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Women and Generosity

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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December 2, 2021 5:09 pm

Women and Generosity

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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December 2, 2021 5:09 pm

Scripture records that women were among the first supporters of Jesus’ ministry. So, what can Christian women learn today from the example of those believers in the New Testament? On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West welcomes Sharon Epps to talk about women and generosity. Then Rob will answer various financial questions from a biblical perspective. 

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Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

Five Joses elders who direct the affairs of the church will double water, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching by Rob West verse establishes the biblical principle that believers are to provide for those who preach the gospel. Some of the first disciples to obey were women joins us today to talk about that will take your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial well it's always a delight to have shared apps on the program. She's a good friend but she's chief operating officer here at Kingdom advisors and frankly I don't know what I'd do without her. Sure and welcome back to the program.

Thank you, Rob. It's great to have you and I'm excited about this topic. I know it's one that you are particularly passionate about and sure you have some unique insights about this topic of women in generosity that you're going to share with us today.

So where should we begin, I think the best place to begin. It's in the word of God. We start there. You mentioned that Scripture records that women were among the first supporters of Jesus ministry.

Something I didn't know for many years. But when we look at the beginning passage of the parable of the seller in link eight.

Listen to what it says. After this, Jesus traveled from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God, the 12 were with him and also some women had been incurred at the evil spirits and diseases, and quite frankly I think I always stopped there and skipped ahead but this is so important. Mary called mandoline from him seven demons had come out Joanna the wife of Tusa manager of Herod's household, Susanna, and many others. Here's the important part, these women were helping to support them out of their own means that Mary Magdalene was one of the first patrons of the early church. Lydia and industrious entrepreneur who strategically funded early missions, women have historically been generous wealth creators and stewards so hereafter.

Your research that's been conducted by the women's philanthropy Institute reveals that households headed by women at all levels of income and wealth are more likely to be generous, but I love that we've established that this began very early that they were among the earliest of patrons and now we see this fascinating researcher and I know you've had the opportunity to drill down a bit into that research. What else are you see well as you know, prior to Kingdom advisors. I was privileged to be a cofounder of an organization called women doing well and we asked that very question we wanted to understand the giving practices of Christian women and so we commissioned the Sagamore Institute center on faith in communities and Baylor University's Institute for the study of religion to design and implement a generosity and women study. We were hoping for 300 respondents, and you'll never guess we were amazed we had more than 7000 Christian women participated in the research, giving us key insights into women and giving in fact I researcher told us that that was a finding in and of itself that we had 7000 women who wanted to participate. It's incredible. And with research. Obviously, the bigger the sample size, the more confidence we can have in the data right absolutely no me share a few key findings was to start with one or two I'm the first one is Christian women are more generous with their time and money than the general population which intuitively might think, but let me give you the numbers. They are 300% more generous with their money and 400% more generous with their time. Now there's a big underlying cause for this and we believe that discipleship plays a major role in shaping generosity among Christian women. Research revealed that the women that had a strong understanding of biblical teaching on stewardship of higher percentages of their income away and in fact we've found that 94% of these Christian women said they wanted to be able to give more that and they currently get so we've got this situation where we have women who are already very generous and yet they're saying we witnessed we could do more Welsh that begs the question, how do they do more. So we come back to the right will talk about some common challenges that hold women back in their giving and how they connect their passions to their giving.

Sure will help us unpack that is well sure that ups joining us today, COO Kingdom advisors much more to come on women in generosity just around the corner collectively was live Rob Webster host joining me today, shared apps, chief operating officer Kingdom advisors were talking about women in generosity sure maturing just before break a research study that she was involved in commissioned by Sagamore Institute and Baylor University to study women and their giving. Ensuring you said that. Amazingly, 7000 with faith participated in the research, which was mind blowing, in and of itself, but one of the steps that you uncovered as a part of the data was that 94% of women surveyed wanted to give more than they currently get up so that begs the question what is holding them back, and it was interesting to us to say that these women were already generous and yet realize that they had not met their full potential that we found three common challenges that hindered them in giving more in the first one. We talk a lot about at Kingdom advisors a moneywise and that's the lack of financial planning. If they don't have a plan, then it's very difficult to have confidence in giving because you're just not sure what that money is needed for this right. The second one really surprised us. In fact, it was one that caused us to go a lot deeper and ask more questions.

And that is they also said that if they didn't have clarity in their personal purpose are their passion for giving.

They were held back from giving normally seen many examples of this played out cents and in the third one is a lack of accountability partners. I may have a plan but in less I have someone that holds me accountable to fulfill my plan is just easy to get distracted.

Yes, it's really fascinating because as you said, with financial planning and purpose and passion clarified in the accountability that will perhaps unleash these women toward a greater sense of being able to live out their generosity calling is that been your experiences you've observed women in their generosity journey. I would definitely has in fact these women recognize that got this greater capacity and many of them sat on a scale of 1 to 5. I'm not even close to five. We only had 20% of the women who thought they were really getting at their maximum capacity and we believe a lot of it goes back to that in the middle challenge that we talked about the sense of calling and purpose, and so we've really looked at, pulled out this group of fact I researcher called them giving Virtuoso. This group of women that were giving in their strong sense of calling and purpose, and we found that women with the highest score on a personal sense of calling or purpose, gave an average 13.7% of their income away women with the lowest score on the scale gave 9% which, if you know the national averages and giving 9% still really great but with almost 5 percentage points more generosity we wanted understand how this purpose tied into this whole equation that is incredible what looked to go a little deeper into the because I know that doesn't even quite told the whole story is impressive as those numbers are. That's a trailer and really what I want to note is that we talk about this word generosity where not just talking about money. So if you're listening today and you think, wow, I'm the widows with just a little bit of oil I don't how this applies to me.

Let me assure you that generosity includes all of life.

It can be our labor are influence, it does include money, but also our expertise and so every one of us has something that we can get. I want to talk a little bit about this purpose and passion thing, and in fact I feel like I need to define the word passion it's been hijacked a little bit. Let's talk about what that is and that is a need that you see that you care about so deeply that you're willing to sacrifice to address it. The best example of passion is the passion of our Lord Lord Jesus Christ was so passionate about us that he was willing to sacrifice his life for us and so defining these passions is an important part of our giving journey as well. So while our purpose is permanent. God gives us our purpose, our passions often change over time and over seasons of life. Most of the time they relate to something that we've experienced are that we've suffered or even a pain in our life.

So, as our relationship with God grows deeper. We believe that our passions also align more with God's passions, and when we learn about what God is passionate about. We understand that we can be interested are passionate about many of the same things. Now some of our friends John Cortina's and Greg Balmer and read a book called true riches, and in that book.

I love how they captured this idea of passion, and priorities of God and they said, throughout Scripture, God reveals three top priorities three big things that he's up to in the world. He invites us to help with each of these and we get to join our eternal dad in doing his work as we take on these task God grows our capacity to love, breaking us free from indifference is so understanding what God cares about get is much better direction for our areas of passion.

We find that the three things that God cares most deeply about clearly from Scripture are serving the poor, saving the lost and strengthening the fellow believers.

The love that because as we look at these big themes that is used Greg Ballmer and John Cortina's and cover serving the poor, saving the lost and strengthening believers. It allows us to be directed toward what's on God's heart and then we can align our passions around that as well and I know question asking sure it is a great way to uncover those passions with more specificity. So give us some questions we can ask ourselves to perhaps identify her own passions. I think these are helpful. By the way, not just for women but also for Ms. so let me include everybody in the audience today. I think just some vision casting thinking outside of my own immediate circumstances. Questions will help reveal this, though a few of these questions are what would I do if I knew I could not fail.

Second one, my friends would say that my soapbox is whatever I'm having conversations with other people. What is it that I keep coming back to you. And that's probably an area of my passion and I think there are several stories I could tell, here but one of those is we had a woman that we were working with that women doing well and she had four or five different opportunities for giving and felt a burden for all of those things. But as we started talking to her. We learned that she had been adopted as a child.

And so, although she had all these many things that she could give to and she felt like a tag that she should just when we started talking about adoption.

She got on her.

So by sample because she so personally had been impacted by adoption herself and so that's when we said you know what you're passion got shown you for your suffering is adoption.

That's what you should really focus on couple more just to help you. What brings me to tears or breaks my heart. And then I always dreamed I would impact the world by and so I think the question here is just spending time with the Lord asking him to reveal to you how he's used the circumstances, the experiences and most of all the pain in your life where you might turn that and be generous to others, but I love the victim your passions to planning accountability and relationships perhaps could be the key to unlocking greater generosity sure you give us a well folks, we vest sure to stick around to help answer some of your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 much more Tacoma money was live.

After this brief. Please state the money was one of a number of Western goes along with me today. Sure, the officer kingdom advisors and I've asked you to stick around for the rest of the broadcast. Although she's passionate about women in generosity. Sure, I know you've taught hundreds of workshops counseled hundreds of families on a whole range of questions and issues related to money and God's word.

In fact, this area is a passion of yours as well.

That's what I was about to say. If you check me out. My passion area is helping people make wise biblical financial decisions. That's fine. Part of kingdom advisors and moneywise well. It's great to have you here and sure is good to be a tag teaming with me as we answer some of your questions today, so we'd love to hear from you whether it's generosity or any financial topic, here's the number 800-525-7000 goats was open. Whether it's saving or giving perhaps improving the credit score. Thinking about the future.

We'd love to hear from you again. 800-525-7000 were to begin in Devonport I will glory.

Thank you for going today. How can we help about my 401(k) and putting it in a lot because I turned 72 in October. I've been employed as a healthcare worker I got my last check in November, but now I'm taking the winter off so can I still take my 401(k) and put it in the wrong notes were you're having to take your required minimum distribution for the first time this year's a right well what I don't know. Do I still have to do that if I take the whole thing out and you know you do the traditional IRA. Even if you continue working past age 72, you are gonna have to start taking the required minimum distribution which used to kick in at 70 1/2 so you want to check with your tax preparer on that just to determine exactly when and how much you need to be taking out based on your age and the balance of the portfolio. So there's a couple of issues here. Number one is for that portion that you need to pull out as required minimum when that point comes that will come out as taxable income. At that point you could then make a contribution to a Roth IRA. So long as you still have earned income you can convert an amount beyond that to a Roth pay tax audit and Roth IRAs do not require a required minimum distribution so that money could be invested and then continue to grow. What is your primary objective been doing all this is just to get it into a place work and continue to grow tax-free or some other objective right so I can take all of my 401K out and then taxes would be paid on that and then I can put the whole thing in a Roth. You will be consider what's called a Roth conversion in the amount above any required minimum distribution would be the amount that you're converting you would pay tax audit of it would go in and then begin growing tax-free.

At that point without a required minimum distribution.

Moving forward, the amount that is subject to a required minimum this year would come out as income and that would have to go in as a new contribution so long as you have earned income which sounds like you do.

So what I would do just got a given all the moving parts hear the tax ramifications you now turning age 72 I would seek the assistance of a tax professional who can really walk you through this to make sure that the timing and the dollars really all lined up so that you're not caught off guard with any taxes that would come due, and that you can satisfy the required minimum in full so I would seek that out to especially this year.

Given some of the changes that are coming down the pike for you. Just mention one of the thing that might be of interest to you and it's called a qualified charitable distribution. It's essentially where you can satisfy that RMD required minimum through a direct contribution to a charity or ministry. In doing so you reduce your adjusted gross income by the amount that's given satisfy your RMD in the ministry is blessed by the full amount of the contribution it's transferred and that can be used to offset other giving you would have done directly out of cash. So something to consider. There, but I think at the end of the day at six and professional counsel. We appreciate your call today and goes back and we can help along the way. Fort Myers, Florida hi Jean, how to help user and thank you might be better to build a house and everything that you rent the house okay let me just clarify a bit so you're building a house in Cape Coral and then you're moving so you've already started construction them.

Do you ever plan to occupy the home.

Leon might hold in the next three months and the house will be ready by February. Okay so you're building this home to go ahead and move at that point once it's completed, you would have the option to either sell it or rent it out as the new construction homes, a right okay and have Yorty located the home that you're going be moving to in Georgia not yet okay and tell us just a little bit about your financial situation or using a construction loan to finance the existing home and then would you have a mortgage on the second on this new home as well. Finding all loan will not be once I will buy my balance and in out looking full whole.

Okay. And do you have any other debt.

No okay and what kind of savings do you have currently. I saw 1KI think I had about $21,000 in a night when I think I have $500 and I have about the 11,000 very good. 11,000 savings you're planning to rent some points in Georgia you'd like to buy a home is a right or less question for me and then we'll get Sharon to weigh in. When you when the home is completed. How much do you think based on everything you know today would sell for and what would be the mortgage balance. 41. My feet were around 80 very good. Let's do this work in a pause for a brief break in the we come back sharing her thoughts only and is well and this is money was doing this today from what it was like the look of wisdom for your financial decisions are brought westward to me today. Sure Financial teacher speaker. Also, chief operating officer.

Kingdom advisors and just before the break. Sharon and I were the one gene gene storm, the one with us. He was sharing that he's about to complete a new construction home that he's financed. He believes he'll have somewhere around 35,000 or so in equity when the home is complete, but he's moving to Georgia. The homes in Florida and when he gets there he'll have about 11,000 in emergency savings, perhaps about 30,000 in retirement accounts and Sharon how would you counsel Jean as he thinks about this decision.

Will Jean I had just one more question for you, and you have experience with rental homes.

No okay what based on what you're telling is today one of the things we always like to think about is that as we have investments that they be areas that we have experience in and I think that combined with the fact that you're not going to be local with the home.

So if you think about it, if that pipes break or something like that you would be trying to manage it out-of-state. It sounds like there may be some other ways that you could take that equity and use it so thanks for asking the question today.

I think that it would be wise in this market where the prices have gone up to take that equity and use it other ways generally appreciate your call today. I think you'll be glad to have that extra money so when you do find your new home in Georgia you're ready to buy that with at least 20% down. God bless you serve on to Glen Ellen, Illinois hi Sharon, how can we help you I wanted and now we have that I don't have any bad we paid off all like that except for our old and we refinanced to a smaller API and we have some extra money we also have our 401(k) and everything.

I don't have a full-time job I were my husband does have a full-time job.

But we have some extra money we don't know whether or do we keep in the bank right now that we don't know what the future call with the market going up and down or do we do we put it in my cane or do we put it in crypto. We don't know how much would you say you have a margin that's your surplus on a monthly basis over and above your bills and any predetermined contributions or making retirement accounts, things like that because I'm not contributing right now to my 401(k) at my right 401(k) and just sitting there were not punching my husband is still contributing to his own 401(k) so I don't know.

Should we put cash that we have not in the bank right now but should we put that mild either in 401(k) or justify not just talking about a surplus that you have this coming in over and above your expenses were talking about cash that you have as a reserve that you're wondering about investing and how much do you have set aside like rain 50,000 and does that include what I would call your emergency savings was that over and above your reserves bent over and above are okay so you have an emergency savings separate from one emergency okay great that's hopeful description.

Journal your thoughts will Sharon let me ask you this. First of all let the name I left 97 else that shares my name and tell me about your husband and your goals. Do you have goals or things that you're saving for.

In particular for the future so we try that well worth saving for well and dial in 10 years we should be retiring, so those are two main that we are planning to leave for either timing or ice on college Dean Bellamy in fifth grade right now this is a great time to begin thinking about saving for his college. If you haven't done so already, that would be a wonderful use of the funds, but I really before you lock up those funds in a retirement account. I would encourage you to sit down with your husband and really map out your goals over the next 3 to 5 years. Are there things that you that are important to you to do and make sure that your funding those as well. As your retirement. We don't want to get so far out on looking at our long-term goals that we forget about the things that we need to do in the next 3 to 5 years or so I think that's great advice Sharon so perhaps you and your husband have a money date to begin to unpack that.

Think about your goals alongside your values. What's God doing in your family in the short-term and medium-term and long-term, and then match those funds with a commensurate investment strategy whether that's a specific account like a 529 for college or retirement savings.

We appreciate your call today quickly to Becker, Minnesota hi Chris, how can we help you, but I would like to start the spell that all that the college so that there we agreed that we would not, you're not at liberty that all equipment like 3D printer you are literally capital to go. That's really helpful sure sounds like he's done a lot of things right and doesn't God use our mistakes in the past to help us in the future. In fact, I always know that the Lord's working on me in some area. If he calls me to teach on it so it sounds like you've been in that place as well. You know, generally I think I'm getting a loan to start a business is like the credit card question.

It actually you don't have a certain way to repay. And that's what we really look at when we look at Marlene you have a certain way to repay and the other thing I think is that at loans between family members often become as source, and a sore subject. In fact, I I really encourage family members if they really do feel like they want to give money to someone do it that way rather than alone and I know I know your mom I is sounding like she's very drink generous and wants to help in that way, but I would caution you in thinking about taking out a loan from a family member or really anyone else I guess my question will be, are there potentially any assets that you might have that you might sound fun the funding for the 3D printer much does the printer cost you know about okay alright well I think I would encourage you to find ways other than borrowing to finance that start up and then you'll be free to go. Very good.

Chris, thank you for going all the best to you and these new endeavors. Perhaps waiting for God to provide the resources to buy this equipment with cash is just the confirmation you need to proceed, but that sounds like an exciting endeavor and I'm glad to hear you have your bills covered through your day job to keep us posted along the way. We got some lines open Rob West Sharon epsilon with you today hundred 525-7000 800-525-7000, much more, but he was wise. Rob West with you today, Sharon Epstein, officer kingdom advisors.

She's also a financial teacher and writer in she's joining me today to not only speak about women and generosity where we begin today, but also to take your calls and questions before we head back to the phone so let me just mention as we head toward your end moneywise live moneywise media is entirely listener supported and so would consider us beyond the giving to your local churches you prayerfully consider where to align your passions with your giving here at year-end, we would certainly be grateful.

Everything we do on the air through our coaches and the money was Alpine even on the moneywise website is as a direct result of your financial support you can give quickly and securely online moneywise just click the donate button. Thanks in advance Sharon just before the break we were talking about borrowing from family members. You said be careful and I couldn't agree more. Ghetto skews me borrowing changes the relationship does it really does. Suddenly you're wondering about expectations.

You can even hear and to innocent things people say I wonder if it's innuendo about not paying back. It just creates a whole level of complexity that we like to avoid this exact road wise counsel puts it back to the phone Houston, Texas. Raul, thank you for holding and how can we help you hi Robin, yes or yeah I don't so go so I have been my studies that I've been looking for you and you can see, last month I came out of my depth. I mean, I get that on 6000 804,000 blog marks from my monthly rent and you know, God of your mind.

And then I'm in my devotion to the church so let's also be left with the credit under my question to you is I need in a blight on you hugging effectively can I money yes. Well first of all congratulations Rowley so sick you're making a lot of great decisions.

I heard that your giving regularly in your living well below your means. You paid off some debt that means you living modestly and giving careful attention to your stewardship of God's resources and Sharon with a margin a surplus of about $2800 with role just getting started. How should you think about using well, let's talk first about your savings are also how how are you saving money I don't have any other option arm and I'm not on how can I what am I auction how can I go like that. So he started what we call an emergency fund would which would represent 3 to 6 months of your expenses yeah yeah yeah I have like three months of expenses that I paving the account like I like almost 15,001 great. So not only be paid off your debt. You're also well on your way of getting that emergency fund established. We always want you to have that emergency fund in place before using your money for other things. So when we look at that we think in terms of your goals.

Your saving goals for the short term and for the long term. I'm let me ask have you started any retirement savings on the playground around.

Yes. All right. Well that might be something to consider, as well as thinking in terms of your goals over the next 3 to 5 years. The things that you hope that you can accomplish. Can you put money aside each month towards those goals and you have a great amount to start with you.

That's exactly right. I think insurance right on in the sense that as you look at those short to medium-term goals. Rubble, you may be looking wanting to buy a whole well working what you have at least 20% for the down payment on that house. So that may be a place to direct a portion of this to sink that with when you might like to make that purchase. That's 12 months from now or longer for you to build that up.

Well, that could take a portion of this 2800 and then the rest at a minimum. If you have a 401(k) with matching at work when you start there and then beyond that fund a Roth IRA.

So think as you begin to clarify these goals. It will become clear how you should allocate that money in terms of retirement savings or other goals that perhaps are going to happen a bit quicker. I would love for you to connect with one of her money was coaches you can do that on our website moneywise they be happy to walk with you in making some of these decisions and perhaps get into the finer details, but we appreciate you checking in with us. Keep up the good work you're making some great decisions and well on your way to a strong financial future.

We appreciate your call. Chicago, Illinois.

W MBI hi Tammy, thanks for calling out will my car better rate. My rate right now my interest rate is about 9.3 is a little high and the interest rate that would refinance at 5.9, but it would spread out over a year and 100 and the terms that I have right now. The payment decreased from 419 like three, 44, Mark let that be reasonable think that you like that is, continue with the payment that I have now yeah you process this decision sure well to me. We would want to talk about other obligations that you have but let me just telling on the surface. With this opportunity. I might suggest that you refinance. But consider going ahead to keep your current payment.

If you do that you'll actually pay off your car seen her and that's without knowing about your other debts and saving situation, but taking advantage of refinancing a car loan is always helpful. There are not prepayment penalties. So getting that lower interest rate would be good, but you can always pay ahead and so we would encourage you to think about paying ahead and not extending the length of the loan out longer. I couldn't agree more.

Make sure you check us a few offers before you make a final decision. If you are to refinance and I couldn't agree more shared about continuing your current payment, don't take advantage of the lower payment just because it's available. Let's continue to pay at that higher amount, but at a lower rate paying it off quicker. Timmy bank or nerd could be a great resource to find the very best loan programs and if your credit scores improved.

Perhaps you got a little more credit history now to allow you to qualify for some of those lower rates that could be a real benefit, especially with that high auto loan rate up near 10% of the refinancing makes a lot of sense. We appreciate your call to finish today in Ohio.

Lisa, thank you for your patience. I can we help you you off my call on Holly. I was working for a company for about 3 to 4 years when I was in my 20s.

Now I'm in my 40s and I had opened up and find out when I apply for the job for the 401(k) over the years.

When I left that particular job. I know that that the 401(k) would actually follow me. But with that being said, the company actually close and when the company closer they got bought out by another company. I never actually got the information for the 401(k) in regard to that and so I'm trying to find out now. How can I retrieve that information you have an old statement. Lisa from your old 401(k) that might list the plan administrator where the custodian was this 401(k) I know I don't. I do know the name of the company.

The name of the company like Alliant credit, insurance, and at that time and I believe they got bought out by case, I would confirm that and then once you do I contact the HR department at progressive and just let them know you're an employee of the former company that was purchased and you're trying to locate your old 401(k) will be able to research the plan administrator was whether was Fidelity or Vanguard, or any number of other custodians.

You will then be able to call in with your name and Social Security number. I suspect you'll be able to nail that down if thought all all of that sales of the Department of Labor may be a source for you as well. There were plans required to file an annual tax retort return a call to five 5500 and searching for that particular plan through your former employer's name you might be able to chase down that way but I'd probably start with the new employer and see if you can go through the HR department because they'll have all those historical records from the company that they purchased and can probably help you build it down to some extent want for your time and you are okay Lisa, we proceeded to go to the God bless you Sharon. It was a lot of fun having you here with us today. We started today talking about generosity and I know one of the things we talk a lot about you mention this is that you need to uncover your passions as a relates to your giving.

You need to have a plan but you also need to have relationships. People that are encouraging you to lead lean into your generosity opportunity what's been your experience there. That's absolutely true. When I am excited about my giving can share with others and gives me encouragement along the way. It also helps me to see the difference that I'm making in the lives of the people that I'm helping so it's great to find a friend that has a common passion with you and let me remind you don't have to have a lot of money to be generous, and so perhaps during this season. You can even find a way to volunteer in an area that you're passionate about, to help define where you want to focus but it's a great observation because I think especially at this time of year. This is something we want to be thinking about and get your family involved in those giving opportunities as well.

By the way, if you visit our website moneywise there's a featured article there that we posted recently called seven ways to avoid Christmas spending stress and if you'll find a link to a great resource. We just published 25 acts of generosity that you and your family can get involved in this Christmas season. Check it out with some very practical ideas and Sharon thinks it's been fun. Thank you moneywise live is a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media was a thank you my team today. Deb Solomon was here today anyway is producing Jim Henry on research want to say thank you to Melody as well, for her excellent call screening.

Thank you for being here for you tomorrow accomplish

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