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FRI HR 1 011422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 15, 2022 12:26 am

FRI HR 1 011422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 15, 2022 12:26 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Good evening and welcome to another additional was what was left on this Friday, January 14, 2022 and tonight we have on the board. None other than will lead reliable engineer and Jiminy Greeks top assistant. None other than courageous, great beauty merely there you go, and we have much to distinguish cohosts from Pennsylvania and Texas.

John and John but they do have last names. If all right very good that you got.

I only refer to John and him PHR okay is PA sometimes don't have a good connotation to it, prosecuting attorney, what about poor not, I won't say that nothing I got Boise going up to you to let Holman why does he do that drives them on top.

Already we get we got to we got a lot to talk about that as we get to it real to.

We got a really powerful clip coming up the bombing our detailed I'm going to get your two opinions of you to mighty men after we play that clip will probably play about 1520 minutes of it, you'll really want to hear this, but here here's a question the rapture or the raptures to be or not to be weak. We keep hearing people talking about, no, no, there's not going to be a rapture. Now these are people that really haven't taken a very close look. You know of Scripture. A lot of times a parent a whole lot of what the they hear other people say or they'll take one passage of Scripture and not understand you know God's Word, the Bible talks about many things right and so there are there are those that actually hold to position of seven raptures. I guess we better take a look at what the definition of the rapture is so tonight were going to all be preaching Lord's will and list the Lord change that between now and and Sunday but I'll be be pre-preaching the raptures to be or not to be anything the curtains at a good title by about the rock of the book of hope. The truth of it already.

So take a look at and to two examples if you will of of raptures where to start tonight in Matthew chapter 24, and we take a look at the tribulation saints to tribulation saints and of you guys start in verse 23 and read all the way through 35 started with 20 out in Matthew 24 verse 23, right then and if any man shall say unto you, low spirits cried or their believe it not for the garage." False prophet shouts to great minds and wonders so much that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before, wherefore if they shall say unto you the whole use of the desert going up or hold the secret chambers about for as the lightning cometh out of the east and shine it, even unto the west, so also the swelling of the coming of the Son of Man shall be for wheresoever the carcass is, there will eagles be gathered together immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken and then shall appear the sign of the sun bantered out then shall all the tribes of the earth form. They shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and his angels with a great shout of the trumpet, and they shall gather together the elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven, even to the other. Now learn a parable of tree branch is yet tender, and put up with Liz.

You know that summer is not so likewise ye, when you shall see. All we bring no neater even at the door.

Rarely I you, this generation shall not pass, saw these things be fulfilled.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, my words health assets will all right so now here taking a look at this and this time. These are the days of Jesus said all of these are the beginning of sorrows.

All of these are the beginning of South so this is during the tribulation.

But yet we see we see that at the end of that. We shall send his angels, and should gather a sound of the trumpet, and they should gather together the elect from all four winds, from the end of heaven, from one end of heaven to the other. Now, so are we. So we say they're the same with that right there alone proves okay that the post-tribulation. But now let's go over to first Thessalonians chapter 4 and we start with verse 13 and if we read verse 13 all away through the end of the chapter verse 19 first Thessalonians 5, but I would not have ignored program concerning them which are asleep, that you are not even as others which have no support. We believe that he died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive thanks unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent which are asleep school and so sent from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. So shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

Okay now we just rinse in Matthew 24 that this distal raptures when he gathers this would be at the end of the tribulation. But here now we know that this is before the tribulation. So go and read study which would verse five or chapter 5 reverses one through 11 and will first Thessalonians 5 yeah chapters of one starting with verse one through 11, but of the times and the program you have no need that I write on you yourselves know perfectly day that the day of the Lord, the night when they shall say, peace and safety in sudden construction, on them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape you brother are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a three year old children of the light and children of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others.

Let us watch and be sober today that sleep sleep in the night and they that be drunken are drunken, but let us who are of the day. These sober reporting on the breastplate of faith alone work of salvation. God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.

I force that forcefully we should live together with him. Wherefore comfort B cells together and edify one another, even as also you do now that is what is clear is clear you can get. It shows you that the tribulation period starts immediately after the rapture of the church and it is what is clear so there's there's other people to say well you know we don't we don't think we think maybe a new mate might be a year or two years, but doesn't say that doesn't okay so here we are talking about.

Well let me let me go back.

Comfort one another with these words, but of the times and the seasons. You have no need that I write into for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord come with the flu night when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, the woman with the child and they shall not escape so that we we we look at this here because it goes right into so it is a very were a strong suggestion that that's going to happen immediately after the rapture of the church right now here there are those that hold to some rafters with the lid. I guess we have to do is take a look at the definition of a rapture so the rapture would be me with the catching up my right Phyllis McCants of meter so if we if we look at acts chapter 1, we see Jesus is caught. We go to Genesis chapter 5 we see Enoch is caught up. They cannot we go over to the 12 second Kings I believe is chapter 2. I think I remember Elijah was taken up and carried yeah and so now here we just read on the first Thessalonians. And then of course we we as we look into and we do it we just went out of Matthew 24 the tribulation saints and that the church, but we look at Revelation 11 we see Elijah and Moses had taken and then how we say that this could be a great multitude of the Gentiles and in their going to be martyred in Revelation 7 nice but then there taken out out of the great pictures of their taken out of the great tribulation. So that comes up to seven what are those really raptures so anyhow I'm going to the Lord's will and preaching on the subject to see if we can shed some light on what you guys think well what you prefer me back: anytime could teach about record. The direct link with a very edifying people and basically the rapture is looking for possible and glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ. Now does the Scripture say that the Lord's return. For those that are looking for his appearing durability and then you I, verse 27, does that mean that those that they could be saved and and but they don't believe in the pretrip rapture of the church so there are looking for is returning because they're fully expecting to go through the tribulation. So with that mean that that that's when things really get because they didn't. They were looking for his appearing that they'll have to go to the tribulation. Well, after earning a question they can be looking for his appearing.

Believing in the community believe in effect coming. The timing of the North lately. I saw them coming, but not the imminent return like we are the right were going to have to get into this deeper next week is tonight were a little crowded for time as I want to play something for you guys and for the people out there so I'm going to go ahead and do that. Are you there courageous. Let's go ahead and let's start that clip and just take you through it until I take a step, except negate the health of probably not a good idea night sleep. The people ran Paul hammered him next week but no luck. Nothing to see here because they rapture is coming and overlook the contrast and have a new cell line to Mike Adam Minnick. It's you and you can you cannot throw it to Stephen Gary Butler and I mean this is incredible. I was reading that the US Army began formal training to fight American patriots all well I'm reading your stuff on your headlines and I'm thinking Mike, are we living II don't. There's got to be a word for it only Steve grandma's gonna help us out because I got a quote just and fair is coming around lining is not they want to go now door-to-door mandated like Mussolini by decree of fourth lockdown. 1/5 booster. I mean look at this headline unnaturalness to make you feel like you're living in a zombie apocalypse meets the twilight zone meet satire site. I don't know even what to escape from LA escape from New York as well but you think. Thanks for having us going to join these other amazing people here. Gary and Steve, it's I'm honored to be here, but look this whole thing is been a blueprint so if you go back to July of last year Jan Saki of the White House, said publicly you can see the videos online that they're going to have strike forces or strike teams go in the communities to enforce the vaccines and then you go fast forward to September of last year and the state of Washington was putting out help wanted ads for strike team coordinators and these were on the job boards and we have screen captures everything and they were to be used to demand the quarantine camps for the concentration camps we call them and then now we have the proposed new law in Washington proposed by Democratic of this is timeline. It's just like clockwork.

They've had the blueprint for years.

They rehearsed it all in event 201 that is rolling out the rehearsal okay were living in a rehearsed reality that they're just making life. The bill is WAC 246 – 100 and it would authorize armed health officers to medically kidnap anybody at gunpoint rip people out of their homes taken away from their families by simply declaring them to be at risk. Even if you're not infected and show no symptoms and they can be taken to these involuntary isolation cans quarantine camps. II think Steve will agree these are death camps. That's what they're going to do with the death camps and what are doing is this is this is genocide. Try to get rid of all their political enemies by using health as the cover so they will say weld all these Christians and these trump supporters and these Second Amendment people. They sure look unhealthy to us. There filthy dirty people to come to the camps and that is all being put in the place right now unless it is stopped.

That's what they will do, they will exterminate their political enemies right here in America. Holocaust level at mass death is coming.

If we don't stop to negotiate with Gary to turn to Steve. The northern provinces of all started… But something referred to as despite their just made vaccines mandatory for people to work so it's it's not difficult to see where the sun is coming at you is you. I'm glad you asked the question you started the interview. In this way.

Today we tend to talk so much about all the different code of laws coded in transmission and so forth.

I think people are wary that it actually adds to the confusion, to continue to bring all that stuff up as important as a guest.

We need to focus now on what's in front of us and what we can do about it. We have some huge breakthroughs with Malan in his interview with Joe Rogan and intercourse. These are some great interviews with Mike as well and usually talking about who's behind all of this about globalism and the powers that be and the great reset and I think our audience is made up of, but certainly the 20% of us that are better wake. It's not made up of the 30% of us better conveniens but here, some were really talking to gets the other 50% of the people that are not part of the calls, but that are simply compliant and not thinking and those are the people that we can reach. I noted that I've been frustrated bit set up white people walking and certainly that the 30% of the conveniens you don't you're hopeless, but the good news is that half the people I think are reachable and the evidence is so strong with Malan talking about the facts not working in and Peter McCall had some really incredible people out there are bravely speaking up and intercourse the evidence, the majority people hospitalized today have been back so obviously doesn't work that people are dying in such numbers. Now you know Mike wrote about the insurance agency that taps at a 41% increase in deaths between 18 and 64-year-olds as opposed to last year so is this evidence becomes irrefutable.

Out working to see these 50% moods and big move in our direction and you know the fact that were probably 20% now is a good start. You know, the American Revolution started off at 3% of the population in America. So we got a good start on this, and the evidence is coming. The problem is they know that this is coming and they're going to do the next thing and Mike and Stephen are in agreement on this and it's looking like now to be good. Jim Reggie Cleaver is broken added in China in and appears to have broken out in the US state, but I think that's really important person for most of the virus was a nice construct.

It's coming out you know more MRI scan containing surreal guy in China member of the Chinese Communist Party seven with their bio weapon United States and the hemorrhagic fever which is about viruses.

People a lot and not some of the different strains. There are a lot of different hemorrhagic fevers, like CCA, Which is Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever.

The next really underline everything is a fact that they're not getting the public fear level they want to bring up something that's even more deadly and less basement people start seeing blood flowing from different orifices. That's what happens I'm being told right now during my 6500 cases in the United States and those people are in quarantine and so that the powers that be are allowing them to go through the land among the worksite claim she was in fact on people who are totally in fact it was of the most deadly diseases biologically engineered to have a Raven action been a time to showing their symptoms. In these people around Louisville. What I'm saying.

Bottom line is that fact that they are going to release something so horrible and I'm pretty up on the old people (because years ago when I wrote great development following with hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of hours on bio weaponization and bilateral composites, meeting all across the different combination viruses that most people they know how stocks doomsday viruses and I believe you guys and I know you will do to that they want maximum fear and Gary were as interesting as you and Mike you'll appreciate the strongest Bible passages is that Jesus, a men's hearts will fail them for looking for looking after those things coming up on your in the hallway that coded narrative is going to scaring people into compliance and was one of the main signs of fear and dropping down heart attacks men's hearts failing them for fear for looking after those things which are coming in. Eric the powers of heaven shall be shaken of powers that haven't. That's kinda lost on most people that's talking about what might you call the demons like your you and I call the demons.

These are the very if you will, the following lines and the authority they have already in there on a crash course because it says boiling view is the because the devil is come down knowing it's time to start having great wrath were seeing the extinction protocols. By way I would like to thank you, Gary and Mike for participating out because that was the most important and most well attended conference against etc. put on and people are still blown away by some other thing is this is not a normal time is not normal.

The globalist Alyssa. Elitist estate at all pulled out all stops are going for you. Take a deeper partnered with this back, you might let me take a deeper or better yet the year 2025.

John Dietl was a Rockefeller casement East Dan now but the point is you can see, as were coming into this time. With so much volatility and by the way, my numbers, I'm being told 200,000 people a month are dying and the cell phone records you guys are interested because I know somebody getting to celebrate yet they sent 1.2 million cell phones during the last two years were taken off-line unity truck installing or whenever 12 million were taken out periodically during those two years and pay bills. But the ones that were taken out of service who did not have villages.

I just checked one source against the other was about 5,200,000×2044.8 million people were literally at the point now where all of their threats to take the world's population down Three out 500 million and will talk about later that nuclear war, getting ready to build up but I think the thing that most people forget you can do with the virus way more damaging again with nuclear weapons were now where they are pulling out all stops. And remember this. I don't think people understand the degree of evil. Now that's in the land and that they will not stop until they kill every man woman and child in this Washington state is so heinous that I'm surprised.

Seriously guys that people are marching on that demonic governor that possess saline take binder OTS so you do with the kids and this is the most horrific and I idly interface the second tune into the Australians. But when they forcibly inject 23, 25 million children during the €25,000 a Stephen Stephen, Gary, you nailed it when you said you talk about the hemorrhagic fever or something along those lines is going to be released so when people see the stories about the concentration camps in Washington state. The reaction I get from mainstream people normally people is all they would never use those in this environment.

Omicron is fading away, and so on and the answer is none of no, they're going to release something else. Something else that's in the fatty freezer collection that's going to be unleashed and it's going to be something that is truly deadly.

Maybe something with a 30% mortality rate so that they can have the fear I mean talk about a whole new quantum leap of fear of people dying in the streets. Bodies seen on CNN that people everywhere like we'd never seen before and then they can say now you have to comply. Now we have to take people to the camps if they refuse the backside. Now you have to show your papers that you have to take five, six, seven boosters, and so on. So all they've done so far is a set the stage for this once they release the new weapon they can rule out all that.

And one more important point is Stevie you said that your data shows 200,000 deaths per month is that in the United States right now is that we dated, showing us United States D million phones in China. When out of service and never came back in. So when the Chinese talking about their mortality rate. It was the most forgiving how you apply the biggest liar and a plan okay but the phone records bear indicated it was interesting take 5,000,004.80 is 50 you can see that you know the percentage of people dying in the United States is greater than the percentage of Chinese 1.35 billion people in China. You know I think it's important, and this is the thing and you don't Gary do not talk about the Segway and I guess you all have amongst ourselves and pretty much told everybody what happened.

I remember saying that I was told by scientists, might you copy the status of that information I get almost 18 months ago and that was when my sourcing is 46 last, 19 a bio weapon and then back after that was going to come the hemorrhagic fever. Remember that and I do. And at that point that this stalemate lost this argument, 19, and the fact that bouncy. I: policy based on the play by Erica Mephistopheles was the devil. Alice is a doctor. Interestingly enough cells and so the devil tries to get out of the garden at the end was like the bad news is you can't do it. So why is this man in my common entity because I do not believe is totally human and Mike you and I have talked about that is basically killing more people on a global scale because again we ran in the gain of function and all the different financing going on there not later Wuhan BioLab but there's a whole bunch of other lilacs. The world, the idea of global genocide and population annihilation. It will put in my opinion, policy as the greatest mass murderer of our day.

The question limits as some numbers are turned over to Gary and I apologize Gary but remember that the number you mention Gary the 41% increase in total mortality in the age group of 1864 that life insurance companies.

Its third-quarter data from 2021. Let's remember that fourth-quarter data is going to be obviously a lot worse.

Remember that in America right now 7700 people died per day. Normally pre-covet I believe are going to start to get the numbers that are 300% higher than normal death rates, which means a multiple of 7700. Let's estimate 25,000 Americans dying per day per day in America now to take some time for that to unfold. But you got there the cardiovascular damage get the neurological damage the cancer is been ground. The double-stranded repair mechanism suppressed by the spike protein and so on. But folks weren't working to see 25,000 Americans dead per day for this is over so is when Ada Gary yeah and you have the mortician has a funny last learning in the UK. These men shouted the rooftops about the excess – particularly children going on so this is this is clearly coming. I have a personal relationship with grandpa.

I spent three days reading and Colorado last March and I'm the one who taught Rand Paul about how she finally began to function, and I will have spent quite a bit of time with him. He didn't get sick again so what he did went back to Washington when after it and I love Randy and I'm on Ron Paul's advisory board. I'm close to the family, but as physicians they all have this trance that are under initial term that Peter McCall uses and they just are unable to overcome the transfer of their medical education and come to the full reality of what's going on right now and I'm really been frustrated with Rand because he knows found Street funded and directed the, the development of a bio weapon and of course I finished it off and will hand but was developed in Winnipeg University there. If the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Galveston, UT and the, the evidence of all the patent on each component of the virus about using it is is been documented that US patent office published its clearly it there's no question this was a bottle recognition of question asking guided process was credited with the creation of it in several of the issues of the nature medicine magazine and in yet, in which technology on television is still claiming to be a leader this whole thing rather than being arrested, not just for crimes against humanity, but also for treason as he did he finish the product under the auspices of the communist Chinese army and yet my friend ran you lost a put fallacy in jail for lying to Congress will that is far short of what we need to be to be doing right now and this is a fact that why people have to reprimand edge around if they develop a one bio weapon and successfully launched it on to the world certainly wasn't an accidental release. It's ridiculous to even assume that when you look at all things ago I got it ahead of time. All the coordination against with 193 nations example if they did one bio weapon. Why wouldn't they do another and is steep stairs. They probably have 46 of them wind up right now the waste each one times for a specific purpose managed a specific level here and we have to be thinking again about the future of what's coming so that we can be as prepared as possible in beryllium I wanted to you guys that were really talking about what's important now, which is what's coming so that we can begin to put to be prepared for him to do battle and it will be a kinetic battle this coming okay get to a safe one of things I think if anybody looks at the ranch reported a year seeing the literal call going out from both the Justice Department DOJ creating domestic care unit and then you go down to basically on a couple stories about the operation guerrilla war exercise defined across North Carolina counties army wars and battling freedom fighters okay now. What's interesting is a transition that's been made in Gary Mike.

You know this is a neurolinguistic programming. Anybody that does not go along with the vaccine is a domestic terrorist and I'm on a panel on my email right now with the gentleman… Me… Do you believe this is DOS. This exercise is always gone on for the past 20 years. I don't agree with you, and I said that was 20 years ago when you have that country.

Nothing is the same, and that's what I think people got understand.

I'm pretty to do communiqués and their interesting because the Secretary of Defense and Millie, who is a traitor, a constitutional definition of prayer as they had a joint key staff under present from basically warned the Chinese comments were really at war was still about the plans to deal with China. Did you notice how everybody the narrative to cease their but I think what is really critical is all Christians are being ordered out of the military. How that's happening is because they want Christians out there. One constitutionalist out in my Second Amendment people optimize trump advisors out owners they want everybody that will follow the orders when they're given to go out and take the guns away and below the auntie Baxter's away and Mike, you heard me say this Gary party said to they're not coming to take guns away their coming to blow the gun owners away in a late great Evenson even told me remarkable man.

The documentation he's gonna turn your army doesn't mean growing in your front yard. That's the Air Force term for using Air Force planes will any native cast them because all the F 35's are compromised, but to basically take out literally groups the persistence of this is works critical fact is that Demetri do them in before and what time 20 years ago. He saw a Russia United States. Yes, the angel and he's a Romanian pastor did not speak English asked Angel how are the Russians going to attack United States because the United States is so powerful. This is interesting.

The angel told him that the Russians had discovered were all American nuclear weapons are basically store today. Today the article brace that the military gave away the locations of all the nuclear weapons. Next on my website so here's here's the point. The other thing. According Demetri Goodman's prophecy is the fact that he made a statement that concurrent with that or shortly before many of the Russians nuking United States that civil war would break out and what's important for people at Wegener's I can her Christians the last 20 some years tell me what they don't believe that. Well, what do Christians believe because of watching the country being given over so I think Gary this gets right into the whole basis of your American US soldiers expose nuclear weapons secret via flash card apps and it's really critical that people understand this. The Russians right now have in excess of 150 hypersonic missile. That means that they got stuck that moves faster than anything United States average throwaway on the word enhanced by US weaponry is about 1.2 mega times, so he that's 20 times to think that the speed of hypersonic missiles that the Russians have demonstrated is astronomical. Even one of their hypersonic missiles coming out on dark those 21,000 miles an hour in a fractional orbital bomb system of the Chinese is 24,000 miles an hour and a number last 72 hours. You guys the lessons have demonstrated that they're able to take over the most sophisticated weapons, communication, control platforms that you have NATO or the United States possesses so what I think is really important. We are on the point in my opinion, and out of its days or weeks by the Russians after meeting with the Secretary of State said they were stunned at the man's ignorance that he couldn't talk intelligently that he babbled like a baby. Did you see them So This Is All Say Right under the Revised Because the Thing Is Is That This Is Really Getting Hot.

Remember It Was Sen. Wicker. That's Right I May Have the Guy about the Centers of Learning a New Presta and Then Even Joey.

I Call My Joey: the Kangaroo Care and Don't in Australia They Call Kangaroos. Joey's They Did so Jump around Joey. He Threatened and Threatening Code with.Shutting Mouse Lift System Best International Wire Transfer Funds between Nation between Individuals.

So the Redlines at Present Is Put in Place Are Actually Being Crossed and I Am a Stairs and without Going into Detail Because There's Some Things I Just Can't Say Is Nothing Mysterious or Nanyang.

And I Know Something What I Tell You Already. We Are Back in the Middle. John and John Does the United States According to God's Word the Bible, the Wages of Sin Is What Does the United States Deserve Do We Deserve This Country Does It Deserve to Be Destroyed at Herniated Based on Looking at the Scriptures and How God Quickly Did with Ancient Israel.

We Are Doing Everything That Ancient Israel Good to Killing Our Children to Blatant Open Homosexuality of Mocking God of Bringing in Strange God We Weed Them at All Festering, and I Think It's Only the Remnant Here Praying and Crying out to Coordinate the Seating That Holiness Together) so As Got Always Keep the Remnant Yes He Does, and so so We Have Our Marching Orders Now. The Prissy Pages Would Tell You That That Lead to CP Just Got a Surrender Hemming You Just Got a Surrender in IEEE Cast in the Fight Reminiscent of the Way Things Are You He Got a Surrender Because You and I Remember We Had Our Battle of the War College ARNETT on the Bed Dilemma Why It Was They Wanted to Keep Keep Christians Out Of the Military. That Was the Start Okay and We Had Our Little Lily Was in There.

That Was Adm. Mullen's Remember Adm. Mullen's and I Have in a You and I and Traveling. Clint Smith Also Had His Battle with Them, but They Were Totally Anti-Christian.

And Remember All That Was Taken Place When Abomination the Man of Great Great Sin Abomination. When He Was in the White House. Remember What He Did. He Had All of the Bibles Taken out and All the Christmas Tracks from All of the VA's All the Chapels and the VA All That the Hospital to That They Had Removed and You Could Even Tell with the Chapel.

We Went and We Took Cases a Bibles Butter Back in Their Letting Him so Where You Were Seen within This These Things Happening Now like Emotional State There.

They're Doing That Now Here's What I Believe You Tell Me Both of You Guys Tell Me What You Believe but I Believe That If They Try to Enforce That in These What They Call the Healthcare Police to Force That I'm People I Believe That Patriots Are Going to Go There to the State of Washington and They're Going to Go to the Homes of Those Healthcare Workers. This Is What I Believe and I Believe the Governor Going to Have To Leave the State If They Do That Because America Is This Still Enough out Here There's Still Enough Americans That Have Given That Have Lived with Freedom and They Realize That Their Freedom Was Bought by the Blood of Good People in There Really There.

They Would Rather like Myself, They'd Rather Die on Her Feet Than Live As Slaves. What You Guys Think of. I Don't Know I Don't Going on This Journey. I Think the Resistance of Its Body.

In America, but II Don't Know What's Left in the State of Washington and Oregon and All California That You See. Don't Know You Have Four Counties Now That Want to Succeed You Go to Northern California. One of the Two, and One of the Speed and the Luminous Homegrown State of England: Jefferson: but When You Look Good the Masses to New England. They Liked It. We Did Patriotically Convicted. This Is like Keeping Them Alive. I Think What They Want to Call until Phase Is what I've Been Told There Dominate Another One in the North to the North Is the They Wanted to Merge with the Oregon and Call It Bit Bigger Wanted to Do That Is the 41: Jefferson Oregon Also Wants to Merge with Idaho Now This Is It. It's a Little Little Confusing but I Think I Think What They Really Need to Do At Least Talked about This for Years Now.

You Know Our Sheriff Here in the County That I Live in Our Sheriff Was One of Those That It Filed an Amicus Brief. He Has Signed on to the Lawsuit against Biden's Forest Is Forest Mandates Is Fourth Vaccine Mandate Is Our Sheriff Sign on As a Hunter That and I Think a Number of of Sheriff to Run the Country Are Preparing Hemming They're Preparing for the Have To Actually Do Battle with the Communist Party. This Will Document and When He Said Millie Was a Traitor. I Couldn't Agree More. Could You Permit. I Mean He He Told Me Communist China Fee All War Plans against Them.

I Mean What Lord, What More Do You Need All the Things He Did. So Did the Chinese Get Their Money for Them and They Paid the Bidens over $1 Billion That the Covent Garden Biden Kind Kind Could Tell, so Did They Get Their Money's Worth through Millie and That Well If You like This Path of Learning They Could All Who Knows What Else They Been Given, Then Certainly They'd Been Given Technology to Take Them from Lopping to Where They Are Now Almost All of It Comes from a but Because They Gave Roughly 1.8 Billion to Biden and He Is Going to Deliver Us. To Them That's Keep Earning They Know That That's Worth How Much How Much Is That Worth.

I Mean 1.8 Million Is Nothing Compared to What the Cost of Some Major War or Not, You Know, Maybe Go Have a Limited War with Us and Easily Defeat Us Unlimited in the Same Hundreds of Billions of Dollars K Limit As to This Kid.

If You out If I Go to Where I Normally Go Table Where I Go Shopping Because I Do A Lot Of Work, Especially with the Amish People and That and It's It's Fairly Politically Very Conservative Self. I Go into the Nearest and There's 10 or 20 People. Let's Say Someplace.

I Can Probably Expect That Most of Those People There and I Know This Because You Know When I Wear That Hat. This Is America Needs Jesus or the Bumper Stickers at My Car People, the Pro-Life Bumper Stickers. People in They See That in India I Get a Very Positive Response and That's and That's an Area Where I Live and Where I Go, but Let's Say I Was to Go down in the Cleveland or Pittsburgh or Houston and We Went into the Average and the Average Joe on the Street. There Help How Much Do You Think They Understand What Were Talking about Tonight Meant the People That Listen to This Radio Program near There. There There Highly Educated People There People in They Try to Use Word Will Put the These Are People That Understand They Have the like More like the Men of Issachar Who Have an Understanding of the Times and Living Limit.

They Don't Know What They Can Do about It. For the Most Part, but They Do Understand the Rent Live. Yuriko Said Cleveland or Pittsburgh or Houston. There Are Even Dallas at Their How Many People Do You Think Have Any Kind of an Understanding of What the Reality of the Days Were Living in. I Don't Think Many past Learning They Are Not Listening and Gaining Information Somehow like Your Providing and Other Websites Providing If There Not Listening at All, or Their Feeding on CNN and MSNBC Summoning of the Local Sites like That 00 an Infinite Date Do Not Have a Clue and This Is Done on Purpose. This Is Part of the New World Order Gaining Control When and Gaining Agility to Control Coming.

The People That Are Overthrown. Call after I Mean It. How Many Times the Scene and Delight You Please Stop Listening for Health Sciences MSNBC yet Be Caught Lying before You Stop Listening out the New York Times You Going to Stop Reading It Was Interesting As That Question Because I Will Listen to Them Just to See How They Times Ago, I Delight It out in the Year Right It's It's When the Echo Chamber Starts and That They All Have What They Call the Narrative They Repeat There.

They Paired One Another As Though Use the Exact Same Words That's Given to and I Wonder How Many People Understand That That's What They're Doing Now That I Know I Know CNN Their Ratings Are All Time Low in P MSNBC the Same Family They Really That There down.

And As Far As Believability like down in the Teens. They Have No Believability There. They've Just Been Totally Lost Because They Don't Have No Fox News Elise Fox News Has A Few Conservatives like Tucker, Judge Jeanine Hannity Water in Order to Hold That Little Guy That Little Guys Actually Is Is Is the Little Comedian Fell with His Name Regularly yet, but He's Actually Pretty Conservative Gay Waco Sent Me a Thousand Easily. The Libertarian, but Is Outspoken in Valve Cover the Area but Is Very Outspoken so I Made an Eight Note, for the Most Part I Agree with What ETE Takes It As Stating That the Moral Stand for Most Part but They Have Really Become Enough to Break and Then after the Break We Got A Lot Of Articles We Want to Talk about Put and I'm Just Wondering What You Think. Like If We Send Holman down There to the State of Washington to Start Will Will Will. If We Did to Start the Militia and Prepare for the Revolution If They Kill, He Can Do It God Can Do Anything with My Earning Already. What Will You Help Financing. I Mean I Mean LOL I'll Put Some Money and I like Alright Affected by a Mental Regularly. I Woke over Report of the Pain Type Will Be Back at This with What's Left the Voice of the Christian Resistance to Support This Ministry and to WR That's WR Mail Your Donations to What's Right What's Left Ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's life ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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