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Live Ready, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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January 10, 2022 9:00 am

Live Ready, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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January 10, 2022 9:00 am

How do we stay awake to the reality that Jesus could return at any time? As we continue our series, “In Step,” we look at what it means to live ready for Jesus’ return.

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Today on Summit life with Jeannie Greer have to wonder what a lot of people city churches like this one who have lives that basically they keep the commandments to go to church they can pay their times when Jesus comes back he says you wicked servant you kept all the rules but you didn't take what I gave you use it for the purpose I gave to write the Bible have their author and theologian JD Greer. As always, I'm your host Molly and think you're doing the program. Pastor Jay continues our new teaching series to the book of Luke called In-Stat. We're looking at what it means to live ready for Jesus's return. The question for today is how do we stay dressed for action like Jesus tells us to in the book of Luke, how exactly do we stay awake to the reality that Jesus could return anytime today were finishing up the message. We started at the end of last week entitled live ready. So grab your Bible. Luke chapter 12 today as Pastor JD continue. This is the task for the church. Right now our mission is to make disciples from every nation, by the way, the Greek word for nations. Their numbers is not a reference to the 206 nationstates that are in existence in the world right now. The word in Greek content taught by all the nations, is a reference to the different ethnic and language groups.

You can see that in the content.

All the ethnicities the different cultures and ethnicities. Sociologists say that there are a total of 17,442 of those FDA and the world in existence today. Our task is not finished until there is a thriving church planting, disciple making disciple movement among every single one of you want to know what God is mostly doing in the world right now, that's it.

So the question you gotta ask yourself is, are you doing anything personally. With that you divvy you pray, are you going to come to the great commission. It's like John Piper says you've only got three options to go the sin disobey.

That's one of our task is another one I think dispatches points to that is meeting the physical needs of the people around us to notice that in verse 42 in verse 42 Jesus describes the faithful and wise manager is the one who gives others their portion of food at the proper time.

I think you can deduce from that of the faithful servant of the one making sure the physical needs of people around them are met is using his resources to make sure that other people get fed the faithful servants in this parable are those who verse 45 began to beat the male and female servants into eat and to drink and get drunk.

In other words they use. They commandeer what God gave him to bless others to take care of only themselves and I'm sure though I but while this is mine on people today in our church and any church look at their money as their own. The wiring harness. I work for its mine and whatever I won't let it right so yeah give God's little taxes and everything. But if I want to use all the stuff to buy bigger house, better close Microsoft that's my prerogative to be belongs to me. I work for a friend realize that is not how God sees your resources yes you are for. Yes, God want you to enjoy it, but the master said it was the one who you think gave you those talents who gave you the opportunities you understand there's a huge difference between walking through a door of opportunity in creating that door the first place that air that you breed this talent, you employ that help you enjoy the earth you walk God wanted all that come from God says I gave you all that I give you the ability to multiply money I gave it to you with the responsibility to use it for my purposes which you commandeered all of that and turned inward on yourself and you got besotted with the world pleasures and thought only about your needs and you got drunk on the world and you were asleep at the task. Do not miss this God considers us not using our resources to bless others as an act of grave injustice. It's not just a failure to be generous is an act of injustice I've shown you this before but the apostle Paul talks about our failure to share the gospel with the nations of the people around us.

He talked about in terms of injustice.

Romans 114 says I am a debtor. I am under obligation to people that a member of the gospel, you have to ask, why would he be under obligation of his people. He never met most of why she say I'm actually indebted to them so that if I use my resources and opportunities not to get the gospel to them. I'm actually I'm actually reneging on my my obligations while he said it is, he understood that with the privilege of hearing the gospel comes the responsibility to share with those would never hurt because I got it's not like I was a less bad center. It's not like I was more deserving of race than anybody else. When God showed me kindness and let me hear the gospel that came with it the responsibility to share with those who have never heard and for me not to do that is to fail at my task is to live unjustly friend you want to live justly you want to walk and adjust way before God and you gotta use what you have to help meet the physical needs of others and make sure that they had a chance to hear the gospel.

Gotta wake up to the task. Some a church there are still 7413 unreached people groups in the world today, which is a group of at least 10,000 people or more united by a common language and no viable Christian witness to speak of.

They represent 3.23 billion people, 1.7 billion of those would never even heard the name of Jesus. They say that if you lined up all those people that I just referenced in rows five across 5 feet apart. That group would circle the globe five times. I need you to imagine a throng of people marching headfirst into eternity with no chance to hear every single one of those is just like you or me.

It's made here. She has made an image of God just like you every single one of them knows what it's like to be lonely and afraid him lost in going to hell for them is every bit the tragedy that it would be for you or for want your kids living in a place like northern Yemen were praying about trying to get people some families members their population of 8 million. It's almost the size of North Carolina.

Guess how many believers there are in that entire nation 28 million size North Carolina 20 believers total are they were sinners and we are is it fair for us to know so much about the gospel and do so little to get it to say, we owe it to Blessed are those who were active at their task and acted in a way to their task and active in it. When the master comes. What about you pay your friends know about Jesus when Jesus comes back where you were.

They die they a look at you one day and say why did you never tell me this is look at you one day and say what were you waiting on you. Waiting on remember hearing the story of two junior devils who work talking to say this is not is not your story to the doctor say about how to destroy the church. Once, as I know there's no God. Yeah, something to get that many of them. Because instinctively they'll know that there's a God Yemen Solano. I'll tell them there is no help them be afraid of things that well you're not to commence that many either because most no instinctively.

There's got to be a punishment for sin states in the know if you want to really ruin the church. Don't tell them there's no God don't tell them there's no hell tell them there's no hurry. That's the church that I would say that is the question I would say is most applicable to our church you living in the state of readiness as if eternity is real and the gospel truth. Your friends know what you yearning to get the gospel of the nations how you spent your money you really want to be caught hoarding money that he gave you for his task. Don't let him find you with all kinds of money stuffed in your bank account that he gave you to help relieve people from suffering and to hear the gospel. I knew a very wealthy man. Here the summit church is also very generous and I asked him what time I might want like use are so crazy generous what motivates you out. Never forget the look of these of my goal is to bounce my last check run for it.

I want about Alessia.

I submitted, would you please make sure you write your second to last check to the summit church. Okay soon as they become what is making righties is like I don't want to go into eternity with a bunch of stuff that God gave me for the blessing of the nations on your way to your task number two you be confident in his return. Know the servants you got in trouble were those who were either unsure of his return is forgot about it when you're sure Jesus is coming back so you start to look at everything differently should look a sacrifice differently.

Don't you. You can endure sacrifices on earth. If you know that life is temporary and short and eternity is forever, but you think of life is forever. Then you not to be able sacrifice today truly popular talk about bucket list your but It is means a list of things you would do before you kick the bucket things that you feel like if I don't do them now in this life will never have an opportunity for them to do so. Going to Bon Jovi concert, Mount Everest taking Nicholas Cage his hand at least those would be what were on my bucket list. Okay, one of the questions that I ask in this book I have been just came out to what he could do with your life is does a bucket list really make sense for Christian thing about just think logically. Does the BC.

The Bible teaches us that when Jesus comes back, he's going to restore the earth, but it can bring a new heavens and a new earth, which scholars say means renewed. In fact, in Matthew when Matthew records the same teaching of Jesus. In looking at Matthew 19 Jesus introduces it by saying that when he comes he is going to bring the renewal Matthew 1928, of all things. Literally the word is the read Genesis is to re-create everything easier renewing the earth watch you take the curse out of it and that means that where were going to where he's taking us a much better version of everything we love down here all the pleasures of the world, with none of the curses and that means that anything that I miss out on down here. I'm going to get to experience an abundance of their so if you never make it to the earthly Hawaii you can have your own oceanfront mansion in the heavenly one and you think the earthly Hawaii is awesome I can't wait to get my eyes on the heavenly one. If the earthly curse will look like it does when I bite into a ribeye steak here and I think man this ribeye is still part of the curse creation. I can't wait for the heavenly one.

And if I never get to fly on a spaceship to the moon, which is pretty much like I went to heaven I will get to fly myself there so I don't think the bucket list really mixers for the Christian, do you really believe that Jesus is coming back because the Jesus is coming back been Joe blow isn't true for the Christian Yolo you only live once yourself is true for the Christian, you actually live forever. That means anything, I miss out on down here I can experience an abundance of their except for one thing, there's one thing only one thing that I know of that I can do down here that I can do there. That is, tell people about Jesus. So why would I not prioritize that with my time.

I restore some opportunities you have a bucket list, put that in the bucket when a missionary heroes is always been at an error in judgment by me. My son after him and I'm just someone to marry a girl named and so he wanted to ask her dad for permission to marry her. When he died. So he writes this data letter when I read your letter released an excerpt of it.

I have now made this man's name is John had not asked whether you can consent to part with your daughter early next spring to never see her again in this world. Whether you can consent to her exposure to the dangers of the ocean to the hardships and sufferings of a missionary life to every kind of want and distress.

The degradation insole persecution and probably a violent death. Can you consent to all of this for the sake of him who left his heavenly home and die for her and for you, for the sake of perishing immortal souls for the sake of the glory of God in you consent to all of this and hope will soon meeting your daughter in the world of glory with a crown of righteousness brightened by the acclamation's of praise, which shall resound to her savior from the loss who were saved to her means and her sacrifice from eternal woe and despair.

First, dad's would you say you got a letter like this from young men try to date your daughter, John Hassell teen said yes and and and and and RM got married and when is America's first missionaries processes the Asia they went to Burma now me on more of course to get this every single one of those terrible things that at an arm predicted many more came true, why could add an eye room and and and her father John.

Why could they endure these things is a bleak time short, I believe earth was nothing eternity was real in the Masters, back soon. My challenge to you is that you live in a way that only makes sense of Jesus is coming back soon. That's what it means to live ready number three last one your faithful your charge. Most sobering in this parable to me is how Jesus describes the fate of those who neglect their masters return. They are verse 46 given a severe punishment and assigned a place of the unfaithful. You need to know that these are not overtly evil people there to servants who were asleep at their task. By the way, this is not the only place where Jesus taught this later in Luke, Jesus ago tell another story about a master who goes away and leaves different sums of money with three different servants five talents which is a unit of of money by counsel, one, two, with one and one with one guy who has five invested multiplied to turn to the 10 guy with two multiplies a before the guy who has one is scared that will lose money so we did the holy berries master comes back down to 500 tends like a herd isn't as well done good and faithful servant outdated cement welding of devils or style.

One digs it back up. But here you go. I was scared was most arresting to me about this parable is what Jesus says to that servant, you wicked servant, I read that nothing what wicked thing.

Had he done talking to the money blew it on prostitutes or gambling didn't steal my you gave 100%. The money given back to the master, what wicked thing that had he done. The only conclusion is there's more than one way to be wicked you can be wicked by breaking all the commandments you can also be wicked by keeping all the commandments but not using what Jesus gave you for his mission in the way for the purposes that he gave it to you for not the wonderful got a lot of people sitting churches like this one who have lives that basically what God they keep the commandments to go to church they can pay their times when Jesus comes back he says you wicked servant yeah you kept all the rules you didn't have, always egregious sins, but you didn't take what I gave you use it for the purpose. I gave it to you for some that we live in a land of abundance that is God's gift to us, but it is so easy for us to become besotted with the benefits and pleasures that come from success that we forget why God gave them to us in the first place. CS Lewis famously said wealth has a way of knitting a man's heart to this world. We forget that God gave us what he gave us for eternal investment, not temporary pleasure you ever asked yourself why Jesus gave you what he gave you. Are you safely invested a college student, young professionals never offered your career to him high school student. Jim said Laura what you want me to do it, Jesus will come back tomorrow what you said you are you doing that you ever even offer this to me and asked me what I wanted you to do with what resources talking about anonymous caller to the young professor what what resources do you have any Jesus team back, it would look at you as a wise old nonevent even asked why did you ever even asked me why did I give you that what you do with your life. I was, you know, I've got a book came out would by just that title is a question I think every Christian should consider specially if you're in college or high school or start your career nearing retirement is something you need to ask you wasting your life or you fulfill your purpose. Blessed are those blessed this world way to their task inactive in it.

When the master comes maybe her said Mayor. Not with all sounds great. I love live this way. This is a lot easier said than done. Listen before the message in this parable Jesus talks in a couple of amazing things that actually give you the motivation to do this. For example, verse 3071 of Blessed are those servants master finds awake when he comes.

What just watch what truly I say to you that master will dress himself for service and have them recline at table, and he will come to Nashville, and serve them okay. What is the master doing serving the service that's crazy nobody ever does that when the master comes home servant serve him.

Now you gotta master this parable usually come back and he's getting address for service and he's going to feed them watch their feet to take care of them just got a master were talking about. This is the gospel.

Our salvation is not about our service to him. It's about his extravagant gift to us. This is a master who served you at the cost of his own life, though he was in the form of God did not consider equality with God something to be held onto, but he divested himself of it, and took upon himself the form of a servant, and became obedient to death, even the death of the cross, that the gospel is right there in this parable.

Plus what he offers you is extravagant but verse 44 truly, I say to you, he will set that servant.

Overall, this possessions all of them public, truly I say to you that little phrase is a little unclear whatever written Jesus's words, Jesus is truly I say to you, because he was in the habit of telling lies to get some okay now must be.

Everyone says that it's because what he's about to say is so mind blowing, that you're not willing to believe it must return your faith. We are just like this really true what I want to tell you I will put that servant in charge of all my possessions sure exactly what that means but God has destined you to rule is not talking about promoting you to a higher class of slave or servant is talking about making you a co-heir with Jesus. Part of his family were not talk about promotion were talking about adoption behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us that we should be called children of God, not the slaves of God but the children of God to you might read this parable is threatening to smash, back, I'm a be cut to pieces. But consider this from undoubtedly every single one of us be included to serve the punishment of that we can serve punishment. Were they supposed to receive deceivers 46 they were supposed to be cut in pieces, given the domain of the unfaithful, not what happened. Jesus, when he came for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities punishment of our peace was upon him.

He was numbered with the transgressors by his stripes will not be healed and I don't fear the coming back of my master now because I'm totally worthy. It's just that I know that he came was cut into pieces for me the first time he came he came to serve me. That's why he came out as a ruling King he came as a servant. He would die in my place by living a life that was supposed to live and die the death that I had been condemned to die and I know that if you survey the first time I died for my sins when he comes the second time serve me by establishing leave as a co-ruler and a son. So how marvelous how wonderful and my song shall ever be how marvelous how wonderful is my Savior's love right here in averaging 2 feet first God's kingdom. I pray that you are inspired to make that leap of faith today.

This is been a challenging message from Pastor Jeannie Greer here on Sunday night if you've missed any of the messages in this new teaching series. You can find them last week we introduced a brand-new resource to help us memorize 50 memorable encouraging and challenging verses in the Bible. Pastor Jeannie Scripture and can seem like an activity for kids.

So why is it important for us as adults to keep up the practice you Molly.

I could list probably a dozen reasons off the top of my head that this is an essential thing I do. It's one of the most neglected and overlooked disciplines in the Christian life. What I've learned is that is that the spirit of God can do amazing things in your heart, but he cannot use what you have put in there, and so the Scripture memory is something we want to encourage your Summit life.

Jesus memorize Scripture.

We know that because of how frequently quoted so we want we want to do if Jesus needed it in his life.

To be spiritual bottled and then we certainly do as well. What would guns be produced, Scripture memory cards X50 cards that have some incredible promises us some warnings, some just gospel truth that will counteract Satan's lies in your life would love to give these to you. Make sure you get a set of our new supply Scripture memory cards different than the ones last year, that one's luster so popular we did it again this year, you get get get the ones for this year that will take you through one verse a week for the entire year of 2022. Get yours today JD ask for your set of the rejoice always, Scripture memory cards by calling 866-335-5220 866-335-5220 when you get online when you make your monthly gospel Molly benefits inviting you to join us tomorrow when Pastor Jeannie continues to study independently and coming right things most people and just we are hardwired to think that our work is a result of throws the whole system aside guys because without the state of grace.

Anyhow that's Tuesday on my

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