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When We Feel Frustrated - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 24, 2022 12:00 am

When We Feel Frustrated - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 24, 2022 12:00 am

Learn how to let Christ replace your anxiety with His peace.

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Welcome to the index podcast with child family for Monday, January 24 often do you feel stuck, or newly keep yourself from careless reactions. As you learn to rest in Jesus as the source of your strength when you feel frustrated. Sometimes, without warning you in our father also stepping into a valley readiness for and we can do anything about that oftentimes the instant response within his frustration something we cannot control something we cannot change something we can do absolutely nothing about Ellisville you today that walking in that valley oftentimes is a very frustrating situation and sometimes we walk in a long time and then all of a sudden something happens at the time of this message today is part of our series, the source of our strength when feeling frustrated and I want you to turn if you will to Philippians chapter 4 because in Philippians chapter 4 this man. The apostle Paul has a lot of reasons to be frustrated and a lot of reasons to be uncomfortable, dissatisfied, disheartened dissolution because he is in a circumstance he cannot change. And it doesn't seem to be a whole lot of evidence that is going to change, so writing the Philippian church and thanking them for what they have done for him in the past what they're doing now.

Here's what he says in verse 10, but I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, the now, at last, you have revived your concern for me. Indeed, you were concerned before, but you lacked opportunity. Not that I speak from Walt brought have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I know how to get along with humble means and also know how to live in prosperity in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering the then he says this is what I've learned that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me that when you go back if you will to Isaiah chapter 14 is one verse here primarily that I was to look at that has to do this whole issue of frustration. Look, if you will that this one verse. He says in verse 27 the Lord of host has planned who can frustrated it is. Who can frustrate his plans. And as for his stretched out hand who can turn it back someone you think about this for moment who can move sovereignty.

He is a sovereign God is in absolute control of all things move him showed him push him who can pull him and knock him around. If you are one of those believers who thinks and feels that you're a victim of the circumstances of other people your circumstances that you don't live in frustration all your life not knowing how to respond what to do. But once you come to grips with who God really and truly is and begin to relate to him on the basis of who he is not. Maybe some erroneous thinking about him, you will be amazed at what happens to your life. Now I think about frustration. I used to think about the way most people do till I began to realize this a different way to think about frustration and let me explain what it is first of all, frustration is that feeling that I'm being hindered as a barrier between me and what I want to accomplish achieve where I want to go to something I want to accomplish over here and maybe in relationship with someone, it may be something in your business. It may be something mechanical. In fact, you can feel frustrated about machinery about persons, about your pet dog who won't come when you keep on calling you or you can feel frustrated about lots of things but frustration says something is holding me back. Something's clip my wings.

I can't do what I want to do and so we want to do it.

We have a goal, we have a desire and somehow the something that they keep telling is that sometimes we know what is. Sometimes we do not know. I will look at frustration light of two perspectives. One of them is frustration that exhaust us. The dreams are energy and I would almost destroy us and then there's the frustration that excites us. So the two kinds of frustration. I was a look at this passage not so much. This passage but look at in the light of the what Paul said in Philippians and also here in Isaiah, remembering that here he is now in prison. Even at their preaching and carrying on his missionary work and all of a sudden here he is in jail can carry his missionary work. Can't see his friends like you used to. I can have a fellowship for them.

I can't be discipling people can be establishing new churches is that what you call me to do God here I am in prison so he had a lot of reasons to feel very frustrated being confined to a jail yet this man said the Philippian church.

This visa know more about me. He says I have learned to be contented in whatever circumstance I found myself, I am no longer frustrated sitting here in this prison sale now when I think about the things that frustrate you and me and causes frustration and then I think about his the apostle Paul in jail. Then I will be feel ashamed over the little insignificant things that would cause me or because you to be frustrated but I think there's a tremendous truth here that I want to be sure we get a hold now. The first thing I think we need to look at is this that frustration isn't an external thing. There was that person of that thing of the situation, circumstance can't frustrate me unless I allow it.

So frustration has its root on the inside of me not on the outside, it is not something on the outside and normally we will look for somebody to blame some circumstance and we want to change if part of this or if part of that that would change.

He would change. She would change.

This would change if I had this, that if this hadn't happened. If I felt this way. If I had good health.

We can all think of a lot of things in life that we would like to change what you see, frustration is not the result of all of that, those things in life a person's the circumstances, situations trigger something that is already in us and so these feelings of frustration come out.

As a result of being triggered by some circumstance or some person or some situation in our life now when people feel the way they respond in all different kinds away sometimes present says I'm sick and tired of this job, but never this anymore. I don't like the boss I like the folks I work with and so I'm just not putting up with them. Frustrated every day I go to work. I feel frustrated I am quick so to make a decision to quit the job was that the will of God more than like it was because they based it on the external circumstances that they didn't like sometimes when a person can handle the frustration. The ultimate decision is to take their life they can handle it. They just that they look at life. They look at circumstances they think I can handle and the more this time than the best I know how. I don't know what to do and so just let me to check out and get out of everybody's way. That is always the devils live and so people respond in different ways and will we have to ask is it my circumstance and that person situation relationship is not the cause of my frustration that I have to ask the question what is so it's probably one of about three things sometimes it is the inability of a person to accept themselves the way God made.

For example, and only don't you listen carefully this I'm talking about, primarily those people who live in the state of frustration usually means that I'm talking about levels of frustration.

Some people their level of frustration is real low. They're just not quite satisfied and they can keep putting together and they know exactly why, but they they can manage. Then there's that level of frustration where it really interferes with most of what's going on in their life, then that level of frustration just drives them and it's difficult for people to be around them.

You don't want to be around them. Sometimes. And so what they do, they result all kinds of things that so many people who are running the doctors today try to deal with something that has nothing to do with anything physically originally that it can ultimately result in physical sickness and disease, but ultimately if you trace back the real because it is an inner sense of dissatisfaction, of themselves exam because a person says Reno no matter what I'll do in life I will never look into better people dissatisfied the way they look at dissatisfied with the their talents and their gifts in life. They look at other people say what he can do that she can do this they can have that and she can have this in our those families can have these things we can't. This is just my lot in life. I don't like it and so they live in a state of frustration that somehow somehow when lifeguards build them a bad deal and either he forgot something. Or he missed out he doesn't love them as much and so they just live with this friend. God never intended you to live with that kind of frustration.

He is in making mistakes. He doesn't everything the way you and I would do it. He does everything the way of what we wanted to do but there is a level of frustration because I don't like my circumstance and I don't like the way I am well there's a second reason I think is a root cause of and that is the reluctance to deal with things in the past and I think in many people's lives were the primary sources root causes of their level of frustration for this low, medium, a high level of frustration is labeled.

There were things in the past and so instead of facing up to something back there. That has made a real indelible impression upon them instead of facing up to it. They just live with it and so the easiest thing there is to blame him/her. It to blame circumstance. If I had this if I had that instead of dealing with the past. That's what they do doesn't work either. 1/3 root cause of frustration is our refusal to deal what we know is not the will of God for life at the present time.

It's one thing to be frustrated about what how we think God made us about what's happened the past.

One of the present-day and that many people who live in the state of frustration because they won't deal with a present-day attitude or habit in their life. You see, if a person is bitter or resentful or hostile or unforgiving. It is in making them is what you do, you will never, never, never escape frustration because first of all Gonzaga and let you do it. And secondly, a bitter spirit, resentful hostility and anger. Un-Christlike spirit, ungodly spirit toward someone else is going to create frustration because you always have to do what defend yourself prove that they are wrong. You're right there on your right there on your right there wrong every time you see them or put some situation or maybe geographically, whatever it might be and so people do all kind of things. This was happening that multitudes of people.

People who sit in church Sunday after Sunday who come to church uptight who stay there uptight who leave uptight who go home and live all week long, uptight, and come back next week. Uptight there, frustrated with life. You can name any and every circumstance in life. None of those things have to do with happiness and peace and joy.

And so what happens after while they get frustrated they continue to be frustrated by what must be something wrong with me and listen to this must be something wrong result when they do they find a good doctor, but know that I can say with Dr. I just don't feel good without you know Dr. Italian people say that I just don't figure what's wrong with I don't know, but this something must be wrong with me and so are they doing that is running and so Dr. Leavitt will I'm tired all the time. I bet you the doctor said that 10,000 times that I'm tired all the time on the Warner on this wrong.

I need something what in the world is and then you can give me to give you a shot to give you a pill I mean is that that loaded pharmaceutical cameras are loaded with folks like you, I was they lawful people, so I just need little something. What you need something to perk me up, so they get something to perk about what happens after while that does work so they have have some portable hard, and before long they're hooked on drugs trying to do what trying to shut down and silenced his awful sense of frustration and get rid of my friend, there's never been anything humanly created by man that can eliminate frustration.

Nothing. And so this will people get on drugs, alcohol, all kind of situations and circumstances they develop in their life because they're trying to escape themselves.

They won't deal with something going on on the inside.

And so the medical profession makes millions and billions of dollars every year out of people running from themselves and after while absolute people get sick because you see one of things that can happen is if your body keeps hearing you say something is wrong, something's wrong, something drawing what you not all realizes this mind of ours.

When this brain gets the message that something is wrong. We think something is wrong and sends messages to the whole body and physiologically ultimately something is going to get wrong and what happens is, then you do get sick and after while you can get absolutely physically ill because you do not know how to deal with frustration. Let me just give your personal example.

Now move through these quickly I can be years and years ago when when I first realized was combing the preacher was 14 years of age. So I feel very in adequate skinny little thin little Riley fella and very introverted and had nothing going for me and so what did I do. I did the natural normal thing that a kid like me would do one more try hard, work hard, I'm not pray long on the study long.

I'm in a work hard. I'm in a strive I'm going to prove I can now in my in my conscious mind.

I never thought I'm going to prove it.

But in my subconscious.

I am sure that I felt like I had to prove something and so I got in the ministry and I was in the study hard preaching best I knew how nothing or may not be a priest to get one thing I can underneath is a can learn to pray is awesome a lot of time talking to God and listening to human learning to listen to him and praying and working in whatever I did, I will do the very best I could do and a perfectionist is a person who does all you can do an invisible bit more and so that's what was happening to me and not even know what a perfectionist was a perfectionist never reaches the go because perfectionistic goal cannot be reached is an ethereal kind of something at young in the fall that you try to live up to and trying to match and you can do and so I'm sure that's what I did I would abridge the best sermons I get for each.

I want to be as good a pass as I can possibly be. In the tragedy that was this that I had done everything I knew to do it was never quite good enough. I come home looking something like a change there's there's that and I thought how will I ever be able to get this right and the worst thing about it was that transferred over into my Christian experience in my daily walk so coming up in legalistic background I how good was supposed to be good enough to please God will how good is that envelope just a little bit more, read the Bible more. Pray little bit more fashionable on it, whatever it takes. Mammy will witness whatever you donned a little bit more what everybody else is done out. Do whatever it takes. Menu just got to do because you gotta please God.

Now, I don't think about the grace of God I noticed anything about the unconditional love of God. I had absolutely no concept whatsoever of the wonderful loving fatherhood of God and understand not having a father never saw a pattern never felt that he was beyond I'm down here, good boy he get annual on my team and do what I wanted to do and help me out. He and I can do everything. The only problem with that is how much no matter how much I did. It was never enough. There's nothing anybody else thought that that was my conclusion and so what happens. It was very very costly to me as so much physically as it was emotionally and spiritually guy just had to lay me aside until I: what was going on now.

Frustration is no effect everybody that way but I say that to you to say it can happen to anybody in the counter frustration.

I'm talking about is that low-level kind medium level and high-level counter frustration that if you don't deal with it.

Ultimately it's going to catch up with you somewhere the other.

If you want those persons who just can't be satisfied.

You can't be satisfied your Christian life you say what you have to satisfy the Christian life. You certainly will be able to enjoy the Lord Jesus Christ love of the father you somehow to be able to listen except affected not going to be perfect going to make mistakes going to sin against God. One the wonderful things I had to discover his God, you expect me to be perfect. You know I'm a senior norm week. You know my frail vision all my fault you love me the same. Hallelujah praise God not to try, the more stop striving and just relax.

Well that's easy to say that is a do it is easy to say relax, but ultimately when he drives you, Nicole, and pops you down the is nothing new, but relax then you start relaxing. So what happens we run run run, accusing, blaming, looking for something and you know what is not out there because it is internal and if I know how to deal with it out there with a properly if I don't I'll take one of those avenues.

Not a single one of which ever settles frustration. You may be a student you say what you know I got four more years and got Vincent got that you think about all these things listen everybody has to deal with situations and circumstances in life and you know what is interesting that you take two people in the same circumstance one is excited about life and having everyone is just miserable. Why circumstances almost the same because it is not outwardly the problem.

It is an inner problem. So one form of frustration is very exhausting. You know why because there is no human solution. The frustration, the only real solutions God.

If you change the circumstance. I guarantee if you think it's that circumstance when you get that straightened up and I minutes in the corner standing up straight, just like you want another crop up over here. You said that not Hezbollah here because that's not the solution.

So one form of frustration that is the result of our own doings is very exhausting penalizing and very often times costly in many ways of airline.

Thank you for listening to part one, and when we feel frustrated if you'd like to know more about her family in touch ministries that my intense doubt OIG had casted the presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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