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November 24, 2021 7:00 am


The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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November 24, 2021 7:00 am

Where do you go for help? Whenever David had a problem, no matter the circumstance, he took it straight to God. Today we’ll study Psalm 54, where David is again looking for rescue. David’s been betrayed in the worst way, yet he holds fast to his hope in the eternal God. God has delivered David in the past, and He will deliver David again.

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Where do you turn when you have a problem whenever David was in trouble. No matter the circumstance.

He took it straight to God today on the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce will study Psalm 54 were David has been betrayed in the worst way.

Despite his situation.

David's hope lies in the eternal God. God has delivered David in the past and he will deliver David again and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically over and over in the book of Psalms, David finds himself in trouble sometimes even in fear for his own life. The way in which David deals with trials and adversity provides a model for how we should approach struggles and tough circumstances in our lives.

If you have your Bible turn to Psalm 54 with and studying Psalms for a good while now and you're aware I'm sure from our study that it's not always possible to link the Psalms together in any meaningful way. In other words, to say the Psalm is here because it follows on this Psalm and the link is this our solitaire because it proceeds less all the linkage is as follows. That is possible to do in some cases, however, and it is possible to do that was Psalm 54 Psalm 54 is here in a very significant place in the Psalter doesn't require very careful studying Lane why is very nicely on Psalm 53.

For example, on 53 is well known. That's the Psalm repeat Psalm 14 about the Fuller says in his heart there is no God. So this is a Psalm about spiritual and moral rules. According to the Old Testament Way of looking at that that does not mean one necessarily, who in intellectual fashion denies that there actually is a God and other words and insists that this is merely a materialistic universe because in ancient days.

Hardly anybody thought that was everybody acknowledge that there is a god or gods with the flu.

Psalm 53 is the one who acts as if there is no God we saw when we were studying that the sentence there is no God in verse one. In the Hebrew actually is just no God will says in his heart. No God.

That is no God for me is living as if the reason why now that is exactly what we find in Psalm 54 here the psalmist is surrounded by people like that verse three strangers are packing the ruthless man seek my life. Men without regard for God. Psalm 53 emerge here in Psalm 54 the earlier Psalm you will recall, also ends with what one of the commentators called the faith of the saints of the Psalm is about the fool says in his heart there is no God. But when you get the last verse you have those who are actually believers.

Looking forward to the salvation that God is going to provide from Zion now on 54 is by precisely 1 of those saints that St. is David is the title of the Psalm indicates just one way you can link it up you can do it as well.

The Psalm is about betrayal why I've titled it back and let connection. It links up with Psalm 52 just to Psalms proceeding on when Psalm 55 which is to follow Psalm 52 talks about David's betrayal by the lag. The Edomites for an error in an enemy we saw what happened there. When we studied it. Were going to review it again because it's part of the background for this Psalm here. David is betrayed now by his countrymen's tribesman knows from his own area of the country in the south of Jerusalem. The area of Hebron, and then by the time we get to Psalm 55 we find that is betrayed by a very close friend so you in this matter. Betrayal likes to Psalms and you have an intensification of it as you go along. Now, I mentioned the link between Psalm 52 and 54 and that's important to examine because this is the historical background for both of us all. Not all of the Psalms are given an historical setting.

I pointed out last time that only about 12,000 or perhaps a few more in the Psalter have in their titles, something that enables us to identify them with a specific historical incident marked on those that are so identified virtually all of from the life of David and there's a whole collection on the mere together Psalm 53 does not have that kind of background, but Psalm 51, 52, 54, 55, and so on. So this historical background ties them together conscious review that a minute David had fled from Jerusalem to get away from Saul. You'll recall because Saul was intent on killing him. He was jealous because David was Iago popular, apparently having greater success in Saul.

David had a friend in Jonathan, Saul's son Jonathan worn David in his father's intention, and as a result of that, he fled. He had to leave suddenly. So we didn't have any soldiers with limited map food or weapons when he went to the priestly town of mom had friends she knew the high priest errors name was Ahimelech and he asked for help when he first came Ahimelech was a bit frightened because he sensed something was not quite right. David had no soldiers within me, an army was obviously in a hurry and Ahimelech rendered something might be wrong, but they would line on this occasion, he said that he was on urgent business for the king soldiers were going to meet him later and by the way could Ahimelech help them out.

Ahimelech agreed to do that.

He gave them food.

It was the shewbread that is the sacred bread laid out before the ark referred to that at one point in his ministry as an example of the importance of the person being more than your ceremonies. So Ahimelech gave in that bread. And then when David asked for the weapon, he said the only weapon I have here is a sort of Goliath killed the great and he gave them the sword. The unfortunate thing is that this man, the lag was present on that occasion the lag was in the employ of Saul, he was no friend of David's and being an evil man. He recognized that he possessed tears of information that might prove useful to himself at a later date.

We read those chapters of first Samuel we discover that the business considerable time lapse there while David gathered the 400 man that became the core of his army later to him in the wilderness sometime in the Philistine city. So for long time went by, the time came when Saul and not particularly low. Was complaining that nobody in the kingdom would tell them what was going on that is was going on with David.

He suspected they were all traders and actually thought they were all in David's side. People in positions of high authority often get thinking that way and sometimes a very good cause, and here he was in the snow. Now direct denies of that was his opportunity so the coag said well I'll tell you something when I was all on your business. A while back, David came by and Ahimelech the priest gave them food gave him 11 is not your friend.

Well Saul was furiously called Ahimelech to any accused of treason. Ahimelech defended himself rightly said David your servant again to make.

I would hope that might help them before I would help him again. I was I to know that there was anything wrong between you and David.

Saul would listen that out speak of insane jealousy really was a certain kind of mental imbalance here. As a result of the jealousy Saul had so he commanded his soldiers to kill the priest wouldn't do it recognized was wrong to lift up there and against the Lord's anointed and so the lag leader might oblige the king and killed Ahimelech. Not only did he do that fell upon the priests of the priestly city of Malta were 85 of the girl not only killed them and killed their wives and their children, and then the citizens of Bob and the story doesn't include the Great swatter massacre and it was certainly one of the lowest periods in the life of David David assume some blame for it because one of Ahimelech's sentence, a man named Abby, a thought escaped. He came to David to tell what happened. David said to him that day window lag leader might was there I knew he would tell Saul responsible for the death your father's whole family. Now the immediate background for Psalm 54 picks up at this point what I just said was the background for Psalm 52 and we studied that earlier but that ties in with what we say now, according to first Samuel 23 that is the chapter that immediately follows this the Philistines were attacking a Jewish border town that was called Kyla David asked on parade asked if perhaps he could be of some help the situation may be, he with these 100 man now begun to gather around them could go down there and rescue the child and drive off the Philistines because after all, this was a Jewish town on subway indicated that that's what he should do so. We did so we went down to Kyla.

He defeated the Philistines. He drove the back of her own country, and then he entered the city.

Now it would seem, since he was fleeing from Saul that this was perhaps a good place for them to be somewhat off the beaten track and was not immediately accessible from Jerusalem. Anybody might do all right there, but word came to Saul that that's where David was when Saul heard about that Saul thought.

Now this is just an ideal opportunity. Kyla was a land city and had gates, bars, and Saul thought all I have to do is march down there. David is made a prisoner of himself by entering the city like that he knew as long as David was in the wilderness.

He was no match for him because David's force was like a guerrilla trip and they could move around easily and always escape Saul and his more cumbersome army in the city while he placed himself in the trap so Saul marched against Kyla now were trained in the context of the story that the high priest saw Abby a far had brought with them the flawed from the city of mom what's in a fog. Interestingly don't really know what that is sent word to use different way.

Sometimes its use of the garment of the priesthood doesn't seem to be that here. Somehow it was use to discern the will of God perhaps was like a stone's leave your room in the family were thrown, but something like that really know what it was but in some way.

That's how it was used in the story that David acquired through the priests of the Avon weather if he stayed in the city of Kyla the people of the city would defend him. I probably rescued them from the estate that already said well they turned me over the Saul of Saul, answer the Lord gave him was that they would turn them over to Saul when David knew the Saul was on his weight slipped out of the city and he went south further south end of the hilly wilderness country how you think he would be safe there. Often the wilderness again. But even that he wasn't safe. Story tells us that these people from Ziff came to the king and reported that David was among them.

In this country as the fights and they give a very explicit reference.

David had gone to a city called Koresh one of little towns of the region and these fights since Tom and whites came to Saul and Gibby on this is what they reportedly said to Saul is not David hiding among us and the strongholds of Koresh on the hill of Kyla south of Jeff Schumann. I was a pretty specific directions like say tell you exactly where he is.

You walk the road to find a big stone. You turn left. Go over the hillside and that's the valley in which exciting when I trouble finding them is not David hiding among us is what they said when they almost invited the king to invade now okay and come down whenever he pleases you to do so and responsible for handing them over to the king because it did play Saul to do so. He barks often when David was coming retreated further into the wilderness is an interesting account therein. First Samuel where Saul is making his way down the valley and David is making his way along the ridge of the hill you know it is barely keeping out of the arms reach of the king and the king would've caught David and killed them. If God had not raised up the Philistines to invade the country at exactly that moment when the word came to King Saul that the Philistines had invaded further north. He was the king he had to withdraw from the pursuit of David and go off and defend the capital against the Philistines and so David was rescue happened once again I'm talking about the 23rd chapter, but in the 26 chapter. The first Samuel, David is back in Haskalah same southern region and is the fights come to Saul again and they say the first verse of that chapter is not David hiding on the hill.

A parking lot which faces just one title are Psalm picks up on that title is called a masculine David when the fights and gone to Saul and said is not David hiding among us. You might say to yourself that's rather lengthy introduction of the song would rather be studying Psalm to sleep.

That introduction is important because what it describes is one of the worst periods in David's life had been a friend to Saul, and Saul and turned on. He had fled into the wilderness and by the leading of God and God down to Kyla and to deliver the city from the Philistines, but nevertheless these people describes what it turned on.

They weren't willing to stand by him and then he blown off into the wilderness and he wasn't even safe. There is a fights turn against them so here you have a picture of David rejected pursued and betrayed is out in the wilderness by himself and it is in the midst of this dark, dangerous and disillusioning situation that Psalm 54 is written because what he does call out to God for help in this very low period of his life.

I don't have to be overly explicit to say that if you're going through a difficult period of life. This is a good song for you and people that we get into situations that are dark and dangerous and disillusioning friends let you down. Sometimes they turn their back on you trade where a person wasn't known that in some way, and Christians especially know I kind of discouraging dismal dark dangerous situation, and it was in a situation like that that David wrote the song, what we see in the Psalm is what it means to turn to God and how he didn't. One lesson we learn from it is that whenever David had a problem he brought it to God. That's what he does in the Saul, the first three verses show you how he does that and what that really means is a David prayed him. You know, by amending Joseph Scriven.

Although you probably don't know the name of the writer.

It was written in 1855 us about prayer is often song, especially in evangelical circles.

David did note a course written in 1855. But he had known that he will identify with every single word of this hymn and it goes like this. Have we trials and temptations. Is there trouble anywhere. We should never be discouraged thank you to the Lord in prayer. Can we find a friend so faithful it will all our sorrows share Jesus knows our every weakness, take it the Lord in prayer. The next verse. It says in part, do thy friends despise, forsake the take it to the Lord in prayer in his arms he'll take and shield the world find soulless there. That's exactly what David does now let me say that although it's good to recognize a David prayed. It is also important.

Equally important to recognize that he prayed to God.

I want I mean by that is, he prayed to the true God and he had come to know through a study of the Scripture and then also by his own personal experience reminds us of this in the very first verse where he says save me.

Oh God, why your name vindicate me by your might want to think about that a little bit save me by your name means save me by your name will think much about names today. Try to think lightly of names.

Names don't mean much but that was not true in the ancient world and certainly not in the Old Testament world names were very significant they had symbolic significance, descriptive significance, and so it was very important whether a person lived up to the good name my hand. For example, also, why in the Old Testament we find God naming people sometimes changing their name one name and it's not particularly edifying or spiritual. And God change his name. Even Jesus did that with Peter changing his name from Peter one particular form of the word which meant a little pebble Peter. The rock because that's what it was going to do with his character turn it into a man of God and is also why in the Old Testament fleet we find people inquiring after the name of God may recall that when Jacob was wrestling with the angel or perhaps with Jesus Christ in the pre-incarnate form job like that was the question he asked what is your name.

He said, and that heavenly being that he was wrestling with did not give him his name to what you ask my name, he said, what your name and any changes name. You see, that was the prerogative of the seller relationship was established by that matter of the names also lying when God appeared to Moses to send him into Egypt to get the people out. Moses said now when I go down there and I say to him, the God of your fathers since let me tell you to bring you out of Egypt and they say what is his name on my going to say you have that significant revelation of the Old Testament where God replies. I am this is what you shall say to them. I am sent me to you now that latter story Moses inquiring after the name of God and God replying with the name IM is particularly important for understanding.

Psalm 54 because this is the name that David is appealing to in the Psalm so he doesn't heightens the importance of the name by delaying it to the six verse even though he introduces the subject in verse one. How you can tell this in the English translation. If you understand what the Hebrew words are translated in various ways. In the English textual notice the word of God. Aaron Psalm in verses 1 to 3 important verse or verses GLD and that's a translation of the word Elohim. I remember that sort of generic name for God could use that word Elohim for the gods of the heathen. Just as well, or the night you can speak of the gods in the plural, and use it that way so generic name and this is the name the predominates in the Psalms in the second book of the salt member that first book of the Saul director Psalm 41 dominant name is Jehovah second book is Elohim and that's what you find there now you find it again and again save me. Oh God by your name, hear my prayer over God. There are men without regard for God.

In verse four Shirley God is my help not only get the first is a slight transition.

Notice the second line of that verse is the word Lord L was small letters ORD and that's a translation of the word and in ancillary that is done most of the Bibles I deny means Lord sort of entitlements like we would say somewhere, exalted sent. So here you get a variation, but even at this point you still don't have the name David is appealing to in verse one is not over six if you happen I will sacrifice a free will offering to you. I will praise your name oh Lord, that name. Y'all are Jehovah, that's a word that was given to Moses at the burning bush I is a what's the significance of that name. Scholars are like what they have to say about the Dave Jehovah only for this reason the name is so great and so inclusive that virtually anything we say about the name Jehovah's inadequate you think we can say it's root of the Hebrew verb to be. Which is why it's translated I am back there in Isaiah. You'll notice also that that's in the present tense IM messenger so it's talking about God as the eternal present is a very important thing. It means that God is eternal.

What were going to see that name Jehovah wraps up in at those characteristics that are the most part exclusively God's joy was everything else as well, but the attributes we discussed this when we were studying Romans that are incommunicable to use the term theologians have for describing it, meaning is not able to share those particular attributes with us for our attributes of our communicable, but he does share with us and all our better qualities are result of that fact that we think of no things that space on the fact that God is a knowledgeable body has knowledge. He is omniscient, he knows all things. We don't know all things that we know is God knows that in the same way we have a measure of wisdom that we love that we relate to persons in all that is on the communicable level. Then there are those attributes of God that are incommunicable those are the ones that are particularly wrapped up with the name Jehovah Yahweh. As I said the first of these is this matter of God being eternally present God always is always has been always will be. And there's nothing else in the entire universe that is like that I would. It's true that when God creates us and gives us eternal souls of those are going to continue to exist either in fellowship with them apart with them throughout all eternity. But that was a moment when you when I did not exist.

Do not come from an eternal soul. We come into existence in time and are given an eternal existence by God that we are not eternal as God is eternal. Neither is the world either any of the things that you say to people today like to think that matter is eternal because God doesn't exist in their minds and they preferred not to regard God they have something eternal in the universe and so matter, being eternal, but the Bible teaches that is not the case back to the beginning of Genesis says the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, so matter had a beginning and then he read also in the Bible that in the end heaven and earth will pass away, and so matter will have an end. Only God is eternal that sets him infinitely above us above us in a way that it's impossible for us fully understand several other attributes that are wrapped up in math and one is self existence. That means is a God existed in some he doesn't depend on anything else. We are not like that we are not self existence we don't exist by our own selves. We depend on all kinds of things depend on food in order to keep alive in an environment in which we can function we depend on air to breathe, doesn't depend on anything and everything you could possibly conceive of what would be a little later, God would still be there. That doesn't depend on anything because he doesn't depend on anything he doesn't owe an explanation for who he is or what he does anybody think about God deceiving me feel God owes us something we always want to bring God down and put it in our data that we can bring them down in our data say God get God to do this well then that exhibit have some control over God. But God is in control of all demand like that that's wrapped up in the name of God. You see when God says I am who I am. That means I will do that I will again require me to do anything I do what I do use have to come to terms with whether the word means is that God is self-sufficient and that means that he has no needs, what could God possibly need you say well the worshipers God be diminished in the slightest of you when I went around worship and I don't have a toaster has a nice image of that he says in one of his books, you know. Imagine a situation where all human beings on the face of the earth suddenly become blind can see any light at all and are living in perpetual darkness without diminish the grandeur of the glory of the sun slightest summer go on shining even if we're not there to see it in the same way he set it individual in the face of the earth tomorrow morning should instantaneously become an atheist and safe just in a practical sense within the theoretical says there is no God.

It would make the slightest difference to God, God will still be godly would be as glorious, we deny them this is when we worship God is not worshipers. God does not need helpers to say when we begin to realize those things then we begin for the first time perhaps to see something of the glory and the lender and the greatness and the magnificence of you begin understand what David means when he says in verse one. Save me. Oh God, by your naming save me because you are cunning so helpers, we are the ones that need help. But God is my help. Verse four says, surely God is my help. The Lord is the one who sustains me. You and I get into situations and are not always a wrongful we get into situations that have no human solution whatsoever. They are impossible solution, but with God all things are possible. And so it God is our helper we complacent before him, not actually. David begins now at this point, I like you just look at the Psalm as we go through it and see the different parts of cancer of the model little song at this point.

Each verse has a separate kind of idea connected with it and if you think it through.

It becomes a pattern for how you can pray in just such a situation. Notice the first thing David and ask God to hear his lament. We look at verse one. This is verse two says, hear my prayer. Oh God.

Listen to the words of my mouth, Jesus prayed on one occasion, he said the Godfather.

I know that you hear me always.

That is also true of our prayers God hears is always because God is omniscient God knows all things years old. Jesus also set on one occasion, even when you try to do something in secret.

God hears it and someday that's all going to be dragged out of the closet is going to be made on its enemy shot on the hilltops are going to be no secrets and God's universe very frightening thought to say but there's a sense in which God hears all things: why does David pray this way, what is the sale God, hear my prayer, listen to the words of my mouth will for this reason, when we come to God and we pray that why we remind ourselves first of all of who God is.

God is the God hears. Secondly, we remind ourselves that there are things that if they don't stop him from actually hearing what we say that at least the prayer in the sense that he doesn't hear in order to answer the Bible talks a lot and those like many places, sin is a hindrance like that. That's why it says in Isaiah 59 surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to say there is either too dull to hear Corsican here in his arm say he chooses to reach out and say but notice your iniquities have separated you from your God sends it hidden his face from you so that he will not. That means God hears is not here to answer when we come with sin cherished in our hearts.

So when we begin as David begins here, praying, hear my prayer.

Oh God, listen to the words of my mouth that causes us to do is say to ourselves. Is there anything in me that keeps them from hearing where I want to make.

If we discover that course we have to confess it and change doing this second point. After he's done that. David describes a situation he faces, and that's what you have in verse three strangers are attacking the ruthless man seek my life and without regard for God.

Some people are reluctant to talk about themselves all say what's bothering them what a Christian and so were the same way and sometimes with good reason, always in situations that the refreshing things about Dave, especially in the solvents is that as we would say let's all hang out. He tells exactly how we feel it's sometimes hard to be around somebody like that but is refreshing. You do know where they stand.

And here is David being exactly that way with God. Now he says these men out there these ruthless men want to kill me and he was not exaggerating at the slightest. Saw a lot of the killings all certainly going to be good soldiers were there with Saul were doing Saul is betting that a man can't David are surrounded as Armenian bylaw or anywhere else.

I certainly avoid David out is not exaggerating the slightest he had something to tell God about him. He did and God heard it.

Now you're facing some hard problem encouraging. Tell God about them do it in detail. You say to yourself what God knows already. Yes, that's true, he does.

He wants to hear from you and if there's a problem you're facing.

You spell it all out spell out in detail. I guess you can wallow in that moment I met Michelle David goes on to do something else but you spell it all out all the details.

One thing to be doing is reminding yourself that God does indeed know the details.

As you mentioned them to them. You'll be telling yourself. Yes, I know God is aware of that already and and if you know is aware that you know that he cares about the details of things in your life that are bothering you. Nobody else cares about and he cares about the details, you know, he also cares about you. Very important thing you say to prayer have back kind of reassurance and encouragement as you pray is the third thing David next encourages himself by remembering who God is. Verse four.

We've already mentioned that Shirley God is my help, Lord is the one who sustains may now what I mean when I said a moment ago that David doesn't merely wallow in his problems as we might say there's a danger in doing that. We got so bogged down in our problems in our prayers is all we do, pouring it all out. Sort of the way some people will do to anybody who will listen to them at all and some people don't have anybody to listen to them at all and so they pay for the counselor to listen to when they do the same thing with the counselor and some counselors are good ones. But some of them just make their money by listening actually write much help I does one of the sand things of our decaying culture is that there are people in our society who not only have no one to listen to them, but have no money to pay anybody to listen to them in the frustration builds to the point of imbalance and you find walking down the street talking out loud and shouting and everything were nobody's all very sad thing is, there is a danger of simply wallowing in our problem doesn't fall into that trap because you see as soon as he reminds himself of the problem and lays it before God is also to remind himself of the nature of the God before me is laying the problem. What he tells himself as God is his help and want to sustains and on.

First Peter 57 Peter who learned the hard way to trust the Lord in all situations gives us some advice.

He says cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Incidentally, very next Psalm Psalm 55 has that verse where Peter got excellent 55 verse 22. But in this Psalm Psalm 54. That is what David does. David has cast his anxiety on God. That's what verses 1 to 3 describing and now having done it is ready to encourage himself by remembering the thought really is his help. Isaac Watts captured half in his rendering of Psalm 91 of the great hymns saying our God, our help in ages past our years to come. Be thou art guard while troubles last an hour eternal home is the force that David does after having done all of this is after asking God to hear him, having described the problem with Taylor having reminded himself of who God is, he now makes his request is a specific amount he says is this people are attacking me.

I would like you to let their evil recoil upon their heads, and I would like you to destroy them and save me out in the case of the lag Edomite situation I described in Psalm 52. He described exactly what he wanted God to do and it was really very vivid. The lag was to be pulled up snacks down twisted outpouring from his real language here isn't quite so graphic but it nevertheless is asking for God to intervene now if you read the commentators, you'll find that they begin to get very troubled at this point because it doesn't seem to be a Christian way of functioning wherever they come across something like this in the Psalms, and you find quite a few times in the Psalm by David they say now that really is a vindictive spirit. It's not worthy of a plan of God.

And we have been taught in the New Testament of our enemies and pray for them, even those who despitefully use us. Of course that's true. We have been taught to do that we need to say two things. First of all, even though we been taught to do that. That doesn't mean that we are to be indifferent to justice and righteousness, because I willing to forgive my enemy and forgive my enemy doesn't mean that therefore I should say well I'm glad to have all kinds of injustices prevail we have any sense of right from God, we should want God to establish justice and we should be grieved and evil was evil deserves to be judged and David is laying on this before the Lord. Secondly, we have to notice is along David asked God to vindicate him. Exercise judgment. David did not take that judgment into his own hands. Remember, here is being pursued by Saul go back to those very chapters stories which I've been telling Samuel 23, four, five and six. You'll find several times over in those chapters in the very midst of the situation is being reflected here in the Psalm that is between chapter 23 with the suffice report the software. David is in chapter 26, for they do the same thing in between there bracketed by those two reports of the suffice. David had two opportunities to kill his enemy diverted into his hands. He could've killed him with a sword.

Well, he would've been King King was dead, long live the king but he didn't do it. They would lift up his hand against the boards and when it's although he prays for justice.

He desires justice he doesn't take it into his own hands and leaves it with God is very significant to us.

We are to desire these things but we ought always work in grace to help people as much as we can is the last thing the fifth point David promises God a free will offering find versus six and seven others not a case of offering a bribe to God's will destroy my enemies. I'll bring you an offer but that of all praying to God because he knows that God is his help in the want of sustains me knows God's going to M is already saying to God is. I know you're going to do that when you do, I'm going to bring an offering my offering going to be a thank does he know God is going to do that God will deliver well because of who God is. Verse four. Surely God is my plan because of his experience God that delivered in the past God again so he trusts God to do it to. He leaves it with him. Let me give you a quote from Charles Haddon Spurgeon writes wonderfully on the Psalms is what he says let us trust that if we are as friendless as this man of God. We may resort to prayer as he did exercise like faith find ourselves before long, singing the same joyous praise when that's a song let me share one last thing with you.

I've said several times in the course of these studies that we must be careful not to turn all the Psalms in the messianic prophecies that his prophecies about Jesus Christ or the commentators were done that and one who did it to unbelievable excesses. The great St. Augustine read his commentary on the Psalms or find every one of them seems to be a prophecy of Jesus Christ. Others that have seen the Psalms of prophecies of the condition of the Jewish people just before the second return of Christ on the gable line is done that, in my judgment that fixation on one method of interpretation has greatly limited the value of those two commentary site look at Augustine from time to time, but I have a hard time finding things that are actually helpful. Just another place extremely helpful very keen mind and not for interpreting the Psalms. They are not all messianic describe situations like this from the life of David and clear about what they're describing. Nevertheless, some of them are messianic is clear. Prophecies of the Christ, who is to come and there are others which even though they are not messianic nevertheless describe things in such vivid language that we can find parallels in the life of Jesus Christ and say this is the sort of thing that Jesus himself must've gone through. Even though the Psalm itself is not a prophecy of what he went through now.

I think the Psalm is like that. We haven't really thought of it.

Along those lines, but if you do, you begin to study it with the passion of Jesus Christ in mind, you'll find that it is an excellent expression of the experiences and the whole of that one who, in the midst of his suffering cried out to God the father and was heard by him think some of the phrases save me of God by your name. Strangers are packing me. Surely God is my help, he has delivered me from all my troubles, not the sort of thing that Jesus was thinking on the cross see the point of that is this when you and I go through these difficult times. All of us do. We must not think that that's something you need to sort or even unique to humanity.

It is something into which our Lord Jesus Christ himself is entered by becoming a man like us and suffering like us and in the midst of his suffering. The father did hear when Jesus called out to him. He did help him and he did say, just as he heard help and save David and you can be certain you will hear help and save you. So the message of the Psalm is to believe it.

Believe it and lay all your requests all your anxieties before God. Father, we thank you that we have in you on was stupid.

The point not only hearing us as wonderful as that is what actually entering into our condition experiencing firsthand as it were, what it means to be betrayed and rejected, and eventually even kill father of us have resisted yet to the point of shedding blood, but many are discouraged. Many of been rejected many of been betrayed in different ways. Father, we thank you that we come to a God who knows all about that was able to help teach us to praise David at laying all this before you recognizing that you are our help and then and then to some of the deliverance that you promise say that day. I'm going to Leah thank offering at your feet and let it be our very selves.

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