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When We Feel Burned Out - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 26, 2022 12:00 am

When We Feel Burned Out - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 26, 2022 12:00 am

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed with responsibility?

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Welcome to the incense podcast with Charles Stanley Wednesday, January 26. Do you feel like doing teetering on the brink of total exhaustion learn to draw on Jesus Christ the source of your strength. You feel burned out all of his experience at Thompson or Lyford to awareness of the bid little bit worn out but when that particular awareness develops into a spirit of being discouraged because you can never seem to get over having the feelings of being exhausted and spent and somehow drained emotionally as well as physically or spiritually, and somehow you just want to walk away or just forget it all and it doesn't go away somehow just keeps on continuing no matter what. Maybe what you're experiencing is not just simply put to good. Maybe you are experiencing burnout, that sense of being absolutely drained spent in life. It can happen, the saints, and some of the light, it can happen to those who love God with all their heart and those who don't love it all and it can happen in your job it can happen in relationships that can happen your schooling. It can happen in your spiritual life and your relationship to God. That's what I want talk about in this message and title the source of our strength when feeling burned out and when you turn if you will to Isaiah chapter 40 beginning in verse 27 Isaiah chapter 40 beginning in verse 27 he says why you sail Jacob and the sword over Israel. My way is hidden from the Lord and the justice duly escapes the notice of my God, do you not know and have you not heard the everlasting God, the Lord, the creed of the ends of the earth. He does not grow weary or become tired. His understanding is inscrutable.

He gives strength to the weary and to him who lacks mine he increases power.

The young man shall grow weary and tired and vigorous young men stumble badly. Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength.

They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired and they will walk and not become weary when you not think in terms of feeling being burned out. That can happen is we said to most anybody can happen. The mother who is raising 345 children and she has all responsibilities during the day of keeping everything in order.

Preparing her husband and keeping the house clean and all the rest of no break oftentimes long, pretty tomboy can have the person or corporation or a pastor in fact, literally, not hundreds of thousands and thousands of pastors every year who just walk away from the ministry because they get burned out doing the work of God. They get burned out there thousands of people, not pastors, but who are engaged in some type of the Lord's work and David get burned out and that their ministry and they walk away. There always people coming in the ministry and always people going. Many of those who leave leave because they get burned out, so fatigued, so weary, so worn so much stress. Some of the challenges they can handle it.

Also they just walk away now. At first you may say will go to be stronger than that. Well that's true but you know if you don't know the truth about some things.

Some things can be very, very, very destructive in your life and so when we think about burnout. Let me just argue the process. Here's the way it happens, we challenged with something. It may be on your job what may be in your spiritual life. I want to narrow this in a few moments their spiritual life may be in relationships or maybe in your schooling and may be in your business and whatever it might be and so you challenge well. Naturally, what you do is you give it all you've got. And so you extend your energy and finally your energy runs out and so you just don't have any more, and the next phase we go through as we do not we say will you know I know I can do this and if it's something spiritual we say will I know that God is my strength and he's my energy and God's this in God's that we prayed we just keep on moving, but we did not affect that we are fatigued and weary and worn, and we have spent and our attempts to refuel ourselves does not work. For example, I remember that on Mondays. Naturally, most pastors that they do it all be doing on Sunday they going to be tired on Monday and so what I found out was I was just tired on Tuesdays.

I was on Monday.

Then I was just a start on Wednesdays.

I was on Monday and I was just a start on Thursdays.

I was a monumental product and then when I got on the Saturday, I knew I was in trouble. You see when you get on the squeal and you can't figure out how to get off and what you get on some kind of wheels in life is hard to figure out where do I get off and I can with thinking well if I was sick and have to get up but I will be sick. You want to get off and you can get all you getting burned out burning the candle at both ends.

This can happen to you spiritually as well as any other area of life. And so what happens we did not and then after denying it, because we want to feel rejected and look like we can't do what we are really doing. Then we start withdrawing because we feel like nobody understands. Nobody cares God doesn't care.

God is understand.

Nobody understands then and of course this didn't happen to me, but then people oftentimes get better they get better, told others because they don't understand and they don't care and the fact is, they won't tell somebody I'm hurting him worn out where it I'm afraid I'm spent. I can't get refuel motel in the body and then they get bitter and resentful and hostile because people don't share with them and don't care don't show that caring and so finally they can't they can ultimately destroy themselves, but most people. They walk away in one of the things that happens is the get involved in church the teaching your son is goosing the choir and that this doing this and doing that and they just do do do they got the job and their family and father just get those fennel little little warning. After all that I want to read the bob that I want to pray just get sick and tired of the whole messages I have quit and walk away. So what do they leave the church go Journal the church. They say I just want to sit I don't get involved in a little thing. It is was sick. I just want I just want to enjoy being a Christian elicits this something deadly wrong with anything before you start doing what God tells you to do and he becomes obnoxious and it becomes absolutely a white but this is exactly what people do and many people get spiritually worn-out unasked question if you felt like this. Have you ever felt like God. I tried to live the Christian life trying to read my Bible and try to understand that I try to pray. I go to church. I do my best in Lord can't overcome temptation try to be honest here not try to take care of that and got up. I just, you know, I have this pressure and that pressure not overcome this and overcome that and always pushing this down everywhere term Tronic get this under control better in the control and what happens is that after a while we just get spent at Eva felt like he just couldn't get out of control, but we don't realize is why we are emotionally doing all of this we are being spent on the inside.

Emotionally, we have been trying and this can happen to a person physically was overworked over workable work schedule schedule schedule this packet like that which I did in those days, and the what happens is we get burnout, then we want to blame God.

So the process begins with a challenge with us in our Christian life or whatever and oftentimes ends up in disaster.

Now what do we get burnout when I want to listen very carefully and if you listen carefully. This will save you from a whole Lotta grief. All of the heart ache a lot of mistakes and sometimes a whole Lotta loss listen very carefully. One of the primary reasons we suffer spiritual burnout is we have a wrong view of the gospel. Now the gospel is the Lord Jesus Christ coming into our life and we would say that the gospel is believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior and trusting him as our Savior and so a person trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior and they believe in him. They believe it is the ethics at Calvary atone for their sins so they say. But their idea of the gospel is not only trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, but then you join a local church which is New Testament course and you get baptized and then you get involved in a church in his what happened before long the church you begin to realize that the church of that nomination has certain rules and regulations and are certain things you are to doing certain things you are not to do and before long, you realize that you been in the church that everybody in the church doesn't agree that everything that you should always do this and shouldn't do that in the don't always agree on what you can do which can't so before long, you realize that there's a conflict of what is permissible. What's not permissible and so what happens is people join the church and they discovered the Christian life is is a formula and that this formula has certain rules and regulations.

The problem is they all when they got say they don't have enough problems already in the things they were having to deal with now.

They got these rules in these regulations and these do's and don'ts, and most of all to ensure, you must do this you must come to that you should do that should witness and should read the Bible you should pray you should give. You should almost all these things should knew they should go to that patient. Despite not and so what happens is the images of the Christian life is a formula things we do and we do not and that is absolutely foreign to the New Testament that is exactly what the Pharisees were saying to the people of Jesus day and that is as a Jewish believer can only walk so far on Sunday. If you walk further met on Sunday. You had, you must not pluck a nickel on the pillows on you must do this you all do that you should do the other and it was she was also not Jesus came along as their women. This is not freedom.

This is not liberty and you see, if you ask the average person today. What should you do should keep the 10 Commandments, all to keep him and I must keep how many of you keep all 10 of the 10 Commandments. Not a single one of us keep all the 10 Commandments you know what Coach K now most of us. We first got say when we do got that one then we get this when we push the thinking of all 10 of them will somehow I get these things down you know what it's like juggling 10 balls. You can juggle 10 balls Weiner about the Bible says God says Kiki from the healing given to us in order to save us by them.

They are God's commandments, but we will never be able to keep them within ourselves and our energy and strength our power that we can do it and he's his break. When you go to the mall and so if you look at it.

The truth is, the average person has a right to say this Christian life is absolutely impossible. You can't live in correct law should not listen why you want me to be a Christian. Join your church and take on all these additional rules and regulations of things I should do our utmost and II just can't handle absolutely correct, because that's not what Jesus intended the Pharisees heat such burdens of shoulds else in Muslim people that the Jewish life was absolutely one from in the smart and if I had to join certain churches of some churches and be involved in certain ministries that a legalistic absolutely.

I mean, you must do this and you must not do that. It and the problem that is legalism. Is this that when you don't live up to the standards the people who set the rules. They look down on you as being less than less spiritual than if you don't live up to their standards, and the truth is they can't live up to leave, but that's the way it looks. And so the Pharisees had all these rules and regulations. They had seven there were almost innumerable Jesus said you you heaping burdens on these people will a church that operates on the basis of rules and regulations do's and don'ts. It's a pharisaical church because they live by rules and regulations that is totally foreign to the New Testament, and what happens is people oftentimes get burnout and all to do this in not heard Pastor say that if you don't witness. You lost you going to hell if you not what if you not witnessing daily and you've never been say mouth water pressure from somebody purely devoutly so much and you don't do this you don't do that ever was. While people asked me why don't you preach Morgan sin as I am going to tell you what I can preach against sin and name a whole bunch of things. All that does elevates them. A person's mind, it becomes an object within their minds what I want to talk about is Jesus Christ. I will talk about how he lives in our life in a person's focus is Jesus Christ there relating to him and focusing on him than God's will and free them and liberate them and empower them to overcome sin if you just keep going, but shouldn't do this you should knew that you should knew the other what happens those things become the things that like to become major. And what happens is this not true. When you are dealing with some Tim Tatian and you keep focusing on that, what happens, he gets bigger and larger and stronger in your life and what happens is when you get your focus off of that unknown to him, something happens to that. But there is a legalism and people are discouraging. This is why I think oftentimes people but they become the church in the low children and they drop the become teenagers and then these expectations without somebody explaining to them the reality of the Christian life is a limit, Tina Jackie live up to this I can't do that I can't do the other and expect all these things for me. What is the Christian life all about. It is not a set of rules and regulations because you see what we're saying is you must modify your behavior to have our approval when Jesus never said that he didn't say modify your behavior and then you have my approval. He talked about loving us so I want you to see is this the Christian life is not a formula a set of rules. It is a relationship that involves a brand-new life.

That is when you and I became a Christian. What happened was we received a brand-new life that we did not have beforehand now when you became a child of God, you are to have life you walking, thinking, feeling your body function you have life somebody asked you, will you aliveness your life you have life. When you became a Christian you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you received a life that you didn't have that was the life of God. Listen carefully.

This is very important when you look in the New Testament, you'll find that there are several words for life. Let me just mention a couple of one of them is the word BIOS in the Greek the iOS if you want to write it down and it means so that your lifestyle and that is you live in a certain place and you drive a certain car you dress a certain way and your family does this.

They go to the school he goes to that college and she goes to this university in and you shop here in our you've got these friends and these friends in their certain things in your life that you don't allow certain things in your life that you pursued so that so your lifestyle. That's the way you live will all of us have that kind of life.

Everybody has a lifestyle. Good, bad or indifferent at somebody else's judgment. The other word is the word CO E pronounce away and this life is the life of God himself, not listen to what he said when Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. It was the lifestyle that we will develop a lifestyle as a believer it was the light of God. I have come that you might have life, the life of God himself, and have it abundantly overflowing in your life that's up to check the chapter John says I am the resurrection and the life I am. He says I am the light of God. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh walking among men and the life was it within him was the life of God. He was the he was God. He said I am the resurrection and the life that is.

That's why you not on fear. There, because we know that we have within us the life that is the life of God.

If God can't die, you can't die you in the realm of the very life eternal life of God isn't just eternal life in terms of the length of time it is eternal life in terms of quality. It is divine, supernatural like this. It's hard for us to believe this, sometimes with the very life within within the body of Jesus Christ is the same life that is within you and you and the is the life of God.

Then he said I am the way the truth and the life not lifestyle. He said I am the light.

I am divine light, and therefore, when you and I were born again as we say he said in John chapter 3 what happened to we are to have life. We'd Artie been born. It was physical life.

We had a mental moral capacity, and that we had a physical life, but he says you're born again what happened when you and I were born again is that we receive God's life. The new birth is to receive a life we did not possess before our experience of receiving Jesus Christ as their personal savior. So now every single believer has God's life living and abiding on the inside of us, so that the Christian life. Listen care of the Christian life is not a Ray a formula whereby we follow this and therefore we save the part we follow these instructions. These rules, regulations, the Christian life is a relationship relationship whereby God, who in all of his loving kindness and forgiveness reaches down and reconciles us cancers and reconciles us back to himself and forgives us of our sin makes us hold in his site and guess what relates to us.

He says like a like like a bond in the branch pieces I have placed use the branch into the bonds of the deceptive runs in the bond runs in the brain and deceptive runs in the bank branch runs in the stamp and produces delicious luscious beautiful grapes. So what is it that has the life is the bond that has life in Jesus design the bar. A branch disconnected from the bilateral table and it withers and dies. He says we are branches we been placed into Christ Jesus.

We now have the life of God coursing through our very being.

There is a way to still live our lives. We don't have to get exhausted, we don't have to be drained. We don't have to come to the place where either spiritual and mentally, physically, or any other way.

We get in the place of being burned out every single child of God is possessed by the Barrett life of God and 12 the very person of Jesus Christ himself. Thank you for listening to part one of when we feel burned out. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley for InTEXT ministries intact. That is why Jean is back after the presentation of InTEXT ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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