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A Wide Variety

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 30, 2021 10:30 pm

A Wide Variety

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 30, 2021 10:30 pm

A Wide Variety

Steve talks about a wide variety of things today. Steve set up the Christmas tree! This is the season to be jolly, or is it?


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Thank you and God Bless

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your whole work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble are as my friends up in Chicago. It's a values doing are you doing up. Anyway good to be back good to be with you.

Merry Christmas one and all and every right not great start. Radios work and everything is good.

We like that when it happens, and so praise the Lord for that of the several things I want to do today a lot of different stories and things I want to share with you and try to apply our biblical worldview in a way that's honoring to the Lord and that's the norm is that not as we go through these days together so a lot going on tomorrow is a big day. Okay, so here's what I want to do want to talk about the Supreme Court. Tomorrow is the biggest abortion case that I've seen in probably probably since I been paying attention. Would you go back to about 2004. So last 17 years. I think this the biggest abortion case, the Supreme Court, so talk about that some good news. That's good news that it's there and it's good news that they're talking about will see what happens.

Another good news story. Judge blocks buying vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states bad news pilot Mountain here in North Carolina have ever been out there. I've been out there with my two sons, Boy Scouts, separate trips. Zona talked about pilot mounds, said what's going on there. The Waukesha Christmas parade nightmare which a lot of police officers. They are now starting to say that that they believe it was intentional wasn't just he was escaping the scene of another crime, because the guy was a major league multi-decade criminal dirt bag who Jesus loves and died for. So I try to keep that in mind when I'm reacting to these things, but the media is not doing much with that and there's some reasons behind that perhaps we'll talk about that a good story how Magic Johnson is sharing more about his faith in Christů Was encouraging the share that with you five time a reason for the reason for the season of Advent.

A great story from John Stonestreet at the Colson Center is a great reminder of Advent.

What is that word even mean if I have time and if not, I'll do it tomorrow a case for capital punishment reasonable to read this little three page paper due is because one of my high school ethics. Students wrote it. It's excellent and I just want you to hear so you can be encouraged that we actually have some young people out there thinking clearly thinking biblically and communicating effectively and so I want to share that.

If I have time. But let's take a moment together.

If you will. And let's pray too much breaking news too much said news these days and I don't know if you saw this this literally just happened earlier today was another school shooting. This one looks like at least three students were killed and others injured in a shooting at a Michigan high school. There's a teenage suspect in custody and so you know it's it's it's feeling more all the time like in the days of Noah right to smash and grab a be seen that in these store robberies that are going on with six kids, eight kids, 20 kids whole teams of kids coming in and just ripping the stores off. Nobody does anything, it's just brutal but I want to take a minute if you will. And let's pray for at least three students dead, a 15-year-old suspects in custody 15 and so this just heartbreaking. So would you join me.

Let's just pray for the folks their father guy we come before you Lord with a lament of broken hearts once again, as we see what were capable of doing to one another. Lord, in this horrific story.

15-year-old shoots and kills at least three classmates Lord and it's just such a sad indication of where our world is that where were headed until your son comes back so we just pray especially for the families of those that have been killed today for the family and friends.

We pray Lord for that. The family and the friends of the shooter.

We pray for the shooter themselves Lord for you to work miracles, and that life. We pray for all the kids and everybody else on the as other students.

The Lord that had to endure this and will be struggling with this for days and months, perhaps years to come. Most likely, so we just pray your superintending hand over all of it for grace and mercy for your spirit to move up for your church to show up in a Powerful Way, Lord, to minister to everyone there and care for them and serve them and we pray that somehow someway larger name would be glorified that the gospel would be shared and that there might even be souls added to the kingdom. As a result of this terrible tragedy. But we especially looked up the family and the parents and siblings of the kids that have died in the one to pull the trigger and we just pray all that in Jesus name, amen. And so that's let's all work on that that our first reaction should not be political it should be to talk about guns or what this party or that party but just lament got all book in the Bible called Lamentations, which should remind us that that should really when we see these terrible stories. How often do we lament first. I think usually we go hard-core on on a Texan. My political position and what's going on with the other culture yada yada yada and all that stuff where we should be a broken and contrite hearts about the condition the world around us. I don't know how many emails you've gotten today because it's giving Tuesday, but I do not get more emails on any other day of the year than I do on giving Tuesday which happens to be today so opportunities out there for for all of us to be generous just asked the Lord to come to direct your path and lead you to what you should maybe invest in today and for lack of a lot of these, but not for profits they are using utilizing a matching system. Facebook does some of that entity qualified and get some matching dollars for that which I appreciate that Facebook does something like that.

Yesterday we had our friends at the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. That's the international legal and research Institute working to give a voice to the voiceless in Israel. We had a floppy on yesterday was the CEO I you didn't get to hear from her. Many of you on the radio, but on Facebook like we did in the really a voice for the voiceless.

Also helping Christian the Christian minorities there. In Israel there, like an alliance.

Defending freedom type group there in Israel. They were on yesterday and in trying to get the funding through the end of the year to help with all the work that they're doing there in Israel and utilizing the legal processes we've learned to do here in America.

Unfortunately, so if you want to check that out and learn more and perhaps so a seed of financial support parent giving Tuesday that I would encourage you to check that out. J super easy website. They were on yesterday's of you want to go watch the the Facebook or YouTube live from yesterday and check out floppy hers and her sharing and live from Jerusalem and we did that yesterday so J. is the website. J By the way, I'll talk to you about this ministry.

The radio ministry my ministry as we get deeper into December because the errands really really important for us as well. But I'm talking about you today sure you get enough emails for giving Tuesday when we come back to work our way through these important stories, but will start with what's happening tomorrow. The US Supreme Court, one of the biggest abortion cases they've heard in a long time. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble so don't go anywhere will be right back.

Looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble children to be with you all and Merry Christmas tomorrow at the Supreme Court. This is a big deal. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in the most consequential abortion case since Roe versus Wade case Dobbs versus Jackson women's health organization presents the court with the opportunity to overturn Roe and correct.

One of the great race acts of judicial arrogance history. This is obviously an opinion piece okay, but it's got some good facts in here in so what do we need to do tomorrow. We need to do what should we do tomorrow will just remember throughout the day, especially in the morning to pray pray for the members of the Supreme Court. Pray for of the boldness that they would need to take action on abortion that this deck is stacked against that in this country and pray for the lawyers that are dealing with the case that this is an imprecatory prayer all pray for the ones protecting abortion that they have a train wreck and just do a terrible job forget what they have to say instantly bumbling idiots. It's okay to pray for that, especially in this case and in pray for clarity and effectiveness in an influence with the ones that are going against abortion case, let's do that tomorrow in jobs, the court considers the constitutionality of a Mississippi law that limits abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, with exceptions for health emergencies and fetal abnormalities. The statute conflicts with the courts controlling abortion case cases Roe and Planned Parenthood versus Casey, which held that laws may not pose an undue burden on abortion prior to viability in 1992, the court had the opportunity to overturn Roe and Casey, but instead I reaffirm the essential holding of Roe while placing rose legal reasoning, wholesale or replacing a notable justification articulated by the Casey court for upholding Roe was its concern for the courts own legitimacy dilatory by the courts will own legitimacy when it comes to killing babies. That's great, but controlling opinion concluded a decision to over rule rose essential holding would come at the cost of both profound and unnecessary damage to the court's legitimacy, what, why should I care why should you care, why should any of us care about the court's legitimacy when it comes to an issue as consequential as the legalized murder of unborn children. It's disgusting.

But Casey didn't bolster the court's legitimacy perpetuated the divisions and said it was putting to rest, that's for sure. And we been more more divided over the abortion issue for years. The major problem with Roe from a constitutional perspective is that the court took something that appears nowhere in the Constitution, and which therefore is left to the states and promoted it to a fundamental right, nothing in the Constitution's text structure history or tradition supports this innovation. The courts exercise of raw judicial power thus usurped American's ability to determine whether and how to regulate abortion when the court exercise that sort of judicial supremacy, the justices transform themselves in the political picture figures. Most important, dangerous political figure in the nation. Given this, we should be surprised that the confirmation process has become correspondingly more political and even mired in smear campaigns like Cavanaugh's what's right River that is Molly Hemingway and the author. This article wrote injustice on trial the nations abortion regime is dependent on the Supreme Court's decision, creating a federal right to abortion. Accordingly, the left demands the confirmation of justices who perpetuate the current constitutional fiction that is Roe and the other case Casey and Dobbs, the one that's coming up. The court will have the opportunity to undo grievous wrong by overturning Roe and Casey, the court can acknowledge that those decisions represented a cataclysmic break with the Constitution and have only undermine American law and politics and Sarah decided the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Of course you see that in the declaration of independence in the Constitution. The preamble of the Constitution.

We got issues there and we got issues of equal protection of law through for every citizen for every human being in America right if you're born in America, your citizen. Consequently your citizen in the womb as well and so you have rights as an American citizen in the womb is going to be a citizenship test Winterbourne right so they'll have equal protection of the law right there unconstitutional on its face. Okay, so make sure your praying tomorrow. Kids can be very, very big day in the news getting it spun all over the place, but as people of the book. If you're in Christ, we should all be praying tomorrow. It's a huge deal tomorrow. This is good news. Judge blocks abiding vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states. You know, a federal court halted Pres. Bynes Cove 19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states. This just happened the other day. This the skills.

The scale falls clearly in favor of healthcare facilities operating with some un-vaccinated employees, staff, trainees, students, volunteers and contractors rather than the swift and remediable impact of requiring healthcare facilities to choose between two undesirable choices, providing substandard care, providing no healthcare at all because there's plenty of people in the healthcare industry friends that don't want to get vaccinated should be there right so this is Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming Bynes not never fit order applied to health workers and hospitals that receive federal funding through Medicaid and Medicare, with Biden arguing that the rule is needed to help slow the spread among the nations, healthcare workers, but shelf.

The judge ruled the order likely exceeded Biden's authority you think quote Congress did not clearly authorize CMS to enact this politically and economically vast federalism altering and boundary pushing mandate which Supreme Court precedent requires. He wrote in his opinion the 10 states to the administration shortly after the order was issued. Think God.

The ruling comes days after OSHA announced that it was suspending its enforcement of Biden's vaccine mandate for private employers with more than hundred employees after it too was blocked by federal courts. What's going on here as I know many of you and friends of mine that are risking the loss of their jobs. They don't want to take the vet the vaccine for various reasons.

Some of them because they found out that it's in its development. All three of them that used fetal cell tissue in the development not in the actual product itself that gets injected into your orbit in the development of that product, like not knocking to benefit from an abortion. They're aware of it and because it's being mandated. There you go. That's your religious exemption clause, which is why we had Tony Piller from visage law firm on their here probably on several times in the show. Talk about. So what was the point. The bike ministration knew this was gold up.

They knew some court somewheres and is a no, sorry, there's that old document because you forgot the name of it. The U.S. Constitution that's going to prohibit you from doing this is the massive overreach and OSHA came in, be used to do stuff like this massive overreach, but it gave all these companies. Many of them are led by very liberal minded people that gave them all kinds a cover to go ahead and wait while we gotta do it. And now that OSHA is not following up in the Biden ministrations getting shot down courts all over the place for the mandate.

How many of these companies are going oh okay everybody, forget it. Very few I don't know of any personal friends actual friends, digital friends, whatever. Ivan seen that story in our were people like oh yeah my employers at all since they can enforce it. You know not not constitutional, my employer dropped the mandate.

No that was covered because they know, but especially the big corporations. Most of them are run by liberal minded people and so by being but a boom is all the way back to Jen Saki talk about. He know where knocking to do any mandates known one that's up to private businesses that they want to do it but the Vita ministration paved the way and so so you are suffering as a result is, and that charming but thank goodness.

These cases are going forward. And you have to fight back. You really don't have any rights unless you fight for personal you know what they are in the second. Gotta be willing to stand up and fight for, which means going to court now. Unfortunately for a lot of people you just can't afford a lawyer right it's intimidating, I mean hiking to take on Honeywell how you take on AT&T hiking to take on the huge employer. If you don't, nobody else does, they get away with so freedom and liberty has to be fought for, to be maintained otherwise it gets taken from our founding fathers knew that and we should all learn that more and more all the time. This is Steve Noble and the seasonal show don't go anywhere will be read back at Steve Noble the Steve Noble show working our way through sums worries that I think are interesting and important. This one is really kind of sad, especially if you live here in North Carolina like I do you know Popeye the amount right up off of 52 Mount airy Andy Griffith show all that stuff.

Pilot Mountain fire burns estimated 1000 acres so started early Saturday evening and like you know pilot Mountain and any of you that have live in north Carolina driven around this area is just north of Winston-Salem and you have the big rock formation that sticks out that almost looks like Devils Tower out West. And then there's another like shoulder to it in the amount of course itself." In it to integrate Park State Park. I think I've been out there with both my boys during Boy Scouts and the whole thing. Even that the tall part that looks kinda like Devils mount even that part.

There is the fire up there so I started a thousand acres a call about the fire came in around 5:15 PM on Saturday. Dozens of firefighters not battling the fire on the mountain weather conditions continue to make the blaze challenging to fight. It is been several weeks without any significant rain. If you live in North Carolina you know that to be true. No homes have been damaged so far, but that's a bummer to hear about that pilot Mountain was a drag. Let's see, I took the Waukesha Christmas nightmare right.

The Christmas parade nightmare which the mainstream media isn't doing a lot with because it would appear perhaps and Rhonda Santos, Gov. Santos Dunn of Florida is just talking about this. I think today or yesterday that well it doesn't it doesn't really fit the narrative now different people had been involved a white person versus a black person does that change the story does that just doesn't change the tragedy of it but that would that change the story in the media. I think unfortunately an answer that is yes. I don't know for sure, but odds are pretty good and so you know that that you saw that in the cover original terrible accident terrible tragedy, why white driving to the crowd and why continue to drive in the crowd, then you have a question, who is a Scott McKay Darrell Brooks, who I just received $1000 bail despite red flagged rating court documents now show when deputies walk Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks in front of Milwaukee judge on November 5 after he allegedly ran over his acts with the same SUV used in the deadly Christmas parade attacks. Weeks later a pretrial investigator had already raised flags about a serious potential to commit more crimes if left let out on bail which he was.

The court was aware of both his exists. Extensive criminal past.

Stretching back to decades in the active risk he presented to the public.

The documents show a graph outlining his risk factors labeled him a six for the risk of new criminal activity. The most severe rating available. The investigator also recommended pretrial supervision and mental health evaluation yet. The assistant district attorney in court commissioner in the case that is bill of thousand dollars. Anyway, a thousand bucks center Cornwall, the commission was set Brooks's bill is not responded to any request for an explanation got Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm of you heard about him. So this is one of those folks it's out there, probably assisted at some point by George Soros is been trying to get DAs in all of the country to propagate his vision for America, which is messed up was that Lisa Nelson investigation into his own office for this inappropriately low bail amount of thousand dollars, but this is a guy that's trying to redo the criminal justice system. You see this on San Francisco another liberal city to see it happen in New York work document working of Lobel's argument catch and release for the most part do it on the southern border. So when I do it in New York City and so this whole approach is kind of social justice woke type approach that you gotta just throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Give a whole criminal justice system.

Now I agree in some ways that somebody just got busted for possession of marijuana should not go sit in jail for two years. We got way too many people in jail find the tar out of them and then back to go now they're dealing you get significant amounts but somebody like this guy with a rap sheet to decades long violent criminal. He should've been out more than two decades serving time in prison. Racking up convictions for domestic violence, child sex crimes firearms drugs and battery discussion and never been out most of the type of people that you lock him up because they clearly are knocking to be changed outside the system and you just gotta get them off the streets because these people would be alive today. The trauma and like 60 people other people were injured.

Six now have died, including a little boy I think he was 8 inches horrendous policing Waukesha Christmas parade attack was intentional from another story. A police officer witnessed it. I believe suspect Darrell Brooks carried out an intentional act of striking heard hers in a people as possible. I don't anybody talk about hate crime course right rated outlets were more likely to label the incident at the Waukesha Christmas parade is an attack from the start while left incinerated outlets initially use the terms tragedy and accident until more details were revealed. And here's another story. And this talk about the police officers. As I continue to watch the SUV. It continued to zigzag drive in a zigzag motion. It was like the SUV was trying to avoid vehicles, not people. One witness said there is no attempt made by the vehicle to stop much less slow down.

Prosecutors allege in a detailed criminal complaint that authorities tried several times to stop Brooks during the deadly incident caught on camera but he refused to yield the detective stepped in front of a car pounded on the hood and yelled multiple times to stop at Brooks continue driving westbound on E. Main St., which was the route of the parade. Another Waukesha, a police officer mentioned in the complaint also states he tried to stop Brooks during the attack, including standing directly in line with the vehicle at his hands up. The officer said Brooks was looking straight ahead directly at him, and it appeared he had no motion on his face.

The offices at one point a Brooks appeared to rapidly accelerate causing his tires to squeal as he took an abrupt left turn into the crowd of parade participants videos of the incident posted online show the car apparently trying to swear before plowing into the crowd. The car continued directly into the parade, running over people, as attendees frantically tried to scatter away and screams filled the air. And so is the media going to deal with this. Jesse's justly small that whatever his name is his case is going on today as well as Gives Ln., Maxwell.

I don't how much are you here about this in the mainstream media because with gives Lane. I mentioned this yesterday. She could probably finger a whole lot of people a lot of powerful people, political people from Clinton on down that were involved in Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile exploits in his island out there. Just crazy sick stuff. You can hear much about that and what this guy the Christmas parade driver.

You might not hear much about that at all either doesn't fit the narrative justly small, which now they have on security footage appeared by member that he think the whole thing. Those two guys yet. She set it all up actually rehearsed it. They had that on video and so when people came ounce and he's faking a racially motivated hate crime is a black gay man. I hope they give the maximum which would be three years in jail because look at the look at the talk about throwing more gas in the fire in this country, but that's why you have to investigate yet to be discerning and wise. You have to investigate and by the way, look out for your own confirmation bias. Okay, I struggle with that myself. Confirmation bias, which means I'm just look at the headline and if he agrees with my particular worldview, to go at that. If it doesn't, blow it off. You be careful with your own confirmation bias don't implicitly trust a single media source not not okay if it's Fox News, the daily wire. The right to left dental care. You cannot bless implicitly trust any of because everybody's got an agenda and they're all competing for your dollars.

Your dollars in my dollars are all competing for advertising revenue. So you gotta be more sensational. Click bait all kinds of stuff so just be aware of that beware of your own confirmation bias.

Be careful. I thought this was an interesting story. I didn't know this about Magic Johnson. Did you Magic Johnson expresses is in the Christian Post Magic Johnson express get gratitude for his Lord and Savior early this month as he celebrated the many blessings he's received in life after his HIV diagnosis. 30 years ago. Quote God is really blessed me. Johnson wrote in a November 7 Twitter post today marks 30 years living with HIV. So the message resonated with me in such a tremendous way.

I think the Lord for keeping me giving you strength and guiding me for 62 years, but especially the last 30 through it all he tweeted. I learned to trust in Jesus and I learned to trust in God! In a subsequent tweet. It was on a serious morning recently with his wife talking about this Doris part, Johnson said, was telling his wife about his HIV status. The couple had been married for just over 40 days.

I don't remember that I recently found out that cookie was pregnant with their son Irvin Johnson, the third Johnson primary concern, he added was that he not pass the virus on to either of them. I was scared to death. He said I wanted to make sure that she was going to be okay. The baby was going to be okay and then I could move forward with trying to make sure that I was going to be okay. Over the past 30 years. Johnson has taken a cocktail of medications as part of his daily routine. He since reduced taking medication three times a day to only once a day now. He said the virus is undetectable, meaning the antiretroviral treatment has reduced the HIV virus to such a low level that is not detectable by standard blood tests cookie who King described as the epitome of the marriage vows that her primary concern was her husband's well-being and survival court. It wasn't how he got it.

That was important to me. It was your possibly going to die and that trumped everything cookie said this is his wife, adding that she assumed he probably contracted the virus through sexual contact, since he never had a blood transfusion right. So how do you deal with that. Well you could appeal the biblical case for divorce right we could try down the thread walked on the road to grace and mercy which is what she chose in 2019. Johnson is now an outspoken Christian stepped down from his role as president of operations for the Lakers so he and his wife could devote more time to West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles is truly a blessing when you know what direction you're going in. Johnson said that such a change for me because now when I go to speak to corporations. I lead out by praising the Lord, you can certainly touch somebody else. When you praise the Lord that's great story and close on Christmas everybody so no dark that the annual thing walking in the store say Merry Christmas to people but the smile on your face. Don't do it is like a minute to get up your nose. Merry Christmas Lauren Christmas that we don't really do that that much anymore. Right there is a time for several years and we got engaged when it is called action and took out a full-page ad with our friend a Bishop Patrick a wooden senior at the upper room Church of God in Christ. This is all the way back like when we first started as activists is the December 2004.

That's when the war Christmas really started and then stores would put up holiday trees and Christmas trees we see here in the studio. We have a Merry Christmas from Steve that the mill will show a banner now on the TV as opposed to the regular show banner and we have the Star Wars theme the Christmas story tree in the background. Okay which also plays music rights can hear that the set funny hello know you don't like the dark stuff about this the Star Wars theme that's lit up like show Star on top of the Christmas tree here in the studio. If you want to check that out. You have to join us on Facebook Liber YouTube live and you can see that Christmas, but it's that time year so let's make sure smile spread some joy and some love smile and say Merry Christmas. Don't worry about that. I mean how many people actually get upset with you.

You note your mast down and say Merry Christmas don't wear a mask and say Merry Christmas. Whatever, I'm totally got mask fatigue. I walked in several stores today and where mask and nobody said anything. I don't even think I got the ugly looks and I think most of us are gonna mask fatigue of people, but Christmas but meaning from your hard don't do it is like a jab, right I'll get up to the soapbox. Okay, this is by John Stonestreet who is an excellent writer's been on the show a few times with the Colson Center this Sunday begins the season of Advent.

A time set aside in the Christian calendar to reflect on the coming of Jesus into the world. The Latin word Adventists from which the word Advent is derived literally means coming Advent places Christ's first coming of the world in a manger in Bethlehem within the larger historical context of redemptive history. By the way, that's the metanarrative the Bible said the metanarrative the overarching story. The Bible's creation fall redemption and restoration creation beginning fall which you obscene about that redemption, which is the gospel story in the and restoration in the restoration of all things. Okay, that's the metanarrative or overarching story.

The Bible is what John is writing about.

It highlights the long promises of God to send his Messiah. At the same time Adventists is the Latin translation of the Greek word parent Perugia, which is usually used repeatedly in the New Testament to describe Jesus's second coming when he will return in glory at the end of the age before this usage by Paul and other New Testament authors Perugia referred this is really fascinating right so listen carefully Brucey are referred to the Emperor's arrival in the city or province when notified of his coming citizens would scramble to properly greet this very important person preparing great feasts and dressing in their finest clothes, the original readers of the New Testament.

Not only would've understood Perugia in this context, but they would've also seen it as an explicit rejection of Caesar's claim to Lordship. While Christians today think and talk of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in personalized terms such as heavy made Jesus Christ Lord of your life. Your life here is Christians understood it as a public definitive and risky proclamation like in some places, saying, smiling at think Merry Christmas. Sometimes it feels risky, doesn't it not set. In other words to say Jesus is Lord Bakhtin was to say Caesar is not by using Perugia to refer to someone other than the Emperor Christians were saying something about who was really in charge. This backdrop is essential to understand why so many early Christians became martyrs Roman tolerate various and eccentric religious beliefs and practices. At times it even incorporate alternative religious celebrations and beliefs in their own what would not be tolerated, however, were rival allegiances nearly 2 millennia later, Christians must still clarify their allegiances. We too are tempted to give ourselves to would be Caesar's are false gods may be more subtle, but they exert power over our thoughts and imaginations and loyalties unless we are intentional we will worship while our would-be lords rarely demand at lease and overturns that we deny the Lordship of Jesus.

They are most effective and distracting us from thinking about what the Lordship of Christ means it requires.

That's why honoring the season of Advent can be incredibly helpful and invites us to prepare to greet the one who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation, through whom all things were created, we too are asked to prepare through prayer and generosity.

We too are invited to array ourselves and our finest garments but in our most refined expressions of truth, love, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Sounds like the fruit of the spirit to prepare our hearts and minds. This way not only to remember Christ's first coming, but to anticipate and hope the second coming is every bit as culturally subversive today as it was 2000 years ago. It's a way of living as if Jesus is Lord, because, well, yes. Right.

I really appreciate this short piece by John Stonestreet posted it on Facebook at the Colson Center. This a great reminder of Advent in the coming of the Lord, and Peru. See, which was how do you react when you know the Emperor's coming in the first century context and everybody get yourself ready get ready because the Emperor's common and that's not go well. If you're not ready and so back then when they're talking about Perugia as first century Christians in the face of the Roman Empire. You're saying nope there's only one Lord in my life. One king, the king, Jesus and the Emperor. Sorry Barco. I'll respect you as the given God-given authority, but I'm not. You're not my Lord, I only have one and so for us in this Christmas season. On the heels of this advent piece Hegel we turn our thoughts inward and upward towards Christ as Lord and Savior.

And this is the time when we celebrate his coming into the world which had to happen. The ink on the incarnation, if you want to read a great book literally from the fourth century. It's incredible on the incarnation. Why did Jesus have to come as a man.

Why did God do that what you focus on, but there's also remember George Barna was on the show couple months ago. 94% of Americans are not operating out of a Christian worldview.

Only 6% of Americans have a rigorous active Christian worldview and they need the gospel. We can assume I don't hear anything about it. Then on here but you know what the Lord is doing euro to spirit my two and he wants us to be part of that so smile and say Merry Christmas to as many people as you can and mean it. Just go out and try to bless people maybe will go back to church this Christmas. Maybe that spark will come back. Who knows what the Lord will do. But let's make sure word word to another part in doing our part out of a love for the Lord, love for neighbor okay I will finish on that this a case for capital punishment gusty. That's a big turn will not really this is written by one of my ethics students okay high school age, ethics, student, and I just want you know I have an understanding what's going on out there with some of our young people are our thinking well and communicating well, which is what our world really needs so here is whoever sheds the blood of man by man shall his own blood be shed for God made man in his own image.

Genesis 96 early in the Bible to make clear that human life is sacred and set apart from the rest of life on earth unlike plants and animals. Man was created in the image of God in Genesis 128 God gave man dominion over the whole earth. Watch over and protect its inhabitants.

Why is it even wrong to murder. Although God gave us permission to kill and eat animals and X 1013. Human life is treated very differently in the Bible. Leviticus 2417 says, and he that kill if any man shall surely be put to death. Exodus 2112 says he that's mine at the man so that he die, shall be surely put to death. Although killing an animal in order to eat. It is loved by God, taking the life of a human is a completely different story because humans are made in the image of God himself. Human life is sacred. One thing that separates humans from the rest of creation is that we can discern right from wrong. We understand from a young age that it's wrong to intentionally hurt people. We understand that it's wrong to scream at people. We understand that it's wrong to steal weave a general understanding of right and wrong of good and evil humans.

No, that killing is evil and must be held accountable because human life is sacred and blessed by God taking a human life is the ultimate evil that one man can do to another. What does the Bible say about murderers well in the verses we went over earlier in Leviticus and Exodus.

It's made very clear. If you rob someone of their life.

You do not deserve your own. Is this true. How can the solution to killing be more killing.

I struggle with these questions a lot. Again, this is one of my high school students wrote this paper for ethics.

After all, your killing another human. Why is the killer's life. Not sacred if he's also made the image of God is at man's planned place to decide who lives and who dies. The answers to these questions lie inside of another question. What's the government's main purpose main purpose of the government is to protect the people and protect righteousness and justice National Geographic rights in the roles of state and federal government that a government is responsible for creating and enforcing the rules of society.

Notice the word enforce people from killing you must punish killers must be punishment for evil, for society to prosper. Imagine a society with no loss. You think it would be good little a good living environment for most people, absolutely not, because human depravity would be chaos and mayhem. What is human depravity. Human depravity is the idea that all humans are naturally evil and self-centered. Robert left them writes in his article titled worse than we think that quote the word depravity refers to a corrupt nature inherent in humanity. Ever since the sin of Adam Joe Thorne for says quote depravity is really about our inability to do what God calls us to do because of our own sinful corruption that we understand human depravity. Let's imagine a society with laws that aren't enforced a chaotic outcome can be expected.

How can you expect people to follow laws. If you don't force the you cannot. Crimes must be punished.

In order to have a civil society so now back to the death penalty in order to keep people from killing the government must punish killers of government recognize the value of human life. It must punish those who violated and in a society that views the taking of life is the ultimate evil punishment for the taking of life must be paying the ultimate price really is not encouraging that the high school student when my students and Mike, one of my Christian ethics classes and they have to use outside resources as well as at least three biblical references than they did a great job.

So take heart, friends, if if you've given up on the next generation. Don't do that.

Pray for support encouraging consent in the classes like my real responsible Christians.

The complaint well. I will teach them how to fake silly what to think about how to think.

I'm encouraged by the this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to again real soon. Like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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