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The Joy Ride #80

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 30, 2021 9:43 pm

The Joy Ride #80

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 30, 2021 9:43 pm

Welcome fellow Joy Riders to the Masculine Journey Joyride Podcast! On this podcast you will hear funny stories, exchanges, and thought provoking moments that will amuse you, make you smile, and draw you closer to Jesus Christ in your journey of life.

Before we wave bye bye to 2021, we have one more Joy Ride to take. They guys share their thoughts and experiences with their words of the year on this final ride of 2021. The clip is from "Auld Lang Syne" by Guy Lombardo.

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This is the Truth Network welcome fellow the mass majority joyride parquet is a brand-new show from the guys you know I'm talking of course about the band of brothers my name is Keith and I am the producer for masculine journey management journey. After our podcast we hear funny stories stranded and thought provoking moments.

I will make you smile and jogged closer to Jesus Christ, your journey of life will before you start singing auld lang syne don't say goodbye. The 2021 just one more joyride to take the final ride of 2021. If you will take it away you're very cool insert of our tradition. Here, masculine journey, this time year to talk about the word for the year and so we had gotten this idea actually from the wild of her team there in Colorado number of years ago. They pray in the beginning of December.

You know that God would give them a word of some part of the adventure to go on together with him in the upcoming year. And so we all have been taking part in them for a number years and so this is our chance to review what happened with our words and in 2021, and so to give us our example anyhow that work for you over the years so this is I think the fourth year that I've gotten the word and it seems like every year and had been spot on. When you get the word at the beginning of the year.

From time gotten all about that God but you know, this year was for me. I'll talk about it more in depth a little bit later but was really linked to, the word from the previous year. I think we've all found that God does that. He usually keeps you in a vein or an idea. It's always good and it's just to me it's participatory. That's what he's wanting to do in your life. A lot of times we feel like you know it's our word, but it's really our personal word but it's our word in the sense that it's both ours and God's because he's always involved in the process. Man, a man that could not be better sent he really really really really isn't so damning for you. This was your first year to play with is my Ricky Ricky card last happy new year and will see you down the road.

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