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R1623 This We Must Do

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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January 23, 2022 8:00 am

R1623 This We Must Do

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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January 23, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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We all could use some encouragement and will find it together today. The Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word. Understanding how to prioritize what must be done. This we must do is the topic from today's message with Dr. Don Wilton will head to Matthew chapter 10 in just a moment, we pray that during these moments of studying God's word. Together we would gain some order and insight on how we can set priorities in our life.

Perhaps you'd like to have someone pray with you about prioritizing areas of your life. We stand ready to pray anytime at 866-899-WORD. That's 866899673 or connecting online as well. A TE W that's he why you're there, sign up for the day The Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don and now today's message with Dr. Wells. I will Matthew's gospel chapter 10 and I want to read to you just to versus and I'm about to show you something that is beyond extraordinary and amazing Matthew chapter 10 and verse 32 this is what Jesus said and I want to just emphasize. I did not say this, your church didn't cite not a single human being saved. It's not doesn't come from this comes from heaven.

This comes from the Lord Jesus.

He saved us so we go to do business with him on this statement, we will all ask him.

We go to try find out what it is that he saying to us this is what Jesus said this, 32, he said whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge that person before my father in heaven, but who ever this owns me before people, I will this that person before my father in heaven now may the Lord give us an understanding, I mean you name all the experiences that these followers who were now sitting around him had seen had experienced. They were believers believe it is a follow-up of Jesus just like you dislike me.

I'm a believer I'm just like them. I'm just like them. You know I jostled for receipt closer to him and I'm gonna beat you to the top sheet and I'm going to have my docs and I'm going to get little offhand edition I'm going to get out of line and out of tune and and and doubt whether or not he's going to be able to really feed all those hungry people until I actually see it happen. I'm going to struggle with all those things but boy do I know that this is my Jesus is God, so boil it all down you would gun lost them. So you see, they'd say will he's gone. What about it.

I'd say God can do it God can do you want those follows the anything he cannot do that site you kidding me, he can do it God can do this week's scene. So now we get up here to the end of chapter 9 and Jesus.

Jesus, by the way the Bible says Jesus was out there. He wasn't in the church. I see you people do we see how community then Jesus made that statement. Steve was speaking about it just a moment.

He said you know lots of people out till the harvest is plentiful.

The problem is the laborers are few. The people you really get it.

Every time someone comes up to me to have a big complaint about something I think they don't get it. With loving law.

Show me a congregation of believers that did it. Jesus brings the congregation together, the believers just individual people like you and me are coming this bunch. By the way, we're a bunch we not more than what we think we'll that's why anyone is welcome here and so when you get into chapter 1010 Jesus calls his 12 disciples and mean we were told it is I didn't like that he calls them to give sits them around next to the rock. Whatever it is sitting on a hillside gathers them around the nieces.

You you know that I'm gone, you followed me you understand the struggle I'm I'm now going to send you out because of your community, your people out and I want to tell you what you need to look black and sound like and behave like and act like when you and Jesus changes the theme from God can do this to this, you must Jesus will cannot deny his children in front of the father because that has already happened. That is the work of salvation and its eternal so we've got a unpack and all ask ourselves to help us. What is this mean and there's never been a greater statement, my beloved friends than today and I'm a tell you why a lot of things can be said about covert if we use covert. This is our day. But the one thing that's happening during covert. Is this a great sifting of the church going on. Did you know that you can expect in the days and months that lie ahead. I believe is your pasta that the church I'm using the bold the church was getting far too comfortable, just like in covens coming and there's a great sifting going there will be a folding away. I promise you if you haven't did you will encounter people who wants before covert always came to church will no longer do it they found there excuse and visit cry all over America because the hunger is in God's word stands.

Jesus said, just to these 12 said you love me you believe I can do it all of this you must you want to go out and you go to acknowledge me at your son publicly. So the first thing I just want I just want to put this on the table.

So what is the about Jesus what is Jesus give to us what is he done for us. Cannot just give you someone he's given us forgiveness all agree. Jesus died on the cross because of that I'm forgiven just amazing. Done Osprey to explain it is just wonderful. Number two, he's given us reconciliation. Jesus. This Jesus means because he died on the cross means that I'm not reconciled to God. God God me me God north pole south pole a Z full of sin, no sin and Jesus died. I'm not back with God while number three gives to you and me and you begin you now many people are looking for a new beginning. Folks, you know, many people could line up and say you know if I could just wind the clock back Jesus… Wind the clock back. He does gives us a new heart. You can be had been the worst you give your brand you start fresh.

Day one. Jesus, what is he new number four gives purpose. Most people are looking for meaning, what is it mean or do.

I live for that purpose. Number five. He guides us. He gives us guidance because the spirit of God comes into you and I these days, precious friends can't tell you how many times I've got on my face before the Lord just cried out to him, Lord, archive what court cannot. How can I leave my people would you got me what's right what's wrong how much too little. How about this win that up this and he always comes through.

That's what I mean by guidance it's it's us me talking with the church council and now leaders in our wonderful ministry. What is Jesus gives us life of we've had so many nonunion you talk to family and ran talk about.

We would on, believe Jesus has done so, what did Jesus say the first thing he said is we must acknowledge give you direction will be back with the rest today's message for that challenge from Jesus that we must acknowledge is a challenge for us in today's world, perhaps more than ever, understood it in my lifetime. But here's the good news. God is ready to empower you to boldly share who he is in your life. Supportive testimony many of you have told us about how you have shared The Encouraging Word broadcast with others is literally changing lives every single day.

Perhaps you'd like to have us pray with you about someone in your life that you're praying would come to Jesus Christ here in the early parts of 2022. Our prayer team is ready anytime at 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 were also connecting on our is reverent right now we have some wonderful resources, one written by Dr. Don son Dr. Greg Wilson with Dr. Wilson the beginning everything face with some you will also find answers to foundational questions must have purchased for yourself on Franklin, including your child or grandchildren. No true color 669988999673 to request the life-changing beginning in the buildings five dollars or more for supporting Encouraging Word to proclaim the life-changing not. That's just one of many resources on our website right now I TW

Be sure and sign up for the date.

Encouraging Word value there as well.

A wonderful email from Dr. now let's dive back into today's teaching. This we must do by Dr. Don Wilton, believe Jesus has done so. What Jesus said the first thing he said is we must acknowledge him before people this you must what is it mean to acknowledge the word that is to confess, and it really carries with the two meanings number one it means to affirm who Jesus is.

Jesus said in front of other people out they did you get that in your office did you get that in the schoolroom at the restaurant that's what he said publicly affirm Jesus what you affirming your affirming three things about it number one that he is God number two that he is Savior number three that he is Lord is three things you affirm about Jesus publicly.

He's God he Savior save the world but he's Lord he's the boss what he says goes any further questions you or do we need to call another church meeting to decide whether or not what he sees is Lord there are churches not out some so thanked big churches all over America destroying themselves because they calling meetings to decide what they think he's Lord my job. Our job is just to ask God what he thinks that that's a big enough job I'm in and that takes all of us.

That's what everybody's valued that's why we do speak. That's why we do share.

That's why we're the congregation that's why we're family. We value everybody but you not any affirm Jesus who Jesus is to confess him technology means that you have to identify what he's done.

You not only can you not only confirm who he is. You identify what he's done publicly. What is he done publicly when I gave you the list, forgiveness, reconciliation, change new beginning laughed off the bed piece purpose, love, joy, meaning what is Jesus done publicly. That means in your office did you get that that means in your home. That means he said asked excuse me just a minute, did you get the parkway he said before men. Jesus let us know that there is no such thing as a Secret Service agent in the kingdom of God. Jesus said we go to do this publicly.

We go to do it before our fellow believers, we go to confess Jesus before one another.

We go to confess Jesus before serious searches do not how many people out there searching, they just waiting for someone to show them publicly. And we going to do this before. Pagan and if you don't think for a minute that in America today. There are not hostile pagans out to get God out you were born under a rock. This is Jesus speaking to us. We did it. We understand why why are we so silent, lots of reasons for Solomon's persecution about embarrassment, I won't tell you openly, unashamedly, the number of times I've just felt embarrassed because on looking acting like a Christian. Come on guys, just admit it. It's real. It's not imaginary. That's what causes us. What about friendly ridicule friendly ridicule and I mean friendly.

It's a bunch of friends who just like an Christian can't talk to students about friendly ridicule on the campus is very real.

Doesn't have to be hostile like oh here comes all goody two shoes. Hey look what I would look over and give us a word from Jesus. Ha ha ha ha. Second Timothy God's word says in chapter 1 verse eight do not be ashamed of the gospel is on the one hand, Jesus is we have to we go to acknowledge Jesus publicly before one another.

On the other hand, this is done this own Jesus publicly before one another like he wants to make sure we got the first point. The second point is to make sure the disciples got the first part did you get that. It's like me is dead and I when my kids did something that was more to you know not bring them in and sign our son that was Johnny Nolte and and I don't want you to do that again but the best thing I could do was to say, come here, boy. You know that was Johnny Nolte and I want you to know if you do that again. Here's what's going to happen, like just makes them pay attention little more.

Jesus doesn't leave any room for doubt when he talks about our public witness and he doesn't say he doesn't say just listen.

When you sit around, decide whether or not you might consider doing this he did you notice he's not.

He's not asking us what we think he's telling us what we do. So here's what I want you what I want us God is so good on the hold of me on this. What what I want us to take away with this, just three things. Here's what I would if I might suggest to you, you might want to think about taking with you what God sees all ask God member God can do this and this. Now we must do so.

All ask God to help you do three things to do what he says you know more or ask him to help you talk like him publicly good one house, your speech does your speech talk acknowledge publicly Jesus asked the Lord Jesus because God can do this but this you must do so.

Just say Lord I need some help.

You know we talk about profanity and vulgarity, blasphemy, non-old fashion here folks. I personally believe a believer that blasphemes is not a believer. I'm sorry that you have you God.

Listen God's heart care in Jesus this and note Bible says what's in the heart, you know that they are believers who claim to believe he was everywhere when they're in the office so when they are in home they talk has no acknowledgment. Ask God to help number to ask God to help you look like him walk like you know what I mean by walk like it well carry yourself like Jesus big word just carry yourself also going to take the struct out of your are going to do that every day also going to help you.

And here's 1/3 one also going to help you behave like to talk like him walk back him behave like behave. So how do you describe behavior.

That's a tough one because all of us. All of us deal with older stuff. We both got personalities. I'm about the only one yahoo doesn't ever personality we we rule gun talk to parents virtual bag and take every one of the kids go to different personality will come from the same family right good it's wonderful. Lord, please help me to talk like you please help me to walk like you please help me to behave like and you know what you and I can do this this week and because God can do this. Are you getting and Jesus said you must confess me publicly before me. You don't I want fascia before my father and as you go out into this world with everybody so hopeless and helpless sheep without a shepherd.

This this is how you do. It's not about your programs in your bigness and your smallness and your impression just going talk like Jesus and more pipedreams behave like trees. Sometimes the simplicity escapes us, but that's the call to go and talk like Jesus walk like Jesus and behave like Jesus. But it starts with a decision to follow Jesus for Dr. Donna's.

He's been teaching and preaching now as he stepped in the studio.

Open yourself to what Dr. Don Wilton share with you next.

Well hello again my friends are you ready to give your life to Christ, you know you been listening like us and God has been speaking as an he's speaking to your heart. I'd love to help you give your life to Christ right now. Why don't you pray this prayer make this your prayer because you know that God noted he hears our prayer, but he wants to pray this prayer with me. Dear God, I know that you love me very much.

I believe Jesus came and died on the cross just for me, that he gave his life for me right now.

I confess my sin. But right I receive my life in Jesus name I pray. Well if you prayed that prayer right now just a moment, we can send you something like I want you to listen real careful, because you can take note of. We've got the means by which we can connect you. I want to connect because you're part of my family are part of the family of God. You are my brother and sister in Christ, God bless you today. Perhaps moments ago you were praying along with Dr. Wilton to give your life to Jesus Christ, perhaps for the very first time today is the day you've rededicated your life. You know that from this day forward, things will never be the same.

Dr. Wilton would love to celebrate with you to pray for you and make sure you have some resources that will help you grow in this new beginning of your faith phone numbers 8668 were that's one way to contact us at 866-899-9673 we can connect our website as well as G does not affect Dr. Donald love to hear from you. His email is Don DOM at G again that's Don DOM at you before you get away closing thoughts from Dr. Don. What a wonderful time of worship. We've had to give, you know, I want you every day to experience this Encouraging Word it's about Jesus. That's why I want you to get your own copy of the daily Encouraging Word Bible God.

This wonderful devotional has been prepared, and I want to give it to you free of charge. Send us an email. Write to us just let us know.

We can send this to you. We sent thousands upon thousands of these across the nation and around the world every day you going to be able to read God's word you going to be out speak to the Lord Jesus, and I'm telling with God's word in your heart. I'm telling you all fortified for the journey of life. The daily encouraging Bible God. Yours for the asking. Call us right now will send it to you until next time. Let's stay connected on our website at G or call anytime, 866-899-9673

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