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Follow Me, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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January 26, 2022 9:00 am

Follow Me, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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January 26, 2022 9:00 am

What does it really mean to follow Jesus? Let’s look at the three necessary qualities to be a disciple of Jesus and what it would look like if all of us committed to fully surrendering control of our lives for the sake of the gospel.

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Today on Summit line with JD Greer what you think. The purpose of your life is to make lots of money to retire wealthy of you kids where directives leave them some money telling you Jesus for you, not just me but for you to have a life that impacts eternity you want to take the net that you been fishing with and he wants to fill it with things of eternal value like with pastor. The pastor at Summit church in Raleigh, North Carolina. As always, I'm your host Molly bit of edge. So let's start the program with a tricky question, what does it really mean to follow Jesus. Is it about studying more doing more good staff going to church well today pastor Jay looks at what he feels are the three necessary qualities to be a disciple of Jesus any shares what it would look like if all of us committed to fully surrendering control of our lives for the sake of the gospel. If you missed the first part of this message yesterday, you can catch up online.

JD right now let's rejoin pastor JD in Luke chapter 5 discusses the three qualities that are necessary for one person's longest one. All chapter 5 verse eight assumes of all.

Chapter 5 Peter got overwhelmed by a glimpse of Jesus power so overwhelmed.

Verse eight, but he fell Jesus's reasons and get away from me because I'm a simple man more than I might seem like an odd reaction to you and so you really think about it. You see, when you're in the presence of true greatness. Notice that your heart is mixed is filled with a weird mixture of attraction and repulsion at the same time you're not sure if you want to draw close or run away. Think about it. Think about stories in the Bible that you might remember God called the Old Testament prophet Isaiah to be his messenger goals. The first thing he gave him. Isaiah 6. A glimpse of his glory. So much so that Isaiah cries out woe is me, which means let me be cursed. Let me be damned because I'm a man of unspeakable filth and got dirty mouth.

When Jesus called the apostle John, Revelation 1 to prepare his church for what was ahead, he gave to John a glimpse of his glory so to John who had been a friend of his friend Jesus is in his earthly life. John was so overwhelmed at what he saw that he fell on his face just positive that he was going to die. I'll tell you that when God called me, he did it by first giving to me a glimpse of his awesome glory just as awesome power. How how how long eternity was how terrible it would be to go into eternity as his enemy, and as a teenager that kept me up late. Many a night scared to death of dying in a meeting God and in been under his judgment question is why does Jesus do this.

What is Caesar what is he sometimes terrifies you before he calls you. There is a reason this work is only all compels obedience until God is big to you. You never have the strength to obey.

Some of you, I would say that your problem. You don't obey God. You don't seek God. It's not because you're not self disciplined enough. It's because God is distant to you is small is almost unreal when God becomes big to you when you have a sense of all over God, then you'll have the strength to obey. If I tell you, if you have an obedience problem this weekend.

It begins as an all problem God's just simply not big enough to you all. It's the first quality of the disciple, not before we leave this point I actually feel like I would not be serving you well. If I left you here because this whole discussion of all this, and in the mood five received all that Peter experienced here was not sufficient. Peter even after seeing Jesus this way, you still have a struggle with pride he still didn't deny Jesus. He's going after his denial in failure and shame.

He's going to flee away from Jesus. And so Jesus repeats this exact same miracle appear at the end of Peter's why are the of Jesus's life is got a hold mood and hold different effect. John 21 you stated in Luke five but to be in the Gospels right after the cross of the resurrection. After Peter's deny Jesus.

Jesus does this whole miracle again peters out fishing again.

This time Jesus appears to him on the shore and he calls out the Peter who was again been out fishing all night and caught nothing.

He tells him again to cast his net on the other side.

It starts with the exact same problem you'll peers been fishing all night and caught nothing right. In both stories Peter doesn't initially recognize Jesus in both stories, Jesus gives the same odd instructions Gladden of the deep and put the net out on the other side in both stories the final task holes in a miraculous hole. It's the exact same miracle. But there's one humongous distinction in both stories Peter has got this really strong reaction to the miracle but in the first story. Our story here. Luke five Peter tells Jesus to get away from me. But in John 21 after seeing the miracle John John 21 reads. Then Simon Peter tied his outer clothing around an predicament off and plunged into the sea.

Peter jumps out naked except for his underwear and swims the Jesus talk about a different reaction in the first one Peter felt so unworthy that he just wanted to get away in the second he feel so comfortable that he swims back toward Jesus just as underwear must not feel comfortable around many of my guy friends about what I'm going to run toward one in just my underwear. That's comfortable. What makes the difference. What makes a difference in these two reactions. This last one happened on the other side of the cross were Peter had seen just how much Jesus cared for it and how committed he was to him even after Peter and send you see Pierce first reaction makes them think I've gotta live up to Jesus after the denial Peter knows I can't live up to Jesus and Jesus still came for me, if anything, Jesus's love for Peter seems stronger after Peter's failure than it had before. Peter had seen after the cross, how Jesus felt about Peter even during his failures.

You'll see this glorious Jesus who calls you to follow is not some Navy seal father who is coming to threaten you he is a tender father that is coming to comfort you. He loves you just the same in your wounded is when you struggle loves you is that there is much you fall is when you succeed.

Here's my question for you when you think about how Jesus feels about you right now what you think when you think about Jesus before you. If you were standing for you and all of his glory.

What emotion comes over you when I was little my dad took me out fishing. We always baited the hook for me just start digging. I just bait the hook that one day tame where he wanted me to do it on my own was 19 years old not to yell like 10 years old, something like a coming-of-age moment will give a lot of guys maybe had this experience member and the worm is dirty in its wiggly human you're trying to poke it in a poke in certain live in the stuff that's coming out, this spirit of revolt. That's how we think Jesus is with sinners, but until you is not how he is everywhere we see Jesus in the Gospels, interacting with broken people he moves toward them rapidly right when the prodigal son returns from traveling in the far country fathers waiting and watching and picks up his road to run to him.

And Jesus looks out over a rebellious Jerusalem is not filled with seething anger.

He breaks down the weeps over when Jesus hangs on a cross next to a thief who sin and stupid decisions have ruined his whole life and that thief utters the slightest prayer for mercy. Jesus, who is barely able to speak himself what to do he hoist himself up to assure that repentant thief that that very day you welcome him in the paradise when Jesus looks at the lives of those of us who have messed up messed up our lives to sip what emotion does he feel anger, discuss righteous wrath. No, his first emotion is compassion compassion. The mixing draw near a compassion that makes him weep, right alongside of us of you in your pain. Yes, if you resist him. You shut them out. You will face his wrath. Of course, but the point is the first emotion that he feels his mercy and tenderness toward you seen this is what change Peter's heart. All of Jesus is awesome power Luke five may have commandeered Peter's will but wonder over Jesus mercy in John 21, is what captured his heart to here's my question as your heart had that revelation. Here's your test when you messed up when you feel at your lowest or most embarrassed when you failed.

What does your heart tend to do does it run from Jesus when that moment does it pull toward Jesus or you first Peter the second Peter, do you since Jesus looking at you with the discuss that I have for that worm or at best. He's merely tolerating you with this low-grade kind of annoyance.

I'm here to tell you this morning that is not how he feels he feels tenderness even when you failed what a friend. What a friend we have in Jesus. O what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything. The good, the bad, or failures or embarrassments everything that you in prayer.

It's all that compels obedience number two, number two, it's a commitment to multiply on the hippest business to pretty quickly.

Verse 10 don't be afraid. Jesus told Simon from now on catching people.

Jesus not only commanded Peter to follow the command of him to go around the summit. We say that Jesus is like a spiritual tornado. He never pulls you in, without also hurling you back out if you know Jesus he's got a plan for you. You want to take whatever nets whatever nets would I many professional fishermen in the church whatever nets you have. He wants to take them and use them for internal purposes.

It's an image for you. He wants to take a life of subsistence ally for you just get up, make money, take care your kids lease of your grandkids and die. You want to take that life had he wants to fill it with eternal significance. A life of value what you think. The purpose of your life is releases to make lots of money to retire wealthy have you kids played grandkids leave them some money.

I'm telling you Jesus intends for you, not just me but for you to have a life that impacts eternity you want to take the net that you been fishing with and he wants to fill it with things of eternal value. So how could I do that I'm not not been a seminarian. My pastor leader was Peter that Peter was as blue-collar as they come. Jesus want to follow Jesus just want to follow Jesus and learn from him all Jesus wants from you is your willingness to follow run the summit church. We say you need your ability.

Peter didn't have any that what he wants is your availability vectors how Jesus would explain it. A few chapters later in Luke Luke chapter 12. He says that when were in that moment, we need to testify were not moment where we need to be at where that moment he wants to use us for something eternally significant.

Don't worry. In that moment about what you should say you have gone to seminary sinners grade you should go get a chance, but you'll need to go there to be witness.

You don't even go there to be used by God for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that very hour. What must be said, what a great promise. The lesson God has taught me over and over again throughout my life is that a bond is willing to obey you will do the impossible for me.

Obedience often isn't some huge dramatic event that takes place in my life, which is the small, seemingly mundane acts of following Jesus that must and I was taken an early morning flight about seven years ago in early morning flight somewhere to remember where but goes with the will and a few leave Raleigh fly Delta when Jesus ruptures us pretty sure I will route to Atlanta to go to heaven but I was going somewhere and so I get into the gate area at the Raleigh airport and see a girl mid-20s or so reading a book that was written by an atheist, and I don't know I am a youth like a property is everywhere.

I don't everywhere but I just since the Holy Spirit in my heart saying you need to ask her about the book I just let her tell your story cake jig is up. So I have to be coming off a night shift and was traveling to meet some friends and we are in the are you airport and I brought along some reading materials and had been exploring religious outlets and of all natures and are not a Christian at this point I was not a Christian when I was very lost, but a gentleman who happens to be you, sitting a couple seats down and looked over and tap me on the shoulder and and me just like interesting choice of titles there last night and invited to a church and actually have a great coworker you love. He's a Christian and is inviting me numerous times to a church in the area don't remember the name but it's not as big mega churches there like some is in the background of the emblem.

I think it other than that I don't member mentioned he really got interesting, likable.

He thought about going and I went on probably a 2 to 3 minute rant about mega churches and how others are and you just looked at me pretty expressionless and setting. I'm sorry that experience with churches or that impression and you just saying I encourage you to continue to talk to your friend and others in your life and really make sure you're exploring Christianity is one of your your your searches hearing address, like okay and went on about my life for the next several weeks and my friend actually invited me to the summit again that words resonated with like what I encourage you to just try one more time before you make your final call and so I went and then they introduce pastor Janie Greer to have. To start the sermon and you walk out front and I have never wanted to be a blessing.

I deftly had that I really inserted my foot in my mouth that he and I and the what happens after that you didn't become a Christian that we did not become a Christian that we can. What had started Avril years prior, was family. Praying for me. With me, over me and me thinking it was ridiculous started really softening. My heart is like that to make you understand believe in God's you were you exactly. It's so clear to me now looking back, that she put Sammy people in my life. Along the way that you step out of their own comfort zone and approached me when again I just was so heartbroken. They saw passing on selling you love me and they love you so one thing I am curious about through the moments of tapping grumpy, looking me in the morning on the shoulder. I like in my day-to-day life sometimes crossing the lines and reaching out to people in that way can be really scary and nerve-racking how you got where you are so comfortable doing well.

I will, I would say that you understand everything years ago that essentially walking with God means that every day you get up and join in is already doing one thing to pray the warnings God take to people you're already working so that I can and I'm not sure what it was.

The book you're reading us all had some of it with atheism about that's not good direction ago.

So master about it for every unit one conversation that turns out like this when this probably doesn't go anywhere but it's an exciting thing to think the spirit of God is do we. He is seeking people and I get a chance to be to be a small part of that way. The first I heard anything about that story little he knew anything about it was when Stacy stood in my kitchen and she was my daughter small group leader and on her way out of for a small Ruby she stops running to tell you a story that you probably don't know and she tells me a story that I know you hear that you think lashes the life of the pastor, not just all that is not true. Okay, in fact, been a pastor.

That story actually was a liability, not an asset. There on those couple things in that story that she did not actually that she didn't actually reveal and one of them was sheet you know she said we got on the plane. She said I was sortable in the way we had this conversation should I set a couple rows behind you and she said you're seated next to the guy on the plane and she said the entire way to Atlanta.

You're telling him about Jesus and share your testimony should you know you will have an inside voice right and I said yes she said so everyone can hear it. So I said sit there and listen for 40 minutes. As you share the gospel with him should then we landed we landed at Atlanta. She said there's only one thing I wanted to do and that was to get to Atlanta bread company and have my morning bagel. She says will put my headphones in and I just went just as a wall stood and launched. As I look up Chernoff Christian right in front of me in line she said with a woman in front of you. She had two kids and her credit card was not functioning or something so should you. Just volunteered to pick up the check of the person in front of you not.

I don't do that everywhere but in that moment it was just always hearsay and scrolls behind me. I am not saying that to brag. I'm just giving you context for what's happening what I'm trying to tell you is that morning before I left the house at oh dark 30 was like Lord I don't know what you're doing out there today, but I know you called me to be a disciple making disciple here. My send me that same thing is available to you the same Holy Spirit I got someone you got not Holy Spirit wants to lead you to do something eternally significant appeal disobey is not about abilities is calling Fisher me say it just present your net to me only filled with eternal value which leads me to the last quality of a disciple. Total surrender totals for live verse 11 verse 11, he says. Then they brought their boats to the land they left everything and they followed him know that's a recurring theme in Luke admit that you sing a microstrip lawn and because we discovered it a few weeks ago, but the requirement to be used by Jesus. The requirement to be a follower of Jesus's total surrender. You let it all go now to determine if you falter your religious try to do the right thing. Religion is important to you and to the four body life but have you ever taken your hands fully off of your life and just said you spread out Annette before Jesus said this net represents everything that I have in life_spread out before you would say what you put in it what you want to put it. God let it represent my talents, my dreams, my hose my future. What you want from it, to put it right there in the ground before you fill with what you want. I promise you you're the most talented in this room for the least talented person listening.

I promise you he can fill it with things of eternal significance and that what you want from life life that matters is your life that makes a difference is more to making more life than making money and having kids, and retired with a beach house that's a bold move to put out this net before.I realize that but I want you to think of it in light of what you learned today and how tender and trustworthy Jesus is, why would you not trust him with the net of your life. Why would you trust Jesus to save your soul not take care of your needs. Why would you think that he be loving enough to die for your sins but not loving enough to guide you in the green pastures of happiness beside still waters of fulfillment this weekend. Why not let your nets down is an act of surrender just say Jesus put it what you want is my schedule, my finances, my heart relationships everything short ready to do that since of all the commitment to multiplication in total surrender. That's what it takes to be a devoted follower of Jesus you're listening to the instep teaching series through the gospel of Luke here on Senate life with Judy Greer, one of our primary goals around here is to equip everyone who listens to Senate life with resources to be disciple making disciples.

Pastor JD can you member what created a love for the word of God in you, you know, Molly. At that they have told you before that a group in a church where Scripture memory was interested in saying, we did it right memorize verses as a water program is so grateful for a Bible quiz when I was in high school and to be totally frank with you. I probably most of the Scripture that I memorized as a kid up to high school was memorized not for all the right motives. Sometimes it was to get the award to be ghetto trotted out on stage. Sometimes it was to win the Bible is thing, but they got in their Scripture in your heart never goes to waste. That's what the psalmist says a word in my heart that I might not sin against you train up a child. Proverbs in a way that he should go teach them Scripture when they're old. They want the part from it because the Holy Spirit can bring to my Quicken can make alive.

That word is truth planted in your heart that is able to save your soul dish very few things you can do as profitable as memorize Scripture so we did here. It's at Summit like somebody did last year we wanted to produce a pack of memory cards 50 of them essentially one for every week of the year of 2022 that you can put in your heart and I can promise you that if you memorize 50 verses of Scripture just want to think and how you counteract out spare darkness deception totally different. Go to JD today and reserve yourself you one of those people have to write everything down that you don't forget. I definitely can, but God knows that we cannot remember or keep his commands without being reminded of them frequently. This is one reason that he taught us to renew our minds in the Scriptures already wrote down for us what we need to now. We're so excited about this new resource and we let set and then reverse card as our way of saying thank you for your one-time donation of $35 or more, or for your monthly gospel partner will send you our brand-new exclusive resource rejoice always, Scripture memory card to help you not only remember I would've gotten a freshly asked for your set today 335 between we can get online. JD Molly Witt events. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Tomorrow following join us Thursday on Senate Jeannie night prayer ministry

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