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Hardening of the Oughteries [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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December 28, 2021 5:00 am

Hardening of the Oughteries [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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*Author and Bible teacher Alan Wright even in the best and most spirit infused places you can experience the all to use. Pastor Alan another message of good news that will help you see yourself in a whole new light. By being excited for you to hear the teaching today. In the series.

Free yourself yourself. I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now could be yours for your donation this month to Helen Wright ministries as you listen today's message go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860. More on that later in the program. Now let's get started with today's teaching here Alan Wright for a period of time during seminary.

I had the great great privilege of working at First Christian Church in Atlanta, and this is a pretty high church with the liturgy and oh pastor I worked with. What a wonderful spiritual man of God. It was just this eviction. Some of the most beautiful people got I've ever met at that church, but my first time preaching in that church is a very young man is a seminarian and I focus so much on the message and I delivered the message and I felt like a mess. It was great I just hadn't stopped to think at all about what was supposed to come next in the service like I finished my message and I just did not set as a my wife still laughs at me about this.

I first time of preaching in that grand pulpit.

I got to the end and I said amen and asked looked down the rope around to find the bulletin and realize were supposed to sing a song and so I stumbled out the word. Let's all gather together and seeing him number such and such a life later said to gather what would you what you want to do) a little closer then we were something that I just didn't know what to say next. And that was part of would like it all in which we do this right. One time in First Christian Church the way the service would start with 11 chimes at the 11 o'clock service 11, the organist would chime doom 11 chimes and then they left at that.

We were trained at the ninth chime all the pastors we all stand up at the ninth chime in that we keep everybody else to stand up and then we start singing the doxologies. That's how the service will start with the doxology. Well, one time the pastor was gone and so we were less discipline as of the other pastors and all out in the hallway and recounted try to get her act together and get ready to go in and also incisive when it is in their chiming. Our organist was seated when he couldn't tell whether the pastor was in there are not as though he'd been chiming the hour and we were just running in our had already been chime.

The people just went ahead and stood up. Start seeing the doxology without a so that worked out just fine. So I just realized that for some people that have been in the really formal church that sometimes my knees need to say you know it's not about doing it right. Sometimes it's messy sometimes spirituality is not eloquent and it's okay because the Lord looks on the heart. I was also in a conservative Bible church growing up so priceless to me that what we all really came to a personal relationship with Christ.

If somebody invited us to his fantastic evangelical church with a great evangelical preacher in that shaped my life is much as anything is ever shape my life. I also got involved in parachurch ministries that really emphasize quiet times with God devotional life. Spiritual disciplines witnessing and really help cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus is very thankful for that and I I was very thankful.

Also called to be involved in parachurch ministry and the Bible church that again emphasize the importance of God's word. Emphasize the importance of personal relationship with Jesus emphasize the importance of having quiet devotional times of prayer and Bible study and emphasized evangelism so I was very thankful for.

For the churches, and in those ministries that I was involved in and met some of the most wonderful people and everybody said you know that it was important that you spend time with God, which is absolute important.

He spent time with God. But this is just again through the shame filter. Here's what I began to hear was where is in the formal church.

I felt like I got to do it right in the in the more, conservative Bible church I started in the idea that the whole thing is about making sure that I never miss a quiet time and we had accountability with what I would would say to each other in on our Bibles. They would say listen, if you been having a quiet times with the Lord every morning and in the first place wasn't really a morning person you know and it always seem like it was more holy to you spend time with the Lord early in the morning and you know like the real saints are up to like 4 AM and I start thinking out doggone it, so I'm up so late. I can actually count this as being for tomorrow be more spiritual than the really holy people but anyway would remind each other save and have your quiet time. I remember one time in a Bible study and and and one of the real you with all spiritually mature said I gotta confess I had had a quiet time in a month. We like you like you just announce that the you know you robbed a bank or something and and I*get this idea that you know if I am a quiet time in the morning then that they would go well, but if I didn't have my quiet time, the God probably assumed like this on my get hit by a bus, and course.

How silly. All that is and have come to understand now course, is that yes all the spiritual disciplines are really important reading my Bible. I left the Bible and a love prayer.

But it's all about cultivating and being with Jesus and every time I open the word of God. It's about being filled with the gospel about being filled with good news, so it's not something that I do is nearly as much as a duty, as I do is is a loving something is just very very natural because if you take this to a shame filter.

It can start becoming like the people that read their Bible a lot and pray a lot and witness a lot in evangelism with these of the really that's what it's all about and you can end up substituting a real relationship with Jesus for all the things that Christians are supposed to do.

So if you ever have been in a moralistic or legalistic or behavior oriented church. Then I need to just say to you, you are accepted, not because of your behaviors but you are accepted because of the behavior of Jesus Christ and what you have received by faith through grace is a free and utter gift from God and is not earned even by reading your Bible a lot or by witnessing to others is important is all of that is I had a sense of revelation about this.

I heard somebody teach some years ago about the way in which Jesus discipled people because we tend to say to people in the more moralistic settings of Christianity, we tend to say if you will behave all the right ways.

Believe all the right things than you could really belong. You know, get your get your get your beliefs down. Get your behaviors down and you can really belong.

But if you go back and you look at Jesus's ministry definitely way did it. He just called to himself a tax collector. Some bumbling fishermen. He called himself some impetuous disciples even called one who would alternately betray him. What he said was calm and be with me, belong with me, be with me and then over time, your beliefs will change as your beliefs change your behaviors will change with Jesus. It was belong, then believe them behave that's instructive to us. I think in the body of Christ.

I've also been in the liberal mainline church.

It turned out that I went into a denominational church as my first job doing youth ministry and I decided to stay in that denomination for that period of time and so I went to the denominational seminary and while is it that denominational seminary, met some of those wonderful people in the world.

I had some professors who were some of were spectacular and I and I loved all. I loved the people, even the ones that were were far more liberal in their orientation by liberal I mean, much more liberal in their understanding of the Scriptures less likely to believe the Scriptures to be literal or to be the word of God less likely also to a believe in the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus and and and were much more prone to just say let's be accepting of all people, all lifestyles and all behaviors and so I was a bit of a fish out of water. There is an evangelical and in the in the liberal environment and and I want to say that and many things that are beautiful about that environment and that is that that people want to be accepting and open-minded and that is a good thing is a good thing to be accepting of others is a good thing to not become so narrow and and so exclusive and are thinking that we start we start bringing against other people are ashamed that a company is an intolerance, but when I found in this environment was that that they they wanted to be accepting of others, except sometimes me right will have more teaching moment from today's important series something is holding you back to imprints could change everything. Is there someone you referencing step need a timeless power on the vision spoken over I will never rise to our God can show forward confidently under the favor of every curse and blessing in your old life and empower the people you have contact us today to Alan Wright snooper the power to Blacks we have are very special when you make a gift of $40 and more time right ministries to copies of the beautiful had had a one for you and one for you to share his expression of our gratitude for your generous gift will also include a DVD to important teachings. Additional content and lessons from past your dance only against this ministry possible. So please partner with us to help us reach thousands of people gospel in the grace of Jesus Christ. And when you do, you'll become empowered to change the world year draws to a close this final month of the year partnership, said 877-544-4861 come to our website. Pastor We are in our final days of offering the special product blessing.

Your life is governed. Grace filled vision for your rights, free grace and encouragement blessing. It's free. Just a click away. Pastor got away these teaching you once again is different like I remember one time of taking a doctorate level course in marriage, family therapy and counseling and one of the assignments was to take a biblical image that describes marriage and so I chose the image of covenant and I wrote some about the biblical notion of covenant and that I wrote about marriage as a company and as part of that. I said. Therefore, I remain married to my wife, not primarily because the ups and downs of my emotions but I remain married to her because we are in a covenant relationship that we have made vows to one another and we have covenanted our law so love is not a feeling. Love is a decision of saying things like that.

The image of covenant why got done presenting my paper and there was a woman in the class who had previously shared about three different marriages that are going bad for her three different marriages from which she experienced divorce and she shared some but the pain about that and and we had compassion for that. But when I got to that point I was stunned because she got medicine.

She said well it sounds like to me that you're just not willing to admit that your marriage is failing to cite really like now I gotta be ashamed that my marriage is working like it's just like what what are we so what are we saying here. I remember having this distinct feeling. Also, I just hear me write about this that this is not because I was rich is not because I do have as is is a white American male. I've had so many advantages and and on and I realize that right and and I and I'm unaware that but they were sometimes the environment where I felt like that that what was being said was you to feel ashamed of yourself because you have too much you will feel shame yourself because you have too many advantages you feel shame yourself because you're too blessed yet is life's been too easy for you to feel shame like you know whatever you do don't let anybody know that you know you got a good marriage. What are we talking about and and so, although all of the many many different friends I've had in that liberal that that that that can become its own form of shame can and then then amongst my my friends all all the different fellowships in the charismatic church. I really like were charismatic because I don't think there is such a thing as a non-charismatic Christian because charismatic comes from the word Congress, which is grace, and it comes from the word grace, that we get the word gifts of the spirit.

The Kara's motto so that's will get the word charismatic and so it's really word it doesn't have much meaning carries a lot of baggage with it now, but I'm a Christian. I just want all of God and that God has gifts for us. I want those gifts you know and I and I began to experience some of this, and I remember the first time that I went to a charismatic meeting I was in college and my Bible study that was more the evangelical Bible church model of things we all decided we want to go because there was a healing evangelist that was on campus and we will all go experienced this and that the healing evangelist talk to him and and people worship in ways I never seen worship and and they were there was some dance and then some carrying on and and all our Bibles or sit on the school row together like this, like deer in headlights, but you got to this closing prayer and and he said every head bowed and right in on. He asked me to give invitation for salvation.

And then he said and how many people would really like to be filled with the spirit auditing really notes I can what that meant but I just thought you know yeah I do and so on. Every head bowed around close. I put my hand up like this and then also the vendors got a sit there a whole row of them right there together everybody my Bible study and raise their head and want to be filled. Dispirited know what does it come down here were the only ones in the whole room. Evidently that work filled with the spirit and so we went down there and also people start gather me about five people got around me start pushing on my stomach and tell me that out of me would flow rivers of living water, and I was like brother. If you don't stop pushing on my stomach.

Some else will flow out of me in a minute and an outside this I just got to get out of this know meeting and it was so funny. My wife, who later became a wife and was actually in that Bible study.

We all went out to build after like boot that was terrible what she was usual quiet was it did something happen to you and she actually had a wonderful encounter with God in those in those meetings is that kind of experience that makes you start feeling like I am ashamed that I don't have whatever gift or manifestation you have. This is the thing about all my friends and charismatic churches are so you know when you experience something of God you want other people to experience it as you want them to have it.

And so you want to try to help them to have an end.

If this is what this happens were charismatic.

I had a missionary friend and he was he was in a missionary in Brazil and he one time. This actually he's very sane person is very he would never lie about this, there was a move of God was taking place amongst this people, and when the presence of the Lord would come in strong in their meetings there would be a literal glow. It would come over like a radiance on some people must've been something like what was happening with Moses back in the Old Testament, I don't. I'm nursing this don't wish it was like there was a glow that would happen and so they were all marveling at this and in our missionary friend knew they were amongst among several I saw the light. Years later he went back in the church had split and you could guess it glows in the know close wife and I we always joke about whatever you start see that they appear like know your problem is you had had this manifestation. The glows in the know glows the fact of the matter is that in the, liberal mainline church. I felt sort ashamed that I'd I had too much, but some fellowships you can feel like you don't have enough you don't have enough manifestations of blessings and prosperity in your life or you don't have enough spiritual gifts or you don't have a particular spiritual gift or you don't.

You don't you don't raise your hands enough, or you don't sing or you don't shout enough or you don't. Whatever enough you can start getting that that sense.

So even in the best and most spirit infused places you can experience the ought to use it can be in any environment Canada ought to be more accepting ought to be less tolerant ought to be reading my Bible more to be evangelizing more to give more to serve more to pray more to get up earlier in view of God. Auto ought to have more gifts ought to have more manifestations the spirit audit. It's enough to give you the hardening of the arteries. The Gospels much sweeter and freer and more beautiful than all of that because Jesus came. The Bible said, full of grace and truth. He wasn't hundred percent raise 50% grace 50% truth.

He was 100% gracious hundred percent truthful and was something about Jesus that the sinners love they wanted to be around him. They flocked to be around him. Why, because he was the very expression of the love of God and the power of God, and he never hesitated to speak the truth. But what he would never do is shame people.

So the very ones that were afraid of the religious leaders of the day, they all came to Jesus I think is just an invitation for the body of Christ to be the body of Jesus Christ, full of grace and full of truth.

Instead of loading up people with the hardening of the arteries.

Let us announce the gospel, which is a celebration of what Jesus has accomplished for us and I thing where that sort of body roll, running Alan Wright you're listening to today's good news message hardening of the ought to reuse it is from the series for yourself. Be yourself, and I trust we can all find healing in this today are good news closing parting thought with Pastor Alan is coming up and encourage you to stay with us something is holding you back if you could change everything seems to need a timeless power on the safe vision spoken over I will never rise to our God shall forward confidently under the favor of fees, I turned to face every curse and blessing in your old life and empower the people you have contact us today. Pastor Alan writes new power to Blacks we have are very special when you make a gift of $40 and more talent write ministries send you two copies of the beautiful had had one for you and one for you to share his expression of our gratitude for your generous gift will also include a DVD to important teachings with conditional content straddling your dance only your dance this ministry so please partner with us to help us reach thousands of people every day gospel and the grace of Jesus Christ. And when you do, you'll become empowered to change the world year draws to a close this final month of the year partnership 877-544-4860 come to our website. Pastor We are in our final days of offering to special product blessing your life.

Grace filled vision for your signing rights free to fill your heart with grace and encouragement.

Allen writes the blessing. It's free.

Just a click away. Pastor got away by now with Pastor at the closing. Good news thought for the day.

In some ways this thing right now and they just need a little something to hold on to the next couple of days and all of the all the different churches I'm talking about that I've been part of it and anything that's good, can get infected with shame, and so were not advocating for one particular tradition over another, which is saying that what we need is a gospel that's pure not 1% wall hundred percent grace now want to just say take this with you grace alone, by faith alone is all that you need is never Jesus plus your own performance. It's all in Jesus and that's the liberating force of hope and that is the gospel we have in the past.

Daniel aired messages on the radio that were from the original series that I preach.

Originally called shame off you, but much more recently we put this into a conference format and just a setting that I love where we have maybe 30 people and that are learning and growing through all these messages about healing from shame and a we just thought this would be fantastic teaching to error on the radio and share with all of our listeners is if you were in the room with us though the group with 30 or so people.

What I would say is the most liberating truths I've ever discovered today. Visit us or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860 if you only caught part of today's teaching.

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