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Tues HR 1 011822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 18, 2022 11:04 pm

Tues HR 1 011822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 18, 2022 11:04 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I'm really open. We have a lot to talk about tonight really talk about it really.

And tonight we had the Lord of the board, none other than the mighty Andrew hello Pastor and everyone else back in the boiler room. We have back dear radical Randy in the Wiley wit. Oh we make will stay back there. Now you heard or read. She is walking and talking and she flutters and sputters again.

She weighs less than any shadow led to Lisa everyone help us down here tonight is pledge week folks get out of here. Go back and get into that room was filled those of the people that are manning the phone lines because we know that you folks are going to be calling.

We know you to be calling because we need you to call the running and tonight here in the studio. I have two lovely ladies that have decided to cut like my groupies and in the is finally finally got some after all these years and so we have right here tonight in the studio, Kim Withrow and Pam so will limit the public about solo but you're okay hello hello okay alright I'm sorry for what you do today and you and then of course we got way out yonder way out yonder and that Missouri will the person Joe Larson. Name one and all and all your workers don't know why I stay out here in the middle of nowhere and was very after looked into what goes on there in the studio ego. Love you nose been a lot better since you guys got electricity out there already work. I got electricity written until €2000 to Lana party telephone line. Most people only know what that is no they don't anymore, but I bet I have someone that does our special guest tonight is Dr. Cass Ingram are you there Cass here with you my well-being studio, but it's been a while since we've had you here, but listen, we've gotten it would leave got a pretty lady in here. That's good news. She's a pretty lady bad news. He took the boat out a bunch of vaccines she had on her head.

She she's she's got to took the two took the first spoke.

This is why she's here tonight because she's going to ask you which you can do about that, but the body permanently unlock that permanent damage. And I would test synthetic mRNA in the the graphene oxide is pretty foreign garbage well.

Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is a chimpanzee virus, though she got the other one to get the Pfizer, but we really get into that later. Right now we gotta get into the Bible portion and as we go through this.

The Bible study you can feel free to jump in and ask any questions as we go on the way now here and remember the title of the message. Joe understanding the router FCS okay in the rapture. Okay, now that's right.

That's the root word for ranching now.

There's a lot of confusion out there on the rapture the church you hear a lot of people who really don't understand the teachings of the Bible you hear and say well the patriots release these people think that there really ranching out. They don't know that they're going to have to go through the tribulation. Look, so we don't give our opinions. We give you exactly what God's Word, the Bible teaches.

Now in the Bible. If you're going to go to what the word rapture means the catching up. The taking up now. There are those that that teach there are seven rapture's in Scripture. Well, I don't I don't and I don't have a problem with appetite. I don't choose to call them all ranchers. I refer to the church age rapture the church age saints in the tribulation saints. Now let but the catching up. If you go to acts one versus 9010 with the ascension, when Jesus was taken out. Some refer to that is, he was wrapping up. In Genesis. Genesis 5 in verse 24 Enoch was taken up again. If you go to Elijah second Kings.

Elijah was taken up taken out. If you go to Revelation 1111 both Moses and Elijah both are taken out that if you go to Revelation. Well, 1400 44,000, then also Revelation 79 when you talk about the martyred Gentiles, so those are seven different times weren't there taken up and that I don't referred to them as rafters are only referred to rapture the church age saints in the rapture, the tribulation saints, that we started last night and not and Dr. Ingram.

You can anytime, just jump in. If you have a question or comment is hell-bent okay and Phyllis go to the we went in first Thessalonians 413 through 18 and we took a look at what was called the pretrip by the way their people say that there is no rapture because the word rapture is not in the Bible, I see them, but there is a lot of a lot of situations in the Bible where other things and events are clearly described very clearly, but the words then. For example, the word Trinity you will find the word Trinity in the Bible but the Bible is expressed in explicitly referring to the Trinity. You will find the word omnipotence in the Bible but the Bible talks about God's of new potential or omnipresent sort this events all knowing that you won't find those words, but the Bible clearly teaches that the same thing to me is that something like 250,000 Americans have died from God in their mostly Christian and Jewish people, mostly mostly Christians and mostly I probably God fearing Christians of some sort and they when they had and they got rafted right up.

They got take it up and we don't know what happened to them. We just know that this 20,000 and been stated on the Verdi board to be dad, that's 1% so you figure 1% of 20,000 and 200,000 or 2 million is not a non-know is not an unrealistic number. Just a lot of folks all of a sudden have to delete their God exists.

Well here's the thing. First of all, I know that a lot of people don't understand because were the Bible is very clear that it's God's call that the time of our departure that were going to leave this world is not our call is because, that's that is preset. The Bible is clear and that no but here's the other thing now the Bible tells you to do it. The gun is give us. Let me just read to you hear from first Corinthians chapter 2, starting with verse 14 but the natural man received with not the things of the spirit, for they are foolishness and to him, neither can he know know them because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man or who have known the mind of the Lord, or that we may instruct him, but we have the mind of Christ. Now here I find it Outlook. All of these front-line doctors. I have not met one oval, not one that is not a professing Christian.

These are the people that understand about this God is given them that an information and knowledge to the discernment of these other those that are pushing this in an I've set Cass absent in their meetings. Meetings with the World Health Organization and Sierra Club implant predators. All of these antichrists associations I've sit in their meetings when they did not know who I was and they were speaking openly about how to depopulate the planet. It's very difficult for a lot of people didn't to know that the director heads around the fact that there are people that that want to eliminate the vast majority of people from this plan okay they just can't think that they can actually happen in America. Oh you know what, this is the we have to. This is pledge week and I never gave the number out folks, this is very very important you call this is pledge week stay to pledge week and we only have less than 10 hours a week to reason of money Stan airport home tonight.

Can I offer some help.

There yeah okay whatever your pledge is on that offer to Brooks for two books that would be included in the pledge are also supposed to cure that I offer that so whatever the pledges you have that and another one is that they how to eat right and live longer do my classic so why not. I have a lot of those books when I include those in your pledge. That's a value of 45 bucks all right will thank you very much. Here I have right here in front of me how to survive, forced vaccinations, health benefits of wild oregano oil and health benefits of the pine problem pocketbook young these I was going to for donation of $20 or more.

I was going to have these books here. Well let him go higher level higher than they can add those big thick books to date to classic and admin they can get the little books in the five altogether right yeah I was going little bit five altogether for hundred dollar donation would be hundred dollars. Would that be a good one, I think so. I think that's a reasonable number of phones you just heard all five books for 100 bucks and donation no. At the same time, there are some of you out there that might need, say one of these books and you can afford it, let us know and we'll help you out the cake now were going to get into the first will get urgent prayer for Mars present the sea.

Marcy is having a quadruple bypass surgery. Why okay I don't know why this is came into me. So let's pray for right now. Heavenly father will get we don't know. I don't know who Marcy is highly gathered.

Thou knowest the Lord Jesus asked for prayer because she's going to have a triple bypass of the Lord. So we want to hold her up to you, Lord God, and just father goblets adhered take Marcy Lord touch her and heal her Lord of the guy we know that all you have to do is say the word, and she's totally healed and learned that you might not have to go through that the triple bypass and if you decide to do that.

Lord guide the hands of the surgeon, Lord God, and other kind loving Lester in every way. In Jesus name, amen, amen biblically you have pomegranate and great if we could take Marcy and she could tell Sgt. Ike I get my affairs in order and she would get tempted, red sour grape eat at a tablespoon morning and night and pomegranate from the ideally from the Mediterranean about any kind of pomegranate. Maybe she can get the problem guys and E3 a day or the syrup that comes from the bonds of the and she could take the steps a tablespoon of the day and you know maybe she can go back and say well I'm 90% better. Dr. Jenny rechecked me and negative coronary artery angiogram and cc improved emphatically I wrote is just closer and the old book, and we don't pay attention. We want prayer run help and no criticism.

We should do that we should do both all right. Very good. That number is supposed pledge line 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. We deftly need to hear from you.

This is the right we have Paul in Texas displays 25 already there you go. Now really get into a scripture for tonight and in first Corinthians 15 would you go ahead and and read Joe started with verse 50 through 58 RI now if I faint brother and flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. Behold, I show you a missed three we shall not all sleep, but we shall all changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed for this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written down first swallowed up in victory. Oh death where is thy sting Ò where is thy victory.

The sting of death is sin, but the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast on movable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. For as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord already so why cannot flesh and blood, inherit the kingdom because for now it's a spiritual kingdom body through Scriptures federal dust will return to dust and ashes to ashes. The case of what can you what, I cannot go into the third heaven is referring to that when he took when he talks about corruption. What is it about our bodies that strip of robot center for flesh, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye of the body that sends the physical okay so what is it that causes sickness and disease and all of these things, what is God's Word the Bible say that because the citizens into the cause of all the things that bring us down.

Okay Adam and Eve. If they hadn't of the patent of the crew could've lived forever. Absolutely. Now you have here. This here is the rapture of the church a sense of things that is talking about places, behold, I show you ministry.

We should not all sleep, we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump note. We talked about this before. This is the last trump the trip as a sound that the trumpet makes of the first trumpet and and this is in the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed for this corruptible must put on incorruption in the mortal must put on immortality now were going to have a glorified body. So one of the benefits of a glorified body under Col. body is body that is not cratered and spin are born in December get out because of the flesh and it will be nothing disease will paying Lyons out favors world things that we suffer with our body now. Can you cash. She'll be out of work but do you have a job when you get to the heaven where RJ arrived. I like the idea that that that God will take care of you and it won't be anything in the world. Many corruption nothing but peace and love and let them take care of it and he knows what he is doing everything some of the things he's created that mean my God.

We can even create unmapped and he has created so many different and credible creatures and no disc different things he's done that one little teeny out his creation overwhelms our brains so let him take care of the heavens and I be satisfied so you're pretty much sure the guys got got his hand on everything in season complete control.

All yeah yeah you control it out.

We don't we. We love you little teeny bit.

We see is nothing compared to his grand kingdom and a course of the earth there supposed to be a billion earth somewhere in this unit in vast universes, a billion other types of creatures are or let's say a million. Let's say 10,000, say 1012 why does God have in his back pocket here botanically jury what kind of universe and what kind of earth God. We don't know anything know that's that's the whole point of eternity is you have all of eternity to find out all of that and yes a lot of people to get the idea that when you get to heaven is kinda like like to see the commercial on TV where you got these pretty female angels eating Philadelphia brand cream cheese enthronement of quality. I never bought into that. Okay, we have the Bible is very clear doesn't stutter tell you that we are all going to have jobs to do and and and being that remember this is that we are inheritance work were God's inheritance and that means that entire universe out there will be ours ours to roam around and I believe that I believe you so merciful beyond anything we can ever imagine and to give us an eternal life on my God please see this is what again this is hard for these people to understand the need they cannot understand that God is who he says he is a mean this is unbelievable where you have how people could fall for this whole thing about evolution, you've got it of people are being in a you got the evolution he got global warming. Hominids will never have another Christmas and we were the first ones I was the first ones out there on the radio telling people that we knew that the polar bears were going to drown because they can swim. I knew that and I told him they can swim and we knew was that it wasn't guns and SUVs that were causing what they call global warming we knew that, and we knew that guns and SUVs don't kill people is people kill people and not only that gives what we found out. Listen to this. This is really deep. We found out is the sun that heats the earth think yeah and so… And this is the Prime Minister. The Democrats can't handle. It is no way could the units way too deep for them. If you believe in God then you don't care like this thing about where I got to see my grandkid or I can go to Disney World if you're on the fence about getting vaccinated, and somebody pushes you because of the world they desire. Just ignore it and keep your eyes focused on God Almighty and noted your document corrupt the body that is his body that your body you designed you, you're not cannot allow allow yourself to be corrupted just for our worldly temporary thing you can live forever when you go over so what's the difference you know what I did. Yes, I made a decision. I looked and I looked a big farm and in a farm in Kenya that that means wizardry. That means basically sorcery right yes so I looked at apartments where we get the word obviously farm so II said here's what farm he care of the sorcerers are given us and then overhear this is what God is get this right and it didn't take me long to know I chose to go with God because I knew he knew what he was doing knows what it's doing, that God had and so just leave it there to engage in. You know what it's really good with math.

Say 10 billion math. Nobody got an infection from anyone math ever. Nobody got infected finger picking about not one person out of 20 billion math ever got a contagion from one inside their all this is just the right rampart and right theater so it's phony fake. Don't buy into it man those masks them. They're not really useful are they when it comes to these little viruses coming here. No white churches where man that then that means it could fit into somebody's abdomen or sleeve in their abdomen till they wear them back so they don't do that to the patient that have the surgery there's no other reason to wear a mask when there's one other. I happen to be done in the post office I was done at the post office and there was news to three of us. We hit we were in there with our faces because we were made an image you got this.

That's how we that's how we recognize each other like II could tell you but listen to this.

There was a woman in there and she had to face diaper on and she was indignant and to make and and she said y'all should have should be wearing masks and I said to her. The only reason you're wearing what is you have a mustache and we know it quite and you know what she she ran out the door. There you go you see, sometimes I think you got this and that works you kids either but you can't tell whether there are group frowning there smiling but you can see in their eyes be some kind of team identity are they simple and natural identity away from people. It is especially young children look. Think about it when you were when you were five, six, seven years old and you could not tell. When you give people were smiling when you were talking to Laura what is this, this has a psychological effect and that's what it's meant to do. Okay, it's meant to do that. This is the anti-Christ that only $100 and maybe I signed that you can't enter when you walk right through. And I don't let anybody bother me, but everybody. Everybody else wears a mask so let's say that there's 200 we will walk through the door.

I'm the only one 200 so it could be one, 200,000 is that we just are my God. We are in trouble with well you know you are talking to the folks that you listen to.

Right now all of us do the same thing all the people here tonight we: we know where the mass of the Taser stories about that. Let's go to pledges we want to say what can you pull them down so I can I can. All right, we've got pledges commitment now we want to go to garage for OtterBox you get the two extra big fat book all right. Let's start with the Donna from Cleveland pledges 100 Patty Independence pledges 100 Eric in beaver town Pennsylvania pledges 100 Lorraine from Oregon pledges 100 Caroline from Illinois pledges 100 Terry from New Jersey pledges 100 Beverly from Manhattan pledges 200 and Steve from Daytona Beach pledges 150, said Terry from her from New Jersey pledges 100 Beverly from Manhattan to know the old BC where Matt now okay Patty okay Patty pledges 100 from my and Carol pledges 15 and Carol is 115. I felt numb.

Carol is 159 15 okay there you go solo boy we missed the John from San Diego pledges 100. So yeah, you could have yelled with food with with with herbs and spices and no side effects and boy I tell you what I look at me for one year. I have been working. I think you can use the second drive done the year and that I had eye surgery surgery went bad. It was just a dental surgery wasn't anything big that it went bad as human body does so much better with and I have used a natural I've stayed away from any further surgeons or any further invasion so I could be with you one day so I could recover. One day, and I'm starting to recover, but only because of the natural medicine money statement of the story. Yeah well I didn't get a legal back to look. I think God knew exactly what he was doing when he created his right knee did and so the survival that we have here it's in now is the greatest source of knowledge in existence.

It's the most authoritative and information in existence. And now here is like an owners manual like when you when you buy a car. It's got an operators manual. This Bible is ours. If you're smart enough to read it. Bible is very interesting because of the problem. From my point of view because of the specific references to flap medicine.

The specific mention of oregano is there usually is that he will be purified. I am using the oregano myself. I'm usually oregano outside could use superstrength and that is bringing me back from being of Lazarus times 10 in the Scriptures, and then I would talking about the present heart disease, grapes, granite there's five or six black seated their acumen.

Is there some of the best medicine is mentioned).

Nobody takes advantage of them. So we don't need invasive treatment well here you go.

I have that have a list of stuff put out by this fella called Dr. Cass Ingram, and here it is. And by the way, it's purely wild.Cass purely wild.Cass is the website and here you start out with the screw saliva drops out. Tell us about screw saliva drought. You will never find anything better for psoriasis than Bruce dropped McLean psoriasis and eczema and contact dermatitis. I found the Native Americans told me, but they cooked it. I said well why don't we try it raw. That is, I have found guys take your I have found something that would reverse that plague and that Bruce is the government comes out of the tree.

You know they have to go the bushmen going to collect that.

That's great for respiratory arrest damaged first drawing of the long first for any guards in the body add one woman who had a 1 1/2 inch scar on her buttock from hip surgery unsightly and shrunk down almost half or less just take this route. Another person with God are always his face from skin cancer surgeries guards went away. There's something about that Bruce job that regenerates you your tissues. If there dammit so that by next drag ID and Brian is expectorant is a immune system and its anti-spike administration on the website okay listen you know I work here because while Pam is still with us here. We we could tell us what would. Maybe she can do in your opinion to to undo to detox from IIID and kind of maybe if he can get a hold of the subject, regular rack, which is undergoing a human clinical trial are apparently but if she can get out of those three or the oil of oregano and horror that she could beat that jumped out of her body. See the oregano mansion in the holy books as a cleanser is the thing you could ever do for spike protein.

The second best thing that we know of his time. Why again I'll quote and I don't know that much about the holy books. I just know I'm medicine expert. It talks about the leaves of the tree are medicine and I is the needle's eye. The leaves of the pine tree this spruce needles are the leaves of the spruce tree weaned that we did not take advantage of the tree to this because we have all of the church. It was a survivalist he was when his fellows lived out most of life of the woods in the Yukon demanding his is not okay anyhow, but he took a drink that the pine needle treat high needle tea on a regular basis to build up his immune system to think that's a good idea extremely good idea okay listen. I will give your phone number out in the folks pardon you locate the books that were giving out our how to survive forced vaccinations health benefits of pine pollen health benefits of well oregano oil and I want to say something about that in a minute here and one of the other two books there ones that I'm donate our how to eat right and live longer and secure the five different foods and all the different things you use from Applegarth again loved how to somber watermelon. You know, most will number one and see. So that's five books.

Don't forget on the website. There is a special on where you can get the pine capsules which have the oregano in there anyway and you can get the T plus a couple more free book that was a special for different radio show, but let it carry over if you want to add that to your protocol. You can do that, you decide that I regularly give the phone number out the phone number here for purely wild purely wild is 847-473-4798 again that Saturn number I'll give you Dr. know anything I said 295-3737 write that down 1-800-295-3737 and then that's a toll-free call you make. If you have a computer or whatever and you say what I want that's special I want that pine D and believe me this is of value to the people to all three books to additional books plus reduction of the cost. I don't care if we can get people who are more immune to this Bible, you can't believe the disasters I'm seeing I can. Let me guess about this because we heard a whole lot lately about them, which is set out in our newsletter. 10 things that you can make in the kitchen to help fight the coven 1010 different things to help fight the coven and there I will II didn't put it somebody else. It was the natural path made it up with one of the things is the black seed oil flaxseed oil was one of them find the pine needle extract was another one.

But what is summa cleanse I never heard of that. Okay I talk about Megan Levin and add honey and lemon okay back to the sumac sumac is that chrome chrome is on in the ditches that are on the Highland, you see that that that Bush that that develops in red chrome.

It just so happened believe all yeah now I remember. Yeah, the sumac tree yeah yeah that is the best thing for bladder or kidney dialysis or pre-dialysis, prostate, urinary retention, that that summa cleanse. I had a woman who had bladder and faction and she she took that summa cleanse and wiped it out in today's and she should have been on triplicate antibiotics, but she use you want to use a natural no.

So I tell you what.

The only side effect. As you might get well without a rider on the poison sumac out there.

So well that what they're doing, poison ivy, poison sumac is deleted behind so I put the morning.

Now go go to place like your your website in order thing that may go and they get the sumac tree which is run edible treated the deer and birds eat, and so on but nothing will touch a poison sumac unless you catch it back but we've got a pretty good list here were times when the whole body wild will help support and the stuff for your immune system, but you also have like ultralight pine pollen while raw pine pollen. That is very difficult because pine pollen is usually steam sterilized and so pine pollen is high in natural testosterone. It is high in natural build you up, build up your muscle mass and so that pine pollen is emulsified in black seed oil and and that's called what the clouds draw lines on like that is when I've never heard of here shaggy brew tea okay there's there's three trees in the far north as the wind moves and birds makes Chaka draw the brew is a combination of birch bark bus draw the dandelion roasted denim line wild mood and so if you want your chart about the most delicious jogger available should also be a jog on that website. The SSA should be there.

If not, call the number and get the sachet sachets is really a great way to just throw that in too hot, water lettuce for 20 minutes or so. I, like that I'm a lazy guy so already very good to know people. This list you sent me. They can get this by calling that number is the number they can go to that website is also wild I guess I don't know you, let me see it so I had that website right here while not casting you purely This is literally while okay okay purely while the out there you go and so that phone number is 1-800-295-3237 three 770-377-3737 but bottom line for everybody in. If you do pine if you do the oregano that the best protection that we know of to date for how you could survive in America the next year or two while this shakes down and I just can't.

I had a woman who was bleeding like a pig from the uterus and she was exposed to her coworkers who got vaccinated. I said I think you have spike protein poisoning sees that I'm not vaccinated.

Dr. I don't know what do I don't want to go surgery so I put her on the you certainly pine to drink but also I put her on our oregano. I put her on a regular rest as an experiment to see.

And you know all her symptoms went away in a less than a day, so I knew was that spike protein within her. It gotten into the uterine lining.

My daughter, she went out and got the vaccine is just a vaccine well. She had a miscarriage. She's never had a miscarriage.

She had five get well this year, miscarriage occur after you… You know I have never heard from so II heard. We had an article here that we sent out that over 25,000 women have had miscarriages. There is so you got believe that is intentional to reduce population yeah of course it is absolutely no so back to where I began. The only thing you can do instant the resistors let them protect themselves so that they can survive this so that the meek shall inherit the earth comes true and and maybe I play a role in telling them how they can survive this crisis. I'm helping my people.

Everybody around me I see you guys take these three or four products to come examine notes, watch this shakeout in the next year to stay away from the vaccine do not get it underneath. Dr. Argyle something you said the pine. The oil of oregano, but what was the third thing. Okay a regular rest. I see pine capsules if you want to go though the maximum oil and oregano superstrength and regular rest RESP those for our sufficient to give you big big big big big prediction against bike booking setting and even the graphene oxide.

I hope this human clinical trial that I might design myself comes out it hasn't yet they still looking at other than evaluating about how do you spell a regular rest of our reggae OR EGA that RESP and should be at every health-food store online. You should see a regularized oregano might have it I say should have but but if you do those for you have aggressive protection and you can do like I do you go Ron vaccinated people all the time and you seem to be immune to the toxicity yeah and what I've been doing I've been mixing up the I had this cough that I developed know when we had when the coven was going to going around up here went through the church incident. All I got was like a sniffle, and my son. I never wanted to get to sudden I didn't trust us because to begin with that's on but my son who had that he got the same thing, the sniffle, the he. When they got test of the lady had to because they works for post office and on. So they they said that you tested positive. But anyhow would happen is you haven't taken the natural world was I thinking thinking that stuff in your oregano is is is little it's a little tough to take straight private capsules I need a very easy UDP.

They are] easy PC and if you take those you shouldn't have anything touching. The lady said well you got sick people in your house you got sick person.

Your doctor wouldn't care about you recovering it.

I said I got so much oregano and brine going on on the board. The German run the other way from me. Wendy will see just how long will it Wendy Wilson from the carrier sees that she's a real sweetheart. She sent me a potion that I took that you know the Bible you have this got the grape and the oregano is got the grape juice and whatever and I mixed all of that together and down here now. I want all day yesterday when a coffin that when the last thing I after today items from goodie. Yeah, and Brad tell you what you can be our real look at those people that lived to be 5 to 700 years. What would be doing you know we weaken, we can make ourselves immune to these diseases.

I first 30 years, never got a cold or flu.

Sniffles yeah I'm I got this reaction.

This is the I'm getting over it. It's taking forever, but why why why why nothing wrong again. I take four or five things I regular basis and I eat the raw honey also honey and lemon my get a chance, but you know there's ways you can make yourself in immune to disease, I love honey and lemon like anything to break your ins into safe folks of phone lines and not ring on that. I'm not sure where we left off their mighty I do remember we left off their okay let's go with Stephanie from New York pledges 100 Judy from Denver pledges 100 Terry from New York pledges 100 Nathan from Florida pledges 100 and Bob and Lori and Michigan pledge 100. So thank you thank you thank you thank you know your idea works pretty good tonight for his arm and broke some in the warehouse that will be happy to help out because we absolutely appreciate it very much, and I was going to order some more of your how to survive the force vaccinations and the wild oregano oil.

I was good order another couple cases of those things you need to have people love people are going through.

They really want some anyhow we will do that but when I was going to tell you that this is the stuff here that that I'm trying to think of the only call of the Bible memory of a little bottomless about a 12 maybe 10 ounce pie-in-the-sky grape juice in the regular oil and it takes very good use of oregano pomegranate and great that's it that's it.

We had we had a couple tablespoons Nevada day we would be waived in some people tell me all I've been digging dewdrops oregano over for 20 years I never got enough you know and they have no family immunized from two drops.

It didn't take much, but it's gotta be consistent. Yeah, people don't understand that oregano in the biblical name for that is his this with the use of course everything in Greek with ESOP comes from the Hebrew Esau and ESOP means wild oregano, you know, if you go on the mountains. There you don't see any hyssop youth to see only wild oregano going on the mountaintops. That's about it pistols here and there is some of the industry on the rock you know and I tried all kinds of herbs for my condition and is of the law was the best best best best best best I'll never forget I'll never, I mean I've read 11 months of suffered, and boy am I getting gains using the in these all around me, but I don't. I tried this I dread that dried bass. I tried Dead Sea salt blowdried wherever you know everybody wants to give you advice.

The Bible says all things in moderation.

And that's what I try to do. I'm taken that stuff in order some more little bottles the bottles of that oregano from you Because I'm just about out of it and some type were coming up to a break and we will be back right after this one a lot more. So don't go away 888-281-1110 get the five books. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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