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Q&A with Koloff - #43

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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November 17, 2021 5:27 pm

Q&A with Koloff - #43

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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November 17, 2021 5:27 pm

Nikita talks with Frank Shelton, Jr., an evangelist, preacher, and author about his life and walk with God - then answers some of his tough questions!

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It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
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This is the Truth Network cuticle welfare questions and answers they would pull off the double in studio with me today is none other than the legendary Frank Shelton Junior right. Welcome to the Q&A show but it's an honor to be with you and you are the best and I'm one of the rest were all all is equal at the foot of the cross ragdoll is equal at the foot of the cross, but great to have you on the Q&A showing and and Frank so we may have some some who listen to the Q&A and have absolutely no clue Frank Shelton Junior is taller listeners who French Open just the son of Frank and Sharon Shelton. I live in Maryland with my wife Ruth. We have two kids and we just love God. We love the Lord and we love life and that were just trying to tell people that the greatest party of all time is not going to be on earth it's not even in hell it's in heaven and were just trying to get everybody ready for the big party yet because your your background is. So I mean there's many titles so that we could, that we could get evangelist is one of them.

I would you say Frank at heart that you're an evangelist at heart because you love you preach you to evangelize you read books yes, but what what and evangelist Dr. Graham was my hero is a child I got saved at seven at a church run and 33 nine was the pastor's family. Five.

Was mine supporting a 33 was a country church. Okay three years later, July 1982. We had a contest of vacation Bible school ever brought the most kids have one week would win a prize and how many did you bring Fran well I couldn't sleep and I felt like the Lord said there's a heaven and a Helen on my cot. I want to like fit in. I would have friends sites that you have no friends. If you start invite them church. And Satan actually showed me that at a cafeteria that I would be sitting all alone the rest of my life if I step up my game for Jesus. I'll be a marked man I tell people the reason I shop at Walmart because targets already on my back so I started inviting friends and there were like statements like the one about if they ask of theological question and you don't know the answer you're really good to make Outlook you like an idiot and a guy look bad so I made a point sink or swim live or die. Popular no friends.

If he died for bales and live for him and I started calling 1982 July Monday night. I got some news, but on Monday I got three yeses day Tuesday five yeses Wednesday 11 friends came with me to vacation Bible school.

Thursday I had 18 friends and Friday. The gospel truth. I brought 22 kids to a church run at 33 I won the prize 550 my God I came to my mom and said share in the Bible says a child shall lead them. But I did think it was your whole hand in 1980 to 10 years old I was. July 82 and then as later I go to a movie in to give me a piece of paper to see Rambo two and it was a chance all expense paid trip to meet Sylvester Stallone at a better chance get struck by lightning.

I filled it out and I gave it to the guy because you're not gonna win and my godmother comes over she said she's all Rambo to Essa.

Did they give you a piece of paper. She said yeah I said did you get all 10 write you because I think I said Judy if I went I'll take you and she rolled her eyes.

Frankie, if I went I'll take you have a better chance I get struck by lightning and two months later she screaming calls me at 9 o'clock at night Frankie, pack your bags were going to LA she won the trip. I said Judy if your line on the stick my hand through the air and she honored her promise.

He took the wall so we both had the connection with the loan, but we Still own a Bible when I was 13 years old while but here's the beautiful story Nikita. I did start sharing Jesus with Hollywood. I started share Jesus by my house. I didn't start out with the famous I started out with my friend right in your backyard yeah and because I shared with anonymity. I didn't chicken out when I was told to toe with celebrity. I joke. A lot of people you know talked about David versus Goliath.

It was me verse Rambo in eighth grade, get on that and then you are in the ring with Rocky himself so you know it's just so cool and that's amazing. Yes, I guess an evangelist, but let me just share this magic well in July 1982 God use me at age 10 to bring 22 friends but it was 30 years to the date was July 2012 where I first got to go to London as the international evangelism chairman at the Olympic well and so God's done all that you you yeah I mean you have such a diversified background and the course. I think that's where we connect to get you I be like when when I stepped you know to the altar surrender my life to Jesus, the from day one that got put in my heart you know that you you're an evangelist you get a bit now part no prophetic word was spoken over me. The fivefold ministry so I operated it all flat all five levels from the prophetic to the apostolic to evangelism to tester to teachers you have it off and show him unfortunate will have that output it. I see a lot of that in you as well.

Walked all and it's amazing we could talk forever on what you've accomplished what you you impressions to get give us one impressive well this one rescue flow in the prophetic and I flow in the pathetic.

What ever dog. It was an impressive show as we Rocky Balboa. Like you know you got a big mouth. It's me know where is the buzz right for 1995 receive a free 40 pieces of those but wait there's more wood offers 5000 colas are super freaky pizza codependence in a life-size poster Nikita reach member household is with Nikita: oh, man of multitalented is Ronald Reagan a will.

The Reagan was Bill Clinton was a telegram you are. You are a man of multitalented God is really gifted you will hey, this is the Q&A show, but I did want people to learn a little bit more about you… Before we jump in your questions for me. You want to make a point of talk about emergency your newest book urgency available on Amazon go check this out urgency heaven or hell. You will not be disappointed if you pick up a copy of this book. It will, it will challenge you, and/or maybe buy one for a friend. So book author on top of everything and how you're the best. I used to write speeches for member of Congress.

And now I just been preaching and teaching my yeah but just a man I I honor you as well since will flip the script over doing some tag tape.

You know, I know some of our listeners will know by your passion.

At one time you thought you were going to go completely football correct. I did as as youngster you 1213 years old I guy got it in my mind anyway via vision for playing professional football.

The NFL you know was she was my dream is the pinnacle right.

The NFL lot of a stream light yellow young boys, you know, do the year especially their playing sports or an obviously playing football know they dreamed they can dream of the NFL and SOI grab hold of that dream. At 1213 years of age, picked up a copy of Iron Man magazine started lifting weights and working out, and lived a soft breathe football all day and night long unless liquor was the same well is it easy Lex Lex had a very similar similar vision for himself and and so yes, I just had that that desire itself through junior high, high school on into college actually scouted my senior year by the NFL and how they how they found me was they were my junior year there was start scouting Mark read who is our quarterback who initially saw me playing tight end and said it will will be back to follow your season next year will mark did actually go onto a backup guy by the name of Phil soon for the New York Giants which is kind of ironic because Phil was from Morehead State, Kentucky that University Mark read was from Morehead State University, Minnesota. So to Morehead guys thereof run run of the New York Giants organization walked off. Anyway, all that said, though it wasn't that that dream would come to an I always had that dream but a door of opportunity opened up to get in the professional recommend. I never look back now and but that was my question lead and so as a young man who would be the NFL star back than that you just locked and all my goodness there's a couple of Russ Francis Titan for the doing the page you Russ Francis Dave Casper, the Oakland Raiders bad boys from Oakland. I got a five facility openly got yeah but I was a bad boy my mom what time you know what it went with. I was talking to her and share my heart with her asking her for forgiveness for something she was like you never really a bad boy like as good as you know how what I did put anyway that was Jim Plunkett the quarterback a matter what you say, with the right I think so. You tested my my history knowledge of the NFL, but I was a tight end. So Dave Casper Russ Francis and no one really really spurred me was a guy named Paul Kaufman with the Green Bay Packers and why Paul Kaufman, you know, he may not is had a high profile name but he was my size. Kaufman was see in those days Pro-Tech Kellen Winslow was his house five or 66. What the prototype tight. I was smaller than the prototype NFL tight in with the exception of Paul Kaufman and so he became a major motivator for me and it is so yeah and what number where you back 81 man apartment with my Redskins come on and the wine was as far as guidance went Mark Navarro with the Giants a little bit later but Manny was fun whether there's been some some outstanding guidance over the years and in the National Football League making of outstanding. I was outstanding when my teacher with romantic loss of in the hallway on state for those you know Frank also does comedy. In addition to impressions and everything else. Some people graduated magna cum laude. I was think so from football at it. But you know what God used all that. And yes, the physique and the weight training and I've heard people say they looked in and saw a magazine and they just said that's what I meant to do. Yeah yeah they don't get on it right.

Yes, that's awesome. I remember Meadowlark limit my time in Wilmington, North Carolina, went to see a matinee to movies on a Saturday and they had the previous covenant was for the Harlem Globetrotters. He was so mesmerized. He got up and they thought he went to the lobby to get popcorn or use the bathroom and there like Lark where you going to because I've seen enough. That's what I'm to do the rest of my life.

He walked out. Never was the only paid for the two movies that he would stick around and then he got these crush milk cartons and then wrap them with duct tape and his grandmother had an oak tree with the basketball court that they could even afford net in his first basketball or milk cartons that he duct taped together and from that day he started shooting jumpers and for those you don't know you have done quite a bit of ministry prior to his passing with middle-class women and I dear friend of ours Ronnie Dean, the preacher must see Raven the Raven from Missouri you guys man does some amazing ministry, but they were not were at work here for you asked me question I left with another quite so so into wrestling. I know you get asked this a lot, but just for the answer to and it said no. So who was your all time person you got up for the most to wrestle man. I mean there were so many guys Frank and I I get asked a question from time to time do to distill it down or try to narrow it down is is difficult because if you think about the fact I was in the ring with guys like Ricky the Dragon steam own Dory Funk Junior blackjack Mulligan, Dusty Rhodes, the American dream of powerless to what you and the nature boy.

Well, I was building to the nature boy Ric flair, I mean the role warriors ravishing Rick rude Stone cold Steve Austin undertaker before he became the undertaker diamond Dallas page Ron Simmons at me goes on and on and on. Surveys.

But if you press me for I mean I would obviously wrestling Ric flair for the world heavyweight title of 100 or 200 times, or however many times and many nights for 60 minutes. Likely jet my 285, but my my tongue was dragging by by the end. By the time that final bell rang at six that the 60 minute mark being being being it was a consummate professional. Rick Rick was that he was one of the best of the best of the best.

A guy like Ricky the Dragon steam but was a night off. I mean well but certainly flair and and you you did have to get psyched up for the role warriors could call you never knew what what those two behemoths were given try to do you and the rings. Did you ever get in the ring with Tony Atlas. I want to say yes. Can't remember for sure. Again, there's so many guys Frank I was in the ring with I mean when I first broke into the territory. Roddy Piper was very sorry hot Rod Macri all had a lot of Christmas y'all yeah you did using he was a gifted speaker of his own.

Okay so what I was say okay so Rick between Ric flair. The road wears questing Alexa Lugar helped hello how is that you guys are amazing. Alexa letter to of your best friends said they are and they love the Lord and that's what's amazing and they deduced the stinger. The stinger is sold out believer and in Jesus Christ, Lex and I do a camp together call man camp that that we facilitate co-facilitating. Have a great staff you've been on romance twice and it yet man camp and yeah I was experimenting so much that advocate for it and I'm encouraging men to take the trip. It's a game changer when our man Robbie in the house today even on man camp is all well. So yeah, I need Lee's men's ministry always and he came and saw the need to let you know what men are hurting and they are women get out. Follow each other the bathroom, but men, even if they're struggling don't always share what's really on their mind right but if there's freedom of man camp and I just encourage you gotta carve out space and get you know who also just recently talked to you in and one of the infamous portion of Tully Blanchard also was a another sold out believer in fact a man.

He has a prison ministry, Ghana, San Antonio, Texas John Hayes church Ronnie Franks about what I give you. Okay so the question Caldwell Sanchez or this I Christmas one time I met a toy store and it's was comical because there was a bobble head of you Lex Luther and staying day and I just man, I felt important because unlike holy smokes, I've met all three of these so personal friend yeah now it was like so we talk football. We've talked wrestling. Why did Billy Graham mean to you as you got born again and you studied his ministry and you walking out and that's a great question. I think it was a rasping account for Frank that is a great question now. The irony is, yet it was headquartered in Minneapolis where I was early-morning and raised Minneapolis Minnesota and add how to this day.

You could just put his name in Minneapolis Minnesota without an address or ZIP Code. That's all the address you will need that's all that you shook and don't get too old is is that can only be a God thing in and of itself. Okay try that with anybody else as well. Let me know if they ever receive regular reticent return you or don't in the dumpster.

Yeah one of you anyway and so when I came to Charlotte moved to Charlotte you know II ironically, trying to find the wrestling office I stopped. I'll never forget is still there. I went by just recently I stopped at a pay phone.

Anyone not know what a payphone is out there listening you make Google that okay you case you just don't know.

You don't know what a payphone is stopped at Sugarcreek it on I 85 is it hey I'm supposed to meet Jim Crockett today is set in and in their life there like will where are you, and they told me they go all will drive back down the interstate the Billy Graham Boulevard I'm like okay have heard that name so I drive up Billy Graham to solve self Boulevard and find the office.

Well lo and behold you know the build the Billy Graham library beautiful and and if you've never been you ever get to Charlotte and you've never been it yet if you listen this and you're not a believer, a follower of Jesus Christ still go to the Billy Graham library it's it's not in this part of the number one tourist attraction. Charlotte yeah it's it's enemies and it's called the Billy Graham library but it's it's it's not like you go checkbooks in and out. It's so much more to it. Okay but go is to be a lifetime experience for you. All that to say the very first time and when I went with my dad. My dad was in town is able to bring my dad spent about three hours. There we took our time and wish for Frank. I was so impacted, and in watching what God did through this one man and for anyone out there thinks I'm just one person. What kind of difference can I make.

What kind of impact. Can I make well go to her his library and you'll find out what one surrendered life to Jesus. Just what kind impact you can make and what I've done now, Frank is now I go back and I watch all of the archive a lot I should sell a lot of the archive sermons that that he preached over the years and just I'm just trying to glean from the man of God. So even though his home in heaven with Jesus and with Ruth he still making a difference in impact lease on this. This one and only got correct that script because you have the Minneapolis connection. He was in Minneapolis then you go by faith to Charlotte you move in this area right.

That's where his home bases not now and then so you know go down Billy Graham Parkway and right like today there's a wrestler of the last year distinctly cramped superstar. Yeah, Billy Graham and here's a quick 20 story on that okay for all the listeners out there. So Jesse matures in Asheville for a golf tournament and Morris Colby, who I've interviewed for for the man up a radio show horse Colby, who was Billy Graham's personal assistant for 40 something years. I mean, his right-hand man right so so Maury Billy Graham. Here's that that Jesse matures in town so he sends Maury over just to say hi and give his regard. Gov. Jesse right so Maury's talking and they're in there and it sent in Billy Graham, and Maury says to Jesse goes llama personal assistant for Billy Graham and and Jessica gets his puzzled look and he goes, I didn't even know Billy had a personal assistant is one of my best friend. How did I not know he has a personal assistant go.

Sorry, I goes on mom's personal assistant and then someone piped up goes Jesse I think you talk about two different Billy Graham's you see Maury's personal assistant to the Rev. Billy Graham. You know superstar Billy Graham goes all right.

He goes he goes yeah I and I know the important one in or is likely that's funny because I was thinking the exact same thing as a waiver of all the way that all last questions asked question one more question, what is I know there is seasons, but what would you say is the Bible verse that means the most.

First Corinthians 110 clauses 110, I I have numerous yet clauses 110 and is accountable for it's kind of a four-part reminder vector prayed this morning, clauses 110 and in its essentially says this guy in the offices lots of different translations out there but since he says it basically is in my prayer. Unlike part one Lord, let me live a life today.

That's worthy of you that that brings you on let me live a life today. That's where the viewer a life that brings you honor, let me fully please you, not just please you to fully please you in every way. I mean and thought, word and action. Let me bear fruit for every good work. Last but not least, let me grow in the knowledge of God to me growing in the knowledge of you help me to grow give me a better understanding of who you are, God so I can then understand who I am to become in the image of Christ. Colossians 110 S. it's an honor to play with yeah and I thank you for the honor and I love math Thanksgiving on the Q&A and hey, just a reminder I could give you a phone call me like Frank Junior here and answer your question again for another, so they Douglas if you would like to place ministries $25. Nikita will send you his CDs adoration and more.

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