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Thunder Horse, Let's Ride!

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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December 18, 2021 8:00 am

Thunder Horse, Let's Ride!

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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December 18, 2021 8:00 am

Come along for the journey as Evangelist Michael Bowen tells us about the story that saved his life. When given the task about writing an essay.

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This is Robert Gilmore from a Christian car guy I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the resurrection tolerant of Jesus Christ, transforming and restoring my making microphone three: thank you for tuning in this podcast part of the Jesus Christ chain series is microphone and I pray that the Lord bless you greatly and you received this word in love and truth. This podcast is thunder horse. Let's ride the start with a reading of the word from revelations to verse 17 says he who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat and I will give him a white stone on the stone name written, which no one knows except him who receives it.

On May 19, 2013 I was arrested for six Felony counts of theft because I could not stop using drugs and stealing was only way that I could pay for the drugs that I could not stop using once again I relapse on crack cocaine and was running wild through the city streets, Boston, Texas stealing anything I can get my hands on so I could keep getting high. The double had me convinced that I'd fallen so far disappointed so many people that I can never return to them again that I was hated by all my life was a wreck. I was a mess. My mind was shattered. I was overcome by drugs. I could not stop smoking crack cocaine. The demons of drug addiction came into my mind continually making me think I was worthless and horrible person how to bend my children, my family all my friends and at that point nobody knew where I was for about three months.

During this time I was smoking crack selling crack stealing from businesses and people, and I had started shooting methamphetamine into my veins as I did not care anymore about my life is going to run it as far as fast to get as high as I could for my certain in CI believe that I was going to die and that it was only way that I would ever stop using drugs. I was okay with that. I thought be better if I were dead anyways. Once again I turned my back to my old ways of stealing to pay for the drug addiction that it consumed my life I was living my car and in crack houses and stealing anything I could get my hands on to keep the drugs flowing because I could not face the reality of my broken life I was at the lowest point in my life. Darkness, despair, hurt, loneliness I was ready to end it all. I could not live another day addicted to drugs but I couldn't stop using them on that fateful day in May 2013 today I now refer to as the day I was captured by God.

My drug run came to an end.

I was handcuffed and placed inside of a police car and taken to jail. Went to court a few months later was sentenced to one year in a Texas state prison was I got to prison I was placed in a drug treatment program and begin going to the prison chapel. One night during praise and worship. I found myself laying my face on the prison chapel for weeping and crying and control probably begging Jesus to save me.

I told you that I hated myself and I hated this world that I did not want anymore. I told Jesus all I wanted was him.

I said to Jesus that if I was going to leave this prison to go smoke crack cocaine again that he just better kill me right then, right there on this floor. I'm ready to die. I told Jesus if you will save me and I will serve you the rest. The days of my life in a few moments I was able to gather up enough strength to pull myself up up before one is finally able to stand my feet as when I felt his presence and glory to God. From that moment on. I've never had a desire drink alcohol or use drugs ever again.

Jesus broke my change.

Jesus set me free and whom the son makes free is free indeed. My Bible says in John 836 favorite scriptures identify with that Jesus set me free hallelujah will set you free to give your life to him. Like I gave my life to him that day in prison a few days after my encounter with Jesus that radically change my life. My recovery program counselor Mrs. Bridges gave our class an assignment decide it was this, she told us to write an essay. The essay was this, if I was an animal, then I would be a in response to fill in the blank were supposed to write an essay about what kind animal we would be if we were an animal thought that's kinda cool I was. I wanted to explore that. She told us to think about it over the next few days and then we would read our essays in front of the class. That next day I began pondering the assignment and wondering what kind animal would I be in prison.

One thing always carried with me wherever I went was a journal I would write my thoughts holds dreams and aspirations in it throughout the day on this day I was walking from one part of the prison to another. There was a long walkway that had a concrete sidewalk running down the middle of it with fencing and razor wire meat side. The prisoners called it the bowling alley because it was very long. If you look down it, you would see a bunch of prisoners in all white uniforms at the end they look like a bunch of bowling pins so we called the bowling alley well this day I was walking down the bowling alley. The Lord began to speak to me and he said this, if you were an animal to be a horse and you become my thunder horse when the Lord said this to me. I immediately pulled out my journal and began to write as I walked down the bowling alley to another building on the other side of the prison was a got to the outside. I was stop by prison guard and he told me that they were have an account and I needed to sit down right then right away in the hallway and wait until the count was clear. You see, in prison. The count is called is when they lock down the entire prison do not allow any movement by anyone so they can do a headcount of all the inmates to make sure that everyone is accounted for and nobody is missing. The nobodies tried to escape her advice in the right place. This could take a while. You can imagine there a lot of prisoners there. Prison will and God's perfect timing.

I sat down in the hallway in a chair and began to write my essay and I called it thunder horse began to write in the words just poured out of me without any thought at all. I knew this was coming straight from the Holy Spirit. I knew this was a revelation from God is when I began to write my handwriting had changed. What I mean by this is that my handwriting was different now than I normally wrote then not then I've been writing my whole life before I set down in that chair, I write with a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and some cursive just kind of a mix match of of different write is my own personal writing style, but now my writing was all uppercase letters with no cursive at all the words are big and bold and the words were jumping off the page and power in Revelation was unbelievable.

As I sat there and went into my own little world. I was deep in the spiritual realm and the pin I was riding with was pouring out fire. I spent the entire count writing the essay in finished it just when the count was cleared in the prison guard then told me to continue on where I was going. When I got up from that chair.

I knew something big just happened but I did not know at the time. Just how big it actually was. You see, when I wrote the essay saying that chair I did not have time to read it because it was coming out so fast. I do not understand the magnitude of what I'd written until later when I got back to my dorm sat down in my book and began to read it in its entirety while my mind was blown. I could not believe what came out. What I just wrote this story that I just wrote really about myself but it was about a horse and a horse was running wild without any purpose in his life.

In all alone in a valley and and then God spoke to me.

He gave me my new name and a new purpose in this fiery revelation of glory to God. I'm going to share now this essay called thunder horse. Hallelujah it starts like this. I am a fiery wild horse, charging first firstly alone across the high desert plateau. My home is a brisk day and a cold nip is in the air, breath like doing smoke is pouring from my snorting nostrils as I eat up the ground in defiant rebellion.

There is a mighty storm on the rise and bring from the north as dark clouds accented with lightning and thunder began to fill the wants call me or I can feel the rolling thunder in the power emanating from the storm that is filling every part of my being. I'm full of fear and excitement. The two things I love the most.

You cannot understand the meaning, so I do what I was created to do which is to run, run fast, run hard pound the earth and eat up the ground with an uncertain vengeance. This plateau is mine.

I only and everything in it. This is where I thrive and where I've been made walked out of the dirt in the cold brisk air that make up my powerful body and unbridled spirit storm continues its downward approach moving directly across the plateau like a mighty advancing army kicking up dust as it were coming specifically for me not knowing why, and against all sound reason I turn size up the storm and I charge my hooves pounding every muscle in my body responding to its call. I did deep into the hardened earth turning up the sacred ground and I'm swallowed up in the midst of the storm's awesome presence at once. A flash of white hot blinding lightning presents itself to me, followed by a loud crash booming thunder in an instant. I'm stop dead in my tracks and glorious fear.

I rise to my powerful hind legs, and Paul frantically at the unsuspecting year.

What is this I asked myself and frenzied wonder. It feels like a part of me. I recognize its strength. Yet I still can't fully comprehend its meaning.

Another flash another roar of thunder and I'm settled back to the ground as I face off with the magnificent storm in a curious fearful stair. A snort shaken my forceful heads up Paul at the unyielding ground. I struggled to take in its awesome splendor with all of my wild senses I'm drawn to it in amazement and succumb to it by fear and power, and overwhelming magistrate wraps itself around me like a whirlwind as it moves through my soul stirring every part of my inner being. At first I struggle and strain as I feel it trying to bring me under its control. I fight for moment in vain and then slowly I yield to its striking power as it begins to comfort me and speak to me with it still soft.

All inspiring voice one last snort another final shake of the head and one more a final attempt to book an instant. I'm settled in a blanket of warm understanding as I listen to his voice when my ears pricked in fatal excitement and dangerous wonder, I finally hear what he is saying from the words that were spoken to Job long ago in the time of the ancients. The storm speaks unto me, Pascal given the sports drink, hast thou clothed his neck with thunder cats now make him afraid as a grasshopper in spring and fear the glory of his nostrils is terrible. He Paul looked at the Valium or jointed in his strength to go with on the meet the armed men he market that fear and is not affrighted neither eternity back from the sword. The quiver rattled against him. The glittering spear and the shield he swallowed the ground with Pierce's enrage, neither believe it.

He that is the sound of the trumpet, he saith, the monks, the trumpets, and he smelled the battle for off the thunder of the captains in the shouting and the thunder roars again any speaks to me this very true. I am your father and you are my child. I created you and you belong to me. This plateau has been your teacher in your rebellion has been your song you've run the ground here unbridled without cause, and all of this because I would have it. So, for my sake, you are here for my purpose.

You are alone on this plateau fry created the window which you ride in the fire in your belly that makes you chart I even created your rebellion for my purpose now is the day I will reveal it to you. You are my son, you are the son of thunder in the lightning is now your because the lightning is my power. And now you become fully aware of its purpose for you from this day forward you become my warhorse and you will now obey my thunder and you will now take my lightning and show it to this wicked world. For there is life are all in the lightning and the thunder chooses who will give now you know your purpose and now you will truly live with my bridal in your mouth and my reins around her neck. You wore no more for the world. Now, you wore for me when I say go you will charge when I say right you will turn when I say snort, you will shoot out your mighty breath in you will be heard probably speak to you and you will be in obedience to me. And now you will live mighty warhorse thunder in your main power in my name, glory in your stride in mercy at your side will forever be on a new plate plateau. I give you to reside. This will be your new home, a place where you can now roam this plateau rest at the foot of my holy mountain, a place you will never again have to run alone for now. My son when it's time to run Lord Jesus will mount up with a shout and say thunder horse. Let's ride in this revelation from God.

I was given my new name thunder horse. Thank you Lord for changing me and giving me a purpose word of God says. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation old things have passed away behold all things become new.

The old rebellious wild mustang drug addicted crazy man running wild through the city streets of Austin Texas is dead and gone and the new creation in Jesus Christ thunder horse. The disciple of Jesus Christ. The missionary in Liberia, West Africa, the prison minister who goes in and preach the gospel to men imprisoned in the Texas prison system that are just like used to be is now riding with his cane. Hallelujah there is great power in the name it says who we are is what we are known by all those around us.

Our names are important because they reveal who we are. They distinguish us from everyone else. They identify when God changes someone's name it is to signify that he is change that person's identity and made them a new creation.

Abram means hi father and Abraham means father many God changed Abram's name to Abraham is a sign of his promise to make Abraham a father of many nations. Samurai means my princes and Sarah means mother nations. God changed Sarah eyes name to Sarah because he attended her to be the mother of many nations alongside Abraham, Jacob needs a planner or to take the place of another through to trickery or deception in Israel means the one who strives with God. God changed Jacob's name to Israel after Jacob wrestled with an angel of the Lord and more, and it marked a turning point in Jacob's life for you become now the patriarch of the nation of Israel and the father of 12 sons who would become the 12 tribes of Israel. Simon means God has heard in Peter means rock God change Simon's name when he became a disciple to Peter declared Peter on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. It was a turning point in Peter's life was identity was changed from being a fisherman to becoming a disciple of Jesus and the first leader of the early church. You see God change my identity that day on the prison chaplain for when I cried out to him was a turning point my life from dream being a drug addicted criminal into a spirit filled evangelists and disciple of Jesus Christ with power and a purpose.

God gave me the new name thunder horse and told me to go and take his lightning which is his gospel and show it to this wicked world and that is what I do.

Currently I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Texas prison system and I'm also missionary library West Africa my mission field is in the drug infested cemeteries and ghettos where I go and also preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those men and women were lost in the captivity darkness and help of drug addiction in that country. Mike King Jesus is great, and now when it's time to run Jesus say to me. Thunder horse I, and we do an interesting fact about my handwriting since the day that I wrote thunder horse that Texas prison, sitting in that chair during count.

I have never returned back to my previous way of writing. Now all my rent handwriting is the same.

I write everything all the time in uppercase letters and never write with lowercase or cursive letters since that day is pretty cool to me. Got even change the way I write as a marker to remind me that I am changed and had a turning point my life that day.

He spoke to me. My new name and purpose in the fiery revelation thunder horse. My hope for listening to the spot podcast is a you realize you are new creation. God is giving you a new purpose and him put on the new man or woman in where it out loudly and let the old man or one pass away once and for as God to tell you what your new name is in him, he will reveal it to you in due time. I love you all and I pray that you too can find the freedom that I found in Jesus breaks the change he is my King and I am a servant to serve in the rest of days of my life like I promised him I would on that prison job for this is the greatest life I've ever lived.

Living my life in Jesus Christ.

God bless you all in Jesus name I pray for listening.

For more information on Michael Billings ministry sons and daughters of thunder daughters and remember there is no diction Jesus Christ.

Jesus makes the changes.

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