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"Critter Campaign"

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December 13, 2021 11:54 pm

"Critter Campaign"

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 13, 2021 11:54 pm

"Critter Campaign"

Steve brings Danny Yohannan, from Gospel for Asia, on the show today. David Fischer is on for Money Monday!


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble with some of your blessings that you have this Christmas season and so today for the first two segments. An interesting opportunity where the Lord is been working for years.

The ministry called gospel for Asia.

You may be familiar with them and then their critic can't critter, which is where I was getting that information to share with you and more to talk about it more to learn about the Daniel Hannan's what that the vice president of gospel Frazier's father started Danny how are you Merry Christmas eve there somewhere.

Danny, are you there we have we have them on the line we have that coming back but I can't hear so little work on that. He's online one I've got on them or put them on hold. I love technical problems just love Dragon hey Danny are you there not picking up I hear something Danny are you there I hear something okay grace and check on that. See if you can talk to him. Obviously, you heard him because you've got them on the line but I can hear the gospel.

Frazier's been around for a while and hopefully will get this going and you can learn more about gospel for Asia and obviously not going on here in America of the things that I was reading in terms of a Christmas list, but these are impoverished people around the world.

People that don't know the gospel people that don't have access to the gospel and so you have this whole notion that we really don't think about that this other people to do that we sent for missionaries. We do compassion international and stuff like that but we have an opportunity today and in if you're a truth radio listener, you been hearing gospel for Asia in this campaign. The critter campaign.

Let's see if we can get. I think he's trying to Drop him and trying to get some guy grace and give him a call again and will try to get him picked up and will get them in here but gospel for Asia first core values. Knowing the Lord Jesus more fully and intimately. This value is lived out daily by gospel for Asia staff and since its inception. Gospel Frazier has provided ways for people to live out their commitments to Christ. So you have all kinds ways for people to get involved at the front line is sponsoring national missionaries.

That's a super important issue. By the way is we we tend to think were kind in an American context right and so we sent we go out as Americans we go to different parts of the world and we can do good things while were there, but then we got on a plane we come home we made an impact, but was it a lasting impact. And did we train people how to go fishing for themselves or do we just give them some fish and so that's where for gospel for easily sponsoring national ministries. Gotta missionaries got a get people on the ground that are a part of that culture already.

Then of course sponsoring children's a big part of the developing communities in disaster relief and compassion care, which for most of us should be touching our hearts right now because obviously what's going on with these horrendous tornadoes that just occurred over the weekend.

Just brutal and working to try to get Danny back on here you had a commercial break. You're pretty quick on me see if I can get a minor hey Danny are you there I am here, there you are Sir I don't know what happened. We just had a bad connection organ hit the break really quick here pretty soon. But I was telling everybody little it about gospel for Asia but give us the background on GFA Danny and then we'll talk about the critter campaign. On the other side of the break right, go ahead, give us that the GFA 101 for people that are familiar with gospel Frazier world started about 40 years ago with all prayer meeting. Actually my current living room and both of them were God to for them and to give them direction on what you would do in the world of mission and by that, you know, small prayer meeting God has raised up hundred hundreds of these national workers those own countries. Missionaries who know the language like the blog like that I like usually connect with people explain the love of Christ that we have had thousands of children that we help to be able to have a future go to school be able to lift themselves out of poverty and be able to be help and have a future to be able to help their and so the main thing that GFA world does really is two things. One, no right to bake and fell, and the same challenge that we give everyone else is our goal in life is know him, but also to make him known. We cannot live our life might not be in focus on ourselves and our own little world. We must live in the light of eternity. Seeing a world out there will need to know Christ. That's the challenge that we have to kind of bags just like Jesus did in his own ministry Danny that he met people's needs. He met there their actual needs, physical needs, but of course the whole time the underlying and overriding mission was to to get the truth of the gospel to people because that's the only thing were talking about that's eternal, but temporal needs are really really important meeting people where they're at as I want to continue to talk about that and I'm sorry had a rough start there. I Danny, but I'm a put you on hold and they were going to continue the conversation because the critter campaign is a way for all of us to partner with what God has already been doing it gospel for Asia critter and like some of the things I read up to you. This is an interesting Christmas list that you would normally find here in America, but it can impact people for the gospel in other parts the world will be right back welcome back Mary Christmas Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you today.

Great opportunity. We often think of ourselves and our families at Christmas time, which I understand and moral proximity meeting taking care of the people that are closest to you, but when it comes to Christmas, and this time a year when an opportunity that that we have when we partner with a ministry that gospel for Asia on its critter campaign could literally critter critter and let's up a little focus outward in the name of Jesus to help people around the world who who probably quite frankly couldn't even imagine what it would be like to open to be in most of our homes. The creek this Christmas morning they just have no way of of relating to the kind of life that we live here in America but in the name of Jesus. We can do some things that Danny is going to tell us about to be a blessing to them not only materially but spiritually Daniel Hannan with gospel for Asia. The vice president's parent started it as he said literally just in prayer and a family room and here we are 40 years later and just amazing to see what God is been doing Danny and and tells a story. I love stories Danny and that helps us understand what's going on so share some stories if you will of of how some people's lives have been touched by the critter campaign and will talk about what we can actually do you know it is one of Rick really really simple, practical things that people can get involved with providing goats and chickens in Buffalo. The different animals and different life-changing tool. Thank you. That really can make a difference for life and I'm reminded of the story of the young lady who heard her husband were barely getting by extreme remote village and she was gifted a sewing machine when you talk about punishing to talk about the foot pedal old tiny machines, but they still make today in places where there are no electricity, and so she got the sewing machine. She started doing business in her village and she made enough money to hire five other ladies get them sewing machine and starting a real tailoring shop and was able to rent the room next door for her husband to start a barbershop. She can see the gift of 100 feet impacted five family hundred dollars. I got that on my list to do today when I get off the year one sewing machine that's $100.03 chickens. That's 33 bucks 11 bucks apiece.

One bicycle was helps a missionary get around $410 and then four blankets for $100 and it's really amazing to think about that Danny because you know hundred dollars here in the states it isn't going to do a mean that that would be a nice Starbucks gift card. But it's not gonna change the lives of five families provide an income for one and then unemployment for four or five others and then the expansion there I think it's hard for us as Americans to get our minds around what you know about. We we we don't live in a of survival. There are those that we know, or there are those in our country that are just trying to make it by every single day and that that is true. We want to acknowledge that in deftly print help whenever we can, but you have to realize most of the world is this way they their focus and their entertainment is not you know what the latest movie coming out in the mall and hang out or go shopping or whatever it literally is like making a dollar 50 a day to provide a little bit of food for the table so the kids don't starve to death. I mean that that was on people's mindset and we have to realize most people don't have access to clean water. Most people don't have access. Most people don't have access to clean, and patient, you know, in and so it is hard for us sometimes to be able to wrap her mind around how can a fair chicken nor you know the parent goats really make a difference for some of life will use the things you give someone a fair chicken little chicken little guys and multiply you provide for the table with you LP, which help you not spend money on medicine which you can afford anyway. The kids are helping us to go to school get education.

They grow strong you will get a job or the family that I know that you taking that all the way down the road things but there are family actually started chicken farms little micro chicken farms and be able to support the families.

Same thing with goats. I know a young man who received the parent go didn't come from a very wealthy family, and he took those goats and he started his own little local farm and he Mickey so many go getting a family member while they first and you see that one small gift given to someone can make a difference if you do not like that we give to each other and you know a couple weeks later we have a white elephant Christmas party to get rid of the user life-changing gift. Make it different impact people's life and eternity because they get to know that Christ really loves them just such a powerful picture and something that the more you talk about it. I think for most of us here, Danny.

It's easier to understand and and and that's the beauty of it is that we can have such a big impact over their first for something that for most of us is in a huge sacrifice, but it's something that's significant than how you cannot gospel for Asia like where you guys work and then how do you kinda tie meeting material needs and and that type of investment to enable literally a life changing business opportunities with the gospel as well.

How do you kinda do that will primarily work and Africa pretty excited that we start our work now in Africa and the work expand their especially among the children right now, the greatest need in the critter but important for people like contact understand this, that you know here in the West were kind of over the whole covert situation is more inconvenient always been more confused people I know people that have that have passed away from COBIT, so I'm not making light of it all and I know many people have suffered through this shirt but but we we never were in a position we were starving to death. We were never in a position that we didn't know like if we were to be able to pewter family, you know. Yes, people are fighting over toilet paper in all kind of thing that weird stuff but you, you find that in Asia and Africa. The greatest tragedy of all thing is starvation.

When you have when you have lockdowns which are still happening.

There are still locked down you. You have you have millions of beggars on the street and no one to back from you got millions of migrant workers and no job. You literally have millions of people who are just trying to figure out how to survive in this is still happening in so many of the Christmas gift. The critter gift that we've given over the years. The hundreds of thousands of family health. They literally were the help during this pandemic time from the gift that someone had given them earlier so you know when we look for people that need the gift item we contact the head of the village were the head of the community where the people that you know that our greatest work with them to find out what are the needs of that area and then we contact either the wholesaler or contact the farms were able to buy all shipping goats and chickens from America for poor Americans to get me up to five so what you're doing is you're stimulating the economy you're helping the local people you're helping local farmers helping so many people all around to be able to Felt no but at the same time you see the opportunity is anything that we do to be able to help people like right standing since we had a rough start, like technology technology like you have a couple more minutes I can hold you to really talk a little bit more if you're really all night long which I know will be right back with Daniel Hannan, gospel for Asia will be right back to back. It seemed noble to see double show. Merry Christmas to you and yours and inviting you and you and inviting you challenging as I checked at self as well to maybe get a little out of our comfort zones are at least a little bit out of our own family rooms this Christmas and see what answer the question, what else can we do with the money that we spend on Christmas or just some extra dollars here and there, and odds are pretty good that you will not find the barnyard bundle under Christmas tree so a barnyard bundle and really get back to Daniel Hannan what is the vice president of gospel Frazier's parents started 40 years ago in Asia and now in Africa just doing amazing work in the name of Jesus. So I barnyard bundle.

Okay, what's in a barnyard bundle six chickens to goats to pigs. A lamina cow not a partridge in a pear tree but six chickens to goats. Six chickens at 33 bucks to goats for hundred 42 pigs for six at 65, 1 L 65 one Calvin 375 $678 is a barnyard bundle what I say well that's that's the that's too much.

Well, okay, just a cow cost 375 bucks and we were talking about things that were significant, scratching our heads as Funny and cute, but as Danny was saying this is life altering, life-changing things that we can do from the confines of life in America to bless people and change people's lives in the name of Jesus around the world.

This really really kinda fine and cool to consider. And as I often mention when we have friends and other ministries on the show once you have knowledge that you have responsibility and if the Holy Spirit is nudging you it all going okay yeah this is a little bit different than what we do for Christmas and maybe just add this to your Christmas gift list and you can go to critter literally the word critter critter which will land you on this page with our friends at the truth radio network where a lot of you are listening to right now with gospel for Asia and check it out for yourself and it would be a pretty cool this Christmas to make a difference in another families life instead of our own Danny. Again, thanks for taking the time to be with us today. So what I want to ask you something a little bit more on your personal side as as your mom and dad got this ministry started.

What was it like growing up around gospel for Asia and then your decision obviously is a trained minister than being a part of the ministry whatsit what can impact it had on your life Danny because you grew up around.

I think what kind of boring answer, but also like I boring part is, this is the only thing I know, and so for me this is the normal all of you are not normal feeling normal. Here, no, I think, but I think that I think the part that what I can fill in the blank you know growing up in the ministry. I think everything as a privilege.

I got you broke your in the wonderful country of Texas and go cowboys, and then I also cut grow up also in the mission field so I have a very unique blessed opportunity to be able to connect with both eyes.

The world wet but don't take that for granted. I'm grateful to God that help me a lot. The second thing is very grateful that both my parents whatever they kind of preach, where they taught all in front of me in my and my sister and I think that's probably the greatest why we both have gone into the ministry and we served with Jiffy world is not a business is not just that you will does better ministry to work than everyone else. In fact, things like the water project we can warping water project than anyone else entire world.

More of a lot of things.

Yet that's not the thing that drives my heart. I'm so excited about is that the way that we do mission delete two places of worship God holy church being established, and you see mission come full circle. If people have not read revolution or omission by by my father. They need to get that book it for free on the website you talking about, it will radically change their life. Christians are not supposed to be simply surviving through life and they go to heaven are supposed to be writing in life living for the name of Christ. Everywhere we going to much as we can for the sake of Christ. So it is a privilege to be able to have the parents that I have.

You have the gift of the growth different size the world but I pray that God would use that for his glory that I would be a bridge for the people to be able to depart of missions no matter where they are great at what a great answer not boring at all just God honoring that by lands to link up for revolution world missions. The revised and updated version which is free and you can order free book okay so I just put the link up there which will take you to the page and GFA.orbit were also talking about critter campaign. When you guys start to critter campaign Damian and how effective is it that I've been about 20 years. The court started off very very small practical. I don't think we had a can't and when we started doing it was it was mainly on the mission field opportunities in and meet the people so you know, in the little island with fungal island.

There are literally thousands of widows, either because they been dumped there or because of their husband's been killed by tigers while the men are out searching for firewood or honey harvesting. There is a need well located lots of widows we need to take care of them other places their leprosy quality was reaching out to these who are precious in Christ. I do something so I think naturally saying old people don't have water before dying from malaria people be no some way to help their kids and so it is kind of started off very all and God open the doors for us to do greater and greater each year.

But the heart behind all of it is that people need to know that we do this because Christ loves them, not just hand out not just something that is a good gift for you and get better soon. We want them to know that the real answer to life is Christ the whole Christmas season thing that were talking about anyway just so probably over 20 years ago, but each year we look at it with on the mission field, and I think will probably see new things, probably in Africa because the probably be opportunities Africa that is not in Asia so were looking for to that for next year. What's the spiritual status of the areas where you covered GFA were gospel phrase is doing most of its work these days were talking to Daniel Hannan is the vice president gospel for Asia critter is the website and I would suggest several people on Facebook live right now Danny are talking about they were going to go look at the website with our kids and let our kids decide what we want to send and help people around the world, which is an awesome idea, but little bit about that, I may want to greater your credit card payment rate that does remind me in one suggestion for poor people like you know this is a huge opportunity for you to present Peter Kidner Greg about mission, about people around the world that are in need of help. You have your kids or grandkids go online with you and learn about these animals and learn about how to change a life and make a difference.

I think the spiritual condition of many of the places that serve. It felt kind of funny but everywhere you go around the world. People are people desperately need Christ and that that sounds very clich, but it is true. Just here in the West were extremely distracted by materialism that is gets the way other places it you know their struggle of poverty. Other places is just the darkness of other religions that are in place. Everyone got me, and it is Christ as the only answer, and the simplest answer that we can get it that no matter what we do. It must be clear that Christ is the answer is not just one of the things that we do the thing that we do and that is how all Christians live so yes there is persecution. Yet there is challenges that are different than here in the West yes is opposition. You mention about bicycle bicycle that we give to missionaries for exercise because they normally would walk probably 2030 miles a day to reach villages. Now the reach times many more villages having a bicycle challenge of transportation in all these different things, but by God's grace, all of it is doable if people just get up and go out and do something I remember talking no.

From our friend Francis Chan is that you know we we we get so scared to just walk across street tell our friends about Jesus this Christmas season is the best season.

You can literally just say Merry Christmas to anyone on the street and younger neighborhood gospel tract and then they will receive it, just say Merry Christmas, happy birthday. What ever it is and do something. Don't miss the opportunity to do something for someone else. Yes, it's a great idea. When you go to live critter and you'll see this just from the stable gifts for ministry gifts for the poor and see all the different options there which is really fun thing to do. I did it personally before the show today and then with your family with your friends with your spouse and then share this over so that we can make a difference around the world, not just an underneath our own Christmas trees, but just a great story. Great ministry critter is the website everybody critter Like I said go visit that with your spouse and your kids and your family and see what kind of impact we can make around the world. Daniel Hannan us great to have you on let's to make sure that we do this again.

I really appreciate your time and for your challenge and and the encouragement today. God bless you brother and have a Merry Christmas. I will talk again. Thanks so much, that was that Daniel Hannan vice president gospel for Asia. His parents started it in their family room with just a prayer. I was 40 years ago today reaching people all over the world. Check it out for yourself critter may come back I will keep talking about money, but a slightly different angle. With our good friend Tim Fisher with the money Monday update for Steve Noble and Stephen will show don't go anywhere will be right back welcome back Larry Christmas and Steve Noble in the Steve Noble Silverado. If you want to join us here in the tricked out Star Wars Christmas tree yesterday. The real and the fact that you don't know what a Star Wars Christmas tree is is a problem. Another personal problem you can take that up with the Lord. But if you want to see one you can tune in to Facebook live on the Steve Noble show page on Facebook. Also on YouTube. We have a page on YouTube over not getting kicked off, so you can check it out there and just literally join us, right here in the studio on commercial breaks with a little extra content going on there and that you can see the cool studio and Crystal hey where's the green light in some way similar red and green back here bro we similar red and green Christmas, get the green lights going and that's get some green in the background. Go read a little green.

Are you going some good news our price increases over last year.

Consumer price index, reporting, gasoline up.

Oh, 58% used cars up 31%. You try to buy a car this year. It's not gas and utilities up 25% meat, fish, and eggs up 12.8% new cars up 11% overall consumer price index +6.8% electricity +6 1/2 booted home +6.4 food away from home +5.8 apparel 5% transportation up 3.9% sheltering 3.8%. That's inflation. It's real and it's one of the things were to talk about today with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark David how are you doing good for America program you're welcome. Always great to hear from you get all of these sometimes long-winded introductions of mind you ever wonder if I just drink too much coffee or something like caulk all praise the Lord. That's a very nice answer. I'll take that encouragement wherever I can get it. So yeah we got lots talk about inflation, which is a serious and real problem, but one thing that overflows inflation and inflation is no answer for is the word of God.

Praise Jesus in so let's start there. The Old Testament, and a very apropos for this time year. I love this. Isaiah 714 therefore the Lord himself will give you were trying the Virgin welcome and give birth to a son and will call him Manuel, not really. Isaiah prophesied the 700 years thereabouts before the birth of Christ.

Amazing. It reminded me of a personal story not to get all about me it's about this, of example, that God is still the same yesterday today and forever in about 1982, started leading worship and church of small small church where I was living in growing up in the country couple hundred people I have ever the person of the pastor came through and spoke prophesied over me saying I'm relieved worship before thousands of people and I was even in full-time ministry on going to sound so crazy so a couple years later I have just a horrible time leaving work one day and I want to work with my pastor says don't remember about prophesied over your you that I think he was a little bit off base in your 2000 I lived worship before 10,000 people. She's not about me. This is about the Lord miracle Virgin saving and giving birth to a son, the Lord is our yesterday meant to us as believers and plans for us. Even though it might not seem possible in the physical. It is possible in the spiritual and in God want to do great things in our lives this Christmas season. Yes, it's a great reminder. Thank you for sharing that story. And yeah, that's all about the Lord.

Now we got a hold on that and pray as people with faith in people that believe and trust the Lord. We have to lean on his providence at the same time that we engage our faith, yet mind-boggling 700 years before the birth of Christ. Isaiah's writing that to the power the Holy Spirit and in that that that by the way, that's one example of about 300 things in the Old Testament that are just mind-boggling when it comes to what's in the Scriptures and just thinking mathematically, the odds of anybody being report that stuff up is just insane but a great reminder that God is there is a God of miracles and longevity and even though we can't see over the next hill. He's already there and it's a great reminder why started off with those thanks for that, David. I started off with all the kind of gnarly price increase things and inflation. Somebody asked on Facebook live.

What about Raleigh in terms of price increases this year. Home values in Raleigh have increased by 14 1/2% year-over-year, and so the price they are buying a house is gone up a lot and certainly we have these problems all over the country. So what's the most recent news on this inflation, because it's obviously not transitory.

It's real, it's happening. It's good to be with us for a while last Friday came out to draw what role looking up with something more important is the CPI number and it came out rare and hot 6.8% which it was up almost the full percent .8% from a month the previous month, which is when you amortize that annually. That's 9.6% so which I said on your program. That inflation is going to continue to get worse than the CPI numbers now showing. This is the worst number that we had 40 years since North 39+ years so the Fed is going to meet this week.

I think they're going to double down on their tapering which just means tapering means were given not by much mortgage-backed securities from treasuries also may support the honor treasure market because the feds backing away from it. I think very will down to 30 billion in their tapering which means were going to buy $90 billion a month instead of 126 eventually keep tapering till about March of next year when they will probably not buy anymore and were seeing inflation you mentioned these different prices. CPI number was 33% in the index of gastric consumer price index. Yet the actual price of gasoline was up 58 point consumer price index is ultraconservative but we definitely have inflation and I think it's can we get worse. Yeah I think were all feeling that we point our finger in anybody who's to blame.

What we always want to do that and I think there's three areas that only the Federal Reserve, which the past dozen years and create massive amounts of inflation, with an endless series of this of quantitative easing at zero interest rates and monetize nation covert, we can blame someone on covert because of all the surplus of money that was created due to: government spending under the buying administration and even trump some of that torts is well here there's fingerprints all over that from government standards of rising inflation and spending bills of going on the infrastructure bills. The two of them in the previous one for covert. That's all going to be inflation. It's not, it's still not in the system yet but it's coming/like were going to have massive inflation, the CBO just came out a couple days ago and is waiting for the CBO to come out and score what's going on with the build back better in the infrastructure bill yada yada and I got yeah this is going to be this is a be paid for in itself. 1.9 trillion 1.3, China, and they come back and say actually it's north of 4 trillion, and this can add unbelievable amounts to the debt in that kind of stuff going on and that's got that's got in at some inflationary pressure to doesn't 4.2 trillion number that they came out, which means the deficit and at least 3 trillion perspective we women having budget deficits of 1 trillion interpersonal trump. Now it's 323 to 4 trillion working have massive inflation and think the CBO's probably being conservative in their number. I think it's going to be higher than that in reality, because the government can have more bills behind the spending, so get ready for a lot higher inflation.

Unfortunately yeah so what's what's going on in the gold and silver market then because inflation we it hurts is bad for the economy. We know that, but that's also on one end of the teeter totter in the other and you see an interesting relationship to precious metals, so gold is starkly stabled your freak on locked up on creator large bunker in the world for the dollar starts to slip slip mildly in the dollars, start to go down. You will see a tremendous outperformance of non-US stocks is referring to gold.

He likes gold use box significant amount of gold and there's other people coming out like Ned Davis research to maces.

The dollar versus gold. I really bet on gold Christopher Escalona use a mining strategist you saying $3000 gold the next five years $2000 next year and he says silver going to do about the same $30 next year and $40 by the end of 2026 will you will get some information about diversifying in the gold and silver and by the way, this bill back America plan and the bill 86,000 buyers agents are going to be hired. If they pass this bill because there's $80 billion of money is going to go towards the IRS to support massive hiring spending after the middle income worker. Unfortunately secured. If the wealthy but the study showed anybody under $75,000 earnings that's further targeting yellow. What a charming side, adding 86,000 agents to the IRS to go after middle Americans, but I thought David that the Democrats invited in, Harrison and their ilk cared about the middle Americans.

I mean, that's a joke to think about that to forget what people say get a look at what they do and what they're doing is a train wreck and they continue to do that 86,000 IRS agents which should scare all of us and and make us aware of what's going on around us, and then educational courses. The big deal and that this sometimes when David and I are talking on the air and if the steps going over your head and I got really understand this, but you do have some savings you have some investments in the thing you desperately need is education you get yourself educated.

So what what can people do to get educated. David now no longer the packet from 4460457544204575 or plan marked gold excellent. Got bless you brother appreciated. Merry Christmas will talk again real soon. My brother thinks we'll talk soon. David Fisher, Lynn is always tomorrow to Christian ladies here locally in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area doing ministry locally industry outreach to people he needs of refugees, and so another challenge all of us. What we doing to impact the world around us. For the gospel of Jesus Christ to succeed nobleness even though Michelle, God willing, we'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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