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Misled by a Misguided Heart, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 13, 2022 12:00 am

Misled by a Misguided Heart, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 13, 2022 12:00 am

The singer is about to forget his song.


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God's work in spite of David's lack along the text were Paul reminds Timothy when we are faced less. God is, he cannot deny himself.

As we in Christ are in him he can't deny us as his children, even when we are faithful last. God is faithful will take them for granted. We don't take it to the bank.

We all live in disregard of his holy justice and his discipline is perhaps your appetite for God was small, I think, from time to time. All Christians experience that, to greater or lesser degree. King David certainly did more looking at that. As we continue through this series on David's life.

Stephen baby is in a series called the singer he's calling the message you're about to hear misled by a misguided heart. This is wisdom for the heart. And here's Stephen with today's message from God's word. One author I have come across in my study retold the legend you may further limit on the parable of sorts. It has a primary point that I felt was an interesting point to make the devil decided to put his own tools up for sale to use some newer versions on the date of the sale. The tools were all spread out and it open for public inspection at each tool was marked with a price. There are all kinds of treacherous looking instruments labeled hatred and the lying lust, pride, ambition, Solon separated from the rest of the tools was a rather harmless looking one that looks kind of like a corkscrew. It was small but well-worn.

The price was astronomical.

What's the name of that little tool. One of the purchasers asked all the devil, that's discouragement, why have you priced it so high. No one will be able to afford to buy that one. That's because it's more useful to me than most other tools I can try open and get inside a person's heart with that one.

When I cannot get near him. With these other tools once I get inside.

I can just about make my target link. Whatever I want badly worn because I use it on almost everyone and it is especially powerful against Christians because most of them have no idea. This tool belongs to me parable closes by informing the reader that the devil never did sell that instrument and it still is his primary tool. This very day. In many ways I would agree. Discouragement is certainly a tool that can move effectively against the believer take them off the path of discernment and wisdom, and service and fruitfulness and blessing than just about any other. This is going to be nearly fatal chapter in David's life and I'm going to do a lot of review a lot of licensing survey to cover 2 1/2 chapters, but you remember, if you been with us. The David is the crown prince, but even still, he's living really on the edge of starvation is moving from from 1 Hiding Pl. to the next is literally begging for food from sympathetic farmers and ranchers and we discovered in our last study did not all of them are sympathetic. David knows he's the next king of Israel, but for the past several years he hasn't seen the inside of the king's palace sees a fugitive.

He's a wanted man.

He's on the run. It's been years now. As soon as he marries Abigail the next chapters, repeats the same story we studied previously. I will go into it today.

Saul hasn't cornered instead of killing them. David respectfully refuses the opportunity.

Only this time he takes his spirit is canteen and then at a safe distance.

He wakes Saul up and said look I mean you no harm in solving outcomes out with that apology. Tears promises his promises don't last for long. David is on the run again.

Trouble is, David has a following the growing isn't just 600 man it's families along with them. Wives and children. That's good news.

There are more people in this company of of the isolated Israelites of the sword without a country. But it's bad news to David is now responsible to feed, protect, try to hide all of all of this. Following this group will swell very quickly into several thousand people. Even now is we reengage in the narrative, the stress would be incredible. The pressure would be unbelievable.

The running would be weary as much as we don't like to see hero of our faith.


David will reach the end of his rope is going to make one disobedient disastrous decision after another and I have to admit to you I have never heard a sermon from this chapter and I've never preached it either. Maybe that's because it's uncomfortable or maybe it's just in the way we want to skip over to the coronation which will come soon after nursing powerful lessons to learn here so open your Bibles to first Samuel chapter 27 the first clue that David is heading in the wrong direction.

By the way, and on dangerous ground is the way the scene opens verse one says that David said in his heart that come back and now I shall perish one day by the hand of Saul. There is nothing better for me than that I should escape to the land of the felicity install will tire were despaired seeking me any longer within the borders of Israel. And I shall escape out of his that that doesn't fit, would you think it read. He has been delivered again and again Saul is that the rights and God works in outdoor. He escapes more times and we can no notice again. Then David said in his heart's going to die. Saul is going to catch them easier to kill me. I know it we need to escape to the Philistines for help.

He said in his heart. The first problem or mistake what you should be reading is something like then David said to God, in his heart or then something like the David cried out with his heart to God North maybe even David complained in his heart against God. Those will all be better.

David is carrying on a private conversation saying his heart affecting the chapters that will cover in our rather quick survey. David will not mention God one time.

In fact, one commentator writes that from chapter 27 all the way through the middle of chapter 30 will cover today are what he calls godless chapters in other words, he writes David was under severe pressure here, and he looks to felicity rather than to Yahweh for security. Can you imagine he he convinces himself that he be better off living with the enemy of God and continuing the trust in the God of Israel, Rob Davis, in his commentary on this text writes rather bluntly and yet perceptively on the scene. He says you know we all talk to her so we do, don't we seen anybody driving down the road.

Nobody in the car with them in her mouth, is that you realize you're doing it to Davis rights. We deliver propaganda to our souls how crucial it is to feed our souls with true propaganda, especially about the adequacy of God, like the farmer Davis reminded me of said so you have ample goods laid up for many years. The jury didn't be married. Davis concludes the junk you feed your hearts can make all the difference in your world. What are you feeding your heart. Are you having a conversation with your heart.

How many secular Saul movies even even in the great Disney was for kids. How many of them follow the same theme. Follow your heart.

Follow your heart. Jeremiah the prophet says your hearts is deceitful and desperately wicked.

Don't let your heart lead the way PC. Unfortunately, your David is not having a conversation with God or with the word of God or with the priest of God and for the most part has had nothing to do for 16 oral distraught deeply troubled as Amanda pastored a church probably less than 200 people, his entire life lived in the UK. I have a little paperback that he wrote it's been reprinted more than 100 years ago's name is FB Meyer and he wrote on this text that were studying.

In fact his commentary the little paper book is at the heart and in the theme of every commentator. I read he writes this when making major decisions never act in panic.

Call myself and be still force myself into the quiet of my closet until I pulse beats normally and the scare has ceased to perturb you, when thou art most eager to act is the time when thou wilt make the most mistakes do not say in thine heart, what thou wilt or will not do at that moment, but wait till God makes known his way.

That good go into the closet and wait till your pulse slows down counted 10 or hundred 4000 now is not be too hard on David.

It's easy you know when he first century America to talk with this guy going off the reservation, missing the path can imagine can we he's misled certainly by his misguided heart, but he is every reason to be absolutely discouraged. He looks around the circumstances.

He looks at this growing throng of people he waves the pressure in the balances he measures the responsibility of the stress in any chased by this mad king. What we can't see is to add to that that invisible spiritual enemy that's working away with his favorite tool that corkscrew discouragement pries open David's heart any any just pours in reason and rationale excuses and weariness in circumstances and David says you know, I've been thinking. I'm convinced it's right die at the hand of Saul.

I'd be better off leaving you all into the land of the felicity misled by misguided heart was my introduction.

We take you now in the chapter 27 and I've outlined it with four words that come to mind, and will cover 2729 and half of 30. It'll be miraculous thank the first word is the word conniving, conniving look in chapter 27 and verse two. So David arose and went over he and the 600 men who were with them.

We learned later with their families to make issues a case, the king of death by the way does that sound familiar it on several years earlier, David shown up there and Susie showed up he thought he find refuge. He was alone in an AKC sermon and they begin to sing that little chair they made up about them killing thousands 10,000 David realize he's in deep trouble.

He begins to act like he's insanely clause on the gates of the city and a B is the rule that is bearded maker says I got enough crazy people ready to get rid of this guy. Let's this time a case is going to be happy to see you why because he brings 600 highly skilled warriors and he'll explain later to other Philistine kings David and is meant to affect is happy to see them happy to add these troops to his army, some time passes it happens quickly in the text, but verse five informs us that after some time.

David says to the king, he says, look up, I found favor in your eyes.

Let a place be given me in one of the country towns that I may dwell there. For why should your servant dwell in the Royal city with you. I was looking at me. We want to crowd your style were cramped inherent in the headquarters of the capital city and wanted to give us one of the country towns and let us settle their first six informs us that the king gave David the town of sick lag sick lag was originally given to the tribe of Judah transferred a few years later to Simeon only in recent days captured by the Philistines, but left unoccupied.

It's deserted Tennessee. This Western Southern town with ragweed just sort of rolling through the town square.

You can have that city. David David moves in a keep in mind the David is also moving into a spiritually barren and dry season of life during these days. David will not compose any sacred Saul no Psalms are credited to this. In his life.

The singer of Israel has been silence but he's not sitting still affect the rest of this chapter that all just overview shows him reading a Philistine town is leaving no one alive to tell the tale so we can keep us from but he is effectively this is a study all its own, but is effectively the king alike beginning the conquest of the land, even in his disobedience. God's purposes are being fulfilled. Aren't you glad that happens that his raids will bring in necessary food and clothing for this group of people that is growing. Camels and cattle.

Whenever a case drives down south for dinner missing sweet tea and grits and all that comes to eat with David Davis. I got all the stuff in writing those pesky Hebrews king acreages through David says. I've been battling in the negative. That is the dryland Southern region around their sheep before we leave this single backup verse four just for a moment and look at the last frame and when it was told Saul that David had fled to Gath.

He no longer sought. That's great news and or is well. Saul quit looking for David's plan work.

He asks for a southern city and in his request acreages deceived by David whenever he visits David's dissection works larks. My plans that I concocted in my heart there working perfectly. Must be right was in part of the problem following your heart even when it is misguided, is a false sense of peace and security were too quick to say. All I do have peace what'd you do well I got from out from underneath that possibility. I feel better. Must be God's will.

The pressures brought all part of the problem is that security and peace is not from the Lord. Another author writing on this passage said the pressure might be gone and it might be a relief. Responsibility is relieved. There's a release of pressure. That's great you're left to believe my decision paid off.

Trouble is, it is not last very long. The second word soon follows conniving is the word cornered. Go to chapter 28 verse one in those days the Philistines gathered their force or to fight against Israel, by the way David is been living in sick lag now for over a year, anchor said to David understand that you and your man are to go out with me in the Army fight Israel. David said Akers will very well. You shall know what your servant can do and Akers said the David will very well.

I will make you my bodyguard for life. All his plan is backfire, he is effectively cornered. He can't say no to ruin everything he can say yes candy pecan flights.

His brothers marching with his men into toward the battlefield as they did the join with. If you can believe it, the Philistines in battle against Israel, is he is cornered get a badge and now the pressure and the stress life looked really good on the run. Back then. Now this king wants me to be his bodyguard for life and were not going to fight the Israelites, one author said David is chugging away.

This canteen only. It's filled with Pepto-Bismol stock is no idea what to do. His perfect plan is unraveling. He is about to be found out. Pause for a minute. Can you think of some event in your life where you have a perfect little plan. The deception was just right and and unraveled the ladies of course but the minute with me right, I did a little inventory and came up with a story element in public. I can still remember in junior high that one afternoon when I was asked state for detention don't know what I done wrong. Something really minor but I remember the cruel and unusual punishment of having to wash windows on a ladder second floor windows on the outside. Actually, it wasn't that what would be bad is if my parents found out how many of you grew up in an era where the students were always wrong and the teachers were always right horrifying childhood. When the knot of your excuses help or matter will that's my child.

They never cared anyway how many of you grew up at a point in time when if you got in trouble at school you automatically work in trouble at you's loyalty to its counsel, I decided to keep the home front in the dark on this particular episode attention because the good news was I was on the middle school soccer team and we had practice that afternoon and it was going to be over at exactly the same time attention was going to be over. I consider that the grace of God, and it just worked perfectly, so I just didn't say anything about it and I have such peace about a false sense of security. I can still remember being up on that letter washing the second floor window.

The school building and hearing the crunch of tires on the gravel of the school parking lot behind me and I happened to look over my shoulder and there came the family car with my father behind the wheel. He looked at me with as much surprise I looked at him.

He's thinking what's he doing up on a ladder and I'm thinking why was I born evidently my father had decided to come early and watch his practice. He had never done that before ever he never did it after I don't know where he got the idea gave them that idea and Shirley came from below, he decided to spend some quality time with his son and we did spend some quality time together in close proximity by perfect plan for is obviously a lot more serious. David's plans have boxed admin. He's either going to lose his credibility and his right to rule as Israel's king for having killed Israelites or he will lose his life. Satan in the background. I can just see him wringing his hands. The light I've got. Check. By the way, keep in mind before we go to the next text. This is the battle Saul will be killed and Jonathan to this is the event prior to the coronation of David Alan Redpath wrote years ago in his commentary on this text. Man's extremity is God's opportunity. That's a great to follow through God's work in spite of David's lack of trust. I love the text were Paul reminds Timothy when we are faithless, God is faithful, he cannot deny himself that as we are in Christ are in him he can't deny assess his children even when we are faith lasts.

God is faithful will take it for granted we don't take it to the bank. We all live in disregard of his holy justice and his discipline, he is faithful what happens next. Chronologically is not what takes place in your Bible.

What takes place chronologically. Next is chapter 29 to look ahead, there adverse to I want to follow this narrative to its completion. Let's go to verse two, as the lords of the Philistines were passing on by hundreds by thousands. That is the right at the battlefield down there during their parading by and David and his men were passing on of the river. They can the commanders of the Philistines, and what are these Hebrews doing, and Akers said that the commanders of the Philistines. Is this not David conservative talking of Israel is been with enough or not this days and years since he deserted literally did to me. I found no follow him. To this day. What guys, here's a statement. Don't worry about not getting here any of it in the David and his men are forced to return home to Six Flags. Verse eight David kind of kind of acts with this all offended me fight he you he acts like he's disappointed as acting skills are worthy of us. Akers has no choice now but to send David and his men packing and this is God work behind the scenes getting those listings all stirred up when I got David fighting to be 1/5 colony to turn against us send that Hebrew home.

David asked like it bothers him and his men are literally rescued what we would've considered check. God is always good and God is always working for your good as well.

Please make sure to join us again tomorrow because Stephen will be back to conclude this message on tomorrow's broadcast. This message is entitled misled by a misguided heart. You might want to copy of this lesson for yourself so that you can refer to it from time to time we have it available as a manuscript that you can download free of charge. In fact, we offer a free manuscript to every sermon in our archive. You can find that and more at our website which is wisdom if you have a comment or question, or would like more information you can send us an email if you address it to we have a special place in our website where Stephen answers questions that have come in from listeners like you. In fact, you can go back any time in and look at what other people have asked and read those answers. It might be that someone had the same question again. Those are

Thanks again for listening.

I hope you be with us as we conclude this message tomorrow. Right here on wisdom

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