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Paul Kengor (Marxism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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December 22, 2021 4:00 am

Paul Kengor (Marxism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 22, 2021 4:00 am

Communists have killed more than 100 million people. So it's no surprise that before Karl Marx was ever writing about communism, he wrote that his soul was chosen for hell. We'll examine the connections between communism and the enemy of our souls with Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College and author of, "The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism's Long March of Death, Deception and Infiltration." That's on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate and the team that brought you. I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Kurt Warner American underdog. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters everywhere Christmas Day is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know and said communism is a religion that is fire directed and motivated by the devil. Hymns elf who has declared war against Almighty God. A very accurate assessment, but perhaps even more accurate. That and then many people understand because when you delve into the life and the writings of the father of communism Karl Marx.

It quickly becomes apparent how much the father of lies really did have to do with Marx's evil legacy and how evident that still is today sorta talk about at this hour with Dr. Paul Candler, who is professor of political science at Grove city College.

He is also senior director and chief academic fellow at the college's Institute for faith and freedom. Senior editor and columnist for the American Spectator and author of many great books including really a fantastic title. He's just come out with called the devil and Karl Marx. Dr. King were wonderful to have you here. How are you doing good, very good at it, with or without a quote from Billy Graham. I remember very vaguely as I have to remember the exact wording of that because I remember him vaguely saying that but it's true isn't it Karl Margaret what he sure like hell and the devil, that's for sure. He wrote about it. He was taught about obsession with it frankly dominates a lot of his poetry. His plays. He wrote this this chilling play called little in them, which is spelled OUL a and E, which is an anagram for manual so Immanuel made a you know Emmanuel Christ with us of the Bible of the New Testament and the Rev. Richard Warren Braun who Billy Graham knew he wrote the book tortured for Christ and he also wrote a book called Marx and Satan that was at the back of the mid-1980s, a warm, Braun wrote that out and he said that the mark series using a directly Satanist anagram for manual and I don't know if I could say that it's you don't directly save Mr. not but there is no question that that's one of many examples in Marx's writings and plays and poems where he worries inverting holy name worries mocking God worries anything God worries taking the former having his characters take the form of the devil to me out to do something really really dark and foreboding for sure that this is a man who was born in what you describe is the all pious Catholic town. His family was Jewish.

They later converted to Lutheranism. How was it that Karl Marx turned into a guy who is writing things like his soul was chosen for Hal yet about 1837: worries, my soul once true… Haven't I forfeited, I know it full well my soul once true to God's chosen for hell. I mean imagine that dad and I think that Janet is kind of autobiographical case because yeah his soul was once true to God. It was something that he forfeited that he chose to reject. I don't know if I would say was chosen for hell right that would be something altogether different. But, but he certainly chose to reject God they he was born May 5, 1818 in the city of Trier, Germany which is one of the most religious cities all Germany. In fact, that the great Gothic cathedral of Trier is there it was. It was built by Helena St. Helen of the mother, the mother of Constantine, of all things go constantly in the great early Roman defender of Christians is actually canonized in the Eastern Orthodox Church. I think the Russian Orthodox Church as well and that she she built that cathedral around the year 330 she made this famous pilgrimage to the holy land where among the relics she brought back. It's believed that the crown of thorns which is today a Notre Dame in Paris. She brought that back and she also brought back the holy Roper holy coat of Jesus which was though the robe of the seamless garment that he wore and the weight of the crucifixion of the Roman soldiers cast lots for the base of the cross and so she that is that there that cathedral and Mark and one of his showing demonic poems, plays called a player has this violinist who's who it was like sawing on this bio when in fact that places see the sword. This blood dark sword which stabs unerringly within my soul. The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain until I go mad in my heart is utterly changed his seat see the sword the Prince of darkness sold it to me in NY while he's saying that he's wearing the holy role he's wearing the holy robe of Jesus.

Marx has him wearing the holy road and a I called Marx and his wife who was an atheist to making fun of pilgrims coming there to see the rope to see the artifact in the mid-1800s.

So yeah he he grew up in the shadow of that cathedral and by the time he went off to college and really that's that's the key college chain like you 200 years ago the college and he takes the theology course and do nothing change if sought by an atheist of above all things, the professor named Bruno Bauer who was also rapidly anti-Semitic and it was there that Marx rejected his Christian faith and made a kind of a dark turn to atheism from from which he never turned back and only got worse. Well, you're right about all of those things, and in wasn't this the same oneness.

Bauer who got drunk with Marx and they laughed in church and then they rented these donkeys to parody the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem, so there was a mockery of religion going on very early on in Marx's life yeah yeah yeah good memory you you know that that's that's exactly right. I mean imagine so that they get donkeys and it's on Palm Sunday and they ride into this town and get drunk and they're laughing and immediately parody the entrance of Christ. It ago.

Going into Jerusalem.

One of their contemporaries said no pity. The day that that the that these three Marx and some of his associates get to get together it out though kick God and all the angels out of heaven and it was it was Marx and Bruno Bauer that Prof. they started a journal called the archives of atheism. So, so they were off and running. That was by the late 1830s, and by the early 1840s. He's writing more poems writing more plays and and he also wrote his infamous opiate of the masses essay.

At that time as well right right and I want to get into that a little bit because you point out that the sentence before that famous line actually is quite important and I want to say that for a second another atheist ally that you mention though in the book was Michaela McLuhan in this is this anarchy is not people know him as an anarchist. He was an atheist role did he play in shaping Marx's worldview. Yet the question is somebody that everybody forgets about you. It was 1/19 century Russian atheist revolutionary and get this socialist and Marxist right try to make sense out of that fact that even confuse Marx that yeah Marx is saying that it will be like well III appreciate the atheism part. But how can you be a socialist market for big government and no government soon. Marx's by that and they they were good friends, Ian de Kooning, but they eventually split over what what de Kooning card called Marx's habitual weapon a heap of filth because because Marx eventually just culminated with rage against everybody and you know her old infective all sorts of names out of and into Conan's best-known work which which very much reflected Marx's thinking about religion was called God in the state and and he wrote in there that if God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish this is think about that if God really existed to be necessary to abolish them and and and yet Conan though he has this really nasty vision of God and religion in Christianity that he referred to Jehovah as the most the most jealous same ferocious bloodthirsty despotic the most hostile to human dignity and liberty.

This awful stuff but but the one guy that he appreciated was Satan.

And yeah, and he hailed Satan as as these the internal rebels.

The first freethinker in the emancipator world is that interesting work and have to pause very quickly. Dr. Funk and Goris with us. The devil and Karl Marx is his book will come right back to unchained from one right you. I can only imagine comes American underdog, so starting grocery shelves while trying to hold onto his dreams lately and it fell working with this my entire life serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other and you will be serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people. Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us at Mercy ship maybe came to him no matter when this is the end of the story of a young mom who plan to end her pregnancy but chose life after visiting a pre-born center pre-born steps into the lives of hurting young women who were being told that a pre-born baby is not a life pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct answer to Planned Parenthood helping young moms choose life. I feel like it was made for me to head this is something I need a reason you can be a part of choosing life with young hurting women across the country. Would you join with pre-born in Janet Mefford today to help save 400 babies by the end of the year for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help save five babies from abortion and now through match your gift of $140 will actually help save 10 babies instead of five. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate down 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 855-402-2229 where there's a banner to you're listening to, welcome back.

I think it's entirely accurate to say that communism's tannic hand from the pit and we use that kind of language all the time, as would more than 100 million people of the course of history have lost their lives under communism, but it's very interesting to go back in to read some of the poetry and the planes and some of the writings of the father of communism Karl Marx to see exactly how much hell did have to do with communism going all the way back and stretching into our own day the devil and Karl Marx is the new book from Dr. Paul Kang or who's joining us this hour you are mentioning one of the mentors atheist ally to Marx this Michaela Kuhn in this socialist, anarchist, saying, if God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish and hailed Satan hated the Lord called Satan, the eternal rabble. The first freethinker. As you mentioned before I could early version of Saul and Linsky. Isn't that interesting that that same healing of Satan continues on into our own days you write on you absolutely mail that I cover Solomon's book as well and I probably the book should be called the devil and communism, because that I have probably got 100 2040 pages on Marx and then I go into a bunch a whole bunch of other characters and yes all the Linsky in that opening acknowledgment in his most famous, infamous book rules rules for radicals. He acknowledges Satan, Lucifer, and he refers to them there is the very first radical who rebelled against the establishment and you end up an exact quote is lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he won his own kingdom.

Lucifer so so that you I know that that shocking to people today and it should be. It is shocking, but there is actually a tradition of that among socialist you run a straight line from Kyle, but Conan from about the 1860s, 1870s rightists all the Linsky 1960s and 1970s and the a lot of these people that you be it's it's it's strange at Janet it is. Sometimes they think it's cute right. Sometimes they think it's playful white, like you, they can just, you know, kind of automate make an acknowledgment here, the Lucifer wink wink right yes rim and this is literally playing with fire that this is not nothing the mess around with an and in the case of Karl Marx. It could have been even worse than that II quoted in the book is is probably the best biographer Robert Payne who was no right-winger. I know he was much of an anti-Communist he was. This is British professor man of arts and letters theater critic, translator and hero. Probably the best biography of Marx back might be for Simon & Schuster I think was a bestseller and and he hit a chapter and thereby are about biography called the demon and and he said it did seem at times as if Marx was possessed by demons.

He said he had the devil's malignity.

The devil's view of the world, and it seemed at times like Marx knew that he was doing works of evil of no one brought goes even further. But I RBI I say in the book look like I do. I do not know if Karl Marx was possessed the idea I have no idea, but the bid went when you when you read the accounts of contemporaries. I mean even angles referred to them as the monster of 10,000 devil all things something everybody ought to know single even said that was his friend sitting what is right exactly it is. Is his father and in a really kind of the touching, yet hurtful letter kind of tortured letter March 2, 1837 I think it was Heinrich Marx, the father remained a Christian, I remain a believer and and he asked me, so your Karl or something in your heart, there's there's something bothering your heart is his art is that heart of yours governed by a demon.

Yeah and and if so is it spouse the is is it is an and spouse refers to characters spouse with the famous infamous demon devil character Mephistopheles who sells his soul to Satan and that was Marx's favorite Marx could recite and even the people said said Marx would chant lions from Mephistopheles and his favorite think about this. Marx's favorite line was. Everything that exists, deserves the parish everything that exists, deserves the parish. I mean me and you, Janet, people listening similar think it your favorite line with the "a scripture verse you write or give them" quote something you II look to the road.

I took the road that led the other way, rightly, that the robot taken hi Doug, quote, or be not afraid something like that. Could you imagine saying all yes my favorite line everything that exists, deserves the parish. Holy sounds like he belongs in Portland right what what you there's something to be said for that. I've been asked a number of times in interviews on this blog is is is there any connection between Marx and some of these Marxists and revolutionaries in the streets today. I say yeah the whole sort of tear down mentality burn it down.

The idea that there is anything loving about Marxism milk Marx wanted to burn down the house and and he has many of his characters standing there in the embers in the ashes this in the air saying oh yes, now we can begin the world a new so often times going with the people in the streets today. You know what the end goal is other than that, they just want to burn down the building that's in yes destroy which is kind of the heart and soul. Communism you know you not right. You're not building a utopia and you know you legacy speaks for itself.

You know going back to this very famous line from Marx II really appreciate you.

By the way, it's such a great book but you have so many great excerpts where people can read in context this stuff that Marx wrote and read for themselves how utterly creepy and evil he was.

But here was this line that people know it is the opium of the people. That is, Marx is referring to religion, but the sentence before it is you say really is the money line where he says religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people that money line. Why does that matter so much for people to understand the context of the opium line yeah I had a conversation with conservative professor about a couple years ago who said yeah I understand what Marx is getting at in that essay, no religion, opiate of the masses over a lot of people at the crotch's right. It is kind of a drug and he said you know we as conservative Christians we believe it's real right but you know people lean on religion is what Marx is getting out. I said no no no no no read the whole essay you are that you have that opiate of the masses line is within the context of this really dark view of religion. Yeah so I have the oppressed creature of the heart of heartless conditions, the soul of the soulless world but it in and he also has a line and there were where he says that the criticism of religion beginning of all criticism and and that that's actually kind of profound their Janet enemies and always try to nail that he gets it right of the criticism of religion is the beginning of all criticism he realized that if you wanted to take it down if you want to burn down the house if you want to the fundamentally remake man or transform the old order you had to take the ax to the jail. The Judeo-Christian foundation right, you had to take out God, which is why the Q1 and set it up. God really did exist to be necessary to abolish so that the of the these men in order to create their godless materialist atheistic communist world. They had to take out religion, which is why Mark said communism begins were atheism begins and I run into young Christians today who still learn a lot from communism's. I could see being a Christian communist really angles couldn't those guys would've told you are you got your mind be a Christian, a communist, the two are incompatible. The ignorance is astounding.

You know, I really appreciated all the stuff that you said about Marx's personal life. He was a slob. It's a good description he'd like to bays he had boils. He was horrible as a family man. In fact, said, blessed is he who has no family heating and provide our work for his family. His wife was miserable. He had the young kids die due to his own failure to provide two of his daughters died by suicide. This guys life was a train wreck and the important point that you make is out of the train wreck of his own life of coursework and is see a train wreck of a philosophy those things are tied together aren't they absolutely are said there's not a day that doesn't go by that my wife doesn't wish that she was in her grave with the children and and and both his wife and his mother said Carl. Would you please stop writing about capital and start earning some Me. They were they were broke.

They were they were cold.

They were hungry they would go everywhere begging for and what you once they they ran out of the inheritance of Marx's father's mother at all. All he wanted from his parents with their money. This especially his mother and then he said is his wife Jenny sheep. She went out begging for money and they would've completely flopped. If it wasn't for angles in the inheritance that he got from from his wealthy capitalist conservative Christian father in the audacity of these guys in their 10 point plan of the manifesto.

The call for abolition of all right of inheritance by Jean Geiszler that that that's the only reason you have any money is is is is inheritance since her head yeah they but they he was the he was a slob.

He was that he was a terrible family man and you noted to correctly choose Marx's daughters committed suicide. Suicide pacts with her husband. III mean the name any other figure in all of history. What were were that happen. I can't name any.

I probably find families where maybe two daughters committed suicide, but would, but it suicide pacts with her husband. Marx broke the mold. What a failure on every level. I mean, what a legacy.

It's an evil evil demonic legacy and it comes out in his personal life and his writings and we see what has been wrought out of this rotten philosophy that he dreamt Tappan really unleashed on the world with the help of the father of lies were to come back. Dr. Paul King or the devil and Karl Marx stay with us this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate and the team that brought you. I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Kurt Warner American underdog. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters everywhere, Christmas day Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford. While this is a fantastic book for talking about this hour called the devil and Karl Marx, communism's long march of death, deception and infiltration written by Dr. Paul King or Prof. of political science at Grove city College in just such an expert on communism.

I love every single thing you write Dr. King, or in this one is no exception. This is so important for people to understand the. The fascination that Hal and the devil held for Karl Marx and and the fruit of his life was absolutely evil.

And of course by the time you get to the Bolshevik revolution Lenin was, you know, kind of bearing fruit in line with Mark Swanson he, atheism, and the hatred of Christianity on it went. Yet he was probably even more hateful than than Karl Marx and Martha Lee said out of a mordant sarcastic sense of humor, which sometimes makes it difficult trying to figure out exactly what is trying to say but but but Lennon was just little vitriolic hatchet man filled with hate and 11 referred to religion.

He said all worship of the divinity is in necrophilia. There is nothing more abominable than religion. And he said I took off my cross for my neck as a team and I threw it in the rubbish been so any enable literally one after churches and clergy and priests and nuns in the Russian Orthodox Church blew up churches abuse and send them off to the seventh of clergy off the gulags nuns were put in special sections of the gulags with prostitutes.

They redeemed horse to Christ. He was yeah he was a vicious hateful little man and and and so was Trotsky so was Stalin. It is a big part of this I spent a pretty good amount time of this in the book is is how evolution fueled a lot of the thoughts of these guys. Trotsky marks angles of Marx and Engels were were proud evolutionists and that explains a lot of the a lot of their racism marks with Marx was very very racist. So was Ingalls use the N word all the time and they they believe that the black people were lower on the evolutionary scale than white people.

If there is any justice by today's left and the cancel culture they be canceling.

Karl Marx writes of of all things that mean you and anybody that they were anybody out there trying to cancel right now cannot hold a candle to Marx when it when it comes to Marx's offensive views on on everything from Jews to women to Blacks so charming you think a singer to Margaret Sanger I mean total down racist, eugenicist, and you know know know we love abortions were just can overlook Margaret Sanger and there's nothing if not completely inconsistent in the modern dance. I'm sure this is so important you were mentioning before your encounter with somebodies llama Christian, but I can totally understand communism and he made the important point that Mark certainly wouldn't agree with you, and neither would Lennon or Trotsky are in the rest of these angles or any of them. You know it's interesting how we have seen this merging. Throughout the last 200 years. At least you know of Marxism and Christianity in the West. I mean we seen for example, liberation theology rising up in Latin America and it kinda came here and we see what's going on and I was thinking about a previous book that you wrote on the alliance of Pres. Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II is key to fighting during the Cold War the and you know the fall of communism in 1991 really been very much attributed to their work in that regard. Now we've got professing Natalie professing Protestants and even evangelicals embracing Marxism to some degree, but also Pope Francis himself being accused of being a Marxist or at least embracing some Marxist philosophy. This whole thing striking you. Knowing the history of communism as you do write out certain facts of the waiting Jesuit publication in the United States and the Jesuits are very liberal Catholics and the baby were doing a liberation theology nonsense in Latin America in the 70s and 80s but but they they their publication is called America magazine and in July 2019. They ran a piece called the Catholic case for communism and I remember my first copy that it was for about from what we need Catholic talkshow host Lisa, could you please talk about that and III just I just couldn't believe it is.

I mean, yeah, that could've literally gotten them X communicated under Rubio Pius XII papal decree in 1949 and in the other. The publication ran this accompanying piece on why we published this piece and saying we think all views should be earlier that kind of thing I know why I mean this is completely antithetical of the Catholic Church called time visibly satanic scourge created by the sons of darkness.

The church actually teaches that this is an ideology out of the pit of hell, of all things that and and how it could get to this part. A partial explanation to it. Probably the longest section in this block. It's it's part four is on the infiltration of churches and the American Communist Party went hard after the mainline denominations in the 1920s, 1930s, they offered what Earl Browder, the head of Communist Party USA called the outstretched hand to the Catholic Church which God for people like full machine and slapped his hand and then told him no.

But but but they had some success. No question about it, and among the mainline denominations.

They had some notable success among the Episcopal Church United Methodist Church than what became Presbyterian Church USA and I in the book. I have this awful hideous quote from Earl Browder Congress party USA's general secretary you speaking the Union theological seminary, which is still a very liberal seminary and and February 1935 and he said you may be interested in knowing that we have preachers preachers active in churches who are actual members of Communist Party USA and and and and got shot. I know that there were liberal preachers there were duped and misled, but to have someone who are actual members of comet, as part USA. Even Browder and William Z.

Foster and these other guys would say yeah if you're Christian I I guess you can join the party but you must be in the process of liquidating your religious superstition right as we will have no use for you if if if you're a believer so the fact that there could be actual clergy who were party members. That's pretty shocking that is shocking and yet now we not only seen this stuff infiltrate the mainline and Catholic seminaries, but now are starting to hear some of this garbage and evangelicalism, which, to my way of thinking is a rather new development to what you attribute this, yet evangelicalism is sort of woke sort of social justice movement yes and and that's that's a big part of it by Patrice colors book right here she is the founder of black lives matter and issues. The one she said, myself and Alicia.

Alicia gars of the two founders of black lives matter. We are trained. Marx that's our ideological framework. We are super verse and ideological theories right here about the page marked how the bookmark is a crucifixion of Christ.

What about but she she writes here. We spent a year I read I study the adding mall Marx and went into my knowledge of books. We spent a year studying Marx and this is in the page when this happened and what she calls her quote social justice camp for social justice camp. So what happened is a lot of liberal Christian under this sort of rubric of social justice have gone for a kind of a form of soft socialism that that has has brought them into this world into this orbit and it's a shame because social justice in the classic sense of the term. You are like Leo the 13th, wearing no bar you is his encyclical on socialism's social justice is a lady in my church. She was assured every time you go down the March for life in Washington. This is social justice begins in the will write you. That's what it means that kind of stuff treating people with human dignity. It it shouldn't be a metaphor or substitute for socialism but but that that's what it's become to a lot of sort of what woke religious left Christian people understood all of this in the broader context not just of the last 50 years.

For example, when the social justice liberation theology stuff is coming into mainline Protestantism if they understood the longer legacy going all the way back to Karl Marx. I think that would go a long way toward waking at least some of them up or at least we would pray that would be the case because for one more break the devil and Karl Marx is the book by Dr. Pollock and Gore will be right back on Jennifer today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. These words written early in John's Gospel remind us in this Advent season that God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior that many Christians in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have never read those words or the Christmas story in Luke two why because they have no access to the Bible. So in this season of giving. Please join by the league in sending God's word to Bible as believers around the world for only five dollars or $50 for 10 Bibles $500 for 100 call 801 ESW ORD.

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That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet you're listening to Mefford today and no here's back. Thanks for being with us and we are so grateful to have back on the show. Dr. Pollock, hangover from Grove city College.

His latest book, the devil and Karl Marx really shows how evil communism is, and we knew it already but when you look at some of what Karl Marx wrote about Hal and about the devil and then you see how it all went on in history and more people.

Marx beyond Marx and Engels and Trotsky and Lennon and on and on and on. Kinda picked up on this whole a cultic theme and there's a reason for the father of lies very much has everything to do with communism and we are talking a little bit about the infiltration of churches. I know a lot of Catholics have written on the issue of the seminaries being infiltrated and now evangelicals are talking about this kind of thing.

But you hit on something Dr. Kinghorn your book that I really want to get to before we run out of time and it's this.

When Barack Obama became president and talked about fundamentally transforming America and how shocked everybody was wait a minute that's not what we elected you to do work they elected you to do, but what happened under Obama was not the ushering in of communism per se the transformation that did occur was in the area of family and marriage and sexuality. We got the burger fell decision, the supposed redefinition of marriage we got the transgender badness, and it's just we don't know where it's all gonna stop and this gets to the issue of cultural Marxism and how we soften up a culture, as it were to accept Marxism. I mean, what on this if you would, that the softening up of America to be okay with Marxism because of the breakdown of the culture through Marxist principles in the area of sexuality way back to me. People are always shocked to see this Janet students read the Communist manifesto and say wow I didn't know this was in here in the lines like abolition of the family! Even the most radical flareup of this infamous proposal of the common. So Marx and Engels 1848 already referred to abolition of the family as an infamous proposal of a communist and if you go back and you read statements like you highest the Knights encyclical Qui Porro boosted in 1846, two years before the manifesto was published saying that communism will not only abolish private property but will destroy families, and marriage.

You think yourself really were that common problem lies about what it was there. They were already they were already infamous for its why some of the material you noted earlier remarks being a slob.

We get that information from Prussian police spy reports because because the Prussian government was spying on Marx because the guy's views were so radical. His cultural views were so crazy that this guy was seen as a public menace right you can't you can't go and do what these guys are proposing to do that now, he would've never thought of something like same-sex marriage try. Have you any day other than our own. Yet, they will put you in a straitjacket you were talking about that in the 1800s, so they but but there's a kind of a chipping away at the at the Judeo-Christian biblical natural law focused belief of marriage between a man and a woman. It it doesn't, you know that the local burger fell doesn't just happen overnight right. I mean, you needed needed centuries and decades of people hammering away at it in the real big break that I cover in this book to comes with some communist like Wilhelm right the Freudian Marxist who wrote the book, the sexual revolution it in the 1930s, usually coined the term sexual revolution Kate Millet in the 1960s who wrote sexual politics through the cover of Time magazine, which called or the mouth a ton of the women's movement of all things Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt school. They started applying their Marxism to culture, sexuality and and that's the really big change in and I first started seeing support for same-sex marriage and actually this acronym.

LGBT QI a plus. I first saw that in people's world, which is the successor to the daily worker in the early 2000. Remember thinking what what is this even me. I A+ yes and yeah the I turned out to be for intersex aid for asexual and they put the plots on their the basically cover you know where we are today. The BBC says there are now over 100 different gender options to put the plots on their cover everything. Yes but but they but they were way out ahead of of the progressive liberal laugh on these issues that they were for same-sex marriage at the daily worker long before Obama changed in 2012, long before Hillary you call yourself an old-fashioned method of before she changed right after the 2012 presidential election. For them this is about breaking down those those barriers as as as Marx and Engels Eagle said communism represents the most radical rupture in traditional relations is not amazing and Engels to two. He was the one who is shacking up right and didn't want to marry.

And he didn't exactly have great sexual morals either. Right now ages ages of that fact that a couple of the women that he lived with pleaded with Hammett. Would you please marry me and he refused to do it and they didn't believe in marriage. And when when Marx got the family nursemaid Laurentian pregnant behind his wife's back and the poor girl.

Marx didn't pay her a penny.

She was on loan from Bob Marx's wife's family should actually grown up as a little girl with Marx's wife and and Marx Pender downbeat behind his wife's back somewhere got her pregnant and then the child that was born who Marx refused to acknowledge or pay a penny of child support. They named him Freddie after Friedrich because Friedrich Engels stepped up and accepted paternity form to save Marx's marriage and enabled them to care about his own reputation. So a lot of people think I had a child out of wedlock that they are blessed, blessed is he who has no family, as Marx wrote the angle that's right that's right well it brings us to our modern times we were seeing what's going on across the country and many people are very dis-you know up upset about it, but also kind of thrown off by it because we never seen this sort of thing. To this extent going on in in the United States and most of our lifetimes anyway. President Tromp famously said, America will never be a socialist country. I'm curious what you think the point at which were at right now in the United States and the growing you know we talked before about some of these polls people supporting socialism, especially the younger generations you feel about that assertion now after Pres. Tromp said that people said that's right. America will never be a socialist country.

Do you believe he's right. Well I don't know. They were very very vulnerable because of her profound ignorance of all of this and how easily with the word. The word we are being manipulated.

I think of the worst communist front group was the Rev. Harry Ward who ran the Methodist Federation for social action.

Today we called social justice, and he ran the American league against war and Fascism which which they said you of all the different fund groups that were out there. This was the single most effective in duping Americans and duping clergy.

I called Manning Johnson who was annexed communist and he said we were astonished we could take an organization with 10,000 members and always all we needed was about 60 or 70 communists in some cases, a handful were a dozen and we could cook completely re-shape the direction of the organization. So you people who manipulate and lie and deceive. If there's skill for skillful out of the really good at it is very good with names and sloganeering. I made a could say that you could say they favor war and Fascism right so the American league against war fashion – another good point so so that that's people are easily manipulated and because they didn't learn any of the things were talking about right now in public schools or their universities there there there are very susceptible and it is too terrifying to think about how ignorance many many Christians are about this because I'm sure the person you, you know, talked about a few minutes ago saying all I'm a Christian, but I can understand communism is a good idea. It's just profound ignorance and I don't think the church can afford to be silent about it anymore than the church behind the Iron Curtain could afford to not face communism, because we will get it if we don't find it because as you say there are a lot of people who are determined to bring it to us, whether we wanted or not what's right and and you.

I've met so many clergy who were afraid to give to give sermons on say premarital sex right or are afraid to give sermons on on homosexuality or against same-sex marriage right somebody comes up to them at the end of it at the end of the service and gives majority walkers offended but I mean please guys don't be afraid to get up there and help communism. I of all things you ought to be able to take out one on and you not if somebody comes up to you at the end of the services as well. I happen to like Marx well then you that's too bad, and if you and if you do this sermon right you say well you Marx Mark said that you can't like Christianity ideas you listen to what I just said this is a slam on me will you. We if we can convince people on this one that there were pretty pathetic hero you claim you totally right about that. We gotta run.

The doctor talking were great, but the devil and Carl Marx. Always great to have you.

Dr. King or think you so much. Thank you Janet God bless you too and thanks for being with us this hour to an American underdog Lions gate based on the true story of changing shift winning quarterback and underdog rated everywhere this day

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