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Reflecting on My Challenge from 2011

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 19, 2022 5:30 pm

Reflecting on My Challenge from 2011

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 19, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/19/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network line of fire with your host activist. All international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry to the wider fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown Michael Brown delighted with you live again on the line of fire got good news is we are here live at all is well and I'm ready to take your call on any subject under the sun is catching up for nothing lives who were opening the phones as we have less couple days so anything you want to talk to me about any Bible question anything theological, moral, cultural, anything that intersects with the line of fire on any level you call 8663 or 87884 didn't. The bad news is that I come up to our brand-new studio which looks absolutely amazing. I'm stunned the job. The team is gone but for some reason, although our team can I could find from here yesterday. We are not connecting properly with our studio today because of which I myself have called in to the broadcast. So my voice will not be quite the same as through the mic that's bread good news is, though studio looks amazing and it's our plan gobbling to be broadcasting with video and audio new studio on Monday and with a grand new intro to the line of fire.

If you've got question, comment of any kind can relate to coalbed commissions.

We talked about this week's vaccines relate to all cultural issues biblical theological issues, 866-348-7884 okay is it truly determined moral and cultural ties in America will focus on. I will read you something that I wrote 11 years ago. At the end of my book a clear thing happen to America before I do that I tweeted this out old yesterday. The people agreed to challenge the statement by 20 fish out into before we talk about is it too late to turn the moral and cultural ties in America in 20 fish out please don't say these three things about coping okay. Please also do three things about Tobit one. It's barely more than common cold to diffuse government dinner from the blank with whatever drug it is you decide three stairway from the hospitals they are trying to kill you. There it is. These blanket statements that are being made.

It is these unqualified statements that are being made that to me are very dangerous and at the very least an accurate and lacking understanding and compassion for statement. It's really more than the common cold.

Maybe for millions of people.

It was barely more than the common cold. Maybe for millions of others.

It wasn't even as bad as a common cold because they were asymptomatic.

The common cold does not kill millions of people who wait COBIT as common cold is not least people long-haul issues for months and months and months. Common cold is not including different times. Hospital emergency rooms on overload the common cold is not the threat that Kovalev barely wonder, not for nothing. What will that is the spitting on the graves of those who die expanding on the families of the bereaved and expanding on the lives of those who are suffering long-haul symptoms. So please little wisdom will compassion the second thing is you if you what you started making or how to chloroquine limited you define. I myself use government. I also used quercetin, which my doctor thought was more effective than hydrochloric with after after five days of that there was another doctor whose work with 6000+ patients, and is a friend of a friend of our of our family and we spoke with him he shall assist be aggressive in a few things get you on antibiotics for azithromycin and been on prednisone steroid justified some other things of that that you could be dealing with here so I was subsequently on those drug as well that the fact is there. There is no miracle cure to.

I have an issue with many of the struggling hard to come by tradition from the fibronectin hydrochloric link to have an issue with pharmacies upper thought of providing and prescribing them.

Yes, absolutely no miracle cure. I mean, I heard from you on the circuit. Yeah, I was on a friend who died, who on the same treatment, so there's no miracle cure. But let's not be so silly about this third thing stairway for the hospitals they are trying to kill you.

I said people post that on my Facebook page that were praying for me when it was a Tobit stairway for the hospitals you try. No I did not want to be in the hospital and if one day and into the party she truly scolded. I didn't want to be in the hospital absolutely and and some of my friends who almost died at absolutely horrific experiences in a hospital you're gonna die, I mean and angry near your unit die and you don't get on the ventilator. If you do, you're gonna die a slow death or some amount coming into perform last rites on asked for an end. There have been healthcare providers who said hey look we got some compassion, burnout we we are either we are struggling because of being so overworked and all that and in some cases the hospitals may not be following best protocol. In other words, their system may not be the best system and NAB people have died because have been treated correctly. But this idea this is moral insulting idea that all they're trying to kill you in the hospital is such a slap in the face of all the healthcare providers who are working so hard to get people better and who want to see people get better review told family and friends of mine that I have had family members in the hospital so he were praying to reason doing what you're doing because it mostly people get better if it was just jobless.

Good job, but when I talk about the CEOs of big Pharma enters the mix motivation with them and is this driven by greed.

Those are all the questions, of course, God knows the answers to please friends, Henry B. More responsible is is that too much to ask, is it 866-348-7884.

Okay let me share with you what I wrote in will ultimately go back further, go back to 1989, 1989 my book the end of the American gospel enterprise ready. This is the introduction. America needs to repent. Few believers would disagree with these words. Our countries fallen headlong into sin, drug abuse, and pornography are everywhere. Murder and rape about the family has been all but destroyed millions of unborn babies have been butchered for money and little children tortured and killed. Perversion has become an alternate lifestyle in almost all fear of God is gone where is the church of America over conferences of spiritual warfare intercession how we change our nation every two seconds of violent crime or theft is committed three babies are aborted every minute. 10 women are raped every hour. This is not include the thousands of other rates in the report 56 people are murdered every day. Our gospel is not affected streets, a nine-year-old boy eating breakfast, saw a girl writing astilbe snowmobile outside his window, got his father's rifle fatally shot her. She rode by and returned to each serial Rocephin's conviction become a people without conscience 400 teenagers commit suicide every month 10,000 more try each week for church youth programs have hardly touch them or give them a reason to live. Oil industry makes $9 billion a year, so that money comes from believers over 25 million Americans submit to illicit drug use more than $10 million alcoholics taking men and women captive faster than were sitting free. Recently her father was arrested for an hour allowing another mentor raped his daughter in exchange for crack more than 4 million couples live together out of wedlock and courts recognized homosexual marriages. The church has little boast about the divorce rate among believers is a childhood divorce rate in the world and pastors of every denomination of been caught in adulterous affairs in homosexual activities for million of our countrymen are child molesters. One of them sexually abused 380 children before he was caught ministers in Sunday school teachers have been arrested on similar charges. Yes, America needs to repent with the state of the nation is the fault of the church is God's judgments fall will first be falling on us. America needs to repent judgments of God are sheer this people being shaken in your house stand today. I wrote that in 1989, and to be honest, even as I read it now. It's jarring it's it's painful, it's eye-opening if it's me between the eyes and notice that I wrote already in 1989, courts have recognized homosexual quote marriages. The church is little boast about the divorce rate among believers is a childhood divorce rate in the world and pastors.

Every denomination or been caught in adulterous affairs and homosexual activities. On the one hand this deeply underscores to me that revivals are on hope.

On the one hand, this reinforces to me that our efforts must be put in gospel directions in prayer and fasting in repentance and preaching to the loft and making disciples. This must be the case and the more you look at the situation, the more you realize that there is no political answer to the woes and pains of America. I work at 89 in 2011 I said it's not too late to turn the tide speaking in particular the cultural changes through LGBT activism. Is it too late today that call 63788 file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown of basically for those of us wonder about my health is pretty much all behind me tested negative earlier in the week and it's just a matter of of this affect my heart a little bit safe. Good thing is to begin with but I'm trusting God for a full, complete 100% recovery there and the doctor said with my active lifestyle and health.

The goal is to skew the heart will be back to normal. So either through natural means or supernatural means.

I feel totally confident that we will be 100% full strength on every level right if you have a question for me on any subject under the sun as long as it relates to light a fire call 866-348-7884.

I'm going to the phones momentarily, but before I share with you what I wrote back in 2011 I sit it's not too late to turn the tide.

I just want to say this briefly. The reason that my answer is no.

It is not too late to turn the tide. No it is not time to throw in the towel and to say that the culture wars are over that the church is defeated here that all we can do is wait for Jesus to return. The reason that I do not hold that perspective is because of the Lordship of Jesus because of who he is because of the fact that Jesus continues to be the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and his word remains true and Jesus said to his disciples, all authority in heaven and earth is given to me that has not changed and based on that.

He says to us, go and make disciples of the nation that commission has not changed. It has not been adjusted you say while he didn't say there that the whole world would be changed. Nobody did stay that we were called to go and make disciples. And when you win the lost.

That brings about change when lost sinners come to faith and become disciples of Jesus. That in itself a change. I am burdened over the direction of our society and you have any thoughts that before Jesus returns there will be perfect righteousness. But I do believe that we can see dramatic gospel based moral and cultural change in the more time I spend with God and the more time I spend communion with him and worshiping him and meditating on his word, the more confidence rises, the more assurance rises, the more I believe that the pushback will continue and that we will see revival in the church but he mentioned that March 1.

My newest book will be released. The silencing of the lamps. It is about the ominous rise of caught national culture and how we overcome it. Friends when I wrote that Bush I intended to write the bulk of it dealing with cancel culture and what's happening in this world around us and taking the last two chapters like I did with Jezebel's war with America and focusing on practical solutions instead as I wrote the book about 1/2 of it devastatingly overwhelmingly. Clearly lays out what's happening of the world around five minutes and I'll put it in the second half of the book which the majority of the chapters is focused on practical solutions because the church cannot be canceled and the word of God cannot be bound, as you listen to me talk about the evils in the world around us want to encourage even more that your follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you.

Your disciple and therefore a world changer. If you're right relationship with God. The light in you is more powerful than any of the darkness that surrounded I don't mean the light of our human positivity. I mean the light of God himself living in us the word of God remains living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, the shield of faith remains able to withstand all the fiery darts of the wicked. Why should we be cowering in fear. Why should we be walking around discouraged, why should we be hopeless when Jesus rose from the dead know it is not too late to turn the tide, the battle of serious, but it is not too late to turn the tide okay with that we go over to the UK Marriott.

Thank you for calling the line of fire for getting the call about me from a UK show Marietta and I love your work actually will donate.

Thank you, sir. The basic math to go to my me the best way to donate to your work that will be appreciated that my question really do want extra variance, which is being valued, which is a John 118 FM ventilation have the only begotten son nation had the only begotten God either urology and one on the right. So there's a bit of difference there which may affect the delegated debate but wanted to get your kind of thought of around thank you. Yes, yes sir. Thank you area this is a famous textual problem and the NET Biblenotoriously difficult one, and you would only need the difference of one letter in the Greek, which we distinguish between a Monaghan MS-DOS and Monaghan Shui office, so the only God and the only son, let me first encourage you if you're looking for a good source that's readily available online, go to and ET is new English translation and ET and ET and you just go to John 118 and you'll see notes 45 to John 118 is the the of the textual note, there is very very detailed gets into great lengths but it's accessible it's it's understandable and based on this, it renders no one has ever seen God the only one himself. God is in closest relationship closest fellowship with the father has made God known.

I do believe, sir, that that is the best textual reading. So the only God is not the only begotten, begotten God, that would be a misreading but rather the one and only God.

That's how he would be identified and that would be in keeping with the revelation of the rest of John. Usually only the one and only God but he himself makes the father known the unseen invisible one whom no one has seen the sun makes him known to me, this is not a hosted ion. In other words, we have all of John's Christology to point to the deity of the son, beginning in John 11, and culminating in John 2028 a, so that's not at stake, but this does seem to be the best reading and if you will go again to an EPC Bible net you'll find a detailed note with links or references to other scholarly work on this that that gets into their details like grammar and and things like that. I think you find very helpful.

Now I am not a Greek scholar and I'm not a New Testament textual scholar, but I do know how to do careful linguistic and textual research and try to sift these things out so I personally read in this direction as well to escape for those that you understand with our ministries. You mentioned Arial. Easiest way is to ask Dr. SK DR just click on donate. In point of fact, I've had to cancel some of my traveling for little while despite good overcoat with and then obviously the hospital bills and insurance doesn't cover will have some financial needs coming up personally and corporately, anything to help. We appreciate it.


Click on donate a thank you for the call. Alright, I want to get to skip Carl Omar bunch of other calls. On the other side of the break, and I also want to share with you what I wrote back in 2011 to be bad news and good news again.

Bad news, there's a lot that's happened in our society.

This can vary wrong. Very negative in terms of family values in terms of the meaning of marriage in terms of sexual purity in terms of consciousness of God in terms of respect for the Scriptures in terms of the state of the church all all are bad things have happened and I be the last to deny them.

Good news is three years we've been saying many of these things would happen for years we've been saying this is the way society is going, but God has an answer. So the bad news is, things are bad. The good news is we knew a lot of this would be happening.

We put it in writing and preached it as loudly and clearly she could for years never say hey we do have the solution. We told you about the spiritual and moral, and cultural sickness.

But we do have the solution. We will be friends right back on the other side of the break don't go anywhere in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown 663-3784 all calls on all subjects warmly welcomed and then markable encouragers Thursday you got questions, we've got answers and if I settle different long story. I'm in our new studio.

But although the connection yesterday was fine something happened today.

No one can figure out, but will get it worked out so I had to call in revenues are normal, high quality studio Mike and then the plan is is where audio only, but by design today, tomorrow and Friday that Monday we revealed a new studio and some great new intro music as well of okay before I read to you what I wrote in 2011 and asked the question what I said is not too late to turn the tide then things have gotten only worse since then why is it not too late to turn the tide today before I read that share that with you think another call will go over to Utah.

Skip welcome to the line of fire. Also like the Mukwonago auditor deliver. Thank you so much for soft adjusters. The order logo preaching about homosexuality.

Most Christians would agree the well I don't know for sure other social groupings practicing homosexual go to hell yes just like practicing adulterers, practicing extortioners, practicing fornicators, practicing idolaters as long as they are willfully spinning it. In other words, if if a Christian man I was in a homosexual relationship and he broke off with it string broke off of it and they have a weak moment and the space fall back into sin and ask God for help.

Will God's incredibly mercy with every one of us is incredibly merciful, but if they said no we are going to live in sin, we are going to cast off the Lordship of Jesus prescription six not intend like a plainly that those who live like this be a practicing adulterers practicing fornicators, practicing homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. This is not of the special category right this is just like the physical disorder, journalism, and I understand all of the reasoning about what people don't talk about.

I think money is the problem of any other people don't really talk about the rich and the Bible says that it's harder to freely travel through the eye of the needle primitives for rich person to go to heaven. So I'm just curious why a lot of Christians preach homosexuality, such as vinegar going to hell with a lot of these people have a lot more so I would just like to every question you agree with what the Bible says about homosexual practice, correct or not disputing that not know about the only thing that I'm not. So I'm not go to our dog and I want to understand so so there are two reasons for this one you three reasons.

One, because homosexual activism is in our face day and night, and it's affecting our families and to take your kids is affecting the world around his mother so it is.

It's like you cannot respond that are not so great, great.

So the first thing is this is an agenda coming our way every day. It's like it's raining you take out the umbrella. That's the first thing the second thing is that there is hypocrisy in the church that we actually talk about divorce.

No-fault divorce comes to talk about other things or disagree covetousness in general, so reasonable to is this what hypocrisy and double standards so that sense agree with you but the Bible never says that the rich is sinful itself. First Timothy six, Paul writes to Timothy in his command those who are rich in this world to be generous disturbed treasure in heaven. There were rich people who helped ministry of Jesus and read the book of Proverbs there there promises a blessing on those who were generous blessing on those who were hard-working so the problem is covetousness in Greek and nowhere does the Bible say rich person can go to heaven. Their challenges because of covetousness but the Bible does say a practicing homosexual can go to heaven in a practicing Greeley person extortioners, etc. others chemically have so again my three answers number one, there's more preaching about homosexuality. Although overall in churches, it gets very little attention. One, because of the agenda which is knocking at our door incessantly and must be responded to this one to there's more preaching on this then issues of covetousness agreed because of hypocrisy and double standards and three because being rich in itself.

Sin reaches having your heart's assent, but being rich in success and similar God's people in the Bible were very rich in there also very generous in the idea that a N and fax the biblical call is is for equal generosity. In other words, according to what you have. You give an end and for grace to be shown to those in need, so that there are no divisions among us because those who are struggling or health are those who have more. So those are patterns to strive for. But if you read through the New Testament.

You read through polemics against greed and becoming rich by sinful means, but not against being rich itself. Thank thank you for the call. Much appreciated.

Okay so on that note, the question about homosexual practice. Let me read to you what I wrote in 2011.

This is the last chapter of my book 70 pages 1500 and note clear thing happen to America about a long strange trip it's been in the last chapter is called GL BT and beyond reflections. Our current trajectory is no station for the G before the L knowledge LGBT so this is before the Supreme Court radically redefined marriage outrageously silk. This is before coach transgender rights became what Pres. Biden since the human rights issue of today. This is before a lot of other things. What wrong. Our society brought in this chapter I layout in the book. I said all this, if you happen none of this is a surprise related L out. So here's what I wrote 2011 a clear thing indeed has happened to America, but there is a way forward not backwards. A better way straightaway is not too late to turn the tide matter how daunting the task might appear in light of the massive societal shifts that are taking place in the last generation. Times like these when it is easily discouraged.

We do well to recall the words of Mark Gandhi.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the voice of truth and love have always one without a doubt both of us will post the current trajectory of GL BT and beyond will be told you're on the wrong side of history that we are branded ourselves with intolerant bigots marginalize yourselves to the point of no return will be better stand up for what is right and have the approval of the masses instead of the swim against the tide was going in the wrong direction and to be carried along with the old strict awareness of current public opinion really have a choice to simply sit back and let gender anarchy rule. They will always say to our children and grandchildren how we explained to them that was on our watch that mother and father became parent and parent be the North American courts ruled the public use of certain verses in the Bible is a crime punishable by law. The businesses were penalized because they would not support gay activists, the college professors were fired and university students dismissed because the tradition with homosexual practice, how we justify our silence and inaction. To be sure our work is cut out for us.

Some of need to get involved in our schools from preschool high school will need to make an impact on the colleges and universities, those nature and help reshape the media to make our voices heard the political realm of the business world and all of us need to be a positive influence in society giving attention to her own lives and marriages and families with their out of order fixing heterosexual marriage in society, and sexuality. The list is for those of us who claim to be followers of Jesus, we should understand the import of his words. You are the salt of the earth to the light of the world, but another way by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the church must be reminded that is not the master the service of the state. Rather, the conscience of the state, but mostly to guide and critic of the state an average tool. Now is the time to put this into practice.

We need to recover scriptural truths in our houses of worship and win the battle of semantics and the developer sanity in the marketplace of ideas. We need to do all this while walking and genuine love toward steel deep BT individual will certainly view us as villains of the destroy their lives and steal their rights as per severe the inevitable vilification and misunderstanding that will be heaped upon us to stand tall and ashamed history is waiting or move friends, would you change anything in what I wrote, there would you say well old is a recent risk involved in society where elders recent risk involved in schools well will just let things go from bad to worse or is there every reason seems that the negative things we predicted, have come like a flood. Say okay. Think of it like this. If we didn't implement good strategies, five or 10 or 15 or 20 or 30 years ago as a result of which we are in a state of rapid moral and cultural decline. Why shouldn't we implement those strategies now. Why is it too late now, especially with the spiritual weapons we have what the prayer in the preaching of the gospel in the power. The spirit is this is it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and 6634 truth. Let's go to Carl in North Carolina looking to want to fire are you Dr. Brown doing better every day. Thank you boys don't start the day ended yesterday. Yeah each day. Thanks so much focus on the about the second character Psalm LA understand the divine assembly administered judgment in the midst of the Elohim, so going to be for strange or correct so you can speak of Elohim, gobbler G or Elohim gods with a small G that's what American there were other God, Yahweh, correct yes or no yes in terms of the Bible calling them God's right and and you verses like Exodus 15, who is like you among the gods or Nexus 12 developing judgment on the gods of Egypt.

So in that sense, the Bible does acknowledge other quote dogs, but then it explicitly says they are not gods at all. Usually one who's truly God. These are all false gods and Paul in the New Testament tells us they're just demons. So another words there. If you think you will get this done a Michael AGI. Michael ever for monthly rental Michael Heiser yes because okay so Michael Heiser is a friend of mine is an excellent Old Testament and Semitic scholar and in his view, okay we know in the ancient world. The world of idolatry and policy of some that sink in Canaanite mythology fail, which is running for God was concerned. The chief deity and he had a counsel about a dog that he ruled over and that would be reflected in Psalm 82, which you say that Yahweh who is the ultimate ale. The ultimate God rules over this. This divine counsel which would be angels that, in other words, the ones that the nations worshiped as gods in the so-called divine counsel would be angels created by God, and that's who God is speaking of in Psalm 82.

That's how Dr. Heiser would interpret the other way it's interpreted is that originally this was some of these words were used about AL and the counsel of God in Canaanite mythology and now they are taken over by by the people of Israel and God's is normal. There is only one God. That shock that Yahweh and the ones who function as Elohim or the earthly judges that God's appointed because of their sin and failure.

They will disguise men so this is an important debate that Dr. Heiser has brought back out again.

Again he would emphasize strongly that there's only one real dog so probably speak of God, we mean the creator of the universe right that there's only one file, but I understand that Batista more or less of a hierarchy.

Yahweh of the gods and they write so II would different number two sons of God and angels are synonymous in the Bible and that the natives made the nations may worship these angels as God, but they are not gods okay but Heiser does things they will like a like Jesus son of God, but he was the only begotten not the slimming. The only one with the most unique right rebel event that has nothing to do with the subject and in other words, that's just the right understanding of the greeter. That's a separate thing that that the next rather than saying only begotten should be saying one and only unique so so here's the here's the deal. Carl of the Dr. Heiser shock. The book became a bestseller, the unseen realm and we were chatting about it when we were in Jacksonville all last June and it was the last thought in mind that this would become this mega bestseller that his other books on angels and demons become bestseller confused is scholar, so I'd encourage you to learn a lot from the book, but always in the context of there's only one true God. As you know, when you firm usually one eternal deity of the God we worship. Everything else is a created being as I see it, basically you have the, the realm of the angels, some of whom fell in are in rebellion and then the question of the origin of demons which is another subject to Carl thank you so much for the call.

Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Omar in Canada. Thanks for: the line of fire. Hello my Dr. Michael Brown hello Cheryl arrowhead.

Now I've run on a talk I watch a lot of your on on on your Q1 so on. But I have to question for you, yes you are familiar with. The kitchen on the work of my wonderful specific carting gods of the kingdom of God name again enough Dr. Myers model. Yes.

So I have come. I will him the gospel of the kingdom is not included each article which absorbs you to go through the on that and I wonder if you do not on preaching the gospel of the kingdom, but at you. How how would you define the gospel of the kingdom of the gospel of the kingdom ultimate you if you want to distribution is ruled by a king bowl yes or ever or ever show it in the New Testament of the gospel of the kingdom of God and of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven are synonymous. Matthew just uses it as a Jewish way of speech and they also synonymous with the gospel of grace, the gospel of the kingdom is the gospel to preach and live by which is that Jesus died for the sins of the world that there is redemption and salvation found only in him that we are called as his followers to submit to his Lordship so to live out and demonstrate our faith and that all authority in heaven and earth is given to Jesus and therefore we go make disciples until he returned. I do not believe that the church will quote take over before Jesus returns. I do not believe that the church will have dominion over every year of society before Jesus returns. Be wonderful if it happened, but I don't believe that is what Scripture teaches, nor do I see that anywhere in the New Testament is the gospel of the kingdom you said, but worse became the master kingdom is where the king is and wherever the gospel goes and people submit to the rule and reign of God. They have come into the kingdom of God. Paul writes in Romans 1417 the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. So around the world.

God's kingdom is dancing is as high and millions of people come to know Jesus and submit to his Lordship and light shines more and more and more in the midst of a dark and corrupt world and ultimately we preach that when Jesus returns, he will establish his kingdom here on the earth and will rule and reign from Jerusalem over the entire world and will assert his dominion and authority but the only dominion and authority that we can assert is spiritual.

In other words, we can take authority over demonic powers we can take authority over sin in our own lives, but we do not have the power and hurting other people. I do not see that as part of the gospel is truncated. Thank you sir, call so much wanted to know appreciated 8663 blindly giving out the number with only seconds left in the shelf. Okay, I'm not a time tomorrow I want to talk to about the hostage crisis in Texas and the way it was initially reported. I will talk about that. The FBI initially saying that the demands did not relate to the Jewish community. People like what I want talk about some of what actually happened during that catch up on some interesting news from Israel regarding vaccinations and things like that.

Is this more more acknowledgment that even with the fourth jab. It's really not effective against overcrowded will talk about that and then as always take your Jewish related calls pay for all of you who have prayed while sick assisted initially when it when I first got covert it was so minor I thought I want to post anything to so many others are really struggling and and why have people get worried and concerned with them when I had that that rough patch and did asked for prayer. So many of you did pray and it meant the world to me. I really felt a great confidence in the midst of those prayers and look forward to be on every level. Full strength from a race even more effectively than ever entrance to serve you to be here for you because together in Jesus, we are making a difference and it is not another program powered by the Truth Network

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