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November 24, 2021 4:30 pm

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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 24, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/24/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. There's a whole lot to talk about one far and that's exactly what we do phone lines are open stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH air again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is the day for Thanksgiving and the phone lines are open wide 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. How wide you can call and talk to about any subject under the sun went have a conversation with me, let's do it one way, and on yesterday's broadcast. We talked about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict went away and on that, by all means run away and on other cultural issues. By all means give me a call you upset with me about something you peace your mind, 866-34-TRUTH. Yet, the Bible theology question some other question.

When asked personal practices.

In my own life. Give us a call.

Phone lines are wide open. I got a bunch of things only talk about as well. The phone lines are wide open today and let me wish you a blessed Thanksgiving in advance and pray for grace and joy for family time to time with the Lord time to rest and catch up and think of of those grieving at this time.

Those in pain those suffering terrible loss because grace reach them and help them since the broadcast yesterday. One of the victims in the Wisconsin Christmas parade massacre little boy dies is so before that it'd been people in their 50s and up, all tragic deaths could be a couple of grandmothers in the 70s and others now little boy and I was still in critical condition and further news about that effect limit that we just start there.

I want to ask a question, I'm just asking. I'm just asking the that the murderer with the alleged murderer knows the answer to this God knows so I'm asking a question. All right for months and months and months. Sickly media with wing politicians, others made the Kyle Rittenhouse case. The case of white supremacy which was never the issue. It was never ever the issue and he didn't go there as a white supremacist to kill Blacks or other people of color. It was never about that media. Pres. Biden others made it into it and are still make it into even after the jury verdict even after the user to stay a night, day and night, day and night. Now we go to the driver of the SUV Darrell Brooks who allegedly willfully drove into the crowd, swerving to hit as many people as possible it's what all the witnesses safely say that he was swerving to hit as many people as possible as it was out-of-control the drover to describe this is 55 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Now, Facebook pages associated with him. Social media accounts associated with him. Show him to be a racist. If this is the same person shown to be someone who hates whites wants to do an end with whites make an end of whites and who praises Hitler for killing Jews and according to one of my colleagues was a blocky resort now you got someone that is a really racist you have black racist of white race, history of weight racist on all sides.

That's a fact. That's reality is, it is sinful humanity is not what depend on which culture and you never a dominant group ethnic group racial group religious group and if there racist and they have more power to keep down others, but racial hatred judging one group is inferior or not worthy of further treatment or not fully human, whoever the group is that's racist right and and that is throughout the human race throughout the human race, and their slave trade on all sides. Different colors trading different people. This is sinful humanity and where we find it in our own hearts and lives. We recognize this and confess it, repent and seek to make things right. Okay so here's my quest is a question but it's it it it it's a question that requires a lot of circumspection. Is it possible is it possible that there is blood on the hands of these left-wing journalists, politicians, others wherever they were Hollywood voices constantly beat the strum of white supremacy white supremacy and evil Kyle Rittenhouse and in each step worthy of living in the murderer got away with the racist white supremacist bird got away with it. Now you have something less than an hour away with a man according to the reports of this is all accurate. Who himself hated whites want to see them killed even talked about himself.

No said quote we terrorists are right. If this is all this economy was saying it is better to say if right. Is it possible that the media this constant race baiting stuff helped push the sky over. He's responsible whatever he did.

He's responsible if he did this all intensely as said he's a murderer he's responsible okay that's not the issue but is the also is this a question.

Is there also blood on the hands of those who Beating this white supremacist drum because you not look you have under the law that Blacks or 3/5 human there to be mistreated and that was the case for decades and decades and decades in our history mistreated under the law, you have the media presenting Blacks a certain way in a demeaning negative white really treated a certain way and you have a system set up where they get you what you can Lynch them then you have white supremacist gauntlet that happened in our history that we know that laws can promote certain behavior or encourage certain behavior. We know that words can do this we know the things you provoke, provoke from those might those relations with Donald Trump whom I voted that his words were often provocative Tory and divisive and inflammatory and stirred up all kinds of hostilities in and divided us beyond what we needed to be divided in a house divided can't stand is Jesus. It is there blood on the hands of the left it it again. Details after merge, I'm asking a question, but even so it is a reminder, we must be responsible, especially when you have audiences we can speak to thousands or millions. We must be responsible with our words, if you've not heard the jury in Georgia reached a verdict in the killing of oxen with our very so you had the father and son directly involved in the shooting death in the third man following along and videoing all three guilty of murder. All three guilty of murder now.

I don't know the details of this what when I watched it initially I was absent I was sickened just all I saw was that the video of him being chased down and then shot to death. Obviously the that argument was what he was. He fought for the heads for his fists or he he fought for the gun. Either way, you know you don't take the law on your hands and chase an unarmed person. It it it in shorts and an assurance of sound like you got it always in a car with armor or something like that. You don't chase them down with guns that you do not do that, you'll do it and he was posing no visible threat to anyone at that moment were they guilty of first-degree murder should be less whatever whatever that the right verdict was was it reached all press guilty bottom-line guilt never should have happened. My viewpoint, they never should have been doing what they were doing and though they didn't have a right to do it. The didn't have a right to do it. If you think someone's in your neighborhood that shouldn't be there, and you got to have you in a vehicle with one person unarmed. You drive up and say what he doing in our neighborhood milled.

If you think some of this is or is someone's acting suspiciously right and up and you drive behind the mother jogging while waiting for the police to show up. Don't go with gun don't do that okay verdict has been reach their end and but when I first saw I was absolutely sickened and wrote about it immediately. What he had. Now here's a bequest. Would he have been chased down. If he was a white jogger in that community but he was seen in house.

I understand all the different, I'm just asking questions are, look at the reality is that certain people in certain settings like expect to be that look there been athletes going to someone's funeral, which athletes black athletes going to some exclusive neighborhood driving in of and undergoing some party there and they get pulled over by police were given a statement rich white name is not used to send Blacks their so these things to happen these things to happen is what we talk about them. These these realities we want one address them as honestly as we can write why to further forget know know actually not in dinner. Sometimes I wish I had more time to look at all the comments that come into our shows, and social media, but between all the platforms from can literally get tens of thousands of comments appear to bother Munson and is no possible way to review all of them, let alone answer even some of them and I just answer one, and not all the others that it suits you just can't do it but but you can judge what I'm saying. However you want this between you and God you evaluated but but my goal is to is to promote understanding and get people communicating and in and listening to one another and hearing one another's stories and perspectives and then filling in one of his blind spots and then when I differ with your tire differ with you if you differ with me. Tell me what the PRN sharpening iron right but let that be the case. 866-34-TRUTH I saw that suggest the video evidence of often arbitrary to me it looked like he was murder. That was my perception. Looking at a look at the Carl Rittenhouse video my perception.

He acted in self-defense. In each case, that's how the jury ruled in one case white kid shooting of the whites right found not guilty. The other case. Three white men involved in the killing of a black man. The whites found guilty.

Hey, that's what we have our courts for our juries for.

That's why we do what we do to make it all the race all the time is to make a being a state right back with your calls 866-34-TRUTH we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown just you healthy spirit, soul and body style a bodily health, for a moment so our friend Dr. Singler who is a sponsor of this broadcast helps us reach more people, helps us help you get this broadcast out freely to more and more people so he reached out to us as office students is what we do something special for Thanksgiving. So instead of the normal 10% discount that you get.

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We heard about that for years, but simply worse than known, and even a case. We, looked on the other ways as well as being raped and so there was there was like tarnishing a reputation so I posted something and say look, we understand he was a flawed man, but I appreciate XYZ well I got blasted by people same. Why bring up his fourth wife pointed out, is not the time for this. My whole reason was because I didn't want that to be the subject was deposited to be the subject, but I did want to be tone deaf. I didn't want to be semi-ignorant of the pain that may been inflicted on those in the womanizing, etc. so I made that comment will I wrote an article couple days ago commending the spirit of an attitude of Dr. King compared to BLM and safe. We care about that the dignity of black Americans and the well-being of black Americans that we need to follow the spirit of Dr. King versus the spirit of BLM. I get people blessed me with document Soto about his faults of his flaws in his adultery's narrow Jesus says in Matthew 11 Luke seven that ditto the people criticized on the Mercer righties demon is demon possessed easy doesn't get drunk. He doesn't get his drink wine and eat meat. And then Jesus eats with people and drinks with people essays are wine beverages, a glutton, and he said it's it's like the good of the children will be. We played a happy song. It as we play the sad song for you to mourn right so hate I do my best to speak the truth in love and and to be a voice from all 70 and spiritual clarity and to serve you as you she was faith and truth and courage so that you can make a difference regarding the world which you live in the room please everybody sees me everybody please everybody's goal is to please him, Lord, MN 866-34-TRUTH. Let's start with CJ in Boise, Idaho. Welcome to the line of fire all you bet. So it will quick before I want to. Is it okay to go like back a little bit without aluminum would be talk it topic, but will shut the Cilicia program so the other day I had a a comment that I made YouTube live chat that you had about a hot and I have a somewhat of a back-and-forth love a relationship sort of thing with Brock. Okay, that's good, challenging the back-and-forth we lose the call so let's see CJ if you can reconnect but we lost you there.

866342 Boeing get some phone lines open. If you try to call inspection Friday and can never get through a today's a great day to try to call but what was he forget CJ reconnected. In the meantime we go over to independence Kentucky with Justin. Welcome to the line of fire will article about no go. Whatever the got off the ark and God made a new covenant with all of mankind through the first boy that documented animal flesh to be used as food.

Though my question. What was the purpose, but I feel that the relationship range as part like it served as of the now there will be a year and will have what you think school, fear of you and you can all animal or right now it would seem based on the Genesis 1 commission for for human beings to rule over the rest of creation that there was something even ingenuity of that was that was in human beings cushioned domesticated animals is as well. Even then, but that the fear and dread was that a new saying that happened then was simply mentioning that that's a fair question a but for sure. The big change is that that you could now eat flesh, animal flesh, and that was not given before before that it was plant that plants life so you could eat fruits and vegetables, things like that but you could need animals.

Why was it different after the flood through different theories in which you have to realize there is that you and I reading the same Bible and it's not like there's a lot of information outside of it about this noticing is it's not like we have 10 of the books and records back from Noah's day. They give us more information. So were speculating, respectively, but some have argued, and again I'm just giving different viewpoints. II can't tell you for sure. I don't know but but some have argued that the condition of the world before the flood was different than the condition of the world after the flood, which is why fairly quickly. You see lifespans going down down down down after the flood and not being what they were before the flood, so that somehow the flood had a certain devastating effect on the planet.

As a result of which the conditions change for the whole world and it was now find to eat meat as well.

Beyond that were so that speculating, but at least we see that the the lifespans to go down dramatically after the flood. Now again, I've I've read younger is older scientist debating this on different sides right.

It seems that even before the flood, there was this distinction between clean animals and not clean animals which was obviously not about eating but about sacrificing clean animals could be sacrifice to God, which is why you brought more of them on the ark because many would be sacrificed and unclean animals couldn't but it it's not even said the exact same way. As far as the dietary laws later in Leviticus 11 Deuteronomy 14 we have talked for which is clean and Torme unclean with the flood you have time for clean and low Tahoe or not clean even say it a little differently about, but beyond that reason as to why this was allowed or why a certain violence was allowed were speculating and it's it's a kind of thing that makes for interesting conversation but we really don't know. And then for the Israelites. They are told they have to be selective in the food that they eat and donation and the reasons for that are also debated but have have you heard any theory that appeal to you beyond what I just said that you thought could be interesting. While I have no formal will have no form or dictate like I'm heavily reliant on dollars but felt no other offer Kaiser yeah also.

Well anyway the teasing just and just say this is that supposedly know so much because were still dealing with, you know, we have background sometimes be a bankrupt nation, greased and other things been the case like this to go so far back you just don't have a lot of other accounts to to to fill you in your go ahead one more question, so I heard one of your one of your Whataburger show were you when you talk to dollars, and one of the guard that it probably had something to do, formula of the Chapter 11 work talked about like of those applicable to the code right so it probably had something to do with. You can't eat animals that eat blood like you're guilty of eating blood, you just wrote. Yet their scavengers so there eating other animals there eating things that are unhealthy carcasses stuff like that yes is that that is a reason that many find in the dietary that they themselves are handheld and blood and therefore there not to be so that's certainly part of a just and thanks for the questions I hear on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends broadcast phone lines open 866-34-TRUTH there was on your mind things a little differently on this day before Thanksgiving, 866-34-TRUTH 7884 before you go to falsely seek.

I hope this up yet. I can just got this in the mail completely unexpectedly didn't know what was coming got this in the mail on my way up to the studio today is not afraid of the antichrist in German kind of angst from anti-Christian. Yeah, this looks like a nice list yet of so thrilled to get out in German. There you go. Also just got an email.

My junk folder.

This is not spam try to proofread the English so of course from a completely bogus endless bogus email address. It's allegedly from Citibank. We've must locked your account. We've must locked your account and attachment disposed open mic and open it all right 866-34-TRUTH and really tried to reconnect with CJ in Boise Idaho where we got our phones connected properly. Now yeah I think my headphones and put my call. I think so. So let me just take a second you asked me about Rabbi Mary, I see was an activist ultimately assassinated it when he was in the states and Orthodox rabbi who was so pro-Israel that he was militantly anti-Arab on the one hand, had a lot of excellent warnings for the Jewish people and important insights about Jewish culture life and morality at the same time, really, and stirred racial hatred against Arabs basically did did not want to share the land with the Arab peoples. So ultimately he was. He was assassinated course as a son involved in Israeli politics, but is is considered except by the extreme right wing to be a radical destructive figure because of his rhetoric yet so over the program so on so a big portion of why I want to have a small dialogue but obviously it already is about you. A complicated figure for me personally on what and somewhat of a euro line because nobody seems stuck up for your people, except for him and ended something I very much admired Yosemite willing to just have that kind of love for their own family members and people and friends and things of that nature. I very much admire his future… For well. In fact, it had muted even as a Christian had a lot of new respect for Thora that I never had before just going to listen to some of the stuff you thin yet on the other. And as you said you got there is some of his rhetoric and yet some of my own.

Just always a brother and inmate Yana Jude have have directly felt negative impacts of cognizant, but what I wanted to get good to ask about it. I don't know how exactly to view the thing because the things he did is doing well.

Like of the movement to reestablish you know religiosity in Israel doing on the one of one of the temple, no one of the Levitical priesthood up there and they want to have.

You know the teaching of Pollock on stuff like that in the land of alt.all derives directly from conflict out of the mouth. Rabbi Yisrael audio is that he was the second person on the party list back when he actually want to speak. This is just limited to just jump in your first essay the growing trend towards religiosity within Israel, that the something new that goes back before columns are born so you have there. The religious Jews who been living there. The basically an arrangement. This may kind of a marriage okay will support your secular state, but we have to have autonomy and and you have to basically work comes to religious things like weddings than all Israel has to live fire laws that suspend the way it's it's been that's kind of that the union and then what's happening now is the Orthodox person the UltraSPARC pot ultrasonics population is grown and grown and grown and become more and more influential, more more involved in politics, then it creates a real pushback from the rest of the nations like we can't tell us how to live. You can push this on us but but that Kahana is more responsible for right wing politics and anything else it ends in terms of his emphasis in his legacy. It is extreme right wing politics with with racial hatred mixed in. Now you say have it. How do you balance that out well. It's the whole package. So if if you have an amazing phenomenal incredible gift. It kindergarten teacher. This gal could absolutely and in engage the kids and get the kids to learn and get them interested was absolute amazing but had a massive drinking problem and on several occasions drove out of control and killed people.

She goes to jail. This doesn't matter how good a teacher she is reading a biography about Jim Jones with the People's Temple that he was massively committed to socialism and a certain point just became his ego and his persona but he felt was so critically important to stay with poor communities and entered to fight back against discrimination against black somethings. We had these deep values, but was deceived cult leader ultimately this is a mass murder of hundreds and hundreds of people sold one map of this, should I try I hear you totally, but part of the thing the comp. This really brought up Martin Luther King earlier yet and not connect but think of another good example, but I think really brings home for a Protestant buddy Martin Luther right demand is what he said about my ancestors that I would not be can logically do it, but my rent due directly. It is terrible and awful right absolutely horrible and yet you responsible for the Protestant Reformation, which is such a beautiful and I would argue God driven and like how you balance the fact that Hitler is not a possibly risen in Germany without Luther with the Protestant Reformation.

Something similar here yet like all the people want to make aliyah and they want to return to the land as as worshipers of Jehovah will so many don't.

And and all the up and that's all it in their eyes on it right.

And yet at the same time you have us meet you and care like they are feeling the horrible effects of some certain religious nationalism, while at the end I think a given column way too much credit terms of his influence that the audio movement again exists outside of him.

The massive influx of Russian Jews was a direct result of anti-Semitism in Russia.

The influx of Jews from France is a direct result of the rise of anti-Semitism, many of the people coming never even heard of Colin's name with with I think about him, especially Russian Jews.

Think in your ear you cannot put him in a class of influence like a Martin Luther your your current you're comparing a big fish in, and this is a small pond with a big fish in a giant pond and you really it is to your you see certain personal experiences running into certain people, but his influence is nowhere on on that level it it's revived in certain ways because of the more extreme right wing of political faction that that's growing Israel. As for Martin Luther I I hold him in tremendous tension. I cannot think of a single good thing he did a good thing he said without the remembrance of the horrible things it was the horrific things about the juiciness of the synagogues on fire from the rabbis to teach under penalty of death, to present good jobs for them to get in ghettos like gypsies utterly horrific when it came to that, the peasants. The peasants war would hundred 50,000 killed. He said I commit II did it I did it I commanded it to happen, and even just a real sicko things so I look I've talked to church historians, professors, and said when you teach on Martin Luther. How much time you spend teaching on these things and one of the top historians, Lichtman said we don't little bit embarrassed, so we've got to hold it in intention appreciating the good the grieving over the bad Emily comes to Kahana that the biggest legacy is the bad because you have enough people pro-Israel enough people pro all the enough people pro tour etc. so I read some of the stuff and it sounds prophetic and I mean some of it is is incredibly insightful and wow he saw things coming before they came. But this is the reminder to us here and also this last thing I in in my chat in my book. Donald Trump is our Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many sports expresses this.

They came out in October 2018 and I one of the points that I made the takeaways is that character does count morality does matter. In other words, we got criticized. How could you vote for Trump when he such a lousy character and was such a big character in the past.

We said well we don't like what he did in the past, but we appreciate all the good he's doing here, but character does count morality does matter because of his character weaknesses that push so much animosity towards him that there was actually a push against the whole Republican party a certain level in the losing majority in the Senate and then this wave of votes against him. Now that is out of the picture board people just in with the left-wing Democratic policies. Is this massive pushback against them, but the device is this a brought so character does count morality does matter. That's the way it summing up right so if I were you when I would do is if there's some really good sayings that Kahana said there worth repeating or worth sharing that uniquely come from him. Then you do what I would do with Luther. I would say I grieve over XYZ but separate this from, this is an excellent point or here's where he gets even misrepresented or demonizing more. Let's look at Amanda balance weight and then the reminder that all human beings. Even the very best are still mixed in some level, which is what we don't idolize people I saw it I give you less work and I appreciate your invite your tremendously because I you know even in my respondent is not even that I I disagree with you is that I am your eternally, struggling yeah yeah you know understood and I will say I think I think Donna didn't want the little bit more insidious than people might think you know that the Temple Mount in which is responsible for the new Levitical priesthood and wanting to any out you go to Glick's group, the directly founded by it is sort of second in command and he was also the keynote speaker at the very first no hike.yeah so these isolated less work since you brought that up and you want me respondent is not in the end I loved to push this women get deeper.

But even so, within Israel, the Temple Mount Institute is is not influential.

It's not really a major consideration to religious Jews and secular Jews are the know about in the know hides rate remained a friends group very much Frank was percentagewise very very small of an Penthouse overall hey CJ, thanks for the dialogue that calls Harry Randy it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown my email no okay can you take a second litter driving good asked Dr. and SK do your just put in your first name last name email address if you like your your physical address as well.

We would love to be a blessing to you and pour into you and strengthen you and help you and serve you. So go there when you sign up immediately. Will send you a really neat mini book 7 secrets of the real Messiah.

It's an e-book it's a real eye-opener it. It condenses all decades of research, thinking into some really edifying truths for you. That's one thing, also send you more my testimony from LST to PhD more the background with the 3Rs of our ministry revival in the church, gospel, baseball and cultural revolution and redemption in Israel and let you know. Each week, so you don't miss your latest articles your list videos all use a special resource offer. You need to think how many know about that you are on the email list so this we can find that ask Dr. and if it were a blessing to share with your friends. We to help you then share that blessing with others. All right, let us go back over to the phones. Hang on, where what happened to my all right's right. Something seems to have frozen on we hang out there we go there you go my mouse has just reappeared. Let us go over to Grand Rapids, Michigan Harry, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown how are you ordered liberty mimicked me how a trio you sent me your book on music power musically when you write and you sent me some hurt your worship music and things like that. I great great teach you by phone and thanks for your support for Mike? Book book book you give a great video review. Remember all my Christian friends and even should read that book. Great overview of history and a great trip, a great kingdom encouragement for the musician awesome friends.

That's about the power of music God's call to change the world one. Some of time. Thank you.

Yes sir, you are what you know I've been studying never really sure it the creation of old or young utility. I was reading up about the about your day or so was reading and I start going to, when Jesus cursed the fig tree withered immediately as a matter fact and that Matthew with the house. Soon the fig tree whether the disciples were stoned and could it be that because recorded history unit. Wikipedia was the span of recorded history is roughly 5000 years. Think about that if we really all you don't believe in evolution: same as the creation was billions of millions or even hundreds of thousand years ago we would say that the human intellect would have have a longer record history. The 5000 year.

Yes so so the argument would be from some scientists who believe in an old Earth listening to think about Christians for a moment that there was an evolutionary process with human beings over period of hundreds of thousands of years and that they would claim that there is archaeological evidence or at least evidence of fossils and carbon dating that would point back to that and then they would look at larger issues in terms of's of of stars and earth, and so on and and argue for an old dating now is as everyone knows, another scientist and I leave the scientific debate. The scientists, a young earth creationist would argue along the lines you are in terms we can actually see okay here human beings communicating in certain ways. It goes back to a certain point evolution associate. That's when human beings reach that point of communication, but then the creationist young earth creationist would say while Adam and Eve were created, how as adult human beings fully formed adult human beings so they would say why can't God create the universe fully formed as a mature universe because everyone would agree. For example, if you have a tree and you have tree rings and said you can you can see how old the tree is so why would you have a tree freshly created that has you know these tree rings as if it's hundreds of years old and answer me with the same way Adam and Eve were created as betrayals with the sales go try to trick everyone make it look old. That's the debate as it goes around and I know I've been able yet. Dr. could it be that the eight the earth is very old but just like the big tree was with her quickly reached the age so communicate years and years and years it in in a few secular precursor day or so my point is, could it be that the three, the earth is the same it was cursed ground was cursed at her skirt and like the fig tree, a supernaturally could it be that also the earth to and like you and think about think about it. If descriptive humanity only goes back 5000 years to the Sumerian script that the very short time. Of course you have written you have Jeff cave paintings and things like that that the goal limits much earlier that whites let II don't know, again, because I know so little science. Sounds like it's possible Presley noticed a scientist could get up and say well for XYZ reasons.

They couldn't be because of this this this this young earth creationists will often point out that a lot of the changes we see it on the earth or the result of the flood. The people of not recognize how much the flood change the world. So would you be saying is that after human sin and God curses the earth, so they would spread through the whole universe that would have be the whole argument and that the whole universe was cursed and hence the whole universe, aged overnight so the questions would be well in a light being transmitted starstruck and and and lightning sustained has all work. That's why mom to ignorance of science. Telephone answer: you when I get off the phone if I could leave a road pamphlet from immigrant leaking. Rhetorical hope. Soon the fig tree withered, you could give me a review after if you have time in the remote. I'd appreciate it because like I laid it all out really shortly think what I really think you know I just think because the ground was Kurt but the earth could be old very, very old, but ultimately you, etc. this is so much I the limits of the salad and and thank you for the for the kind words in the support again. Unlimited asked one of my colleagues who is who is more academically scientific than I am to take a look at it as as well and and will go from there. But feel free to to send me a link so this I will forget to do it and and will take a look at Haven blessings on you, man and blessings on your Thanksgiving left not yet left conformer call Randy in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, Randy hey Randy to talk with you. I cannot do listening to her automated couple years now.

I've listened to many, many live episodes.

I like the vast majority of everything I say I appreciate you very much. Thank you and bless you and lightning.

The Lord I pray for you and your ministry.

I love love your attitude about the charismatic you know that I've read a lot of Smith will work in jaunty Lake involve all those things because I'm looking for a lot of the same answer you're looking for. Think lumbar. Why don't we keep our you know I mean instances we do like the Lord is blessing. I passed a kidney stone. If you want to go with okay well and yeah let's I've never right and in the morning. I didn't want to go drug. I think a lot of people have their doubts about the medical community in general. Right now, but other than that, you know I yeah I'm on Intrepid.

I don't call yet time around.

I like you Nancy. You go ahead okay I would like you to do something you never done occurred to give away books but there is a Jewish woman. The Lord led me to help take care of the last five years Jeremy to earn a dream for matter. She's on a 1948. 73 now Dell's been really bad. Almost blind, almost tough old gal still fighting to get my car talking to stores and on but she she doesn't believe in Jesus yet but she knows arguing and I and she is a very hard person.

Love if you want to learn how to love somebody that I leveled this with a woman change so much in the last five years and she knows the Lord blessed me. All companies in our times, but if there's any way I know you wrote something over 40 books I've seen you get books away. She lives on $900 a month just trying to sell her house. I don't gonna dissociate tested to Cincinnati for the reader listen to help finance the political reader. People that are doctors in stock but she will probably read everyone your book, your arc I can afford. I'm helped cement here. Here's what you do. Randy stay right there. Okay it's can be a moment before calls going against you and kind Christmas. Make sure the grace and those to do that because he's on another call right now I want to send you two books that I wrote that I think would really help her.

The real kosher Jesus sword team boat will let student know the real kosher Jesus and resurrection investigating Rabbi from Brooklyn. The preacher from Galilee. In the event the change the world. So graces can come back with you in a moment right way does is going to get your name and address and we will send you those two books, the real kosher Jesus resurrection if somehow there's any missed connection here just grow website Esther to and say you're on the air. It'll get to us and we will send it out. We will know the books to send right there you go. Graces on it right now. Douglas friends has an awesome Thanksgiving.

We got a festive broadcast mosque testified his head back to live on another program powered by the Truth Network

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