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TH121108/Overcoming or Overcome?/Joshua 6

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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November 12, 2012 4:53 pm

TH121108/Overcoming or Overcome?/Joshua 6

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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November 12, 2012 4:53 pm

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partners, please visit us Joshua chapter 6 the title of the message is overcoming or over, he never thought it would happen to him. I mean after all, he was handpicked by Jesus himself and even given a new name given known for his full life is simply Simon but now Jesus said I've got a new name for you, Simon. It's Peter which means rock. Not only was he a natural leader, but Simon Peter was now a spiritual leader, and he reveled in the fact that Jesus would often pick him along with his two fisherman buddies, James and John to go with the Lord on special missions like when the daughter of gyrus drive gyrus was raised again from the dead, or when Jesus was transfigured with Moses and Elijah. Peter had a front row seat and it was that time at Caesarea Philippi, that Simon Peter had the insight. No one else had after Christ as the question who do men say that I am, it was Peter who said you are the Christ, the son of the living God and Jesus in flesh and blood did not reveal that to you about my father who is in heaven. That's why it came as a complete shock to him.

When Jesus dropped the bombshell in the upper room and said one of you is going to be training and Peter thought that would be a good opportunity to both of his great loyalty to Christ and he said even if all are made to deny you. I will never deny you paraphrase Jesus able, since you brought it up Rocky when he ties him for the roosters crow twice, you will deny me three times and that's exactly what happened. Peter's first step down with self confidence Melanie ask you, can you relate to that story. Have you read one of those times in your life when you're on an absolute role you would just kidding it out of the park. Spiritually, God is blessing you in such a powerful way as Scripture said. Indeed, your steps were ordered by the Lord and then suddenly in some ways, inexplicably, you just crashed and burned. It fell so hard and you never even saw it coming. A member years ago I was out riding my bicycle, my wife and gone to breakfast in a little restaurant.

I sent him each of them in the right my bike and I had one of these mountain bike so I jumped on it and sped down the hill and was cruising up the street and I was popping off the curb to go over to get to the other side of the street and something that happened of the bike. I was not aware of, you know that little lever on the front that you open up to take the tire off and the new close it to keep the tire on well. Unbeknownst to me, someone, and open the lever up so the forks went up in the wheel Going. What are you laughing at let's see what happens when it happens to you. I'm coming to your house tonight and lifted a little Evora not to baton. I didn't know what happened.

I it happened so quickly I couldn't even brace myself. I did a face plant in the middle of the street not be unconscious or couple of moments and iconic team to and and why is it whenever were injured. We always say I'm okay. Never know that I Symington are you okay and Emily blood Tim and Adele my faith not you know it I wasn't okay and I went to breakfast.

So my wife said what happened to you.

I said to change that lover.

Well the next day.

I really felt the full impact of it. I did know was coming and I bring this up because here in the book of Joshua we have a story of great victory and right on the heels of it horrible defeat in this often will happen in our lives as well. Book of Joshua the fascinating book because this takes up are we last left off the children of Israel been delivered from Egypt in the book of Exodus we get an insight into some of their wilderness wanderings in the book of numbers.

But now is we come to the book of Joshua there poised and ready to enter into the promised land of Canaan's land, the land flowing with milk and honey will yell. The opponents were bid, but the fruit was big and the opportunities were even bigger in the book of Joshua is effectively a book to a large degree about military victories as well as defeat. Why would God put a book like this in the Bible. Simple answer because we to are at war is often said the Christian life is not a playground it's a battleground not a war in flesh and blood, but a spiritual battle.

It started in the day of your conversion and will regions of the day you go to heaven to be tempted.

Harassed, hassled and attacked.

Simply put, the devil does not want to follow Jesus Christ. So it's not a decision about whether or not given a fighter not the real question is, are you going to win or lose.

Are you going to advance or retreats are you going to stay in the wilderness or render the promised land. Are you going to be overcome, or will you overcome. Deuteronomy 623 says he brought us out, that he might bring us in, so here are the Israelites to come to a place called Key dish Barney you remember that they sent some spies in a 12 in total, and they came back with a majority and minority report of the tenants at all we can do and we can't go. When will be slaughtered in their lives of the up our opponents like Giants and then the minority report. Joshua Jim said yeah you know there's some large guys and there were God is with us and I'll give it to us. We need to just go and take the step of faith and obey the Lord will of course the people believed the majority instead of the minority report and the result of that is they were not able to enter into the promised land, but now were at a point where all those original whiners. It did not believe God are gone. The wilderness wanderings are complete. God told Joshua to lead the people into this new land in the Lord promises it every place and soul of their foot touches is there is to possess other reminded to obey the word of God and to be courageous, but there's a barrier between them in the new land is the Jordan River. Now granted it's not as formidable as an obstacle as the Red Sea was but pretty big River and this was flood season so this thing was charging and there was no way they could cross over this on their own. There was no bridge there was no way to get over it.

When know the Lord was going to do a miracle for them and so he told them to go down into the Jordan River with the priest going ahead, carrying the Ark of the covenant and they would actually go into the water.

Nomads in this for a moment here. The priest holding the ark and their shoulders. Here are the people with the little children you're walking into a raging river.

But he said you gotta go in first, you gotta get your feet wet in and parted before they went over like the Red Sea they had to walk into it first and as they went in the Lord opened up the Jordan. They were able to cross over to the other side. Suddenly a mysterious visitor comes to Joshua and Joshua chapter 5 is a massive strapping soldier with a very large sword and Joshua says are you a friend or a phony, thinking please say friend please. A friend there's no way I want to get in a fight with you and this soldier says I am the commander of the Lord's army. And then he told Joshua to take off his shoes because he standing on holy ground. This appears to be not just an angelic appearance, but possibly what we would call a Christ often, which is an appearance of Jesus in the Old Testament because an angel would not ask for one to take their shoes off, but God would and this reminds us of the burning bush. So in a way with the burning bush was to Moses of the soldier that appeared to Joshua was a similar kind of think it's interesting how God comes to us what were at what is Joshua he's a soldier he's a military man. How does God come to him as a soldier as a warrior present Joshua with somebody I'm with you. Just remember that whatever you go.

I think it's a great thing to realize that God will always make himself known to every generation know it's important that we as parents pass our spiritual values on to our children but we also pray that God will make himself known to them and you know some 40 years ago we had a great spiritual awakening in our country and right here in California called the Jesus movement and you know what we need another Jesus movement and we need to pray for that really should for our kid for our grandkids so they can see for themselves how powerful and how great God really is. So here now. The Israelites save crossed over the Red Sea. The Lords appeared to them, reminding them that he is with them each step of the way and they come to their first obstacle we might call it the big enchilada the city of Jericho massive walls and God wanted to bring it down now was the Lord gonna bring this city down. He gives him the battle plan throw up massive ladders and scale them and attack cut off food supplies and starve the inhabitants out no God had a more shall we say novel plan in mind, let's read about it. Joshua chapter 6 from the start in verse one of the gates of Jericho. I'm reading from the new living translation were tightly shut, because the people were afraid of the Israelites. No one is allowed to go in or out, but the Lord said to Joshua, I've given you Jericho it's Kings and all of its mighty warriors, your entire army is to march around the city once a day for six days seven freeze will walk ahead of the ark, each carrying a ram's horn on the seventh day were to march around the city seven times with the priest blowing their horns. And when you hear the priest give one loud blast on the warrant of all the people give a mighty shout, then the walls of the city will collapse in the people good charge straight into the city. Does it doesn't everything be like God is just messing with your mind a little bit of Taylor.

This is a joke right Sacha you want us to march around the city every day and then on the final day march around it seven times and then blow trumpets and yell that's the strategy. Indeed, it was. It seems as though God goes out of his way coming up all sorts of an unusual and diverse ways to accomplish is accomplish his purposes.

Why is it so we will realize it is him and not us. Whether it's Joshua with his trumpet.

Sort of.

Will see later Gideon with his torches and pictures God loves to use weakness to show his strength and I want you to know that there's always a method to the madness at night use that expression loosely on not accusing God of madness. It's not madness at all. God's way of keeping us humble looking to him. Great example is the story of Neiman another military man actually who was the leader of the armies of Assyria, and he was famous in powerful and an influential role in and admired by many, but he was a leper and there was no way he could get rid of this leprosy and so you little maid working in this house who was in this are likely been captured as a slave. She said you and you know Yana gotta go to Israel because as a prophet.

Their name Elisha. I bet he could pray for you and you be healed so Naaman goes of the king of Assyria and says you know that my maid told me there's some prophet in Israel that can help me with my leprosy and so a message is sent to the king of Israel.

Now they who is this prophet and so Naaman finds out his address so Naaman gets his chariot decked out in his beautiful horses and is entourage with them and he comes charging in the talented stuff right in front of the house of Elisha probably up beat up plays darkening and on one here in Juneau broken flowerpot in front his name Elisha can hang in one little deal. He pounds on the door expecting Carol's welcome Elisha does Neiman given the time of day.

He just disperses his servant gaze. I says tell her go dunk himself in the Jordan River seven times will be healed. So Naaman is waiting in haze and wanted I like you can see right now is can a busy pleasant go to the Jordan River dunk yourself seven times you'll be healed.

Thank you, a bus to the door and psych. What does he know who I am. He's ticked up let's go back home he say no is here we are better rivers in Assyria than some stinking money.

Jordan River, one of his associates is a boat harmless therein. Give it a go was a reason Naaman didn't want to do it. There's a reason God didn't want them to do it because they really didn't want to peel off his armor, it's very likely many of his men didn't even know he was a leper but the going without water.

You have to take off his armor and take off his royal clothing and reveal what he really was only humbled himself, and he took office home and the men probably cast when they saw the effects of leprosy on his face.

Maybe in here was missing disfiguration and he took office, press way and then he took out the other pieces of armor and they saw that great warrior humbly go down the water and immerse himself in, same old leprous payment number 23456. Still, the thing became of the seven-time. This place was like a baby. Why did God want them to do it this way. So God would get the glory.

You see, and sometimes it happens in our lives different notice that Jesus never really healed any two people in exactly the same way sometimes even touch a person. Another time a person would touch him on another time, he would speak the word and they would be healed and on another occasion they would just touch the hem of his garment, sort of the edge of his rope and there were healed.

One sign to heal the blind man he spent in the dirt wiped it around and put it in the guys I here's mud in your eye buddy. Can you imagine coming to a pastor for prayer approaching a passenger. Make sure what the point is Jesus to let things like that so P1 safe. Although it's a holy spittle tomorrow. It's touching him or polyester touch you know Jesus that's what it is. It's God because we get hung up on methodology we get hung up on traditions. We get hung up on styles we get hung up on the past and God likes to bury his method.

So we will be dependent upon him and that's exactly what the Lord was doing now with the Israelites. That's right. March around it in silence and on the seventh day march around it seven times and shout, so they did got the whole Israeli army together the freeze of the ark was heavy two by the way, some Martina breath inhabited Jericho probably laugh at what a much up full semantic letter these guys. There throwing things out them dumping garbage on them who know every day the Israelites to go around this city.

Now why did God let them do that.

Maybe so they would see how formidable of an obstacle. It was, you know, we have our Jericho's online so to speak.

Problems that loom large things we can handle on our own. Sometimes alarm alarm is March around them, so to speak, so we will not rely on ourselves. The greatest difficulty for many is a get to the place where one is prepared to admit that the whole thing is simply too big for them for them to say I can't do this on my own.

You have a Jericho right now.

Maybe it's incurable illness. Maybe it's an insolvable problem. Maybe it's a hopeless marriage. Maybe it's a prodigal child and as you think about it you don't know how your ever going to resolve this conflict. Listen, that in effect is your Jericho now is another reason God had them go around the city.

He was giving the inhabitants of Jericho an opportunity to repent and to see that they slaughtered all the inhabitants and that might seem harsh to some, but you need to know that these people were wicked. The Canaanites, they use their children as prostitutes for their false gods. They even sacrifice their children on pagan altars there and every into every kind of idolatry and perversion and sin and they had plenty of opportunities to repent before Jericho felt as he got it patiently endured the evil of the Canaanites from the time of Abraham to Moses a period of 400 years and you know what the Canaanites view the Israelites were coming because they were updating their Facebook page and they were sending out tweets every day. Instagram photos to picture of man little tweet another man of reckless life is good with the Lord just walked across the Jordan headed to Canaan. Congress of joking about that but but the word was out and the reputation preceded them.

In fact, when the two spies were sent into Jericho before the Israelites went in. Other names were James and Jason James bond Jason Bourne I made that up. But this will receive your listening two spies were sent in and they obtained Rahab the harlot, the prostitute and that she had them in her home and that because of that she wasn't killed when they came in and took over Jericho but Rahab said to them in Joshua 210. We we've heard all God's me to drive For you to the Red Sea. When you left Egypt in our hearts of melted for fear known as the courage to fight after hearing such things for the Lord your God is the supreme God of the heavens above the earth below.

So she think we know all about you. We roll up at her all about you is my point. They had plenty of opportunities to repent, but they did so now judgment was coming in order think about our own country. I think about how we them are nose at God. I think and how we break his laws left and right how we go out of our way to mock God.

How in a way we to sacrifice our children on altars, altars of sex and we call it abortion when we take the life of an unborn baby, how we think will never have to face the repercussions for God warns us any warns us, and he warns us any warns us and there's going to come a day phot God will judge the United States of America for our sin. I don't look forward to that day.

I don't think any relish in making that statement. We should pray for America and I pray that will have a great spiritual awakening, but ultimately judge all come to our nation as judgment is come to every nation that is ever been on the face of the earth. We know this sure. So here are the Canaanites. They didn't lift a finger to believe in God, they just oppose the Lord. So now the Israelites Martin that final day they go around the city seven times. They blow their trumpets and the walls fall and they go in and wipe out the inhabitants and that's a story of Jericho, one of the greatest stories ever told. Here's what I love about the Bible is after Jericho was a high and a lot of people don't even know the story of AI, but the great thing about the Bible is. It is a brutally honest book, the Bible is the only real no spin zone using, the Bible tells us about a hero who did well her though. Hopefully there are the strengths and if there were weaknesses God will show us those two. So now we come to chapter 7 that opens with an ominous word. Joshua 71, but Israel was unfaithful concerning the things set apart for the Lord amending eight units stolen some of those things in the Lord was very angry with the Israelites to hear this great victory. The defeat of Jericho. It was God's plan for the Jews to go from victory to victory over taking their enemies in Canaan but they had to do God's will and God's way, but instead they face a crushing defeat at a city called AI. By the way, that was much smaller than Jericho.

And it just shows us that we can be doing well now we can cross and burn when she would happen.

Joshua seven verse two.

I'm reading from the new living translation.

Joshua said some of his men from Jericho to spy out the city of AI east of Bethel near Beth Yvonne when they return they told John Strunk test small town will take more than two or 3000 of us to destroy.

There's no need for all of us to go there so approximately 3000 warriors were sent, but they were soundly defeated the men of AI chasing Israelites in the city gate as far as the quarries they killed about 36 who were retreating down the slope.

The Israelites are paralyzed with fear at the turn of events and their courage melted away while so why did they fall for that matter, why do we fall. Reason number one. Self-confidence. Self-confidence PC AI was a small city compared to Jericho, which now lay in smoldering ruins that you have effectively done this one in their sleep didn't even really need the whole Israeli army just a few thousand men.

But this argument was based on the supposition that Israel and captured Jericho. But if anything is clear from that story is real and very little to do with the defeat of Jericho. God did it, and as they were willing to humble themselves and do it God's way.

He brought them this great victory.

Another acting like they're all that and they can knock down another city without any effort or apparent dependence upon God know sometimes were more vulnerable. After a time of victory or more vulnerable after God has blessed don't be surprised when you leave church that you get attacked spiritually. Don't be surprised that when the Lord is denigrating work in your life.

There is that attack.

Remember how Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River and we read that the Holy Spirit came upon them in the form of a dove and the father sent from heaven. This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

What happened after that Jesus went immediately into the wilderness where he was tested by the devil for 40 days and 49 after the dove came the devil that often that way in our lives as well. Those attacks will come. One commentator wrote, let us be watchful after the victory as before the battle. Again, this is what happened to Simon Peter and the upper room pride goes before a fall. The sin of self-confidence is at the foundation of many sins that people commit.

We say all I can handle this. All this isn't even a problem on the Windows stop right now. When you go to desert or to a restaurant and likes a lot right there tonight that a Freudian slip, you go to a restaurant and you had your meal, and maybe you try to be good and what is Saladin and intimates as you want to get dessert. Oh no no no I'm on a diet and then someone is a bright idea of saying let's get one dessert again for forthright so the desert arrives in their the four and you know I'm actually fine. I don't crave the dessert that much. Once I take that first bite. I'm like a shark with blood in the water. Okay I going to a feeding frenzy for the reasons I like to go with my wife because you know to take up Byington and then she's very ladylike and she's talking holding her for she turns away a mechanic. She turns back where did it go that's I know she'll take the dessert to cut my little section.

Here's your section. Greg replicates OT's are looking. I still take some of hers.

Don't tell her that please send to me that way. All I can handle this. I'd never follow this in know some people think they can do what they want when they want with whom they want without repercussions, but it doesn't work out that way.

This was the problem here with the Israelites.

They had self-confidence all we can handle AI. It's not a problem. And this is what will often lead to a fall. You think it's not coming up in the me, here's the thing. If you know someone that is fallen into sin. Don't be all arrogant as you could have done the same thing for the Bible tells us that when we know someone who was overtaken in the sin. Galatians 61 dear friends, the Christian is overcome by some sin.

You were godly should gently and humbly help the person back into the right path. Be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself if you're out with a friend and suddenly the tripped and fell right in their face and they were injured to come.

Whether down Eddie in writing a lot. Are you going to jerk him up from up against the wall. I hope not to reach down and gently get them back up on their feet again dust them off.

Are you okay hating them to make shoulder up to walk here. We need to go to the doctor you be all right show a little compassion that could have happened to you, so we must remember that we were reaching out to others as well. The first reason they were defeated was self-confidence. The first reason, were usually defeated spiritually is self-confidence number two there was a neglect of prayer, neglect of prayer.

All my the Israelites are so dependent on God when they look to Jericho, but because it was smaller than the don't need to pray about this. I this is like a no-brainer. This is a slam dunk. We got this one Lord will let you know after were done.

Don't underestimate these things flush with the victory of Jericho. They got and I would be a walk in the park.

Instead, it was their Waterloo listen if you pray in times of victory. You will never plead in times of defeat. Going back to Simon Peter, started with self-confidence all never deny Jesus. It actually you will Peter contradicted them, you're wrong. I waltz and then we read that Jesus went to the garden of Gethsemane. He took Peter, James and John again asked him to stay awake with him. They fell asleep.

He said you know, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Then the temple guard come to arrest Jesus peters woken up from his slumber pulls out his sword start slicing cuts off the ear of the high priest servant Jesus is arrested and taken away. Peter had it all wrong.

He was boasting when he should have been humbling sleeping when he should have been praying and fighting when he should have been trusting. Then he ended up falling so not just what pranks, but it's interesting and it's a little disappointing. Joshua blames everything on God. Look at Joshua 77 Joshua cried out sovereign Lord, why did you bring us across the Jordan River. If you let the Amorites kill us if we had only been contents to stay on the other side that policing nice job God just grates how my supposed to defend this. Why would you bring us to this defeat. My love the Lord's response, Joshua seven verse 10 the Lord said to Joshua, get up why you lying on your face like this is really a sinner broken my covenant. They have stolen the things that I told them that are to be set apart for me and they've not only stolen on the line about it and hidden the things among their belonging goddess and give me a break Joshua. You guys sinned against me because here's what the Lord said okay now I want to know something when you go on the AI everything you get there now belongs to me.

Bring it back to me bring it back to the temple for the work of God. There were times in God will allow the soldiers to keep with a nod in battle. But this was not one of those time. This brings us to the third reason for defeat. Today I flat out disobedience flat out disobedience. Someone had committed a sin notice. God says Israel has send the broken my commandment, but as it turns out it was one guy who did it, but they all suffered as a result. This reminds us of the sin of one will affect many first Corinthians 112 26 says if one member suffers, all supper together if one member is honored, all rejoice together like we as believers are interconnected. This is why Paul said the church should never tolerate evil see and I was in the book of Corinthians in Corinth was a wicked city in many ways. You could've called it first Californians as easily as first Corinthians is all kinds of crazy stuff was going on, just like we have in our own state and these people were so upside down in their thinking theologically, there were boasting about how liberal and tolerant. They were apparently there was a guy who is sleeping with his father's wife on his biological mother but is the mother of the woman that his father had married this guy was sleeping with her and her posting date now were so liberal. We got a guy sleeping with his father's wife and were good with it falls like are you nuts what you doing you can't tolerate sin like that in the church and he says to them in first Corinthians 5 to your soprano yourselves went to morning and sorrow and shame Wyoming to remove this man from your fellowship.

See if sin is tolerated it will spread and corrupt others. So here's well look at it if I'm someone is coming here for the first time in your nonbeliever in your living in a moral lifestyle. We actually welcome you and we say we love you and we say Jesus Christ wants to change your life and we are we will call you to the Lord will call you to faith. But if you're a Christian and you made a commitment to the Lord and now you're living openly in sin, maybe having sex with a girlfriend.

You're having an affair or you're doing whatever it we find out about it will confront you and say what you doing this it will I'm doing this thing will that's a sin you need to repent. While I don't want to repent and I want to bring my girlfriend that I'm living with the church and of my wife goes of the same church isn't happy with that. That's too bad for her know it's too bad for you because lustily without some very loving yet real loving I'll tell you why, because if you start letting people live openly like that and don't do something about it. You send out the signal that everything's cool. Or we can just you know from our nose at God. And here's why you do that because that's called church discipline.

By the way, the reason you do that so that person realized there's repercussions percent. You can't have it both ways.

You know, if you want to walk with the Lord you want little orbit appeared in the say you're a Christian, and openly contradict that. By the way that you live think you can come to church and do everything else at all the other believers know you need to know that's not right with God, so regular deal with that because we care enough to protect the other believers you see because pulses a little leaven leavens the lump for to modernize that statement a little yeast permeates the whole batch of dough and so since threads like that and the fact is, they remove the guy from the church and and ultimately he repented they were letting them back in a will will impose income and I got you. He repented little bit and welcome him so we can swing too far the other way.

You know, we consider some you know that's wrong. You need to repent. You're not welcome here until you do repent then they repented going. We don't want just a no-no. Now you welcome them back in the back to what I said earlier there, according Paul from Galatians and summons overtaken in the fall, restore such a one in the spirit of me to say welcome back, man, we missed you we love you, but so there was sin in there can and it was committed by a guy named Akin now begins an interesting character. He was going to be a cannot say that much. Soon what happened was they went into AI and he saw some goody's some treasure and he took it and hid it in his tent and God was fully aware of God are given strict directions that everything they got was the Lord, this man tempted for himself. This brings up a really interesting point, which is simply this, we belong to God right you belong to God, I belong to God. But the Bible says you're not your own. You been bought with a price.

So glorify God with your body, your career belongs to God.

Your family belongs to God. Your home belongs to God. Your car, your health, the beat of your heart the breadth you drawn your lungs. It's all a gift from God to you, but often we will forget and neglect God. Is it asking too much to dedicate some time every day to pray and read the word of God. God gave you everything that you, you can't give think, is it really that big of a deal before you start eating to say Lord, thank you for this food doesn't have to be a long prayer you don't have to pray for every missionary on the earth but I don't like long prayers at a meal, but I think it's important to give thanks to the Lord for all that you have seen Lord, we know that we have received this from you. Is that asking too much to take a percentage of your income and give it to the work of God. That's called tithing and by the way, tithing is biblical. Some say well I think tithing is. You know only in the Old Testament. I don't believe in it so would you do I give nothing. All that's brilliant. No tithing is where you start.

The Bible talks about ties and offerings. You see, by the way, what is it tithing means 10 attempt and tithing is in the New Testament to beg Jesus commended the Pharisees for their tithing, but he was just saying they were simply missing the point of tithing is not been done away with every Christian should tie. I saw a bumper sticker that said ties. If you love Jesus. Anybody can honk and then there's offering. So in addition to my Thai upbringing.

Often, why should I do that. Here's why. Here's why that's Bob coy.

Here's why. Because God says.

Will a man rob God you rob me and the people see how we rob you. The Lord says in Malachi. The last book of the Old Testament. You rob me in your ties and your offering. So bring your ties and your offering in the my storehouse and see if there will not be food on your table to the Lord's is when you give faithfully to me. I will get back to you give and it shall be given Prestone chicken together, running over me ask you this one up all of the church were just like you would've everyone attended as faithfully as you do whatever everyone were set just like you do whatever everyone share the gospel as faithfully as you do whatever everyone gave financially as you do.

What kind of church. What we have. Whatever. Everybody studied the Bible as often as you do, what we have a biblically literate or illiterate church is a you affect the church. No individual Christian can sin without affecting the whole body.

No child of God can grow: the spiritual life without lowering the temperature of everyone else around him. I put on the screen limited no child of God can grow cold in his spiritual life without lowering the temperature of everyone else around him. You affect others and others affect you. We all of the park to play back your story Akin one God, sins against the Lord and now everybody is paying the price.

One man or woman outside of the will of God to be a menace to themselves and everyone else.

Case in point, Jonah Lord told Jonah to go preach to Nineveh.

Jonah said no we got a boat going in the God in a boat going to the opposite direction and a storm came in the boat was shaking and tossing back and forth in the sea. Everybody was affected because of Jonah. So they figured out it was Jonah, and a sense of what what is the deal equals why my Hebrew and I serve the Lord God mean the God that can do storms like this. Yeah, then where you running from him. This is a powerful God your following. I know I'll tell you what Jonah said if you throw me over the side of the storm. Really that's interesting, but I pull out the way and the storm stop.

But isn't it interesting how one man and his disobedience affected all those other people think of the kind of impact you have on others.

Is he a husband who's not being the man thoughts: to be is not being the spiritual leader of the family and so many Christian homes, even the wife is a spiritual leader and husband just kinda goes along for the bride right honey was going to church is a game.

Now come on just TiVo it.

I know it's the wife that sizzle to open up the word of God. It's a wife and says let's pray how wonderful it is when a husband recognizes he's the lead spiritually in the father realizes he is the lead spiritually. I read an interesting study that revealed that if only mom attends church regularly 15% of their children will attend church in the future if only done attends regularly 55% will attend church in the future but if mom and dad attend church regularly, 72% of their church of their children will remain faithful.

In attendance would have neither mom or dad attend regularly.

Only 6% remain faithful you think of the impact you have in your children. While we don't go to church today are our busy you're just passing the legacy on right now.

Mom that when you say no this is the Lord's day were going to church and were going to even go to a midweek study you guys right now.

What a great example for your kids coming back to Aiken. The man responsible me how to they know with him. He was the only guy with a mullet you noticed in the piercing and if you break my heart, but he can break in the heart hello Joe member Billy Ray size in Imola right got it cut it since it was funny so they identify a kid is the culprit. Of course he doesn't volunteer this. No one ever dies I can think of only a couple of occasions in my 40 years of ministry when someone is voluntarily come forward and said they'd done something wrong.

People come forward and admit it only when they're caught. And even when they're guilty and you confront them, they almost always deny it, but now it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt Aiken is the culprit.

Joshua says look buddy just come clean.

Tell us the truth is a job go to quite an honor to have all the stuff you're looking for. Joshua 720 Aiken answer judgments that I've sinned against the Lord God of Israel.

This is what I've done. When I saw among the spoils, a beautiful Babylonian garment, 200 shekels of silver and a wedge of gold weighing 50 shekels, I coveted and took them in there. They are hidden in the earth in the midst of my 10 with the silver under it. That sums it up operative words.

I saw I coveted and I took them again.

I saw I coveted and I took that's almost sins First to see most temptation starts with what you see is why Jesus said you for that. It has been said, you shall not commit adultery.

I say if you look on a woman lustfully. It's effectively the same thing following what you see sometimes it's what you smell read an article in USA Today and how retailers are luring you into their stores not only with displays and manikins were in the latest style another using fragrances and you don't even know it is article said that at the Sony style store, they developed a signature fragrance of vanilla and mandarin orange that was down in shoppers relaxing them and drawing them in under novels, things would make you want to, but most by electronics. I don't it says other retailers use different scents with different departments printed Bloomingdale's uses a set of baby powder and the baby store suntan lotion in the bathing suit area so the men's clothing stores are using the aroma of bacon to draw men and now I wasn't in the article. I just threw that in is not the first look to get you into trouble. It's always a second one right at second look. You see something or should I say somewhat enough to some guys a sales are not to look at second time I was going to make the first one last real I looked I saw number how and Eve fell into sin there with that piece of fruit in the garden that are pointed out, the Bible never says was an Apple she saw this beautiful fruit. She says I saw the fruit that it was good for food, and pleasant to the eyes so the double smart.

He knows how to make his stuff attractive. He knows how to package his temptations effectively.

First, he saw that he covered the pointed out recently, would cover the Mensa degree the desire to have something no matter what it cost you any body else going back to that story of Naaman.

I mean if it ended there would've been a great story but this in the little twist on that one to wear after Naaman.

The Assyrian is healed. He brought all the salute to give to Elisha is just putting thousands and thousands of dollars like this is don't want your money.

Keep your money and so Naaman is on his way back, keel, leprosy gone to his eyes like so he runs after Naaman's is all like to send me and you know it worked in a change in her mind now in and we want some of this stuff your Broughton so give him a lot. He's I went and hid it when back in my sisters a buddy were a bit. Nowhere did my heart go with you when you did that and then leprosy came on gain side is why, because he coveted something that was not his first to see it then you coveted I must have it. Then you act on it. I took it I saw I coveted I took the Bible says your sin will find you and it found the and it always does find the sum by the way that verse that says your sin will find you out numbers 3223 33 rather was written, God's people, so don't think that you can send and get away with. I it's going to catch up with you. It's not a matter of if it's only a matter of when. And the good thing is is if you repent of it. Maybe you won't have to face the full ramifications of it now minute.

Then again, you may have to face them in some way shape or form. Sin is very costly, but it's always a better thing to confess his sin and bring them up for God rather than hiding their sin and continuing unit. I don't know what's teacher and spiritually as you come here tonight.

Maybe you're hiding some sinner you think you're hiding some sin. And if you want to know you to be about as successful as Moses was when he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand that didn't work out so well with him is when the sand shifted. There was the evidence of what you done them before you know it that's sin you committed is going to be revealed what's been done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. So I urge you to repent of it. If you need to maybe have joined us here tonight is a nonbeliever you know you never put your faith in Jesus Christ and as I said earlier, if you come here no matter what you're going no matter what lifestyle urine when it would visor addiction your you have, God loves you and will forgive you for whatever sin you've committed to give you a fresh chance in life a second chance you'll turn from that sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ.

So really close with an opportunity to believe in Jesus for you that have not done it because, listen 2000 years ago, God loves you so much. He sent his own son Jesus Christ fully God and fully man to come to this earth on a rescue mission and go to the cross and die for your sin and for mine and at the cross of Calvary. Jesus bore all of your sin and the penalty for them and then he rose again from the dead, and if we will turn from that sin and put our faith in him we can be forgiven and know that we will go to heaven when we die. If you've not done that yet. I want to give you an opportunity to do that and if you need to repent of his sin in your life as a believer I give you an opportunity to do that as well out of our heads or a Mona prayer. Father, we perjure word now.

You told us our sin will find this out. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is come to convict this, or literally to convince us of our sin out to make excuses for it not to rationalize it, not to hide it but to confess it in a repent of it and then be forgiven of it. Lord I pray for any here that are separated from you by some sin. Help them to come clean. Help them to turn from it and find the forgiveness that you can give whiteheads about their eyes are closed. Maybe God is spoken in your heart and you would say, then I Greg I don't know. I'm even a Christian.

I don't really know if I were to die tonight if I go to heaven. I can't really say I feel like I'm ready for the return of Jesus. But I want to be.

I want to believe in Jesus. I want my sin forgiven.

I want my guilt taken away. Pray for me affect your desire. If you want Christ to come into your life if you want him to forgive you of your sin if you want to go to heaven when you die which you raise your hand up right now wherever you're sitting in a prayer for you tonight to slip your hand if you want Christ to come into your life. God bless you slip your hand up or I can see it please God bless you appear toward the front there in the aisle got but she was well anybody else slipped her hand up to the pipe you would please God bless you slip your hand if you want God's forgiveness in the very back of bless you to publish one final moment you're ready to say yes to Jesus Christ. God bless you, bless you, bless each one know what heads are still valid.

Maybe some of you would say no and I'm a Christian, but had I been living in sin. I've been doing the thing I know is wrong before God and the Holy Spirit is convicted me of it tonight and I'm ready to repent of it and say Lord I'm sorry and I want to put it in my rearview mirror, I want to put it behind me. So pray for me affect your desire lift your hand up when we pray for you, bless you be embarrassed here with the family tonight. The family of God, publish anybody else slipped her hand to turn from that sin plus publish read all of you that have lifted your hand if you would please him and ask you to stand right now and I'm a lead you in a prayer but we are right.

We work to stand up near the razor again.

Even if you did not, but you want to make this commitment or recommitment to Jesus stand up and Emily join a prayer publishing better standing. Anybody else steno publish a few more of you want to stand steno publish.

Others are standing by the way, so you will be the only one. Stand up now anybody else will pray together on final moment stand. Bless you publishing there in the back anybody else steno stand now publish read all of you that are standing. If you would please pray this prayer out loud after me again as I pray pray this out loud right where you are okay. Pray this after me, Lord Jesus, I know that I've sin. I've broken your commandments. I've fallen short of your standards but you died on the cross for my sin and paid the price for so I repent of that sin. Now, I'm sorry for it.

Forgive me. Help me to follow you from this moment forward, living a life of obedience. Thank you for convicting me and calling me and accepting me in Jesus name I pray, amen, the greater

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