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Storm Clouds, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 4, 2022 12:00 am

Storm Clouds, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 4, 2022 12:00 am

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Probably for a moment or two, go back to the scene and try to put on the same have not done anything you've obeyed orders began courageously for the glory of God. You're willing to play your heart. Whatever the king calls you're willing to lead men into battle without you know, years of training and and you win victory for your nation even greater security for the king were that he wants to kill you and those came David and Jonathan experience that working to see that God sustained them and used their difficulties to teach them some important principles. This is wisdom for the heart Stephen baby is taking us to first Samuel as he continues his series on the life of David called Singer the lesson you're about to hear is entitled storm clouds. Gary Richman offered several devotional books that have in your library once: view from Missouri also pastored the along with Chuck Swindoll years ago in Fullerton served as zookeepers of the Los Angeles zoo row devotionals based on his observations in the May biblical applications for the things that he saw while working at the zoo give you one of them. One afternoon he wrote all the staff received exciting news that one of their female giraffes was about to deliver. It was unique to be able observe that and so everybody on staff rushed to that area to watch the delivery like that of the hospital when he delivered greater religious, rushed in your room to watch and charge you for it. But at any rate they were there to see it happen.

It was a quite a moment that would be unforgettable to Gary he happened to be standing next to an old experienced zookeeper spent years in the wild Africa witnessing these events first hand. As I stood there watching Garrett the first all he was amazed because the he learned female giraffes deliver standing up, which means the new more giraffe has several feet to fall in this rather rude awakening.

He said we all watched with amazement as that sack of newborn legs and bones fell 6 feet into the ground below this, leave their wobbly headed looking rather dazed in his new environment. He said we stood there in sympathy for the poor little guys looked around his big brown eyes and wet eyelashes. The mother was watching her newborn for just a few minutes and then to Gary's shock. She delivered a kick that literally pulled the baby over.

Gary said hey something is wrong. We gotta get in and protect that newborn the old zookeeper took him by the sleeve and said no way. This is the way of the wild that baby giraffe needs to learn how to stand up almost immediately. It will be his only recourse against predators. So Richman road. We all held our breath as this baby giraffe stretched out its front legs swaying from side to side then it finally pushed up off its haunches on the back legs and stood there swaying, tottering with its head stretched out and down for balance, and we all cheered. Suddenly the mother delivered another kick that sent the baby drops sprawling to the ground rolling over several times. Gary said I've seen enough. We gotta get in there and wise. An old zookeeper caught him by the arm and said, none, and I was expecting that to see this mother wants her newborn to remember how it got up I thought of that as I researched this passage to study with you together. I'd also thought of the apostle Paul in his own personal reference to his trials that never seemed to let up back, I want you to begin by opening the second Corinthian chapter 4 where you're given a rather transparent emotional inside look at his personal testimonies he carries about the gospel of Christ death and resurrection. He writes to the Corinthians. There in second Corinthians chapter 4 and verse eight. These rather amazing words of transparent emotion. He says we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed perplexed, but not driven to despair persecuted, not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed. Each verb by the way is simply loaded with emotion.

We are, he says, verse eight the beginning again afflicted the word refers to being subjected to incredible pressure, body ads were not crushed that his work not broken apart were perplexed. That word means we are at our wits and aren't you glad by the way that Paul didn't have it all figured out either think I read that again and I can imagine getting a missionary prayer letter back from all of these on his missionary journey, a house call your ass while releasing him as Z is within you know he can figure out the ministry we got everything a missionary support he's being honest. He says we are perplexed, but not driven to despair that is not given over totally to despondency the rights we are persecuted. That word means literally were hunted down like wild animals but he adds not forsaken. That is were not abandoned as we flee.

We know God's with this is were not down struck down. It's a word used in Paul's day for wrestler being thrown to the max we been thrown to the max. He says, but not destroyed or literally not defeated so I can read that again just with those verbs expanded. Paul is saying we are subjected to severe pressure but not broken apart were at our wits and not entirely despondent.

We are being hunted down like animals, but we know we haven't been abandoned in our flight and we been thrown to the mat. Time and time again that we have not been pinned in defeat only God brought Paul and and you need to life he wants us to stand and it seems as if he wants us to remember how, if you want an Old Testament testimony of every one of these verbs you can find all of them in first Samuel chapters 19 and 20 go back there as we re-join our study in the biography of Israel's famous singer future king that you been with us thus far. The plot has begun to thicken by just the first sentence spells dark clouds that are gathering now more than ever before for sending chapter 19 verse one and Saul spoke to Jonathan his son and all his servants. That is all the staff palace guard officials. Everyone that they should kill David keep in mind. Up to this point Saul is been trying to manipulate his so that David dies Saul to get the blame. He's put in charge of a small unit of soldiers hoping the Philistines would would kill him. He says love through service. If you want to marry my daughter go kill 100 Philistines and bring me undeniable proof that you killed Gentiles in on another occasion or two. He throws his spirit. David little heart concert and people including David assume the dwelling is having one of his maniacal fits or spells all along. Saul has been hoping to see the David gets killed but somehow David just won't die. So now chapter 19 verse one. The mask comes off all the pretense is you know, put away, he orders a heads on David's life and he basically says anybody they can kill and go for it. Anybody on my palace staff palace guard soldiers servants alike, including you, Jonathan Killam, I want to Jonathan's responses to full the first thing he does in verse two was worn. David look there.

Jonathan told David.

Saul, my father seeks to kill you, therefore, be on your guard in the morning staying in a secret place in high yourself. The stuffer forget the fact that you probably know the rest of the story for a moment or two, go back to the scene and and try to put on David's sandal have not done anything wrong. You've obeyed orders you kept your nose clean.

You began courageously for the glory of God. You're willing to play your heart. Whatever the king calls you're willing to lead men into battle without you know, years of training and and you win victory one after another for your nation and even greater security for the king but the king is no acting strange and keep his promises. He throws spears is just you know during one of his maddening episode but if all you know is what David knows you get word that he wants to kill you. You're not given any explanation of why he wants to lop off your head at the king's own son warns you to go play I see it's for real. Make sure you can't be found during this exact.

In David's life to begin scratching out the lyrics to the song. I don't want to write in the margin of your Bible. Somewhere chapter 19 or 21st Samuel texts Saul 59 comes right out of this. In David's life and it opens with David saying deliver me from my enemies.

Oh my God protect me from those who rise up against me. Deliver me from those who work evil and save me from blood thirsty men. Keep in mind he's being hot in my blood thirsty man, not because he's done something wrong but because he's done something right. Or at least he knows he hasn't done anything wrong is hiding as he will in our next study in some damp cave. You'll find them there because he missed the will of God somewhere know he's hiding because he is in the center of the will and purpose of God. This is about the time you might throw up your hands a somebody get in there and help out. Life is fair is trying to do the right thing is paying off. Saul is on his throne of David shivering in some cave fighting for his life. He scribbles out in Psalm 59 the powerful are against me and not because of my sin of God. I've done anything wrong, David is having the kind of conversation with the Lord which may be you're having even today. Notice the second thing Jonathan does is confront his father, King Saul verse four Jonathan spoke well of David. Saul, his father and said to him, the king's sin against his servant David, because he is not sin against you because these are brought to you free to kiss his life in his hand and he struck down the Philistine of the Lord worked a great salvation for all Israel.

You saw mine and rejoiced. Why then will you sin against innocent blood by killing David without cause. Again, we could stop and turn the focus of our study on the life of this young man of great courage and integrity.

Jonathan, did you notice how many times he refers to his father's actions boldly, plainly, as soon as very popular today. This is a bad choice is you know the reflection of his level of self image is this is an indiscretion as a moral lapse. Jonathan says hey dad, why in the world do you want to see that kind of courage today to call something wrong.

Soon couldn't help but think again. David fought an evil giant named Goliath.

One day Jonathan has been living with one every day and he doesn't pull any punches.

Evidently Saul feels the conviction of this bold encounter verse six and Saul listen to the voice of Jonathan Saul promise says the Lord lives, he shall not be put to death Saul as a way for getting his promises, but for now David is able to come out of hiding.

If I can summarize next few verses you have the same pattern repeating itself all over again.

You have another successful military campaign led by David we have another despairing convicting episode that leads to violence by Saul. You got another close shave with the spirit of David verse 10, the latter part records of him that he fled and escaped that night back sometime you want to just go back through this and circle every time you read the word holy or fled or escaped or ran this time it'll be for good if you're keeping a list. There are at least four treasures that David will lose throughout these next verses effect if you noticed, first of all, David just lost his position with that is standing before the people. His leadership over the Army is his life in the king's palace is financial future and assist the beginning. Secondly, we point out that he's going to effectively lose his wife. David Rice's home.

He eludes Saul's spear might call the king's daughter. Now his wife had been that long warns him. Verse 11 latter part. If you do not escape with your life tonight.

Tomorrow you will be killed. She knows her father well.

She she's she's heard the promises she's watching them broken. Time after time again. She knows now that her father isn't going to stop until David is is dead now. What she does is devise a scheme where verse 13 tells us she places in idle there in the house in in bed puts go tear around like a wig in clothing wanted to make it look like a man and then says David is effectively sick and can't get out of bed now. Frankly, I read that the first question I have in my mind is what's Michael doing with that I in the house and image statute. The Hebrew word is Terra theme.

It's a it's a household idle believed to bring good luck. I just kinda maybe go off on a little tangent of study. But think about the fact that David is only recently married Michael. It may have come as a surprise to find out that she isn't like him entirely wholeheartedly given over to the worship of the one true living God. When I told but more than likely this is a greediest surprise for David to learn. When Michael moved in. She moved her idols and with so she put one of them out of the bed covers it up. Saul orders in verse 13 or verse 15 his messengers ago you David and if he can't get out of bed because he said just bring the bed with you and so I can kill is only then that they discover Michael's deception. What happens next will be more devastating to David than Michael's good luck idle is how she response were father for 17 Saul said the microwave you see me doesn't let Miami go so that he escape number Jonathan Szilagyi is not your enemy did sin against you while you sin against him.

Michael says what he said to me let me go. Why should I kill you with choice and I have daddy said he was going to kill me if I didn't go as planned and give him a head start. She effectively agrees that David is the enemy, and now adds public slander to the reputation and integrity of her husband. She says he was going to kill me. He is up to be a murderer. I'm glad you rescued me few tracks the relationship through the Scripture. You'll learn the things never are the same between them again.

David has effectively lost his role his position as job things now lost his wife. Maybe for you it's a different version different names, different characters, but those same storm clouds again maybe recently sky was clear and the sun was out and suddenly storm clouds rolled in.

Nowhere blotted out the sun you walked in here today. The dark, you can understand perhaps for you. It's been a while, but your still haunted by the unfairness the injustice dishonesty the betrayal the lies sinned against your reputation maybe you live in this town because you have effectively fled in your starting over slip into the scene long enough to recognize it for David hear his heart would've been broken and I would see frustration and anger.

But I would also see tears splashing down on his duffel bag is Texas stuff. Hurry with no time to really give anybody a decent goodbye crawls out a window and he runs he's gonna run for a dozen years for doing the right thing. In verses 18 through chapter 20 in verse one.

David first runs to the only person who understands run home hidden run to his father. His mother, he doesn't run to his brothers. You can just imagine all I am saying yeah I figured back can't run there. He runs to sin. And when he meets him. Can you just hear the pathos and agony of these words verse 18 that David fled and escaped and he came to Samuel at Rome. I told him all that Saul had done and he and Samuel went live.

Nine idle profitable understand and the great and the true have you perhaps with storm clouds overhead found somebody you could tell the blessing of another believer, a friend, suite of spiritual mentor is some older battles savvy life experience individual ever talking to an old St. on one occasion and asking him about the firefight that he'd been in how he felt and he said well these are old whole is actually a dangerous thing to open up.

Paul opened up to the Corinthians, with transparency and some are going to turn around and use it against them later, but Samuel was safe. What a blessing I can imagine when they connected got back together.

David is the text indicates poured out his hardened old. Samuel listened and I'm sure they talk well into the night that they decided to share an apartment easy to miss believers, a Tina tells us. They went in, lived at 901 archaeological dig has given us a little insight in the night they found ancient remnants there. What we would call condominium houses built back to back sharing the wall side to side, top to bottom. Many believe that these condominiums housed a number of the prophets of God in the context here seems indicate all under the leadership of Samuel so what you have is, it is David reuniting with a spiritual mentor moving in together and their living now in an area where other men who love God live you can just feel David begin to catch his breath stand back if I can summarize again the next few verses, Saul finds out where Samuel and David are living and he said any senses his palace police guard to arrest David and bring him back when they arrive God's spirit puts his word into their malls and they begin the prophesy was comical to give these palace guards going down there to arrest David and they cannot help the spirit of God overwhelms them and they become prophets Saul since three groups out like that. Same thing happens. He said that the palace guard to come back ordained in the ministry. Saul effectively says you know if you want to get something done. You gotta go do it yourself right.

Saul heads down there. Verse 23 says he shows up in the spirit of God overwhelms him, and he preaches a sermon that will last for 24 hours. Great oh nevermind okay 24 hours. By the way the text tells us he takes off his royal clothing. Old Testament scholars believe that that is the spirit of God telling him to do what is effectively a symbol that he has indeed lost his kingly role, Saul was preaching away gives David time to run verse one of chapter 20, there you have it again.

David fled from Nile to remodel.

Don't miss this here David finally found a place to rest, he found a kindred spirit found people to love God like he did his got back upon his feet and then why kick to the ground again. In fact, in this instance, David loses another treasure is lost his job, his wife and home and now he loses his spiritual mentor and leader listen if there was ever a time when David was perplexed at his wits end. It would be now because he not told how, but he finds Jonathan and as soon as he sees Jonathan he just gushes out with his confusion and his frustration pain. He says in verse one. What have I done why is my guilt. What is my sin before your father that he seeks my life verse two.

Jonathan basically says David you miss reading and I will thing my dad would want to kill you without telling me that told up to the blind optimism here doesn't help that the last line of verse three David if he says, Jonathan truly wake up as the Lord lives, and that is your soul lives. There is but a step between the and like a hunted animal and one wrong step dad not just staying one step ahead. Thanks for joining us today your own wisdom for the heart.

This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen baby. This lesson is not complete, but our time is just about gone will bring you the conclusion to this lesson tomorrow. How would your life be impacted if you set aside a year to study God's word growing discipleship take a study trip to Israel and earn your Masters degree in theological studies doing all of that in one year is possible. Stephen is the president of shepherd's theological seminary in Cary, North Carolina, that school offers a special program called shepherd's Institute where you can experience all that I just described this unique one year program offers a life-changing opportunity to all believers no matter your vocation. We've had men and women join us right out of college and before entering the workforce. They spend a year in God's word earned her Masters degree and then enter the workforce better equipped to serve God in their church and community. We fed students who were between jobs and moms after their last child was in school. We've also had men join us, who believed that they were called to be a pastor. There's a link to the school at the bottom of our home page visit wisdom to learn will be back tomorrow to conclude today's message here on wisdom

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