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What Does Restoration Feel Like

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 11, 2021 12:30 pm

What Does Restoration Feel Like

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 11, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss and share their thoughts on what restoration feels like. The clips are from "Jerry Maguire," and "Forrest Gump." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Nothing says Christmas like a wire for poor family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm tractor pulled while working the milk truck getting the stand of the market.

A water buffalo open. More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that.

Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign. This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris used what we encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network every man we feel that way.

Jesus makes a narrow gauge, masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle. Something worth dying for, grab your gear, request will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here.

We got today were following up on a topic is near and dear to her heart. You know actually wanted to podcast.

If you want to listen to last week's show on the podcast about healing and use your topic to me what was last week our ceiling and something about he yeah you really didn't remember that was like look at your face. I realized okay that's what that is yet this kind of a follow-up to that shows who directionless and that is not just listen about restoration because were to touch on some stuff last week. Anyway this topic.

Kenny came about for me. Actually I was driving over to the radio show last week. I think it was and was driving here in was just feeling really good and I like to say that that happens a lot. That honestly doesn't happen a lot as much as it should feel really good about me to say good about life good about things, not that it wasn't challenges out there just wasn't affecting me that much in should think about why thought back to boot camp in and really just some some healing. I got it boot camp that led to restoration right and then maybe just say oh wow, this is what restoration restoration feels like a and the question becomes what does it feel like it and there's lots of areas we want to try touch on the day. What's it feel like spiritually. What's it feel like emotionally or mentally and physically.

And I'm not necessarily talking about restoration of healing of the body needed healing of the spirit right. How does that affect you in those areas and surround talk some about that today and in a follow-up and really tend to dig into some of our stories. But first, we have a clip from Jerry Maguire nanny brought this yeah I did. Did the poser talk at the last boot camp and this is the wild. Our team uses it in there talking and I really I've always liked it but whenever you do a talk you dig into the little bit more and I just really liked it. It's a guy who has become a shark in the say that God was a sports agent that was really doing all he could to get every dollar he could for his is athletes but in doing so he wasn't looking out for their best interest, and he really wasn't taking care of his heart he wasn't living authentically of who he really from his identity and and he gets disrupted by this kid. It's not in the clip. This kid can't give him a hard time this kid is son of a hockey player. He keeps getting hurt like on is like a concussion or whatever and Jerry Maguire sickness I now you'll be out there right it you know any any moment. You'll be able to back out on the ice and his kids saw what was doing his dad and he called them out on it and after that, Jerry, has you know a repentant moment when he begins to realize he's veered off from who we truly 1 Simple Pl. soon it was unexpected thing. I began writing what they call a mission statement and memo permissions in our suggestion for the future of our company like this to come along very. I ceased start out as one page summary is remembering this pleasures of this job having it appear I've lost waste stadium sounds when one of my cleaners performs well the way we are meant to protect the health and some clients got Road.

I'm not even writing. I was remembering even the words of the original sports agent might meant late great Dickie Fox said he personal relationships answer clients last more attention, caring caring for ourselves against Albee first when I was writing, someone touched me all these arrow pointed out that that was a bit more than a mission statement what Ali got into a bit. Really he was focusing on what he wanted to accomplish in life and be that would come out of his identity. You know that some of the things you heard it open up is like somebody asking who he was and he was in. It talks about him becoming his father son and that part of being restore. We talked about early.

I think a lot of it was restoring him to his authentic self, which is ideally you would be tied to his relationship with his father that he mentions and have the byproduct of that is is you have much more confidence you have clarity of who you are.

Your purpose and he was finding all that out as he went through this process he had to be disrupted to do it but I think that's what all of us as we are all here because of the disruption you know something that you know happen are like a wound that we finally want to get healed through that process that restoration when you get there. Still him. The guys you know I feels I feel restored and I think there is a place restoration, but that doesn't mean we stop that we are continually going on. There's more wounds. There's things that we live in false self that were not look at lip living out of our true identity, but you year comes to a place like Sam was talking about where you really think that you have been restored and it's not this up-and-down you know totally inconsistent life, something that something that could just know something comes along to take you out.

You have the confidence that you and your father can handle whatever you may Georgie scavenge? The anyway thing I like about this clip if you haven't seen Jerry McGuire by now. Not really worried about ruining anything for it is itself a size of Tennessee back in this particular movie so you know and the white type on the computer as I had as a laptop man. It was like you yeah like clicking like crazy or what I called technology definitely what I liked about this particular thing in the movie is he gets really clear vision to get some really clear restoration right. He feels really good about himself that life doesn't. Life is an easy yeah it's at that point that everything turns out he gets a lot of warfare adding I think sometimes we think we get the restoration will work were passed. This will enemy doesn't like it.

He's income at your pretty hard and he doesn't.

Jerry McGuire storage with his whole company turns on right after this pink moment moment of clarity right and it takes him a while to really get to the freedom down the road, he has to work for guesswork through enhanced tech has to hold onto it as he's going along the way.

Rodney you're talking a bit about that in the preshow about that and the holding on all that's where it's I know for me, myself, it's it's really easy just grab a hold and ride your we taught the last week about being a people pleaser and trying to do that so it's it's like okay ride your pose. You've made it now right Let's take this pose and keep a hold of this and not let anybody else. Anything different. This is what this is what they've asked come to expect. I'm here to make sure that I meet their expectations so that they're happy with me so that I can be happy at myself and that's where when you renew really step out in faith you're going to say okay God.

This is who I really am. I Stop posing stop being my false identity because there is no way you're going to have that healing and restoration in your life. If you're still under the pose and to release that into be able to talk through that is one of the most interesting things that I found when I first got to boot camp because yeah I heard himself on the radio within when you guys went even deeper and Mike start to think about okay will wear my hat, where my posing where my wounds.

What's going on was night was my heart really want, not just what I kept telling myself I wanted what it in on that to several years really work.

Can open up my heart to have some freedom to say okay this is really what you want right knee how you going to go after and holding on to the truth of the father gives to delve back into little bit of stuff from last week that it is a cycle of your wounded right in. Maybe the enemy orchestrated maybe as a maybe assist hurt people hurting people write you again something happens and you hurt that he's 100% behind the message you get from it, or he may not have caused that he may not been able to do all the things a cause that to happen in out but a lot of meat as that even ones that he doesn't.

He's behind the message you get afterwards. He's behind the shameful message that you get. Afterwards, something that put you down pushes you down makes you feel like you have to pose because no one concealed see that really you that he's the lead you to believe that you are and so that's where you eat your stock in so you're working in recently to talk about this topic is working back through that is not an easy journey and it's so easy to want to quit along the way to say this is too hard because it can be incredibly hard if God can obviously say your healed right now and he'll do that sometimes, but most the time it's a process you're working through with him, and it's not always a fun process is not ever really a fun process. If you go in looking like a family get this done. See I got 10 minutes left in my day, I get this done at the end up with hurting works because you try to force something, try to make something happen. Hey honey, he healed this whole thing up on the email. Have the magic wand and just because pricks sprinkle some pixie dust and it's all to be better is going to be done real quick. You can force things. The hardest thing for me was to just allow it not to be me in there and let it be God just go okay is not, do nothing, just let God do everything. But it's it's you have to take apartment you have to be intentional and slow you can't just be intentional fast and go and run insight.

Take your time one step be methodical, wait for the response understand the response go through that in your head while in work, work on it because it's all relational and it's just not easy just say oh yeah, step back, hit the three I'm done with what happens after that is the freedom and restoration you is so much worth going through a Kramer and talk more about that when we come back, but in the meantime, the masking look at the upcoming boot camp coming up March 31 through April 3. Would love to see you there God to see there is get some amazing things he liked to do with you, this is Sam masking journey. I'm here with my son Eli talked about ways and smiled at him and and click done a masculine and find masculine PO Box 550 92728 this week. Pastor Greg Laurie is what I would tell my younger self guiding principles to share with the younger generation. Generally look back masking journey that is Steven Curtis Chapman song is called free it's actually one of my favorite songs of all time. Yes I do like worship you guys even know you and sometimes I act like it don't. That's one that always, even though segments like that movie's are so much said in Narragansett breaking away my broken my chains given me my wings and now I'm free in on three that's what restoration feels like. In a nutshell is that chains of been broken. The bondage is been cleared and I act not only walk free. But I can I can fly free. He's given me permission.

He's always had it there for me just reminds me of it and sends me on the way you known walks with me and said such a love that song and I forget how much I can tie here to get you now and then I need to put my playlist but that's what older son, you know, probably guessing back in the 90s again as 90s rolled onto the 90s are all in comparison. Harold just in your ADC that you dated IDs that you just her dating site is good for little will get back to little about what were talking about in a run at the you're describing is a process of Jesus takes you through. And sometimes he will take us all through that type of process and sometimes would be something different. It's kinda like when he heals a blind to talk about on on hearing and John Albee talks about he never does it the same way twice. Right right and so your healing is going to be unique to you but it will be a process.

Yeah, in what I what I have found that's just temples and in ways you're getting healing and restoration on one part of your life by your getting some wounds over here in another part of your life and your getting something else in another part in what you have to be a really is intentional about trying to figure out okay.

Something just happened here that was either felt like healing and restoration felt like more wounding like wild I disclose my way through that. Why did I have this urge to live here, you have to be intentional Excel questions about that. Okay you work all things are good. So what what good is there anything I can answer right away if you keep asking and working on those things you you go through the process and that's the thing I love is in my work I get to ask a lot of questions so site okay now I gotta learn how to ask myself questions rather than being what I'm better at is asking others questions that bring out what's going on inside their mind to understand how their thinking about trying to solve problems at psycho I need actually figure out how to solve me is on the biggest problem regular Jesus asking questions that generally does that with me in Latin's are always much better if you get yourself to that point where you can relax right just listen. It is so awesome is it is into moving more into restoration.

You have the mic in front of you have a clip erection and apply your clip here let me play my clip. It's one and done a great clip. This is what I get for going into Forrest Gump.

It lit what I do like as we can get the plate during Danny's show but we get to Zion because it inflated my ship because because I get the blade during Sam show and Sam is not a fan of Mr. force go now needed to get out the clip was what I like about this was my started thinking about Neil for the healing. It was like we came to mind was healing, restoration, and then you came up with the topic okay after healing was going this restoration because of what you just talk about and what I love about Lieut. Dan here in the story is if you really try think of a man who has nothing more on his mind and while I'm in it die. As can be. My legacy is that I died in war that's really not much to shoot for us not, you're not even very high. You're not thinking yet. Dying for others to time for yourself to make yourself look good to be that's the most I can be to anyone out there so when he has that and what you have in the clip is him basically explaining to Gump hey this is what you've ruined for me. You've ruined my destiny and asked us the scene right in the hospital just after yellow Lieut. Dan lost his legs and he pulls Gump down on the floor and talks about this and then the next scene is Gump actually becomes the low captain and gives Dan now said to him basically out of the just, but like you ever become a football, become your first mate well.

He shows up on the dock yelled this scene work. This is a slow day afterwards but no force just jumps off the boat and the boat goes and crashes you know stuff like that analysis stupid silly stuff but then there it opens up with.

They can't find Trenton did not find any shrimp anywhere there horrible fishermen yelled into what the actor doing so.

Then, since I can't find any shrimp and they're trying to do all this yellow then but Lieut. Dan is wondering okay where is God in all his casinos forces a believer. So where is God in all this he starts to basically start poking God.

And then so they have this encounter out there on the ship where God shows up and Lieut. Dan is having it out with God and this is pretty funny to listen to and then at the end through all of that at encounter with God he comes into the healing and restoration and actually get some cell two point work, he shows up to the wedding of forest and announces. Also, he's gotta fianc himself.

I think officially the setup was longer than the clip I tried destiny just happens. It's all part of their but now you know what it's like not to be able to use your legs. Yes, I sent you see I was supposed to die with you now how we can find them just so I will go. Lieut. Dan said you can hear just there and is think about the anxiety he had when he was like realizing I'm still alive have no legs and is angry God and just listen to his voice again or is a site's content. He's satisfied. He's finally been humbled to the point was like I can just be myself and be happy with myself that's restoration when you think of the healing there. Obviously, he did. He has new artificial legs lacerated you can move around but the healings of the soul Right it's much deeper he could got just the legs and not get the restoration part of it been able to walk in all those things that you can hear it a total difference in his voice any. That's a pretty good orphan spirit clipped if anyone for orphans. When he screamed in off the about what had happened that it you look at that clipping you see. Okay, there's definitely a change in people's hearts to what are those things that change cannot write when we get restoration right when the first things that you may not change how people see us and we have no control how others see us and it's really not honestly that big of a thing anyway because you can't do anything about it.

What it does change is how we see ourselves and that's the big one was Jim Daly you say a lot about God give you revelation, freedom, and always the equate obviously to my days in alcoholism and drug addiction and the way you got sober was you quit drinking and drugging and the very first day I was free of that, but that the restoration comas learn to walk all my new legs if you will and undo the habits that have been created by that false self and so that's the battles and allow us thinking you commit into the show was thought about how God promised the children of Israel the promised land, but there were still battles the fight. It was dares here. Caleb said that's my mountain. Now let's go to kick those dudes off of it what you say and you we kick out the get not one data time and walking in that freedom and no is never easy.

I remember Galligan leases as it is easy. All you got to change one thing you know it. He said your whole life. But it is so true because God gives you a freedom and you he touches your heart and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you that God has done something the walking that out is if I think we'll talk about and as it becomes, what does it feel like all of a sudden I think some I said earlier, you couple years years down the road you like hey I'm free yeah I never been in a program like that, but I'm assuming that is the talk through it is.

It's the process as well write me have the different steps that you go through that each step you have different things that you recover about you learn about you are. Take away the enemy's ability to attack you write when you go asked for forgiveness.

This type something you it is one of my first mentor say he's in the first step was about not drinking interest was about London living maybe look for the first time. So back in the after hours and get off the podcast you can get it any podcast outlet you can listen to it on Facebook. There's also get it's called messenger and after hours to talk about our stories of restoration in the things he got done for us freedoms of defendant and how the food on the and why it's worth going through that process. I don't think anyone to tell you it's an easy process that I don't think I notice I didn't say it was worth going to consider the masculine register for the upcoming boot camp March 31 through April 3. With love to see you there got to see there will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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