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MON HR1 122021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 20, 2021 11:17 pm

MON HR1 122021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now and 2021 we have all whole fruits will think all of you folks of the report, the pledge would support the last week and was pledge week of the year you you really came through now regularly come through for you this year. Lord's will and we stay in wings that help they will get to us were going to go were really bringing the tree. We have a lot to bring to you tonight is our job to be the watchmen on the wall and so here tonight.

Of course we have the mighty Andrew on the board.

Good evening Pastor and that we have within the studio here widely with a break breaking him in. I get evening, everybody come in the way out beyond her way out. Younger in misery we have that back roads preacher, none other than that travel in Parson Parson Joe Larson at a highly unpaid professionals. Airfare ready to go to work this Christmas week and so and I want to say right out of the chute blue Merry Christmas to all of you out there hoping this would be your best Christmas ever. Right.

And so, let's start tonight. You know what the title the message was Joe now. I know it's about it's all about Christ right this is what is called a Christmas story is what it's all about lack please call the Christmas story. There's a lot of Christmas stories right here right will he's the reason for the season is without him there would be no reason for most know Chris know so here were going to start in Luke chapter 1, and I want you to read verses one through seven, and then pause put before you do that, I just wanted a little commentary Luke was a Gentile and this was unusual see her getting a very unique perspective from a Gentile physician and he was the very first historian in the early church. No, there was a lot of interest in those days many many many books written about the Lord Jesus and all the things that he was doing and and I had read some of those accounts that written my people are believed on him and those that didn't believe or believe that he is some of the mothers who had written accounts because their sons took off and follow Jesus and in that they thought he was because he was an evil man, and he will spirit he had power to some of them thought he was had seen the likes of that empowerment. Even the elements. The animals obey him even the elements obey him. They missed the whole point that the good reason for that. So there was a lot of accounts a lot of accounts, no Luke. Joe was not an eyewitness, but would, but he had a tremendous interest in bringing that the account is absolutely in perfect order. That's that was his goal and so he interviewed many many many people he interviewed and compared accounts and everything in interviewed those eyewitness accounts, like the Lord's like the mother like Mary and I don't want to say the Lord's mother would put the mother of the Christ child.

Mary was the mother of the Christ child and so live that he put together a very, very clear perspective, he preserved holy. Many, many of the eyewitness accounts of what our Lord said what our Lord did and he did it with perfect accuracy. He also Joe was the author of the book of acts and here's the no as we go through their wheat we see this Theophilus in the by the way, Theophilus means one who loves God, one who loves God and so again he he starts out with the book of acts as a way of addressing Theophilus in here as we will what we know about Theophilus was that he he was a great and he might've been a part of the Roman government or at least holding some kind of position but he was also. We know a man of good means and men who had some authority but Theophilus had a real interest in Christianity and so not here Luke Luke sakana Christ life was written with a very very clear mind and Luke was so you can tell, but when he writes that he was a very thoughtful thinker if you will, and heat continuously mentions about perfect with perfect accuracy.

Perfect accuracy.

So that's a good intro. Job wanted to start out and read Luke chapter 1 verses one through 74 but many have taken in Hampton set forth in order of declaration of those things to occur most surely believed among Stephen as they deliver them under last bridge from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word. It seemed good to me. Also, having had perfect understanding of all things. From the very first to write under the an order both excellent Theophilus Bethel Midas no. The certainty of those things wherein thou hast been instructed there was in the days of Herod the king of Judea, a certain priest named Zechariah of the course of the Abijah and his wife was the daughter of Erin and her name was Elizabeth and they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless and they had no children. Because Elizabeth was barren, and they were both now well stricken in years. It will not here at this time, Joe. There was about 20,000 priests, which were divided into 24 separate groups of and each group was just under a thousand upper group and so Zacharias was one of the courts of Abia now here and praise would be lucky if he can serve once in his lifetime if he was actually they actually quite cast lots know what no accident, Joe.

It was not an accident that the landfill about him and to be on duty at the at this particular time deserve his once-in-a-lifetime duty. So Zacharias at this time he was praying for his son and the people outside were praying for Messiah to deliver them from Roman rule. Zacharias was the very first he was the very first to be told that God was about to set an order. Josette motion his own visit to earth and so Gabriel was a high ranking angel. He wasn't one to be questioned or doubted. And so my guess Gabriel would be the equivalent to say a four-star general within the Army know Michael would've been like a five star general and so I know we we know that Gabriel we give another account at one point mentions how when Daniel had prayed he would dispatch that very hour, but he ended up fighting with Satan for a number of days before Michael the Archangel came and setting free so go ahead now and pick it up with the verse eight through what will I tell you to stop them into pass while he executed the priest's office before God in order. The order of this course.

According to the custom of the priest's office, there's lot was to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord, and the whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of incense and bear appeared under him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense and when Zacharias saw him he was troubled, and fear fell upon him, the angel said into him, Zechariah, but I prayers heard and that wife Elizabeth will bear the sun, and thou shall call his name John and thou shalt have joy and gladness, and many shall rejoice at his birth pretty shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink, and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's room and many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God, and he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord cannot stop right there. Here know when he was in there and Gabriel appeared disappeared.

Next to them.

There how did he know that that wasn't wasn't just a man out of the know that it was was an angel of the Lord. Well, I would think the angel would have some of that glory of the Lord in some of the power and authority and story here. Probably out of nowhere that I probably was a pretty awesome assignment right right to affect you.

The fear fell upon him, so it must've been well received. Some of the descriptions of angels and some of them seem pretty frightening to me power and the array of electrical fire in and out to be very, I guess. Your description may be awe-inspiring and frightful will. If he had been a man and he had walked into their he would've instructed right they were in the event of oil spilled so he knew right then he was no ordinary man right.

The fact that would be aquaria.

The other clue would be able because when you served in their they actually would tie a rope around your ankle and you would have builds upon the road that you were would have bills on it so that they could hear the tinkling and marinate noise every call you out. They would give a little tug and if there wasn't a response, they would tell you no response. Then they would pull you out and because those on the rope noted they were responsible to do that you could leave anything dead in the holy of holies there is so, so he knew but now here he says it is a difference in the way he approached this in the way.

Mary approached this the angel would go ahead and pick it up in verse 18 are Zechariah 700 angel or by shall I notice, for I am an old man and my wife well stricken in years. And the angel answering said, into him. I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God and sent to speak under the into show thee these glad tidings, and behold, thou shalt be dumb and not able to speak until the day that these things shall be performed because they'll believe it's not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season right stuff in their footsteps differently. Note what was the what was was he known only Zacharias was known to be what kind of a man very righteous man very righteous man.

He was a priest for God. Okay, let he was only one of a very select few people that spoke directly to an angel). Now you will know something very very special about him a one time he fathered okay.

The greatest man that ever was born a woman right now is greater than John K so here a lot of these things went through him and and so here let's pick it up as we continue where you left out one other thing we have time to mention that when the priest went into the hallway are always here. Had to sacrifice water of Bolick shedding the blood of a bullock to cleanse himself enough to go into the temple to do the sacrifice of a lamb or goat for the entire nation of Israel that show the have what it took.

The purification process for the priest had to be a pretty righteous and holy person to survive. Now, here, go ahead and pick it up and read it all the way through 2325. Read through verse 25 and when he came out he could not speak under them and they perceived that he had seen a vision in the temple pretty beckoned under them and remained speechless and it came to pass as soon as the days of his ministration were accomplished, they departed to rezone house and after those days his wife Elizabeth conceived and hit her self. Five months saying SFO Lord dealt with me in the days wherein he looked on me to take away my reproach among men case is when was the last time that the Lord has the that his sin. Angel had spoken to men. It was 500 years earlier they hadn't heard anything. Okay Lexi was €400. Nothing but the for more than 500 years earlier, Gabriel had appeared, and it at that time he had appeared to Daniel. The last time the appeared that somebody was 500 years prior. I just think about that is Gabriel is 500 years later and he has amazed a bit right right course not until Salome has to this. Why did why did Elizabeth say thus hath the Lord dealt with me in the days wherein he looked on the take away my reproach among men white. Why was there a reproach among the men couldn't produce a child for the man that was like there was something that she had done wrong but sit at a reproach that she was being punished.

What was it was a so that God was using it to show his power to take a barren womb and make it lively and young again so had she lost favor with God. No, I don't believe no sibling should gain favor right so with there was a common belief those days that if woman could not conceive and especially to bear a son, then she was out of favor with God. Drive the right which was not the case at all. Right now I'm in the end they always would blame the woman not the man often. Often there was the problem. The man quite a look of modern science. That's more male problem. Usually that is a woman's problem so here but God would do these things now remember what was this thing glorified the God that what did Gabriel say would with God all things are possible and they had a lot of lot in common actually with a with Abraham and Sarah.

Sarah right and so here the same story, only we don't know anything about. I don't know in here that Elizabeth knew anything about this till after you yeah and so here well I think they were to stop there and pick it up right here tomorrow in verse 26 and then will read it out because were going to take a quick jump over to Matthew chapter 1 and will use the two gospels in order to give you like a timeline. So with that were going to hear I'm going to play a clip and because work with villages could continue to try to warn people. People are dying left and right from these poisonous pokes the guy left his wife and his poisonous post and when they keep doing you keep hearing on the radio and TV get the accident. The whole line is they're telling you to go out and take this people are dying left and right. And yet this the depopulation of antichrist processes that affect and so go ahead and began to play the clip. 21. Welcome Mr. Peter somebody Mr. peters God bless the freedom of information act and the only way is that we have to get anything honest, our government, obviously our government would never pass along like the freedom of information act today, but fortunately Congress is also too paralyzed to ever repeal thanks to the freedom of information act. We have some hope of getting some honest data about coronavirus cases and vaccines from our government. But rest assured they will kick and scream as much as possible before forking any of that over public health and medical professionals for transparency is a professional organization of scientists and doctors.

They recently filed a freedom of information act request for the data used by the Food and Drug Administration to justify authorizing the covered 19 shots being falsely referred to as vaccines now freedom of information act requires federal agencies to reply request within 20 days, but I can't take longer if it actually takes that long to find and assemble the requested data. Well, last month the FDA responded that group's request, they said that it would take them 55 years to meet their request for information yet you heard that right 55 years now. The FDA apparently could decide to approve these vaccines for emergency use in a matter of weeks.

Last year, but can't produce the same information for others. Any earlier than 2076 figure into perspective.

55 years in the other direction is 1966 before the moon landing. If the early years of the Vietnam War.

It's only one year after Medicare started the years since 1966 have seen every single Super Bowl ever played. They contain the entirety of the personal computer revolution.

That's how much time the FDA claims it needs to compile some documents requested by concerned citizens about the so-called approval process of the so-called vaccine. That's barely a year old, barely a year old, yet already according to the CDC's own vaccine adverse event reporting system has already caused over 20,000 deaths, and we know those dots to be only less than 1% of actual vaccine injuries, according to a Harvard study, the FDA's excuses at the request would require producing 329,000 pages of documents and all of these documents have to be redacted to remove business and trade secrets for Pfizer and bion tech how remarkably useful excuse to have incredible thing by the way is at this point request was filed by supporters of the vaccines. The professors at universities like Harvard and Yale who argue that full transparency would make the public more likely to get vaccinated fascinatingly the same FDA that rush through approval of these shots isn't eager to play along in the transparency game.

God bless, Dr. Jean Ruby was all over this and she doing this now, Dr. Jane, thank you for being has to the shocking part of this story, we know there are injuries right and death.

Shocking part is that the new and a new early Pfizer new the FDA new documents were obtained as you said by a group of doctors, journalist and professors that call themselves public health and medical professionals for transparency and he filed this dysphoria. What we see in them.

I looked through the entire document the most shocking parts of it were as early as February of this year. This year alone when Pfizer shot was being rolled out worldwide on an emergency basis in the first three months they knew before this rollout that they had already compiled over 42,000 reports that entailed hundred and 60,000 injuries to.

Let's take a closer look.

There were 1223 deaths between people between the ages of 31 and 50 there were over 25,000 nervous system injuries 17,000 musculoskeletal injuries thousands of heart attacks and strokes 14 14,000 G.I. 270 babies lost their lives in miscarriages. Remember I said five beagle dogs died in the Celexa animal studies, 25, 30 years ago, we have we have we have 270 babies that die 1223 adults died and this thing rolled out after February. They knew the shocking part is they knew they knew as early as February 21, 2021 and they rolled it out anyway still and let me add something else to this Pfizer is now saying will listen. These are self-reported injuries, doctors, patients, their families, we can't be held responsible for that slot. You broke your own blind and you failed to conduct safety studies after you broke when he broke the blame still means that the placebo control went away and and all we could possibly be left with in a study is self reporting and voluntary reporting. And here's another revelation from these materials they they they have a lot of missing data, but we knew that right, because no part of the study looks at people who are pregnant what pregnant women, breast-feeding women, people under 12 years of age and this is not study. I've raised this before but it's very important to remember this study was not done to look at efficacy against a placebo, which means that they cannot claim that they prevent the flu but yet yet they are claiming that they have efficacy to prevent catching and transmitting it and going to the hospital for. In fact, the other egregious part is the FDA actually challenged dysphoria in court as you said because he told the court need until 2096 to disclose what they claim is over 400,000 pages and even the CEO of Pfizer will be dead by then.

If he dies of natural causes wanted to add one other thing for your attention.

Speaking of Albert loves the CEO of Pfizer. He has now come out and said, after saying by the way that that that the initial shots were 95% effective all now we have a little waning, but working to do a booster now counts to in the last few days or so and said that we're going to need 1/4 booster to get through the winter. But that booster really won't touch on micron but don't be afraid. Have no fear. Pfizer has a omicron specific booster or/vaccine in the works and ready to be launched just in time for your six month poster March 2022 Lance five shots. Go ahead. I cannot shed it's a lot a lot of insanity.

Still, I get it and you know what else still Pfizer employees.

I'm hearing I have not been mandated to take this, but still they knew they knew early and they went ahead with this. They don't care. So don't very actively tried to suppress and are still trying because they're saying it's gonna take you 100 years to get this thing done 160,000 is what you're saying. The number is 160. Bio weapon injuries were hidden intentionally covered up kept in secret behind the curtain away from public purview hundred and 60,000 injuries and see this is the thing when we talk about this vaccine adverse event reporting system and they talk about it being less than reliable because people fill it out for themselves first of all, it's very difficult to do it. I have try to navigate my way around that thing just to peek around and look at how easy or difficult it is for somebody to report these injuries because in my telegram I have seen people say look at my daughter is vaccine injured and I don't know how to do this I can't do this.

I was gonna try to help them out if I cut, it's difficult to do and number two it's a federal offense is a felony to falsify information in that vaccine adverse event reporting system is that right that is absolutely correct you anything and and what we have 20,000 deaths. And that's with the CDC messing with the numbers throttling them off. I may have to approve every single one of them for to become an official part of the record. So I will leave everybody with this question. Where is Congress you don't have an excuse anymore. You're sitting on your hands. Both sides of the aisle. You're all guilty are all complicit. You've had more than enough time and more than enough evidence and information. Where is the Congress. Yeah mansion Joe mansion, the senator, the trader country had enough testicular fortitude. He had the balls to shut down this over excessive build back better and made it build back. Never he took a stand where are the rest of our senators and congresspeople as our kids are being subjected to a bio weapon that in just 10 months has killed three times as many people as every previously approved vaccine combined all of them did you hear what I said if your elected representative your public servant you have been put on notice with an affidavit provided by Dr. Jean Ruby with exhibits of evidence provided by Karen Kingston, a biotech analyst as well as exhibits to support her evidentiary claims that these you not been put on notice. You have no more plausible deniability and any furtherance to continue this process or not.

Use your office as a servant elected by the people to stop this makes you complicit in a conspiracy to commit murder. I hope you understand that I'm out of time when here, but Dr. Jean Ruby. Thank you so much for bringing this to the life and we admire the way that since the very beginning of this thing is a person who was semi-partially retired to Florida to kick your feet up and enjoy the rest of her life there with no stress, no anxiety for you from yourself right in the middle of all this, and we are really blessed to have you think you so much.

Thank you soon hello I Mike went down and I already were back then, the question Joe was where is our Congress in this was our Congress went with all the snow.

It required crickets right.

Well, not actually you had two people. First of that you had Ted Cruz is one but to the fellow there from Kentucky, Rand Paul, he is really and and and the fellow right there from where were you read Tim Hollins, Holly. He's been a very outspoken are considering the Pfizer Congress referred crickets and reentered here's the reason here's a reason to his seat. They can bring in Jim Jordan is is really gone afterward and that green woman.

She is been in. It is been several, but we don't have a Department of Justice cc you got a really dirty cop. Eric Garland is a dirty cop.

Eric Garvin is a dirty cop.

Eric Garland is a dirty cop one to say that three times because he will not prosecute he will not do his job. He's is newly betrayed. He will not prosecute these people into they know that all of the corruption. After trying to go after the January 6 are insurrectionist if I could find the arms and is busy going after parents who were objecting to school boards and all showing porn to our children from the fifth grade on up by me and is getting his hands full the I-9 to change society. I have an article here and disclosure alone would they just said RFK Junior reporter found a monument to dead orphans tortured and killed by monster Fauci Rev. of Canada. Julian joined the highway recently to discuss his best-selling book of monster Dr. Tony Fauci during the discussion. RFK, Junior revealed that reporters Cecilia Barber went to the cemetery New York State where the tortured orphan children were buried. These victims were Fauci's experimental patients so you won't hear this out there because the corrupted the godless wicked, evil, soulless, corrupted liberal media, NBC, ABC, CBS they don't have anything anywhere near that the decency the common decency to even report on this.

There there bought and paid for, like every other prostitute every horror that walks down the street.

That's how there bought and paid for. Fauci has a long history of mass death barbarism and lies in 2004 Fauci's NIH was also called funding experiments on AIDS orphans in New York City Hospital.

The Gateway pundit reporter on this dark Fauci chapter in October Fauci, the NIH approved experimental hundreds of New York City orphans, government agencies, a pharmaceutical company is used, the orphans, and deadly AIDS drug trials reported that his firm is really found that story yet.

We did in 2005 the cities of New York hired the vera Institute to form a final report of the drug trials there was given no access to medical records for any of the children used in the trial of the report was published in 2008. The reported 25 children died during the drug studies that, in addition, 55 children died following the studies in foster care, and according to Tim Ross director of child welfare program Avera in 2009, 29% of the remaining 417 children were used in drug studies had died so out of a total of 532 children that are admitted to have been used by the monster. Fauci and so people want more, they can go the name of that book is the real Anthony file tree by RFK, Junior added sky horse publishing sky horse publishing and you will find it hard you can find it on Amazon that you will find it is not being announced. You will find it difficult to find the book you have the only place that you can find it discovered Amazon that I know of their trying to keep this look blacked out so the title. The real Anthony felt cheated by ire. RFK, Junior, and it is published by sky horse publishing gel is at on the bestseller lists rising pretty high. Yes, it is considering there's no publicity on the book whatsoever, except places like this may seem just amazing. Well, there's another would know that that their trying to stop here is another one medical fascism. The FDA conspiring with the United States Postal Service to block shipments of lifesaving fibronectin they been blocking those I know that the number of the people in our church a been buying fibronectin and hydroxy core clinic and others and we be getting it from other country in their trying to block at their trying to stop it. They want people dive, though she listened to me out there you people. It took the shot, and I feel bad for you but you were.

You are very gullible you're very gullible to trust a corrupt government, you know how corrupt the government is and you know I mean I feel for you, but you gotta be gullible to trust this government is kill over 100 million unborn children and so paperwork hold even the trunk 20 order to rush on the experimental vaccines reproduced. I don't think he had any idea of the corruption and the NIH and the CDC on the big farm all the tires that we know now and even well. Dr. Peter McCullough. We talked about him many times is been writing Americans warning Americans are the biggest public health crisis that led the large numbers of death hospitalizations permanent disabilities, and on this untold harm and the talk about because of the censorship on information they censored information on the early treatments there and out. They basically lied by omission all the way through this.

Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the US Senate on the suppression of the talked about her Dr. Clark women neither met current and he's been warning about the number of deaths in myocarditis and pericarditis and just your right. Everywhere you look even the British medical Journal. We talked about this a few weeks back at a whistleblower talking about the poor practices in the clinical trial of the Pfizer vaccine and how it should have never never been approved. Sen. Johnson was 100 would really one after that she was trying to he supposedly was doing his best to try to expose, but again you know he was exposing this but they're not going to. We do not have seats up to the Atty. Gen.'s office and their corrupt their corrupt to the to to the lien owed to the hilt and that's why you haven't heard any of these. They're not bringing any of these corrupt things under Biden all any other corruption because there simply a part of the Democratic I'm his party.

This is why they cannot afford. They cannot afford to have the house and the Senate notes next election.

They know that because they know the right party.

They are going to jail. Many of the minima going to jail.

They know that this is why. And this is why Hillary is getting ready. I think the run again and you know she's gonna find a way to work. She couldn't.

She couldn't corrupt the election again and stop it because she knows that if Trump gives Megan there. She's going to jail this time, because now they've got more and more evidence.

They've got the evidence that the special investigator Durham and so she knows he's going to jail. He gets back in and so to going to even see, I'm pretty sure Hillary can have their hat in the ring are out right now Durham different through the special counsel Durham told a federal court. He is looking at members of the former Secretary of State Clinton presidential campaign as part of his criminal inquiry into the regions and conduct of Trump Russia investigation out and the is team is asking a federal judge to inquire into a potential conflict of interest related to the lawyers. There were part of her campaign that were for the British steel panel.seeing all that Sony. He's pushing it right in federal court right now. This week will you know this is speaking of that very quickly.

Senate Majority Leader Chucky Schumer was getting money from Baltimore pollutant after accusing down, being a Russian stooge is right. Remember what they always say Kenya well remember what Marx taught the will always accuse you of doing what you doing right that was part of his work always accuse the opposition whenever crimes are committed to the opposition doing that engender loving for good which gets him to say get it said I was just going to say regarding the people that have taken the facts would use say that they lacked discernment when you say that's with the Holy Spirit's week, you would know that I answered that I will be found in first Corinthians chapter 2. It addresses exactly that. At about having discernment and that in and yet will they begin. I think many of us had the discernment's not to take this objection will first of all in on. I would when you and have people in the end, these faxes they contained the cells of aborted babies right there for that reason of no other reason alone. Amen. Instead of acts I was I was fell off my chair when I heard Franklin Graham. He knows better. He really should have known better. He really I don't know what they did, how they got to him how they convinced him to do that but the Lord dealt with him on that because he had a heart attack. Afterwards he was telling people that was not true, because one I personally ask a couple of doctors at the VA and they said all know there wasn't any of the area that was said. None of that was true, that was there was an old old stem line from 20 years ago or something and they said it was so piano far from the aborted child that was made invalid so the VA was going along and lying to patients so you know you got many sources telling people faults as I can see where people early on with the vaccine hadn't had time to hear the truth will holiday this whole lot of events know better. They know, especially those Eurasian mind Vietnam vets. They know better not to trust the government. They know what happened before and so and so they didn't they didn't trusted. I talked to several doctors down there and I gave them an education and they knew they know that they're losing credibility amongst people. People no longer trust their medical doctors and empty because they went along with this. All of these that were in these co-ops the run by big farm is like everything else out there today. They've lost credibility is not there's a big trust gap there. You can't really trust them anymore. We have a one world order that's trying to take over that big corporations and big Pharma's international corporations.

They want to control things on a worldwide basis and this is a revolution people out understand we are experiencing daily a revolution by the one world order using the communist methods and trying to bring about a socialist communist state here in the United States.

The leverage of this article medical fascism attorney Aaron Siri published a document he discovered suggesting that the US Food and Drug Administration is conspiring with the United States Postal Service.

The block imports of fibronectin being sent to America. Consumers from overseas came in at weight. Siri drew attention to a notice of FDA action letter explaining that the USP United States Post Office is now illegally spying on packages and found its founder contained if found to contain. I would make an those packages are being detained and later destroyed that the recipient is unable to prove that the shipment is for some other use. Besides treating treating the Tony Fauci virus. A small ship date addressed to you from a foreign country is being held by the post office at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration.

The letter reads listed below that a sentences summary of current status of individual line showing a box of 200 tablet survivor I were healed.

12 fibronectin tablets USP 12 mag ideograms which the USP detained so here you know we we ordered those in our church ordered for the people in church you and we got it. But now people are trying order from the same company can can. So now the reason is this is a we been telling people with date they won't.

They still can't figure out my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge there listening to NBC, ABC, CBS they're getting this information out there and it's going to kill a whole lot of and what is it say my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and this was happening now, many of them are getting sick and dying with there being told well you not die is you not dying from the VAX dying for something else. When not to vaccinate, and you know I just really last year was 180° the opposite. Everything was the coveted yet was not coven there dying from the VAX twice as many are dying from the VAX that ever died from the cold. So thank here's a here's a good example of that. Lancet lettuces they would sizing unvaccinated in society not justified German researcher going to come floating correspondence published in the Lancet that presents sciences and evidence to support the right of all unvaccinated people to live their lives as normal and not stigmatized by the government and in the fully vaccinated look almost 90% of these people that are going getting sick and going to the hospital and died in our vaccinate their the VAX note, you've got athletes that are dropping dead over the world. They will not show you this I get a picture when right here, they will not show you that we have films of Winfield soccer games, basketball games, football games, they will and will not be shown on the lame stream media. Fox News knows better than to show to because all you gotta do see how much fun a visor advertises on the unit was on Fox news of their reckoning, then I can bring into either they'll justify because of the money and so that's why we're here to help work out to Dr. Robert Malone who is the inventor of the mRNA technology behind the vaccine made him possible. He came out in a video of today. I believe, and explained that the all the original SARS coterie to virus went to the lungs. A new study from the University of Hong Kong is being reviewed right now indicates that on the cross is settling in the upper respiratory tract and he said that makes it more transmissible transmissible the less Roland be saying that this omicron could be God's answer prayer could be our Christmas present because were having more people getting sick with mild symptoms. These people are recovering and then have natural immunity to covet 19 which is many many many many times better than any false vaccination that their current claim and get Eau Claire back to himself. Africa, the officials are reporting that only lot like around 1% of the identified covert cases had to go to a hospital and but they were sending the like 20% in the fourth belt driven weighted thing out there so the people are still going to the hospital but they're the ones that have the Delta not the omicron South were seeing a lawyer the world. There are different models in different doctors are all saying outrageous could be a good thing and quick scream in fear, but our government. All they can do is scream fair and double down and they want you to be afraid.

They want you to take this VAX poison folk and yet people all over the world are trying to warn today. This is a good thing.

This new covert so that's the truth will hear this.

This is under the USA and Massachusetts in total 469 new covert cases were detected during the various months in July 3 and 4674% of those cases where people… 74%. When people that were fully vexed tract 274 of them who were symptomatic. So there you go thing is spreading as talk about their the CDC says omicron accounted for 73% of all the new infections in the United States last week – what we still don't have any deaths from omicron. Although it is the disease of the week. Shelley, I think there's been a long period of the week I think is been one is been one finally.

I didn't say that I miss that one but all yeah you're right, there was one person with that person was that several comorbidities and a bad cold or flu anything letter could've killed this person saw. Bill vaccines are now exterminating oblivious Democrats while illegal immigrants are protected from vaccine so they can't replace the dead Democrats while in others the something one of the reasons they did not want to vaccinate the illegals that binds bringing and okay will really tell you about that here.

Right after right after the break to go into that but here I don't really have time to get into this article here but Joe Biden promised winner of severe illness and death. Is it merely a threat. It's a roadmap to the mass murder of obedient oblivious oblivious Democrats who believed we had Democrats are more than twice as likely to take the poison oak is a Republican, believed authorities and took the spike protein injections that are mislabeled vaccines. Now, as winter accelerates and vitamin D deficiencies take hold those obedient Democrats are going to be dying in unprecedented numbers. The CDC warns that 15 15,600 Americans will be dying each week by Christmas. Were going to a break happen almost Christmas and I don't think they're going to make it dear weathered.

There is no there dying right now their diagramming you not hearing about. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

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