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What Does the Old Testament Say about Sickness and Healing

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 6, 2022 5:00 pm

What Does the Old Testament Say about Sickness and Healing

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 6, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/06/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Bible have to say about sickness and health for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience, the president of the fire school of Ministry, the wider fire valves are going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown forget to give it a shot to be live today get stronger each day.

My wife and I both good and stronger about 10 days out from getting cold. I just had this cough that's come on the last couple days and we were all ready to go live yesterday and the voice was just week I thought okay the reason even try, but hopefully stronger today and hopefully we can make it through with minimal or no coffee but so be better to give it a try to be live with all of you today it's 30 Jewish Thursday good time to talk about with the Hebrew Bible says concerning sickness and health. And here's the recall. But I'm open the phone lines wider than normal 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884.

Any judicially the question, of course, you can call that is always good, but also as we started the conversation a couple days ago. Have your your own views changed uncoated may be you were against vaccinations and concerns about them.

You got cold. Maybe lost a loved one scolded, we be abusive shifted reviews have shifted even in even more strongly against vaccinations. But what your own experience electronic mandates talk about your own view on this today, 866-348-7884. That's the number to call so many of you know my own story when it comes to my views on healing. I came to faith in a tight Pentecostal church that believed in praying for the sick, that believe that God healed today. It was not taught in systematic theological ways as much as the Bible says this this this in the Holy Spirit is for today.

Therefore, we pray for the sick.

After a number of years, five, six years. I became skeptical about a lot of this I question what the Bible really said became part of the church. We were strongly Calvinistic.

We were barely charismatic and I changed a lot of my views about healing. Then I question whether it was for today.

I saw so much flaky stuff on Christian TV. The cases that we had really pray for healing.

The people had died of cancer and that kind of thing really questioned it.

But when I was gonna force to study the Scriptures and fresh long story and and as I did.

I was absolutely struck by the fact that healing throughout the Bible, Old Testament new was a good thing. A gift from God that sickness and of itself was always negative was always bad that sickness in the Old Testament took on extreme illness and I can think would be directly associated with divine judgment, divine discipline, divine curses is healing would consistently be associated with God's grace and goodness that when you get over to the New Testament that sickness is commonly associated with demons with Satan and and healing is connected directly with Jesus and his ministry. He went around making people well not not smiting them the sickness and I ended up writing my doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew word for healing and what was happening was I was watching people who were praying for the sick and seeing results, but I thought their theology was really bad so sociology was was totally off and yet they were seeing people healed here I thought I had right theology. I wasn't seeing anyone healed, but ultimately the question is what is the word say so I ended up switching my doctoral dissertation and writing on the Hebrew word for healing rough that then was published in expander 14 about the book is Rose divine healer about 20% of that was my doctoral thesis and the other 80% new material, but the more studied, the clearer it was that God of this goodness reveals himself as the healer that again sickness and of itself is a bad thing healing and of itself is a good thing. If you have two categories God at the top of one Satan at the top of the other or blessing at the top of one cursing at the top of the other or good things according to the word at the top of one bad things.

The top of of the other list. Then, without question on the God good side.

The blessing side would be healing and health and on the bad side the Satan side the destructive side would be sickness and disease. This is after years and years of the most in-depth study are new to do and you'll still see my monograph, 1995 monograph is Rose divine healer is widely cited.

This is the fit of the study that come up, up to the time in English. That doesn't mean that I always see healing come. It doesn't mean that you can't grow while sick, it doesn't mean that if you're godly you'll always be healthy. Some of the godless people on the planet are chronically ill.

Some of the healthiest people on the planet are completely godless understand. I'm simply saying what the word says is very clear and it's what we know fundamentally you just dealing with the aftermath of covert and in again.

Thankfully thanks sent this reprint is getting stronger each day is just a miserable thing.

I could not do so much what I would normally of what I was only doing ministry. I couldn't be there for others even just my prayer life was negligible, so this week and all you think about this. Try to get better get strength so I don't feel pressure like oh I have to be there to perform. Everybody needs. I don't mean if your mom and your three little kids run around the house and your your sick as a dog of you know you can't. You can care for your kids. You can't going into work and do your normal job if if you are prepared to minister to others or help others to serve others in your sister could really move them in the thing itself is debilitating and and that's why sickness would be part of the curse, not part of a blessing. It and nothing changes through the Bible in this. This is consistent consistent 866-34-TRUTH will share more about this, but let's go to some of your calls.

I will start with Jeanette in Charlotte North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire, yet can share a couple of days is the real topic in me and thank you answer my call – farmworker government patient stuck in traffic and my granddaughter is 10 years old when she contracted COBIT on my six year old contract that actually had a blood in her lungs and she had a stroke and she had a blood bank and she and COBIT mound uncoated maker wheelchair-bound selling on a perfectly fine 36 Cheryl and she was on a ventilator on one floor I was on a not on it thought beneath her name on her stomach that can be totally missed out on it don't turn up on your stomach, you're going to be put on the edge of my daughter about the NICU. I didn't notice it while I was one for the niece her trying to hold it together by God's grace in the bed and I heavenly father of all, and I'm so grateful race… After 16 days on a ventilator to something that I don't think she's left where it is a little numbness in her butt.

And so we need your prayers that the little girl raised her up. Her name is Tina and my granddaughter didn't have any symptoms at all.

And for me, oxygen for six weeks and I prayed and prayed and prayed and one morning I woke up I didn't have to put it on. Thank God for raising my family back up because my door almost at night and my daughter. She just so despondent and you know and she's been careful about being wheelchair-bound because it's all new to her when I was in the hospital recuperating I would sit up on assignment data. 15 L of oxygen because I could not read.

But when I would start to read my Bible mark oxygen were collected 97 and 101 current deductible.

Not sure what happened. You just lost you there for a moment, but may the Lord finishes healing work in the daughter and I'm so I'm so glad you both made it. Obviously many of us don't make it and the right now we would get friends were praying for for miracles in their lives.

But I'll tell you what I've heard a lot of miracle stories in the last couple of weeks since we been posting special prayer request for my friend Brad to be healed of of COBIT or now the.

The aftermath of COBIT as this is in the hospital would continue to trust God a people been posting their own stories and, boy, I mean there are there are real miraculous stories where the doctor said this is over, it's over. It's not a matter of of if but when it's over. Your love is not going to make it. And yes, we we have lost loved ones. We have lost friends we we know that reality and and I was acutely aware of that reality. I've just become acutely aware of even more answers to prayer that I was aware of even more miraculous deliverances from death that I was aware of and again God revealed himself to Israel. He said I didn't. On the other FFI, Lord, your excuse me, your healer, and he's the healer.

What I'm coughing or not. And that was is the fruit of national obedience to God would bring healing to the nation is afraid of national disobedience bring judgment which included plagues, which included exile, all of those things are negative doesn't mean that when you catch a cold divine judgment refuted covert review, divine judgment, not at all.

It simply saying that these things which are negative in themselves when God brings them by way of judgment is a great deal about Jesus, called back to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown was waiting for thoroughly Jewish music.

There, but I guess it didn't get inserted today. Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let us go over to Todd in Mississippi. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown. God bless you sir, thank you for your ministry is so powerful. Your national treasure by God continue to bless you and your ministry. My question is not dealing with Old Testament healing but it is your question yesterday.

Yes course that you, sir yes sir, it has to do with the origin of the name Hebrew.

I know in Genesis. It does say that the Abraham was a Hebrew, but apart from that he came from the land account of the Chaldeans, and so easy Hebrew in it and it connects also to the book of Hebrews. I know we don't know the writer that is but why did he address it to the Hebrews, why not to the Jews or to the Israelites right so this a lot of debate about the origin of the term Hebrew.

It's it's in the Old Testament normally spoken sleeping in Abraham's is a Hebrew coming into farmland. There are some who connected with a group of people that we have in the ancient near East attested his computer or for pure and the question is how exactly with the tie-in with Abraham and others? Others are said the original meaning is simply the Hebrew everywhere in Hebrew. Is it free so that the Hebrew everywhere. It is has to do from nested do with the root of far which is the Passover so that they were the ones that that passed over the crossed over the came from another region into the land of Canaan that's that's another possibility, and then ultimately though, it simply became associated with the people of Israel, the descendents of Jacob that they became the preeminent people known as Hebrews so as to the letter to the Hebrews out why it was given that name versus the Jews of the Israelites.

I love that there's a definitive answer to it. It's an interesting question but I don't know that there's a definitive answer to it. So forts don't have more information than that but appreciate it and appreciate your kind words. Thank you, 866-34-TRUTH, and again friends I'd love to hear from you today as well give my voice arrest two more. View the call in, but what your own experience with Covidien have your views changed about have your views changed about vaccinations of other things that you pastor the you think would be helpful for others to know 8663 for 87884. All right, let's go over to Paul in Connecticut Connecticut. Welcome to the line of fire.

You are you doing about the cold. Regarding art art law, getting your chart like Mark Grote you know you drug for a long time so that I would be enacted that part Barbara political stage in particular struck start out COBIT but I did get I think I got the new buyer backed old for like all week and I have a headache that might've been the new buyer over that now.

But I can't argue that a lot of I know you very important thinking and all that overdosing environment so right now that question today. Not Marquardt. You know I'm W and I believe in the note that Jesus is God. I studied it I found an hour getting your video talking about the bill about the word you describing Jesus in the MINUTE changed in the in the in the New Testament, though I did on being Eric why it was changed from Aramaic word was the word Khmer American network of Apple acutely sure. So number one we agree clearly that Jesus is the eternal son of God and that he is the word incarnate that he is God incarnate, so John writes in Greek, and says that that Jesus was the Lagos right so Rosie using that word the way Philo, a contemporary little bit older Jewish philosopher was using it in terms of of an aspect of deity that was now being revealed what she using it just to speak of the word of God more broadly. Was he using it the way the Aramaic term member was used at that time. Member simply means word and it was a way that some of the, the targums, the Jewish translations and paraphrases would speak of God when he was drawing near to people where there was intimate contact. So, for example, Jacob makes a vow to the word of the Lord that if the word of the Lord will be with me then the word of the Lord will be my God were numbers 10 when the children of Israel would with March out. The targums is Araiza word of the Lord return only word of the Lord.

So all the same as this could be some of the background the ideological or the conceptual background so we know that John is written in Greek right me know. The Old Testament was written almost all in Hebrew and we have the revelation of the word, and he really God sends his word and heals that's that's the word Dove bar in Hebrew so there is still far in Hebrew or Lagos in Greek or or member and Aramaic it's all the same thing. It's this revelation of the nature's God, and that is that word that took on human form so hopefully that helps to clarify thank you sir for the questions 86634. Let's go over to Sean in Knightdale, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire go out, go ahead, I think.

About two.: Oh. Real culprit right so healthily when I get bad calls in the past, the worst of the symptoms were worse than anyone symptom I've had with covertly. COBIT is dragged on longer. It's been miserable in that respect. But as far as like the really bad sentence. You get like a bad flu really bad cold. The most those will know severe symptoms than anything I've had with COBRA coverage is dragged on. That's been the miserable part of it was like they were different than anything or but it was worse and a man came through it no colder good old spiritually googly line of the main thing. Phil. Talk about it would mainly like they mainly spoke about show and elderly people are like in the first birth.

So every Expo goes all coming out really big feet of the big picture affecting unhealthy people in a different way maybe open, maybe to what it how many people really bad world, you know, like a green guy how many people really eat a lot of bring really be talked aboutso don't bring a man, but I think a little bit bigger than the white oak good around a lot going all other microblog portal: Mr. Bob. I think a little. Order: all personal.

Sure, Sean, everyone is affected differently know people who are otherwise healthy. That will really really suffer terribly too cold, and barely made it out, others that had some issues like obesity, diabetes, and were at the edge of death, and answer the prayer they made it but for sure this much we know that such a condemn such criticized consolidating super healthily seven and half years everyday.

Without exception, and yet still the COBIT and and still dragged on that with the 10th 10th day but office and thankfully minor compared to what others have experienced. But for sure healthy living is the right thing to do. Healthy eating is the right thing to do.

There is absolutely no question that we must be good stewards of our body that most of us in America eat very unhealthy diets that that many of us are addicted every level that messages on every level.

More than ever, health. Thank you for the call will be right back. Statement of file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly is Michael Brown. We are live and thankfully my voice is holding up pretty well today towards the I don't know like maybe eight days into having COBIT I started to develop this cough and we were ready to try to do live radio yesterday all set up for the remote studio from for my home and my voice just two weeks but today all stronger silver, gold, 48663487884. Trust me, I'm resting a lot. I am not pushing I'm continuing to pour healthy things into my body and additional vitamins and everything like that you want to take advantage of some of the same healthy supplements I use as well go to vitamin vitamin order for yourselves and your families and take advantage of special discount yet all is vitamin gives them trying to do is there's a radio voice which is my natural way of talking on the radio but it's it's up it's in a more energetic voice than just like a subdued, quiet conversation so I'm trying not to use so much of the radio voice because it pushes me a little too hard. So if I'm a little voices little weak spirit strong. Everything else is strong 866-34-TRUTH by the way, before go back your calls so the Harry Potter author JK Rowling is now under attack from cultural commentator comedian Jon Stewart over the depiction of the bankers in the Harry Potter movies that they are according to her, these according to Stewart, these underground bankers. These greedy avaricious man of they are Jewish and other speedometer ditches, goblins both what he thought about, and others have said to Carol is an anti-Semite and plus the way they come out, the movie does not the surly agree with the way they're depicted in the books, but of a failure to write tests like I think that's an anti-Semitic trope there. To be honest, I'm not an expose of what I see them but I don't think that's one of them. Okay, so it would take and usually the questions as always but moving the phones more broadly to any of the questions because we haven't been live as much recently and if you've gone through covert yourself. If you have experienced it. If your views have changed about vaccines, pro or con after having COBIT. Perhaps after seeing people close to suffer or die. Like to hear from you as well.

866-34-TRUTH and Nancy made the comment she heard from others that had gone through covert that was really felt demonic something about it just felt especially evil or wrong and and and I'd made that comment as well. If it does feel demonic to some negative, destructive drag sing about it and others have used that same word, so regardless of the origins. In other words, was it manufactured the lab. Was it intentionally released was the more natural exhalations for the something very much demonic about it and that's certainly it is not the blessing and the smile of a loving father on his children saying hey have some COBIT live bets. This is not a scriptural concept right. Let's go to the phones might in Greensboro right let's go to Erin and Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire down wonderful going. Thank you.

I can comment on the back pain at 14494, after having people around me.there that they redolent relevant to that day, but how long ago did you get COBIT. How bad was it that way black hair line 21, then the bad for day. Try to get up a little bit walk around.

I think my maximum amount, about 20 minutes that my energy level with completely deflated and didn't come back in a nagging cough that broke out happened.

I 866-34-TRUTH is number to call. Not sure what happened, how we lost that call, but you will do our best to get reconnected with everybody here and so you know what when I when I talk about sickness, disease. When I talk about blessing and curse. I am not building my theology friends on experience building up on Scripture. I'm building my theology on Scripture not experience when my experience confirms Scripture wonderful. But I don't believe in divine healing, primarily because I see healing. I believe in divine healing, primarily because I see it in the Bible right so in my book, authentic fire, which was a response to John MacArthur's strange fire. III have a chapter called solar scriptural and therefore charismatic was I base my views on Scripture and Scripture alone, and if my experience lines up with that wonderful, if not I try to bring my experience up to the word rather than dragging the word down based on my experience building theology off experience right. Let's go back to Erin. Somehow we lost you there yes so how long you sick for Erin. 45 day grant again.

But I didn't like living around that I could and were all and the apathy probably week and your energy back and called the way. Like anything else right now, bronchitis and grammar about to complete their account treated me continue to linger, but Duane you feel great again in a chapter in my book and it will be in your consort that annoying really and you said you didn't change your views on vaccines back for my now and my mom suffered chronic DLL and went to the hospital when think I have it and I really thought about Luther on now by their don't look at you currently doing great and fair on really well now, but I would really really scary.

Everything that back pain Oliver got out everybody and all for it won't hurt that the vaccinated, but he also again I met my entire family out the preprinted private and none of it are backdated and we won't be back. Got it. I appreciate you not calling so you get questions well right now and and on board with email Deacon and I'm concerned that there there think that being people on both… Four and again and am familiar with and understand. I've been but one life and that explicitly indent beyond that women like why I think people really email Deacon Derek, Hank, will you that support their argument and perhaps EB add a servant depending on the inflation you're looking at and maybe try to fight it well to support that by me that the argument could be made longer for women but not a deacon though I get you what's right and what's wrong you with key persons. Key versus so you're aware of the translation issues doesn't talk about Deacon's wives are just talking with female deacons, etc. and how Phoebe is described. I'm 100% for female deacons. This is not a governmental headship role. This is not a women being the head of the ministry over man.

This is a servant role and the deacons themselves, or are under the directives of of the elder pastor and elders.

So for for women to play that servant role absolutely hundred percent and it's it's commonly been done in church history and year of the Dorcas type women that provided for the needs of others. Those were those were deaconesses in action. You could say when they had the title or not.

So I see this is completely separate from the question of women as pastors completely separate even from the question of women as elders.

I see this is 100% legitimate right and was no Scripture against okay I heart after dinner elder in the elder.

We have on special elder enter Kurt they're not named elder Advent to be the people that get into that role that uncommon or not it's not it's not uncommon hopping name yet it's it's it's not uncommon, but it's it's not a semi-deal and in other words there. There is a sacred calling, and responsibility in being an elder in the body and it is something that should be recognized. The people who been proven over period of time, or recognized that hands are laid on them that are set apart in that regard, and that the congregation knows that these are some of the people you can go to in the spiritual capacity, and that they are they are trustworthy and their leadership so it's it's good that people dysfunction different unofficial capacities and in the body, especially if her functioning elders thinking about you. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (232 Thursday, this is Michael Brown and a by God's grace we we've made it through this I will get about 1212 13 minutes to go. My voice is held up and thanks for your patience as we get our way back from COBIT.

Looking forward to being 100% full strength on every level. In the days ahead. Let's go to Preston in Ohio. You are on the line of fire. Yes, go ahead. Please your radios while I was on the way to work at a hospital in Ohio. Yes, I was one that you guys to pray for up role in healthcare provider a lot of broken scene, we see a lot of people believe is it affected you personally. Preston I struggle with my past also my past them know right it brings up a bring up a lot of over two years I've started out about apologize and recall TV show over the past year watching people at the brought up a lot of the reflecting upon my own past my bend and loved one that I lost over the years like it, like a trauma trauma get back to what a sweat but it and these people in their prayer. So just seeing someone suffering some of the people dying in ways you just not use to spend has been overwhelming effort, even medical professionals talk about like compassion, burnout, that they're just so exhausted and so worn out that it's it's you know you must just go about things in a matter-of-fact way because you're just so tired from this he Preston.

The one thing is the devil is a liar, and the blood of Jesus cleanses you from all sin. That never changed.

It doesn't matter what trauma you're experiencing now and how that somehow digs up the past and how the enemies try to use that you bring condemnations of something wrong with you you're on the front line serving you on the front lines. Try make a difference and in the Lord is not condemning you and and and the Lord is not bringing up past memories. It could be your own mind and because of exhaustion. It's hard to fight that it could be demonic attack, but right now, Lord, we pray for Preston. We pray for his colleagues in these many other frontline healthcare workers, some of whom are beyond exhausted beyond burnt out. May Preston may each of them experience it their own refreshing the May your love for what his heart like never before and they light began to shine in the miserable darkness of the scope of pandemic.

In Jesus name amen hate Preston with you man and and thank you for being there on the front lines and no that the blood of Jesus is not double minded you been cleansed, even cleansed and cleansed God declares righteous as his child. They thank you for the call 86634 let's go to Ashley and Arkansas walking to the line of fire Mario will get better little by little. Thank you. I will be praying for you and a simple question, but I have a pondering I was reading Leviticus 20 verse 43 the contractors were talking about Israel and God's correction for it. There's one faction in our talk about the land will be abandoned by then. Enjoy and it really does make me wonder what exactly this topic. I mean, I feel like there's probably no a representation of that like whether I know there's clearly a rabbit but is there also eight spiritual well just in in that in that context, Ashley there. There was to be 1/7 year sabbatical where the land would not be not be developed, and it would lie fallow for one year. It was a total test test of faith for Israel because they had to have least three years supply because you would you would not work the land in the seventh year and then in the eighth year you work it. And that's another year before it's fully yielding again so this was to be a test of faith for Israel and a way for them to lean on the Lord and grow and basically didn't happen. Through Israel's history. So God says okay I'm gonna take all those sevens when it never happened and and now years can be in exile for 70 years so the lances cannot lie fallow for 70 years straight which would be like 490 years of of Sabbath is so so that's that's what happened is God requiring that of the church were Christians from the world to have a sabbatical from when no but the principles of Sabbath rest are very important for believers how to get Inc. is going to vary from community to community. Because God gave the seventh a specifically Israel's assign. It was never imposed on the early church's first Gentile believers, but you and Gentile would worship together as well as one in the midst of their different customs and practices as Romans, even Romans 14 even speaks about but whatever principle we can learn from this in terms of honoring God setting aside time just to be with him resting from our labors.

That's important. We have to ask the Lord how that works out in our lives. They thank you for the call. Let's go to Paula and North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire there, yes, go ahead. I'll go ahead and comment.

Please seven and two months before I got it. We started on the regiment at base supplement outstanding that people are out next week.

So I did the five CD nature like the devil about the and think at 25 µg, not the normal 15 recommended that RDA and selenium and quercetin and it is it real and I yeah go ahead yes don't work it working but it did. It made all our symptoms of mild or not, that I would entertain.

I had to date land and the bad with a body ache that I never got respiratory and I did not take now that you never treat.

Not that that I have read through it and the FDA called me and get a 45 minute interview trying to figure out, not in the hospital dying with a couple of interesting. They contacted they call me on the phone just rang out. Yeah it it it it alerted me and then I called my doctor, my family is very common practice in Green Beret and told him that they call the meeting of their office because they had not heard that we were being tracked somehow and he didn't know anything about until they had a meeting very interesting jagged rock. I'll get back on extremely long.

I'm glad you made it through what's your view on vaccines as having covert only against them except for elderly people who have comorbidity. I really couldn't go ahead and do it because it's just the timeline or older comorbidity. You shot.

I don't do it. And now that I've had it. I actually think it is more can be more harmful if I ever get back on it.

Hey Paul, I appreciate your input as well. 866 what okay we got like seconds to go. Sorry for never again just might cohabitate. I am not here to give medical advice I can tell you about the healer. I can give you scriptural advice I can encourage you to get the supplements and check them out and fighting that we found very beneficial.

One pass that benefit onto you and Dr. Stenger internally gives you a discount but blesses our ministry with donation every time he orders to go to vitamin check that out.

But I am not here to sit in judgment on callers state is your back on your experience to share that you're willing to live another program powered by the Truth Network

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