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Getting God’s Viewpoint - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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November 23, 2021 12:00 am

Getting God’s Viewpoint - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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November 23, 2021 12:00 am

Get insight on how to find the Lord's perspective on life's issues.

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Welcome to the intense podcast with Charles Stanley 13th day of November 23, difficulty and hardship can cause you to beat Spencer centers that by pointing to that big picture. Say for example that you sophomore some disease or some circumstance.

Let's say that you're in one of those situations emotionally with someone on it is just it just a mess everyday.

I mean it's trying is difficult is painful. It's hard to criticize you rejected, whatever it may be you will be able to do anything and everything God sends you what he says look you look at it against the background of eternity that 24 hour period. Some crises develop skill is a lifetime sometimes 10 years is forever sometimes 20 years is is an eternity past the return of the future it is forever. Either way you look at it. But God says wait a minute, is how you look at it you look at it against the background of God's eternity for our momentary affliction that we not talk about somebody to think once in a while if you read the full chapter 1st renders the 11 chapter 2nd graders and you have a biographical sketch of nothing but pain, suffering, hardship, persecution, and all the rest of the life. The apostle Paul, what is he saying he is rejoicing and talking, but he's a winner. He always triumphs. He is victorious on everywhere you turn, he's doing nothing but facing suffering, even unto death stone that Mr. and left for dead.

Here is rejoicing. What he has God's viewpoint.

He's seeing these things as they are stretched out against the background of eternity that only our momentary against the background of eternity.

Listen to what he says from momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison and one in the world does he mean when he says, light affliction are jet this down if we want God's viewpoint. We must weigh every hardship and trial against the backdrop of the cross if we wanted from God's viewpoint. We must weigh every hardship and every trial against the backdrop of the cross that think about this remote thesis picture your Lord Jesus on the cross. They put a spike in this hand right through his tendons leaders right to the vessels they drove a spike in bedside mailing both hands.

There they drove a spike right through his feet. They jammed that crown of thorns on his brow, bleeding the blood dropping into his eyes and down his chest and his body dripping from his hands from his feet. Finally, while he was hanging there every single breath was every single breath was a trial every breath could be the last breath top to put all of that was the jeering in the criticism of the rejection and the hostility and the anger and the vengeance of a crowd of people whom he loved unconditionally. The crowd of people whom he came to save redeemed, sanctify and make a home in heaven for all of the emotional turmoil and in those moments suffering. Worst of all the feelings of being separated and deserted by his own heavenly father want to ask you my friend. When did you ever suffer to think so intensely painful is that never been, how could Paul say our momentary like flexion whenever I look at my heart aches my burdens my sorrows my tribulations my trials my persecutions my hurts against the background of this. It's always very very light.

You see it's getting God's viewpoint, it makes it possible for you to walk through some of the dark valleys when everything around you is hostile toward you with perfect assurance, triumphant confidence as a winner.

Victoriously, because you know God is an absolute control.

Next thing I want you to jot down verse 17 for momentary, light affliction is producing for home for us, not for God. Though God is glorified and he says these momentary light afflictions, which seem to string along for the time for us and seem to be so heavy, so unbearable at times he says they are producing for us something now, jot this down if we would have God's viewpoint, we must view all our hurts and persecution as working in our behalf is now getting work in our behalf.

Listen to what he said. He says for momentary, light affliction is producing for us.

That is something's going on for us. Now let me ask a question if you are a mechanic for example working in a garage and you had this huge box of tubes which are absolutely essential and their heavy sometimes hard to pick him up there greasy you know you get grease on the a fingernails and grommets all of your shirt and I'll give Mason is just the way it is and sometimes you picture yourself with them, scratch yourself.

Cut yourself, hurt yourself dealing with those thing supports about as you say, well, I don't like these two because after all they get the greasy, sometimes I hurt myself or the and the to have his son get about to let me ask you how long did you stay in business if you get rid of the tools you are the best. You gotta singles this passage when we try to escape God's tubes hardship, persecution, suffering difficult those impossible situations and we will one problem we want to get away from.

We want to escape. He says wait a minute like the tool in the toolbox produces income for the mechanic are suffering and hardship and heartache and disappointments and trials are producing for us, something's going on. You don't see it going on but something's going on, something is happening on the inside there's something productive about suffering that Paul is not saying it with you on the cross. We just got get yourself in a mess and suffer well know, is nobody's talking about. He's talking about those things that come upon us, and sometimes we are responsible for some but sometimes when not in the key is, he says, for momentary, light affliction is brought. These things are producing for you. Do you understand that gobbled out. I'm sick and tired of this will out God what you saying is more animal than the more fruitful is not one thing is producing for me. I'm sick and tired of that. No, when you get God's viewpoint you see every two of hurt every tribulation trial Harding Burton persecution every moment of suffering. These are God's divine tools.

The sculptor and spraying and the discipline and to equip enter Bill and to provide and to produce for us in the future as well as the present that which if we could just see we know that is what we want. Alright, let's move on. Now the next phrase is a little difficult to understand but notice what he says now is go back to verse 16. Therefore we not losing our confidence in the midst of all these trials, there are alum and the sole physical body is decaying.

If something is wonderfully transpiring on the inside with becoming stronger and deeper and richer, for momentary, that is, it appears to be momentary against the background of eternity, light affliction is slight against the backdrop of the cross is producing process something is something going on in our behalf. And what is it, Eddie. It is an eternal weight of glory far beyond our all comparison for momentary, light affliction is producing for us when he says an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison the phrase than the Greek is excess on the excess that is you can't describe what God is producing through us and for us in eternity future. As a result of our suffering he says is so absolutely immeasurably incomprehensible is impossible to fully even describe it. He says it is excess on the excess abundance beyond abundance.

That is what God is producing fruit throughout suffering and hardship and heartache is so absolutely magnificent incomprehensible immeasurable. You cannot describe it.

So he says look if you want God's viewpoint is what you remember against the backdrop of the cross. This suffering is intense but Luke not really against the background of eternity. It's only for a moment below. If you see from God's viewpoint.

He sees what is going on in eternity future. God sees what is happening your inheritance is enlarging and notice how he uses the phrase here when he says an eternal weight of glory. Now there is a glory that belongs only to God, the radiance and splendor of holiness belongs only to God but there is a glory in this phrase that is ours and that glory is the matchless inheritance undeserved but provided an purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ which he has in store as our eternal possession of which we will never lose as we walk in the spirit of God. He says the right viewpoint is to see things from God's perspective. If I get all borne down and torn up and wrapped up in self-pity and criticism.

You want somebody to feel sorry for me says look get God's viewpoint. Hallelujah praise God. Do you understand what the father is reaping for you and go or do you understand what all of your suffering and hardship is producing in your life now and producing for you in the future if you could just get a grams of what God is doing in your behalf. As a result of your suffering. You say, bring all the suffering because 7500 years of life is nothing against the background of a million times a million times a million endless seconds it's immeasurable.

You can even my friend, it is that kind of spirit that will make your life like a sweet smelling aroma. When you down in the valley and your friends, your neighbors, your family knows that you walk in the pits of darkness, then when you come to work on Monday morning. This thing I don't understand this lady, this joy this sweetness.

This quietness this humility. This confidence this bull is positive about what is it with her. It is the sweet aroma of the all sufficient gospel of Jesus Christ just dripping and dropping and overflowing someone else's life will let us come to the last point we have God's viewpoint. When we look beyond what is seen and are able to visualize what is on scene. We have God's viewpoint, we were able to look beyond what is see and get God's, for that is we see what is unseen with a visible and can only be seen, the spiritual I know eternity will the Hebrews Chapter 11 for a moment and you recall, in this passage.

This is the great passage about faith and the right of Hebrews list all these wonderful Bible characters undergoing all kinds of difficult and heartache and he finally comes to Moses over here and he says let's begin with verse 24 that here is a perfect example of this last point.

Verse 24 by faith Moses when he had grown up refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter choosing rather to endure ill treatment with the people of God than to do what, then, to enjoy the passing pleasures passing transient pleasures of sin, considering the reproach of Christ greater riches, that is, considering the approaches, the rejection, suffering the hardship greater riches than the treasures of Pharaoh's Egypt, though he was looking to the reward by faith he that is that is Moses left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is on. See Moses live as a man who is able to see the invisible out there in the desert when all they could see was sand and look for water and smell sheep and goats and some 3 million of them all they could see was sand and barren mountains and people. But there's one man among those who can see something else wherever he went. He could always see Jehovah God out front, leading him you will know how to endure all kinds of hardship and heartache and troubles and tribulations trials list what he says in this passage, he says we look not at the things that are seen with the things that are unseen for the things that are seen physical things, a transitory passing they can all be gone one these days, we were able to see that which is unseen. For example, look around you wherever you may be.

What do you see that will always be here everything you and I see with the neck. It is going to one day dissipate, so that what about the word of God will dictate what if I had a match.

I could burn this Bible into ashes, but I could never burn the message. I could never burn the truth I can burn the pages Inc. and India paper will burn easily leather we can to destroy that all of this can be destroyed with the message can't be destroyed. You see the pages. What I see can be destroyed but what my spirit sees public event can never be destroyed. When I look at you what I see is going to disintegrate when I look at my spirit when I see will never die. He says that you want God's viewpoint is what you must do you most warrantless. You must learn daily to be perceptive to see the things about you that are not seen the focus on the scene. Don't let your light get wrapped up in things visible bitterness stage of transition.

You may, by the finest and most beautiful automobile the world on tell you one of these days that things going to the junkyard and maybe a little discouraging views, but a lot of other recently, but it's going to the junkyard. My friend is a believer who sits behind the wheel to drive it. God did make it a job and you will never go to the junkyard.

God's precious believer always hears and what you think about something very carefully. God's viewpoint, how do I develop at this in my life. This is so simple. Some of you going to stumble all over and so simple. These are not that that's the way I want to see things I want to see things from God's perspective. This is how simple it is. You open the word of God and you read it and you plot your life and you learn to think the way God thinks you begin listing the things I gotta say, you begin to see how God operating the lives of his children. He began to saturate your mind and your spirit with the truth of God's work you have to go to some certain book you to start rate you just ask God, Lord, I want to saturate my monitor with your you don't have, you begin to think the way God thinks you begin to respond the way gospel music you get his viewpoint now give you some points here that say when I when you have God's viewpoint. This is what you will be looking at things. But how do you get his viewpoint. It's real simple. You get the book and you read it you digest that you will understand that Alyssa's mother thinks that I couldn't tell your men are fully understand or reverse this brother you want exciting thing about being a pastor every time I get the passage that absolutely confounds me before I come out his given me the truth can do the same for you. Guess what he'll do. God will create the circumstance sinew to the book you discover his truth of what happened you respond from God's viewpoint now.

One last thing, listen to me carefully whatever you face and are facing right now you have the capacity right now you have this capacity on this side. It looks black Bill Darek hopeless and helpless. All you have to do to turn that over so that is bright and positive and possible and exciting, challenging, and anticipate is the change your attitude. You know how long it takes to change attitude.

If you commit yourself and choose to do it. I will cease to doubt my God and will choose to believe him. I choose to cast myself up on my sovereign God who is unconditionally love me and I choose to view life through his viewpoint. I don't have understand the circumstances. They don't have to change spelling have to get better. Why because having God's viewpoint. I know who is in control and who has absolutely surrounded me with his omnipotent, omniscient presence.

There is no way to lose with God. People thank you for listening to Pat Taylor getting God's viewpoint. If you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley in touch ministries and start enlarging this podcast is a presentation of intense ministry advantage of

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