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The People on the Road to the Cross, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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February 3, 2022 9:00 am

The People on the Road to the Cross, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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February 3, 2022 9:00 am

Jesus encountered a preoccupied man, a superficial man, a religious man, a guilty man, and a disciple along the way to the cross. Which one are you?


Today on Summit life with Judy Greer when you realize how simple you are all utterly worthy you are of judgment. You have no choice but to cut yourself down and complete surrender on God's mercy is everything is grace your pride and your independent claim over your life simply cannot coexist. Summit life pastor Judy Greer. As always, I'm your host Molly that events the cross, Jesus encountered a preoccupied man, superficial man, a religious man, a guilty man and a disciple along the road. Which one are you and more importantly, are you even on the road to begin with we desire every day. On this program to direct you toward the cross so we pray that you're not only seeing Jesus clearly, but also responding to him no matter which character you might resonate with the mouse. We are rejoining Pastor JD in the middle of the message we began yesterday, so grab your Bible and a pen and lifeless and and if he continues teaching in Luke chapter 23. If you would look out Harold story 11 then Herod with his soldiers treated Jesus with consent, mocked or dressed in bright clothing and sent him back to Pilate. That very day Herod and Pilate became friends previously say they been enemies when Jesus would not satisfy Pilate's curiosity where is curiosity which Jesus never will. By the way, for those who are seriously seeking them there is interest you sketch this turns into mockery. That is where this refusal to come clean always ends.

If you are not seriously seeking Jesus. If you have unconfessed sin.

You will find I don't care how much you know about the Bible you will find that you begin to mock those who seek Jesus.

Sincerely it is your guilty conscience that is fueling that mockery, you better be careful. Galatians says do not be deceived, God will not be mocked. If you do not do with your sin that can lead you to the most extreme hostility toward Jesus. That's why verse 12 says on that day Herod actually became best friends with Pilate. Previously they been enemies. Now their friends deadening the voice of your conscience ends up making you friends with Jesus's worst enemies lead, you will place you do not want to go and I'm to say and do it don't do it but 1/3 group in these verses, verse 10 skipped over this, the chief priests and the scribes stood by vehemently accusing him person of interest, number three, the chief priests will call them the religious but she priests were powerful people proud people.

Jesus insulted their pride, she Jesus had taught that these religious leaders, despite their lofty status was like there's either many degrees and many good works and perfect outward adornment they thought that they were no better than any other center. They were simple as the tax collectors and the thieves and the prostitutes and they need to be forgiven just like them say they spent their entire lives try to demonstrate that they were better they were made at a better stuff thereof.

The higher class they were endowed with greater wisdom and greater moral strength and they felt like by this point in their lives because they accomplished what they accomplished. They felt like they prove their point and they hated Jesus for insulting their pride and so they opposed it, not just a little.

They opposed him vehemently burst it vehemently, accusing their opposition to him was the strongest of any of the groups in this chapter.

Coming to Jesus requires a humility and a surrender that most people particularly proud religious people are unwilling to show and tell you right now. Churches today are full of cheap rates are hard to spot because their faithful church sometimes most faithful are often in leadership positions. They know every word, every song on positive and encouraging Caleb because they listen to it on repeat.

They frequently use the name of Jesus, but in the heart that never actually come to him and never reckoned with. How sinful in God's eyes. They are then excused away their sins is not that bad compared to others. They underestimate how sinful their sin is in God's eyes. Charles Spurgeon, the prince of preachers said to a room full of religious people every sin in its essence is a killing of God. Do you comprehend me every time you do what God would not have you do you do in effect as far as you can put God out of his throne.

You disowned the authority which belongs to his Godhead you do in a tent so far as you can kill God. That is the drift of sin. Sin is a God killing thing. Not that bad except for resenting God and attempting to kill him. No wonder Jonathan Edwards. The Puritans of the holy God that we have sent against is dreadfully provoked his wrath towards you. Burns like fire because of your sin.

He looks upon you is worthy of nothing else but to be cast into the fire. He is a purer eyes than the bear you in his sight because of your sin, you are 10,000 times as abominable in his eyes as the most hateful, venomous serpent is in ours friend.

It is only by the grace of God that any of us don't fall into hell this very moment the question is are you willing to admit that you and I are so corrupted with sin that attains everything. Imagine that you know somebody has the COBIT virus means everything I touch got me wipe down the chairs.

I sit in the doorknob. They touch even the air they breathe is contaminated. That's how we are to God but 10 billion times worse. By the way, if you think that's a little harsh. You think that basically you're a good person and got understand your chief priest listen when I asked most people what they think are going to heaven and I do that a lot almost always tell me about a bunch of things they do that make them better than the average person.

Well, break the law.

I'm a good person and I come to church and I try to be a good spouse and I give a little money. That's the answer of a cheap rates and you will oppose the true Jesus, and you will resent his rule over your life like what Billy Graham used to say that it's not people sins that usually send them to hell. It's their good works because the good works keep them from coming to Jesus for forgiveness of their sins.

That's why, in the South more difficult job is getting somebody lost once you get them lost given them save is pretty easy, but most difficult part of my job is getting people lost so that they know they need salvation now me like pray little prayer did the religious thing and you got that I'm talking about where you know that apart from the grace of God you were under judgment and you are worthy of it and you have no hope. Except for the grace of God that is expressed in Christ by the table secret. When you think you got some goodness that set you apart when your father inserts a time tomorrow you will resent God's absolute claim of your life. You want to negotiate with God. I got okay because I do this because a person could have been faithful church.

I expect you to bless my career, I expect you to heal me that you find me a spouse that you meant my kids are not like God doesn't do that. You resent him because you like. He's not living up his end of the bargain and he owes me. He owes I did all the stuff ramp widening you fulfill your part of the bargain. God but see when you realize how sinful you are all utterly worthy you are of judgment. You have no choice but to catch yourself down and complete surrender on God's mercy is everything is grace your pride and your independent claim over your life simply cannot coexist with Jesus.

That's why the chief priests vehemently oppose him like I always say every harvest thrown across right and you're on the throne of means. Jesus got me on the cross with Jesus throat you got me on the cross that what does it mean to be on the cross. It means to die to your pride and your worthiness. That cross is me. I'm recognizing that the cross is what I deserve. When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of richest gain I count but loss everything that I thought set me apart from others is his loss and I pour contempt on all my pride is I hate it. I think it's stupid to get preoccupied superficial got the religious was keep reading verse 13 pilot pilot called together the chief priests, the leaders of the people he said to them, you brought this man is one who misleads the people, but in fact, after examining him in your presence no grounds charges man with those things you accuse him of neither is Herod that he send back to us. Clearly he's done nothing to deserve that. Therefore, I have them lift and then release him, but they cried out together.

Take this man away release Barabbas on to us.

She Barabbas a bit during the prison for a rebellion that had taken place in the city and for murder personages number four is Barabbas was call him the guilty to try get himself out of this mess pilot turns toward an age old custom of letting one prisoner go for Passover and what he thinks is a stroke of genius. He offers them what he considers to be an easy choice, Barabbas, or Jesus you know I should've been no question.

Barabbas is indicated. Here was a truly bad dude.

He was guilty of domestic terrorism he had murdered fellow Jews, in fact, the irony is that of all people, the Jewish leaders should be the last ones to want Barabbas free because revolutionaries like Barabbas hated the religious leaders they thought the religious leaders are part of the problem that they were sellouts of their own people and they wanted to kill him.

This Barabbas was a genuine threat to the safety of the people and and he had been rightfully sentenced execution. So why, why choose Barabbas while, for one, Barabbas did not insult her pride and they could contain Barabbas that Tom Skinner was an African-American pastor in Harlem, but I think he probably said of the best Barabbas is the guy who's going to destroy the system. Barabbas is guys don't burn them out because they were part of the establishment. Barabbas was going to kill them. Why would they want Barabbas. Here's why. If you let Barabbas go, and he starts another disturbance. All you do is push a few tanks in his neighborhood. You can find he's keeping his guns. You can always stop Barabbas how can you stop Jesus how do you stop a man who has no guns, no tanks, no ammunition, but he still shaken up the entire Roman Empire. Jesus was starting something they couldn't control you start a revolution that would turn everything upside down, starting with her own pride and hatred as a people back then, like today didn't want to give up their pride and power, which is Barabbas they'd rather choose a public nuisance would rather choose a threat to their safety than they would be to surrender their pride and power but that's what the story becomes really personal for me and you this Christmas to see in ourselves that we actually are.


Barabbas was rightfully condemning his sin, and so are we. Barabbas got to walk free because an innocent man died in his place. Barabbas is the first in a long line of people are to be set free because Jesus dies in their place pastor Ricky said last weekend as we can forget that the people of the Gospels were real people, so sometimes we'll put ourselves in their shoes and think about what was it like for them how to think for a moment about Barabbas.

Later that day, peering out toward that hill where Jesus was dying and I want you to picture him thinking that should be me. I should be the one dying he is dying in my place friend that's the gospel didn't just die for me. He died instead of me because the sinless Savior died, my sinful soul is counted free for God to just to satisfy the looks on him to pardon me, every one of us have come to have come to Jesus have to get in line after Barabbas went to say I'm on Barabbas's team to identify with him and said another bore my guilt and died in my place that committees of the really interesting about Barabbas's name in Aramaic. That's the language that that that Barabbas is in an Aramaic Barabbas literally translates as son of a father bar, son of us a dead son of a dead talk about a generic name right Barabbas, if you're a son or daughter of a dead near you got his name in Aramaic that's intentional because he represents all of us.

His story is the story of every son or daughter that inhere this is the essence of the gospel, by the way. One thing that I want you to notice here.

This whole trial is unjust to see that, but really cares about truth Jesus upon as politicians try to protect their position and proud people try to protect the privilege get their revenge. Verse 23, but they kept up with the pressure demanding with loud voices that he be crucified. And their voices. One outburst 24 so Pilate decided to grant their demand. Verse 25 he released the one that they were asking for good been thrown into prison rebellion murder but he handed Jesus over to their will. Jesus dies as a whole victim of horrible injustice. The trial is a sham, and by the way, it cannot establish a quick I hope that gives some of you comfort when you suffer unjustly the most innocent man ever to live was tried unjustly and died under false pretenses. I'm telling you that so you understand that he understands when you are through my friend Patrick Beatty said we ought to stop and consider the fact that Jesus the most innocent man to ever live who did everything right was falsely accused and condemned by a court and unjust court so that when it happens to us.

We know we have a Savior who understands who entered into that injustice with us who feels it with us and came to deliver us from it. So why, why did Jesus go through this soon. You see that your Barabbas what you see is that he was buried in our injustice. Luke tells us that in the midst of all of this unfairness in all this unjust accusation.

Jesus just stood there silently as you when you stand silent before an accuser when you stand before somebody weathers in a courtroom or not, who is accusing you of things as you stand there with no response. No objection. What are you conceding guilt, why was Jesus conceding guilt. What was he never guilty enough in that moment he was pleading guilty to my son, is he behind the chief priest of hundred religious leaders behind pilots pointing all their fingers at him and accusing him listen Jesus all God the father was pointing at him in that moment he was accusing Jesus of Jenny Grierson. Jesus stood there and pled guilty to my sin, pled guilty your sin, pled guilty to Barabbas and they died in our place guilty file helplessly spotless Lamb of God, was he full it on the canopy hallelujah what a Savior we are Barabbas God made him who knew no sin to become sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God in him.

So there's one more person will show you will quickly before we close this verse 26 is a letter in a way they see Simon Sorini and was coming in from the country lived across on him to carry behind Jesus person of interest number five are final. Once I'm in so many in the disciples will call him. Here's a question. Why do you think Luke stops tells us man's name words from. I can understand why Luke records the story significant moment Jesus so we can stagnate on the way of the cross that he stumbles and guard us against might help carry the cross. It shows how much his suffering so I get why totals about the situation, but why give us his name but he nudges his name but worries from in fact was in Mark's account gospel Mexico.

Mark also mentions the names not assigned.

No worries from but also Simon's two sons and his sons were named Rufus and Alexander not gospel writers don't typically mention the buyers of other random people in the Gospels and the gardener gave Jesus vinegar. Greg was named. This is favorite color in the South. I would even say that one is all the veil torn was that didn't give anybody tell you why all that diesel about Simon. Simon, us, Irene was a known figure in the early church first readers of Luke's blue book. Luke's gospel would've been like oh I'm sorry to survivor their data. Rufus and Alexander.

I know and realize that he was there for all this by the way.

Romans 1613 the apostle Paul says to greet Rufus Reese chosen the Lord and his mom's been like a mother to me.

Also, scholars say it is almost certain that same Rufus mentioned in the gospel of Mark is the son of Simon. That means that Simon went on to become a follower of Jesus.

Not only that you let his wife and his two sons to faith in Christ of you pick this up in Roma 16 one Paul region.

Rufus is the only one that Paul describes is chosen in the Lord using apostle Paul recognized that there on that road to Calvary. Even as Jesus's body staggered under the weight of the cross, he was still sovereignly choosing a man and his wife and his sons to follow him and become his disciples. When you pull back the veil what you to see in Luke 23 is that this was not a week Savior who needed help.

This was a strong and sovereign Savior, who is extending salvation. Those that he chose, even at the moment of his death, said at least my lasso, but the good news Simon stores an invitation with an invitation to you, he's extending that invitation to you is calling you right now from Luke 23 to become his disciple thought about this for the last several weeks were not looking for your praise and prayers razor and just to baptize what you really become a true disciple of Jesus, a follower is to believe, but to lead your family and your friends to Christ and to carry the cross that he has for you into the world, just like you, Joe Simon offered him the cross he is choosing you would offer you the cross.

He's got great things for you.

These got specific a specific mission for you to fulfill people that he wants to use you to bring the Jesus you got a role for you to play in his kingdom that will impact eternity. The invitation of Luke 23 years and are you going to accept. So who are you who are you, are you preoccupied like pilot superficial like Eric you the religious like G3's never really humbled yourself and cried out for God's mercy. Are you the guilty had you acknowledge that you're the guilty, like Barabbas, have you become the disciple, like Simon of Cyrene baby's first three right here in these first three or why people resist Jesus even PDP, especially people in church see from what you come to realize your number four the sentence of condemnation is on our heads in its rightful once you realize that you're on way to become a number five. The good news is that Jesus died for all these rooms to the distracted distracted Jesus as Isaiah 118 come now come out, let us reason together, says the Lord, that your satellites automate him as what is now the red like crimson I can make them visible to the superficial enter the religious Jesus. At first John one 880 say we have no sin, you live. The truth is not in you. But if you will confess your sin. He will be faithful and just to forgive you. Assent, and acquaint you of all unrighteousness and all of us. He says John 112 us to as many as received him, to them he gave the right to privilege the power the responsibility to become the children of God, even to those who believe on his name. The question is you ever see that invitation University Jesus died which side of the cross you will you become like his disciple signing or will you reject him.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Senate life with pastor Judy Greer, Pastor Jeannie in her current teaching series working through the gospel of Luke. You emphasize stepping out in faith by committing to do what ever God calls us to do.

How does the discipline of memorizing Scripture or any other spiritual discipline, for that matter.

Help us do that. You have heard it said Molly that the best way to confront allies to know the truth. The world is filled with lies and we know that our enemy uses lies a mean right on my favorite definitions of the demonic temptation is a demonic temptation is a simple thought with a bill behind it like it's a mistake it's trying to press and invade your thinking and change it any easier. Trying to forget about it and he just can't shake it well. You can't just stop thinking about it. It's the illustration of I say don't think about a green monkey.

I haven't thought about a green monkey and you know, ever, but all the sudden you know you can't just be told not to think back that pops in your head will away that you counteract Satan's lies is you memorize scripture and be able to apply the right Scripture the right moment is one of the things you want to do at that summit like his help people know Scripture better that comes not just the preaching. It also comes to memorizing Scripture. Sometimes it's the journey of a thousand miles on the how to take the first step so we produce some Scripture memory card would love to Ted to be able to give you the setting to be a great tool I'm some specifically chosen verses that will enrich your spiritual life.

Digging deeper in the gospel and help you counteract the lies of Satan put together a pack of 50 of these for you if you want to carry the promises in your heart are new summit like a reverse card easy for you. Take a look and reserve yours today JD that's really helpful. Thank you, Judy.

This will be a resource that will take you through the entire year and beyond to get it to you today. It's perfect to carry with you and daily encouragement, you can share with a friend. No doubt having scriptures in your mind. Rejoice always, Scripture memory cards come with our thanks when you donate today to support his history helping more people die deeper into the message of the gospel scan every day get any requesters that I one more time. 335-1820 donate online.

I Molly minutes should do it again tomorrow, Friday

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