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MON HR 1 011722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 17, 2022 11:05 pm

MON HR 1 011722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 17, 2022 11:05 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I'm ready will pastorally Sanders on this snowy slowly slowly January 17 Monday and the full excuse would tonight is the start of pledge week. Again, this is the happiest time pledge week coming to the studio is like look for little Lisa.

It's like her birthday and Christmas everything all revved in one in the little Lisa is here in on the board.

We have the mighty Andrew Pastor and we we found out that Lisa ways list in your shadow Andy everyone we we did we put we put her in the skill. Okay so with a flutter in the stomach. We had to say hello good evening everyone, see how to do that.

All right, now you can get on those telephones get dinner going.

This is pledge week and back in the back room they put in the bottom of the cage all way in the back back there. You have radical Randy and you have wild with dirt way in the back into good and always put them in the same room together is a good fight tonight they're back here by little get along pretty well. Anyhow, and my special guest tonight sitting right here in the studio and my own private nurse lease watches here. Elaine Connolly good evening Pastor and everyone good to have you here know we got a lot to do this is pledge week so I wanted to say right out of the chute for the boat.

The first pledge came and was little Lisa placed 125 but we got some of the pledge is already coming in and then the phone lines are open for pledge week at 88828111108882811110 or 888-6779 673 Not Way out yonder in Missouri. We have none of the feeling like he was left feeling like it was left out tonight. None other than the person Joe Larson highly unpaid professional printers here and I told Andrew I expected to hear her relevant car. Let it snow let it snow yeah you didn't hear after the intro pointed.

I spent five hours today. Joe moving snow moving snow while in the left avoid something I have to do once in a while on the farm. Yeah, I guess it would be but with we were going or yeah cleaner yeah I was really pleased. I had a big tractor and it was nice and light is for sure and then it was. It was nice and clean. So I had come down again today. This even to my place will deal with a big pavilion in the grudges went out to get the tractor Job at the is the snow plows the plowed up now to 17 to 18 inches level, but when they plotted up was over my waist) flutter right over your driveway down serve are the tractor to park right hunt. I had what kind what hundred feet and so I started I got up there that's my waist and I couldn't do it almost never got back to the room so I finally got back to the road to the road and I then cover with snow up to my my waist in here this really nice young police officer cop was driving none really stops and he looks that reason. Are you okay Seth yeah I guess I will case you need a ride anywhere in ices knives. I live right up over there but it was something but here's how the Lord works is the Lord works. I look over what will I say I hear this noise is my neighbor and he's got that big tractor is and I see him plowing his driveway so I waved at him and and is come up any plowed way up and I said look I said I can get into the garage with her and I gotta get some help and he said I got an idea what an Apollo path.

I found out that it's a great idea list. One thing that in the anyhow, he did a pretty plotted out there and I got it I got my tractor. Then I cleared my place. I cleared Heather's place and that we had a clear goal over and clear out Lisa's place and so there you go. We got the old days we had to do with a shovel by hand. Yeah say.

But here's the difference in the old days I was young Joe.

We were young.

Remember, all now in these young days are back yeah and so so my wife happens to be in Florida when my son and telling me she had told me how beautiful was there and she was militantly the waves roll in and fill out and she cites I see you guys really got some snow.

I said yes on Jesus will not. If you go out there work. You only have to do it and still week go and do it in a very short increments are you know kid anymore, so you'd better fix our environment around you, and I am feeling it tonight, but God moved. He did all right.

Let me see what we have we have coming in already. Bob from New Brunswick, New Jersey pledge 75. Thank you Bill from Boston pledge is 35.

Thank you. Okay folks keep giving coming we really have a goal not only to make an announcement here to and that is the two. As you know Pastor Bruce had passed away and I'm going to be announcing when his funeral comes about the Pastor Bruce handled our accounts. He was the one that handled our PayPal account and the right to life credit card account and all of that will heat you got sick in a hurry. Didn't have. It was just about to transfer that Emily got sick and having to quickly and he went too fast and he never got it transferred and so all I have is these boxes there and of papers and thumb drives and information that were were going through.

But for this for this week for you folks out there that normally donated by PayPal. It would be better for us if if you could do a by check. It would be a lot better for snow. Also, the newsletter wanted to about that newsletter and we we keep telling people in the undersigned of the newsletter that that article that everybody's asking is for the 10 different things you can make writing your kitchen Elaine right there to help fight off covert were to be talking about some of that here the bottom of the hour, but anyhow that's amended if if you don't get the newsletter you need to write us and give us your name your address very clearly. It's always been. If we get it written down very clearly and then if you want this last newsletter we can send you that to her that article about you really need to get on there instead of new every week. Every time we have one of these articles we get.

We get hundreds of people calling witnesses in the articles we don't have the kind of manpower to do that so if you're out there listing you need to get the newsletter how to get the newsletter just write to WR WL ministries. That's WR WL ministries 14781. That's 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065. You really need to get that newsletter. It's a good time at address on the web you are, WL.or WR

She didn't have time to grab whatever you loose this program have paper can Andy we give out so many things that you want to write down, take notes, phone numbers or something websites so there you go. Boss already. Okay Joe you do you remember the title of the light sermon.

Remember that if I can pronounce it. Understanding rather science campus is growing rapidly as you like to finance a Ramsey acetate know what that word means. That's the root word for rapture now were going to take a look at this week which is so much confusion about the rapture of the church and there's a lot of people out there that should know better end date.

There always mocking and insane with these people think they're going to miss there are did that. Don't worry, then I can have any problems.

There can be rapture out these people wouldn't say that if they were biblically literate because actually if you know what that word rapture means means to be taken on elevated burnout taken out. Yeah, reasonably taken out, pulled out now if in fact you are you going to be actually precise and that in the Bible you find seven different accounts of what you could call rapture Nido referred to him as rapture. I refer to to raptures the church age saints in the tribulation saints.

Okay. But if you wanted to be condemned to Kennett you can say well over and asked a chapter 1 verse nine and 10, we see Jesus. The ascension taken out. We see Enoch over in Genesis 5 verse 24 we see him take it out okay.

We see Elijah and second Kings 211 we see him taken out another words they believe our lives are taken of life. Moses and Elijah, both in Revelation 1111 then you have the hundred 44 tribulation saints hundred 44,000 and then you have this in Revelation 14 then of course you have all of the, the martyred Gentiles in Revelation 79 so if you had all of those up and comes out to seven what you could call raptures. But now I refer to Mount people say well it's not a rapture Joe because the word rapture is not in the Bible okay but let me ask you this. Are there words that are that are clearly described in the Bible but are not found in the Bible. Let me give you some examples may be okay. Chris 20 rapture rapturous. What about free trip to ABC the word free.

Rib is not in the Bible, not okay. What about pre-millennial okay what about this. This is a really good one.

What about the word Trinity Trinity is not in their okay what about the omnipotence of Lipton as modern or… It's omniscient… The Encino actually not in their little but on the present, not in their so are all of the clearly described within Scripture.

Yes, so especially we know the Trinity is is clearly taught in the word got right right so all these things are not the words are not literally but the actions are described right so now here I wanted to start tonight would the rapture of the church again free to premillennial now let's go to first Thessalonians chapter 4 readme versus 13 through 18 are but I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep they use are all not even as others which have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

For this we say and do you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain under the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

And so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Wherefore comfort one another with these words. I wanted to say that we have bill from Boston pledged 35 Tony from Toronto pledges hundred 25 Jerome in New York pledges 240 Bob from Queens pledges 200 and Patty from Escondido California pledges 50 thank you thank you thank you yet again become Infosys is going to be a very tough week for us and others a lot of things happening out there so thank you very much and letting me get back into the description of Joe here were talking about in this example will first of all, the word of the Lord was both directly revealed to Paul is what Paul is telling you that have the where with directly revealed to in the teachings of Jesus was directly revealed to the apostles's amount here we have in this the day of Christ. What's the difference see a lot of people don't make a distinction between the day of Christ and the day of the Lord there two different dates okay Christ is when it comes back for his church in the day of the Lord is when it comes back to rule the millennial kingdom. So the day of Christ always refers to salvation right the Kayden.

He is the Savior. He's the deliverer and he's the Messiah, so it always always deals with salvation the day of the Lord always deals with judgment, judgment, and so here he said, but I would not have you to be a new brother concerning them which are asleep, that you sound, not even as others which have no hope for. We at we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him now, here's an interesting thing people are trying and beans right right so now we have we have a body soul and spirit so when we die. What happens to the body well to composers basically okay.

Better decomposes back in. Elements there came from the right. So what happens to the soul and spirit spirit goes to rest of the Lord were born again believer what's the difference. From the cross. Tonight you will be with me in paradise. So, not in scripts not embodied because the Lord didn't rise for three days so in spirit would be the spirit would go to be of the Lord in your soul goes with your spirit candidates stabbing precision, because Elaine sitting here and she's really very smart and she wants to ask some questions. I could tell by looking at right but you don't interrupt this issue very polite. So Elaine, if you haven't and you know the difference between the spirit and soul and spirit in the cell you get the talk little closing there Mike, yes the spirit in the cell are at your mentioning that my ear mentoring the spirit the cell in the body right, right. My perspective is the mind and soul in the body.

I and that comes from the energy perspective and so the body is good. Return to ashes.

The soul is going to go to be with Jesus and the mind also accompanies the soul. Will you really close there. But when you talking about the spirit spirit is your energy. It's that's that's that force that might force exactly that and I mean by the mind and the energy the soul is your personality. That's who you are. When we first when the Scripture refers to the cells is who you are okay and so that's the difference.

Now there very close and is only one thing that can divide the spirit from the soul and that's the word got right here to tell you that now]. Toward Sophia can divide right so now here the Lord is this is this the second coming that were referring to people get this confused now. Now comes to the heaven does not come to your silly comes to the first heaven right right choices here. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep okay so those that have died okay will be risen first for the Lord himself shall ascend from heaven with a shout, and with the voice of the Ark Angel and the trump of God. Now here is going to be I mean I was going to be a large shout and I and I believe those are the shelves of the saints them here in the dead in Christ shall rise first.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Now you see you notice something here are two things so what comes to mind when you say be caught up together with them in the clouds. That's the first heaven. That's where the birds fly, that's true, but in that where the word clouds are used all through Scripture. The 1st atm well now is actually referring to the saints, case of what he's talking about here is telling the Lord returns with the, the souls of the spirits of the saints is called a cloud referred to several places in Scripture and then there caught up in the first heaven right and remain those that remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, so we shall be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. So here we go be caught up now. What happens is when the returns which are sold spirit.

What he does is he rejuvenates your atoms, your atoms are raised up and were going to be given a glorified body glorified body keep achieving better.

He put you together better yet absolutely and Boykin. Joe and I use that range of errors that and so I want to recall the extra metal I carry around. You have to leave that here.

Jim okay now they have a you know what else you have to leave your you have to leave your bloodier Joe blocked out, you know there's a I saw some of the movies that they made their the nation with the rafters.

A pile of clothes left and and he got false teeth left their jewelry live third artificial limbs left there and there also look them in the blood because flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom turned on them and when Todd weathers at leisure in movies from several of Lynn anyhow so wherefore comfort one another with these words so were going to be given a glorified body and I want to pray to God, Lord, for that now close the phone lines are open. We gotta get some more calls coming in here is will Josep make the waiting and the new. I don't know what mighty Andrew might do if we don't get enough calls you don't know what he could do and so that he can collect her in the parking lot start throwing cars around you never know, I've been known to do it there you go there you go. So 888 know about Will and Randy and you better call.

We don't want to write their experience absolutely.

88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 working to meet playing a little clip here folks, but the go-ahead enforces take a break at that these is no don't know what I'm hearing here so he's God anywhere back and we have soul from Ohio pledges 50 thank you Russell and Bugs Bunny. I know Bugs Bunny fell out there in Little Rock yet quite a character. He pledges 300 thank you thank you you know that was a true story that was a true steroid that sound.

We just think that really happened that was in the: John Blood Alley, Shaker Boulevard early in the morning was still dark out and still and that will accepted Christ as a Savior, so she was saved and her baby was saved that they have their knuckles knowing you're going to be someplace Saturday tell us where you can be Jan Debbie and met Dina at them.

Adina County, friends and neighbors. They meet twice a month at the Thursday cowboy and now the coordinator for that is Lisa Woods and I'm pretty speaking on this Saturday, January 22 at 830 meeting starts. I start speaking at nine and I'll be talking giving an update about the vaccines and then most importantly what you can do to help. Take care of issues that you're having with your vaccinated her unvaccinated and how you can maintain your health arrived very, very good that one more time to time, place, it's at the Thursday cowboy Saturday, January 22 meeting starts at 830 and it's at the Thursday cowboy in route 18 and Adina Adina County, friends and neighbors grouped will play clip by Dr. Jerry tenpenny who's a good friend of yours and mine do want to introduce the clip tells a little bit about what it's about. Yeah. Basically, Dr. tenpenny spoke at the Ohio freedom fighters group in Adina this past Wednesday and she gave us a new conversation about the destruction of our temple. She's basically reviewed everything that's going on in the world right now and then had Bible verses in this clip that really reflected the dangers and hazards that were all facing right now already working the plane that is just a second, but we want to say thank you to Philip and Michelle in Florida play 75 and Linda in Philly pledges 100 and sure of it so that the business of Sue in Michigan pledges 25 thank you thank you thank you and pastor you if they want to see the entire clap they can go to Ohio freedom in all of the recordings of the speakers for that group are on that website for viewing very good so… Let's do about 10 minutes of the clip so as to start the hardware is that we need to get the word please.

For more than 20 years and over 40 hearing patients from all over the world.

Presentation here is an offer like what Melanie said this is a presentation from scratch is for us, there's not as many things in the summer starts in September.

Those kind of year, said the first 20 lifetime miles and miles away in a land far far away in March 2020 and 20,000 30,000 different virus as the former stars and murderers and bird flu and when doing this little cold virus that said really this is really Satan's last seen in the history of humanity on this planet all the way back to for sure for sure the notified or that. So the first year 2020. Because between March 2020 December 2021 interviews over 46 patient is my own and on other things start presentation 20, 21, number 20, to get the word out. Many people still with me as actually married Christian North is now worse about booster number one and then to 57 word.

This doesn't stop now will be a minimum talk about the mass 600 start making people aware of the social from high school girls prophesied something I social distancing fraud front of the PCR testing which were all healthy people is because they are collecting project because every single person voluntarily terribly which computer know our life. So we got last year talking about the problems with the shots and I created injury that I did on Mother's Day weekend which was like on my part between July 2024 40 shots will either kill you showing the first the first spike 1421% first five spell common area embolism like problems in the first 14 days. Spike 14 days CDC with the definition of unvaccinated guy within 60/2500 hours to get to the medical literature to find my mom on all his people as he ceases to amaze me how many articles I still see when they talk about my testimony before the committee so every single one of those mechanisms of the first but the first 48 hours. About three weeks following a small town usually two deaths among the last time between the ages of 45 is all probably stars just got to talk about it with information on third shot booster shot is absolutely what you count the level of lower which means you are now vulnerable to any virus or bacteria wonder hospital with just think how everything is as sometimes it takes the whole world while this is saying we talked about don't work some people were fully vaccinated are published at least three times as now so continually completely helping to see whether not been exposed to a virus when we carry somewhere around viruses and bacteria on every single 199 million below. All noise, all will you help the person's nose is a sign of mental back and I want to see that LED from Pennsylvania pledges 30 John Minnesota pledges 50 Deacon John pledges 100 Marilyn Florida pledges 40 in which the phone numbers are 888 folks we got to hear from you.

We got to know how far we are from a gold tonight put to it is mighty handy if you find out how far we are. Let me know 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 already, so we are okay okay so we have.

We wanted to get in tonight so we are $3400 short of our glory.

$3400 short of work around gold tonight so 3400 so the next person that calls better give me 3400 because I know you are right.

I already see Marilyn inflammation when we get some new ones coming in right here, which he said about the fully vaccinated service credits. Here's an article another one. How many are there out there. Contrary to popular belief, a significant portion of the Ontario hospitalizations are fully vaccinated individuals the stats quite clearly draw the line between fact and fiction look a construct by limiting the fully vaccinated individuals are super spreaders of the virus and there's been a podcast also where it was identified that the computer systems within the hospital are programmed. You know, to switch from back to untaxed where's the other reimbursement reasons and Joe. It's a lot of people have a hard time trying to try to accept the fact that these people are out to depopulate the planet. This is done.

This is genocide. This is but the people don't want to believe it.

No one this is America that can happen here because I will. Dan Rather would've told us right okay everything is hijacked right were trying to explain to you what they're doing this and we been talking about this for years. This is the depopulation program. Joe, here's what I got late military documents show that I'm American works throughout all phases of: so why has the medical establishment suppressed it for two years goes on to say you're right. The government knows and fully admits at least two government insiders that I would make it as a cure for covert it is been kept out of the hands of the American people for political eugenics reasons. In other words, they're a part of the world that Mr. Millie and Ashton. There are part of the depopulation movement headed up by that mad scientist that Google Fauci Kaiser Google well and also from other countries.

Minor phone back that attorney from Germany on his actually said that what's going on with experimentation with these lethal lethal dosages with that shape the shots is that it is intentional, malicious inflection of harm, and doctors. The lingo recently this past week said that it is equated to premeditated murder right now these people that she's referring to are legitimate very well known national figures, folks. If so, what is taking place will the usurper in the White House and Joey Biden will Joe tell tell them what he's wanted to do a video one American news drop from DirecTV in a shocked decision.

Joe tell them about her found out something you go back and look at the facts. I was looking over in Europe 2017 and 18. They had 400 influenza deaths per day at the peak of their fluency.

This is okay out of the London daily Mail but right now, in January 2020 230,000 people died from a virus. Everybody's testing positive for covert that's a lot less than their best flu season in 2017, 18 so the Lord's courting them covert killing half as many people per day as a bad year and the other thing was recent weeks and weeks ago that if they used any of these drugs that would keep you from getting sick.

Going to the hospital going on oxygen are going on a ventilator, then according to law. They couldn't produce their vaccine and the people Bill Gates soon found. She invented the others could not get filthy rich over their patents and their drugs so that was the other thing. So what they're doing right now one news is very popular, spit on DirecTV but after Biden got out there and said we've got it and misinformation. This information broadcast from these platforms. That's gotta stop well.

The very next day DirecTV announcer were not going to renew their contract with the conservative news channel 1 America news network and all they had to say was, we informed Harry networks that the parent company of one American news that following a routine internal review. We do not plan to enter into a new contract when our agreement expires.

So you can see the coincidence that the very day after Biden said we've got in this information. This information, this big conservative network is going to be shut down and that this is thriving because people have been flocking to it, especially after Fox news. Remember when not Fox News prematurely made that decision to call Arizona provide. That's when people started flocking through all way and are there are wonders American, one American news. So that's what they're doing. This is nothing but a battle for control of the minds and information to the American people for control what you hear or see and know they control you and they can lie and deceive if they can control the media. That's why this show is so so important that we stay on the year that you get the unvarnished truth and we tell you things that you must here and that for the most part, you will not hear any other place. Very few places I should say I just had another one of the ladies in our churches just texted me telling me about her cousin who got the covert and they gave him a what is this difficult run with fear acknowledgment is a fair yes women fear okay ma'am destined there right now like your name to right there you go and and put them on a ventilator and he died in them very quickly these things happening, and that's a direct directive from the CDC CDCs kill them off, kill them off. You know it. We played the for the World Health Organization. We played the think the guy that runs that there time and time again where he is saying were killing off or using the fax to kill too many children we should be killing the elderly and the sick instead of the children with the VAX. That's exactly what I'm they admitted were at that point now right were coming up to a break and we want to say that the we got sister Mary pledges 100 Joan Pennsylvania 100 and Karen from Illinois, 30 thank you thank you thank you we will be back right after this. Don't go away a lot more to come. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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