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QAnon, the Trump Prophecies, and the Elephant in the Room

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 26, 2022 5:10 pm

QAnon, the Trump Prophecies, and the Elephant in the Room

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. While some of you may not like what I have to say, but come on, you want me to tell the truth, don't you for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more sanity and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown is your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity to help strengthen you in your walk in your life so that you can shine so that you can make a greater impact so that you can receive peace of mind and and and clarity of heart and sinking as we work through the word together and look at the world around us and seek biblical wisdom. Thanks so much for joining us. Here's number to call America open the phone lines today to all questions of all kinds, from all backgrounds, friend or foe.

As always, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I do intend to take some time taking calls today so any question you want to ask me of any kind of try to get through another days were able everyone able to get your call to integrate data call 866-34-TRUTH so yesterday I'm at the dentist getting my regular cleaning and at the end of the cleaning the lead dentist.

It's it's a couple husband-and-wife that that run the. The dentist really got a bunch of other dentist great folks and I was there all Christian there, but this but everybody that that that's taking care of me over the years clean my teeth helping set things up one of the dentist there. They're all believers so that the lame man comes and he just wants to quickly check to see anything and work needs to be done and we began talking same man. He said I'd I saw is that I know that God know that guy and he was somehow on MSN and he was reading something. Maybe they were just showing a new story from Newsweek from auto couple weeks back and it was a story about you know of one year later the failed trump prophecies and is been very little repenting and very little accountability and there's my picture goes first look like you're the guy with the bad prophecies, but then you were the guy calling for accountability and so on and talk about the deception so were chatting about that so I wonder I'm think there's anything on MSN news that I was aware of maybe's music site that's gonna want to check a curiosity and began to to see things popping up. You know this ongoing new words false words and then I spotted this article that I had written a year ago right so it's it's so here it is or what set Esther to Brown.Ward January 21, 2021 so little over a year ago is the urine week and it's a strong appeal to those who prophesied trump's reelection and I wrote this opening paragraph January 20 this passage, abide not Donald Trump is the President of the United States told who prophesied the trump would serve a second consecutive term assures that he would be inaugurated on the 20th. I appeal to you in the strongest possible terms. Admit your error take full responsibility and do not under any circumstances continue to put a false hope into the hearts of God's people meeting those who voted for trump so anyway, I then posted this on Facebook and Twitter. Today one year later and they're still very little repentance there still very little accountability there still very right very little recognition of of what went wrong and we need to address it on the charismatic on Pentecost. I believe the gift of prophecy today.

I believe in prophetic ministry today so this grieves me all the more it brings reproach to the name of Jesus makes Christians in general because he'll get broadbrush associate of this evangelical makes a broad audience look bad and it brings a mockery to the things the spirit and I fully understand those who are not charismatic or critics of the charismatic movement how this would be to Missy there you go there. These guys are all flaking understand how it looks grievous so I posted it on Facebook and I noticed sometimes. I'll check on comments is unable for the most part I'm not, but sometimes a check and I noticed some people why you doing is just really mischievous distressed or triple what you posted is now the thought well let's make this teachable moment so I posted this wrote this woman skews me about this more than one year ago and by Mr. Pres. trump is still not been reinstated. No surprise. Read more by clicking on the picture below, and then I added the sin few hours later, for those wondering why I'm bringing this up again.

It's because to this day many prophesied trump's reinstatement or guaranteed by would never be in the White House who espouse various cueing on series have still not come to grips with this deception either sweeping it under the blog as if it never happened, or coming up with new prophecies or rationalizing it away. This is dangerous and destructive and must be confronted. That's what love requires us to be a shepherd requires this for the good of the sheep. This is for the honor of God's name. If you remember when I announced on January 6 last year.

The trump would not be inaugurated later that month I was rebuked for my lack of faith was told I'm undermining people and he said the inaugurations a few weeks out. Watch what happens then when nothing happened and I pointed out I was told this is way too raw. We need time to heal. Talk to us about this later. A few months later, when the latest prophecies abides removal and Trump's reinstatement had failed folks. Remember, always, are you this militaries in the takeover mightily exposes a pedophile is everyone comes about to come back. It's all about to happen. Okay, so this went on for months, so it didn't happen. I address the issue again for the purposes of integrity and accountability, and I was and I was told there still time. Just watch. Then last month when I said look, were almost in 2022 and none of this has happened.

I was told just move on. Like usually go this so for the last year plus it has never been the right time for me to address these issues.

According to those of the try to help in tonight meaningless.

That is of a bird about them again knowing how many believers were deceived. I posted this article so let us acknowledge our errors. Let us receive grace from the Lord. Let us learn from our mistakes and let us move on. Otherwise, the next time around will be even worse. That's why bring in the sufferance.

One last word to the few posted judgmental posts ascribing wrong motives to me in posting this.

I forgive you, from the heart and encourage you to step higher.

Let me say this, I never post anything without a righteous motive before the Lord.

It doesn't mean everything I post is true doesn't mean everything I post is wise or timely, but I I am never distressed or of trouble.

I am never distressed or controversy. I am never just try to get eyes on a page that's carnal, especially as contrary to everything.

I understand the know about how to on the Lord and do the work of ministry.

So if I post something controversial.

There is a purpose in it and in this case, friends.

The purpose was to say it's a year later people just like I forgot about or swept under the rug know we can do that to cueing on conspiracies and all the things that were going to be revealed and that the great you awakening. It didn't happen. It was all a myth. It'll never happen trumping reinstated and Biden being removed. It's not can happen. Mate is is possible. Trump women to run in 2024 could be could be the winning 2024 could be like to find a far better candidate this time around because so much damage was ultimately done by Donna trump a sword to balance out the tremendous good on so many fronts that he absolutely did do it, and it's possible come 2024 will be leveled for you candidate for president. Don't don't know that's that's a long ways off, but people are ready.

Hearing the latest new prophecies, no you don't get to do that. Sorry if you're a leader in the body. If you claim to be bringing prophetic words if you said ABC will happen by this date, thus saith the Lord. ABC does not happen by. Thus, by that date and and there are no conditions in your word, and new conditions given in the Bible right then you're wrong. Need to publicly as publicly as you got the message out. Need to publicly that publicly acknowledge your error and then you need to seek the Lord get godly counsel from peers and from even leaders above you that you are accountable to to find out why you got something so publicly wrong.

Learn from it and then when there is demonstrable repentance and and and and desire to move forward in humility. Then let the Lord use you. But even then, be more wise in the way you present things that you don't just get to Mulligan we go on no no is not how it works.

The look if I'm in a local church and and I have a sense that this this guy I know not close with them but I know the schools were real difficult time that he's under like real heavy oppression and I go for Jim's head. I feel the Lord showed me that you're under some kind of heavy oppression of non-great men of thriving, really.

I'm doing great, thanks. He's like okay since that rump is not okay fine. Always it was like I feel this is a think this is another thing is a national leader to get up and say the saith the Lord and and and then to keep twisting it and changing it and what happened in the spirit did not forget it didn't happen in the spirit. Trump is not the president. In the spirit, even if the election was stolen.

Even if you're convinced of that.

The fact is, you told us trump obesity in the White House, not by you. ~See that eight consecutive years. You told us that that was false. That was when I played clips touch best if they names are played clips of have a whole book about the fall the deals with a lot of what want to hold chapters on on the failed prophecies and and and I do give quotes I do give links and I do have names okay there times to do it in their time to just talk about general issues. This is one of these times we've they names and played clips on the air and I tried to reach people privately. In some cases unsuccessfully so look there are leaders who, once he sold prayer movements and you watch the election cannot be real return. You watch this it in the church is gonna take take back control and you want it. None of it happened and now they go on say we need to pray for revival site is you switch the thing started with this and that you come up with something else acknowledge the error.

Of course there's the larger error of how so many in the church got so obsessed with politics and put it ahead of the great commission. There is the fact that in so many ways. We wrapped the gospel in the American flag as if the Maca message was the same as the preaching of the cross and in so many ways we ourselves became caught a loser. Grievous issues. Those are things that moving forward we want to get right because the role of the church and society is very important given the role of the church and politics in a righteous God. The weight is very important to friends.

Let's learn.

Let's humble ourselves with repent. Let's grow and let's get things right moving for is that too much to ask is as a shepherdess as watchman is a leader in the body.

Is that too much to ask right you will be like that stricture because we come back in 66 to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I hope I hope the faith and the vigor of the life of God in me touches you when I say that faith that's one thing faith in God vigor of God's life in the hope that touches you and you catch some of it and I am so grateful to God's Spirit lives in the ghetto. When I was sick with covert so we went through this completely wiped out mean no motivation, no sense of faith or close the sky just wiped out for several days in the midst of it, and I began to think what gift it is that there's really a choice in media and I got confidence in the faith that is or who I am but because of who he is and was based on who I am out of throne of the Dow all along time ago, based on who is he is Jesus is building his actually see he is building his messianic family. He is building his church and the gates of hell cannot, will not overcome it 866-34-TRUTH okay I said I was straight to the calls just about after take a bunch of calls as promised. As we said, 20, 22, is a year for taking background give you a bunch of further examples and I'll do this every week. A bunch of further examples of pushback in the society to encourage a lot of just in the world hears everything.

I just saw this post was posted five hours ago, but I just saw that on Facebook of Micah mention the woman's name publicly so as to embarrass her, but as a public post this what you said in response to what you just heard me read about Trump being reinstated. Trump is currently commander and chief Biden is gone. Gitmo actor.

In fact, in fake White House. He Trump will appear when Jesus gives him the okay JB is a legitimate never sworn in. It's a movie playing the ending is near far as I know the person who posted that actually believes that what you say with that level of delusion except God help the person God deliver them from deception right we go to the phone.

Starting in Maryland. Gabriel walking to the line of fire. The morning afternoon afternoon actually was calling about numbers 2417 in which the prophet Bailey on data messianic prophecy yes and I guess my question is, should a bad actor such as him even considered a prophet that one and then some thoughts on this is the spirit is the spirit of truth and certainty, not confusion. And so even if an enemy wants to condemn or wants to misguide the church. They can't really not to the truth. Those that say that a false prophecy came from the spirit make right so it's a true prophecy that came from the spirit through fallen human being because God is sovereign and just like he spoke through Balin's donkey.

He can speak through Balin John XI chapter says that Caiaphas prophesied. So here is an ungodly chief priest who ultimately wanted to put Jesus to death, a corrupt man, but the Holy Spirit spoke through him because he was in the office of the high priest so God can speak through whom ever he wants to speak but he will speak the truth through that person. So Balin was a false prophet who ends up being put to death by the Israelites, he counseled bearlike as to how to seduce Israel into sin so they would fall under God's judgment because he was unable to curse them himself. His words when everything included in the in the Jewish prayer book the sea door, but it is the spirit of truth.

So, if God had the power to speak through Balin's donkey had the power to speak through Balin what happened to Balin Balin himself died as a result of his sin and his Greek Caiaphas is ultimately guilty in God's sight for being complicit in the crucifixion of Jesus and yet the spirit spoke through him.

In the Old Testament the spirit came on King Saul when he was trying to kill David and he began to prophesy as as is happen also with the men that he sent to capture David so God can take over and do whatever he wants and speak through whomever he wants and it was clearly God confounding the attempts to curse Israel and say no I'm going to bless so that's the power of God. That's the truth of God. If if God was the author of confusion. It would mean that he sent to contrary messages through two different people or that that he took an idolatrous profit gave them a true word in the name of their false God and confirmed it with a miracle that would be confusion, but for God to speak truthfully through a donkey through a corrupt high priest through pagan profit or through a believer. That's his power. He's able to do that and it's to his glory right hate, but with that. That's my answer.

I appreciate the question.

It's a fine question.

It's a valid question. 866-34-TRUTH let's go over to where Lee and Kentucky.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. Good afternoon, not rare. Hey your quacking regarding water baptism.

I know I lick your show a lot. I really appreciate how you write about thing. Not apparent gravitated away from denominational theft skeptic on my watch. Everything usually the way out the things are going that they get the big church is not met Kurt nominal world to gravitate toward the wrong thing. You know a lot of hand like no the pre-tribulation rapture and thing cannot get away from it also. But anyway the baptism in father-son Holy Ghost in the theater. Only Jesus name baptism. I was baptized both lay on Patrick help me out back out wrong I had to be rebaptized name and so I did that, but I haven't heard you talk about your wives what what was the early church that you have.

How would the formulae for you sensibly and in this, let me encourage you to see the good that God is doing in different churches and groups, even though none of us can claim perfection right and in our doctrine or morality or anything, you will seeking to honor the Lord but you Nancy and I were talking late last night, but as the decades have gone on. I'm dogmatic life-and-death dogmatic about a number of key things and many others yeah could be this way could be that way it it in the words. Initially I thought everything I believed about every last thing was was right and I was that you know etc. I church we were right some cirrhosis a big body out there that just means that just like in my life. There is good and and their stuff is also good the same in your life so skinny. The same with churches and groups of trying to make a blanket evaluation but but didn't get to know each body for four what it is that being said, the one of the reasons that this teaching of baptism in Jesus name is is is not more widely held when you have certain verses and actually could point in that direction.

It's because of the overwhelming testimony of the early church of of baptism in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit.

The earliest documents you can jot this down really and and then check when rough they are. It it's did.KDID a CHE so looks like die it's did.K DI DA CHD it's it's one of the earlier church documents it, it means 12 the teaching of the 12 as if it came from the first 12 apostles. That's unlikely that it came from them, but it does reflect some of the earliest church tradition she can read the whole did.K online sought long or just type in did.K water baptism and you will see what's discuss their baptism in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit. So hopefully that's helpful to you. You can also just type in early church fathers water baptism father-son spirit and you'll see that that this was understood from Matthew 28 to be the way that things were done so where is the name of Jesus fitted it could be calling on the name of Jesus, that the person being baptized was calling on Jesus to save them. It could also mean being baptized into Jesus. That's the way it's described some acts that there baptized into Jesus or baptized into his death and resurrection sedated to sit alive to God, baptized into the body of Christ is role elements of baptism" in Jesus name, but the formula as best as we understand from Matthew in the nearly church was in the name of the father, son, Holy Spirit, by the way the church I got saved. The way I was baptized was in the name of Jesus.

Excuse me, in the name of the father and Jesus Christ the son and the Holy Spirit is the pastor thought hey, just in case there's something to baptism in Jesus name dimension so much in acts, then let's just make sure we included some pets actually cause baptized into the father, Jesus Christ the son and the Holy Spirit. Hey, thank you for the call okay with little right back to the phones. On the other side of the break we have a tremendous vision friends believe it's from the Lord. After much much prayer and seeking his face to greatly expand the line of fire broadcast in 2022 and to get into as many new stations as we can think of.

If we put a blessing to you. You can help us your blessing to the site I no one I get something I really like to enjoy beauty, bookstores, music, or a place of Eaton. I want to share that immediately with others and bring others along to enjoy so we blessed you. You can now help us equip strength and so many others. By God's grace millions across America.

Can you help us with one dollar a day, one dollar a day for some that's a lot for this. Hey we can do if others just by faith going to ask Dr. SK dear Click on donate and then monthly support become a torchbearer today one dollar or more per days hospitalized back into the eye line class messages every month, exclusive video contents of quarterbacking to you stand with us to help us with many more aspect around the Lord is on donate. Thank you for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown have encouraged brand 2022 is a year taking background for pushback. No we are not talking about the church taking over society. I repudiate the doctrine of dominion is when it comes to the so-called seven mountain mandate. These various cultural mountains from education to entertainment media, etc. are two different ways to understand that one is the for the church to be most effective in evangelism and discipleship, it should infiltrate every major area of society with disciples and seek to make a positive impact. I agree with. I think that's absolutely right and true. There is another concept to seven mountain mandate that the church must take over all of these different cultural mountains before Jesus returns that I categorically reject, but I do believe that our light is to be shining brighter. I do believe our salt is to be saltier.

I do believe we are to see a greater demonstration of the gospel in America than we have seen in generations.

I do believe that is God's people stand with boldness and walk out their convictions in love and serve a dime world around that we will see positive change in the midst of junk apostasy and sin and corruption.

How far will will go.

I don't know America will not be perfectly righteous until Jesus returns. But no, I'd love to see before I leave this world if I don't if I don't get to see Jesus return, which is the ultimate goal in the flesh I get to see that my goal is that when I leave this world that America is more God-fearing than America's more family-friendly that America is more moral that more people than ever have heard the gospel and been converted around the world and that more Jewish people than ever have and said that I would love to see those things happen.

So I want to encourage you, just with examples in the world around us that what we been saying for years that there's a pushback that there is a gospel based moral cultural revolution as well as the left overplaying its hand to the point that others even in the world begin to push back here some examples that I'm going back to the phones, 866-348-7884 here's an article on Andrew Sullivan's website. See who's Andrew Sullivan, one of the most influential homosexual bloggers ever ever he's learned got the doctorate course we deeply differ on many many issues but but look at what Andrew Sullivan leading homosexual intellectual liquor what he wrote. The trans movement is not about rights anymore. This is generally 14th.

It's about a cultural revolution and the abolition of biological sex at me. That could be written by any number of conservative Christian leaders, those very words. And here it is.

Gay activist gay blogger very influential thinker okay and human being loved by God and Jesus does is it isn't that interesting that he is saying that we been telling you about the overplaying of the hands and and what happens okay how about this on the daily wire. This was also January 14 to University RA service and assistance in working on doing things with that spoke out against schools woke racial and gender training. They say they've received death threats. This people's intercultural concert extremes you are raising up this oppressive class that is dividing and and and misleading and hurting others.

Okay, it's bad that they're getting death threats but speaking out about this January 16 this week we we commented on, but just come back to it. Revival and reformation as needed. Canadian pastor speaking out about the new law that threatens to criminalize evangelism. Here's another headline. Now that's same thing.

Thousands of churches reasonably week we talked about that. How about this tweet from Abigail Schreier, author of irreparable damage talking about that the terrible damage being done to teenage girls who identify strands of tabulating surgery and and and and hormone therapy omitted terribly regret it. She says in a tweaked New York Times now admits teens requesting cross-sectional hormones are vulnerable to peer influence, vulnerable, irreversible fertility loss may be an emotional distress made the transition, she writes all the news that was obvious two years ago, but it the New York Times would print friends that the pushback and she's okay, this one about this one. This was posted on Fox News and it was the six days ago Caitlin Jenner so Bruce Caitlin Jenner woke world not working for women sports Jenner. Maybe the most famous trans person in America. One of the most right legibly male to female.

Jenner says biological males should not be playing women sports as NCAA reviews transgender athlete policy. The pushback is coming on many many different fronts we told you it would happen friends as it's happening be encouraged because ultimately it's good that Andrew Sullivan saying what he says and again pray the noble Lord the love of God, transforming power of the spirit in his life. It's good to Caitlin Jenner Bruce Jenner saying what he saying. Pray that he will truly come to the Lord, and find wholeness the way God made him it's good they're saying what they're saying except us. The people of God. The followers of Jesus. The leaders in the body to lead the way to show the better way to say hey God's ways are best be encouraged the pushback is continuing 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Peter in Cleveland, Ohio. Walking to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown for taking my call. I really do appreciate what you said about the abuses in the prophetic funeral proclamation, but very godly counsel regarding that in effect of this nonsense about that Biden is not really in the White House they're getting a lot of this from the website and if you'd like, I could send that to Dylan. I have Dylan's email address. I don't give them any publicity. But I went to seminary with told me about all the stuff you get from this one website and it just that same playbook like this woman that just wrote you but by the way it said the police descended. Sadly, it is not the one main website saying that there will that's true yet there's so much that's out there.

There may be a prominent wanderer kind of a fountain is meant by that point got on I talked to a colleague of mine ministry friend last year who was espousing line for line chewing on conspiracy theories, line for line.

When I lovingly confront and listen.

I don't know anything about you and on your quote you like verbatim for verbatim. So the stuff gets out there and then and then it it comes to gospel channels it comes to Christian leaders and they think it's some insight from Scripture war) and all I know is all these people telling lab inside government sources and or tell me what you could have been happy with. So how far does it go now. You actually deny reality. I mean that's how Farkas is one thing to say. I believe the elections were stolen.

Okay if I I don't think you could make that case but fine if giving the blob watch live waited for evidence of just haven't seen it, but that's one thing if you believe it or will the media and big tech. They stole the election from Trump in different ways make a case for that but that he's the actual president and got site and that Biden is not actually there gets some shape shifter or some I asked the actor must be really good because he's convincing but unknown Oregon longer harasses okay Accu yeah and my question I wanted to long to answer but just wanted to mention that we do have some personal friends in common effect. I was with Dr. Phil jiggly yesterday and she very kindly give you a copy of my recent book, so thanks for accepting that all hang on hang on since I do know that the title of the book.

Feel free I'm glad you didn't mention it.

So that was a humbling feel free and takes 30 seconds tell folks the name of the book and what it's about. Thanks so much work it code reader product for his wife, and I was tripped up unexpectedly, but impure images in 2004 and I immediately was transparent with the body of Christ, the men of faith that you like iron sharpens iron that I could reach out to any of my wife. It was an honor on and off again battle and I just didn't think the resources out there were quite what I was looking for and it took me many years, but during the shutdown at 2020 or wrote resisting Potiphar's wife its publisher can get it on Amazon edge of the daily devotionals are like my daily bread soaked 31 days a month you can turn to that Scripture verse and some implication for how you might get the victory that is ours through God's word and got powerful spirit. Okay, great. So your questions are, I am a pastor here in Northeast Ohio and recently I was on the phone with someone and we prayed for his wife and something just came out spontaneously was reset.

I just said I plead the blood of Christ over Linda know that this affliction would go away and pick up the phone.

I just wanted to call your list was weeks ago and state. I don't know exactly when I picked that up in my you know good influences from the church appeared to Larry Tomczak and on and on and on but I've done it before it courted others. We plead the blood of Christ for this healing power, but is that biblical and found be praying that so thanks thanks for the question Peter number one I don't think that God is watching every single word to make sure he got it perfectly right wing free many times is looking at the heart and the generality of what were expressing so in that sense, asking God through Jesus has done on the cross to bring healing to this person. Yes, that's legitimate and right and I believe God would understand that as were praying as to the actual phrase. Plead the blood of Christ is free common in many of our circles of how the outsider charismatic circles as well. Probably uses that to circles and others, but it's it's not an actual phrase found in Scripture and I would therefore ask anyone that uses it to really try to Seca what you mean by that what you praying senior praying.

Based on his merit.

Praying based on what he did and just as the blood was was put over the house of the Israelites, the Passover lamb and and the destroying angel would pass by not touch them. Your pleading for the blood of Christ over your life, protection, etc. but I just say it's worth really studying out what we mean by and then what of that meaning is scriptural and is not so don't get hung up.

I like it never prayed again but try to understand more what it means and then you may find other words with which to express it but again God beyond that is a hard C 10 general plan mindset. Thank you for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, have you visited might even yet know. Take a few minutes go over there. It is the health supplement website for my friend, Dr. Mark Stigler recently voted doctor of the decade when the nation's leading natural pathic doctors really man delivered Jesus. These partnered with our ministry. When you go to buy new check out the health supplements which you get our supplements and seek to live a healthy life and eddies in the be of great benefit many many different products get a special discount using the code that's there in the website. Dr. Stanger, in turn, turns around and makes a donation to our ministry to help us reach more people.

So it's a win-win for everyone. Vitamin okay we go back to the phones starting with David in Texas. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown for everything. I'm so glad you're feeling better and feedback on your feet, and I'm looking forward to having you on my shoulder future yes okay yeah I figured out who the data was based on the description but but thanks thanks for praying for our sake. Yeah yeah no problem credit recommended by the beer regulator has overcome proper great arm and her favorite are someone who did prophesy that and I had a publicly repent and hurt, but it was the right thing to do and I know that many of these people at which I emailed John about still going on with these words. I get my thing for people should be. How can we better defer which profits to follow and which are currently we have a problem where we luckily see something that glittered like gold a lot. It must be true, but we don't step back and wait to maybe could give ours are summoned by how we apply proper biblical disbarment in this arena yet yet yes sir and by the way, Dave and I will recognize the beautiful I could see someone calling in, but that's Give your vision so just it's the name of the description. Okay, so number one we we must, to the extent we can know the persons life and doctrine right so so Matthew seven warns us against false prophets and says you will know them by their fruit and what when there's a test in Scripture, there is the creedal test and there's the moral test. What does this person hold to in terms of the fundamentals of the faith. There things we can debate you know and times, different things.

The things we can debate and then there are nonnegotiable fundamentals. Okay, so James is nonnegotiable fundamentals.

We examine with that person teaches preachers and and then other emphases in other words, there may be other dangerous emphases maybe do, not an actual heretic, but there's some significant error so that something step away from just like a teacher step away from also is a person accountable to other leaders and do they have a track record of godly life. If they been in and out of scandals.

If there is on their fourth divorce. If there is no God. So I married the wrong woman kind of nonsense you just follow right you still follow so then okay what you look for next well if they're bringing prophetic words.

Not so much in terms of the saith the Lord, but with the spirit of for the future with the spirit same for now it is that person bringing a message that the turns people to God is that person bring a message that calls for repentance of sin is that person just one of these tickling years. This was wonderful all your everything is wonderful and it everybody's be rich and prosperous and and there's never rebuke. There's never correction there and even if that is done pulled person aside privately. If all the words are just glowing wonderful superstar amazing and there's never in any content of calling for repentance or change be?

You put their and then lastly, is there a good track record of words coming to pass.

If you had someone in your church over tenure. And they've given you. They've delivered many public words but what could happen in the church call that individuals and identify things in their own lives and totals can happen. And after 10 years it will mean they brought three significant words when they are in every one of them came true and they called out about 10 different people with remarkable accuracy and those people were touched and those words came to pass will then when they do speak everything still test up it's like okay I need to pay more attention.

Is this person's credit tracker now. Maybe in your own life is a you get to evaluate it better. I've had some people over the years who have really been called to pray for me to stand with my ministry and if and if one of them.

Contact Mrs. Dr. Brown. I feel the some really heavy attack come against you in a few of the key thing is just to spend some time extended time praying faster only take that very seriously because their track record it if they say hey really believe some breakthroughs, if we step into faith. That of course my own relationship with God always comes first.

I never ever ever imagine acting on something because the prophet tells me, unless I'm sure in my own heart. It's the right thing to do. Of course, is to be scripturally right can't be contrary to Scripture, but what's the track record so look at the person doctrinally look at the person morally look to see that there's a content of truth and repentance and not just only always positive human flesh exalting words and then lastly to the words come to pass with regularity and and those should be the key things to look at hey David, appreciate the call in the forward to talking to your further art.

Let's go over to Cornelius. I'm not try to pronounce your nickname so will just go with Cornelius in Dayton. Welcome to the line of fire ground with the chemical sure unit. Thank you. I will put it out there. Maybe will help them, pay costs, Pentecostal background, just like you when I we going to have a good discussion between oneness Pentecostal country. Because we are like that we keep me from presenting one another that lot.

I was sleep. Got but when I study our history and the history of the church, even in the later years I discovered that a lot of the information given that I was not really true. So I believe that will really need to sit down and have a good discussion on the one minute in the accusation. The point thinking that you are not think I am that we keep pointing out one about yeah I think if you are important especially when it comes to salvation. Before I know Mike, I'm going up but one thing I'm thinking about you giving Wendell on this movement started unit I could doing nothing direction C because you hot Pentecostal church Inc. and customs of Jesus Christ. But can you be an PCI was more friendly to over the PA just people made UPC Moretti, what if you deny now Eileen oneness of God, but I am still friends with this lawsuit about this literature.

First, I love your spirit in terms of wanted to be a REMIC entrance and not being so quick to condemn someone else to hell claims to be a fellow believer in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the only Savior for sins. Let's not just be so quick to condemn that person to hell if the doctoral deviation arrives. This first thing second thing let's recognize how radical large parts of the lawn this movement or and they have terribly erroneous teachings, not just with the Godhead, but that if you're not baptized in Jesus name or if you are not baptized in Jesus name by one of their bishops that you are hell bound or if you don't speak in tongues not say that I am a tongue speaker. Those are terribly dangerous erroneous doctrines that second thing third thing.

I believe in God's complex unity and God making himself known to us as eternal father son and Spirit based on Scripture. The fact that the creeds teach that in greater articulation.

In some cases going way beyond the language of the Bible, but the fact that the creeds take that piece that is of interest to me, but secondary unconvinced of this based on the witness of Scripture. Now Dr. James White and I have talked about this many a time I do believe there are oneness Pentecostals saved because they do not fully understand the implications of what one this teaches in first John two says if you have the sun you have the father also. So I have met oneness Pentecostals to the best of my knowledge interacting with them. They were born again people believe the fundamentals but had certain error about the Godhead with a had the sun and didn't fully understanding the other things they were rejected. Dr. White with press and say if you rightly understand one.

This doctrine it denies the eternal son, and therefore they don't have the sun either.

So I see this is a grave fundamental error that needs to be turned from. I absolutely emphasize that there is one God and one God only if clearly in Scripture, there is a father. There is a son there's a spirit they exist together as one and work together as one now. Perhaps at some point I could have one. This collective. Dr. Bernard, come on. I'm sure he'd make a very serious presentation. Perhaps we can have some dialogue to clarify what we do and don't believe, but I do see it fundamentally as a grave in Scripture error check. That being said let's continue to talk blessing smile or find let's keep rising up another program powered by the Truth Network

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