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November 18, 2021 4:49 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 18, 2021 4:49 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Do you think the Covid vaccine is the mark of the beast---2- Is it ok to celebrate Christmas if the Catholic Church made it from a pagan holiday---3- Can Satan enter heaven---4- Who will be fighting in Armageddon- If the evil are taken first -in the parable of the wheat and the tares- who will be fighting in that battle---5- Should we pray in the name of Jesus or Yeshua- What's the right language to read and speak the Bible in---6- Where do I go in Scripture to show that it's ok to celebrate your birthday---7- Why is John 3-3 translated born again instead of born from above---8- Matt discusses the end times, the pre, mid and post tribulation views.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive you have questions about my maps.

What why day to working with Dr. Trinity debating pretty soon next week review so much of the Trinity works took over the years and so will modifying an article on that enjoying that went to the radio show so you want to call 877-207-2276 the last four digits spell see ARM on your phone,, see ARM.O RG.

That is, the Christian apologetics research ministry and let people know that it's a very large website and you should consider checking out and let you know that if you want to watch the show.

All you have to do was go to the Carmen homepage. See the right inside the homepage you'll see a thing ugly mug up there. Matt slick life and you can click on watch. Not a big deal.

Also, if you are interested you can create your own Odyssey account because it will be moving away from YouTube to Odyssey and were doing that because, well, what is prepping because YouTube is silencing conservatives and I personally believe it will continue. And Christians will be persecuted more and more I know depressing but I believe this case it was making a move over to Odyssey. So if you're interested in checking out karma. All you do. ODYSEE to sign up and then search for Carmen. You can follow and that we have people moving in their daily basis. So praise God for that.

All right soon, if you wanted with the show is about to do is listen to Christian apologetics show the apologetics is a branch of Christian theology dealing with the defense and establishment of Christian faith. That's what I do have a large website write books to debates and radio. Sometimes the longest work on some TV stuff and enjoy being able to defend the faith. So praise God okay for open lines.

What you may call 877-207-2277 plus get to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome hello I doing all right yesterday I was you talk about overnight felt Mark didn't quite finished to the thing I called for with it a good thing filled like anything different.

No, I don't believe that vaccines be sent believe that I believe it's it's it's effective in determining the facts, the covert team virus, but I also believe that it has had ample effects in a trusted great deal of research on coded and I found out all kinds of things that are disturbing and have information on on the Carmen website. See and/covert now the thing that I made a comment about is in our culture what's happening here.

The United States is as the rise of socialism and in the rise of socialism we have reduction of freedom and the left is following a playbook of using a crises in order to shift power to themselves and so they shut down the economy and required mask wearing we are requiring vaccinations a penalty. If you can't travel and people lose their jobs over and in order to be tested for this really put a swallow of your nose. But if you go to a doctor's office. For example, you make test your four head or your right hand. That's how it's been and that's with the whole thing is kind of is reminiscent of Revelation 1316 because all the small the grapes which the Porta Friedman, the slaves, to be given a mark of the writing on the four head and he provides that no one be able to buy or sell except one is Mark well I do believe the vaccine is the mark of the night. I suspect that could be a precursor to for a conditioning people to accept the increase of so of governmental control, lack of freedom, reduction of freedom of speech. The division in the majority of people centered not united and fight against depression and the requirement to wear masks which are basically effective and done research on this and you conditioning us to put forth our four head in her hand. In order to be identified properly so is the cost of existing. This makes me nervous with me nervous okay okay okay anything else on here but sure what I don't mean that I don't sound like it is not say your a bit for the Catholic Church. Like I you be okay with Chris because we know the calendar.

Frost is that's so that is an issue called the genetic fallacy and what that means is that the origin of something is bad so therefore it is bad first contents 10 Paul defends the idea of me of eating meat sacrificed to idols their pagan pagan gods sacrifice animal or sacrifice they sold meat in the market. You can eat it is not to harm you and what you want to stumble anybody by that just just eat and don't ask questions and you be okay so the same thing goes with the idea of of Christmas, which is December 25, which actually is Saturnalia which is in northern Europe was the time of the year when the winter solstice occurred and the of the day sorting link that had celebration on that day of the length of summer 25th and so the Roman Catholic Church could not get rid of it except the pagans from celebrating it so they tried to make it sanctified in the idea of of silver to Christ's birthday. On that day, instead of a pagan holiday.

And that's how it was done just because Catholic Church worked that day doesn't mean we can't celebrate Christmas as we Were the Birth of Christ Weren't Birthdays Were Free in Christ. And so You Want to Celebrate It. You Don't Have To and You Shouldn't Be Don't Believe Is Right. But If You Want to All Right. I Arrived. God Bless.

All Right Hey Folks for Open Lines. If You Want to Give Me a Call 877207276 Dave Hey Man, I Want Hanging in There That I Question How Can It Work and Cannot Enter Heaven, and My Correct on Well I Don't Know Because of Citizen Abstraction As of the Current It's Also an Attitude. Does Satan Have Access to Heaven. That's a Question Because Job Want to Talk about Implies That Specifically Stated so I Can't Say Yes or No on That Definitively. Okay You What We Were Talking about Here. If a Person Gets a and Ask Forgiveness. My Correct That There There See Underwater. You Know, Only the Deepest Part of the Ocean and in Their Forgot My Correct on Another Not Forgot People Think I Explained That Means Though Is God's Forget This Doesn't Remember There's a Difference between Not Remembering and Forgetting Forgetting Is Something That Happens to You When They Are Lots of Remembering Is Bringing Something up from the past Got This Remember Them Anymore Is Not the Same Things, Forgetting I Know What You Doing out There Coming out to Colorado and We Drove from Colorado, Wyoming and We Went and I Had Talked You Here before Land and You Tell Me You Live down Correct on Live Night in the Boise about How to Do It Not Thought about You. You and We Meet for Lunch Sometimes. No Thing A Few Years Think They Travel through Family Comfort I Want, How You Get There.

You Know You Mean in Monolith Going to Steak Dinner. I Love Steak. My Wife Is in the Sand Steak She All She Just Throws the Spices Together. She Does the Barbecue Is Not As Good As She Is Not. I Don't Know What to Tell My Wife How You Do It You Make This Anything like You Know Effort like I Do with His Wife to Cook a Stick Is Able Would You Do to Make It so Good Together. Tell Me If I Throw Stuff Together Is It Taste like I Threw Stuff Together Though No Joke. It Really Got No Holiday.

Maybe When I Get out There and Try One of Our State Day Care You for Your Family a Great Thanksgiving and I'm Very Happy. YouTube Goblins Got Your Letter All Right Hey Five Open Line: 772-0776 and sign up harm is there some things get uploaded to you doing this on a daily basis and to be doing other stuff as well. Some ideas some projects. One minute seminary one minute per topic and doing hundred or two things of this kind of thing topic and we be putting long list of right now teaching YouTube YouTube is restricting Christians more and more conservative because of this information is written article. The title of an article 1st paragraph. The guy wants to put in a bill to allow you to something like this to stop this information is just another way of censoring if you it's just deemed this information to St. and that is just not just what you don't like saying I don't like what you say what is right folks for the line I there fighting, it looks like will probably be as nations were gathered against Israel, and I've seen the value and it's you nurse major armies role the world can meet there and so yeah Besa what I need what I need a and when we and tears are gathered at first evil will go and ended then you will go with those of Jesus.

As will be filled wouldn't be any people here with their evil will be willing out know some people say there's pre-tribulation rapture.

I don't affirm.

I hope you are correct. I affirm that working to go through the tribulation and that my personal opinion is just my opinion is that things get so bad that the prophecy I suspect is prophecy that God gave you the fruit you will be speaking to all mankind just that of all mankind presented. I believe that sin will result in death wishes of his death from 623 and 24, 22, I think what it says if those days we got cut short.

No flesh left and so every 22, no flesh looks type it in, but so I I suspect it was can happen is things are so bad that there will probably be the collection of warring groups in the Valley for Megiddo and that if the war is not stopped by God, then the earth will be destroyed like probably usage nation the nation of what's gonna happen is I suspect, is that before that happens right before a minute. In our day.

We got enough of that Jesus will come back and take out of his kingdom. The wicked is what he says 13 love first gather the wicked got her first not good.

That's what he says 13 so yeah yeah I know that's what yeah I read that and I understand that but I'm just trying to figure out if he take the evil then there shouldn't be and the good, and there shouldn't be anybody here right and then I write Zen is when he makes a new heavens and new earth is not the future.

In my opinion this is my opinion to be a future literal 1000 year. It is a figurative use is my thing. Okay I wondering like that that wouldn't be any evil or good though to be fighting my okay thank you for thank you for answering me by all right you know my views little bit different to try and show the Scriptures from where I get it very much open to be corrected. I just don't see it yet in Scripture that's okay study. Let's get to Dylan from Toledo are you. I believe in the power of work so there when we pray and better. I found another name, no spoken words should be referred to as school.

No .1 power what you mean by you teach that you believe that what we say becomes reality. Yeah, I'm here yeah the power of the word. The ability to you having the ability to have this brought an just just that the God's word is just powerful mother nature just been God's work to me mode and would be written in a different language than we interpreted though raw loss on we ought you were in Aramaic. My question was sound more power in the word power. Power you know, and for other not to say that I am.

Are you mode as I read it this morning. I am that I find. You and your called on as you start. Is this not called Mississippi.

I am in Matthew 121 it says you shall call his name Jesus's egregious pronunciations. EA's door so the guy that wrote the during that era would have written, but they didn't.

They wrote it wrote Jesus. That's what we have the New Testament written that remark I sent you two are being because of the Bible says what church you it was translated not to bring up a debate further on the question translated Matt here. It would open you know how many times were you Jesus, for Jesus occurs in you, there million.

No words in the Bible is about 900 times so and Matthew, Mark, John is the Bible written was written a year question the Old Testament a revelation of the lack that there's debate 60 to 90 a D ring. So what church to go to church. I can work at hand that are not attended church on a Saturday or Sunday, or Friday. I know money thanks a lot. Lines 877776577 how to spell it in Greek is Yoda and eight Sigma omicron salon Sigma that's that's his name EA soups requisite Gino "j" in Greek Jesus. Jesus, like my name Matthew when English is his Matthias okay what I do not what he has to show you from Scripture. It is a sin to show that it's not sin. In this issue. There are some things in Bible says are not, but the issue here is that he's making a statement always doing his phone. The watchtower of false religion tells him to say the reason they do this because if you share your birthday. What is idol worship is not what I would do is first Corinthians 10 review perspectives talks about fleeing idolatry. But it also says that he could keep meat sacrificed pagan altars is an important section of Scripture perspectives the whole thing and just focus on those areas that talk about your freedom in Christ that you can eat meat sacrificed to idols. You can celebrate your birth day to harm anybody much coming up in about three weeks on the turn 65 and on and so someone recently told the radio asking the question. As I looked at my daughter's will make me a cake that that's all I want is my daughter love it excuse from the come on over itself and to give McCarty have an obligatory kiss. They have to give me on my cheek to get here when it will effects this is what dad requires. So I want to cake the sin cake they go okay .1.

I love it.

That's great so that sinful symbol so the J Dobbs will say to send to do that the glory of God the things Scripture says you can't do that will celebrate his birthday in Scripture. True. So they take Christmas holding when their job so they take the day off you take it off as Christmas. The task of the meat sacrificed the blood okay folks, we have four lines were to give me a call 772276 with Joseph. We thought John chapter 3. Born-again my blue letter Bible. You mentioned that I really like that born from above literally. My question is why translated born-again and the NIV not well it does say born from above the noise in the background noise going on all right.

Let me try. I tried what you and to bother you guys find and also people were driving when they start hearing weird sounds like down on the road should be distracted. So it's one reason is that this is an essay on that's what it says in the Greek born word again. It's actually the word above from above. Okay, nothing about noting from the place from above fireplace so more from above and from all the spirit and so anyway so that's what's going on. That's what it says because is talking of being born from above, which is something born-again. I wish it is all gone. Real quick. Agree you return. Yes, though your work wideout called out one white called out one word heard that for every word occurs 114 times in the New Testament and see which can be translated into the English church congregation assembly groupthink, and so words need to be in context, and soon assess your example in CX 19 nine says so. But if you want anything beyond this, it is, it shall be settled in lawful assembly that's next 19 network assembly is the church's adequacy so that some were shouting. One thing under another for the assembly was in confusion. Majority none with respect come together to soak it just has a test with all the semantic domain different meanings in different contexts and Hebrews 212.

For example, would congregation's adequacy. It says singer proclaim your name to my brethren in the midst of the congregation I will sing that much with you on okay there too, nice place to come 12 very liberal are ready that's going on, but I know where were free here in Idaho and the though I love the rain terrain of Washington not for you.

Jobsite might have for us. All right yeah why old boy kicked off the job because you don't get vaccinated. And yet when you have had COBIT your immune, and yet they've had the vaccines and why to get vaccinated. If the vaccine works maybe doesn't work so now they want you to get vaccinated, but then doesn't mean that you can't get it.

So why would they say if you're vaccinated you can you can work here even though the vaccine doesn't stop getting cold.

If you don't have the vaccine can't work here because you might spread COBIT so get over to get the vaccine seek the stoop to dictate of this is just right up front. All you gotta do is little critical thinking and realizing that being duped a lot of blanks now vaccines work since for a minute here before the break. 877-207-2276 vaccine they can stop something help stuff except it doesn't prevent you from getting is more like a therapy than a vaccine understand what vaccines in my research I found that the definitions of change vaccine schools to inoculate from re-verifying respect but nevertheless if you can get the vaccine still get COBIT why get the vaccine, and why subject your body. Things that is causing lots of accounts folks fiber line. Why don't you call 877207227 sickly right back after I and then real bad and we escape and so that's the fields are very common. Most people and it's been taught across America and I believe falls say that I'm calling the character is disagree. Picture manager but I don't see in Scripture pre-tribulation rapture see the place where we get out of anything. This is when you see this happen.

Run to the hills and furthermore the the context of map Revelation 20 where it says sing spell for thousand years. People say to me that's obvious.

Without his literal and I read in the context then I saw an angel come down from heaven, holding a key literal key of the abyss and a great chain literal chain was in his hand and labeled Dragon that's figurative serpent of old pretty literal Genesis was a devil and Satan that's literal and Donna for thousand years is literal or figurative sense. Revelation is a very effective book in the very first that there team figurative usage. So my caution to people. Is this just don't assume it automatically. Literal 1000 year might don't assume do your research and see does the context lend itself to like talk to people about this particular personal safe. They hold the pre-tribulation rapture go sailing heaven holding a key of the abyss is it was not a literal key but symbolic of the literalness of his holdings as of the and what they'll do is really stretch the word to try and make it all literal, holding the key of the abyss, literal key. It's a key and a great chain literal chain because combined single change but is holding a chain in his hand a spiritual change with literal are you kidding, I find that to be ridiculous, and so I will get this kind of comments coming in so I to say look stuff. Just be careful.

The word thousand isn't taken literally, it might be literal but it might not be the same care. That's what I'm saying okay now.

Another thing is that we don't find any place in Scripture where it says we escape, if anything, it says if those days be not cut short. No flesh will be saved for the sake of the elect. Now the elect are those were chosen for salvation.

I know a lot of people don't like that but that's what it sounds.

The Bible says the elect are those chosen for the foundation of the world. That's Ephesians 14 key. The father chose us the elect in him. Christ now. If ready to be here to tribulation. For if we escape says in those days.the cut short. No flesh will be disabled for the sake of the elect days of the cut short women. The elect here has to be the same as some people would say will. That means we get rapture out seven years under net of your. People become say in doing that. Those are the elect well okay I think it's workable in that position. I don't think it really is that solid try to be fair and we get to the issue of same things with the thousand year except very clearly Jesus and Satan bound when Jesus was on earth. That's Matthew 12 2232.

He says he was bound to cast out demons UniFirst behind the strong and he's casting out deliveries be bound. It's something that's what's going on. Satan is bound in further what Jesus says because when he says nothing court as it wasn't days of no one social a few days in the coming payment all the way to the field. Take the ones were taken once giving in marriage, but in math. In Luke 17 giving in marriage, and all that the wicked use read hundred percent of the time national peoples years so you're right. That's what assesses the wicked were taken and Jesus answers the question. Sex will really take answers 17. The body is a vulture together and when Matthew 13 will examine that he says that he speaks to 1330 speaks in parables stop and he says terrible out both go together until the harvest is also the reaper's first gather the tears. The first was gathered, but here's a question if it's pre-tribulation rapture is just a fair question to ask then why is it that the first was gathered to question if the good are the ones taken first and why does it say that the wicked are taken first Jesus Matthew 13/31, gather the tears and bind them bundles to burn them together and then they ask him later in the chapter despite 10 verses later explained to us that parable Jesus is the one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is and as for the good CDs of the sons of the kingdom and the terrors of the sons of the evil one. The enemy who sowed them is the devil, and the harvest is at the end of the age and the reapers are angels. So, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks in those steps if the preacher relation rapture position want to say well to raptures with the beginning the tribulation with the say stumbling blocks out of his kingdom is cresting.

So what you will know means at the end of the thousand year reign at the end of the thousand year reign. The wicked are the first mistake well if that's the case, then there can't be the rapture can because that would mean that you have a rapture before the tribulation before the millennial. But if that's the case St. Nestlé bound her neck. Jesus is already bound problems so I look at this stuff and going very deep into your mind. I look at this to show this to people I get some have had scratch. My point is this is multifaceted.

I want people to believe the word of God. I think that's what I just read the Scripture is what sets but I don't want people to put their faith in preacher relation rapture put their faith in Christ. I want to put your faith in reformed theology your Lutheranism but in Jesus want to put your faith in vaccines but in Jesus. Put your faith and trust in Jesus to be looking not to escape this time by the very comfortable doctrine of pretrip working to go through what if you believed we were to go through the whole church believe were going through. You think the church will be preparing itself to be messengers of the truth during time of difficulty they be learning they be pastors be teaching. They say Lukens have a persecution you got understand the truth is that if they say well don't worry rapture dinner. After lunch after church we see the idea of complacency can be supported by quick preacher relation rapture that that's not a reason to say is false.

We have to make sure that we understand that every doctrinal position and eschatology, has strengths and weaknesses, but we have to also be prepared to go through what we can have to go like I said I just don't See New Pl. in Scripture where it says we escape because the idea of escape is kind of an American idea from what I've studied in history. All of the Christian history people being persecuted, all believed that by becoming Christians are to face persecution and maybe even the arrival of the antichrist.

People thought he might be around four times. Once in the past and people join no become Christians knowingly cost here in America.

No, go to church bulletin of the door, get nice music donuts and coffee. A nice sermon, nice chairs and their condition go to lunch very comfortable Christianity. Christianity is not meant to be comfortable Jesus and pick up your cross daily and follow after a single those things that we experience in church are wrong about same. It's nice, but we can't put our hope in the escapist talent. We should prepare go through it and hope that we don't have to prepare for post or pray for. So we need to be ready. As Christians, to change this prepared for what, in my opinion persecution coming to the church is the Lord bless you and by his grace powered by the Truth Network

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