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The Lion IS a Lamb

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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December 23, 2021 12:00 am

The Lion IS a Lamb

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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December 23, 2021 12:00 am

To many people, Christmas is just another day off work or a reason to party and exchange gifts. What is Christmas to you? LINKS: Visit our website: Make a donation: Free ebook: Free issue of our magazine:

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James offering symbolize language and self-made religion enables offering symbolize redemption.

Today, my friends, the world is divided into these same two companies. Those who hope to find their way to God. By the way of Cain and those who come by way of telephone the way of Cain is a path created by the effort of human hands the way of Calvary is the way of God for the hands of God.

Problem they don't know what to do they have a sense that they do bad thing. They feel some degree of guilt about their's shortcomings, but they have no solution. So they try to appease God and appease their conscience, not by doing what God says. But by pursuing their own remedies Jesus Christ came to earth to be the Lamb of God. He came as God's perfect sacrifice for our sin when we respond to him in faith. We can be free from sin's guilt and consequences. That's the theme of our lesson today here on wisdom for the hearts Stephen Devi has a message called, the lion is well, today we return to some of the great truths of the Christmas story in its fullest version is wonderful to be celebrating this day. Specifically set aside as the day we remember the birth of our Savior, thus far in our series, we have listened to the song of the Emperor's son, the creative music of the great lion Aslan, the son of the Emperor beyond the sea. The song that Azlan saying at the creation of Narnia would become in the mind of CS Lewis. The picture of creation by means of the word of God through his son, the creative agent that one among the triune God. For by him all things were created. Colossians chapter 1 verse 16 then into fresh and innocent creation came the tempter CS Lewis illustrated the temptation with Edmund being offered a future kingdom where he could become the Prince of the white which and in the future he would become the King of Narnia and is tempted with a box of Turkish delight best tasting Turkish delight he had ever eaten while eating any promises. The evil one that he will betray his brother and his two sisters to her, not knowing that this act of treason will demand his death just doesn't know it at the time he doesn't seem to care anyway. As long as he is the promise of Turkish delight for the rest of his life. Well, eventually, all four children Peter, Lucy, Susan and Edmund move through the magic wardrobe and they find themselves in the land of Narnia together and Edmund if you read the book slips off and tells the white which where they've arrived in where they can be found.

It is the height of selfishness. It is the epitome of pride. It is an act of treason and according to the law of Narnia. It will mean the death of Edmund, so also we watched as the serpent whispered in the ear of Eve that she could one day have her own kingdom and she could one day rule as God and we watched Eve take the forbidden fruit and eat it, not realizing that it would mean that death of her for having betrayed the word of God see there was this unshakable air revocable law in both Narnia and the mind of CS Lewis and on earth, and it is this law, the wages of sin is what is death.

CS Lewis called that unshakable law deep magic and Narnia air revocable magic would all seem lost for Edmund and the hope of Narnia. Azlan appeared in here that private conference with the witch and in that private meeting. He tells her that he will offer himself up in the place of Edmund. He will die in Edmund's place and the wicked queen of course is ecstatic.

She's thrilled that night Azlan walks up the hill toward a jeering mob of monsters and hags and ogres. He allows himself to be bound with a rope. He allows them to shave in humility.

His main and they taunt him and they kick him and they spit at him. Susan and Lucy have been watching at a distance barrier heads in their hands in deep sorrow and they sob as the great lion is put to death. Eventually the crowd disperses as the queen calls for her army to defeat the armies of the lion. Susan and Lucy walked up the hill and they mourned the death of their Prince, their king, their leader hours later as they're walking away, they hear a loud crack in the stone table upon which Azlan was killed is broken into, but Azlan is gone and they are filled with terror because Azlan is missing. He's disappeared. He's gone. CS Lewis writes of that moment. What now wailed. Lucy, haven't they done enough already. Susan put a hand upon her shoulder weight. She said do you think it could be more magic. Yes try to voice like morning thunder. They wheeled around and shouted, Azlan, for it was the lion himself bright as the sun and larger than they remembered him, aren't you dead. Not anymore.

He answered, there is a magic which knew nothing about an even deeper magic. When a willing victim would committed no treachery is killed in a traitor's stead. The table will crack and death itself will begin working backwards now, dear children, death has begun working backwards, let us run and play. Who would've ever conceived of such a plan, but it is true, isn't it the law of treachery and death can be overcome by the innocent sacrifice of another in the son of the Emperor is in fact indeed a lion, and he solve the dilemma of sin. However, by becoming a lamb and is willing to sacrifice on behalf of sinful mankind would render that deep magic that air revocable law powerless against the lives of those who are redeemed by his death and his resurrection life. I took a tour through the Bible and found more traces of the land that we have time to cover they can be clearly seen as early as in the books of Moses to give you seven things about the lion of the tribe of Judah, who is also the Lamb of God turn to Genesis chapter 4 the first one is this the payment of the Lamb is symbolized in Genesis chapter 4 in verses one and two of that chapter were told that Adam and Eve had two sons, one quickly after the other. The text implies Moses records in verse two and Abel was a keeper of flocks, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. Evidently, Cain grew up to be a farmer while his younger brother Abel became a shepherd.

Both were honorable occupations.

Both were acceptable careers. They had been taught well. They knew there was a God. They knew about atonement they had learned the principles of of sacrifice, perhaps adamant even taken trips with their two boys to the east side of Eden where they could see the cherubim with his flaming sword regarding the tree of life barring entrance into paradise.

Furthermore, in Romans 10 verse 17 were told that true faith can only come by hearing and hearing by the word of God so they evidently heard the word of God. The record of Moses is silent. It's obvious that Cain and Abel were not left to their own ideas of how to approach God, they been told the stories no doubt of the serpent and the stolen fruits and the skins of the animals came verse three tells us the approach God with an offering of fruits and vegetables marked this well chain was no atheist. He believed in God without a doubt the existence of God. He was conscientious and furthermore he was interested in approaching God. Evidently the boys had reached an age where they were to come and personally offer a sacrifice to God.

He wasn't hesitating, he wasn't refusing. He said I will come to God as well.

I will bring my offering, but it was something in this offering, for he demanded the approach God in his own way apart from the word of God that had clearly been taught no bloodshed. No atoning sacrifice of an innocent animal, but with something that represented the work of his own hand. Abel will approach God. Hebrews 11 verse four clarifies for us by faith.

He will place his faith in the word of God and approach God is God demanded he will bring the firstborn lambs of his flock to offer them ladies and gentlemen, Cain's offering symbolized religion. Self-made religion enables offering symbolized redemption. Today, my friends, the world is divided into these same two companies. Those who hope to find their way to God. By the way of Cain and those who come by way of Calvary. The way of Cain is a path created by the effort of human hands, something that we can do the way of Calvary is the way of God through the hands of God's work alone, so the very first to descendents of Adam and Eve represent both the way to heaven. And the way to hell. In Genesis chapter 4 the payment of the Lamb is illustrated as the only way to approach a holy and righteous God will turn over to Genesis chapter 22. The promise of the Lamb is prophesied. This is the event were Abraham's faith in the promised Messiah through his son Isaac was tested. The Bible says in verse one. Now it came about after these things that God tested Abraham and said to him, Abraham verse two skiff there now take your son, your only son, whom you love, Isaac go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I will tell you he is told by God to sacrifice his son.

The son of the promised seed which would bring about the Messiah, but to take his life on Mount Moriah Moriah by the way, means foreseen by God. This is all the plan and providence of God guided promised Abraham a son and true that son the lineage of the coming Messiah. But imagine the heart of Abraham, not just the fact that he would seem to be sacrificing the redemptive purpose of God and wiping it clear of the potential of ever coming about, but imagine this is his beloved son. This is the sign of the promise offer him why Isaac I can imagine Abraham thinking himself. Listen, I'll give you Ishmael.

I'll put him on the altar. I'll give him to you but I know it.

Ishmael represented Abraham's past life. Isaac represented his future hope. I can imagine that he would have little trouble just as we have little trouble giving to God our past CI can easily give God by yesterday but can I give him might the day can I give him my tomorrow. Can I give him the sovereign rule over my hopes or will I only give him my shattered dreams for Abraham. He was offer everything about his future.

Verse seven Isaac spoke Dave render walking up the mount. My father, he said, here I am, my son and he said to hold the fire and the wooden where's the Lamb and Abraham said God will provide for himself the lamb for the burnt offering, so the two of them walked on together. I love that God will provide a lamb, would you just continue reading for this text that will have enough time to really go for far.

But you don't see a lamb anywhere ever. Isaac mounts the altar willingly representing the willingness of the sun. Abraham raises the knife first.

11 but the angel of the Lord called to him from heaven he was poised ready to trust God with everything in his life Abraham and Abraham said here I am, verse 12 he said do not stretch out your hand against the lad do nothing to him. For now, I know that you fear God. Verse 13 that Abraham raised his eyes and looked in the hole behind him a ram caught in the thicket by his horns and Abraham went and took the ram and offered him up for burnt offering the place of his son and knows verse 14, and Abraham called the name of that place. The Lord will provide.

In the mount reference to this mount on.

This mounts the Lord will provide future tense.

No, I am now anywhere just around the Lamb has yet to come on this mount to trysting if you study Mount Moriah.

You do a little digging, you'll find it is really nothing more than a ridge of hills. It would be the place where Solomon would build his temple was magnificent would later be destroyed. Just a stones throw away from the ridge, the place where Isaac was offered would be the city built called Jerusalem. By the time of Jesus Christ. This ridge of hills was no longer referred to as Moriah but it'd been given a slang Aramaic term or expression because of the way. One of the ridges was shaped it was now called Golgotha look like a school Abraham prophesied on this mount.

The Lord will provide.

It is significant to recognize the fact the place where Isaac was offered as a type of Christ, the willing. Beloved son offered as a willing burnt offering for sins, as it were, would be the very place where Jesus Christ would hang from the cross. The prophetic statement of Abraham would indeed come true. The Lord would provide on the mount a lamb in Genesis for the payment of the Lamb is illustrated in Genesis 22 the promise of the Lamb is prophesied in Exodus chapter 12 turn their the illustration becomes even more vivid for the protection of the Lamb must be personalized Exodus chapter 12 is a tale of life and death. The people of Israel were slaves in Egypt but God was coming to deliver them. Remember he would deliver only those, however, he took the Lamb who slew the Lamb and took the blood of the Lamb and pasted some of it upon the doorpost of their parts only of those homes that had the signature of the Lamb would be rescued. Every family would have to decide in the story was no longer enough to be a Jew rather than an Egyptian protection of the Lamb must be a personal choice. My friend let me ask you a question today is the gospel become personal to you a few days ago I heard about the testimony of a young man had recently come to colonial. Heard our program on the radio, and when he heard of a program that I pastor Tony Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina today. That's where I live for him to go find a church he'd been to church as a little boy that when his parents divorced churches sort of fall away, he went from it. Some of his friends and told him that he needed to find a church. He didn't know where to begin until an radio program and he drove into the parking lot sat there struggling for a while and then he walked up to the door and stood there for a while and then turned and walked away. The next week. He again pulled into the parking lot struggling with this and he was cold, cold out there, and he decided to come in at least be warm in the lobby when he came in and met the lady at the welcome desk to discern the needed to talk to one of her men about the gospel and the two of them set over here. I believe in. He said that he had heard the gospel before, but now his heart was ready prepared prayed and received Christ as his personal savior. When is it become personal for you. Is it just stories is it just the Bible. Is it just that he is in fact the Lamb is it that he is the lion when is it become your swing has he become your safe. It must be this protection of the Lamb. A personal transaction at some point in your life as it were, the signature of the Lamb written in blood red.

The fourth evidence that the lion of Judah is a suffering Lamb is found in Isaiah where the purpose of the Lamb is identified. Turn to Isaiah chapter 53, the prophet identifies the lion. This Lamb is the Messiah and he writes in verse seven.

Like a lamb that is led to slaughter like a sheep that is silent before its shearers so he did not open his mouth back up in verse five it says, but he was pierced through for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities. The chastening for our well-being fell upon him by his scourging we are healed. Go back to the writings of Lewis discover that powerful moment when Azlan tells one of the children. Do not be cast down, evil will come of this, but I will see to it that the worst of it falls upon me. So, the lion of Judah becomes the submissive Lamb stripped and mom taunted and jeered at by humans and demons alike as he walks up the hill to die, as it were, for the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. Yes, there is evil but the worst of evil will fall upon himself.

Isaiah prophesied in verse six of the same chapter in the Lord because the iniquity of us all fall on him is the purpose of the Lamb in John chapter 1 the person of the Lamb is recognized turn of the gospel John chapter 1 verse 29. There are a lot of moments in the Scriptures that I would like to have seen, this is one of them. John the baptizing prophet of God sees the young Messiah approaching him. Jesus is approximately 30 years of age and according to the law and numbers chapter 4 man had to be 30 years of age before he could enter the priesthood. So, in fulfillment of even the smallest demands of the law.

Christ is now approximately 30 years of age and is about to enter the priesthood. This one would become the final and great high priest.

The only remaining to this day, and forever mediator between the triune God and mankind. John's Gospel records that public introduction of Christ to the nation for when John the baptizer saw him walking toward him. He did not say, behold, the lion of Judah come to take the throne of David. He did not save all that son of the sovereign Emperor was come to rule the nation.

No, what did he say behold the who, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world introduction.

Behold the Lamb of God, the payment of the Lamb is illustrated. The promise of the Lamb is prophesied, the protection of the Lamb is personalized. The purpose of the Lamb is identified, the person of the Lamb is recognized there still more to come things the John the baptizer never saw and we haven't seen yet. Turn to Revelation chapter 5 where the power of the Lamb is magnified where John is given a tour of heaven and shown the future of earth he is profusely weeping in chapter 5 he is overwhelmed with sorrow. Why, because there is no one worthy to open the book there's no one powerful enough to break the seals. In other words, there is no one capable are powerful enough to control the destinies of the nations in the future. No one is worthy of that. One of the elders is John stop weeping. The whole verse five he says, the lion of the tribe of Judah. He says no I am look at the lion, he is powerful enough to control the destiny of the universe. No need to. We lion of the tribe of Judah has everything under control. And when John looks however where the elder is pointing toward the lion of the tribe of Judah. In verse six. John does not see a lion what is he see he sees a lamb standing, as if slain, that is, I believe a reference standing still bearing the marks of his sacrifice in his hand speed inside is permanent reminders even in his glorified body of his sacrifice. There the power of this one who is able to open the books and break the seals and bring about the courses of events that will signal the end of human history. He, the Lamb is powerful enough to do all of that power of the resurrected Lamb who was slain yet stand is magnified. Not only that the preeminence of the Lamb is glorified in verse 12, all of heaven. The living creatures, the elders, the Angels, thousands of them at times. Thousands fall before the Lamb. Imagine that number is literally saying thousands times thousand 1000×1000 is 1 million but here John records. There are thousands times thousand so you can imagine 500 million Angels, or maybe 500 billion we don't know. Thousands times thousands of angels chanting together singing their praise and here are the lyrics of their song verse 12 worthy is the land that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing verse 13. To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. Verse 14 the elders as they fell down and worshiped.

These four living creatures keep on saying amen amen. That is, Soviet you're telling the truth. We believe that what amen means, and they chanted a man. Can you imagine billions perhaps of angels surrounding the Lamb, and there is the chanting of amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen preeminence of the Lamb is glorified from the book of Genesis through the prophets on into the Gospels and ending with the book of Revelation. The message is clear. It's like a crimson ribbon when author said the sacrifice of our Redeemer weaves his way throughout the holding of God's design and plan payment of the Lamb is illustrated. The promise of the Lamb is prophesied, the protection of the Lamb is personalized.

The purpose of the Lamb is identified, the person of the Lamb is recognized the power of the Lamb is magnified in the preeminence of the Lamb. And I find it interesting that in the very last chapter of the last book. This book, the Bible find the Lord Jesus seated upon the throne. Johnny showed a river and it is flowing from the throne crystal clear coming from the throne of God and of whom Lamb even at this point is heaven and earth are remade for us to enjoy forever. We shall forever see him in heaven, not so much as the lion, almost as if we were to be eternally reminded of how we got the Lamb line was and is and always will be, will be remembered, worshiped as the Lamb for sinners lion is the Lamb.

Those of us who have placed our faith in Jesus Christ have been saved and forgiven. The reason that's true is because Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. I hope that's true for you if you've joined us after the broadcast started.

You've been listening to wisdom for the hearts the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey this message is called the lion is the Lamb.

This was the third and final message in a special Christmas series called the Chronicles of Christmas. If you know someone who enjoys the Chronicles of Narnia series by CS Lewis. They might enjoy this series it's posted to our website so you can share the link with others. We also have it available as a set of CDs and you'll find information about that on our website which is wisdom

This is the last day will be in the office this week. Our staff will be off tomorrow enjoying some time with family and friends. So if you want to call us. Please call today but everything you can do over the phone can also be so visit there any well.

Thanks again for joining us today for so glad you were with us. I'm Scott Wiley and I hope you'll be with us for our next lesson tomorrow right here on wisdom for the hearts

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