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7: Overwhelmed - God I'm Tired!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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November 29, 2021 5:00 pm

7: Overwhelmed - God I'm Tired!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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I will talk you will be overwhelmed and prepping you for a while now having a lot of messages while people excited about this hearing about this messages this month and really truly the heart behind this is that probably pretty much everybody I talked to you in last month to three months. Even if things are going well for them. Usually, the conversation ends with people just feeling exhausted, feeling tired whether that's at work or start a work tired with with stuff of family and school just tired of media and let's look at the facts. I will give us last year and all the stuff that's happened of this last year. It has to affect us, and my fear is that what happens when we look at the chaos of the world around us instead of on God that what happens to be as effective as it affects us in our mind, mental health right now is pretty hard and it's getting hit hard. Our physical health and emotional well-being. Spiritual health. All that starts the decline we start to look at all the chaos in the world around us and says we are praying for you and for us. I just kept coming back to this concept of being overwhelmed or being overwhelmed that we all just need to hear some encouragement about what happens in our life. At those moments so want you to stick with me this month that was to keep bringing people because these messaging be very kind is were all very real, very practical, and wrong address some things I think a lot of people are going through a concept such as God, I'm just tired of praying what happens when you and I just get tired of praying and words, do we feel we prayed enough and we prayed everyday we can do we still feel afraid anymore what happens when we feel like asking God, are you there like are you actually there were are you God in the middle of all this next week around talk about God. I can handle anything more I can handle it anymore.

I thought a lot of people again that have basically said I said it. I'm sure you have got.

I can handle one more thing I am tired of seeing the news on tyrosine thing around you still want one more thing going on and today wherein talk about what happens when we say and feel God I'm tired God I'm exhausted. Has anybody been a little tired or exhausted lately right anybody at all of this last year that even when things go well in our life. Sometimes we can feel pretty tired pretty exhausted and here's the danger in that weariness and the weariness and exhaustion is that a lot of bad mistakes happen more tired doesn't or mentally tired more emotionally tired physically tired and spiritually tiring week.

We feel exhausted. That's when bad decisions get made. That's when things happen. That's when they start to fall off the rails and were dissolved quite feel like were ourselves and I do believe that the enemy uses those times. I think that the enemy of your very soul uses those time to discourage use those times we feel worn out and run down its calico my kids were little when they kept asking for one thing can have it. Can I have it. Can I have enjoyed no no no no no no and eventually are like are fine just do it. Just getting to be away from you just fine. Just do it. By the way, that doesn't change when you're 17 or 22 is the same thing. It just gets more expensive.

At that point at where you down and I feel like the enemy has been trying to wear us down. I mean, really, truly, just like hey just give up just give up just give up just give up just outrageous operated just outrageous do this to just do this thing. I'll make you feel good for just a moment, just that risk units five and eventually we say no and no and no noble more tired or exhausted is really just say okay fine. I'm just done, I'm done trying to be good to try to have a good morals on them fighting with everybody I'm done trying to be the. The one more person in the office on done in us the danger that we get into if were not healthy.

If were not have rest for our souls.

We don't find refreshment and nourishment for our bodies, and so this month is give me a little different ornament to do each week is summarize first Kings chapter 1819 and highlight a different part of that its opacity relies you will get there in a moment, and only give us a very practical things and reminders.

Please give me three reminders of what we can do when we feel tired and exhausted betting.

All this can do that, then each Sunday starting today. We did this last night as well. By the way, we have a Saturday night, 5 o'clock service for those that don't feel comfortable coming here on Sunday where several wonderful it's such a sweet spirit smaller crowd in the chapel that we do it in and we do all the elements on Sunday morning. But on Saturday night and we did this last night. It was as powerful and the Tosha and OB are to be back out here in a few few moments and were in, and each Sunday with a time of reflection about five or so minutes at the end of the message three questions for you just reflect on and there's a song called quiet that they're going to sing over us in the Tosha and sing over us is not meant for you to sink his nephew just to sit there and receive and it is such a sweet sweet moment and I'm looking for that.

That's what the sun is gonna be like this mother pretty excited about it. I think as I said it's really pretty relevant for what you're doing and where you are in your life so relies only give you little update on the logic case you don't know who Elijah is.

You may have heard that name before leaving quick summary of his life he lives there was an Old Testament prophet performed about 14 to 16 miracles. Depending on how you coupled together pretty powerful powerful profit will respected his platform was.

He was very much against sin in character was a king who was the queen of Rosa, a military warrior if it was a general.

It didn't matter who display people. He was as anti-sin and not afraid to speak the truth and so in doing that or put them in a lot of situations where he was facing off against kings or rulers or an army or profits of other religions and so that's kinda his ministry there were him talk a little bit more about that over the next few minutes here, Elijah. If you know the New Testament lashes actually one of the ones that show would Jesus and in the Gospels, Jesus is transfigured in front of a few disciples and it's Moses and it's Elijah, and in Revelation 11 it speaks about two messengers that come back and do messaging for three and half years in the near killed and what you'll believe that that's Enoch and Elijah because both Enoch and Elijah never physically died in the Old Testament. Enoch got taken away and Elijah got taken up in a world with up to heaven he actually never died. He just got taken to heaven at the end of his ministry and so there's a lot of things that surround Elijah in the Jewish faith in Jewish customs.

Elijah is very prominent in fact often you hear about an empty seat left at the table for the prophet Elijah to come and join and so there's a lot of clout there's a lot of profit is not a power that surrounds Elijah and the reason why I say all that is particularly because morning talk about here in the next few weeks as powerful profit as Elijah was, I think you can relate to him in a lot of ways that you might not relate to him and them in the massive miracle about to read, but generally to the side of his humanity, that you can see this morning, yet they sometimes read Scripture and read stuff about Peter who denied Jesus three times, and you might sit there and go.

I can't believe he denied Jesus three times and he walked on water than he saying you can't believe that you can look at other people in Scripture and be like haply they did that, I think you can find yourself a lot in Elijah struggle and in his weariness and his exhaustion and his tiredness.

Elijah was depressed. Elijah was ready from the die after seeing an amazing miracle. So to summarize her quick first Kings chapter 18 and 19, number and jump into one passage and that and then three takeaways for this morning and in a time of reflection and before do I want to pray for so spray father. Right now we just thank you for another opportunity to open your word. I pray today that the Lord will find rest will find refreshment in your presence that we would leave for this morning renewed by who you are. So I pray that we would learn these lessons out of Scripture and apply them. It's our life today. So open your heart take way to distractions. Thank you for this opportunity.

In Jesus name, amen. First Kings chapter 18 and 19. You see two miracles that happen. Elijah comes on the scene and he faces off against 450 prophets of bail bills a false God has already told you. Elijah has a low tolerance for sin and for false gods. So Elijah approaches a sworn or 50 prophets of bail and he basically presents them with the challenge and he says okay is the challenge you're gonna take and alter your build an altar and take a bowl and sacrifice that bull put on the altar, then you pray to your God and all pray to my God whatever God answers that God of all, King of Kaylee that that's the God and so the problem the bearlike done. Let's do it so they build up an altar. They sacrifice a bull they put this bull on this altar in the news 450 prophets of bail start to shout to their God and they shall show shout, they begin to dance around there jumping their yell even louder and the entire time. By the way, which is II really love this passage gives the entire time that there over there doing all that Elijah's overall the side mocking him. He's overall the side. He's gone.

Hey, maybe your gods out for a walk so maybe you should yell louder and so you louder. His will may maybe your God sleeping so maybe to wake him up and you gotta yell louder. Elijah even goes. The point is actually the original Hebrew language in the basis and maybe your God's going to the bathroom and doesn't want to be disrupted, and this is what Elijah is yelling at me can read the Scripture.

And so what they do.

They go into a frenzy and they begin to cut themselves. They begin to dance and shout all the louder and there is one little verse there that were preach on later this month. It says nobody answered and nobody was there so little side note that's the danger we put our hope in something other than God.

That's the danger when we think that we have to perform a certain way and we rest in our own gifting their own ability will be rests in our town were rest in our jobs who we think we are is only one God and the God that we make right the altars that we make in life. The little gods that we make in life are never can answer you, and they're not there and so at the end of all that they do. Finally, it's Elijah's turn.

So Elijah does the same thing.

He actually rebuilds an altar to God it was not down he rebuilds it he takes a bowl he puts it under the altar and they dig the trench and then he tells the prophets of bail going to fill these water and pour water on top.

Eventually, keep warm water. Keep warm water. Keep warm water and it fills up the trench around it and then Elisha adjusts, says a nice humble prayer and fire from heaven falls literal fire comes down takes of the altar takes up all the water Airways in a frenzy all the prophets of bail start to say this is God. We were wrong.

This is who God is and they're going on a non-then Elisha takes them down to the river and kills all sorts real Old Testament like this is like this is like real deal. Old Testament God takes them down kills them all that Elijah goes from there and he goes back to the city near Ray had is in. There's been a drought in the land so Elijah says Anna prophesied that this route is going to come to an end. He goes on, sits on a cliff and he keeps looking keeps looking he sees as little tiny clout about the size of a person's face that he tells his assistant going and tell him that rains common in rain, so to back to back miracles boom literal fire from heaven kills all the prophets of bail that prophesies that rains Unicom rain finally comes and you would think that Elijah was having a good day. How many of you know that happen in your life, wouldn't you consider that a good day, would you like that big a day. But if you want to work was like guard. Here's the challenge were people you do you what you do on a new idea. Whatever God answers by fire. He is the God and improved outcomes on fire is a pretty good day. They prophesy something that happened that's a good day that goes back and tells us evil Queen Jezebel would happen Jezebel basically threatens Elijah's life. She sends a messenger back to Elijah is Elijah just you know I'm gonna kill you before is the year you're done. I'm coming after you. Now think about for Mona Liza just saw fire literal fire from heaven fall. He just all rainfall and now he's got this threat from this Queen. You would think that he would just be like okay guy would just set her on fire this pray. The fire does that are dispraise again. Instead what Elijah does and I think this is where I want to just relate to this is Elijah goes running into the wilderness first Kings chapter 19 on review for verses first Kings 19 this is Elijah goes running into a day's journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under a broom tree, the wilderness, by the way, is not a forceps. The desert a broom tree just to get the visual in your head. A broom tree is about a healthy trunk with the low tree and eliciting an umbrella louder shade in this culture, and in this region literally animals would go there to die. People go there to die because it's the only shade in the desert where there is no water so Elijah goes running affect other people in Scripture have also sat under bring trees wanting to die.

And Elijah is one of them so he goes running a day's journey back to the Scripture days journey into the wilderness and he asked that he might die saying it's enough had enough take away my life, I'm no better than my father's, and he lay down and he slaps want to hear what happens next. He lay down and slept under broom tree, and behold, an angel came and touched him and said to him, arise any and he looks and behold there at his head was a cake take on hot stones and the angel of the Lord came a second time second time touched him again, woke him up again and said, arise and eat for the journey is too great for you as we got up and he ate and he drank again and he went on that strength for 40 days and 40 nights to Horeb. The mount of God.

I think it's around 60 miles he just takes off running and I just takes off and he was more than a takes off running and and just basically fast for 40 days until he got the cable and talk about that experience next week. In the weeks after. So how does somebody go from a pretty awesome day to running and wanting to die. The next day I told you were taught, albeit overwhelms Elijah's ministry was tough in a tough ministry. He was consciously being attacked and being pushed and being chased because I had to rely on the Lord to provide form and I think that we think about for mom. We all can relate to the kind of data. Liza's having.

We've all had good days in our life right give your body good day at some point, hopefully a lot, but you had a good day and maybe got something at work or summer school with friends or at home or with your kids. It was a good use. Felt like it was a good day and this is amazing how quickly that good day can turn to a bad day with one email or one phone call one doctor's report one financial issue how amazingly we go from having a good day to be depressed and said analyze the loan and then neither are my I think were honest with ourselves. Most of you are probably more tired than you want to admit you're probably more exhausted than even know I do live this last year. Of all the stuff that's happened not just co-related, but everything in the world that we seen including your own stuff is probably affected you more than you realize. And I think it's really easy to go from every spine of the spine of the spine of these fine to moment just pure exhaustion.

Wheelers like Alice I was can I still know what to do. I just can't handle it anymore. I'm just tired of this exhausted and undone.

Also notice something about God's response to Elijah before you jump in these three points. Take comfort in something here right now. God did not yell at Elijah God did not sound that he was a loser guy didn't mock them.

God also did not ignore him. God sent an angel to provide form two different times.

And God sustained him for the next journey that he needed to go on and I want to hopefully take a little comfort in that. Even if you this morning I feel exhausted even spiritually useful dry and exhausted and maybe it's emotionally maybe eventually maybe just physically tired.

I want to take comfort in the fact that God knows where you are and what you need and God is not here this morning to make fun of you to mock you to tell you that you're not a good parent. The tie that you're not a good employee. The Titus you not a good husband or wife.

The Titus the suck it up and move on. I'm telling you he's here to sustain you and if you let him. He said refresher so is that a soul level is not just mentally sexist emotionally is not just physically, I'm talking at a soul level. God can can states that a guy can sustain us and refreshes and we put God first in our life and a soul level. It really is amazing how everything else falls into place, and everything else becomes clear and we don't put God at center. This is where exhaustion comes in war weariness comes because, listen, you could be doing the will of God and still be exhausted. Elijah was a prophet of God literally just fire and rain fell from heaven he was doing the work of the Lord, and he was exhausted and he was tired and eventually caught up to the three things this morning. Want to write this down my prayers that you'll find some hope in this is a reminder's major semi is the first time you've heard it pros you hope that it will remind you of the access that you have in my prayer for you today is that you leave for today. At least with the tools if not refreshed in your soul because you have a journey to God's got a plan for your life just as much is mine and he needs us to be sustained and ready for number one.

Is this the first one is this is that Jesus has actually invited your weariness to himself.

Jesus has invited the weary in Scripture in Matthew 1128 the great visual to. By the way, Matthew 28 Jesus says come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. From my yoke is easy and my burden is light. This joke that Jesus is referring to very much physically is a good illustration and the time that Jesus speaking this.

It was really clear, even in our time.

That's the yoke that the big one in heavy thing.

There put on oxen to drag along the farming equipment. This would Jesus said. He said that that that that heaviness said that they wouldn't yoke that is on that that animal that is caring and dragging its heavy and Jesus relaying our stuff what we go through in our life to similar listen there some you that it is wearing this heaviness you're wearing this yoke on you and your dragging all of this stuff behind you that Jesus is inviting you to get rid of his busybodies to listen, you don't have to carry that heaviness. You don't have to carry that burden and if you're tired and your burden Jesus and I'll exchange you. I'll take that and you take mine and my yoke that I put on you is gentle is actually loving.

It's peaceful and that's how Jesus wants us to walk in. So if you're feeling weary today as one of remind you and encourage that you have a Jesus, right here in this room right now they say listen, if you just give me that I'll exchange it. You'll have to drag everything behind you as we can see it on people house on the bus people this morning and every one of them was like a you can feel it. You can see, you can see it weighing on people right now this everything everything that's happened in the world, including all of our stuff as you come to see people just hunched over.

There's enduring life and there's going through it. If you are tired and exhausted and worn out. Even with good things right and you seem you'll need to live that way I don't want to walk through life weary and tired.

Matthew effect in the Gospels. There's two feedings of thousands of people.

There's a feeling of 5000. There's also feeding of 4000 people.

I think people always just focus on the 5000 actually feeding a 4000 as well. And Jesus at this time I want to hear the words of Jesus that is powerful. Jesus is talking to this group.

In Matthew 1532 and he says this them. He says Jesus called his disciples to miss that I've had compassion on the crowd, because they been with me for three days and have nothing needs of Jesus been teaching for three days and he just noticing that people have been eating there is listening and sees it was in some you can sit through 20 minutes of me teaching so like this just is bucket from now till Tuesday evening.

There is no state here hours can a teacher know you need anything only Jesus can do that by the way, and so Jesus is teaching and their love and it but he says I've had compassion on them, that had nothing to eat. And while I want to hear this because I there certain Scriptures this morning that I just feel so strongly is for you and for me, and this is one of them. Jesus says I am unwilling to send them away hungry, lest they faint on the way. Let me just speak something into your life. Jesus is also unwilling to send you out of here, hungry and weary. That's not part of his plan. He has compassion for you.

He sees the weight and the weariness that your caring. He sees the burdens that you have and if you allow him and Jesus compassion to take that from you. He does not want you to still leave here the same way you came in to.

Sometimes we say that kind of rhetoric in church.

Don't leave the same way you came in at this is as reality, though, Jesus doesn't want to leave your tired, he doesn't want to leave here with burdens in your life. He certainly doesn't want to leave here with sin and guilt and shame in your life and if you will allow him this Jesus has actually invited you just to give him that if you let him. He's not just gonna take it from you is not just in the jump in your life without care what you think on a take it he's asking you. Are you willing to exchange your burdens for his for his yoke. That's easy and light is just like those people.

He has compassion for me and and for you and I love the last part of that. He says that I don't want than the faint on their way home within the faint on their journey we all have a job to do. Jesus has called us to see transformation happened in our lives in our community and in the world and we need to be restored.

We need that that touch that he has foresight, compassion he has for a life member chooses a second point this morning remind us about your feeling tired and wearisome and burden and overwhelmed just to get reminder that God knows what you need and has the ability to restore your soul. So Jesus is inviting your weariness. Also on this remind you maybe don't know this guy actually knows what you need and he wants to restore your soul in Psalm 23 the very well-known passive Scripture Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Most people know that Steve and I walked to the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for the first three verses show you the kind of God that we serve.

The shepherd the good Shepherd, Jesus often refers to himself as a shepherd and associate which is very fitting. By the way, I don't want you don't like to be considered sheep because sheep typically are dumb and they don't know what to do and to get her really easy to get lost really easy to break limbs really easy it is that some kind of like I'll know how you feel about that. But it's kinda true comparative Jesus were we cannot work, lost. We may not be as smart as we think we are we not be as strong as we think we are. But that is the picture is also 70,000 that is of the good Shepherd and we are his sheep and this passage in Psalm 23 starts that way is starts with the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want but want to hear these next two verses because I always I find it fascinating because it says in verse two that he makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still water and he restores my soul and the visual that is giving was a very real visual is of a shepherd, an actual shepherd with actual sheep making his sheep actually lie down in a green pasture to rest and restore and see eats saliva beside not raging waters of chaos still calm waters they can drink and have refreshing restoring of their soul and this is what God is offering us.

God knows what you need when you need it right toe diagonally to take naps. I said that we would we all know each other well now some you like naps and you don't. I don't like taking naps.

I like how I feel after him.

I like that I drool when I take naps unlike anything only getting about it and I fight it and then this last year, age 47 I think that's the age we officially take naps even when you don't want to be that the age I've hit that he's this year anything for everybody but for me it a mere 47 were now like the stuff you already know what could happen, go home and try to watch the bills game and the next thing you know Parker can you guys are laughing at me because I'm snoring and drooling in my chair and Alec Eitel and I would always talk about. I was asleep in every say that when we talk 11 would all die no idea just total distance is gone. I honestly think though I don't listen. I don't over spiritualize everything but I do think for me in my life. I think God knew that I needed that this year just like you.

It's been a difficult year a lot away.

It's been a great year in a lot of ways Sussman a very difficult year lot of just mental exhaustion, emotional is doing with our stuff your stuff. The church, the culture, and I just think that God just like listening. You need to rest. I think that verse. The heart that at those moments I just can embrace it now. I sit on this like it.

I don't how I feel after but it does restore you. It is refreshing.

This is a good reminder that, don't you think for a moment that maybe the God who created you actually knows what you need. He's created. He knows he knows what you need and I think if we would just allow the shepherd to lead us. He's not in the lead us in the dangerous shepherd just shift gears, not an actual shepherd was sheep shepherds knocking a lead all his sheep into danger.

That's why there's a shepherd he's there to keep them away from danger. He's there to keep them restored is there to keep them fresh and new and satisfied. And if we would just allow Jesus to do that in our life. I just wonder what our life would look like. New Testament says that the sheep know his voice. And if we know his voice. We need to trust is in the lead us on the right path third and final thing this morning want talk about real quickly is getting in the closed with some reflection as I wanted to encourage you over the Sabbath. The Sabbath did you know that God is actually built in a day of rest is called the Sabbath day. This is something that God built in starting the book of Genesis and it's gone all the way until today that he is actually built in a day of rest in Genesis chapter 2 verse one says thus the heavens and the earth were created and their finished all the host of them and on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done and he rested on the seventh day, and he made it holy. It's a good reminder that God kinda made this this holy day.

He made it holy. He said I five work six days a nominal rest on the seventh day in a manner called holy in Exodus when they're going through. The commandments is also restated in the book of Exodus were they say keep the Sabbath day holy.

Six days you work and do all your work, but the seventh day belongs to the Lord is the Sabbath day. Don't do any work on this day.

Now before you also get legalistic on me.

Let me talk a little about this about the danger of this this very much was an Old Testament covenant with the people of Israel that it was a law, you are not allowed to do anything effective or penalties, even to the point of death. If you did anything on the Sabbath that Jesus comes along. Of course the old. The Old Testament is still very very relevant in the covenant that was made by his righteousness and his blood.

Jesus establishes a new covenant so it does not mean we ignore everything in the Old Testament by the effect of your church or have a pass to retire that run as fast you can away from that ideal test was important in this critical just got know how to translate that into the New Testament.

So Jesus and is given example 2 examples Jesus and the disciples are walking through a field on the Sabbath day and their pulling grains of of of wheat. See also the Pharisees are like no telling on a play that's illegal and they tried to actually like want to kill them a caption on the moment because the Pharisees of Jesus time were very much the letter of the law everything that was done had he done the same way in a Certain Way, Jesus also healed somebody on the Sabbath day and they attacked him for that. Like, how could not imagine either Jesus literally healed somebody and that person is like standing right there now healed every new lose. He was like away before now. He seal and they ignore the fact that this was healed and they want to get G is in trouble, to the healed somebody on the Sabbath day. That's legalism Sauer talking about. However, the spirit of the laws very much still relevant in the spirit of that law is you are not meant to work 24 seven you are not meant to work like a machine all day every day of the week from now until eternity.

You need a day of rest in God is invited you and encourage us to take a day of rest for me personally. My day is Friday. Friday is my Sabbath day Friday. I don't work I don't answer emails sent pick up the phone.

I spent time with family and that's my day. Friday is my day. I work on Sunday. This is what I do and yes I work more than just on Sunday. As a pastor I can say how think it would just work on Sunday, Pastor ha ha no I work a lot because you're a mess I have to work all the time that that's my responsibility to people. Neither were like a lot because of you. Thank you very much, but Friday is my day and I'm just in the settlement over complicate this. I want to make this listen, take a day, you need a day. You need time built into your everyday schedule your every reschedule of rest and honors goblet that it helps you put God first, back in your life. Spend time on that day, doing something that restores your soul.

Maybe today's your day made maybe today Sundays. Actually, a lot of people do the people. It's a Sunday you come the church worship together you worship as you go have lunch to something that's fun for you. Enjoy your day, you got six days to do all your work. Take one day and just give that day over to God and let him refresh your soul was the last time you just had the day like that regularly. I better say that like most people, it's hard to come by because even on your days off running kids everywhere were doing follow-up return email work we weeds have this tendency just to say keep adding stuff to our plate and we do that even the good stuff even good fun stuff we can add to our plate and it exhaust is aware so you need time for you is one thing each time for you and if you're married in time for you and your spouse to give kids design for you and your family. If your single person you need time just for you. You gotta be healthy in the Sabbath that God established in Genesis, that spirit is still very true. You need a day you would do well church listen to me you would do very well to take a day and maybe got a piece of together somehow figure schedule out you need a day when you can just get refreshed and renewed for you. You need that day something.

Gotta fight for our right is that we have a tendency just keep adding stuff like we have an open time slot. Reiko Gillis is at this this is this listen we get exhausted from it when I can do the world any good if were sitting on her broom tree. Exhausted and depressed is not in. Yes, the Lord will sustain you. And yes, a little common come for you and you get a job to do what we can keep running back to the broom tree because were exhausted. God had a plan for your life a purpose for your life and people need you in their lives.

We can't give up, we can allow sin and guilt and shame to come in clouded. We can't sit under the tree and just wish we didn't exist anymore. We have to log on to refresh us and if we don't have that built into our schedule. When does God do that. The time of worship and prayer. Just reading his word time just to sit outside at times the have a fire at your house this relax and rest to have those moments solicit you have permission, you can blame me for my pastor told me I needed take a day and you can send anybody you want and I'll back your okay back you need that day is important only give us three reflective questions and then the toss is going, along with overuse Artie appear and such a beautiful song and it really is this an amazing ending to week one of the and overwhelms that's what encourage you before I give this reflective questions recap Jesus want your weariness over to don't drag all that stuff behind you anymore. Give us to God knows what you need and if you allow the good Shepherd to lead you, you'll find refreshment for your soul and with three just a reminder, take a day take a Sabbath find that time to do something I just feed your soul feed your joy.

Find the time to connect with God and listen world to keep getting crazy. That's not going to change how healthy I am and how I responded that that's what I can control, so three reflective questions. What can happen. By the way, when the Tosha singing the song you actually see these questions up on the screen while she's singing and then how about halfway through will shift over to the words of the song. Again, this is a time for you not to stand up to sing, honestly just to sit there and just with the spirit of God is let the good Shepherd minister to you, even if just for a few minutes. Of the three questions are this.

The first question is where right now in your life to find the most exhaustion where right now in your life are you most tired.

Can you identify can you figure out what that looks like how that feels. The second question is this what would change your life if you allowed God to meet your need or would change you like it if you if you gave that weariness to Jesus. How would your life change and the third one is this what you need to do today moving forward to build in those moments of rest, so one identify we are the most exhausted. Imagine what it would be like to give that weariness to Jesus. And what's even one thing you can do starting today that you just help you find a build in that Sabbath when they pray for you and then the tarsier minister over us and I just pray that you find you just find refreshing for your soul spray father right now and I thank you for just a beautiful reminder that you care for us that you have compassion for so you don't want anybody here this morning to go away. Try thirsty and hungry that Lord. Your spirit is here to minister to give us life so that I pray that we would receive that are criminal fight that I pray that we don't ignore it. I pray that we just don't keep sand that were okay.

When deep down inside we know were not the God we will allow you and your spirit to do some real work real ministry in our hearts. Even right now. This morning in Jesus name, amen

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