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Crisis in Haiti

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 7, 2022 5:35 pm

Crisis in Haiti

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 7, 2022 5:35 pm

In a coffee shop, Stu is joined by Mark from the Lantern Rescue team, who shares some updates from the Middle East and Haiti.

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just seconds.

Enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coffee shop sitting next to one of my good friends who is involved in a very powerful ministry that you heard about, shall but he's back with some updates from the Middle East to be from Afghanistan. I got a careful Mark Smith how much we say, but thank you for all your new Atlanta rescue.

It is good to have you visit again paste it is always good to be with him asking to see this morning, Mark. I've known you long time and if I have just I get tears every time I hear you show good to hear about young men and young lady children who are set free by your team you going to some pretty rough stuff onto you know our team is committed and we when you work in the work that we work in. I see a lot of people get involved and follow away because they do it from the accolades that they receive that that's true about a lot of ministries you know and so when I look at my team, that's not who our team is in and were so I'm so honored to work with them and got good group of people to God keeps putting around us. Everything from like the radio show that even your staff to even our our command post our intelligence people are foreign assets. Everything God putting together the right people who do this for the right reason with the right heart and we got us mostly a lot of war zones conflict areas a lot again written areas, you know, I I don't want to talk a lot about but yet we've been doing a whole lot with the Afghanistan issue to help and assist and would just leave it at that. I don't think it's necessary letters for saying things I don't believe they should say we could. We've got a lot of accomplishment successes that you know what God knows about him was that then honestly in Haiti and listen to our show and rescue knows we been heavily involved in the Caribbean for many years and we train the first ever County human trafficking task force. There we've done hundreds of grades we know that gain we know everything about him I would just say that we put together the intelligence brief when the mistakes and people down FBI will together the briefs and I continue to help so sorority matrix of my teammates were there now. But do pray for that situation an issue and it is even greater. Believe it or not, then just the 17 people that are kidnapped, we had a teammate kidnapped and shot. We had a pastor friend of mine's the kidnapped you working kidnapped in Haiti for years now and so is just now coming to the light because Americans but the countries worried all the time being kidnapped. You know our assets if he will work with us to be super careful because there are no these guys work with Americans kidnapped that person does American family. You know, I said, they become a higher value target careful right now, the situation in Haiti as a country I don't how to get much worse.

People are literally starving to death are not able to leave their homes. There is no gas. There is no fuel, no diesel.

There is no safety for them to move about and around, especially around the main cities you know. So we've got to be in prayer for Christian brothers and sisters as the voice of Mark Smith, the founder and that the fearless leader of a wonderful ministry called lantern rest and I'm so glad you're still around. There's a lot of people. Human trafficking is one of those I just say industry because it's a ministry for y'all to serve and save these precious little ones but it's one of those areas that people get Spanish. Write a big star someone is saying we gotta save those behaviors. Millions of slaves, more slaves today than there were 100 years ago and this and that but the question is what are you doing about it in Atlanta rescue marks missing your team.

You really try to execute you really try to go in and actually save young girls and young boys from these oppressive some of them have 8 to 10 customers a day and you walk into the brothel with your team and it's it's not pretty, but it's literal deliverance but it's also bloodied. Yeah, I really like when you said the word execute and use that that that's exactly true and I wish we just walked in middle and we work with law enforcement of recess places and extract those kids, but that is the difference execute and so everybody has a role and task in this fight, trafficking. I would say the end of the day for us. It comes down to how many children are we rescuing not that one life is worth more than another, but are we executing the job to rescue kids and how many people are we seeing arrested and and those two things are changing the environment of the regions of the world because were resting and were rescuing so I normally take pictures with my guests vertical coffee shop and that's it. Good looking Nitro, whatever that is and I'm I'm drinking that my fate of favored autumn leaves latte in your life is sexier but this is a guess I don't I don't take pictures with. I don't do a lot of videos with because we can. This is a very dangerous extremely dangerous extremely volatile area. This human trafficking and ministries like years later, rescue Mark Smith as you go into these rough places. A lot of those are you willing to go. Some folks have the ransom theory oldest pay off the money. But when you out of trafficking that money just it just see just like this insistence cycled is this never ends right right we don't want to do that and I know some do that but I our operations are always about we just tell us where there brothel is that his work the authorities to string the task force a place to go grade and remove know and so we advise, assist and support that and in your boots on the ground. With so and I love this ministry because folks support a lot of gracious people that are listening right now that are the Truth Network can support all of our wonderful affiliates from AFR to our friends. It will consider only cares this program.

Some Seo stations. This program that a lot of you support Atlanta rescue because you want help rescue kids and when they give you a dollar a dollar goes toward helping save the kids life given to a Christian orphanage and it could be somewhere in Africa, which is extremely W done a lot of training to help the nationals there in some countries, a municipal that's a miracle story. It could be stateside. There's trafficking here in a recent episode was about here in the Internet and also in these islands which those of the islands are big change or neuritis channels the company into America right yeah they are. Those are there's a definite traffic routes to the US and domestically we recently and the remorse at about the story of a recent partnership with the intercept task force in the states and that's an organization put together by a great group of people will be talking about but so thank you guys for your prayers. I really appreciate all that you you Truth Network does for us to know you guys give us a platform. The safe years away that we without radio without this opportunity, we really would have never been known at all. Not that we would be no but what the issue to be known.

I want people to know were trying our best. So you give us an opportunity. Thank you and God bless Truth Network thank you and the website to learn more to give us a site that Mark Smith and they can learn more, they can hear episodes they can actually hear the stories it will just shock you. Sometimes you're telling a story in the back of a Humvee on a satellite phone talking to the producer here in the states and it's it's lots real.

But what is the website and how can people get involved right now with what you're doing okay. I we really appreciate Robbie Theodore lantern lantern LA NTR and lantern also hear the broadcast air hear the podcast there that's in real time. Anytime and will make this a podcast to Soros get update of what's going on particular in Haiti. Let us pray for Haiti right now. Those dear missionaries were kidnapped or grateful for all you're doing to help their and all over the world Mark Smith lantern rescue friends get involved. This is the least of these my brethren, Jesus talked about this is rescue. This is in the day of of of difficulty. Proverbs I want to say. 24 but somewhere in there he says a tall, stop, rescue those who are being carried away and that's what you're doing. Thank you for what you're doing.

Pray for Mark Smith pray resulting pray for the leaders. These are men and women have family staffs houses have kids and grandkids pray for them for safety and right now you can do something about stopping human trafficking. You can support a Christian ministry that is taken, the gospel or to lantern rescue. God bless my friend. Thanks.

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