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FRI HR 2 010722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 8, 2022 12:18 am

FRI HR 2 010722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 8, 2022 12:18 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back let me let me read those of the last for five of those headlines were no US military to rule out spike Puritan nanoparticles covert vaccines are annoyed with and that that we fear and this is why Dr. McAdams that we fear is designed to kill active-duty troops and weaken America's military defenses. The Chinese fellows have been boasting about how their killing American troops without firing a shot. They have their people in the highest place in the US government. Boy do they don't think it will enlighten Bodenheimer what in the ghetto over a bit of the bright Biden crime cartel. How much of the gotten over $1 billion. The whole family from the Chinese. Okay, here's another one by Anthony Huff cases of vaccine -induced blades are on the rise due to mass covert vaccination Lance D. Johnson top health figures accused of genocide, a historic complaint sent to the international criminal court. I've heard about that that that they're going to try to go after file to their former that the what's his name that the German lawyer they're going to go after file to for genocide and some of his cohorts okay oxygen deprivation masks and now sweeping across the globe. People are getting sick or having all kinds of problems. Pneumonia pneumonia because wearing thediapers that turn into soiled diapers that they wear around their mouth and then the last one lancet size paper destroys false narrative of covert vaccines reveals vaccinated are okay there perpetuating the pandemic part of my article was cut off your already now we want to switch from that to the school were one of the real quick article here. I'm just going over the headlines in this one will Los Angeles public schools canceled their vaccine mandate after 30,000 kids were not complying again Los Angeles public schools canceled their vaccine mandates at the 30,000 kids were not complying and they told a governor goofy. There forget it were not going to comply okay and so that's good when you don't hear you not hearing about that an NBC, ABC or CBS are you know okay appeals court declares that our decline is to left vaccine mandate man for Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, now there's eight states Texas as one of the. The latest one. This is not were not going to apply.

We will not apply the records of rule we do not have to apply the vaccine mandate okay and I know that's a growing growing all around the country. In fact, there is another one a freedom rally tomorrow when I forget that announcement Ms. Yvonne find an amount for the freedom rally tomorrow and I didn't make that limit.

See where that is really okay here you go tomorrow. We have a rally at the free step right downtown Cleveland.

They've got this big ugly stamp.

It's was a big ugly stamp and there's going to be a rally of freedom rally there to protest the vaccines.

The mandates tomorrow and I'm trying to bring this up. Let's work together to uphold freedom and equality, net equity, equality, take a stand against unjust tyranny.

Join us Ohioans defending freedom Saturday, January 8, 10 AM at the free step in Cleveland so functions from 11:50 tomorrow and boys are cold up there tomorrow. I know I preached the graveside message today and it was a tad bit cold out there today. Okay Ernie, I'd like to add something I groaned when I hear that Ben freedom. It should be. Defendants from the shop, freedom, and yet it's nice it's important, but like a weak argument and we don't want to get freedom we want is from the dead, shot that I had left out.

Yet the love that that's true but that but I think that is the death jump is also the masks but it's also mandates where we're tired of these these governors and that making dictates out of and in the King, Biden King, Joey, making all of these dictates the place about this is tyranny. You don't remember what Jefferson said Jefferson said when the government fears the people you have liberty when the people fear the government you have tyranny. I can put you everything you're saying but we everybody promoting and should be ready to answer why that way. People that don't know what we know they know where we don't want to take the shot you okay freedom is a this morning that the thing is that's shot. It's designed to kill name hurt us and we want no part of it that's lacking digestive health to know what part of the chatter out there is Linda people as to why why in the world did trump why did trump push this in no listen to this. It's not just his is not just you know us Christians that are refusing this the death of Kratz now are saying amongst each other that truck did this because he knew the Democrats would be the ones that would take the shot. Yeah, they're saying that now in their buying guns.

They're out there no now they're having an increase in the amount of Democrats that are are buying cousins and so they're saying the truck knew that they would be the ones that would take the shot, and that's why I did it and it's killing okay well it is killing like you said 400,000 people.

People don't know the whole depopulation movement in but he said he remembered learning balance real interesting you mention 400,005 and not backing from Columbia University and I know all this study can come out by 380,000 but really good. Looks like a number of people of God. This is just one year. One year from the shot is about around 400,000.

Well, here's another quick one Texas join six other states and declining covert vaccine mandates for the fourth and for National Guard here in Ohio were not going to require that the National Guard either to take it away to Menton literally would have that listed in this they got the governors of other states, Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Wyoming are the same and I know here in Ohio the National Guard to the were not taken and so the governor of Texas said that Biden is not the commander-in-chief of the National Guard the governors until the, the National Guard is activated, so he is head of the Texas National Guard, not by okay let's go.

Let's move. I want to move over into January 6 going to talk about that here. Here you go, have gotten a good article here by Tate Tyler Durden and this from zero hedge the hardened steel baton made the most disturbing sound as it bounced off Victoria White's goal vary between a hollow click and a deeper step depending on where on their owner had the middle weapon may contact please elevator a man in the crowd yelled. It was chaos in the West Terrace total interest. The US Capitol on the afternoon of January 6, 2021 outside thousands of attended Pres. Donald Trump, save America save America rally milled around the terrorist.

While groups of writers battle police during the total near the tunnel and almost demonic to cut the knee emanating from underneath the tunnel arch. I didn't even touch you. A woman cried. I need help I need help a manchild to stand up. Dammit and told the police officer in riot gear get out will I just consider going to this whole article. The whole article shows you nears them as pictures of some of the people they beat, they killed these here. I'm just looking up attribute to a white as their down and people are trying to pick her up in the dirty cops the dirty cops here after repeatedly striking white in the head. The officer in the white holstered his baton that he made a a fist with his bare left hand and punched white in the face. This was a woman. This guy Sidney. These are dirty cops these in Washington DC. Dirty cops connect with the C stands for the dirty cops okay and here I have a picture of the circumstances of the worst violence are hotly contested with the results were the Trump supporter Ashley Babbitt now Ashley Babbitt, 35, was shot and killed by Capitol police. She was murdered. He was murdered by a dirty cop, Ashley Babbitt was a this is the truth. What I'm telling you, okay, and we know that we sought we have films of that.

Where will this guy just goes off and just chill sure he she was no threat to him at all. She was murdered by a dirty cop and we have the dirty media will not report that an as yet of background on that cop that killed her. Tell me about it. I have a filing only with the BLM's BLM background is a supporter of BLM and he had left he went to the men's room left is gone loaded gun in the men's room and he was never reprimanded or anything for so that is what took place this way were going to be showing this film. I have a another article here.

Let me just read this letter from January 6 political prisoners. That's what these people are revealed dirty games and the FBI hopes to target patriots January 6 political prisoner named Guy that it has was has written a letter obtained by Bigley politics them. Knowledge of the homes being used to charge horrific on a rare gun charge revenues being charged under the firearm provision of the writings that you put photographic evidence and sworn witness statements presented in the article below show that an alleged FBI false flag operation called the Madisonville hoax is responsible for the president being used to charge Revit and now Revit knows he is being set up as I Revit wrote a letter to citizen Walter Fitzpatrick who had been providing him information about the Madisonville hoax which the FBI under director Robert Muller ran into thousand and 10 in Tennessee to falsely prosecute a right wing man for trying to take over courthouse. Even though the men never even went to the courthouse in question Revit refers to this letter to the Madisonville hoax and to lion Joe Biden ill after Biden in a yesterday after I heard him get that speech I can never refer to them anymore without saline Joe Biden because everything he said was a lie. Revit write that information leads me to believe that the DOJ that's the department of Judas ran a test run on the state level in Tennessee. Biden was the VP and now he's the big cheese. The big guy appears with the help of others ran the full version of the Madisonville DC in January 6. I'm seeing this correctly.

I have the same charge.

Darren got 48 months before and he is the only other time it's been applied while it goes on this whole article is a very big article on article but it tells you but all the corruption factors. A letter here the letters by Guy Ruff in his when he says I've since recently acquired a case files involving often subsequently found yours.

I would like to get a better understanding should you like.

Should you like we can discuss by mail. We can message within app called getting out ab typically have listed this a long article medicolegal article tells about ways that they can connect and let the corruption is unbelievable.

One more fast article here that I want to talk about and see what you guys think now camel hair camel hair said that that the January 6. What you call insurrection was worse than Pearl Harbor and 911 on believable these people but I mean is, is there absolutely no end to their wickedness and to their line at their evil of this article was first published on February 26, 20, 21, is a legitimate question to race because there are still some patriots serving time within the ranks of the FBI who are beyond distraught over the gross politicalization of their once proud and respected organization. That's what they're there all telling you how you know that once and we just did this biggest series on the FBI would Ted Gunderson, who was a good friend of mine and you know when when he was there and you know what he told me they they murdered him, but he told me the biggest problem when he headed up the FBI. He was in charge. John and John loved of all the Southwest Texas, California, Nevada and New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and he was in charge. That whole area. He told me one of the biggest problems he had was rogue rogue cops within the system within him final straw for many of the Bureau is the dishonest response to the January 6 war with the US capital. For starters, the FBI had intelligence about antiphons plans to infiltrate the crowds of tells reporters and incite violence with the FBI was manipulated some of the very groups labeled as white supremacist.

Now here we see at antiphon burn load murder their posting photos and bragging online their brackets and on the Internet how they worked with the FBI to set up trump supporters.

The brother bragging about that and you know what, let me just say this and then I'll shut up and let you guys here when we camel hair remember camel hair, which he did. You had in the in the summer of 2020. You had 574 riots 574 riots and by the death of Craddick mob. The antichrist mob system that was paid for by George Soros and Donald Trump offer descendent troops especially there out there in an organ department and that the offer descendent 20,000 troops also he offered in even the same thing. January 6 21 he offered to send in the Easton lettuce, ascendant, federal troops to make sure there is no right to make sure that we have peace.

He offered to do that in the so-called major Bowser. She refused without let them send in the truth that is there is nothing about these people that is not totally corrupt.

That whole thing was set up by dirty politicians and dirty cops so would want to John.

John have to say what about federal, I mean the idea behind is been gone for quite a while pastor.

I don't know how long, but it can wait before publishing.

Now and it's pretty well rotten from top to bottom all the old retired that you read they brought in our religious bringing in ones like them so I don't think it sounds both applicable, the FBI, we have to do it with a new bring integrity back to law enforcement John in your your cofounder of cops replaced with national international you the chaplain and yeah what would what no, what would you say to people because I get this question and the question is why aren't other pastors. Why don't we have more pastors saying what you're saying why don't we have more pastors saying what you're saying you would we know you're telling the truth.

So how would you answer that John why not more path of preaching the gospel (while other more pastors standing up a pro-life pastors we need fire in the belly leader movement God in their lives. So would you say that there's a dearth of courage, all absolutely one John and myself only work in pro-life fair in Harrisburg was basically me and him and couple others and Catholics was no.

I contacted 72 pastors in the area.

One responded, and then the follow-up they did too busy doing something else but the FBI's going to think this organization we sent out over 100 letters here in Northeast Ohio to the different churches and asking for pastors to come in and help out there in the streets of Cleveland say babies in your right. We got about two responses and so so there's a dearth of courage and a dearth of courage usually comes from what a lack of care, God so so with their mouth they say they fear God, but with their actions. They show the four who demand their freedom man interpreting the government so so what we choose exactly why Hitler was able to do what he did exactly what so let me ask. Well, this is what I just had a conversation with another pastor. Just this week, and I told him and I said that the reason we have what we have. The reason that we've got over hundred million dead babies. The one group of people that should've stood the one group of people that this honor God to dishonor God more than any other where the pastors and levitated pastors that they don't like to hear this but they know it's true. They know it's true.

They won't argue with you that they knows to put in so so will point, are they going to hear well done my good and faithful servant know why they didn't spare already :-( I had contact with nine counties in north central Pennsylvania work pastors trying to get them out. Pro-life.

I didn't. I don't think I was successful at all with any but we did have one pastor who we met and we became good friends with that came out, not from an Arctic area put one pastor Jeff my recollections that was about it was a job. Yeah right I forgot about that yet again. God told him to come out make now and we met in their and we became good close brothers in the Lord. Yet we did well over the years here I've had. I have about a dozen that have come out to the streets with me. We had other rallies at one point I actually had 40 pastors come out to the stand against one of the hospitals.

It was killing babies Gilchrist and years ago and that took some doing but Tim but for the most part over the years we've had about a dozen that have come out altogether and five of those 12 or my associate pastors from those of the word Baptist Church so they're all activists now.

We want to well in that just reminds me because right now we have Pastor Bruce who is one of our associate pastor, Pastor Pfeiffer is in the hospital he Scott pneumonia.

He's Bruce is about 80 years old and them John McCarter, would you pray for pastor private as the God that human healing he's got the covert and pneumonia are learning in the hospital yeah yeah I know it are one person Bruce Pastor Bruce Pfeiffer: we bring pressure Bruce before you and Lord hospitals today are not what they were years back that were asking the Lord that you would work in the field is long, and whatever else is necessary if scolded, is a curse word is a bio weapon designed to kill us some fast and some slow Lord we ask now in Jesus name that you his lungs would clear up. No blood clots. Lord and Dr. Jim were behind Lord I ask for mercy and they wouldn't give him that was demonstrator that knocks out the kidneys until the lungs up memory chrome on it ventilator and that's usually the so don't let that happen. Don't let that happen and we we asked that he would recover from you, and be back preaching the word mall and Jesus went a minute limit. He knows he knows to not did not get this in their home. Anyway, well, Helio, refuse and the less they do it while he's sleeping or something, but here are our tell that something else, but he only knows the refuse it and so here here's what one of my deacon, who was in the hospital and now he refused and he told him he wanted no part of it. So the doctor came in and his doctors that you know what I understand exactly what you're saying. They said about when this affair is killing people. Why is that is not because of the drought. He said here's what he told. He said these past these doctors are there in a big Pharma tells him what to do pig farmer no matter their told not to question big Pharma just go ahead and do whatever big Pharma. That's where the money the monies appliqué, but anyhow he said the problem with the deal is there there. Given this, and they don't know what you're doing there. Given people way too much of that. He said that when you use that. He said here's what you have to do you use just a very tiny bit and you monitor, you monitored very closely very closely and it can work but he said these doctors don't know that there given people way more than they should.

They're not monitoring and this is cut is shutting down the kidneys and the skill of people. They told him that he said I promise you he said I promise you Ken that I will I will not kill you. I promise you that we hundred 80 that night yeah nine article equipment good at yeah you I will bill you all my so there you go hello Bob Obama John Brinkley tell the folks there.

What happened with Gary and the veteran real quick. God, I had good friend of mine that I advised him not to get any jags, but he did he got three. Everybody and his family got three they got quoted after they had all that and he became congested he went to a physician's office, which is part of the practitioner told him well you have to go on a ventilator and he refused. What else can you do a aspects of what we can give is IV so let me go talk about that because of the hospital and he says what is this is a new and a civil we don't know. I don't know. I check I wanted to talk to the ER doc the ER doc comes over and gives him some papers to read and comes back later after he rented. Gary says will this doesn't sound too good at anything on the score through at your age and that made Ptolemy Cibola. He said if we give this to you I can guarantee you that you will not be dead by tomorrow night.

He said well I think a pass on that and he goes back over to the original place of the one cost of the practitioner that prescribed us and said do you know what this does, you know what you're doing well know the will are you doing well because we commit every week and tell us exactly what the doing. That's what we do already tight moving fans are are are around position that we consult with. There is no practicing of medicine allowed by these people and they call cookie cutter medicine and that's it. They do with the cold losing credibility in a rapid rapid rate. There really losing everything.

Everything. It was the FBI doctor everything is losing credibility.

Hang tight.

Will be back right after this John.

He was born of Elizabeth, the son of Zechariah 7 my God the father claim #he was as bold as a lion in the new note here an awesome man to be a big John and in the wilderness of Judea.

There he was reading and it was very loud in a generation of life is more the rent, better listen.

There is preached to the center. The Milliron only one way out of that burning, like I truth under this righteous man, and those that believe promised land that John Johnson chosen by the father to baptize the sun.

It was there, and then Jordan saw something was, the Holy Ghost ascended and were at work, mighty voice thundered and the number this is my son in whom I am well really John is none greater than 80 Ptolemy about God the son he never got the job was done. Big nap. John John med. 2000 years later, it was glorious, obedient hole how he was going to prison being so bold was my God him. It was on.

He earned himself a man is definitely out. Big John Johnson. Amazing. They perished in the shame John to the Saints Hall of Fame now in heaven above the angels understood John preach repentance sure did a good Baptist John.

Now there's one thing John wanted and now it's a terrible matter to lose your own so to call upon the Lord while you still can better take the advice of this mighty righteous man a big Baptist John John the Baptist, John John McNabb and John Baptist, John John big John Hart. The phone lines are now open the phone lines are open in the rent out there in New Jersey. You are waiting on for a long time he quit and call back and we have a we just had a prayer request for Pastor Michael Carl Michael Carl and he's in these in the hospital. He's in them ICL you and he's got the covert and John Holman, would you pray for Michael Carl, we bring Michael between our Lord Jesus. We have nothing would be done in this hospital that we God more worse than many of the problem of the house product that he would get position to know the truth. The more use the truth and that that he would be administered.

The proper proper care father so we ask you now to watch over them supernaturally bring about healing raise him up now in Jesus name Amen amen thanks all right now really going take our other cohost, and then plan to be to be his hero to that's cliff during the year. Cliff yeah you know you're talking about poor John Martin looked upon not regular Google but Google's dollars and Google scholar has not really made it yet. It has bonnet goals by researchers in the million. I looked at that one. Upon you not to little technical, but it said. For example, our earlier studies said that before and admits all strains want in on at something that you can find an on-again, but that's a line going freely saying all so you can take towards apparent vitamin C the anti-also added in.

It was green tea extract with the BJP.

And that gets to think and to the south and that's what you need to kill and that inhibits the properly & which virus needs to be active in working to replicate through believe it either at that and find what kills it for all strains.

That's what he was saying that and think another thing was I had heard of no name spelling them out and that's something that was on the left slightly late news has in all economic goals for decontaminating or detoxing from the facts and that's on that. But if you just stated to the computer it says that it breaks up blood clot and I like Cliff also another one to add is black cumin seed black cumin seed as actually as opposed to not spill Koopman's key right right that black yeah yeah yeah Megan was talking about and that They Had Three Different Experts Look at That List and That's like on At Least 102 of Them. Yeah, I Said Wait a Minute Black, the Same As the Black Say That She Has South and Also the Owner Is That Jeremiah Chapter 49 Transfer Is Interesting. It Talks about People Trusting in That Treasurers That Would Be like Bill Gates like No One's Gonna Compare Them. That's like That's like 20 It out and Then It Has a 368). That Was the Vanishing, and That's What I Think People until They Get Connected on the House Talking with Someone and I Said You Know That Was an Elderly Woman That Had Some Problems and She Was Getting Fatter and She and Her Relative, Such That the Fact That Angela Spent Three Weeks Later and They Did Not Make the Connection That Was the Vaccine I Think She Had a Relapse from Whatever Was Wrong with Her and Some People Just Are Not Connecting the Dots on the Now and Even Dr. Pedro Said Flat out That Carol Used To Work Kill Children Get out Want to Kill Children. Now the Agreement Apparently Was with the Government That This Was to Be Used for People over 65 and I Are Getting Carried Away.

Well There That Pedro's with the with the Center Think There's a Couple That I Played but Here's €10 Is What Is Telling You He's Telling You He's the Head of the World Health Organization That You Should That These Countries That Are Using the Shots to Kill Children They Should Be Using Them to Kill Children They Should Be Using Them to Kill the Older Folks Are Here. Here's What Mr. Ted Rose Has To Say It's Going to Be List to Focus on Those Groups Who Have Skulls Pieces and Best As We See Some Countries Are Using to Give Boosters to Children Which He's Not Right. So If It's Going to Be You Submit to Focus on Those Groups Who Have Skulls, Cement, Disease and Death Rather Than As We See Some Countries Are Using to Give Boosters to Kim Children Goes so What Would You Think That's the Does That Give Him Any Kind of Moral Standing to It Where Leak Is Better to Kill the Elderly. The Children and by the Way, Do You Guys Know Who Christine Grady Is No Christine Grady Is the Head of the NIH. That's the National Institute of Health Bioethics. The Other Company That Approves Drugs for the FDA and Then I Guess so. She's Married to about That's Right. She's Married to Fauci in the Point I Wanted to Say What to Call You All out Back to the Hospital but A Lot Of People in the 400,000 Faithful Audit… A Lot Of People and Not Dying in the Hospital and Getting like a Slug from That Drops out and Then Not Fit That Teleporting Hospitalization, Quite to the Gray One Incredible Amount of People Are Dying in Their Sleep after All.

I Know That You Are Stopping Them in Their Sleep.

I Have Them Play This down This Is from Dr. William Well There and This Is Back. 1980 and He's Talking about Fouts Fauci Was Involved in Some More Bad Poisonous Vaccines Back Then. Here's What He Has To Say.

This Is Again Robert E. Wilner NIH Balance out and out Genocide without a Doubt, I Invite Them to Take Me to Court Would Take Me to Provide Evidence and I Have in My If You Have Enough Money. If You Have Enough Money Picking up Money from Big Pharmacy before We Got the Money to Get Congress to Say Look Will Will Will Eliminate Will Give You Protection If You Will, from Being Prosecuted for Making You Guys to Kill People.

So If You Would Will Give You an Exemption and so? Big Firemen of Money They Could, They Could Really Influence All Those Congresspeople, the Ones They Had to Influence with All That Money so They Gave Them an Exemption to Make Just about We Consume, and Then They've Kill All These People Thought She Was One of the Main Ones. Wendy, What about Hate. That Was a Chemotherapy Drug with Virus and It Was Two Traffic Ticket Cancer Patient. She Just Read That the People and That's What Mostly Aged People with the Idea.

Get the Numbers up for the Eight so We Could Get the Vaccine for the Important Thing to Follow to Make A Lot Of Money Doing That While You Girls Is Primary Goal of the Population Was like the Original Delegate Yeah but to Depopulate. Let's Make Some Money While Were Doing.

I Already Things Cliff Got a Move on Their Thank You Okay Bob You Are near at Best.

I Was Reading the New York Post in My Thinking and Be Glad to Hear That. That Big Check Will Vaccine the Plot to Kill American Send a Bunch of Emails at the Hard Power People in Utah and It Says Real Quickly. I Give You Little Things Because the Claims of Vaccine Was a Plot to Depopulate the Artist Sponsored by Elites Including George Soros and Bill Gates According to the Salt Lake Tribune. I Believe the Pandemic and Systematic Extermination of Millions of People Will Lead to an Effort to Control to Consolidate All Countries into the World under a Simple Totalitarian Rule Have You Say That I Did with That Email and Anything I Pray That I'm Wrong but I Am a Straight Line Interested People in Utah to Stop the Vaccination As Soon As I See That When He Was Saying about Skate and Everything Else like That Is That I've Heard That before. What I Hear That before Lance. It's Good That It Was Able to Get out but Lena New York Post Yeah Is That You Have a Great Night.

All Right. Thank You. I Wanted to Try and Kill Me. This One, and Fox News Playing Kilby Was Say Look, It's Time to Get over in This Time Now to Accept the Results of the Election.

The 2020 Election. Do You Guys Think It's Time to Accept That Program (You Have Been Thoroughly Squashed As Far As I Know What I Don't Accept That There Was an Shooting Nonmember except That Because There's Not Evidence to Prove the Ones Okay Go Ahead John Palmer Exactly the Same, but I Think That Learning of a Mountain. Time Will Tell, but We Should Somehow Holdout of the Republican Party. II Just Don't Think That Is Redeemable.

We Had We Needed a Fresh Quality That Would We Have Energy. I'm Just Tired of Hearing the Republican, Ted Cruz and Sen. Complexes Yesterday with a Beautiful He's Been Trying for Two Days He's Been Doing Everything Can Walk That Back. He's Been I Know They Got Caught. He Said I Should've Said That I Night Now Knows That Prior That We Need to Come up with the People Going on and We Could.

We Could've Done That but Anyway and Never Compromise I'll Never Agree to Lead Either. Let Me Say That When We Dislocate Taking Big True the Vote Is Releasing Valid Trafficking Findings from Their Investigations and Five Additional States.

That's Right, Just As Night News Release on the Update. The True Vote Investigation into the Ballot Trafficking and Ballot Harvesting Operation, George, One of the Bell Traffickers and Judge Was Identified and Is Now Talking to Investigators Peace. In Other Words, He's Singing like a Bird. According to the News of the Man Was Paid Thousands to Harvest Ballots in Georgia Here Alleged Ballot Trafficker Making the Southern Georgia Radio Host John Fredericks Joined Steve Van Back in September.

Discussed the Explosive Development and George According to the Fredericks Investigators Have Video They Had the They Would They Put out These Boxes after They Put Video Cameras 240 Death of Kratz 240 Operatives. He Called Bella Traffickers Dumping Tens of Thousands of Ballots and the Drop Boxes in the Middle of the Night.

Now in the Morning. John for Dirty Told Me See Okay the War Room That the George about Traffic Was a Blower Admitted to Making $45,000 for Stuffing Georgia Ballot Boxes from 2 to 5 AM in the Morning. He Was Just One of 242 Bella Traffickers Identified by the True Vote Investigation and There's Possibly Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots That Were Stepped into the Bella Boxes in Georgia and He Goes on to Name Some of Things and in the States Okay. We Got Time for One Fast Coughlin, We Have What We Have John, John, Your Last Call or Go Ahead Joe Go Hello Yep during Their Go Ahead [No Longer Bring You up with Joe Bratton. Are You Really Being Played by Guy Okay I Stopped at the Yacht Can't Kelly Show Because the Guy I Don't Know Why You Keep Excepting That Person Paul Collier Being Played by the Kind You Really Lose Credibility with Me Right Entertaining Guy Every Night Limited.

Let Me Tell You Why I Do That Cliff Has Some Very Interesting Articles. He Goes on Other Programs to Different Names Right and He Uses and I've Heard Them Another One Stew but He Does He Guess Prepared.

He Always Asked and They Asked the Bible Question and He's Got He's Got Good Information and If You'll Ever Notice Something I Try to Keep Because the Money Because We Get in It and Because He Calls so Often We Have Other Callers Will Take Them. First Was the Don't Call Time so There You Go.

That's the That's the Reason I Either I Already Whetted Time.

Okay the Last Time It Was Cold and They Get Invitations Owed They Turn and It's Your Turn Tonight, Crime Burning Three Minutes Okay We Live in a Unique Time When Evil Is Clearly Manifested. I Mean Black-And-White out There and There Is Truth and There Is Logan There Is: the Real Estate and That Comes Back Shows You That There Is God.

God Is Shown in the Bible Is Low True Light, and There Is a Spiritual Enemy, Satan, and That's Good. In Fact, the Bible Calls from the Father of Myers so We We Could See It Clearly Now and Be on God's Side, We Have To Realize That We Are Sinners and That God Loves Us and Sent Jesus Christ to Pay the Penalty for Sin.

There Is a Penalty. You Can Look at Sin like Is a Crime and If You Commit a Crime That Is Always a Penalty for the Bible Says the Wages of Sin Is Death but the Gift of God Is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord. The Opportunity Is for Everyone. The Bible Says That Whosoever Shall Call upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved. God Is No Respecter of Persons Is No Respecter of Gender, Color, Position Well.

Poverty Only Respects Faith in Jesus Christ. So It's Done by Repentance. There Must Be Repentance from Sin, but an About-Face, Turning to Face Jesus Christ Living Your Life Centered on Him and His Word and His Word. The Bible Is the Word of and Then the Confession Whosoever Shall Call upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved.

Confession That Jesus Christ Died on the Cross, Shed His Blood to Pay the Penalty for Your Sin and That You Now Have the Assurance of Eternal Life Because He Is Your Lord and Savior. And That Is the Only Reason You Have Eternal Life. There Is No Other Reason All the Way People Reject Jesus Christ and into Other Religions Are Atheist or Agnostic. They Will Have To Pay the Price on Judgment Day for All Sin That They Have Committed.

And There Is No Way out from That Quote the Only Way out the Penalty of Sin Is to Realize What That God Sent Jesus to Die on the Cross. You Can Get That. I Think That's It.

Turning Slowly Right Can Everything You Just Said Didn't Really Yeah You See, There Are Those It Was a Light. I Don't Believe It, but You Going to Get. We Always Wanted to God's Word Is Really Not Go Right in Front of Now Clearly It's Unfolding before Our Very Eyes. Yeah, You like the Pages of the Book, and so Already. Well Where out a Time for Tonight so until Tomorrow. Good Night God Bless and Always, Always Keep Fighting the Fight.

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