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THU & FRI HR 1 DEC 23/24

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 24, 2021 12:03 am

THU & FRI HR 1 DEC 23/24

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now we have with the support of the board heard regularly. Courageous Greg good evening everybody a Merry Christmas in the studio we have. Randy gave no stress. Merry Merry Merry Christmas everyone and what burns good evening and then we also have tonight is Pastor Joe Larson child of the kingdom bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb. We have we have so much to get in tonight, so we really get right with it when going to start tonight with a prayer. I wanted again. Pray for Dan Shafer. Dan has cancer and so he's he's he's been becoming weaker and weaker and I would just that no I know that people say will it's Dan Cantu you can't his organization in donning his teased too far gone now for God is of you folks out there will join with me. We may see a Christmas miracle in all it's happened many times before, join with me and pray for Dan tonight that God might like to use that touch you in healing for his own glory.

So as pray heavenly father will regret again. We know that there's nothing whole science and all the doctors in the world can do for Dan. The Lord, all you have to do we know that you have unlimited powers.

There is nothing beyond your ability, we would ask father guns for your own glory, that you might touch Dan that if it would be thy will that you would touch you in healing. So the whole world could say, surely this is the thing that the Lord has done the Lord.

We also tonight, when of great for Michael and Christine, Michael and Christine have the code and they want to put them in the hospital but they fear to go to the hospital today. There's very very little trust in the hospital today because of the depopulation movement's allure. We would asked to leave the vastness of we would please pray for them.

And Lord that's what were doing were asking Lord, that you might touch them and heal them and tonight as we we start in Matthew chapter 2 and Joe, I'm going to start Matthew chapter 2 and you're going to pick it up in verse 13 through 18, and then I'll finish our Bible, our Christmas story right now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came, wise men from the East to Jerusalem, saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews. We have seen the star in the East. We have come to worship him. When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him. Glad gather all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them were Christ should be born, and they said and him him Bethlehem of Judea. For this, it is written by the prophet and no Bethlehem in the land of Judea are not the least among the princes of Judah, for out of the show, Gov., that shall rule my people Israel and Herod. We have privately called the Wiseman inquired of diligently what time the star appeared and he sent them to Bethlehem and said go and search diligently for the young child and when you have found him, bring me word again that I may come and worship him also.

When they heard the king, they departed below the historic which they sell in the East went before the filly came and stood still over where the young child was when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy when they were coming to the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and it fell down and they worshiped him and and when they had opened their treasures, they presented to him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh and being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way. And when there were department all the Lord appeared to Joseph dream thing right and take the young child and his mother and flee to Egypt and be thou there till I bring the word for Herod will think the young child when he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night and departed in the and was there until the death of Herod that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying out of Egypt I called my son when Herod saw that he was the wife was exceeding wrong slew all the children that were in Bethlehem and in all the coaster row two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the white van was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet thing in Ramah. Was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping a great morning, Rachel weeping for her children and not be comforted because they are not paired was did beholding the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt, saying, arise, take the young child and his mother and going to the land of Israel, for they are dead which sought the young child's life and he arose and took the young child and his mother and came into the land of Israel when he heard that Archuleta's dinner laying in Judea in the room of his father Herod.

He was afraid to go with her notwithstanding being warned of God in a dream. He turned aside into the parts of Galilee. And he came and dwelt in the city called Nazareth that I might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, he shall be called a Nazarene.

While there is so much the next 30 years of their will. Back in the days of the American Revolution then had to decide whether or not to support the revolution whether or not it did list in and when to give money for because where the methods used are ones the might not like what was going to be studying about the battles of Trenton and Princeton. As the story unfolds tried to imagine that you were back with Gen. George Washington and what decisions do you think you would be making this battle took place some 245 years ago. It was a Christmas when America was in its infancy, that by the Providence of the Almighty, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, Gen. George Washington let his ragtime Barbie dedicated of dedicated Christian patriot soldiers in the battle against the British. The outlook for victory seemed pretty bleak at best, and they were outnumbered 50 to 1 with little food and supplies and very poorly armed the miracle and God provided these men that love their God with that miracle. They love their God. They love their liberty.

They love their freedom more than life. In December 1776. George Washington and his army were in retreat. The British had surrounded them on Long Island in New York, but under cover of darkness, and by the Providence of God. The American army outsmarted the British elite safety in the state of New Jersey Washington with fewer written than the British way fewer begin a fast-paced retreat against the state of New Jersey with a retreat from Long Island entire country seem discouraged the Continental Congress was discouraged. The Army was discouraged. The British motorhome that Washington did not dare to fight and will in the war would be over in just a few weeks. Little did they know that Washington's hope did not despair, but he kept his faith in God.

He told his men that if he had to. He would take his army to the backwoods of Virginia, which he knew so well and make a last stand against the British. On December 11, 1776, the Continental Congress called for a day of fasting and prayer throughout all the colonies Samuel and said when America inserted her own strength in God, who cannot be indifferent to her righteous cause will even work miracles if necessary to establish her feet upon a rock. And of course we know that rocks with the Lord Jesus.

Meanwhile, Washington's troops had reached safety in Pennsylvania.

The British ordered that all extra food and supplies were to be taken from the families even if the families were on the British side anyone who fired upon the British were to be hanged during this period of the war, a new type of British soldier appeared the kingdom of the area in Europe was no which we now call Germany had loaned some soldiers to take to the king of England. These Hessians as they were called work promise that they could take anything and plunder they found from the Americans and become rich.

This they did was seal the Hessian truth were known throughout America for their cruelty 1000 of these troops have been placed in Trenton, New Jersey, whether British general how about 25 December Washington told his officers about a daring plan all the boat setting the side of the Delaware River for over 70 miles surrounding Trenton had been either obtained for use by the Army or burn, Washington planted March is meant to Trenton. Take the supplies than March the Princeton and capture the supplies there all day on the 25th Christmas Day Hessians had been celebrating by night.

They were tired and ready for a good night sleep that they know the plans which were being played out just across the river Washington McGinnis March at 3 PM with about 2400 men, each man had only for 40 rounds of ammunition with him in three days.

Rational food.

18 cannons were polled by the teams of horses. It was very cold that winter in the night of the 25th 20 oh exception. By the time the Army reached Matt Conkey's fairy at twilight. Large chunks of ice were quickly moving on the river. Washington had sent several other generals and their men to the other areas around Trenton with a plan for them all to attack at the same time, but about 6 PM. Word arrived that the other generals would not be taking part in the attack that made their own decisions. One believes he should be in charge. Another could not get across the river in time a couple of others believed the weather to be too bad for any type of an attack. Still Washington and his army remained determined about the same time, a small band of 20 to 30 American soldiers attacked the Hessian outpost and wounded about five or six men Hessian sound of the alarm and set a company after the rebels shortly. Though there, after finding nothing, they returned to Trenton with the belief that it was just another small band of locals trying to annoy them. Life was soon back to normal and a lot of well broken, celebrating as the night went on it became one of the worst in the winter was so cold the frost was having the current on the river was fast.

The ice flows seem to increase each minute. The wind blew hard and 11 PM and began to snow as Washington's army reached the Delaware River word was sent to the soldiers from Marblehead. They were from outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and were fishermen by trade, they were the ones who saved the Army during the Long Island retreat. They would now once again play an important role their experience. Help them to the ferry the men across the river.

It was slow going because of all the ice in the river, but by 3 AM in the morning of the 26th. All the men, horses and cannons were safely on the other side.

It did however take another hour before everyone could be organized. They then begin the 9 mile march to the snow and ice to Trenton. The strong northeast storm of wind sleet and hail meant them with each step the small detachment of soldiers caught up with Washington shortly by following the bloodied footprints left in the snow by the soldiers.

Many of the soldiers were making the march with holes in their shoes or no shoes at all, just feet wrapped up in rags when the Army reached Birmingham, they divided into two groups. One group under Gen. Sullivan stayed near the river was shortly realize they're going to become wet would not fire Washington his coupe going down Pennington Road sent orders for Sullivans mentees bayonets and to go into the town of Trenton. The soldiers had only to hear the words and their bayonets were fixed. They were eager to go back in Trenton. Hessians have been sleeping undisturbed in all patrols that reported that all was quiet. All was well. As Washington near Trenton. It is reported that he yes, the man who was chopping wood. Which way is the Hessian picket. The man was afraid told Washington. I do not know when Washington's offices rode up and told the man, you may tell for this is Gen. Washington the man they cried unless you got prosper you the picket is that house and the sentry stands near that tree. As Washington's men attacked the picket on Pennington Road.

Well, Sullivans men attacked the picket near the river is Sullivans men attacked the Hessians ran out of their barracks but was so startled by the attack that they turned and they ran into the forest and one point in the battle Washington was riding in front of his army as they were forming in setting up six cannons. It was this a good mark for someone to shoot. Although his horse was shot. Washington remain unheard Hessians soon begin to withdraw, leaving their cannons, they might all have gotten away, except they refused to leave their plunder. They return to fight but were quickly surrounded and surrendered the total action of the battle took only 35 minutes. No American lives were lost in at least 946 Hessians were taken prisoner. 17 Hessians were killed over 162 Hessians escape to the British line. Washington's price was 1200 small arms ammunition, and six cannons, two of which were large-size cannons.

The Pennsylvanian Lutherans Road until that our the light of the United States flickered like a dying flame, but the Lord of hosts heard the cries of the distressed and set an angel for their deliverance.

Princeton Trenton was captured. The battle one what the plan was not finished. Washington marched his men back across the Delaware River that night after only a short rest and some food. The Jews were not worn out by the cold rain snow in need of sleep in the care of of the almost 1000 prisoners. They can marched out in the sleet and across the river. Once across the would wait for reinforcements, supplies for the British Gen. Cornwallis to come after them who Cornwallis new would be angered by the battle of Trenton would come after the American army. Washington had outwitted Cornwallis before and he would do it again as Washington's troops regrouped. They realized that the enlistment of almost half of the Army was up in a few days more more Washington asked the men to stay on and continue to battle the truths believed in what they were fighting for in one mighty cheer said yes they would stay each day.

The past brought more volunteers more soldiers also meant more money was needed to pay them Washington and his officers begin to borrow money by pledging their own personal fortunes know the Quakers did not believe in fighting it on January 1, a man of them by the name of Robert Morris went from door-to-door in Philadelphia which had a large Quaker community to raise money with which to pay the soldiers but the next day Morris was able to do seven Washington $50,000 by January 2 over 5000 men had joined Washington that same day Cornwallis with 5000 British and Hessian troops begin the march toward the Continental Army.

The British Army was harassed all away by the local militia, but a mile from Trenton 600 Americans under Gen. Greene with two Canon step, the British and the Hessians for a while. Greene and his men then quickly rejoined Washington the British troops came up against the full American army.

But Cornwallis was tired for the Marshall believed his troops were superior, so he decided to stop for the night. Cornwallis order Maiden turned in for a restful sleep, leaving victory would be is in the morning all, but there was no rest, however Washington that night.

All seem to be falling into place for his plan. He knew well the back roads of the area. By that time was soon discovered that the road to Princeton. It was left unguarded. Washington ordered a small company of men to keep large campfires going into to dig trenches sent to make a lot of noise. The rest of his army quietly begin to march to Princeton by God's providence, the wind changed and he became very cold.

The roads which a few hours before had been muddy became frozen, which allowed for easy movement of the cannons.

The British, meanwhile, believed all was well and suspected nothing about sunrise Washington's army arrived outside of Princeton. Most of the British troops have been sent to join Cornwallis. The Americans quickly begin to prepare for battle and set up the cannons, but due to fatigue from the March they were discouraged. Washington rose up in front of the Army of two within 30 yards of the British lines while they were forming each side fired a volley there was panic. I'm sure in the hearts of the Americans their beloved leader was in the path of the fire.

The smoke cleared Washington by God's grace was untouched old that was over less than 20 minutes. 200 British were killed and 230 were taken prisoner. Only a very small number of Americans were killed back outside Trenton Cornwallis will, to the surprise of finding no Washington in the Continental Army. The cannons firing in the direction of Princeton's told him that he had been tricked, once again, perhaps that is why the British call Washington. The old fox Cornwallis quickly set out with his army towards Princeton, but reached it just as the last of Washington's troops were leaving Washington and his men fell back to Morristown, Pennsylvania.

Knowing that since it was a rebel stronghold, the British would not dare follow the battles around Trenton and Princeton were the first American victories in the revolution a clear message was sent to Britain and the rest of Europe and America intended to win within a month of the battles proclamation was issued by Washington that anyone sympathetic with the British should move behind the British lines British lines at this point in the war concluded only the areas around Fort Niagara and New York Harbor in Rhode Island. The rest of the country lay in the hands of the Continental Army. When British historian was delayed or right of how the Americans complain out of the cold on the lack of sleep from lack of food and lack of money or lack of clothes only that Washington did not take better care of himself during the battle and was always in the middle of the action. The British had no idea of the love and respect this man received from this new nation. Washington's army was devoted to him. Well, today Americans once again occupied by enemy forces. They've infiltrated and our country by society. They hate God. They hate freedom hate the truth they'd all that's good and decent and they call themselves Americans today America is at war again with what is called progressive socialist or communist. The question I guess is will God raise up Christian patriot men like you did before stand against evil. Let us pray for God's mercy, and with that were going to have a reading by Randy gay and Burns called the Christmas truce, but prior to going to have a song about that come from years ago the war was waiting for me to school now and slander. Germany is not working and behind on Christmas in the trenches also all you friends were still no song song family bargaining that they their brave and glorious live so I was in line with my messaging old and rocky ground crossed the lines of battle.

I know this is not me boy. One young and well you know one my money driven boys are the cannons around was lines all sign on one.

I lay my share as well a game now and in the lines so this one's very well settled question on one's own.

All name is Francis, Liverpool. I each Christmas, since World War I learned lessons well.

One is called the shots won't be long dead and laying nine of the rightful weirs and now the reading of the Christmas truth where Randy gay and went Burns the Christmas truce by David G.

Stratman from his book, we can change the world.

It was December 25, 1914, only five months into World War I German, British and French soldiers already sick and tired of the senseless killing disobeyed their superiors and fraternize with the quote unquote enemy along two thirds of the Western front crime punishable by death in times of war. German troops help Christmas trees up out of the trenches with signs.

Merry Christmas. You know, shoot we know suit thousands of troops streamed across a no man's land strewn with the rotting corpses. They sang Christmas carols exchange photographs of loved ones back home. Shared rations play football, even roasted some pigs soldiers embraced men that they had been trying to kill a few short hours before they agreed to warn each other if the top brass force them to fire their weapons to aim high shutter ram through the high command on either side.

Here was the disaster in the making soldiers declaring their brotherhood with each other and refusing to fight genitals on both sides declared the spontaneous peacemaking to be treasonous and subject to court-martial. By March 1915. The fraternization movement had been eradicated in the killing machine put back in full operation. By the time of the armistice in 1918, 15 million would be slaughtered now. Many people have heard the story of the Christmas truce on Christmas day 1988 a story in the Boston Globe mentioned that a local FM radio host played quote Christmas in the trenches, a ballad about the Christmas tree several times and was startled by the effects the song became the most requested recording during holidays in Boston on several FM stations quote even more startling than the number request I get is the reaction of the ballad afterward by callers who hadn't heard it before," said the radio host. They telephoned me deeply moved sometimes in tears asking what the hell did I just hear you can probably guess why the callers were in tears. The Christmas truce story goes against most of what we've been taught about people.

It gives us a glimpse of the world as we wish it could be and sit and say is this really happened once it reminds us of those thoughts we keep hidden away out of the range of TV and newspaper stories that tell us how trivial and mean human life is. It's like hearing that our deepest wishes really are true. The world really could be different. This song is based on a true story from the front lines of World War I that have heard many times Ian Calhoun. Scott was commanding officer of the British forces involved in the story. He was subsequently court-martialed for consorting with the enemy and sentenced to death. Only George V spared him from that fate. John McCutchen, my name is Francis Tolliver are coming from Liverpool two years ago the war was waiting for me after school to Belgium and to Flanders to Germany to hear. I fought for change in country I love dear was Christmas in the trenches where the frosts are better hung the frozen fields of France were still no Christmas song was sung.

Our families back in England were toasting us that day there brave and glorious lads so far away. I was lined with my mess made in the cold and rocky ground when across the lines of battle and came a most peculiar sound says I now listen up the boys. Each soldier strained to hear is one young German voice sang out, so clear this employee. Well, you know, my partner says to me soon. One by one, each German voice joined in the harmony that cannons rested silent. The gas clouds rolled no more as Christmas brought us respect from the war. As soon as they were finish and a reverent pause was spent, God rest you Merry gentlemen struck up some and can't. The next day saying was still not to silent mites.

As I and into tongues one song filled up that sky. There's someone coming toward us. The frontline century cried all sites were fixed on one lone soldier trudging from their side is truth flagged like a Christmas star shone on that plane so bright as he bravely strode unarmed into the night. Then one by one on either side walked into no man's land with neither gun no bayonet.

We met there hand-to-hand. We shared some secret brandy and wish each other well and in a flavorless soccer game we gave him hail. We traded chocolates, cigarettes and photographs from these sons and fathers far away from their families of their own young Sanders plated squeezebox and they had a violin. This curious and unlikely band of men some daylight stole a bonus in France was France once more was sad for wills. We each began to settle back to war. But the question haunted every heart that lived that wondrous night, whose family have I fixed within my sites was Christmas in the trenches where the frosts are better hung the frozen fields of France were warmed his songs of peace were sung for the walls. They kept between us to exact the work of war had been crumbled and were gone forever more. My name is Francis Tolliver Liverpool ledge will each Christmas, since World War I, I've learned its lessons well that the ones who call the shots won't be among the Dannon Lane and on each end of the rifle with the site and now the reading of the Battle of the Bulge by Pastor jewelers. First a little background in World War II.

Nazi Germany, the start of the December 16, the Germans began a heavy surprise attack on the Americans back home. Everyone is good news because, well, husband's father's brothers, uncles and cousins were there or at a place called the Battle of the Bulge on 22 December 1944 the German surrounded the hundred and first airborne small town the best demanded surrender the hundred first was outgunned outmanned and they were sure that they did not hold but being Americans general Anthony McAuliffe sent back word to the Germans demand for surrender and answer to one word reply not the Germans thought out here. It said something else a little more colorful and negative and began to destroy the hundred first airborne on the 26th day of December, Patmos's third Army broke through the German rank and rest Bastogne for a Christmas miracle of all this was taking place not too far away, just a few miles away from all of this story took place that should be remembered by one or no. One night during this Battle of the Bulge three young American soldiers arrived at the door of the small modest cottage that was in the middle of the woods living there was a mother with her small son living alone. They were standing there in the snow and the cold lost behind enemy lines. They were frostbitten. One was badly wounded, and even though sheltering the enemy was punishable by death young woman took the men made them a supper with some of her very last food and while they were having supper, I heard another knock at the door this time there were four German soldiers standing there.

The woman was afraid, very afraid. But quickly she said with a firm voice, there will be no shooting here she made all the soldiers laid on their what and obediently all the young soldiers lay down their weapons and the Germans sat down with the American soldiers joined the makeshift meal Hines and Willie turned out were all of 16 years old. Cpl. the Old Testament 23, their suspicion, dissolved in the warmth and comfort of the college cottage. One of the Germans. A formal medical student before the war tended wounded American now the rest of the story is told through the eyes of one who was there now a grown man that young lad in her son and he said the mother said grace and I noticed that there were tears in her eyes as she said the old familiar words calm how Jesus be our guest, and as I looked around the table. I thought here to peers in the eyes of the battle weary soldiers boys again. Some from America, some from Germany.

All far from home that night.

That night as the storm of war tossed the world. They had their own private armistice in the next morning the German Cpl. show the Americans how to get back behind their own lines. They all shook hands that Merry Christmas and went there separate ways. Christmas day 1944 Kelly sure, but even during something that horrible God's miracles still happen. The miracle of Christmas, the love of Jesus found parts and that is a story told by Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1985 at a ceremony with German military at the Federal Republic of Germany was going to note here. The story about the golden hole wrapping paper on. I think this is wonderful story difference when you start out with the info which we normally don't do.

I don't know if the following short disbarment Christmas story is true whether or not it that she happen this wonderful inspirational story for people of any faith in this season of love. May we all remember the beautiful love of a small child. I wish meaningful low fuel Christmas season and new year hate. May your days be filled with love and joy. Growth and inspiration. The Golden wrapping paper. Once upon a time there was a man who worked very hard to keep food on the table for his family. This particular year. A few days before Christmas he punished his little five-year-old daughter after learning she had used of the families only rolled expensive gold wrapped in paper money was tight. He became even more upset when on Christmas Eve, he saw that the child can use all the expensive gold paper to decorate one shoebox, she put under the Christmas tree. He was also concerned about where she'd gotten the money to buy what was in that you nevertheless. Next morning the little girl feel the excitement brought the gift box to her father and see this is for you, daddy, and as he opened the box. The father was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction. Not regretting how he punished her but when he opened the shoebox. He found it was empty and again his anger flared, don't you know young lady said harshly.

When you give someone at present there supposed to be something inside the package.

The little girl looked up having sanitized, tears rolling down and whispered, it's not empty.

I blew kisses into it until it was all full. The father was crushed. He fell on his knees, put his arms around his precious little girl.

He begged her to forgive and for unnecessary anger and accident took the life of the child only a short time later, it was told that the father kept this little gold box by his bid for all the years of his life whenever he was discouraged face difficult problems.

He would open the box take on an imaginary choose and remember the love with this beautiful child put it there in a very real sense, each of us is been given an invisible gold box filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children, families, friends, and God and there is no more precious possession anyone could hold a man just take a minute here and no just wish all of you folks out there listening in May this be your bless your best your very best Christmas ever, and I know that them when the Lord, the love of the Lord's, and you hardly think about this time a year or something so special about this time of year when we remember how how the Word became flesh and dwelt among us only think that Christ child and time forgiving and it's it's a tough year. This way, and many sense because exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ said about the there would be a division amongst the families we see that out there today. At this time year because of the devil.

The darkness that is working but but for those for God's people for his love we are not divided in a we we stand united and we know that them the Lord as he said he would never leave us. Never forsake us, and we have that here we have that I don't need just had that feeling when he would like to add to that pastor Joe I would like to knowing that from the time I was saved came to know the Lord found out I was never ever alone and my life was anger all kinds of things are replaced by love and peace and joy and happiness and I just my Christmas prayer is that all of you will find the Lord and be filled with that grace and that peace and that joy you as well as remember that Jesus is the only reason for the season.

Amen. And I just wanted to share out a poem I learned as a child from month to my mother and wanted give to everybody here because it's true about all of us here. We came here the strangers.

We left here is friends. Next we meet in heaven for friendship never means. Amen. That's beautiful. Randy and and and is not true about all of us, though we all came here strangers and not at I thank God for the gift of eternal life, fellowship, friendship and family with us here in Christ and that's where the weather we've met in the flesh or not, but we will meet in heaven. And we know each other in heaven and God is given us eternal life that starts now.

What you think with amen yes absolutely. We come from many different places different little towns and so forth, where now they become friends, and I've been to several countries and so forth. Met different people, but I know I me to see them in the hands around and be joined together all right and we know that for a fact because we have God's word on the back right after this locally. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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