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A Living Hope - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 30, 2021 6:29 am

A Living Hope - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 30, 2021 6:29 am

From the moment of our birth, we all have rebelled against God. But through it all, He has given us a way to be reconciled with Him. Part 2.

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What he's calling people to do is to have hope because they been given to a living hope through the resurrection is only one option for living how someone born again by the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Overcoming that darling Tomas and all of this is moments of hope with Dana topic. Jesus said something profound to Tomas.

Have you believe because you have seen me last are those who have not seen half believed. With this in mind here stated with the conclusion of his message and living help the next doctors the doctrine of the inheritance of the saints versus 489. What is that me, it means that the promises that God is given to us about heaven will happen, our bodies will be made whole. We will have eternal life with God in heaven there will be a place that has no disease, turmoil, trials or difficulties that places promise to us back. Peter says that were kept for that particular place. We are guarded for that last time. I love that were kept you in a bad way. Some insects I got a kept woman was at me. He's hidden or but she security Tommy needs are. I have kept my money in a safe that nobody knows where it is.

That means that money is secure.

Will got is kept you as one of his saints as a perfect vessel guaranteed heaven one day and that heaven is imperishable and undefiled and unfading. Peter says it's perfect in every way. It's guaranteed you. If God is the one who initiated the gift of salvation. You can't give it back to them and if you truly believe the security of your eternal salvation. That should give you what today hoping to give you hope today and then there is the doctrine of the second coming. In verse five to be revealed at the last time. Member God stands over history. He created history is not in history. He's not worried about what's going to happen in the next moment God is not in heaven biting his celestial eternal thing Valero's nails going all know who's going to be elected president of the United States. Those I do not have a Federalist to Christian faith was at me.

My faith is not in the president of the United States. My faith is in the God who sits on the throne of all the heavens, who oversees the United States and all nations. I don't have a Federalist review of my Christian faith. I have a faith in God, who oversees everything so this God who oversees everything. Who knows what's going to happen next. To seize the beginning and the end he knows the ins going to happen. There's a day when he wins Wilson Jesus again in this world will be made complete. That means that all those people who hurt you and get away with all those mass murderers. They don't get away with all those injustices in the world they don't get away with. One day God will come back and make all things right and perfect justice will rule in his world that he created.

Now if that's true, and you believe that Jesus is coming back and will make all things right. One day that you give your heart huge. What hope and then there's the doctrine of the holy Scripture in verses 11 and 12. I love this couple of this, Peter says the Old Testament prophets prophesied and look forward to the day of the cross of Christ. They look forward to the day of the gospel being preached. Peter says the Holy Spirit was the one who inspired them to write their words of the look forward to the future. Did you know there are 125 different prophecies in the Old Testament that are fulfilled in specificity in the New Testament 125 if you just take eight of the and you look at the probability factor of eight prophecies out of 125 being fulfilled in specificity in the New Testament. The odds of that happening are 10 to the 17th power or more specifically it's one with 17 zeros after it and you doubt the authority of the Old Testament you doubt it's God breathed in the Holy Spirit and something like clueless prophets.

Those words in US what about the New Testament. I'm so glad you asked. Thank you so much for the opening part of these verses, Peter says I Peter and apostle was at me means is one of the 12, and Peter told those Jesus told his apostles, when you go out into the world. When you speak and when you write your speaking and writing my very words that Jesus is God which we cling. That means that when they spoke and wrote their speaking the word of God.

So the Gospels Matthew, one of the 12. Mark gave the words of Peter. Luke gave the words of Paul John, one of the apostles. Those gospel accounts were written by apostles. So therefore the very words of Jesus himself.

And when they wrote letters to the churches, which is basically what was the revelation they were correcting wrong doctrine and giving right behavior for people who are followers of Jesus first and second Peter being to those letter and when they wrote they clearly understood it. That's why they would say five: apostle I John apostle I Peter and apostle. They knew they were clearly stating the people.

These words I am writing to you are the words of Jesus himself. If there the words of Jesus himself to the words of God himself.

That means of the old and new Testaments or the word of God.

God breathed, God inspired and you don't have the privilege of saying that books not true, but if you do believe that book and all of its 7464 promises and all that it teaches and gives you about your life now in your future. You should have what great hope as you read this book and you believe it's true.

I'm overcome today with the amount of biblical illiteracy in the church today. Folks, that's your fault you got to make choices to read no understand and obey this book. This is what will set you apart from others. We would call themselves believers in Christ and this will cause you to be a little bit of an exhibit exile, but is true.

The doctrine of the Scripture should give you hope in your future now the evidence of that hope. According to Peter is inexpressible joy, love that term that Peter used inexpressible joy. There's no words to describe the kind of joy that we should know in Christ is just not indescribable. Just unbelievable. It should ruminate in, edify and be evident to every body out there of the Christ lives in us and inexpressible joy. Peter says you've not seen Jesus that you still believe in him that's acute inexpressible joy to in the 20 chapter of John Thomas when the disciples wasn't with the other disciples and one of Jesus resurrection appearances. Jesus did appear later on Thomas and sit in between. Unless I touch the wounds in his hand and on his side will not believe Jesus appears to him and shows him the wounds. There's no evidence he actually touch somebody should Thomas falls to his knees and cries out my Lord and my God worship.

She's in. Then Jesus is something very powerful. Just Thomas. You've seen and believed, but blessed are those who have not seen yet still believe how many of you won't be blessed by God coming on a supernatural touch of God. All of us to then continue to believe that you cannot say Blessed are those who continue to believe but have not seen me to give you this warning even other great joy and hope in our lives as followers of Jesus, Peter gives us a warning. There will be various trials, direct look up the word various in the dictionary.

This we guess what it means various all different kinds of one's there are physical trials. There are relational trials. There are vocational trials all kinds of and just when you think you get not one seemed like another comes your way to your various trials and Peter says that in these various trials got students the God who sits over all history. He sees what's going to happen next to you and what he's doing in these various trials.

If you continue to believe he's refining your faith like goal we drop gold into fire. It removes all the drawers and impurities. The various trials God use us to burn off all of those places that are impure before him. The gods much more concerned with you having a golden faith that he is a golden life and if you really believe he's working all things together for good, and his victory you have hope and give your personal illustration are Michael our youngest son was enjoying swimming.

He was a good college swimmer. He was having some sense of accomplishment and a meet down in Athens, Georgia I couldn't go Marilyn Winton. She texted me and said your youngest son in the 100 free.

Just put up the fastest time in the world this year. What little guy graduating high school, six, 550 pounds takes after his dad to me. I was so proud. But suddenly our son who had gotten some notoriety with swimming, but not a whole lot is thrust into the international spotlight and there's a lot of chatter going around that Michael Chadwick could make the Olympic team in good Rio at the end of the year with all the other American times.

He was in the top six times that was great news because with the Olympic team in the hundred free. You can make a relay. The top six. Get on the team and all the other events. Only the top to get on the team, so he had a chance, a real chance so we got to Omaha and what happens is all the hundreds swim in the event send with 100 free. For example you try to go to the top 16 which was a piece of cake for Michael supposedly then go to the top eight and then you swim off the top eight and I got to speak to people and you're on the team. So Michael's swims in the first large group to get the 16 he dives into the water never happened to them before, and thousands of dives, but the force of his hands hit the water and somehow his left arm was pulled back behind him, he veered off to the left almost had a DQ getting in the lane next to him, but he suddenly swam a furious race and tried to catch up but at the end of the event. He was 18th can catch up. Well, just so you can know a little bit of the story line locked the who.

Michael knows swim with them and swim back became really close friends Ryan Lockey finished 11th and he went to the coaches and said I'll give up my spot so Michael Chadwick and swim, but that makes Michael 17th. He still needs one more. And they went to a few others and asked them if they'd be willing to give up their spot knowing that that wasn't their event. They were gonna make the team and nobody would do it. Michael finished 17th all of his hard work all that he puts forth that effort for done. He's on a heap on the pool deck in his college coach comes up to him and by the way, for those of you who have young kids in the plain sports tries best you can to put them under a godly Christian coach calls next to their parents.

That person will have the greatest impact on their lives became up to. Michael was on the pile on the pool deck is dreams shattered his disappointment. Real aces Michael get up get up you can't stay there.

You gotta get Michael gets up and coach Greg wrote about puts his arm around him starts walking with them said walk with me around the pool as they walk around the pool.

Greg says words like these to my son. I'll be forever indebted Michael. The Lord must not of wanted you good Rio if he wanted you good Rio you good Rio, but he must not desire that and I don't know what he's doing all this he knows you just got a trust you gotta trust and slowly but surely those words of hope gave my son back is equilibrium took him a while but they came back. But here's what I want to share with you this the rest of the story as I share with you.

Michael was very good friends with Ryan Lockey to train together two other of his close friends Gunnar Benson, Jack Conger. He swims against them in college so Marilyn are watching TV one evening and we all of a sudden see the running line of the bottom of the screen. Ryan Lockey and three other swimmers arrested by the Brazilian police for falsifying reports and all kinds of crazy strange behavior. All of them supposedly intoxicated and I sincerely did you to see that season. Then the phone rings. It's Michael put on speakerphone. Mom and dad, are you seeing what's happening yeah sure do son what you think of this he pause for second.

He said if I'd made the team. I've been there so that I know I would've been there.

He said I would've drunk because I don't do that, but he said I would've been there and Jack and Gunnar are good friends I been there they'd invited me to go and I was gone. And then we both begin the process. What would've been like for Michael Chadwick is a deep faith in Jesus Christ and is unashamed about sharing what he would've had to deal with with a press that would've loved to taken a good Christian kid and said he was drunk in the middle of the night urinating in the back of a Brazilian filling station would've been like for him to fly back to Charlotte and get off the plane. Do you think the Charlotte Observer would like that story and what they might've said about me defending ourselves. Nobody was really drinking and for the rest of his life. He would not of been remembered for kid that won a gold medal.

He would've been remembered as one of those out late at night drunk with Ryan Lockey. So maybe, just maybe, the God who oversees history was protecting my son from something far worse. Met maybe God understands rejection is God's protection.

Some you girls who had that awful guy treat you awfully has left you. You should praise God for his departure. Praise God he's gone for not hurting you anymore and that boss who fired you from that job you at the moment, don't know, but God is protecting you from something worse is got something even better for you. Rejection is God's protection and Merrill have thought so what if we had a gold medal hung up in our living room.

Every time we walked by with a header hurt in her heart for the ways that our child would've probably been wrongly caricatured and I'm convinced of it, folks, and I believe that God is doing a gold medal work in his heart that's far more important than giving him a little gold metal that's what I think the Lord's doing. I think he's doing the same thing with you, so swing your various trial. Could you believe that the God of history knows the next step. He sees the next step in what you think the next step is sending me the next step in God is protecting you from something that could really and if you really really believe that what should happen in your heart you should have hope. Hope the gods doing something with the gold of your faith, getting rid of all those impurities all by the way, for those you still have dreams please not try to shatter your dreams. You keep chasing after your dreams.

Just trust God knows how he's going into moments of coming up joins in the studio conversation about ways parents can cannot really write. I am Tony Marciano residence in Europe. Charlotte rescue mission ask you a question will you do when you stand at the intersection of homelessness and addiction in the person's shoes for just the second what is it that you really need.

You probably been one of the individuals who stood at the end of interesting Holderness I miss said hungry will work for food, whichever use the money for food and booze and drugs with it most likely you hate your life you addiction has stolen every aspect of hope going to be part of the fabric of society, but every morning, your addiction screams and you surrender to it. There is one thing you do need and that is transformation the place to go to Charlotte rescue mission Charlotte rescue mission works from the inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness.

The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high-quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation in a love for Christ missions 120 day program has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rescue Mission is grateful for the financial partnership. Moments spent listening to moments of time. James Easton and Pastor David sound like. Thanks so much for being with us today. It's great being with you was Belgian when you call this morning's moment of hope. You are only as happy as your happiest child. I got well this is a parenting tip.

You know, my wife and I have three children and now eight grandchildren, so this may very well go into grandchildren as well but it's just a life lesson that we've learned it's a parenting tip, perhaps to all those who are out there. Especially maybe younger parents. You may not realize this yet, but it's true.

You're only as happy as your happiest child. We all want of the peace and blessing and happiness of our children. That's Isaiah 5413. It's a desire in every parents heart. But here's the truth is if you have several children there going to be times when one or two or maybe all of them are unhappy. You could have 10 children, and if one's unhappy your hearts going to be unhappy as well. So perhaps this is a strategic parenting tip I'm just giving the people out there listening, you may not have experienced this yet fully you'll go through this. If you love your children, you'll hurt with them.

You will feel their pain with her going through tough times and that's 0K that's the way it's supposed to be parents empathically feel what their children feel. I think God created that way and you are to rush to them and care for them you're not to intercede for them and keep them from suffering the consequences. For example, of their bad decisions. That's a wrong parenting tip, but if you do love them you're going to want to care for them and at least continue to pray for them and hope soon they'll get well will this is really profound for me and it reminds me of the Scripture where Jesus told his his disciples that he wished he could be like a mother hand ends and under his wing is one of the applicable examples of a mother characteristic of God Amen as we do call him Bob and daddy there are examples and metaphors in the Bible of a mothering kind of God as well and you chose one example there gin that's powerful when Jesus said how often I wanted to gather you under my wings as a mother hand does her brood.

But you would not.

That was done in the context of Jesus entering Jerusalem and the people crying out all Hosanna, hosanna, but they had no clue what it meant to really follow Jesus and within five days. Those same people crying out hosanna were crying out crucified him as well so he wanted to gather them under his wings as a mother hen does his brood loving them deeply and powerfully.

But they would not think we as parents have the power to be able to empathize with our children implement that because we should be more mature and be able to give them hope and and I know I've had to do this plenty times and mom and I have to dig deep to do that because we have feelings and we want to be grouchy to pull down which we should an end and I think you're speaking to the connection that every parent should have with their kids and you do love them deeply, you can't live through them. That's a danger as well. When you're close to them, but you do feel what they feel and and I can say this now is all three of my children are adult children even when they hurt now, Marilyn. I hurt with them as well that that idea of always being connected to them doesn't fade as they get older. In fact I would say it may be even increases as they age. You always feel what they feel you just love them so deeply.

And that's a good thing that is a good thing. My grandfather went out reflection of our heavenly father's house is profound and beautiful and you and the father in heaven suffers with us when we hurt and that is one of the reasons I'm a Christian, as I follow God on the cross, who suffers with me when I hurt. I hope this gives you a word of encouragement listeners today and forever moments and hopefully senior pastor and moments of hope church. We'd love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte. You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope join us this Sunday morning at Providence day school located at 100 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte moments of hope the entire moments of hope church James Easton need to remember and pray for me

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