. Again, I just read that.

In other words, we would do whatever they think they need to do quickly bust up the Canadian trucker protest because they they don't. The cabal knows they will soon be facing a worldwide domino effect is truckers across the planet full of copycat protest wherever there is an 18 wheeler semi big rig given. Now here foot guys there planning on doing this here this this spring or the summer there planning on Avenue bigger and surrounding Washington DC district and crime and corruption what you think. Yeah, go for.

I like to go along and drugging her from 22 yeah, you may both locate one very good.

You can get a lot of good spinoff of what the only thing you gotta be really careful because the FBI now are experts at infiltrating and then having age of provocateurs and their and you know I have trucker go trucker go crazy and not in a RAM card is that the other. That's the real problem with the daily government is natural for them to do what I can describe. That's just part of the party FBI now and I know I little little. The phone lines here and take calls in a minute. But before we do that I just could hit you guys a couple things. Chuck is showing now is warning about dark money.

I mean Chuck.

He knows a lot about dark money Doty fellows and the girls, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is going south financially.

Zuckerberg is a and people are dropping this like courage people to get off Facebook here. Remember what we told everybody about two years ago we told everybody that they select on the facemask were worthless they were worthless.

The lockdowns would do a lot more damage than good.

They were hurting business.

This was about control. It was about control. It was about control. You had this you walk into the stores. I was so amazed at how quickly people bought into this and this shows you how gullible this just shows you how gullible the American people can be.

They fell for this stuff hook line and sinker. Still, even though he going to the post office or some of the stores they do little spots on the floor for you to stand.

These people are false, therefore old the absolute fools is just an amazing thing that they have fallen for this stuff so quickly so easily so gullible within him that and then here you got nasty Pelosi nasty Pelosi's is telling people going to China for the Olympics then told don't say anything about them don't.

They're the ruthless no matter know it would take a duty, it is no telling don't say. In other words, Nancy's Chinese or fellow Chinese communist death is fellow communist Attila Nancy you make sure that these people don't say anything bad about about what they see here in about Celeste is doing that you don't want her.

She's doing exactly what her economy, their fellow communist her telling her to do then let me see here. 01 other thing very quickly if I take a call.

Mike pence is still trying to justify his out again, trying to justify his lack of courage and failure to decertify the bogus election of 2020. He has a complete and total truck is absolutely right when he has a right to the rest of the that's why they're trying to change that law now so that the vice president can't don't have the right to do what he supposed to do is like everything the death of Krantz is so corrupt there's nothing nothing about the Democrats. That is not correct nothing. There's a bit I really do believe that there is not one that one death or credit Congress does not correct) we have.

I know Cliff will probably be diverse would and then we have okay we got to judge their into John's ear will okay let me go illegal to macro equipment here and there may think it's real simple. I would partner a fellow worker and conservative and everything in motorcycle clubs and the nondemocratic met with a brain I'm going basically pragmatically based on the sidewalk. We got a stamp real good way to get there thinking the government of the people by the people for the people and we pay them people at medical truck to thank Dr. expect. Why should we we pay them the money that we pay and try to take our money going to let the rice we pay people to bring you the right and unfortunately we know the pitiful thing of it is is all these Republicans and is supposed to be standing with this they fall right in the line just like with the Russia Russia Russia. The Republicans now are China China China. When I pump about the Republican national party. I had a big night on their back on drop dead my support know and practice) for Mark. Mark 929 and Luke 18 18 I'm planet I'm praying again for getting Pelosi and Biden fail to get dropdead good, but they are the enemy. You have a good night panther and a plan for you toothaches necklace go. Okay, let's go to our third cohost John R Cliff Cliff during their hi guys, you know I had a question for job but you are one of the 50 Democrats from Mexico that the reporting vaccine a week ago Luana block sets limits plaintiff had brain surgery 49 years old, but I was thinking back to video on YouTube. Blood perspectives on the pandemic blood clots in the on and Dr. Santos from Charmin. He said that what happened to Sissy's bike proteins failed to get in the faints of the brain and besides the possibility of the blood clots you have little interest sites rushing and because the bike proteins to make way and if killer lymphocytes great blood vessel for the thing looks like similar to a two minute and out bicycle to you have it on to the tire where you get bubbles out and he said you know this is happening because of like you know most people get that shaking like the nurses without legs would start and stop except that from this squabbling of the vassals, but he said that each time you take those for this stuff that the immune system or a member of that process and the killer lymphocytes Russian at a faster speed much faster speed. He said it amplifies and reinforces this process and naturally have a much greater chance of stroke each time Beulah take. We have the whole board look closely you can have this to you?

The question you go ahead John was looking at acts chapter 5 3100. Forgiveness and you know that Max's Jesus and Prince Micah 78 feet, 718 where it says the Lord will Be Sent All the Positive, but If You're Trying to Say These Electronic and at the Repenting and so Forth.

It's Difficult to Just Stop Cold Turkey and Then He Might Feel Guilty and Go Back into a What What Would You Say That Well You You You Talking about the Problem of Alcohol Was Not the Way I Treat That like Go to the Burning A Lot Of Feedback Okay I Don't Know Was Was Going on There with the Feedback, but It Might Be That It Might Become from His Line Probably Had You Have Your Radio on John. You Go Ahead."

Alcohol Testing 1234 Okay That's about Alkyl Symptom and I Look You Want a Ministry to People See You Could Have like a Broken Heart and They Might Be Using Alcohol or Drugs Anything Addictive like That to Kind of Self Medicate. So It's Not Necessarily Alcohol It's Wine a Good Person Get into Their Addicted and Have This Problem with Alcohol. So I Looked for a Broken Heart and Then to Minister Because Jesus Said in Luke 418 He Sent Me to Heal the Brokenhearted, so That's Where You Start and Then You See If There's a Unemotional: the Some Sort of a Wound That the Person Suffering from Alcohol Is That When They Started with It to Self Medicate Right Very Good. Let's Go to John January near Low Hello Urinary. Go Ahead.

Yes, I Think I Great Work. Please, Please, Check out God up a Couple of Crazies Because It Shows That the Deviousness and the Deception of God and Each State and the Media Are Really Plotting Some Evil Love a False Flag Plan and They Have a Precedent Back in the Early 60s. It Was Called Operation Northwoods. Please Look up Operation Northwoods and Also Glad I/O Crimes of the US Empire.

Glad I/O Crimes of the US Empire Because This Is Totally Vetted and Was Leaked by One of the Highest Whistleblower against the Deep State of Connecticut. Our National Security Agency. The NFA District Were CIA and That He Really Lived among the Incredible Evil Crimes of the Deep State Which Is Not Communist or Leftist. The Plots of the State to State like terrorist attack against the American citizens involving shootings and bombings against American citizens mass murder be blamed falsely on Cuba as a pretext to invade Cuba full-scale and all I don't overthrow the government and one of the released documents and that guy operation Northwoods looking up people was how they read they smugly could rely on the United States. Operation Mockingbird media to enslave all who are always a big nation against Cuba and drag the United States into full full-scale war, and it involved killing mass murdering American citizen. He called it off.

He was shot by and he exiled the Pentagon orchestrator is potential orchestration of this false flag attack against the American all right John, you know what John, you know you Kennedy tried to get rid of the CIA.

He was partly what he wanted and he made that known. And I think that's within the way he ended up getting killed when he made major reasons I gotta move on the go ahead, give me the next John hey guys I'm so grateful to provide for you guys taking on this trucker convoy ceiling and showing it to the public.

My questionnaires calculate finance them because go by me is not working either blocking the money it's getting clogged up you have any other suggestions probably get money to them.

Yes yes panther, and I found it in this article as a Christian funding source called give send and I tried to reach it from Google and I couldn't get there. It's in the gateway timed out. Malcolm's bearers so I want to… Go and you can get to give send go and I am they have said that they will take their funding and handle it properly and distribute it for them. So anybody should abandon the fund be and use give send go. I think they will do that I think were going to send some to the truckers that's fabulous. Thank you guys for that because consignment down there and I'm about 100, but I do know all right thank you very much and I need to learn to nuzzle more time tonight, for we know that the pastor Walter Moss will be our preacher this coming Sunday at the 6 PM Sunday service season. Evan pro-life and works with the black for life aunties is going to be out there well preaching and he always has a good message she's going to put out the booklet showing you how the black black children have been targeted and how these liberals are just making so much money off the blood of innocent black children. All right, you know, really, really, to exposes the death of credit Communist Party for corruption and typography already. When we have next like you're in the air go-ahead in Florida yet. Thank you very much. I look forward to gagging down the million man march into working NDT not been getting… Maybe, but I'll need it should start button sign and put anything they can do to thank God think they tell me all so I hope people start doing things like that and praise God for the truckers to let you know. Like a lot of people are. There is a lot of those you see bumper stickers and signs I'm seeing more and more signs in cars and trucks and talk about repent or perish in let out and allowed pro-American standup stand against the deep state the dark state simply anyhow and a guide to people of the sender may stick on go Brander go Brandon stickers there all right with things that we have next Ryan you're in there from Michigan. I want to lie like that could be played in the price you distort bonded whatever I thought I would start using that phrase for everything store started government towards bonded police correspondence might put you on the right foot. You know it's like, what is the source funded everything starts from the governor we have young women believe that he is we've been telling people for years. John returned and you know you been with me for at least the last 10 years we've been telling people how sources buying these these prosecutors he's buying these attorney generals will call prosecutors. We called prostitute or's and their their corrupt. He said you know he's going on. He's looking for some of the most corrupt people will do anything for money so their very souls and they have and sorrows knows how to find any.

He sends his people out what a shopping list go out and find the line the most corrupt people you can find, and he does a good description*300 described that way every country in my own mind going through with your hundred percent on that. I heard the click to about parent so person like Benedict Arnold of the century, well he's finding out that that he had anyone make a run for president needs a set out all kinds of mailings and then he's not getting a very good response. From now on healed he will be known as the one thing he'll be known for. From now on is that when they had when he had the chat chance to do the right thing. He failed driver record). Currently, what you're currently never in a room with them like you're wearing your Democrat. You are great striping birthright driving by determined Arthur to be destroyed from recurring billing, I hear you. I gotta move them if they succumbed: John, John, you get three minutes. Can you give a attorney can you give a limitation in three minutes. Okay.

Turning the Bible says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life, and for years will be in sharing the gospel here on past registry from the very beginning you were only sharing the gospel. Now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation. God has provided. On our way to have eternal life within what is waiting for us eternal equipment. We got to do it God's way. It's not what we do and the chemical good works that something we do in connection with celebration salvation look at it like God is the government and the government has laws like here in his law is the wages of sin is that is holding is beyond the can even look at onset that is holy, but he loves us so.

The way he greeted his holiness so that we could come to Manaus without sin with Jesus is the only begotten son. He was with all the core eternity he came out of love lived amongst us. We have the record of his life in the Bible and the Gospels and on the cross, when he was dying on the cross. God placed our sin on him and his righteousness, so that we turn to Jesus Christ as our Savior. We repent. Repentance has to take place. That's an act of the will and when we confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior that he died on the cross and shed his blood that that transfer takes place without that transfer left Jesus Christ without repentance in Jesus Christ the Lord Satan. You will have to appear to be poor before God is holy, you have to appear before him an answer for you sent which the wages of sin is that this is serious focus what we share here at the end. Is there any is mentioned lately all the people at the nose passed away they went to heaven because Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

That's the only way when you go to heaven when you look at the Bible and the book of Revelation chapter 5 verse nine, the justices of the Lord than usual for you were slain and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every tribe and language and people and nation. Heaven is full of people to whosoever is believing in and they were there because they believe Jesus died for them and shed his blood and anyone anywhere. God is no respecter of persons, respects, that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall work right at time… That was a very good invitation. I want to thank both you fellas for being here with us tonight and all the folks at their self until tomorrow.

Good night God bless and always, always listed fellas K my day fight like. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right to left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL not on next time for meditation was right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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