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God’s Pathway to Success - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 6, 2022 12:00 am

God’s Pathway to Success - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 6, 2022 12:00 am

Discover how Scripture is full of many truths.

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Welcome to the intense podcast attorney for Thursday January think God rewards his followers discovered when he has waiting for this you choose his Living life added.

God has a very, very clear vision about what success is all about. And so when we think about would think about it from God's viewpoint versus the world's viewpoint because many people are successful at what they do. But when you put their name up against someone's name in this country who is famous for all kinds of things they would consider far from being successful.

But the issue is this what you not extend the presence of God. What difference is it going to make what the world thought about you versus what God thinks about you someone you turn to the passage of Scripture in the Bible that gives us God's pathway to true genuine success. It's found in the very first song. It's interesting in this very first song because when you think about the world's idea and requirements for success is what they'll tell you. First of all you got a set goals. Second, you got a set time limits on those goals that you got a set priorities. You got to be diligent in persevering and have faith, and on and on and on we go with all those principles and years and years ago I read all these books about success until I found something very interesting that every single principal of success. True genuine principle of success is found in the Bible. And so when I read some of these books out that one of these fellows think that they are being very creative and they discover these things and this is new or new it always been the Bible all these hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years.

God knows exactly what makes takes to make you and be successful in whatever he scholars the doom that you may say well, but I'm just a homemaker. Well let me ask you something.

Can you tell me anything more challenging today to be successful at that. A godly mother I godly father, a godly husband or a godly wife tell me something that is any more challenging than to be that the day and he succeeded that and so when the world thinks in terms of success. They will take us out of the category of things that a holy and righteous and good and moral and put is out there when it comes to wealth and fame and all the rest will look at all the people out there who have all the wealth and all the fame and all the prominence. Most of those revenues, since it would not swap places with a single one of this does not mean that is a sin to be wealthy. It doesn't mean that you cannot succeed in life and be wealthy and famous and prominent. All the rest and then some very godly people out there who would have all those characteristics about them. That's just an overflow of the things that made them successful. It is certainly not the world's way because you see a person could be very diligent set goals have their priorities have their time limits they could be diligent in persevering and trusting and believing in all these things, you know they could be doing that thief could do that. The words all of those principles that they think makes up for success but the end result is what's happening on the inside of my life. Do I have peace derive joy do I have contentment you can have all the prominence and all the prestige and all the wealth and all that but if you're unhappy and you watch and listen to these people who give their not testimonies would tell you little brief biographical sketch about themselves. At the end of their life or they sing out all this fame. All this wealth but unhappy, miserable, and feel deep down inside that ultimately their own personal life.

They were absolute total failures.

What is God's pathway will look at this if you will disperse all the we probably know it by heart. At least most of it. This is what he says now it's interesting that he says before he starts interesting that usually when you think in terms of success.

The attitude is always a positive attitude that words that's one of the absolute requirements of someone would say. But listen to how this first song begins.

How blessed is the man all the woman who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked negative nor stand in the pathway of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scoffers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and his sleep is not whether and whatever he does he prosper. The first requirement success is to be careful about our relationships. The recent first requirement is be careful about your relationship. The second requirement calls for a commitment. Listen to the principles of Scripture. The second requirement calls for a commitment to the principles of Scripture look at this.

He says the successful man, a woman is going to delight in the word of God delight in the law of the Lord and they going to meditate is to become a part of the light because he says they going to meditate on the twin day and what night that does not mean some skimming over it in the evening before you go to bed. They going to meditate on it day and night, that is, the delight is such the intensity of their desire to found out God.

What you say is there some way that you working that I've missed, and I believe anyone who is feeling like or sensing a failure in the life in some area there is a principal they've overlooked is a principal they have aborted as a principal they have denied as a principal that's not clear to them. They've never been taught and I'm not saying that a person is necessarily guilty of that because they don't want it. Maybe they've never been taught it how do you discover those principles that get on the inside of you and absolutely radically change your circumstance. Your life you meditate. He says, but his delight is in the law of the Lord in his law he meditates day and night and I was sitting about you pick up a copy of the living Bible paraphrase the addition and read the book of Proverbs. Every single principle of success is in the book of Proverbs, you still while the living Bible paraphrase edition because it is so simple and so playing and so down to earth the way it was translated that is so easy for people to read.

Therefore, if you have a difficult time reading your particular translation. Just get you a copy of that and ask God to show you is will happen is what I did long time ago. I would the book of Proverbs underlined in red every single principle of success in their friend. You can't name one is not in their God is the only come up short. There was ever servant of his down through the ages he has desired that they succeeded, whatever they do determination in faith and perseverance and in obedience to God and all the principles that make the genuine success when the rewards listen to what they are. Notice what he says beginning in verse three and he will be like a tree or she will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in its season in sleep is not whether and in whatever he or she does.

They will prosper and let's look at this. It's interesting how God and say so much in so few words and it takes us on our try to explain something.

He said so simply in his word wickedness personal. He said now watch about your walk and your standing and you're sitting now.

He says you will know a successful man, a woman's like the large tree. He says believer, one who is following God's principles. He's is like a tree firmly planted. That is the roots deep roots. So when the winds blow and the storms come. You know what happens.

They survive always has like a flourishing fruitful palm tree. God's children.

Like the tree firmly planted.

That is strong stalwart. We can stand. We can stand the buffeting of life. We can stand those storms apply. We just hang in there, no matter what walk because we know who is in control of our lives, but notice what he says where it's planted what is he saying it's planted by what streams of water and let me ask you if you were a tree, where would you want to be planted. You will be planted close to the stream close to the river. So when the droughts come when making the difference whatsoever. He says now the successful man, a woman is like that. He says we can handle the storms and God is going to strengthen us now when he says planted by the streams of what what happens those roots go down and draw from that stream the nourishment and the moisture that it needs. You can have a drought but if the tree is planted by the stream of those water flowing batteries going to be fun and here's the thing you not remember the world is looking for something on the outside to satisfy them to make them feel famous and there was whatever gives them the security in their well finances and all the rest. Here's the difference. Those of us who believers you and I have tapped in to the eternal stream of the son of God.

We have eternal life flowing on the inside of a we don't need to go anywhere to be successful.

We don't have to have anything the world has to offer. When you have the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. He will provide the peas to provide the contentment and his wonderful way he will provide a needs he's promised to do that most of make you famous and make you whether that's his business, but you know what he says, seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things that we need shall be added and God will also knowing it was relief. He will supplies often times were far more than we ever expect like a tree planted by the streams. That is, we have the source of strength. We have what we need on the inside.

We don't have the look on the outside to get notice a second thing he says.

First of all, he says he will be or she will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water.

Secondly, it will not only listen be planted firmly but be very productive. Look at this, which yields its fruit in its season now that should eliminate the whole their retirement. What is he say yielding fruit, no later what kind of fruit we just depends on what God has you doing that is if you're walking the sin of God's will and I regularly somebody said that people don't quit work because their old that's what people most people do, but people get old because he quit work and most folks are just to let the retie just one retire retire and do what we know happens you send a message to your mind, I'm finished great work that person doesn't get busy send a message to your body.

It's all over the nearby does not say well it's all over his or can you prove that this look around you. The people who work to retire and sit down and do nothing and how long do they live. He says they'll bear fruit in old age, which means the older you not get the more productive we ought to be, in some ways because of our relationship to God. And because this is with tapped into the eternal stream of the son of God who has all the power we need to accomplish anything he like he wants us to accomplish this is why sometimes people change their vocations in life and God leads them to change their vocations and often times people start something new, very late in life and you know what all of a sudden the skills and abilities and talents that they didn't even realize they had absolutely begin to surface and they listen. The last years of them might become some of the most profitable, exciting, fruitful, productive years of their life because, listen again. Once again there in the will of God. It's something different and they've always done there in the will of God. And so you sit with him so well these days all means get old enough to retire. Don't even think about. You may get old enough, you may get old enough in order to change your vocation so that you can give Morgantown the Lord and I do believe when a person is committed to giving the latter years of their life to God. God's going to strengthen them, encourage them, enable them provide for them and use them in a godly fashion to bring glory and honor to his name.

He says will be productive. I think about a tree, for example, a tree provides food and inhibits approval to fruit tree. It provides shade. It provides a home for the birds as they Fruitful tree can be someone ask this question. Would you consider yourself a fruitful person. What is it that's coming from your life. It's beautiful someone else helpful to someone else encouraging to someone else contributes to someone else's life. What is it for example that's coming for your life.

It's making a difference out there productive this tree is firmly planted this tree is productive in this tree is protected look at this, he says, which yields its fruit in its season doesn't drop the fruit before time.

He says yields its fruit in its season and its leave absolutely does not whether what happens protected by God. You know what when you and I walk in the will of God. We have divine protection in our life, he will guide us listen when you meditating upon the word of God. He's going to guide you and me.

He's going to protect us in making wise decisions, godly decisions. So we go be firmly planted. We going to be productive and we going to be protected now their seasons of rest for any plant in their seasons are producing fruit. He says producing fruit in its season and its leave will not, whether now all of us have trees in our yard and when the fall comes trees that they lose their leaves but you know what you also have trees if you live in Georgia that her plans at is that the evergreens they going to be green. No matter what happened. When I think about a believer who is walking the will of God. We are all a bunch evergreens and if you want those persons whose leave his rather than more than likely you out of God's will need ask yourself God what evidence is there in my life that I'm productive what evidence in my life. Is it that I am fruitful for the kingdom of God going to be protected and when you look at this tree and you think in terms of all of that, then you have to ask yourself this is what he says. He says which yields its fruit in season and sleep does not whether and whatever he does he prosper when you turn the little book in the Bobby have turned her longtime third John Doe back that you will can somebody tell me the verse on Marie verse two, you got it.

Listen to what he says. Beloved much fun revelation do their job. Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. Let me ask a question how many of you would be willing to pray God, would you prosper me financially to the same degree that I'm prospering spiritually but to be on the pray that God just adjust my salary according to my spiritual growth. Listen to this beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health to the degree. Your soul prospers. May you prosper in your health that you prosper in your finances may you prosper in your relationship. May you prosper in your vocation to the degree your soul prosper. Let me put it this way you know what I'll be. That's exactly why God operates to the degree to which you and I won't godly before him walk in his pathway doing the things he calls us to do. I believe it to that degree. God is committed he is committed to that degree to enabling you and me to succeed in whatever he calls us to do now that two types of prosperity spiritual prosperity material prosperity is one as this one last question elicits a man if you are absolutely deadly honest and got ask you this question. How would you answer of these two types of prosperity, material and spiritual which deep down inside, which is a priority of your life.

Which do you pursue the most vigorously spiritual prosperity growing in the Lord being involved in his likeness, understanding his ways for touring your faith or material wealth is what he says if you will seek first the kingdom of God's righteousness, which means his rule in your life and his character in your life. Everything you and I will ever need so much of what we probably desire God who is a good God who says that he delights in prospering his children. I believe that is available to every believer.

This is not a prosperity gospel. This is an obedient gospel walking in the ways of God. He will make your success at whatever you do, my friend. I don't know about you, the one thing I want to be a success at above everything else is not being a good pastor not being a good preacher not being unit that I want to walk obediently before God and with all my failures and weaknesses and frailties that still the most important goal in my life. I believe that's God's goal for every single one of us to want God and let him take care of everything else in our line. Thank you for listening to part 211 pathway to success. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministries and satellite back after the presentation, intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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