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Impacting the World for Christ Through Business

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 4, 2022 5:00 am

Impacting the World for Christ Through Business

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 4, 2022 5:00 am

Stu interviews Dr. David Brat, Dean of Liberty University School of Business and an entrepreneur and theologian who loves Jesus.

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The cuticle of the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to mount up challenging men step into their true manhood.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network he's an entrepreneur he's a theologian. He loves Jesus and he is not afraid to engage in public policy to speak the truth in love, in the public spectrum even in politics is Dr. David Brett. He's the Dean of the school of business at liberty University and a friend of mine for for many years.

Dr. Brett good to see you and good to be your officer while Dr. Stu glad to have you any time you're a force of nature could have that much energy coming up and down the stairway. Well, thank you will, but look at it. A force is right here looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains. You got an office you're looking as beautiful campus. There's the liberty targeted to tell us where we are tells what significant about what happens in this building a particular and then on the greater level of his campus. Well, unfortunately.

I hate to tell you. In my experience this is one of the few bastions in universities of higher thought that still engaged in both the life of the mind and takes seriously the Judeo-Christian tradition in the Christian faith and it's very unfortunate I could name names of my brothers and sisters. Other schools and they're just fading largely due to the almighty dollar that appears to rule everything but what happens in this place as we train our students in the faith. First gods. The first principle, and then after that I cannot teaching economics right. I just talked for an hour on I there is no god of the gaps at liberty. I said that explained to me how what anything you want in Western sieve is related to economics in the Judeo-Christian tradition and I said, by the way everything that is Western sieve has been dictated by the Christian tradition, so it's not like there's some gaps that Christianity explained we explain the whole picture right take the Judeo-Christian tradition along with the Greeks you put those two together for 2000 years.

We had a good run and now the Marxists are giving us a run, so it's time to fight in a loving way. Time to wake up in a low culture.

Dr. Bratt, can you talk about how somewhere down there along the line of believers were were Renaissance men like you they they were they were leaders in science are leaders in mathematics. Police Pascal leaders in business and somehow we've relegated out in the education system is gone, socialist communist. This is a really evil in their kind of almost propaganda brainstorm and arced our kids are only not here liberty but talk about that great divorce is happening how you're trying to bring that back. How important is spiritually thinking frame where they can send their kids to know to be trained well. My mind is always economics. I just got done talking about it, but roughly speaking, I think it happened when God blessed us with incredible wealth which I love right and so 1776. It's a hockey stick got the world history is poor subsistence living agriculture for the whole world. Every country while in 1800 boom straight up to the roof and now we become rich and individualism has taken over right and so you look at like the biblical principles God wants us to individually work hard. I think God wants a decentralized government to separate the powers etc. it's all about those moves were great and were biblically driven, but now I think got were leaving God in the rearview mirror as a culture and now it's all about me me me and my in economics my utility my happiness right and that's not the biblical thing you there's nothing wrong with you being happy but when you wake up in the morning should be looking upstairs and then that God and then you should be looking at your neighbor cadet at command wanted to and so it's straightforward. I gods blessed us with every riches you could imagine that were not using it for the kingdom you're trying to equip young men and women of God.

Here liberty in your school business to literally go out and be arrows of righteousness to lead people to Jesus through commerce your your pouring in of these African leaders got a big event coming up a big global so you do not going talk about how God's word. The gospel will spread through commerce marketplace Friday for they was Franklin Graham said one of the greatest mission fields in the world in the in the in the current times in the future is is the marketplace you well everybody abstracts right dire our trinities off, I think, in my view are Christology's off for Jesus had a unique ministry.

None of us are called to that, that his life and we forget he was a carpenter for the first 30 years, the Jews are just incredibly powerful witnesses to the their significance in the business community.

The Nobel prizes in the economics said that relate to economics in our life down here on the earth for.

God put us Milton Friedman's one of my favorite right, Nobel Prize economics, Best economist by the last hundred years and so what yet what were called to do our work in our professions and our calling minds economics about were calling people from all over the world.

We had a few billionaires from Nigeria with us. One of the biggest BMW dealer in Nigeria, where it is of the letters I get emails all times in the early feet. These are the real billionaires. I know these are Christian and that he's he said to us. He said I've been to Harvard. I'm in the Stanford amended I never seen anything like this he said is that this is the only place the egos are in check everyone's looking out for someone else other than themselves. Not everybody just Sal and everyone's trying to build up the kingdom together and it was fun.

All the CEOs were like in shock because their share in the faith of Each other on the shoulder hit each other, you know, just have fun and I never been to a summit like this in the I never design one like that. God took that thing over right, I had no idea I was just bringing great positive Christians together and they know what to do if you put smart people in the room to figure it out and it they figured it out so that we can do it again and everybody's coming back. They all said I can't wait was the best website folks folks learn more about these global summits and also with what you're doing here is school of business at liberty yet the website we got come. It just might save the date next CEO Summit is for October 5-7 and if you got CEOs or pastors with the CEO. You want to come together as a joint ticket that's a nice way to do it.

Just email me is the voice of Dean Bratt, Dr. David Brown who is the Dean of business school business, which by the way, this is an impressive building here in Lynchburg on the campus of Liberty University beautiful campus and what is need to see there's a kingdom component to this know what's creeping into our schools and Sally and your churches. Is this communist of the invasion which is an anti-God and atheistic worldview. You alluded to Marxism earlier, can you talk about the damages I mean always a 25 years ago Venezuela was the fourth wealthiest country in the world today 96% of Venezuelans are below the poverty level. Kids are started up there in and very there though of the person to destroy that country. Hugo Chavez is basically in control of America or any of his people to worship the sand the ground he walks on the our leadership currently in America there are all into him like this is not where they want take our country and what is a Christian to do yellow.

I'm glad you threw in them that the Marxist peace first is the modern mind. Most Christians have a decent positive disposition they have. They want to believe that human nature is basically good even though it's not just that get the basics straight that right it's not. And so it's not about personalities like Venezuela or whatever it Marxism right it is it is a topical system rejects ideas right so Plato, the Republic greatest philosophical book probably was.

He point out that the realm of form just through reason alone, and the ascent of the soul. And of course Augustine in our tradition not been copied from Plato and all the Western said they shared that, of course, ideas exist it's a search for truth and knowledge in that led to the building of the greatest institutions you can imagine, it led to the Constitution which was written by James Madison who went to Princeton seminary, where I went out. That's my breaking my love that went right in and Adam Smith. Just like when it happens to be a Scott at three in the enlightenment of the Scottish Reformation and Enlightenment in Scotland and these things are not accidents marks is a reaction against them.

God does not exist. Human rights do not exist and ideas do not exist and ethics does not exist so marks the great Jewish prophet railing that the rich are evil and the workers are morally good. How do you make a claim for morally good when you don't have a morality and we've let him off the hook entirely right. The modern mind should Satan know you don't get to proceed. Another sentence until you make sense but we've gotten lazy and were doing to me me me and shop and and I'm as guilty as anybody right at it that we need to get back to first principles and it it's a I hate it's a spiritual war we all know that but it's a fight now and it's not you, not to just wake up and be passive anymore.

It's that it's time to take action and I know there are crony capitalist. Another agreed mongering Kabbalist would have done bad things letters on Wall Street are political or corporate America, but there's also a biblical tone to capitalism believers in capitalism have done a whole Lotta good for a lot of people illogically yellow Hobby lobby all what you know your teaching here at liberty University closes with the challenge of two business owners how the how to redeem the land, how to be a witness for Christ all light in the workplace in the marketplace yet well all of human history is fallen, answer the left likes looking at our greedy capitalists but they don't want to look at greedy communists and should you paying right now is unit having the. The encoded games coming up, and they have a breakout all over the place and in the Soviet Union.

No one wants to look at the agreed there. The Russian oligarchs etc. they only want to point the moral finger because her, shaking her hand at God and God's country, Israel and the United States have always been the new Jerusalem. So the left shaken their hand and use Marxist tools to take it down and so my challenge to CEOs is to look above the bottom line which they are not the. The fortune 500 L right now unfortunately they probably have been raised with the right principles, but they weren't raised with a stiff backbone and history to judge them. God's going to judge them for their actions and that their very powerful people that need to step up and do the right thing right now so that's the call will suit looking to the Lord honoring God your business was a small business.

Pastors speaking the truth in love, to proclaim the word of God boldly standing up against these evils in the land not being afraid to tackle this and recognizing that what's communism and socialism promises and never delivers and it ends up then you know that they've been forced this moral agenda right on your throat and next thing you know you you your your to be in in jail for hate crimes right you know it it.I just I try to steer clear of the ideology I just point toward the data all the rich countries were originally in Western Europe and they're all largely Protestant France, Catholic France was the one exception that that sheer history right. That's where growth emerged.

That's where living standards went up. That's where life expectancy went up out of that got the US that's where human rights language came from. That's where the World Bank came from. That's where we made friends with Hitler. After World War II, which is a Christian undertaking. I know of no other country could imagine making friends with your archenemy Germany and Japan at all of this is due to the Christian tradition right and so I just look at our performance right in an women's emergence into the workforce the end of slavery. Now we pay 15 grand for every kid in K-12 education across all country and so it's time to perform, the resources are there every kid now has access to the word of God on a on their phone and to every lecture on the planet and every kid and this includes the middle and the rich.

There's no excuse anymore. It's time to be an entrepreneur take over Excel help others. Excel and that's what capitalism but if you help others Excel you will do well to others first. This serving is loving your neighbor as yourself, but he was first Dr. David Rath is hanging out with us in one starters in your kit is learned from guys like him. It godly Christian colleges like liver him up on the third floor business school. I have a open-door policy if you're ever at liberty campus pop on up.

Say hi to Brett Oswego cultures warriors are with us will get a fit. Let's get a quick selfie with the with it with a force of this ring is young kids with good future leaders right no there there gone. I can tell this is the Truth Network

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