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November 10, 2021 5:06 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 10, 2021 5:06 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt announces that CARM videos will be posted on Odysee instead of Youtube.--2- Do you think there's anywhere special that pets go---3- Will those who commit or want euthanasia will be condemned to hell---4- Is Romans 9-9 talking about individuals or nations---5- Is there any unique meaning behind the wording in Romans 9 -the same lump of clay-.--6- Matt discusses masks and COVID vaccines.--7- What was Cain's punishment for killing Abel---8- Is there any way to keep one's kids in public school and not vaccinate them-

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Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research ministry found online at: you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances called to respond to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick rotted root welcome to the show.

I hope you'll have a great weekend and I do not a good weekend.

Under what we know you probably were guys with no big deal. Hey, look what you may call give you five open lines 87720722760 right now when you get a heads up, waiting outside-waiting to get kicked off of YouTube and this can happen next. I shall say things that leftists don't want me to say and that's okay so moving over the Odyssey where it cannot be taken down and so Odyssey OD why is trying to OD why SSY EE okay if you go it is if you On the right-hand side of the page of the karma site you'll see some this is Matt slick life and is click on that big black box will take you 200 page and then you can watch the show will be doing is streaming it out to Odyssey.

That's where it's going. Odyssey is a free-speech platform and we know that's YouTube is not really for free speech.

They have their narrow bands of ideas there and that there leftists. Tina from Google.

So what people have moved over to Odyssey we're doing the same thing because it's a block chain based, and it can't be removed so that were doing and we just urge that if people want to watch the show that you can do that going to do is go to score the current website assess create your own free Odyssey account today up there, you can do that as well and I think it's a good idea to do and to check it out and don't know that's it's okay because this is what's happening is the.

The left becomes less tolerant and this one is to say certain things so that you will be due some more stuff as well.

Alright now we have four lines 877-207-2276 something else I can't but it was darn was that it's okay I guess we go big or if open lines 877-207-2276 disc with Anthony from Des Moines, Iowa.

Anthony welcome on their Prof. our you doing arriving in them and what you your backside you. That's right. That's how you dress look okay like Michael you feel special place or are go blind. I now I know there is no scriptural evidence that they that they go to heaven or anything, but I just got my heart I believe that I know how much Jesus loves the and I know that he loves our hat because he created them either. One time when I was in jail.

I was worried about my cat and I asked one of the guys that that you think I might add you a snowman was profound and Corky love the knee made him and you know I've never forgotten that and I 30 different aspects.

I heard pastors they will know you will you see him again because that was here on earth, and the glory in this enjoyment of being with Jesus you will even want that anymore. And in this type thing but I just written. The reason I make this class with you is you think that our our that we love so much. You think that they go to the actual place when they die. No need to stop existing life. They don't have the quality that we have been made in God's image don't have a spirit writes in that sense and they're not made in God's image. I don't know of anything in Scripture. This is when animals die such as initial Texas animals. Any animal dies like a duck, you will finish as a go to some other world now is nothing in Scripture teaches that the risk of further teaches that we do what people often do is it will last with pets because I love my pet therefore could be different, not necessarily because we not finish what about the mollusks, worms, flies and mosquitoes. These are all creatures that God made does he love them and that same sense of they all die they go to be some go to someplace other.

Nothing is represent so good.

Be careful to not submit scriptural truth to human sense amount since mentality and be careful to do that so I have a pet that I had years ago, and he's passed away's names punch face punch face all yet he was an incredible catch and I mean I'm not getting. I bring my dates home to meet them and they thought it was, it would become one and they would say afterwards that guy he would fat play tag, hide and seek and get a shower with me back. His stories are stories and I still listen to this day. Do I believe I'll see him again. No I don't that's just me.

Well Matt I get the basis for my question and I have a scriptural foundation for but again I feel as much of that I had as I get it. I have freaking years I had had him put down the day before it hurts.

Labor Day and I cry every day because you you know because he was my little boy even there. My family and no one in the left and when I have taken on that and they told me he had to be euthanized.

I'll tell you what there is that was iPad make that decision.

Three times a night.

I told the doctor I said I hate to make this the station. Then she said why and I said because I believe that God only has the authority to take life he has the authority to give line we see now what if you're fishing because I canceled all okay Matt some effect upon my question is what I'm talking about euthanizing that what you feel about people that get all of doctors and you know I've got severe terminal illness answer.

What have you may be you think that doctors can perform euthanasia or do you think that all the select that. Are they going to be lost.

Are they going to be judged for that you will be judged. God is right has that she has the rights to take life, but so does the government and so the government has a right to use the sword for capital punishment so it's given to the government. The issue of of euthanasia is not an easy one to deal with my initial reaction is to save bad but I have to be careful because I don't know. All situations in all circumstances.

Assays always wrong.

My application is BUT I get I'm sorry to interrupt their I guess my question is that doctors take a Hippocratic oath when they become doctors to do no harm and basically that that means that there is both the preserve life and do no harm. At this point is not that simple. Because what you do like like we had one when my wife and I lost our son Jacob. They said that that he had a birth defect, a new weekly born with the said we can put them on machines and keep them alive, but we do do we say yes, let's do that and then he might suffer because they had to get underinformed lungs and something else going on and they said the combo was not good and it wasn't like anything convenient listed know know know the icing.

Everything was going on but was a lot that was wrong genetically and it is major birth defects will be could have kept him alive. We decided not to reside decided to let God take him let the natural course go to the doctors WHO talk to us about that because we had that option. So what you do, then that's really we had to deal with and it was not easy and you know that the reason I bring the question out is because my wife asked me one time she said we we had a cat. We had forecast him down to one right now and want to make any idea laden and doing what I had to do because I didn't want to let him go and I learned from that. And so, into more and I took immediate action and when I was told this is the humane thing to do because I don't want to see anybody that I love stuffer and I think that's from the heart of crime. Yes, I understand that it's not that simple a doctors not supposed to harm anybody. But what if yes to break a bone in order to reset it. What you do well and I'm not is just missing is not that easy. It's just not that easy.

And so there's lots of questions at that come into play here, but nevertheless do pets go to heaven I don't see any biblical evidence for that other is a paradise earth. If somehow when I get there get a better light bill to see things and you have is to work all that and my old cat punch face is there than it and praise God. But it is not that that's okay Prescott and am now when a new Internet Matt Newark that were going to live in all we is there going to be animal. I know that fell in Scripture that the D is the predatory nature of animals is not amazed why and laid out the land and the child. This play is in the name of the snake yesterday and the animals and in the Internet just discussed can remake it like it was before. Dismember this ally when you bring our pets that's a question we can do here we go here you hold on. When a creature ceases to exist, it no longer is that same creature. If a clone of it is produced. The continuity issue. If a creature like a cat ceases to exist. Upon his death. Here then is not the same animal that would exist if it was a copy was made because he can't be glorified resurrected know what what what what what in the you're adding too many things in too quickly and and always when I do this kind of thing. At one point at a time like each one down and address them to build a foundation and what people often do as a jump ahead. No no don't do that yet always good, do it logically and and sequentially say that's the case. Another possibility is just a logical possibility is that if God is able to do something like this in any chooses to Ken. He then reached back in time and I could take that same animal and put it in the leader just philosophical question. We don't have answers to that Scripture doesn't teach us that animals once we love become an old alive afterwards. It just doesn't say that. So we have to move that way and that's it, just say okay okay well right. Something I didn't think about for a long time. I've had a lot of questions I've never really asked anybody that you lot of people ask the question and I've written articles on okay and I ask you another one final question. I yell I call you and I believe that's what that data. I had to take you and think, but Tiger out that's so hard it's bedtime for you as you think Jesus cried with okay thanks are how much you feel rather all right for folks like you to call 87720776 Matt slick. Why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's link all right about welcome to the oh give me a call around African line 877-207-2276 when it was awry let you guys know were moving over to is a video format because so we don't trust YouTube and YouTube is pull the plug on conservatives so Odyssey is where a lot of people are going there's a lot of thought are several different video formats things out there rumbled the video and Odyssey is oneness, we've chosen to go down because it can't be taken down.

It's a block chain system and so we just urging you guys go over there and you can go to the website. See and the right hand side of the homepage will CMS look like thing, click edit and then down you'll see it says create your own Odyssey account. There go check it out okay.

We have three channels to on on, and it's growing slowly like YouTube did the billing a lot there right for Valencia McCall 877-207-2276 is good to Nick from Richmond, Virginia Rick and Craig Nick welcomed on their are you there I all right now you got what you might like guarding Romans nine to controvert our thoughts about God.

I have a parklike burden.

Part B where all that I dig up the love that you thought you hated what what do you what is your understanding of that part of our beta cannot talk about individually or for what your understanding will is not nations because it does make sense to say Smith nations have debated this many many many many many many times a written articles on Romans nine.

The section quite familiar with. I cannot say what's not nations distorting verse nine for this is a promise at this time will come. Search will have a son.

Not only this might, but there was Rebecca. Also when she conceived twins by one man, our father Isaac and the twins were not yet born and had not anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of work because of him calls.

It was said to her, the older will serve the younger. Just as written, Jacob I loved you so. I hated Alyssa say that Jacob Lisa representations he loves one nation over another nation. Any big deal, without which they can make sense with either yet okay so did you hear my question. I Mr. okay after so if it's talking about nations were gone, just not because of anything he would do just loves one nation and will and this and this and hates another nation.

Is that really that big of a deal. Okay, it is talking about Nathan's talk at that big mean is it's pretty much fair got because in it. In nations people make their choices free will choices and gotta love the nation that does good anti-nation does beds that cut as with the people to hold that position are teaching nations. The big deal coming and make sense right will I get it would depend on what we want our understanding of hate filled his aunt dilute the words hate not just love less, right okay what it is missing the sale right misogynist right misanthrope miss that all enemies to hate. If it's nations.

Here's a thing can help you if it's nations that thing spoken of here, then why is the objection raised in the next sentence. What shall we say there is no injustice with God is, it may never be easy even just a group of people he loves this group of people over that group of people. Why would he do that will obviously because with the people.something like this group of people serve God. That group of people doesn't serve God. He loves them.

He hates them.

That's the idea behind the idea of it being nations, but if it's individuals. Jacob I love that individual and you so I hated that individual then you raise the question.

Wait a minute. Is that fair. What happens in the text just as written, Jacob I loved Esau I hated. What shall we say that there is no injustice with God is for me. It makes sense to ask the question.

If God is dealing with individuals.

It doesn't make sense asked the question if he's dealing with nation groups goes on.

He says to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, to whom in the Greek is in the singular. I will have mercy on whom I have mercy on have compassion on whom I have compassion. So does not depend upon the man who wills work. The man who runs with upon God was mercy as this is an talk about groups of people.

As he says hello to singular Jacob and Esau which are singular, the man who runs singular right right. Verse 17 for the Scripture says to Pharaoh for this purpose I raised you up at the singular individual Pharaoh to demonstrate my power in you as an individual that my name might be proclaimed to the whole earth so that he has mercy on whom I to the singular and the Greek, whom he desires and he has been in and he hardens whom he does not he desires good understands of the Greek when we say you, for example, it could be you singular it could be you plural but in Greek that those singularities and pluralities are embedded in the text. It is translated to English very well but the home is singular is not plural, and in those whom he desires. It's him or he and singular sways. He has mercy on whom he desires on the individual if desired.

He hardens we desires. If that's the case the people to this, it will not no matter not ever be with okay then you're saying that you don't like it.

The next question here with neck statement is will you say to me then why does he still find fault, for whom resistance will it's another complaint it. The complaint only makes sense if you talk about individuals.

On the contrary, who are you old man as an individual who answers back to God's best thing molded will not save the molder. Why did you make me like this on us.

This is not a nation talking this is individuals could.

He says, oh man this is so clear now, or does not the potter have a right of right over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for common use. I did research on the word vessel. This is one vessel always is in reference to individual people not nations. Good what have got all the want to demonstrate his wrath to make his power known, known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy which you prepared beforehand for glory.

The reason people have problems with this verse is because they follow the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian server Jesus is dressed in a woman's nightgown setting the door of your heart, asking permission for you and your wisdom to let him in because that's what fairness is called humanist philosophy. Fairness is based upon what we think it should be not what God says this my Romans nine you're right is controversial, but Romans nine is a black kicker because it teaches God's sovereignty not mansard you break hold on questions, to write back okay hold off folks for the Lodge want to give a call 877-207-2276 give a call about this if you want something else will be right Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic sling rifle traveler for the chat room and through the brakes and breaker sort years ago I started teasing about sandwiches my wife, in particular because of veggie tales Queen Esther the queen was kicked out of the kingdom because you did make her Tina sandwich, so I thought you said that just joked about working or talking our thing and he with them.

If you have a karmic meeting someplace like that that with this sandwich with the contest threaded front door to participate in the chapel. You do is go to the right hand side you find the Lincoln information for watching the shows on the deal. We do have four of the lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276. All right. Richard said they they make him we can judge the sandwiches they would have foot okay sorry about that Richard and Nick met Meza back on your okay yeah right back and parked my question. What a couple Bert. After that, where out, that does not the potter have the right to make out a name lump of clay pottery number, and you is a very reason that the word the right thing lump that there any unique meaning behind that awareness when I look at it, let's see same lump will I get that urge people to grab it. It same lump it is, meaning all clinical guilt be condemned in full humanity alert domain you in the context of ancient potter have the right over the clay to Potter's reference to God what's clay well it's the whom he makes the same lump one vessel for honorable use of the different competencies is drawing an analogy, the potter has a right to do with the is potter's God has a right to do this Christmas he desires this was going on and I this Rick this is hard for people to understand, but once you get it and what you submit to it.

It frees you because a lot of people this is and I keep saying this, the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian server Jesus, he wouldn't hurt a fly.

You know he's such a gentleman and he's got perfect complexion and blonde hair, blue eyes, all that stuff. It's just it's is not true and Jesus is gonna come back as a judge later and he's going to judge people. He came the first time as a suffering servant, but what Paul the apostle is doing here is talking about his right to do with his creation as he desires, and Jacob. I love decided and the only way it really makes sense is to assume it's individuals then you have the objections if you read the text in such a way that objections don't jump out at you, then you're not understanding the text. If you read in such a way by reinterpreting it you know which is Jacob. I loved the nation that Canada Jacob I loved in the nation.

I came out and be so. I hated why because you know they were doing things and God knew what they would do and so therefore he loved what he did in letter and just doesn't work it doesn't work. Also, because it was before that seek for the twins were not yet born had not done anything good or bad not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works he says he loves what he's another if it were nations, which I don't. Granted, it is what they can ultimately include that.

But not is not the main purpose, even if it's nations. God sent unlike love in this nation and not that one, not because of anything they would do that.

He still has is this the same issues. There is see now that spent 5.8 and also I would.

You all your already pregnant online or is anything I was at work in the chat room and one I was on YouTube and we had like thousands and thousands of followers on YouTube… Whack away to Skype who threw it upon himself to be the judge of righteousness and truth and coded commission covert stuff and a great deal of research and this guy only looks at one side of things, not others and self he got PT got kicked off, so to speak, of YouTube, and it's okay because where we're already making plans to move away from YouTube anyway and so now he's working to get the kicked off of the match lithic because he's a self-appointed czar of righteousness is how unbelievers are and lack of tolerance and so we are moving to DYS.DICOM and you just go there, sign up for the counts and we have three main channels that we go to radio shows Matt slick and a car videos we put everything in one thing to start using their just like it took a while before it took a while again here.

Let people know if you want to follow what I'm doing. That's what you got to go in the public took us off of Facebook to present to because I say things like this, like that like the CDC from its own affairs website states how many people have died from covert vaccines and how many have died from all vaccines combined, not counting coded in all vaccines combines 9183 per October 15 and over 13,000. I have died in the past year and 1/2 two years from covert related vaccines.

It's verifiable from the CDC website. I put the information of how to do it in insoluble complaints.

It will even bear said you can't really trust information like as you can trust CDC's own documentation. Why would they put up a disclaimer about their own information if they publish it well because they don't want people looking at it sink. This is a serious issue in the documentation is there and furthermore less than 1% of the cases and adverse effects are reported on the CDC so you can that has less than one minute you could take the numbers and multiplied times 100 statistically so you know that stuff like that where cloth masks are okay talking cloth masks are at best 3% effective folks that you know that this is the research that documentation from official start sources on the website and I got it link you click on. You can read the stuff through cloth masks are 3% effective if that means 97% of the covert viruses pass through the material. The surgical masks legacy those rent on the average of 50% effective 50% average because they can be as high as 70 and is lows in the 20s, just depending on how it's fitted in the loops around the ears that's the case this week average of 50 so you know thing about this, we have two glasses of water and one of them contains a virus that might make you sick and you and some of that here drink one of those would you pick me that we don't know is what it is you pick one you go now to do that. He just wouldn't do it but were told put on masks because it'll help stop the spread doesn't because if 50% of the viruses get through your breathing. If you breathe twice. That means viruses are getting through your surgical mask is what it means if you're standing next to somebody. Think about this sitting next summer. Not too far away for couple of feet and you each have masks on.

You don't know if covert been exposed or not and you're sitting there you're talking to them, then that means you are exchanging germs. The masks don't stop it. You are absolutely exchanging germs okay and so if you're there for five minutes talking, and 50% of the viruses are stopped at each breath. That means that in two breaths you got equivalent of 100% of viruses get 50% each time. While there you go. And a person's breathing in the same thing is just a matter time, like a minute or two in your fully exposed to the full brunt of the virus and if you take your hands and you adjust that mask the studies show is now contaminated and you should not work, you should just discard it and you should put another one on because your hands are contaminated with all kinds of germs depleted on the mask which which collects moisture and moisture is a place for viruses and germs and bacteria like to grow, so if you wear them for hours. They actually can develop in the mask and you start inhaling in your body that this is stuff and I telling you the masks rarely do anything that good and 95 masks they work except 95% and that that's what you should do it.

If you do something good. I can make a difference if you do social distancing.

That's fine. You know the problem with all that kind of stuck it just the facts don't support the severity of what were doing and the economy shut down its distant support. It doesn't why we shutting it down when H1N1 virus was .69% deadly and the covert viruses .27% deadly infection and seek. I studied the stuff the documentation is on, but nevertheless I'll be penalized for doing the research provided documentation. But you know what that's okay just moves us all over to Odyssey and other places we now have more freedom please God. Folks five open life-giving call 877-207-2276 give a call right back Matt slick live call 77077 pairs Matt slick write about what the last segment and often if that ball if and when it happens. What I often do is start elaborating the last topic spoken and, do that to go through some of the stuff I've been on my website.

Just so you know folks on the doctor but I am a researcher and I can do research. I can read papers.

I can understand a lot of what's being said, particularly when you study it, study to study this would do for living. I study things now I've done a lot of research and what I'm go through right now is from the current website you can go there and you can get this document I produce it in the PDF so that it can be printed up on both sides. You can carry it folded up your pocket you can carry.

It's not fully know the office if I've done but a sufficient number go over some of the stuff right now and all you do to get this information to just go to court conduct work for and you can find the documentation you can see just list the articles. This is a fact sheet is covert fact sheet you could download additionally for downloading. That's it. You know you want to email the people attach its creditor, and that's fine to get this there.

This is one of the things that I think is very very important among many is that the use of human fetal tissue in developing and testing of the code vaccines was documented for comes from vaccines that used human fetal tissue for development, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson vaccines, they did they did that vaccines that use fetal tissue and testing AstraZeneca in the old Johnson & Johnson maternity of acts of Pfizer and Sophie another concert. A lot of it virus vaccines out there.

Now here's a question.

Should we benefit from experimental procedures done on aborted baby material stuff is something that we should be doing because we have asked the question because the Nazis they took Jews and experimented automatically and they learned a lot like like how long they survive and load pressure chambers of air and cold to emulate fighter pilots and bomber pilots up in the air so they would run these experiments on people they learned a great deal. Should we say all okay well you know we don't all murder and torture.

And so will just go ahead and and use information.

Is it ethical to do that.

Are you then saying okay. It's all right to benefit from the torture and deaths of others is a question here something else. Why is it that's so much power is being associated with use of pharmaceuticals. Did you know that so Johnson & Johnson projects $2.5 billion in sales of the Journal, 1.7 billion is what is already globally at the second quarter earnings report magenta projected 19.2 billion in sales and of Pfizer says so. The project 5.8 billion globally.

You think that they're going to have a lot of money invested with politicians with other groups in order to keep the booster shots coming at stuff like that and suppress information. I question to ask is it happening I don't know but something we have to ask because if you follow the money as we find out stuff so well 19th infections and restrictions not rejected by you by vaccines at the country level, there appears to be no discernible relationship between purchase percentages of population fully vaccinated and new covert 19 cases in the past seven days.

Israel, with 60% of the population fully vaccinated had the highest folded 19 cases per 1 million in the last seven days.

This is from an article written is just a few weeks ago, both as I isolate in Portugal, countries have over 75% of the population vaccinated and have more covert, 19 cases per million, than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa would have around 10% of the population fully vaccinated you getting that this is from and there's the documentation and even these articles have further links to go check them out so but it's saying is these countries that have a lot of of the evil vaccinated. The majority of people vaccinated. If you're still having the most amount of the covert infections even more so than countries that have fewer that's rated P people per per capita will if the vaccines work. The question is, is a fair question. Why is it then that more people are getting coated in countries that are highly vaccinated question about breakthrough cases. This means you been vaccinated, and you get sick with covert vaccinated individuals account for 87% of covert hospitalization of the past week in Wales, and United Kingdom.

99% of all new cases were under 60 years of age, 87% in the country Wales. They produce that information. I found it.

Does that mean is the same for every country doesn't say so, but you don't, why 87% of covert hospitalizations from fully vaccinated individuals makes me wonder. Countries that are banning or restricted coping, restricting covert, 19 vaccines Iceland management during the vaccines used due to heart inflammation risk. There's the McKinley Kuyper hyperlinks which activated in Sweden and Finland, Denmark, Norway have already limited the use of majority vaccines for the same reason came back later fixed link okay and so autopsies of night of covert, 19 vaccinated people sound the alarm. The director of the pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Germany has carried out over 40 autopsies on people have died within two weeks of their vaccinations expressed alarm over his findings, politics, science, and media are campaigning against him and his alarming results are being completely ignored. It would be another red flag regarding the safety of the products he's got information they won't wait a minute.

This vaccine is is is harmful what you do. That total number of 19 of covert, 19 related deaths reported by the CDC is 13,422. The total of all vaccines combined ask except for covert, 19 is 9184. This is decades of information, of all vaccines total 9184 and yet with covert over €13,000 1/2. It goes on and on and on like this you can get this information on the website If the vaccines are that great in my single get vaccinated and messing. I believe the vaccines actually say like I should do believe that the code vaccines actually can help but they also handed her a bad side and you need to be informed on what the risks are. That's what I'm signing so just before making a decision. All right, let's get to Aubrey from Virginia I operate welcome around here. I will will will he was exiled and he was stunned.

Mark was put upon him. Think some people mistakingly say that it was black skin that's not true, but it was a mark so that people would not kill him and he was exiled because the judgment of capital punishment killing people for murder was not yet instituted and verified their and so cute he was to be punished and sent out and not really have a home and had to kind of forge around and stuff like that can like that you probably could hang out in some cities and things like that but he would be ostracized. There's debate about exactly what all that means, but that's one of the main theories okay if you're welcome.

God bless average all right hey folks, Sheila from California welcome to the show. You're on the encourager).

Even if like. They're very fascinating. Three children in our school are not everything finally conquered okay on where Mac where one of the shield and water shield and errant school coming at and getting more and more yeah well I during the question, how can eat and encumbered school and not in Daphne the way I possibly do that anyway at all. Well first of all the shields are useless. They are nothing more than a psychological barrier. That's all it is useless and so the study show that all eyes on where you are so good my feedback about okay so what I would do little but I suggest you wanted you could turn me down the background because it is always on the Mount, and New Testament. Okay. Is there there you hear me the feedback I do. But you hear me just fine. I'll just so Winn-Dixie can do their ego. Now it's gone. Is he can get his kids tested and then get the certificates and they were to have the covert vaccine. The covert antibodies which are 13 times better than vaccines 13 to 13 times stronger and 27 times stronger for Israel for the Delta variant documentations on the website of Dr.… The doctors with no detected children have children don't need to wear these masks because that's extremely rare that any children are affected by this because it is younger. The older you get, the more effective. My wife had had a chit fever for 10 days I had a fever for one day I was done and I'm normal systems are. So that's one thing. And also talk to a lawyer because what's happening here this is this is becoming a control thing of social control thing and parents got a signal known on we don't need these masks and we don't I get the documentation on the website about the efficacy of the masks and a vaccines there's there's some other studies coming out of ever find. Looks like the vaccines may be causing some problems later on that as new. But there actually some evidence that and get back and I know I'm not worried that he knew the way. But I don't think you really get anyway. I why my grandkids being able to go public folks I know working very hard to homeschool three is not why I'm trying to work now. Kind of comfortable anymore.

That's a difficult situation. My wife and I decided to homeschool, she did.

I worked we did not have much we just didn't have much, but we didn't did not want the secular state to brainwash her children and care. So I think the Christians need to pull this my opinion if it's possible that they can pull their kids out of school and do homeschool co-op groups. There are plenty of them usually everywhere and just teach them know I could teach computers to kids. My wife could teach things she teaches in on the person of the stroke to teach math in person teach English. My wife really good English. She could teach that you teach French sodas.

People have their abilities and they statistically find out that homeschool kids do better than academically. Then the others in it is possible well you have time call back to okay let's talk about that all right sounds good okay Tom from Des Moines. Sorry about that folks running time of the Lord bless you and by his grace back on their remember go to and sign up another program powered by the Truth Network

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