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2022 Word of the Year

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 8, 2022 12:30 pm

2022 Word of the Year

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 8, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! It's a new year which means new words for the year. The clips are from "The Swiss Family Robinson," "The Outlaw Josey Wales," and "The Fisherman and the Businessman." The journey continues, so grab your gear, be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure like doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we called masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey that you're with us this week in India know that I'm glad you got there with us this week. I'm glad to stick on what you say man appreciate that.

I appreciate your glad that they'll eventually listen to the show last week. I wasn't sure whether glad the thing with this or not. So I would give this guy just given a hard time because I like I do like to do and pretty consistent with this, this, which is pretty cool and it's a follow-up to last week Shona and Rob you hosted last week show. As I was out with the Eli surgery he's doing much better switch is good, long, long road to recovery, but he'll get through it is young, so he'll heal quickly and hurt many years later, puts his hat is so last week show is on. Are you working here for 2021, and we had a chance to review what the words were that we'd have on the team that we have gone to God in the December 2020 to try to get an idea of what adventure he might want to take with take us all on the upcoming year.

And so we had a chance to us and we have a bunch of us in studio and then we have Danny on the phone is really and will be around them today anyhow you doing good good good happy new year to you and she could be here with us. We do mission hopefully will see you next week and I will be back together but will get to your word for 2022 here in a little bit.

That's what were covering today, the word for 2022 and there's no pressure to have it by now. Right just as many of us do not always have it. There were income to go through and talk about as much as we know about the word of the year of 2022. The guides revealed to the so far and so Rob, you have the first clip.

If you'd like to start us out. So my word of the year for 2021.

You might remember a single day processing's It in Case Someone Didn't Listen Last Week Show We Can Make Him Go Back and Listen to.

Could You Explain Word of the Year.

This Brief Will Start out the Beginning of the Year, Asking God, Where Feel like He Would like to Take You in Your Day by Day Visits with Him and for Me I Get a Word for the Area That's I Did the Word Engage in 2021 Eroded in My Prayer Journal and Every Morning Would Begin.

Like Almost As a Paradigm to Think through What He's Teaching Me the Scripture Somewhat Commanded That They Had As It Would Relate to the Word Engage and That Was the Word That I Had and so after I Been Working on Engage for an Entire Year off His Felt Absolutely in Love with the Word and I Realized That God Had Been Engaging Me in.

Originally I Went into It Thinking I Was Going Engage My Family Roused Him Engage This so That When I Realized It Was Actually Turned around and Got Him Engaging Me All Year in the Memorizing of Scripture and Some Things That Happen. I Was Just like beyond Excited That I Was I Got I Don't Know If I Can Turn Loose of This Word Because I Just Had Such Amazing Year Mean, How Could I Possibly Have a Better Word Than I Had in 2021 and He Said Light on for You As It Was Disengage. Don't Talk to Me Goose Will Play Well Play My Makeup and the Joyride There Anyway You Said Robbie Are Word and Not and and I Would like to Say It's Our Word for 2022.

He Said His Delight.

I Went Home That That Is Intriguing and and It Was Delightful Actually and so As I Began to Pray into That Word of the Beginning of the Year and I and I Began to Study It in Hebrew. As You Might Imagine Will Save That for Later Shows What I Pictured in My Mind with Something They'd Kinda Been Working with Me Recently in My Own Prayer Life Because Just to Be Very Transparent. I Thought I Was Really Struggling Every Morning When I Would Get up Real Early Lot of People.

I Tend to Get up at Four, Even 3 O'clock. Sometimes, and Begin to Try to Push and As You Might Imagine That Time the Morning, My Mind Wanders to Things That It Happened the Day before, or Maybe the Movie I Watched the Night before and All the Stuff and What I Actually Had Anticipated Preying on When I Get to for 15 Minutes 20 Minutes 30 Minutes and It Is Been Known to Go on Our Right and I Was Really Beat Myself up over That and He Recently Was Saying Robbie Don't You Know That's That's You That's What I That's How You Are and I Love the Way You Are and I Love to Talk about Those Things with You in the Morning Because Were Talking about, and It's Not Just You Not Prayed about Them Were Spending Time on Those All Those Different Things Together and Actually It Delights Me to Hear Your Rambling and I Went so It's like Your Delighted and and and and Again Rather Than Me Being and Delighted.

All Of A Sudden I Realize God Was Delighted with What I Really Am Not What I Was You Know Thinking I Should Be at and so As I Thought about That.

I Remember This Scene from Swiss Family Robinson You Might Know That the Character Is Almost the Same and Will You Watch Old Yeller or You Watch Pollyanna or You Want Swiss Family Robinson Cam Cochran and All Three of Those Movies Is about the Same Kid and He Is the Kind of Little Boy That You Just Delighted Because He's a Boys Boy and Any Gets in the Different Stuff That He's off on Adventures and in This Case He He Wants to Build a Trap for the Tigers so That They Would Scare off the Pirates When They Show up on the Island of Swiss Family Robinson Which I Saw When I Was Know 456 Row Bore, and I've Never Forgotten the Scenes and so Listen to. Especially How the Father Is Delighting in Who the Sun Really Is Right This, the Kids Just Totally Being Himself. But Listen, Especially in the Mother Delights Him into but Listen to Our Well Done, Frantic the Kids Names Francis Naturally Naturally Slept Well Is That from Strike That Shut up Red Light like the Plans As I Might Not Translate Right This Case. Well Done Francis a Don't Miss That Because the Father Is Been a Delight in His Son Is a Hill so They Have To Come up to Us As Well Manage the Lines and Type.

I Think A Few Pics Might Be a Very Good Idea and All Worked out Right. You're in Charge of the Fall for Something like This Wasting Time with You and so You Know That Your Boyhood.

From My Perspective of God Loves Who He Made You and I Mean Who What Probably Wouldn't Delight in Francis There and You Know I Think It's Part of Where He Has Me like It's Okay to Be Me and I Heard This Last Week and I'm Really Enjoying the Idea of Going There with a Bit If If If We Want God to Feel Comfortable to Be Who He Is, and We've Got to Be Who We Are at and Not Have Some Grandiose Expectation of Reverent, You Know, I Think I Should Be about, Things Now.

Obviously That Was the Voice of a Brother Who Was Told That Francis and I Mean Yeah Yeah Sounds like an Older Brother Fritz and the Other Brother Forgot Yeah Yeah That's What It Was Okay to Ask Harold a Question Now Harold, I Would Ask You Word of the Year You Don't Know yet Right No Year so Far As No Hope in the Change in a K NOW Give Me It's Not My Timing. It's Not up to Me Because If I Just Spell out a Word That's Cheating and Other Warranty and That's Going to Ask You Because You Never Talk about This. Word of the Year but It All Comes to Us at Different Times.

Sometimes Intermediate Guide to Visitors and Other Times He Works with Us on It for A While Think It's Important That We Keep Asking and Not Give an Fact That the Rest of the Guys Sitting around Here with Have a Word and I Don't Is Not Making Me Jealous Is Just Encouraging Me to Keep on Keeping on until I've Got Mine and Then I Can Come in and Brag. What Would You Guys Going in a Order of Age.

The Robbie Got His Early so I Don't Think It Was an Age-Related Things. I Don't Think He Started Youngest and Worked As Well. Robbie Starts in July. That's True Yeah Good Point to Point When I'm Trying to Quite Get Another Clip Will Go Ahead and Talk about My Word of the Year Last Year Because I Wasn't Here Right so Last Year and Be Very Transparent. I Was Not on Board on the Word of the Year Thing First Couple Years I Reluctantly Did It. I Didn't Remember My Word Halfway through a Backpack at the Same Word for Two Years Flip-Flopping Number so I Can Go Back and for Everything like Robbing This Is Probably the 60 Just Now Yelping the for Me This Last Year Really the Second Half of the Year.

It Really Kinda Kicked in His Gut Really Challenge Me What My Word Was Believe You Known for the First Part of the Year You Know through the Summer He Was Working on. You Know What I Believe about Myself and Attacking Some of the Strongholds the Enemies Had Me of What I Really Believed to Be True about Myself, and Then the Second Half the Year Was All What I Believed about God and I Believe God Would Come through for Me in My Finances Tightly Become through Forming Relationships and Work Situations. And All This, What Did I Truly Believe about God Being a Great Word in a Heated We Come Back We'll Talk about That My New Word for the Year. At Some Point the Masculine to Register for the Camp Coming up March 31 through April 3, God Wants Us to Live As God Wants Us to Live. Transformed All the Way down to. He Wants Us to Live from the inside out. Joy Dr. David Jeremiah for His Special Message Journey on the Next Turning Point, Weekend Edition Dr. Charles Stanley with the Believers Main Objective. I Don't Have To Worry about What All You Not to Be Concerned about Is Making Now like Low of Almighty God. So I Simply Ask You You Doing What God's Ability to Do the Teaching of Dr. Charles Stanley in Touch When You Grow in Christ. Every Day, Welcome Back to Masking Journey That Is a Very Short Bump Intentionally Because I Told That's All You Can Really Take Action Epic about Peninsular Talk a Bit about It.

We Did Use It Last Year but to Me It Really Really Illustrates the Fact That the Word May Not Make Sense to You Right Is a Make Sense. He's Probably Not from God.

If You Got It All Figured out the Noisy Need to Give Your Word, and so Your Word May Be Greece This Year but I Promise You Be a Great Word Is Taking the Places That You Never Thought That He Would Maybe Greece so That My Vehicle Word to Is Really Struggling As I Want to Play Word up. That's My Favorite.

My Favorite Bump in on This Topic That We Will Greece Jim I Know You Have a Comment That There's No Way That You Have a Comment about the Bump I Will Use Harold's Work inside.

Okay You Graduated Your Rookie Season Right in This Whole Word Category and Say No Year and in Your Sophomore Season. The Sophomore Slump Can Have That Right. I Think Looking around the Room. I Think A Lot Of Us Gain the Freshman 15 Phoria Mr. Sophomore Slump Telling You You Can't Have. You Have One from Experience That I Do Repeat It Here and for Me Is My Sophomore Year. The Same Word the Freshman Year Is like No You Can't Graduate You Want to Talk about Your Click First Talk about Your Word.

What You Going to Hurt. Okay You Are Setting up Usually Play Got under the Shade of the Tree Which Is Sufficient.

Was He Doing Reading a Book.

The Fishermen Answered Well. This Is Not Got Angry and Asked All That Was Going to Catch More Fish Fish Fishermen Businessmen Answered Will Have More Money and Buy a Bigger Boat Is in the Fishermen Is Blessed to Have the Notion Fish Fishermen Will Have More Boats More Employees Making More Money More Money Available to Buy More Votes Please Make Even More Money You Businessmen like Me As a Man Answered Will Be Able to Enjoy Life Peacefully. Fishermen Looked at Him and Said Right Now Is Good, Good. You Talk about Yeah Good Old You to Look for My Work. You Were 11 All Non-Wall. I Have Learned Whatever a State I There with the and Probably Elude Most of the Am Always Looking for the Next Thing and Got It, Finger All That in My Life and the Word Probably Going to Be an Adventure Unraveling the Closure of All the Level of the Already Begin to Do That Last of an Being Content with God. Local Robbie That Last Week You Right in the Yard That Year.

In Order for God to Be the Truly Who I and There Are Times That I Don't Know That I Really Do It with What I Have Every Moment, Every Situation, Every Ad and Got a Question Cannot Truly Walk in the Present of Jehovah Genre God Is My Provider Because in Every Aspect of Life He Provides Letters Financially. Whether It's Nearly Everything and There Are Good in Living in the Fall. I Will Be Self-Sufficient Not Got It about Being God's Great Point in Asking How Many Licks It Takes Get to the Center of the Center of the Tutorial Tootsie Pop Three. According to Sink in All Areas That Are His Layers of Onion Are We Going through This Year and Could Be the Jim. It Is Now Your Turn.

My Friend, to Do Your Word, You Talk about the Clip You Want to Talk about Your Word.

First, Yes I Would Talk about a Little Bit. This Is a Meeting between Outlaw Josie Wales and 10 Bears and Clip That Actually Used Part of This Last Year and I Forget What My Work Was Last Year but I Really Did like It so I Tried Very Hard to Forget and the Not Being Honest. Two Years Ago, Integrity, and I Think That Was What I Use Because I See That Both of These Men and Baylon's Donkey Chatted with the Wealth. I Did Have My Word Which I Usually Get It Very Quickly and Then during the Program Last Week. Three Donkeys Were Talking on the Here and All of Them Said That You Are to Level and He Just Pointed at Robbie, but When I Was at Me and If I Hebrew Word but the Word of God.

This Year It's Piece in English Hello in Hebrew. I Got the Shalom Person but This Clip Is Almost the Antithesis. If You Look at It on the Surface of Peace and This Is Two Guys Come Together Both of Them Are Men of Integrity, Which Was the Word Last Year but There Also Warriors That Are Coming Together for a Peaceful Mission I Hired You As a Great Writer Not Make Peace with the Goats You Mingle in Case I Recognized Nowhere to Go and You I Came in Today with You For Giving Either One, One from a Cameo like This so You Know My Wood Is to My Way of Life Is into Is Matching so We Will Only Hunt We Need to Live on. Same As the Comanche Every Spring Staircase so I Can Check the Furniture Sign of the Comanche, I Will Be on Our Large That's My Way of Life and Your Word Here in My Pistols and Rifles These Things You Say We Will Have We Already Have True and Promising. I'm Just Giving You Life and You Given Me Life and I'm Saying That Man Can Live Together without Butchering One Another, Said Governments Are Achieved by the Double As Iron and It Wasn't at All Comanche to See so There Is Iron in Your Words of Life. No Sign Paper and Holding It Must Come from Man. Words of 10 Bears Care the Same Life Is Good That Warriors Such As We Meet in the Struggle of Life or Death Shall Be Life.

This Exchange between Them. These Are Both Men Had Been Men of Peace, Betrayal, and Death and Circumstances Warriors and They Josie Wales. This Movie Is Protecting People. He Had Been Alone When He Started the Journey He Was Running from Certain Death As Fugitive but When They Came Together They Are Giving Each Other's Life and the Peace Comes from Warriors Coming Together to Say No Do This Anymore and the Need to Defend Others Really Hit Me When I Would This Clip Was a Gift from God Now Wishes Sort of Reminiscing You Have Worked for Peace As Well As for the Integrity and I Was like Some, I Was Integrity Beat Me up Pretty Much Last Year and I Think It Will Peaceably Easy and I Realized Know This Is about Having a Word That Is Going to Be Easy. See What It Takes. This Year I Think. To Understand What Finding Peace Really Means and Shalom in Hebrew Is a Wonderful Artist Much Richer Than Peace in English and One of the Meanings of It That I Got from Hebrew Professors Recently Retired to Heaven Was That One of the Meanings of It Is Death to Your Enemies When Our Enemies Are Not Flesh and Blood. We Have To Recognize That Were Not Fighting against Men Were Fighting against the Powers of Darkness. And That's the Only Way Will Find Pieces on the Other Side of the Battle and Pieces, One in EMEA Called on Called upon to Create Peace in Other Situations That Mean There's a Whole Lot of Places God Can Go with That. You Telling Me Challenging and Would Say That You Said the Word Beat up but Yeah I Would Ask You Wasn't There so Much Growth in the Midst of That of Course Yeah I Mean, Obviously You Don't Grow during the Easy Times.

Sometimes a Person, Difficulty, Growth Is an Piece Was. It Was Almost a Curse Because I've Had A Lot Of Stuff Happen between Last Week and This Will Take. That Has Not Been Particularly Peaceful, but It Is Showing Me That This Is Something That Is a Rich Word Mobile A Lot More of Interesting Things to Come. Todd Met That You Talked a Little Bit about the Word You Believe for Me Last Last Year. The Ones Working through Some of My Own Personal Stuff Was Hard in One Way Because I Had to Go in and Dig into Some Really Long Agreements That Had Was Equally As Hard to Go through Some Life Struggles. When God Would to Say What You Believe You Believe Me You Believe in the Situation, Knowing It Was the Stuff That There Was A Lot Of Training and That's Where I Could Say Okay That I Know You've Got the Right Answer for Each One of Us. We Have Stories over That Word Has Matured Us and through Us into Deeper Intimacy with God, and I Think That's the Whole Point.

We Ask You to Consider Doing That This Year Go to Masculine to Register for the Boot Camp or Listen to the After-Hours Program Will Talk More about This.

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