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Thanksgiving in All Things

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 23, 2021 6:33 am

Thanksgiving in All Things

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 23, 2021 6:33 am

Thanksgiving is not a day, it is a lifestyle. Instead of celebrating thankfulness one day out of the year, we should focus on living lives of thanksgiving…today and everyday.

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Oh give thanks to the Lord for he is Thanksgiving is not a day of the year. Thanksgiving is a lifestyle that will last throughout, we are to give thanks in all things Kohler Thanksgiving moments of hope with an experience that we have one day per year. Set aside to give export all the blessings God has given to us. Should we make an effort to be thankful every day.

Here's David McPartlin in his message Thanksgiving in all things. Today I want to talk to you in a continual step of this series on Thanksgiving. What I wanted to do was to realize that Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate last weekend of November really is an attitude. It's very much connected to Christmas and last week we looked at the whole idea that most miracles are preceded by a heart of Thanksgiving in the Bible when you look at Jesus. For example, in feeding the 5000. He broke five loaves and two fish before he did so he gave thanks to God and then the miracle happened with Lazarus was dead before Lazarus was raised legit that Jesus gave Thanksgiving and then the miracle occurred. So if you're looking for a Christmas miracle this year. Let's begin with Thanksgiving.

Let's begin with the power of Thanksgiving at today's message is basically this one.

Thanksgiving is not a day of the year. Thanksgiving is a lifestyle that last throughout the year. Keep that in mind. Thanksgiving is not a day. I'll be here Thanksgiving it is every day throughout the year. It's an attitude of mind. It's a lifestyle. So let's look at the power of Thanksgiving in another step today and the whole message is centered around this thing we are to give thanks in all things say that after me. We are to give thanks in all things, not some things a few things, but in all things from Psalm 107 verse one read with the impact it says oh, give thanks to the Lord for he is good for his steadfast love endures. How long forever. Then Paul tells us in Philippians 46 that Thanksgiving should accompany every single one of our prayers. So whatever you pray to God. Make sure that Thanksgiving is a part of your prayer life. Read this with me. Paul said do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Let Thanksgiving always be included in every single one of your prayers and finally this the textile spring upon and use mostly today. First Thessalonians 516 through 18.

Paul wrote, rejoice always, pray without ceasing.

Give thanks in how many circumstances in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you so is pretty clear in it that we are to give thanks in how many things I know you hate it, but I looked up the word all the dictionary this week.

It means means all means all close and in everything we are to give thanks to God for somehow he's working out his will in everything is easy to think God and the good stuff in the but the Bible teaches that were not only supposed to think God in the good times. The Bible teaches were also to thank God.

During the bad times in all things and what you might not know about our Michael is that when he was in sixth grade.

He was cut from his middle school basketball team now in a Chadwick household is not good news. His older brother was an Allstate player Division I scholarship awardee and of course me you know I played collegially and when Michael got cut it just devastated that he is beginning to swim and play basketball. Both it was really really hard and I went to talk to the coach. Why did you cut the coaches basically said he didn't play very well so I go back your son is a distant play very well trying to give the excuse why did make. And yet folks him getting cut from that basketball team was what forced him to swim full-time this when he gave up basketball and just devoted himself to swimming.

So the worst thing that happened to him during that time. Became what the best thing that could happen him.

So we thanked God at that time trying to learn how to do this.

Thank you Lord. He did make it. We trust you.

What you might not know as well is that my goal that morning swim. The 50 free individually and have make the top eight have a chance for the metal. He finished ninth in Maryland.

When are you kidding me, Lord. And then we had to thank you Lord for ninth.

Thank you Lord for ninth because you're in it somehow working your will out. I think that's probably what motivated him that night to swim so well, but thank you Lord, thank you. And in that next day after he got the Olympic gold was given the world temperature gold he swim 103 which is his best event anything is 16 my first response, thank you Lord for 16 because somehow your ended and working all things together for good in in front of Marilyn me was a gentleman from Libya and this was another powerful moment for me. He had a huge Libyan black and his son was in the 100 free will. Michael finished 16th and his son finished 88 and when his meat was over.

It was posted on the board. He finished 88, the man's jumping up and down, waving his Libyan flag like this and he scream about my son, my son, because the flight starts blowing kisses to his son on the pool deck. My son, I'm sooner going Lord give me that kind of sense of Thanksgiving that if Michael finishes 88 I'm blowing kisses because somehow you're in somehow you're working everything together for good.

Somehow you will is being done that you need to know.

I don't think you're supposed to give thanks for things like cancer. Things like child abuse, gang killings, forcing yourself on someone.

I think were supposed to give thanks for that because there never a part of God's original intent. God didn't create the world with that kind of evil is part of the fall and the brokenness of our world but though we don't give thanks for those things happening. We give thanks for God working even through those so we do.

It's hard to understand but it's a powerful spiritual tool folks we talk about spiritual disciplines like prayer and fasting hears a spiritual discipline that's often overlooked. It's the powerful spiritual discipline of giving thanks to God during the bad times. It is a tool be enemy, and we do have an enemy of our souls only who hates us and wants to destroy us when we give thanks to God in the bad things that he is the author of God's not the author of evil to evil. One is when we give thanks, during those times he says you mean I did that to you and you still love God and you still give thanks to him and you still praise him. It ports and new nurses power like nothing else, it's a spiritual discipline to choose to give thanks to God in the bad times.

Let me share with you what I think is the opposite of Thanksgiving. My bed is will touch every single one of us today. The opposite of Thanksgiving is complaining. And God hates complaining because the major reason that God allows the bad stuff to happen.

He is sovereign over knees using it for good. The major reason he lets it happen in your life so you won't complain, and you'll be driven deeply into him. God's goal for every one of our lives might especially is to drive me deeply into Christ. It's a drive us into him where we totally and finally surrender everything to him where we live in complete dependence upon him, and nothing else in this world where we say.

Be still and know that I'm God regularly in our hearts. I'm going to cease striving, and I'm going to trust you, Lord, totally and completely. Are you there yet we cling to such puny things of this world. The tawdry bobbles of this kingdom that don't last forever, and God wants to pry our puny fingers away from the things of this world that don't last, and grasp him and him alone giving thanks in all things allows that to happen when you wait upon the Lord, and you don't have what you want, you learn the spiritual discipline of waiting your practicing giving thanks in all things in your trust in God to work it out in his plan in his way. But be careful about complaining it's the opposite of Thanksgiving. In fact Paul in Philippians 2 verse 14 said do all things without grumbling or disputing or complaining do hate that word all don't you were never supposed to complain, never let me give you some facts. And this comes from psychology today, not from the Bible though all truth is God's truth here some facts about complaining. First of all, scientists have studied, complaining, and that every single human being complaints up at least once every minute, every minute it becomes a habit within us, and here's what happens in your brain when you start to complain your neurons fire whenever you express any emotion, especially one this negative and if one keeps happening over and over again that there is a phrase that scientists use.

If your brain fires and it wires it if your brain fires it it wires it so when you think a negative thought especially complaining your brain fires. It and the more you do it, the more the neurons start massing out word and they start building bridges to one another so that complaining becomes a habit. It's something you do all the time. What you need to know though is complaining has serious consequences. First of all, to your physical health. The place in the brain where those neurons fire and start to build bridges to one another is the place in your brain for Alzheimer's. Most happens so maybe one of the clearest Alzheimer's is learning how to give thanks in all things.

When you start having those neurons fire more and more they release into your body. Cortisol and for those of you who are physically smart, you know, cortisol is what's released when you go into a fight or flight mode. It's your body's way of giving you what you need when you're in a tough situation either to face it, or the runaway, but too much cortisol can cause all kinds of problems in your human body. It's been directly related to belly fat is directly related to diabetes is directly related to high cholesterol is directly related to heart disease. You get the picture that complaining causes bad physical health.

It also causes relational problems there something in social science called neural mirroring.

What's that, it's whenever someone releases an emotion. There feeling it causes others to be drawn to it. There's a good neural merit mirroring. What's that sympathy when you have someone who expresses something to you that's painful in their lives. You're drawn to enter into their world and try to help them right. That's a good thing, but when it's complaining. It initially draws people to you and in a bad way.

The person drawn to you. Starts mirroring the very neural imaging. The complaining that's going on, so that a person is drawn into that complaining becomes a what a complainer think gob secondhand smoke you're in a place where water two or five people are smoking and you inhale that smoke you start to take on potentially the very symptoms of that smoke in their lives, in your own so when you're around complaining people either you will be drawn into it and start complaining yourself and then what you do is you have a huge pity party with your friends and that person will stay with you, probably for a season.

Then afterwards in this true I get tired of the negativism in the complaining and the downers and eventually what happens they leave. I can't speak for you, but I want to be surrounded by people who believe in my dreams, who have hopes and what godly do in my life to think positive about who I am in my future and run with complaining people I show empathy, but after a while I leave. So there is a relational damage to complaining. It may for a moment allow somebody to enter into your pity party, but eventually you'll be isolated and left. That's why God hates complaining. It has physical ramifications, emotional ramifications, relational ramifications if you remember God free the Israelites from the captivity of the Egyptians departed the Red Sea they got to the other side. The Egyptians were all killed, and they throw one praise party. Thanksgiving is everywhere around them. They thank God for his deliverance is beautiful and then they go out into the wilderness, and suddenly, food is a bit scarce. There's not much water and when they start doing. They start QuickBooks complaining and God listens to it and after a while he says okay you complain, you remain. You complain, you remain and what he do 40 laps around the wilderness for 40 years until they died off in a new generation filled with faith kingdom for you see folks complaining is unbelief verbalized complaining is unbelief verbalized in God hates unbelief, but Thanksgiving is faith verbalized.

Thanksgiving is faith verbalized. And Thanksgiving is saying that God no matter what's going on. I thank you because I know somehow, someway, though it's tough, you're in it you're working through it.

It's for good. I may not see it for a while, but I trust you. I'm totally dependent upon you.

I surrender everything to you and Thanksgiving replaces complaining which is where God wants us to be because positive people, people filled with joy and thanksgiving all things and moments of hope data joins me in a studio in a conversation about keeping Thanksgiving. Really I I am Tony Marciano residence in Europe.

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Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership. Thanks for listening to moments of hope. I'm James Easton, Pastor David Saleh, thank you so much for joining us today.

It's great being with you Jen, I hope you're well.

I am well thank you. Well, the holidays are here and for many of us. They can be in next blessing right great remedy for the holiday blues. I really do. And in its appropriate to this week because this week is Thanksgiving week. And there's something powerful about giving thanks somehow in your cognitive thinking to replace all the negative stuff that's happened to us all. We all have gone through tough places. Life is bruised and broken. But Jesus promised that he would not extinguish a smoldering wick he would not break a bruised reed, so he's with us in these tough times and I think one of the ways he's given us to overcome those difficult thought patterns and life situations is by giving thanks there is a power available to us by simply giving thanks and I think that's what the psalmist meant in Psalm 103 verse two is bless the Lord, O my soul, and don't forget all of God's benefits to us. There's power in Thanksgiving.

It can heal the mind it can give you hope like nothing else. Before I loved us so much because it's simple yet profound, and this practice that you have written about today and were talking about is the list making and making a list of the things that we are thankful for and you know this really is life changing and I'll just share something from my life and my family is going through a particularly hard time right now and this is a practice that my mom has told me anything transformative and still is what she doing well every morning before she gets out of bad, she will make a rest in her mind she's not writing it down yet in her mind she will think of three things to be grateful for just three things just three things and sets the tone for the day. We have a friend in my family who was going through severe depression and at this point in her life. She was a team interestingly gin that between the ages of 10 and 34 today are the second major killer of Americans is suicide if you can imagine 10-year-olds who were taking their lives.

It is happening in those of us living in Charlotte North Carolina have seen repeated examples of that over the last several weeks while she was in a severe depression, so we exhorted her just start making a Thanksgiving list as hard as it may be, please do it.

While at first she could do it. She was in such deep depression.

She could not even think of anything for which she was thankful. So we ask or will just look around you and find something and so she started noticing. Interestingly, her next breath she noticed every morsel of food she ingested. She noticed callers. The green grass. The blue skies. She noticed birds chirping. She noticed her next step that she was able to walk where she also realized there were paraplegics in the world who could not walk at all, and slowly but surely as she began making that list that went from 1 to 2 to 3 over a couple few weeks for which she could be thankful. Then it got to be dozens upon dozens upon dozens and then six months later after her severe depression which I'll admit did involve some thoughts of suicide. This wonderful beautiful teen came out of her depression and was ignited with the joy she never had before. Now that last to this day. Years later on, this is so powerful you just encourage all of our listeners to start making a list today.

Thank you so much, state, and you Jen and that list folks will set you free and make you thankful like never before and look forward to talking with you all tomorrow and moments of complicating atomic senior pastor of moments of hope charts. We'd love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning.

Many prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte at 10 AM.

You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope and running online predated daily moment of hope. Every morning here in and I help you both free and for data at any entire moments of hope charts change you need to begin

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