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Truth Matters 010722: The End of Armageddon

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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January 7, 2022 6:00 am

Truth Matters 010722: The End of Armageddon

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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This is really no Cheryl Davis matters is a ministry project whose mission is to empower men and women in the Christian faith to teach biblical truth in the culture of the marketplace of ideas using the Bible as a sacred trust of truth and sharing the message of Jesus. Learn more about the ministry of the truth project at today.

We discussed the end of Armageddon and Dr. Cheryl Davis and you're listening to truth matters. This final bowl judgment brings the tribulation to look version. This is great final battle of Armageddon which we will still discuss in Revelation chapter 19 Jesus Christ returns to earth to fight and win the battle against Satan. But to say it is done.

Reminds us of the statement of Jesus as he hung on the cross. Signify the conclusion of God's judgment upon him for the sins of the world and we find that in John chapter 19 verse 37 Jesus had received the sour wine he said it is finished bowing his head he gave the spirit there will be thunder and lightning's. Much like the day that Jesus died on the cross. If you remember, when he said is finished, there was a great earthquake, and people were resurrected and came out of their graves. We actually went very quickly through those bowl judgments. I'm just gonna summarize the one more time. The first bowl is the loathsome sores which are an abscess which we said was an outer manifestation of an inward heart problem, the sea turns the blood in the third goal, the water turned blood with the fresh springs are polluted. Men are scorched by the sun and here we see that they are reluctant to repent, even under this bowl judgment.

The fifth bowl is darkness and pain. On the sixth bowl is the river Euphrates that is dried up, that is preparing for the battle of Armageddon, the parenthetical warning in between the sixth and the seventh bowl which I think shows God's never ending grace and mercy even in the midst of judgment and we see the seventh bowl with the earth is utterly shaken and the tribulation comes to an end the battle of Armageddon occurs. These were pretty gruesome. I think the earth will be completely changed and regenerated after this, as we see the tribulation being so severe really what breaks my hardest to see the issue of man and the heart of man, and not being able to repent of the Bible goes to the first bowl judgments very quickly said I would like to just summarize them again as they seem to go in rapid succession. Set the first bowl. In summary, was the loathsome sores. As we said before that this is an outward sign of an inward problem. The second goal is that the sea was turned to blood third of all the freshwater springs returned to blood.

The fourth bowl of the men were scorched by the sun and what is so serious about this one is that they still blaspheme the name of God had power over these plagues and they did not repent of their sin or on and give him glory.

The fifth bowl is the judgment of darkness, the sixfold the Euphrates River was dried up in preparation for the battle of Armageddon.

But there is a warning in the middle between the sixth and seventh bowl.

I think this just shows us God's never ending grace even in the midst of judgment in the seventh bowl shows where the earth was just utterly shaken and the battle of Armageddon happens at this time.

And even then on man blaspheme God because of the plague of hail, since that plague of hail was so great to hear. These are the last events before the second coming of Christ in chronology and I would like to reassure you, as this is victory.

As far as judgment for those that were martyred. The church that is redeemed and this is the Lord reclaiming the earth for himself. As we see that these bowl judgments are carried out directly by the next time we will get into the end of world religion.

In chapter 17. As we have talked before about Babylon and Dr. Cheryl Davis, thank you for listening to truth matters. You been listening to truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis matters is a ministry project. Most of a lot of raised ministry sound theology goes inside or outside of the church.

If you'd like to listen to these messages on the project and click on the fog just like Dr. Davis is also available to speak to your ministry or church function. She can be reached by Or if you'd like to send a letter the adversities, project letters, PO Box 159 St. Paul's, North Carolina matters weekdays on this radio station at 8:20 AM and 5:20 PM full length teaching program on Saturday at 12 J next let's all work together to teach biblical truth was just a quick edify and encourage one another and bring the gospel to the world because matters

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