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Beauty and Two Beasts, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 11, 2022 12:00 am

Beauty and Two Beasts, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 11, 2022 12:00 am

What happened to the humble and meek David we saw in 1 Samuel 1-24? The man who forgave Saul for throwing a spear at his head, giving his betrothed to another, and exiling him for years, is about to murder a stranger over idle words! Even the mighty can fall in a moment.


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Wonder how many wives today in the evangelical church at large who have to discreetly give money to the Lord because they love the Lord is much as their husband loves his career path living out the exhortation of the apostle Paul commended believing women in the early church sanctified their homes and their husband and their children more than their families could ever realize with their biblical insight and their spiritual dedication godly commitment today, were introduced to a woman named Abigail. Abigail was a wise woman who loves God, but she was married to a foolish man, her husband and King David had a hostile encounter while David was softhearted toward King Saul. That was not the case this time. David wanted to kill Abigail's husband and it was Abigail's wisdom that kept David from Stan Morgan a look at that encounter. Today this message is called beauty and to be Pat Riley's book he recounted his basketball coaching career. He told the story of file rather infamous 1981 season of the Los Angeles Lakers the year before they won the world championship they were slated to win back to back quite a team with their star player. Magic Johnson, however, three weeks into the opening season Magic Johnson torso cartilage in his knee and was out for three months. The other players rally right disorder rally that they all play their hearts out and they engaged in the challenges of playing without their star and they won more than 70% of those games while magic set the bench there was a particular date selected when he would be able to come back and as the date approached the media was going crazy was on every sportscasters program. The newspapers were all talking about the return of Magic Johnson and while doing that, the spotlight shifted away from the hard-working efforts of these other players and they grew resentful and somewhat jealous.

In fact, by the time he returned to the court that night.

That game was sold out a receipt taken spotlight swung on him and when he was introduced. It was an incredible long, loud ovation but Riley said the tension underneath you could cut it with a knife. They barely won that game against the rather inferior team wasn't long before the players turn on each other. The morale of the entire team collapsed coach was fired and the Lakers lost their playoff bid rally rights. These interesting words is because of pettiness and resentment. We executed one of the fastest falls from grace in NBA history. Many, kind of phrases. He wrote was all because of the disease of me.

Everybody on the team was infected with the disease of me. I thought of that when I came to this study today. In fact, if you were with us in our last study.

When you came to the end of chapter 24, first Samuel, you were amazed at the humility of the patient's and the self-control of David, the king has slipped into the cave is a pitstop where David and his men are hiding.

It's the perfect opportunity for revenge against this murderous king and David responds with unbelievable, self-sacrificing humility.

The very next chapter, we arrive at is the exact opposite reaction. In this conflict.

David's temper not only boils over what is going to turn into potential murder and in this time he had to keep in mind it isn't against the king of Israel is against this rather unknown wealthy rancher named Ney Baltimore going to see is one of the fastest falls, as it were from grace in the early life of David as David gets all wrapped up in the disease of me and by the way, before we dive in.

If there's a lesson to_. At the very outset would simply be this victories one today will still be temptations to be fought tomorrow. Chapter 25. If you're there you notice it opens with the funeral. David's beloved friend and mentor Samuel has died. In fact, as I opened the chapter 25 in my study to see where we go next.

I read those first three words now Samuel died about. That's my sermon that's were going to stop so much to say. However, this is the biography of Samuel. This is the biography of David were focusing on. But I do want us to just pause long enough for taps deploy showing.

Let's stop and recognize the passing of of the spiritual warrior, the last of the judges, a priest who'd been dedicated to the worship and service of God when he was a little boy by his godly mother some 80 years earlier is the founder of the school of prophets, their influence for the cause of God is felt throughout the nation is the kingmaker anointing their first king effectively with great courage, dethroning him and he is only in a few years earlier. Now just anointed David.

David has been mentored in the ways of faith and trust, and now this grand man of mind went to this past summer. Marsha and I traveled to California, and an opportunity to speak at a conference center for the weekend. David Lucy paragraph travel with us for a few days. We went early. Marsha never been to the West Coast and so we showed up early to see some of the sites in the San Francisco Bay area that Famous St., Lombard Street. Of course we did all the touristy don't picture taking Big Sur.

We took the trip along the coast, the Golden gate Bridge watching the fog role and just amazing sites and then we went to mere words and we walk through this incredible redwood forest.

Amazing. Some of those trees over to thousand years old. Massive can see the tops take a dozen plus people to hold hands and encircle one of those massive trees. One of them had fallen earlier in the summer and there was a placard near it that said, the impact of this tree falling could be heard miles away can imagine how the death of this man reverberated throughout the entire nation.

The old profit is gone. Everyone comes including David and his mighty men to pay their respects to say all that to sort of set. Perhaps what is the emotional setting in David's own heart. You could almost feel a little bit of the heaviness, the sadness, perhaps even a sense of emptiness.

The David would've felt when you read the words of the universe wanted simply say that David rose and went down to the wilderness of Perrine in your left to question that what David spiritual leader is God, the anchor of Israel has passed away.

If there was ever a time for David to doubt for David to sense and insecurity in his own heart and mind to be impatient would be now. He has no idea that the next form of prophetic encouragement is going to come from the lips of an unappreciated godly woman.

So that is a setting let's let's get into this scene there are three primary characters, a few playing secondary roles, but the first character is introduced to us in character is the right word for this guy.

By the way verse two.

There was a man and man whose business wasn't Carmel. The man was very rich.

How rich he owned 3000 sheep in a thousand goats tell rich this man was wealthy, but the Hebrew word for rich can be translated literally heavy in our vernacular who would say this man was loaded. It was loaded. We live today, have a huge house in a five car garage.

Those garages you not be a Bentley and a Mercedes sports Cuba Lamborghini a Ferrari and best of all, a Chevy pickup truck right there. He was smart probably name all is not these rich the problem is he is godless name all means fool some Old Testament scholars that are red think this is his nickname, the word may ball or fool you. Keep in mind is not a reference to some kind of intellectual deficiency. It refers to a person and a character who denies defies God for the pool has said in his heart there is no what no God in the Bible.

A fool is someone who denies God a wise person is someone who walks with God is nothing to do with IQ, which is especially tragic is that were told here is introduced here at the back at the at the bottom of verse three is a kilobyte were told he is a descendent of Caleb that great pioneer that godly man of faith who served alongside of Joshua. This descendents of Caleb knows nothing of the character and faith of his forefather. The description worsens there in verse three were told that Nabel was harsh and badly behaved. You could render that evil in his dealings. In other words name, always demanding.

He is deceptive.

His word is not good is handshake means absolutely nothing. In fact, over in verse 17 is further described by one of his servants is up as a man who will not listen to anybody.

We can't speak to so you put all of this together and here's a guy you can almost see him.

He's a wealthy out for himself cheat you out of your last dime kinda guy is deceptive is arrogance he would be the kind of guy that if you met him it wouldn't be long and he leaned back in his chair tell you how he pulled himself up by his own bootstraps that he was the self-made man and you'd be forced to listen to couldn't help but think is a read this description of the world is full of Nabel godless self-made proud, deceitful men, that they are fools in designer clothing with that as a backdrop, that the next character emerges, and if there is a mismatch couple of the Bible.

It would be Nabel's wife. She described in verse three. Notice the little part, the name of his wife was Abigail. The woman was discerning and beautiful discerning you could translate that she had outstanding insight. She was perceptive effect from what we will later learn of her. She testifies to David, but we know that she loved God as much as her husband loved himself. She loved her people and cared about them as much as Nabel cared about his own stuff. She was spiritually wise and may ball was spiritually blind. I agree with FB Meyer, the old British pastor right over 100 years ago that it is remarkable how many Abigail's get married to Naples. He wrote their God-fearing tender gentle in their sensibilities.

High-minded and noble in their ideals and they become tied in union with men for whom they have no spiritual or true affinity he would write in Abigail's case, the relationship would've been arranged in would've been. She more than likely came into his home as a young woman bound to this man of her father's choosing.

Nonetheless, she would make her husband and her home. All the more holy her sanctifying presence and influence. She did, but we can only imagine the volume that could have been written by her believe it would've been a volume of tears, and internal suffering married to an arrogant, selfish, brutish man, a deceitful man who no doubt often embarrassed her sensitivities mortifying her own character with with her own sense of honesty and charitable giving kind nature. I have been aware as a pastor over these years of many women like applicant. One woman came to my mind in particular who no longer attends moved away became several years ago she would be beaten if she attended church without her husband should ask every week. She demonstrated incredible perseverance and insights in patients at the one occasion she came up to me and asked for prayer so that she might wisely approach her husband with the request that she attend a woman's special meeting here at church. I couldn't help but think she is married to a fool who doesn't know what he has in her. I wonder how many wives today in the evangelical church at large who have to discreetly give money to the Lord. How many women suffer silently because they love the Lord is much as their husband loves his career path which toys his game. His stuff. How many women have insight spiritually and their husbands are spiritually blind through their living out the exhortation of the apostle Paul who commended believing women in the early church who were married to unbelieving Manor husbands who didn't act as believers who sanctified their homes and bless their husbands and their children more than their families could ever realize with their biblical insight in their spiritual dedication and godly commitment as I read this I want to tip my hat to every woman who can experience something of what she experience major tribe increase know that as a backdrop, here comes the crisis worse for David heard in the wilderness. The Nabel shearing sheep. So David sent 10 young man. And David said to the young men go to Carmel go to Nabel Greven my name of the shellshocked you shall agree to peace medium peace Peter health piecemeal. You have.

I hear that you have shearers that you shepherds been with us and we did them no harm, and they missed nothing all the time they were in Carmel.

Ask your young man you shepherds will tell you therefore let my young men find favor in your eyes with him on a feast day. Please give whatever you have it handy or servants into your son David kindly tactfully asking him for food. By the way, if you go down in verse 15.

One of the servants confirms that Abigail with these interesting words. He says you know it's true we we suffered no harm.

We did miss anything.

When we were when we were in the fields as long as we went with them. David Smith. They were all wall verse 16 to us both by night and by day, all the while we were with them keeping sheep.

Here's here's what's happening. Roving bands of wrestlers would steal from flocks and herds. Surely the Philistines would making the life of a shepherd. All the more dangerous but not when David and his men were rather like a wall.

They protected the shepherds of Nabel in the flocks from being stolen. In fact, they didn't take any of them, which reveal some of their character this season blackmailed by the way, David is in some mafia guy asking you for payment for protection.

It would be typical for farmers and ranchers that come to tip the waiter here, so to speak again for those who provided protection for the shepherds and their flocks and performed a wonderful service without being asked and now was appropriate. Can you give us some food.

Sheep shearing furthermore was a time of celebration.

David is waiting for the most positive moment, the most advantageous moment when everybody would be feeling generous.

The crops are in the sheep are sure for Nabel to provide food. Notice is rather shocking reply verse 10 Nabel answered David servants who is David who is the son of Jesse, and others. Who does he think he is the stinging accusation notice there are many servants these days who are breaking away from their masters. Those are fighting words right there. Nabel is insinuating that David is rebelled against his master Saul you know he's roaming around the country with these good for nothings disloyal to the throne good for nothing. This is a scathing response in verse 11. Shall I take my bread and my water in my meat that I've killed for my shearers and give it to the men. These men who come from. I do not know where just hear the light spit notices repeated use of my eyes, my bread, my water, my meat, my shearers is all about.

I mean my terribly afflicted with the disease me he won't even give bread water to notice Nabel effectively says I don't know where you come from simply another way of saying you and your men means absolutely nothing to me. If you took care of my shepherds. Like I didn't ask you to. I don't know you. I can care less about the law. The by doing this is political overtone to Nabel is denying David the respective the king elect effect if you're wondering will maybe Nabel never heard of David legitimate question he would've known what his wife knew if I just listen to his wife look over verse 28. The latter part. Listen to what she says to David, for the Lord will certainly make my Lord, referring to David a sure house. That word sure certain house refers to a royal dynasty political term she say David, we know you're the anointed one by God to sit on the throne as the Prince of Israel.

And we know that God will give your arrange your house a royal dynasty. Nabel is saying here, you're nobody.

I'm not going to pay you treat you as the king elect verse 12 to David Young men turned away and came back and told David all this.

David said he was men. Every man's strap on his sword get your guns on every man of them strapped on his sword. David also strapped on his sword about 400 men. This is overkill literally 400 men went up after David while 200 remain with the baggage that is they stayed back to guard the camp that if you're wondering what David plans on doing. Let me eliminate any any question he he is not negotiating is even pack a peace pipe in there with a sword done.

Verse 21. David said surely in vain. I guarded all that this fellow has in the wilderness to the nothing was missed of all belong to him and he has returned me evil for good, David. That's not new. Is it the king's been returning evil for your good. For years, he says, verse 22 but God do so to the enemies of David Moore. Also by morning. I leave so much as one male alive was David and his men are going to slaughter this fool and all his descendents now, David has a right to be angry, but he doesn't have the right to murder anybody.

Isn't it interesting that he knew he had no right to take vengeance against Saul now is ready to chop off heads, because he doesn't get a dozen sheep and some wineskins as payment for dunking down with Nabel shepherds and keeping them safe.

But don't miss it. David doesn't have a right to murder but he does have a right to be angry, be slow to anger. James 119 means there are times when you can be angry the right thing to the right amount with the right intention. I wonder if maybe you can identify here with David. Maybe you're still reeling from the fact that you've been recently. Perhaps she did.

You shook hands. You kept your word. Maybe you even went above and beyond the call of duty. You worked hard you were faithful. Somebody forgot to pay for notice or a reward. Even worse, your kindness was returned with harshness.

Your service was intentionally overlooked your motives were misrepresented your self-sacrifice has been unrewarded.

If you are expecting a promotion or pay raise. Or maybe just a compliment or an honest response.

Maybe just try to do a simple deed backfired held an older woman across the street and you got to the other side to hitch over that work with her on relatives you walk too fast. I took this news article some time ago happen recently, the Denver Post rented two teenage girls just on a whim decided to bake chocolate chip cookies and give them to their neighbors in their neighborhood living in my neighborhood that's a wonderful idea. However, after baking the cookies. It was a little late at night just after 10.

They decided to take the cookies only to the houses that have the lights on and knocked on the door of one home several houses down.

The lights were on 49-year-old woman and so I didn't answer, but instead call the police. She would then complain that these girls caused her anxiety and she made a trip to the emergency room. The next day she sued these two young girls and one they had to pay her $900 fee to cover the emergency room visit the woman later told a reporter she hope the girls have learned their lesson. What lesson that she's a wacko summary spiritual did it is not in my notes I David the six are a lot higher. Obviously it is about cookies he is reacting with rage is not consuming. He actually has a bad case of disease been installed. I had been mistreated.

I have done right being treated wisdom for the heart, and I hope you'll be able to come back next time. As Stephen concludes this message.

Between now and then I want to encourage you to visit wisdom where you'll find all of our resources the audio and the written transcripts of Stevens teaching are posted there, but there is much more. For example, we recently received a card from a listener named Lori who's teaching a Bible study on Jonah. She plans to use Stevens book on Jonah as the study guide. We found that small groups and Sunday school classes find these resources very helpful and you will to.

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Please join us tomorrow at the same time right here wisdom

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