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MON HR1 121321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 13, 2021 11:05 pm

MON HR1 121321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now I radio about 30 sailors 2021 of the Christian resistance and tonight this is the last pledge week of the year. Right now this is it and the phone lines are open organ open.

Love right now this is zip 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 during the board. He took the peas away from the jolly green giant none other than the mighty Andrew good evening Pastor Ernie and everyone else right is sitting in here she weighs less than his shadow. Little Lisa.

Good evening everyone.

We got elected in the back room on them telephones, none other than the rowdy Randy and witty Burns director they're looking forward and live right here in the studio.

Other than my personal nurse, nurse, at least for tonight. Elaine Connolly good evening Pastor back here with us. Good to be here no way out yonder writing all of those dusty back roads. None other than the partisan Joe Larson other words, your highly unpaid professional here and ready to go to work. Are you ready old-time already very good. I do want to say today is the my most absurd condolences to the Corsi family.

But today you know wheat we did Ed's and Corsi's funeral and it was really a graduation and had run a good race. He had fought a good fight. Ed was a man who marched to a different drummer and he stood on principles and all of his friends he had so many friends came out tonight and will its Heaven's Gate and our loss like I do want to say that sincere thoughts go out as we know that it's kind of quiet in the Corsi house without it out there tonight.

Marie Cincinnati, God bless you and all you good folks that came out today. Fred the stilted and it was a long, long time friend of mine many many years. We had him and I we were like in so many ways, assuming things in them.

But tonight I'm going to last time last week I prayed for Dan Shafer and Schaefer then has stage IV cancer and he's got it in both the liver and the pancreas and so I want to thank you folks that set me all of that information out there were getting all of that to Dan were getting attitude at work and it in but Joe went down to is another one of those men that march to a different drummer who stands in principal who a lot of times in the very close friends and family. Sometimes family can understand because often the family is so in the world they don't they don't understand them what it's what it really means why people have to stand on principle and I know sometimes they say we know your in your urine embarrassment to us because everybody says think something is wrong with you when you go just corrupt courts. When you go against the Krupp media corrupt politicians. When you stand by yourself. Often people think will in no and everybody's looking at us. Who cares. I'm I am a person who believes that you stand on principle and we had a policy in this in this ministry from day one. No compromise.

So I also hear people asking about people like Dan Archer afraid Arthur afraid to stand and speak out. Archer Fred to do this or that and that the people like down in bed course either had their conviction, their faith, they give them the strength and courage. Well, not too many people say that for you get that courage from your right to Dan or I never had people asked me what you afraid you know what sometimes is a they will say, aren't you free to kill you or something like that for about archer not you want to go to jail doctrine order, and after your gut is you got to do the right thing.

He got his stand on principle and that's what the not just get along, go along will be like the rest of the world payment.

So why don't you I want you Joe Pastor Joe to pray for Dan we been praying for them all week and would you pray for healing for Dan are working on it like to ask you to pray for those families dead and missing all the suffering error in all those different states that the Kentucky especially in there so many deaths in so many still missing that. That's a total mess. Dan because is restarted. Just all pray with me because you all need prayer.

So trying to please their heavenly father, we once again come to you hold it down. Schaefer and Lord you know more about his cancer than Pastor Ernie or I do, you know more about his condition than the doctors and Lord, we don't know if you're calling your servant home or Lord.

It is your desire that he would have a miraculous healing guided by your power that he revealed a witness testified to face overcoming that the cancer we are told by you to bring everything to you in prayer.

So we would lift them up to you, Lord, and we would ask that you just bless him in every possible way that Lord Richard help ease the pain and suffering. The worry that you would be with his family and loved ones and friends this be with everyone through this time of tribulation and Lord, we would just ask you for that miracle that we could rejoice and praise you. But we have to ask if it be thy will and I know he's been a good servant on this world and Sunday we know that he will be one of those so will be right here in heaven and we just thank you for that father.

Whenever you choose to moderate your choice.

We ask all these things in Jesus precious precious name on display. Heavenly father Lord God is as we look at what's happening you with all of these tornadoes. All of these tornadoes and Lord.

Already the apposition out there.

The corrupt the corrupt those that the speak of in Romans one, who worship the environment, the creation and that the creator already there there blaming there blaming this on global warming and it we know father God Lord in all things consist value. We know Lord that you are in complete control and Lord, we know that you allow these things to happen in the end, we don't know why you do, but we do know Lord that that nothing takes you by surprise. Hello, we know that you took a lot of people home. Father God and Lord my prayer is this, that those that have lost those that have lost their homes and loved ones, Lord, that you would be a comforter provider Lord and keep them and protect them.

But more than anything else. Father God might.

My prayer is that people would realize that as you told us in your word. There always say Lord's will in before you plan Lord. The people realize that the time that they leave this planet, the time that they leave this life Lord is not there.

Call my prayer father God is the people will look at these tornadoes and realize just how fragile they are, realize that that it could have been them that in any moment they could, their soul could be required of them.

And so my prayer through all of this, Lord that leads many of those people that through this, it leaves those people to eternal life in Jesus Christ. That's my prayer payment. Payment and settlement. All right, we got a lot to talk about tonight so I want to start off tonight with this and I'm looking will look like. We already got some plates and pledges already came in yet. Yeah, we already have little Lisa pledges 125 told I was gonna be the first pleasure Tony from Toronto pledges 125 Jerome in New York pledges 200 Randy here pledges 71, I want to have say that doers of the word Baptist pledges $1000. Called an active church all right. It certainly is lives up to its name. I just want tell everybody I know your prolonged time in the church and that's one thing, your churches lived up to their name as long as I've known them. They are truly truly each and every day doers of the word ill and I just want to have them all around to.

We had just give you an example, what you talked about the printer we have a printer whose it's a mom-and-pop printshop. They do Bob and Marilyn. They do wonderful job out there. Newberry printing and Bob ended up with a culvert in the hospital in Maryland was all there all by yourself. And there was no way in the world. She couldn't let's let's get our newsletter out because our newsletter is you know is growing all the time.

I mean it's really growing rapidly and she didn't know what to do and you know what all I had to do it slow were doers of the word and I called a couple of the ladies and hats out to Barb and Marie to to doers of the word and add to that my wife Mrs. Sanders.

They said you know what will help her out and they went right over there and there standing by to help her more and and she was so happy she just could not believe, and she was so thankful that we had people to come out and that's what we do and I want to praise the Lord for all those people are responding to the to the victims of of the tornadoes out there. There's many many people going to the eight and God bless him for doing that. So all right wanted to say a couple things let's get into the title of the message that we can get to the message going to remember the title of the message was for many babies have become caring, but only one king ever became a baby that you knew that was a I have a pretty good guess already in the wilderness set out with you next week is a chrysalis message and I always loved the priest a crisp Christmas message. Especially when you nice and thinking about their and that night when the Lord announces the birth of the implicit Lord announces over a lot of people can't wrap the brains around that put the Bible's will clear that I was right there in that field where so many of the historians believe this is the exact place where the shepherds were.

I would add to that a few years later yeah and so bring your old but I discovered her people earlier were met recently we had eagerly left until I got there and did a very very place and I remember I will.

I was blessed there. The Sea of Galilee out there. I got to preach the same message Jesus did for Luke out there and at sea until what will he think about it, and people don't realize there's this thing that we call time, but what is time. Did you know that there were there was a period in which there was no time did you know that your before creation and you say well what is time well the definition of time itself is the measured. In which an action or process or condition exists or continues. That's hard chill.

It's very hard to imagine an existence before there was this thing in which we call time, try to imagine for a minute just to be just think about it.

Give your were going outside at night in the starry night sometime in and saw the stars in the sky would just imagine a. Where there was nothing that there just for emptiness and darkness and then you start wondering about things about this this universe that we have does it have everything in our lives. Everything we know about has a beginning or end and is very hard to cover comprehend anything that didn't have a beginning or an end. Okay recovery can only relate to veteran our physical body enables us in everything we see as a creation as a beginning and have a nap. Then you go beyond that and you try to imagine a preexistent entity, a preexistent entity that is of limited meaning that has unlimited unlimited power to do anything that is in harmony with his perfect nature and think about that how you know there is on limited power. Anything he imagines to do.

He can do and so he created this measurement of things we call time of happening to happen in incident incident we call time and then add to that show. Add to that of Nicias, meaning that here, that he knows all things that exist. In actuality, he knows all things.

All the variables concerning things that have not occurred, and yet he knows everything is going to agree.

This is really hard to try to imagine. He knows all the future events because God is eternal, and he knows all things, and he knows that Joe and one external act.

In other words, God's knowledge is intuitive in nature. Think about that.

It's his immediate not coming through the senses, like all of us is simultaneous. It's it's not acquired God's knowledge is not acquired through observation or reason is actually complete. According to reality. Then imagine this Joe, the God of the totality of his essence without any diffusion or expansion or multiplication or division.

He penetrates and how he fills the entire universe and all its parts. We call that being omnipresent and so that's where we start tonight in Psalms 139 starting with verse seven. So wanted to read verse seven all the way through verse 1212, whether shall I go from my spirit printer. Shall I flee from my presence if I ascend up into heaven, thou art there. If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me on thy right hand shall hold me if I say, surely the darkness shall cover me. Even the night shall be light about me EA the darkness height, if not from the but tonight China says the day in the darkness and the light are both alike to the so when we when we gleaned by this we know if God is omnipresent. He's everywhere then do we do we say when you know that means he's never far from us when we need to know is always right there, no matter where we are and our existence in our lifetime is right there exists in all places at all times. You can't get away from him. If you want to let you know when Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit and they heard God walking in the garden and they had put leaves wrap themselves the leaves speak, think fig leaves because they knew that they were naked. And God said to them, where are you. You think I really knew where they work across the deck of the rhetorical God starts out getting us a question giving us an opportunity to put their mouth actually locates no Joe, this might be hard to believe.

Clinton you know that we have enemies, you know that not very hard to believe now I've met a few of them I've seen over the years a lot of threats and now I've got a lane in here with me and so I would ask you some questions now living yes here, God is omnipresent and you know what the word pavilion means in the Bible the word pavilion means it's an area of teaching legroom that the action of the pavilion is a war room LRM okay that's where now the old devil and his all of his top angel is generals. If you will.

They meet in this war room to discuss their battle plans and you know what makes it very difficult for most guess who's sitting in the living yeah J.


60 C, so that that puts that puts old St. Nick quite a disadvantaged resident when the good Lord is setting in as many as a Joe. However, the biggest advantage we have you here this fella: and every now and then Col. Joe these the fellow that wrote the book and on the Green Beret right they made the movie well. Col. Joe was an ACLU lawyer would Col. Joe is pro-life. He believes in God and heat. He was bleeding and conservative. He believes that we believe that he was an ACLU lawyer and that it used to kinda of seven pretty bad when he was sitting on the means because whenever the weather means there's Col. Joe.

There and but it was of a very brilliant lawyer and he had a lot of prestige of thought and that and so when I think about how that affected them and then I think about here is the enemy and whenever the enemy meets in their war room.

There is there since God, it did that no one do you think when when the Angels and in Job chapter 1 came before the Lord in that day, and Satan came and the Lord said that where event Satan when he was done, as they knew exactly what was doing. He was given got married. Thank you.

Will you know what he was doing on, don't you he was making Satan do something is totally contrary to his nature tell the truth is, Satan knew that God knew where he was flying right as God already knew) what you during right and so and so here that played out in front of all the angels you know that that really people like Adam Schiff and and Nancy Pelosi. You know how much it hurts them if they have to tell the truth about anything and it hurts them if they have to tell you I can't think when they been hurt the roots of waking up about here that I can think of it I know that's why you never tell the truth and right now in the death or credit Communist Party.

Adam shifted his feet is the top they consider him to be the best liar right now seated to us that's repulsive to us. That's that's wrong lines of sin, but to them something to be embraced already. We got a look at this Bobby New Jersey pledges 50 Bob in night tonight from New York pledges 200, oh no, that's his name again and Deacon John pledges 100.

Thank you thank you thank you dirty girl is that the December drawing your vote. We need a better applause, and then she'll go EA EA or something right there you go over it. Think I will be back up to this thing speaking my questions and help late last year, my daughter was expecting her first child. Initially, doctors recommend against expecting women getting vaccinated as any debt you do.

I told him not to get the vaccine.

She complied.

Thankfully, on Valentine's Day. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl Shiloh. I shed tears of joy. A few months later Dr. said it was okay to get the vaccine while pregnant.

What testing of addendum assure the safety both the mother and her unborn baby, now minister I should tears of sorrow in the Waterloo area 86 Gilberts have occurred from January to July and normally it's roughly one stillbirth every two months. But here's the kicker. Mothers of stillbirth babies were fully vaccinated, you've clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe there. What do you say to the doctors who told expecting women. It was fully vaccinated and what should they tell the mothers who deliver stillborn baby is for first. Gradually a grandchild that is wonderful news but it is also safe and tested.

We are recommending that women who are pregnant do receive the vaccine for the protection of the South.

Protection of the baby as well and that it has been proven and accepted by health Canada by the World Health Organization by the FDA and this is something that we want to make sure that we can protect everyone.

Women who are pregnant is entirely safe and recommended for them to receive the vaccine for themselves their own protection safety of their loved right that was stuck to the ghettos and he was the one who he is. The top of the great Surgeon General there in Canada and the pardon I think equivalent got the equivalent, and so here he came out and in the here of the woman like that in the committee. She lied to me. She absolutely lied that how how in the world could you stand there with a straight face and tell people that this vaccine that is caused all of these miscarried and when when is a miscarriage that means. A baby dies or the unfortunate part of all of this is that there have been no safety studies published know we only had this word which is a lie absolutely okay. We have Bugs Bunny my buddy there from Little Rock.

He pledges 300 and I just we just got a pledge from him today. God bless Kate all right.

Phone lines are open. It is 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide know the pledge lines are open. Give them a call. Now here you will each test we've known all of these things every windows, knowledge, and more more people like in Japan just recently defenses forget the VAX. No more acts right, more more people and others still trying to come back like in New York and others in there trying to the fear mongers and that's what they're these people that are control they wanted to come back and put those soiled diapers on the people's faces again face diapers.

That's what they are and they're trying to push this now.

Here's what God's Word, the Bible teaches right that our rights come from who God got alone. That means no kidding, no president, no dictator, no Sen., no governor, no mayor has the right folks to try to force you to put one of those face diapers on.

We know that it's been proven that they do no good.

There absolutely worthless when it comes to stopping a virus and they can do a lot of damage and then the cause of many of our young people today committing suicide. Many of many young people, but now let's go over to the speed, PRC test yes basically you know that we know that their PCR test is fraudulent and today there was an issuance by the American front-line doctors and I'm not to read the whole thing that batted bottom line is I'm gonna give you the synopsis of it, it says that the center of disease control and no longer recognize PCR test is valid methods of diagnosis.

COBIT 19 by the end of this year the CDC announced in a lab alert on its website that it will be withdrawing outstanding request to the FDA to grant emergency is authorization for the PCR test now which you have to understand is that the masks the PCR test in all these vaccines are being used under emergency use authorization. None of it is approved and what that means is that the company who has a device or a drug under emergency use authorization, no has to carry out studies it for at least two years before they pie for approval. These are the FDA rules and regulations and in the CDC's own words after December 31.

That withdrawing that emergency use, authorization, and are doing it because of the false positives and PC.

Yet PCR tests have been widely used in US and across the globe. The decision by the CDC comes as reports of false positive results to covert tests have been increasing despite corporate media's concerted efforts to discredit such reports. The climbing rate of false positive test results has gained international attention, most notably from real-life cases as recently as December 2021. The NBA issued a statement confirming a basketball star Lebron James received a false positive result to a PCR test which caused him to isolate from his family and miss a game against the Sacramento Kings. The false-positive was subsequently refuted by two more PCR test. The results of which were negative. There is more and more celebrities and noteworthy people that her getting involved with the publicity related to this, but this is not new. If you go on to the FDA website and the CDC website and they have a statement on there that says positive results are indicative of active infection of SARS Kobe to but do not rule out bacterial infection co-infection with other viruses and what we learned in August that by way of human Health and Human Services documents was that this CDC has never isolated any COBIT 19 virus and the PCR tests are actually nothing but instrument noise so there to stop using this PCR testing at the end of the year, but between now and and then there that I still use it as a basis for isolation quarantine and lockdowns and basically from the perspective of our freedoms and liberties there setting themselves up for more and more lawsuits relative to loss of employment, and other issues you know from that there's other countries that have lifted their COBIT restrictions Spain being the last one based on unreliable and unlawful quarantine measures that have been carried out related to PCR testing and under no did you mention Elon musk. Yes, Elon musk also was the other individual who it mentions against the owners brain one day to came positive to were negative for one day correct and and basically that was in November 2020.

So the first inklings of something not wrong where is occurring less than six months. The into last year where the PCR test were really being questioned, but then suppressed and nobody really reacting to it. Include coding all of our scientists here in the US right, more more people are coming out more more people and I think the momentum is going our way.

This this whole campaign. This is so scammed that make the depopulation program and and folks you got to stand up for your rights, you've got to stand up. This is the this damned endemic of the century. This is the hoax, not just a hoax.

Again, it's about the populating program they're using fear and note Hosea 46 is my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge there destroyed. There's so little discernment there.

Joe and I and of course we know how that's gonna work out when the Lord does return a whole lot of people. Joe whole Lotta people that think that there whether going to go to heaven because maybe they were baptized or they attended the church that the Lord Jesus said what many are called but few are chosen.

Many, but few will enter out there and we see so many people out there that are art are totally biblically illiterate, ardently you there, Joe. I have a button start. Sorry.

Yes, they are so many that are content here lost every time I turn around and some new surveys that shows the paper claimed, or they believe in heaven, but don't believe in hell, or don't believe in Jesus or its I see nothing but confusion all across the world and the probably the remnant is a very very small percentage of the year is recording belief already very good with just relentless about Elaine here this with us tonight you dear here every Monday. The first week of pledge we could become in that.

That's a cute you welcome but them.

Elaine is the contact person for Northeast Ohio hugs over masks of the wellness. The health and wellness leader for the Ohio freedom fighters, an affiliate of the frontline COBIT 19 critical alliance and a member of the American front-line doctors, nurses, group and so Elaine provides interactive health consultation and services for adults and children and pets both locally and long distance so as she is also not given independent wellness consultant so there you go, you know that you know our goodness. Quite a mouthful. You don't know John and Minnesota pledges $50 okay 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673 nationwide letter of their breaking stories. I don't know Elaine here. Just broke tonight. One of this came up within probably 30 minutes their life. 15,000 experts opposed COBIT 19 vaccines for children and that's Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology and is basically warning people that the decision to address their children is secure. Reversible. They need to be aware about the scientific facts. Based on this technology that I created and is what's funny is he's generally pro-vaccine. And yet he's saying that these the proteins in the vaccines can cause permanent damage in children and critical organs.

The brain and nervous system, heart and blood vessels, including blood clot. The reproductive system, their immune system and he said the damage is there really parallel bowl and thought a four-page article and basically he's telling you that the public health officials. The region are giving you to vaccinate your children is a lie and he said your children represent no danger to parents, grandparents did the opposite. He said their immunity after giving COBIT is what's gonna save your family if not the world.

From this disease. The risk-benefit analysis is not even close to the said as a parent or grandparent resist and fight to protect her children.

I just thought maybe, you might know more about this.

I've got this article that he is risking his career and citing study after study and he's now saying that there are 15,000 experts who are agreeing with him. This should be front-line news across America should it said that the regular news media's neck to pick it up because it's good to go gets their narrative. Dr. Robert Malone has been building this support among the United States, positions, and then also around the world and so he has over the last 6 to 8 months. You know periodically been interviewed by some individuals.

You know, and has spoken out against it, but this time you know he has more and more doctors that are standing up.

You know to be heard and their losing and they know it and so they getting more and more bizarre but bottom line is the best thing that we can do individually. You know, is take the mask off and by looking around as people see people mask lists more and more people are rebelling against the mandates, even people from the other side. You know who have bought into the narrative for the past year and 1/2. Once they started this mandating that there is been a shift against the mandates for individuals have bought under percent into this narrative going back more and more doctors are beginning to stand up and be recognized more and more attorneys are coming forth to help you know with the mandates, especially the civil rights attorneys and their they're all being touched with their families.

Also, so we're winning and the left doesn't like it sounds like we need a little more civil obedience to rattle space is so mass don't wear the mask. So you have to get to poke you say no right exactly you say no you protest the visible. Now's not the time to be shy, you're either walking in faith or you're walking in fear and still walk in faith and take the mask off. There you go, take it off site that was just would buy will have something to say about that.

Doesn't several displays as you also take off that mask all here we have Dr. Faucher yesterday was on ABC. ABC this week and is going children as young empires young as five should get the VAX and he said my message to parents is if your child is five years of age and older. Please get them back. We need to protect their children and is going on about all.

How many children have been infected general 3 billion people, children have been infected from 5 to 11.

But what he doesn't say is that there are studies all over the world new study in Germany not one healthy child from five day team died of covert divinity kind of covert during the first 15 months of the pandemic and they have about 10 million school-age children there in Germany and there were some other studies in Sweden and a couple other places of another Swedish study. No covert deaths and healthy children who didn't have a some kind of extreme comorbidity so how she lives both ways. He lies by commission any lies by omission, because if I can find the studies I'm sure that the esteemed Dr. felt she was a huge staff could find the same articles and same studies that I can find what the other claim you know Pastor Joe is the masking of the children in school, you know, that was done specifically for the schools to get federal funding. It was a requirement by the government by when you mask the child for 6 to 8 hours a day, your diminishing the oxygen flow to the brain year changing the floor in their mouth and in their immune system and these children are starting to get sick. But you know, not from from the virus itself but because of the masking bacteria.

I've talked to your nursery you know the Dr. number of these doctors will tell you the they mask they were met. They changed every 20 minutes or so they don't wear the same mask all day long correct and they have legal through a lot of because they realize we see that's not the case with most people know and I know that I find a lot of these mass stolen sidewalks out there not go out into the post office with OIC. These old used phase diapers sitting there and delete therefore bacteria aren't correct this. It's bad close though do not. Here's what you do because like you might have a situation like I went into the post office and when I was in there. There were two people and I I went in with a face and most people had the faith that there were some people this is a while back. This is when when the fear campaign was in full bloom and there was a very rude woman in their and she was yelling and telling people you should all we have amassed on and I said you're just trying to hide your mustache, aren't you, and you know if she did she ran right out and so that's what you do and I was in and out of the post office today without a mask, no problem, and in half the people in the post office did not have a mask you will get there. Getting tired is there fed up there starting to figure things out okay and those masks will not stop a virus that will not stop a virus is like was like throwing pea through a chain-link fence. But see what they've done you know a Dave condition people and the unbidden amount of people are still masking out there for the other person. You know, do the right thing.

Protect the other person and so they're playing, and follow science and on your compassion and your empathy to do it for the other person and so to undo that kind of programming comes with education and then comes with the Lord. Intervening absolute back where more headlines today, more than 430 studies expose failure of covert 19 measures this was written by Dr. Paul Alexander the brownstone Institute.

Now he was one of the former advisers to the great World Health Organization.

Advisor to the US Department of Health and Human Services and he put together a list of 400 studies showing that covert lockdowns shelter in place, school closures, masks and mask mandates have all failed to curb virus transmission or reduced death. He said these restrictive policies were all ineffective devastating failures causing immense harm, especially to the poor is vulnerable within society. And once there goes on just attacks the government for their stupidity. Further, well you know we not purposely try to be a little generous but very securities just condemning everything that there is not one study that proves their right. That's a valid study and 400 to proves they are totally wrong and the whole covert thing and all the restrictions the quarantine the isolation you know basically is to have people believe that they are alone and when people are alone, they feel isolated, they get depressed they lose hope. And it's about establishing a separation among people among family among Christians, and then turning everything into the new world order and a communist country and medical tyranny. Also, the idea of getting them to be obedient. First, director purple, then they will be obedient because they're afraid to do otherwise and the general and hiding with the lives they just done the people down the tree nuts the worst thing they are there are so many lies out there. I think afternoon.

I could spend three hours a night all week long and not cover the lies that are told during that same week, we'll hear Jim, we have this does Dr. change and we played several clips of him. He's an African Dr. and he is treated over 7000 covert, 19 patients without a single hospitalization or death loses regional article but that's not valid.

That's only 7000 that's a little number that, but the counter garbage you hear from the liberal left the leading doctor credited with improving early treatment of covert, 19, said in a conference that the goal of vaccine transmission campaign is to control and kill off a large proportion of the population without anyone suspecting that we were poison when we been developed right affect going back to the 1980s we been telling people now here are just starting to understand the debts that are meant to follow. The vaccines will never be able to be pinned on the poison they will. If we have anything big to do it is becoming more and more evident.

Yet they will be too diverse. There will be too many and they will be into broader out timeframe for us to understand that we have been poison claims. Dr. Jane Garrett Shetty according to his website South African Valley Dr. Jack Jane Garrett Shetty is treated 7000 covert, 19 patients without a single hospitalization or death. Combining his insights with his medical background along with the observations of government censorship orders and censorship of medias to support his conclusion, joining the zoom conference of this document. It goes on this as I think that the perspective around what is happening is vitally important. We need to understand what the aim is. Everyone knows that there is inconsistencies that are coercion and and there is coercion, but we need to understand why. Why is it there that identify the most important answer to these questions, pathogen that was causing all of the deaths of covert Hill covert illness. Despite proteins common in both of vaccine and the virus design to be produced in a reviver's body and my opinion of what is going on in the world.

Spy protein is one of the most man-made toxins and the purpose of the toxins that kill billions of people without anyone noticing.

There you go, where it poison yeah absolutely while all this is a smaller scale but there was a family that was given vaccine in Evansville, Indiana out of Walgreens thrown in for their first shot and husband, wife, two children. Children are four and five and they were given adult Pfizer vaccine and the anyway.

Both are now seeing a pediatric cardiologist are exhibiting heart problems and though in addition to the heart problems. The four-year-olds having a bad reaction to the vaccine and this quite ill with fever, cough, and they're worried about the child.

Similar stories have emerged. There was one for a four-year-old in Baltimore little girl got the VAX instead of a flu shot people this is happening all over. You need to be aware year. If you're going to do something like get a flu shot. I would want to see the vial read the label. I would watch the draw up this rinse all kinds of stuff happening this I would give up for you in flu shot cracked yeah I wouldn't either. But if you know it's one of those things that you think is humans make mistakes all of us make mistakes and terminate people just are not archer trusting they just all the doctor said dirt and all and the pharmacist said that they they just believe anything without doing any of their own due diligence in checking and testing showed only I had a client that told me that she asked the pharmacist with the effectiveness of this solution I would be in because they do that projection. And it's less than 17%. All right, Joe week I do say Maryland and in Florida pledges $50 thank you Marilyn 888281 folks.

All we really got less than one hour to go and I don't think we would have with every door goal on silk 888-281-1110. This is the last pledge week of the year or 888-677-9673 of those we need to hear from you. I want to thank all of Joe. We got think all the people that can support us all year long to realize we didn't have to go of one station and no end date in a support as he was no many times they couldn't hear is because they kept trying to take us down and got is was recently Joe recently we haven't had Andy Lemaster do we have any ink any stations calling in tonight. Vince get knocked down by just Detroit.

All right words were just been hit on Detroit all right will be back in one yet work were up against of the break will be back right after this one a lot more. Don't go away is what we at work were up against of the break will be back right after this went a whole lot more. Don't go away is more to come in. Hopefully Detroit can hear himself one of the other stations. God bless will be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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