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The Son, Part 3

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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December 13, 2021 9:00 am

The Son, Part 3

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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December 13, 2021 9:00 am

We all know that fathers play an important role in family development. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a loving, supportive father. But, Pastor J.D. reminds us that God will restore this relationship through his Son.

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Today on summit like with Jenny Greer, your father, your heavenly dad could love you more than he does this moment.

If you would been perfect all your life you would love your life is been a series of mistakes. It is a love you any less is acceptance of you is a gift all you must do is receive because Jesus paid it all after author and religion Jenny Greer.

I'm your host Molly bit of edge fathers play an important role in normal family development, but we also now not everyone has been lucky enough to have loving supportive father here on earth. Since today. Pastor JD is digging into Isaiah chapter 9 to remind us that at some point in time hopefully very soon God will restore this relationship through his son Jesus is the conclusion of our series called, foretold, and if you missed any of the previous messages you can listen to but also be sure to stated until the end of the program today for a very special offer available for this only now here's JD in today's message titled sign me out on 40% of children in America live in fatherless home or maybe never left you just never there, always working extra time with you working your games. What happens children interpret the absence of their dad is a kind of partial rejection, you felt you were important to him because you want good enough. This produces an incredible sadness and the kid that he doesn't quite understand this sadness is accompanied by a fear of aloneness and a lot of times this mixture of sadness and fear as the kid grows up starts to express itself is anger. In the absence of a father figure young man tried to define their masculinity of some other way rebellion sexual prowess brag about athletics violence and gang activity. Other guys you grew up without a present father figure become overachievers trying to become the man that the father never was some girls who grow up in fatherless homes become very loose, sexually because they crave the attention of a man never got from the father. You know what percentage of female pornography models Playboy for movies. Your percentage of them were sexually abused as young girls 90%, 90% you guys next time you look at the poor want you think about that and think, I wonder if it was her father or her grandfather first took her virginity 90%.

That is what drove them in to that that crazy MSA in the it's excusable. I'm just telling it has tragic and huge impact on people give their fathers apply this absent father figure feeling to God don't want to know God, because Emberley so I could just leave you. You can't really open up to them because you're not good enough you might begrudgingly obey him, but is not somebody to depend on and build your life on you might do what you gotta do this so you thought you will go to hell, but you will and trust your whole life to I was doing my PhD studies I discovered was incredible thing of all the famous atheists almost all the famous atheists of the past century Karl Marx. Sigmund Freud withdrawn Russell Madeline Murray O'Hare, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus all had one thing in common. The absence of a father in their childhood and that anger and resentment expressed itself toward God and colored how they look at God's fathers were to be a ray of the sun to us. Ephesians 314 says that all earthly fathering is patterned after the heavenly father CS Lewis famous example was that fathers were to be to us like a ray of the sun that shines on her face looked back up along the rate and look back at the source from which it comes, we want to feel in our fathers, the love and acceptance and security of our earthly fathers and that was to be our training wheels to teach us to love and relate to God our father for many of you.

However, your father's been more MacLeod than Ray cloud that obstructs your view of God rather than Ray that lead you to the greatest failure. I believe of mankind has been the failure of fathering and of the world is to be corrected and settled right. It will have to be for the restoration of fatherhood. So here in Isaiah 9 we see a description of the Messiah that ought to screen salvation to us. He will be called the everlasting the perfect father, he would be the father that we've always longed for. He would teach us men to become godlike fathers. Again, the last verse of the Old Testament don't talk about glassware last book of the Old Testament, Malachi Malachi last verse chapter 4 verse six it's a prophecy is how the whole Old Testament is is a prophecy about the Messiah and it says this he, the Messiah will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children in the hearts of the children back to the fathers.

He would restore fatherhood to us to let me show you Jesus. The everlasting father, rather than being never satisfied Poulter first category, Jesus accepts you fully as you are the Messiah. Salvation was not that if you could be good enough for long enough that he would save you, Jesus, salvation was an announcement of his except that's of us based on the work that he would do for us.

He would live the life that we were supposed to live and I doubt that we deserve to die in our place so that if we would just accept that we would be immediately and fully forgiven and accepted. Mrs. even met fairly famous story with a woman caught in adultery is brought to Jesus people in Grover church easy for me with this woman caught in the very act of adultery to drag Jesus and Stoner and they say Jesus was redoing Jesus says but him.

That is without sin among you cast the first stone. When the worn-out rubber stones believe in Jesus which utterances were your accusers I see more. There are none. Member the statement. Neither do I condemn you go and sin no more. I told you that the phrasing of how he said that to her is extremely counterintuitive. We always reverse this. We always say go and sin no more. And then I will condemn you, Jesus, and her.

I don't condemn you. Therefore go and sin no more acceptance of you comes first, and then because of my separate you will change. If not, change in order to be saved but change because you have been saved. Listen to me, your father, your heavenly dad could not love you more than he does. Right at this moment. If you have been perfect all your life you would love you more. If your life is been a series of mistakes. It is a love you any less is acceptance of you is a gift all you must do is receive because Jesus paid it all. He fully accepts you just believe and receive it.

Jimmy say what I don't feel this acceptance feel that down deep. Your feelings don't change reality. God has said this is the case and be safe.

So that means you believe in.

That means if you feel abandoned is because you're projecting your own feelings on the God but God doesn't find himself by your feelings, God is what is new adjuster feelings reflect reality that is him. Secondly, Jesus is not a time Bob, but here's an exact quote slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

Psalm 1038 abounding means consistent blowup this. There are times that he disciplines us in times of the allows painful things that happen to us, but when he does is never to take out vengeance on us, as prices were taken all of vengeance for us is because he's having a bad day with your Tatum irritated him when he allows discipline into our lives. He does it solely for good is what Hebrews 1210 says is even that sometimes our earthly fathers. They discipline us in a bad mood, weird databases, but God always disciplines us for our good.

David King David understood this.

That's why he made a statement. Psalm 23. Six surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.

The apostle Paul said the same thing.

This way, verse a lot of Christians know very few of them actually believe Paul said I know that God is working together all things for good in my life. Paul's way of saying, surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. Can you say that you say that you have the assurance that in everything that happens to you God's goodness. God's mercy is good and loving plan for you were controlling the situation bitterly disappointed something in life right now what you've ever acknowledged or not, your anger is against God is you don't trust him and I may go back to some pattern that you learn we could trust her own father tell you this would change your life if you actually believed that God had a plan that was controlling the situation you could trust just knew that it would change your perspective on your marriage, change perspective on your problem heard about one married couple who was having major marital problems. They have a marriage counselor seeking help six-month their marriage was significant. We better the husband conferral of the world is like. I don't really remember things brilliantly said to us became a source of wealth when you know that somebody loves you and is for you that your halfway home.

Believe that God loves you and is for you and your halfway to healing as God uses that hope to begin to change. It is regarding Jesus is not emotionally distant. He's emotionally engaged. Also this way.

Romans 55 God's love has been poured into our hearts. The Holy Spirit has been given to us in us pouring out love you more intimate than that.

There's another verse on this I find amazing is not a little embarrassing to me. Seven I 370 Lord your God is in your midst. Again, that's close a mighty one who will say he will rejoice over you with gladness, he will quiet you by his love, he will exalt you with loud singing. It lingers that is almost a little to imagine if your dad will pay her distorted rejoice over you with loud singing and dancing. This is my son so proud of him. I got dead. Awesome. But later, Jesus is not absent. Jesus is ever present. Hebrews 13 five. I will never leave you or forsake you. Never.

Romans five a but God shows his love for us while we are still sinners, Christ died for us like kids because their dad was absent, interpreted that absences of rejection. Jesus is exactly the opposite.

When we actually did deserve to be rejected. It was then Christ died for us. This one is a 4915 woman forget her nursing child, but you have no compassion on the son of her womb mother. Don't forget the children leave them in the car to go somewhere this is what you know they may forget, I will never forget you but I have engraved you on the palms of my hands on his old necklace that has little thing representatives for children and auditors engraved their names God like I thought you know I don't have the touch of your children to join the palms of my hands everywhere I looked I saw you we crave this, we yearn for this type of father.

The reason for that is because we were created by God for you and your fathers were supposed to be the way the Sunday you for many of you were cloud immediate issues that we have that's got you so I can understand God Mme. to screwed up. Of course you can understand God you know that your dad screwed up because you will you have a sense of what the real heavenly father was supposed to be like you knew he was screwed up you're angry at it as you knew there was something that he wasn't doing. David said some 27 temper. My father, my mother forsaken me, but the Lord will take me judge your earthly father by your heavenly one, and not your heavenly father my earthly sum you respond I could act as I talk to you. Yeah, not to because I thought God has let me down wherever God when I was be abuse overlooked treated unfairly.

Where was the justice in that understand and I don't have an easy answer for you other than to tell you that God demonstrated his commitment to you when you took your sanity die for you on the cross and I know that you can understand everything that happens in your life believing is asking to use the cross as an example, God will never look like thing about it and never look like I was more out of control that the cross and never look like evil was having its way more than at the cross, but it was at that precise moment the guy was working his plan is happening with you.

You may not be able to see if you can trust the character of the God who suffered on the cross for you.

He is always in loving control of your life you always has been always will be. Jesus is the everlasting father does not thrill your heart not overwhelm you with all these okay right this is a great talk and fathering, but when you talk about it in terms of prophecy.

Why was is a key prophecy. Why in the Old Testament God knew that a key component of our salvation will be the restoring father.

The dots and this is something that God had to give us from heaven, not something we could do for ourselves and so God prophesied he foretold that he would do it for us.

If you whole theme of the Old Testament. The whole point of prophecy is that what we most need in terms of our salvation is not something we can work out for ourselves.

It has to come from above. It is a gift. The whole message of the Bible.

Is that what we need, comes from heaven. We should wait for it and believe it when he comes mixers of real quick about the context of Isaiah 9 about a look at Isaiah 9 starts out by saying nevertheless the people walking in darkness have seen a great light. What comes before that. Nevertheless, I got 100 bucks is you never look at you. What that will nevertheless is transitioning between look back one verse as you know the original way this is written, there was no break between chapter 8 and chapter 9 just one text one verse 822 talk about the situation Israel was in the Bible says they Israel will walk to the earth, and behold, only distress and darkness in the gloom of anguish that will be thrust in the thick darkness.

Nevertheless, the people walking in darkness have seen a great light because, unto us a son is given, the theme of the whole Bible from cover to cover.

Is that what we need to be saved is something that only God can give. Not something we can give to ourselves what I hear one of the most dominant important themes of the whole Bible it says will talk to only God can save, was recently asked the trial on those that it what a freeway debating UNC. The Jewish guy a Muslim guy is only people who knew Jesus would go to have from the Chapel Hill crowd. That's not really easy question answer without black answer was. This was like you know as I read the Bible. There's one thing that dominates from cover to cover and that only God can save if you believe that you can save yourself the religion you believe you can save yourself by lifting yourself up by your bootstraps you will never get to heaven. But if you will receive the salvation that God has offered in Christ, and you can be saved. Whoever you are, so yes I believe that only through Jesus can somebody go to heaven because only God can save.

I look to the earth Isaiah 8 only anguish and darkness. Nevertheless, the people who sit in darkness have seen a great light because a son is given from heaven. You can't save yourself but God is willing and able.

So look to him for God's sake, look to him.

Are you scared to stand before God. Are you scared to die look for God is your family in disarray look to God you overwhelmed by addiction look to God you sit in darkness, but unto you a son is given, you really mess up your children. Have you been messed up by your father look to the heavens, the everlasting father the wonderful counselor will help you just come to him you receive the gift ever looks like salvation we say around Christianity.

If you're not around these parts. What salvation means you shall receive the offer that Jesus gave you to save done all the work that's necessary. It's a gift you just receive it is a relationship with Jesus. When you do that you ought to be actively part of one of his communities at the church become a part of the church where you learn to know him more when he begins to work out your salvation and you would begins to bring apply the healing of parts of your life is no accident you were here. The fact that you were here is evidence that God, your father is searching after you and seeking you. You have never known was held.

This got you here is an interest in your life is calling you many of you believe your church AS I hear this all the time you lack the assurance will be sure salvation, knowing that your one of God's children. If I guess will serve as a lot of people think that you can know like well you do my best hope father with one child to be in that situation when my children are struggling with their scared is the last thing I want them wondering is whether not there daddy loved this wall Bible my daughter. She loves to swim little fish William center for swimming and she is quite good, and so she got in the pool in the first match was the practice match and you know they are going to blow the whistle and she took off like a turbo speed and she left. The closest competitor like 20 yards behind like genetics nor the expiration of that genetics makes the real meat became obvious a bigger deal out of flags out look out the garden markets of a shot that gunners are yelling to clap up. This is embarrassing if you really always good and she jumps in the water because of all the commotion of the land that the gun going off the largest flows and she she she she said she forgot everything and she started to sink under the water and cheese with fight and stay up at that moment him watching her, she's full of self-doubt is useful for your what I wanted to do was look down based on the one site right here. I love your love you swim this or not, I'm here if you jump in and rescue you won't be afraid one her when she's struggling to be afraid to wonder if I love her.

It's at that point she most needs to know that I do love you can be sure of your salvation even struggle because God your heavenly father wants you to know somebody says I don't know if they're saying that is assigned to me that I don't understand something, salvation is that Jesus paid it all and just receive it. You receive and when you receive it you know that you give it when you know that his father nothing separate you from Islam. If you've never seen Jesus in our series portal that invitation for you to receive Christ to receive the sun that was just for father is unconditionally you've heard it many times. There is nothing you can do to make out and there is one thing you can do to make you love you. All you have to do is receive that land. Thank you for joining us for the conclusion of the teaching series called foretold if you've missed any of the previous messages in the theories you can catch up online, free of as God has blessed you this past year. Through the teaching of this ministry. When you consider extending that gift to someone else by donating today.

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