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Psalms 119:99 The More Teachers The More Insight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 31, 2021 5:00 am

Psalms 119:99 The More Teachers The More Insight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 31, 2021 5:00 am

Psalms 119:99 I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.

The Sages have taught for centuries that all are our teachers we can learn from everybody especially their testimony... Robby shares a story from his special needs class .

Psalms 119:99

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. Once again we get to dig into these amazing verses in the memo section of the hundred 19 Psalm and today working to get some counsel and it sounds a little prideful when you first hear it. I can assure you the amazing thing that you will see within this verse is unbelievable and I'm so glad that your joining me here today will go ahead and read it in English.

Realizing this would be the third verse of the third anointing being counsel and the reverse reads in English. I have more understanding than all my teachers for thy testimonies are my meditation and wow it is you look at this. There's a really cool things didn't note in the Hebrew version of it is to begin with the word that is translated understanding is not the word that's used as understanding throughout the Psalm is being is understanding. We normally see. But here we see a different kind of understanding which has more to do with insight and another way that you could translate this and I think in my opinion, as I've studied it and thought about it that it would probably be better transmitted, translated, I have more insight because of all my teachers. In fact, you could even say I have more insight because all are my teachers that word all is critical there that's in there and all our teachers and in a way, when you think about anything with the psalmist teaches and certainly the Jewish sages teach that you can learn something from everyone. Everybody has gifts. Everybody is a teacher sometimes a teaching you want what to do. That mean that what not to do but nonetheless we can learn from every single person in every single person has unique ways that they reflect that only they can.

And so that type of insight is is really phenomenal phenomenal epic, especially when you put together with the fact that he said for thy testimonies are my meditation again when he says meditation here.

It's the same word that he used, to discuss to muse to its it's a different Medicaid meditation that is in the first Psalm, or than is in the book of Joshua.

This is more of a a digging around talking processing type of meditation and so if you consider that if you're digging around in somebody's stories digging around in their testimony, the amount of insight that you can get the beep phenomenal understanding. Phenomenal insight is you learn from more and more people stories right and, for example, you know I'll never forget what I got to dig around in all the stories when I was at the Association for Christian counselors events.

I've done episode on that before you know I'd ask everybody you know. Like it says in second Corinthians chapter 1, you know the God of all comfort comforts us that we may comfort others. How does it play out in your life. And then I heard 100 because I interviewed 100 people that we can stories of how God it played out in our life to Molly insight that I received unbelievable that that I had so much insight based on the meditation of the discussions and digging around in all these people stories so that that's one thing to think about in the other is that you know like I teacher.

Maybe they teach me special needs it at the church that I work at. Are we done that for about 20 years and Nina one time I we had the student. He was in a wheelchair and he didn't have any vocal skills, and quite honestly, from my perspective. Perspective a lot of times I started teaching he would start moaning and I would hear this is name is Joshua and is any of you would begin to teach and we were doing this walk through the Bible thing and all the hand signs that we were hoping everybody would learn but he didn't have much motor use of his hands, legs anything and he would just sit there and are you know when I hear these noises it sound like he was in horrible pain, but interestingly, every week, his mom would come and pick him up and tells how much the Joshua love this class and what of course my perspective.

I was like how can that be happening because he just seems like you so miserable when he when he sitting there but nonetheless you know this went on until the very first Christmas party. We always were doing a Christmas party. We have all the students Union account lineup in we we do one of our lessons so that the families can see you know what we do in class and get a chance to see what their students are learning 70, almost like right on cue. As we began to go through the walk through the Bible verse that we were doing that your Joshua starts moaning almost immediately like and I was like oh man of all times and about that time, his mom says to him. I'll never forget it. She says Joshua is not your turn and and like a giant flash goes through my mind like oh my gosh God, what are you teaching me here. Joshua has been trying to communicate with us all. You know he doesn't. We don't give him a voice and so he doesn't have a chance to tell us anything. He does have a chance to communicate and when she said it's not your turn immediately.

Joshua started so this new revelation.

The very next lesson letter forget it was the sins of the party was out of fright Saturday night and so the next Sunday morning as soon as we got in before we start lesson I said okay Joshua, I please forgive me because I did not realize that you are trying to tell us the lesson, but now it's your turn so you just go ahead and talk and when we said that to him just what he took off and he made his sounds and he discussed that whatever he was discussing with us. But the point that I've never ever forgot and I don't think I ever will is what Joshua taught me right, I think I'm so smart, but I'd not learning from Joshua Joshua showing me that he still is very much aware of what's going on and I get to heaven I'll find out what he actually was thinking all these things other than the fact that I was obviously very proud for prideful situation so you know again when we look at this verse. There's lots of ways to look at it but I really enjoy this idea of more and and again that the man being that the prominent versus always talking about, you know, these can be made more wise that his enemies in here he's going to be made is going to be given more insight based on all his teachers and and if you read it that way is just absolutely beautiful.

I have more insight because all are my teachers and their testimonies are my meditation. Mike think of the people stories that you know and the insights into who God is and the hero of the story that he is in the way you come to the rescue is a precious, precious verse in when it comes to counseling is give you some counsel. Learn from everybody that way. It's important that we won't be like the woodlot egg on your face like oh wow, but anyway it really, really fun stuff today. Thank you for listening.

Thank you for joining the Mrs.

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