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Counsel Culture Not Cancel Culture

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 28, 2022 5:00 am

Counsel Culture Not Cancel Culture

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 28, 2022 5:00 am

Stu sits down with Dr. Tim Clinton - author, radio host, and President of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), to talk about Jesus Christ, THE Wonderful Counselor, and Dr. Clinton's Christian counseling ministry, which is one of the largest in the world. 

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with rent talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network friends the world was talking about cancel culture but I'll sit next to a guy who's all about counsel, culture because Jesus Christ is the wonderful counselor and Dr. Tim Clinton has of our largest Christian counseling ministries in the world. I'm in Lynchburg Virginia Dr. Clinton. I'm in a yogurt shop talking to you. Author counselor manner God mentor to me and so many it is good to hang out with you my friend is still so great to be with you. As always we could get the studio this late in the day and this guy is moving at breakneck speed sweep grabbed the froward.

This delicious yogurt with all kinds of toppings and were in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Now tell us how you got started on this Christian counseling people see template. My question who is Dr. Tim Clinton S2. I grew up in a pastor's home.

My dad served in the rural Hills of Central Pennsylvania at the call of God in his life. Kindest men of Everyman had a profound influence on me. Kindest man I've ever met.

Like I said, but added that grew this love to be involved in in in in ministry went to school become a pastor have an undergraduate degree in pastoral ministries minored in Greek and then I got involved in a double minor in my junior year in double minor in counseling and that led to the decision to stay at liberty and earn a Masters degree in counseling. Ultimately to get the right generated going to Dallas seminary area Th.D. a Dr. of theology, but I never made it there. Wanda going on in getting my doctorate, I got my Masters degree in counseling and got my doctorate in counseling.

The College of William and Mary and kind of the rest is history and article and I gotta tell you people know you from your amazing national radio show life loving family you been on thousands of podcasts you've been in there with Dr. Dobson on family talk do a great job with him all the time you have written all these books and but what people are blown away by our these huge mega conferences you pack out thousands of people at these venues and you bring all the speakers if you today. What is it that drives you, what is it that makes you feel alive and all you're doing in Henry David Henry David Thoreau. I think wrote the statement the mass of men live but by outlets of desperation see a lot of broken people who are searching in their reaching for a lot of things that and that's the size the pain in their hearts, but nothing satisfies. Apart from a meaningful relationship with God in Christ, and so what what drives me is to be able to give them what people describe my dad is doing a fresh drink of cool water. That's a relationship with God in Christ is cancel culture were people literally.

They have a bad night in a ballgame or the they blow it in a imagine a Christian falling in us and I can imagine it. Can you you know like were all in a week when we have glass no think we are glad to live in glass houses right.

You have pursued not cancel culture but counsel culture talk about the restorative power you seen the transforming power of God's grace. You see, when grown men walk forward at your conferences. It's full of martial arts and giant for will you do monster trucks and you know MMA you know chainsaws talk about what it's like when you see it you know of a Ben Rossiter big Ben get up and speak and people melt by I think gum.

The word says my people perish because of a lack of knowledge, a lack of understanding by people don't understand how their pastor made with the going through some of the decisions they make really impacts the trajectory and other outcome. And the more we can begin to help them see that the more can affect them in positive ways. Also, the Bible says that in the multitude of counselors. I like that there is safety. And so when you people around you who can meaningfully influence you speak in your life in ways that help you live life with purpose and meaning and value in the end that's what that's what brings joy when you see someone with great stature to when you when you interact with them, you realize that they'll FE the clay that they and long and a lot of base at the same longings, and deep down in their heart and soul and you can speak into that as nothing but pure joy. And when they stand up and testified the goodness and grace of God that just takes you to a whole different place as the voice of Dr. Tim Clinton is a prolific author, founder of the president of the American Association of Christian counseling a ACC over said that right. We are in Lynchburg Virginia his own counsel out here because were in a sweet Fox yogurt across street delivery University, where he teaches a lot of counseling courses is all a lot of people. Dr. Clinton is in a day or something that Jesus said starts with a D discipleship go and make disciples effectively. God used your call to counseling your training to get the church to do what they're supposed to do disciples go deeper into the soul talking parents and their kids husbands and wives.

We talk about how fundamentalist is like we need to get back into relationship because that's how Jesus built us right ultimately to a place of freedom you know and Galatians 51 says is for freedom basis come to set us free. I remember one of my early instructors or friends and colleagues said to me, what good is it to have better adjusted people and how to make sure and anchor what you do in the truth of the gospel and when you do that and use the strategy and techniques that matter to build healthy relationships to help people pursue goals that help help people in a live beyond their their past decisions and more.

It's a gift this beautiful gift and really God's use you to equip early weapon eyes thousand accounts how we vote only people are associated with a ACC dock around the country, different counselors and other people will you go to Christian counseling from it.

You may another associate with this austere group and still he had tens of thousands of members. People who are just excited about bringing God into the equation unashamedly and was interesting to is the majority people seeking out mental health services still go to pastor, priest or rabbi first and so when you recognize that matching someone up on matters of faith and mental health.

You have much stronger therapeutic outcomes, and more is a big deal. Dr. Tim, Clinton people can get resources they can get trained right now there's an easy way for folks to all your different tracks to get accounts and agreed get a social history of Masters degree a PhD all way up there. Your son is getting a PhD Zachman is is is a stock is soaring and encouraging to see the next generation taken this passionately in elegant prayer that God raises up today's generations. The step in to the moment for such a time as this and you and you know I'm in there there taken over one third of the block voting block are millennial's and Jen's ears, and more so you realize it's it's an important day for us as people of faith to take today's generations seriously and speak life into them. Dr. Clinton you have not divorced your faith from your involvement in policy involvement in and bringing back Leno calling America back repentance calling America back to faith. There's this. Sadly, there's this kind of socialism, communism, that is invading the church. We have all the smoke is going on work churches are no arm advancing somebody's racist agendas like CRT and other things. Give your chalice pastors about just kind of been bolting to prioritize the gospel but speak out for life speak of her marriage and speak consists of these racist you know agendas go into their proliferated church today can you close out without so I wrote a new book called focus on the future why your faith, your family and your voice matter now more than ever, and in there. We can unpack what I think are some the greatest needs in the church and when we become sensitized to those issues.

Everything from the. The significance of the family to the importance of mental health to the embrace of truth. That's the stuff that's going to guide us on the road forward and when we deny and ignore that it will lead to great peril and will need that wheat we need and I think most of the white docket. They want and want to see it different America, but at the end of the day.

This is really about anchoring herself in a relationship with God in Christ, he still on the throne we trust him.

We look to him and repressing to be more like him and I think when that happens everything around us, even the noise begins to fade and were strengthening our hearts and in our resolve on the road forward. That's a good thing. This Dr. contempt when venturing out a man hears three frogs in Lynchburg yet Google Google Dr. Tim Clinton is probably 500 different website socially and a you can get a clear course. There you can sign up to encourage the blasting you will love what they're doing and they would love to have you part of that dock stand up to connected get discipled. Who are you discipling who's discipling you Hoosier Paul Hoosier Timothy Hoosier Barnabas.

If you're not if your church is doing that fine interest does because that's what we're here for to advance the kingdom of God on this regard.

What you think. Dr. Tim Yvette this is the Truth Network

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